Jade Carey Golden Twice as Melbourne World Cup Concludes

IG Staff

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Jade Carey (USA) claimed two titles at the Melbourne World Cup, which concluded on Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. The competition was the sixth of eight editions of the FIG individual World Cup series, which serve as additional way of qualifying to this summer’s Olympics for individuals who have not yet qualified through the World Championships in 2018 and 2019.

Carey easily captured both the vault and floor exercise titles. She performed cleanly a Cheng (half on Rudi off) first vault and a double twisting Yurchenko second vault to average an impressive 14.866 for the win on the event. On floor Carey competed a full twisting double layout, double layout, sky-high double twisting double tuck third pass, and a front tuck step out to double tuck dismount to take her second gold of the weekend with a 14.366/6.0. The American leads the world cup rankings on both events and with only two events remaining in the series she is almost certain to earn an individual qualifying spot to Tokyo.

The uneven bars title was won by Diana Varinska from Ukraine who posted 13.733/5.9 for her complex routine featuring stalder-Shaposhnikova to Pak to Maloney to clear hip full pirouette, and a Tkatchev half to Jaeger. Varinska has already qualified to Tokyo through the all-around results she posted at last year’s World championships in Stuttgart. Japan’s Urara Ashikawa topped the field on beam with a 13.3/5.5 routine.

In the men’s competition Korea’s Sunghuyn Ryu claimed the floor title with an impressive routine (front double pike with a half twist, front full to triple full, 2 ½ to front double full, 1 ½ to Randi, stuck triple twist and a stuck 3 ½ dismount), which resulted in 14.933/6.5. Stephen Nedoroscik (USA) upgraded on his qualifying routine (including two on one 1080) to top the field on the pommel horse with a 15.4/6.7. Rings World and Olympic champion Eleftherios Petrounias from Greece recorded his first win of the series on the event posting 15.066/6.3.

The men’s vault was won by Korea’s Jeahwan Shin who averaged 14.866 for his Kasamatsu 2 ½ twists, and a front handspring Randi. Russia’s Vladislav Poliashov claimed the p-bar title with a 15.2/6.5 (peach, peach half, giant to one bar to Healy from one bar, Healy, Tippelt, Bhavsar, front toss, front 1 ¼ to upper arms and a stuck double front half out dismount). With the win Poliashov becomes the front-runner in the word cup rankings on the event. World and Olympic high bar champion Epke Zonderland (NED) claimed the high bar title with his signature combos: Cassina to Kovacs and Kolman to Gaylord II. The Dutch posted 14.9/6.7 for the win, which is his third one in the series and gives him the maximum 90 points in the current event rankings. The two remaining individual world cup events are in Baku, Azerbaijan and Doha, Qatar next month.

Men's FX Final Results

1. Sunghyun Ryu KOR 14.933/6.5

2. Kirill Prokopev RUS 14.600/6.4

3. Milad Karimi KAZ 14.200/6.1

4. Yahor Sharamkou BLR 14.033/5.9

5. Rayderley Zapata ESP 14.033/6.5

6. Ethan Dick NZL 13.766/5.6

7. Jorge Vega Lopez GUA 13.700/5.8

8. Bram Verhofstad NED 13.100/5.6

Men's PH Final Results

1. Stephen Nedoroscik USA 15.400/6.7

2. Saeedreza Keikha IRI 15.033/6.5

3. Kohei Kameyama JPN 14.833/6.8

4. Thierry Pellerin CAN 14.566/6.2

5. Fu Jie Tan MAS 13.400/5.9

6. Vladislav Poliashov RUS 12.333/5.8

7. Joshua Nathan GBR 12.333/6.8

8. Robert Seligman CRO 7.200/2.7

Men's SR Final Results

1. Eleftherios Petrounias GRE 15.066/6.3

2. Mahdi Ahmad Kohani IRI 14.500/6.2

3. Ali Zahran EGY 14.200/6.2

4. Kiu Chung NG HKG 14.066/6.0

5. Courtney Tulloch GBR 13.766/6.2

6. Rick Jacobs NED 13.266/5.0

7. Devy Dyson NZL 13.166/5.3

8. Hamza Yilmaz TUR 12.700/5.5

Men's VT Final Results

1. Jeahwan Shin KOR 14.866

2. Jorge Vega Lopez GUA 14.783

3. Andrey Medvedev ISR 14.550

4. Milad Karimi KAZ 14.533

5. James Bacueti AUS 14.449

6. Yahor Sharamkou BLR 14.233

7. Joshua Valle MEX 14.066

8. Audrys Nin Reyes DOM 13.603

Men's PB Final Results

1. Vladislav Poliashov RUS 15.200/6.5

2. Yusuke Tanaka JPN 15.166/6.0

3. Phuong Thanh Dinh VIE 14.933/6.4

4. Shoichi Yamamoto JPN 14.900/6.2

5. Mitchell Morgans AUS 13.866/6.0

6. Frank Rijken NED 13.733/6.1

7. Milad Karimi KAZ 13.633/5.8

8. Sercan Demir TUR 11.200/5.5

Men's HB Final Results

1. Epke Zonderland NED 14.900/6.7

2. Milad Karimi KAZ 14.500/6.3

3. Mitchell Morgans AUS 14.233/6.0

4. Umit Samiloglu TUR 13.533/5.9

5. Hidetaka Miyachi JPN 13.400/6.8

6. Alexander Myakinin ISR 12.966/5.9

7. Tyson Bull AUS 12.100/5.4

8. Mikhail Koudinov NZL 10.666/4.9

Women's VT Final Results

1. Jade Carey USA 14.866/6.0-5.4

2. Coline Devillard FRA 14.249/5.8-5.4

3. Shoko Miyata JPN 14.149/5.4-5.2

4. Angelina Radivilova UKR 13.983/5.4-5.2

5. Tjasa Kysselef SLO 13.716/5.0-4.8

6. Ahtziri Sandoval MEX 13.650/5.6-4.4

7. Teja Belak SLO 13.466/5.4-5.0

8. Maria Paseka RUS 13.233/5.8-4.8

Women's UB Final Results

1. Diana Varinska UKR 13.733/5.9

2. Georgia Godwin AUS 13.633/5.6

3. Daria Spiridonova RUS 13.533/5.9

4. Georgia-Rose Brown AUS 13.466/5.8

5. Aoka Mori JPN 13.366/5.7

6. Anastasiia Iliankova RUS 13.100/5.9

7. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR 11.566/5.5

8. Kokoro Fukasawa JPN 10.500/5.2

Women's BB Final Results

1. Urara Ashikawa JPN 13.300/5.5

2. Ondine Achampong GBR 13.166/5.4

3. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR 12.933/5.7

4. Diana Varinska UKR 12.800/5.1

5. Georgia Godwin AUS 12.766/5.6

6. Emma Nedov AUS 12.533/5.5

7. Ayaka Sakaguchi JPN 12.400/5.4

8. Emma Spence CAN 11.600/5.0

Women's FX Final Results

1. Jade Carey USA 14.366/6.0

2. Vanessa Ferrari ITA 13.700/5.5

3. Lara Mori ITA 12.900/5.3

4. Ondine Achampong GBR 12.700/4.7

5. Isabela Onyshko CAN 12.533/5.0

6. Breanna Scott AUS 12.400/4.8

7. Georgia Godwin AUS 12.333/5.4

8. Emma Spence CAN 12.100/4.9

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