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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Thursday, 02 July 2009 19:45    PDF Print
Chinese Women Win University Games Title
(11 votes, average 4.91 out of 5)

Olympic gold medalist Jiang Yuyuan led China to the team title Thursday as the University Games began in Belgrade, Serbia.

With the highest scores in the all-around and on balance beam, 2008 Olympic gold medalist Jiang Yuyuan led China to the team title Thursday as the 25th University Games began in Belgrade, Serbia.

A team of Chinese all-stars crushed Russia by a seven-point margin of victory, 169.150-162.150. The Chinese squad in Belgrade included Jiang and Cheng Fei, members of the gold medal-winning Olympic team from Beijing, and half of the 2006 world champion team in Cheng, He Ning and Zhou Zhuoru.

Jiang and He qualified first and second to Saturday's all-around final, with Japan's Rie Tanaka earning the third-highest total of the day.

Russia, led by Olympian Svetlana Klyukina, held off North Korea by .6 to secure the silver medal. Two-time Olympian Yelena Zamolodchikova, 26, competed on vault and floor exercise, the events she won at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

2008 Olympic vault champion Hong Un Jong led North Korea to the bronze, and also qualified first to the vault final ahead of three-time world champion Cheng.

British gymnastics superstar Beth Tweddle was the top qualifier to the uneven bars and floor exercise finals. The two-time Olympian won both events at the 2009 European Championships, held in April in Milan.

Competition continues Friday with the men's team final and individual qualification. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more scores and reports from Belgrade.

External Link: Official University Games Web Site

25th University Games
July 2, Belgrade, Serbia

1. China169.150
Jiang Yuyuan14.50015.20014.40014.45058.550
He Ning13.75014.90013.35013.70055.700
Zhou Zhuoru 13.400  13.400
Liu Nanxi13.50012.85013.15013.70053.200
Cheng Fei14.100 13.30014.10041.500
2. Russia162.150
Svetlana Klyukina13.65013.65013.65013.25054.200
Maria Chibiskova13.75013.35013.05013.45053.600
Tatiana Kazantseva13.80013.55013.300 40.650
Yelena Zamolodchikova13.400  12.65026.050
Olga Alexeyeva 12.70013.30013.45039.450
3. North Korea161.450
Pak Mi Hyang12.900   12.900
Cha Yong Hwa 15.35010.00012.50037.850
Hong Un Jong14.15014.20013.00012.45053.800
Kim Un Hyang13.55012.95013.65012.60052.750
Kang Yong Mi13.35011.25013.30012.85050.750
4. Japan161.200
Serina Takeuchi12.90013.10013.00013.15052.150
Rie Tanaka13.90013.75013.40013.35054.400
Sakiko Okabe13.75013.50012.90013.05053.200
Kana Takeya  12.15013.10025.250
Shoko Furukawa13.80013.600  27.400
5. Ukraine161.150
Olga Shcherbatykh13.350 12.90012.95039.200
Marina Kostyuchenko13.65013.200 12.80039.650
Marina Sergiyenko13.85012.30013.20013.20052.550
Angelina Kysla13.25013.60013.10012.40052.350
Daria Zgoba 13.95014.300 28.250
6. Great Britain151.950
Beth Tweddle 15.700 14.80030.500
Bethan Mercer12.9008.60010.50012.45044.450
Nina Dearman13.35011.25011.65013.15049.400
Olivia Bryl12.700 11.25012.15036.100
Jenna Walters 12.250  12.250
7. Korea142.100
Eun Bi Han11.95010.85012.600 35.400
Han Sol Yu12.40011.30010.20011.40045.300
Bo Ram Jeon13.100  0.00013.100
Hwa Seung Baek12.7007.55011.75012.20044.200
Youn Suk Han 11.20010.40012.20033.800
8. Slovenia134.200
Carmen Astrid Horvat12.30010.65011.75011.95046.650
Katja Lamut12.4507.75010.10011.05041.350
Tamara Glazar12.50010.60011.00012.10046.200
Tina Ribic11.550  10.55022.100
Barbara Gasser12.80012.50012.65012.80050.750
Daniele Hypolito13.20013.45012.60013.05052.300
Tina Erceg  13.10013.25026.350
Athena Stavrinaki Panayi13.15010.30011.25012.25046.950
Marilena Georgiou12.80011.6509.75012.30046.500
Jana Sikulova13.20012.65012.50012.35050.700
Jana Komrskova13.550 13.650 27.200
Heba Mostafa Abdel-Naby12.6508.85010.85010.70043.050
Nourhan Ahmed Saad12.4508.9008.85011.00041.200
Hiu Ying Angel Wong13.5509.60010.05012.25045.450
Laura Gombas13.70011.80013.00012.60051.100
Tali Liak13.05012.15010.20012.85048.250
Mari Eliassen12.6009.20010.25011.80043.850
Sandra Ostad11.00011.85010.50011.90045.250
Joanna Litewka13.85013.30011.65012.15050.950
Marta Pihan-Kulesza13.30012.60014.05013.90053.850
Viktoria Gyurusiova13.05011.70010.05012.00046.800

