Mader Helps Her Mask Wearers Face COVID-19 With Confidence

Written by John Crumlish for International Gymnast Online

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Reigning Austrian national all-around champion Jasmin Mader is putting her degree in fashion design to humanitarian use by creating protective masks to combat COVID-19 and help their wearers literally face the pandemic with more confidence.

“Normally I would go to the gym every day and look for new challenges in training,” Mader told IG. “Now I can devote myself to my second passion and face a challenge here every day. That is namely to create a unique, personal and perfect mask for each of my customers, so that we all get through this time well and, above all, as quickly as possible.”

The 27-year-old Mader recently launched her “Manufaktur Mader” mask line, including some that appeal specifically to gymnasts, under the label “Durch Atmen” (“Breathe Deeply”). Mader’s masks cost from € 6-20 Euros depending on the design, and come in children’s and adult sizes. A portion of sales are going to SOS Children’s Villages in Austria.

Mader said her masks are equally functional and fashionable.

“With this project, I would actually like to transform such bland and sterile protective masks into something special that people proudly wear in public,” she said. “My goal is not only to go through everyday life better protected, but also to consider the fashion aspect. The masks should be stylish and you should enjoy wearing them, not feeling like you are in a hospital. Last but not least, there is the idea of ​​sustainability. My masks are made of 80% recycled materials.”

With her gymnastics training on hold until the pandemic is under control, Mader said her mask line serves timely personal and societal needs.

“My original plan was to only start my own business after my gymnastics career,” said Mader, who has competed at seven World Championships beginning in 2009. “But since the (2020) Olympic Games have been postponed, I can’t train now anyway. And because I would like to do something to make this pandemic pass just a little bit faster, I jumped into the cold water, so to speak, and founded Manufaktur Mader.”

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