Stretching Out: 10 observations from the Jan-Feb IG
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I realize our IG online visitors may be a different group than our print subscribers, but I nonetheless offer the following observations regarding the January-February issue of IG. I would be interested in your feedback, as well.

1. What comment(s) did you like most from Shawn Johnson's interview? For me, it was "I don't think [fans] do get the complete gist of [how hard it would be to come back], but that's what the media is for. That's why I love being able to tell them that, and try to get it across to them."

2. I believe the photo that Dave Black got of He Kexin made one of the best IG covers ever. He actually shot this skill at various moments, but this image in particular captured a critical point in the skill, as she begins her turn to catch in a cross-grip. Her face is visible, too, which is a bonus.

3. In my Stretching Out column (Worlds in Review), I took the men's high bar judges to task, claiming that the trio of medalists had the worst form of the eight finalists. I also brought up the fact that winner Zou Kai's routine was 57 seconds long, which is absurd when you consider gymnastics legend Dmitry Bilozerchev won the 1983 world high bar title in 37 seconds. I later learned that the Men's Technical Committee discussed the high bar judging in London at its meeting in the U.S. after worlds. Aljaz Pegan, who placed fifth in that final, has some candid comments regarding Zou's routine in our March issue.

4. We included various sequence photos in the issue, and none was more revealing than Igor Cassina performing the skill named after him. When you look at the form breaks in this sequence, it is extremely hard to understand how he was given the highest execution score in the final—by a considerable margin! That this type of judging can be overlooked in a major competition is quite sad.

5. What I liked most about interviewing new world vault champion Kayla Williams was the confidence she seems to have in herself. I also liked her response to the prompt, Something unusual nobody knows about you: "I don't know. I'll tell anybody just about anything."

6. IG's John Crumlish took a remarkable trip for the "Central European Sojourn" feature, which chronicled his daily gymnastics hook-ups with friends, coaches and gymnasts. It was interesting to read what Austria's Carina Hasenöhrl had to say about her training days in Romania (and I thought her white eyeglasses were great too). Remarkably, shortly after returning home to Los Angeles, Crumlish jetted off again in late December, to Spain and Morocco!

7. In our "10 Questions With Paul Hall" (coach of Daniel Keatings and Louis Smith), he explained how he separates the tendency to become a friend rather than a coach: "I hope I can say that we are all friends, but also that there is mutual respect. The guys know that there is a line in the gym that they shouldn't cross, and I've learned that patience and an ability to depart from the rule book are sometimes necessary."

8. One of my favorite images in the "World Gallery" is a shot by Eileen Langsley of Ivana Hong doing a layout step-out on balance beam. Hong looks like she's six feet above the beam. I also like Thomas Schreyer's image of Brittany Rogers, hitting a momentary one-arm stag handstand on floor. He obviously knew it was coming, because it is a split-second pose.

9. I thought one of Shannon Miller's comments about being a new mother was very true: "Things that seemed so important a year ago just don't matter anymore. And things, like whether Rocco had a good burp or ate enough today, are at the top of my priority list."

10. I really liked this New Year's Resolution in "Kids Klub": "I will spend more time conditioning than I do on Facebook."