Retired IG Editor, Dwight Normile, Honored

IG Staff

Monday, May 11, 2020

Recently retired International Gymnast magazine editor, Dwight Normile, was honored for his legacy and exceptional work for over 38 years, on Friday, May 8th. The presentation was held at the International Gymnast magazine headquarters in Norman, Oklahoma in front of IG staff, and Normile’s wife Pam.

He was presented a unique retro Nikon camera, the first professional camera unit of iconic gymnastics photographer, a co-worker and a close friend of the Normile family, Eileen Langsley.

Over the years Normile worked with some of the most iconic sports photographers including: Rafael Beer, Dave Black, Alan Burrows, Albrecht Gaebele, Ross Gould, Pete Huggins, Steve Lange, Eileen Langlsey, Roman Leos, Daniel Moz, Debbie Poe, Nancy Raymond, Amy Sanderson, Thomas Schreyer, Jeff Sipsey, Tom Theobald, Hiroshi Tsunoda

The award was presented by IG publisher Paul Ziert and associate publisher and International Gymnastics Hall of Fame chairman Bart Conner. “We had planned to honor you and present this award to you at the annual International Gymnastics Hall of Fame ceremony later this month, but since this event has been canceled (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), we feel now is the time for you to receive this recognition,” Conner said during the presentation. “We recognize your excellent work, and this award is only fitting for all you have done throughout your career,” Conner added.

Normile also received his original resume that he submitted to IG magazine in 1982, along with a letter to then publisher, Glenn Sundby, with one of his cartoons, which ended up being featured in the February 1982 issue of IG.

In his long career at IG magazine, Normile covered four decades of major gymnastics events including Olympics Games and world championships, and he was known for his creative work and unique artistic skills in layout and design.

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