U.S. duo wins Swiss Cup; Italy’s D’Amato and Ukraine’s Kovtun take Arthur Gander Memorial

Written by John Crumlish for International Gymnast Online

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Yul Moldauer (USA)

The U.S. duo of Addison Fatta and Yul Moldauer finished first at the Swiss Cup, a mixed-pairs competition held Sunday in Zurich. Moldauer’s victory with Fatta followed his second-place all-around result at the Arthur Gander Memorial that took place in the Swiss city of Chiasso four days ago.

Fatta, who turned 18 on November 23, trains at Prestige Gymnastics in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her coaches are her parents, Jennifer Fatta and Tony Fatta. Earlier this year Fatta won gold on vault and bronze on uneven bars at the Challenge Cup of Szombathely, and placed 10th all-around at the U.S. Championships.

At the Arthur Gander Memorial held November 23, Italy’s Alice D’Amato easily earned the women’s title, while Ukraine’s Illia Kovtun outscored Moldauer for the men’s title by 0.05 points.

Swiss Cup
November 27, 2022

  1. USA (Addison Fatta, Yul Moldauer) 27.90
  2. ITA (Alice D’Amato, Nicola Bartolini) 27.75
  3. TUR (Bilge Tarhan, Adem Asil) 27.55
  4. ESP (Laura Casabuena, Joel Plata) 27.40

39th Annual Arthur Gander Memorial
Chiasso, Switzerland
November 23, 2022

Women (three apparatus):

  1. Alice D’Amato ITA 41.80
  2. Lena Bickel SUI 39.50
  3. Morgane Osyssek-Reimer FRA 38.45
  4. Eythora Thorsdottir NED 38.35
  5. Chiaki Hatakeda JPN 37.25
  6. Laura Casabuena ESP 36.80
  7. Bilge Tarhan TUR 24.65 (two apparatuses)
  8. Selina Kickinger AUT 24.20 (two apparatuses)
  9. Chiara Giubellini SUI 23.90 (two apparatuses)
  10. Valeria Osipova UKR 23.65 (two apparatuses)

Men (four apparatuses):

  1. Illia Kovtun UKR 56.15
  2. Yul Moldauer USA 56.10
  3. Lorenzo Minh Casali ITA 55.90
  4. Joel Plata ESP 55.85
  5. Adem Asil TUR 55.75
  6. Kazuma Kaya JPN 53.65
  7. Casimir Schmidt NED 40.60 (three apparatuses)
  8. Vinzenz Höck AUT 40.45 (three apparatuses)
  9. Dominic Tamsel SUI 40.25 (three apparatuses)
  10. Lucas Desanges FRA 39.60 (three apparatuses)
  11. Taha Serhani SUI 38.60 (three apparatuses)

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