Women's All-Around FinalistsVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Jiang Yuyuan14.50015.20014.40014.45058.550
2.He Ning13.75014.90013.35013.70055.700
3.Rie Tanaka13.90013.75013.40013.35054.400
4.Svetlana Klyukina13.65013.65013.65013.25054.200
5.Marta Pihan-Kulesza13.30012.60014.05013.90053.850
6.Hong Un Jong14.15014.20013.00012.45053.800
7.Maria Chibiskova13.75013.35013.05013.45053.600
8.Sakiko Okabe13.75013.50012.90013.05053.200
9.Kim Un Hyang13.55012.95013.65012.60052.750
10.Marina Sergiyenko13.85012.30013.20013.20052.550
11.Angelina Kysla13.25013.60013.10012.40052.350
12.Daniele Hypolito13.20013.45012.60013.05052.300
13.Laura Gombas13.70011.80013.00012.60051.100
14.Joanna Litewka13.85013.30011.65012.15050.950
15.Barbara Gasser12.80012.50012.65012.80050.750
16.Jana Sikulova13.20012.65012.50012.35050.700
17.Nina Dearman13.35011.25011.65013.15049.400
18.Tali Liak13.05012.15010.20012.85048.250
19.Athena Stavrinaki Panayi13.15010.30011.25012.25046.950
20.Viktoria Gyurusiova13.05011.70010.05012.00046.800
21.Carmen Astrid Horvat12.30010.65011.75011.95046.650
22.Marilena Georgiou12.80011.6509.75012.30046.500
23.Tamara Glazar12.50010.60011.00012.10046.200
24.Hiu Ying Angel Wong13.5509.60010.05012.25045.450

Women's Vault Finalists
1.Hong Un Jong14.150
2.Cheng Fei14.100
3.Rie Tanaka13.900
4.Marina Sergiyenko13.850
5.Tatiana Kazantseva13.800
6.Laura Gombas13.700
7.Marina Kostyuchenko13.650
8.Jana Komrskova13.550

Uneven Bars Finalists
1.Beth Tweddle15.700
2.Cha Yong Hwa15.350
3.Jiang Yuyuan15.200
4.He Ning14.900
5.Hong Un Jong14.200
6.Daria Zgoba13.950
7.Rie Tanaka13.750
8.Svetlana Klyukina13.650

Balance Beam Finalists
1.Jiang Yuyuan14.400
2.Daria Zgoba14.300
3.Marta Pihan-Kulesza14.050
4.Svetlana Klyukina13.650
5.Jana Komrskova13.650
6.Kim Un Hyang13.650
7.Rie Tanaka13.400
8.He Ning13.350

Women's Floor Exercise Finalists
1.Beth Tweddle14.800
2.Jiang Yuyuan14.450
3.Cheng Fei14.100
4.Marta Pihan-Kulesza13.900
5.Maria Chibiskova13.450
6.Olga Alexeyeva13.450
7.Rie Tanaka13.350
8.Tina Erceg13.250

Written by Amanda Turner    Thursday, 02 July 2009 19:14    PDF Print
French Sail to More Gold at Mediterranean Games
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

French gymnasts won three more golds Thursday at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, with Alberto Busnari taking Italy's lone gold on the first day of finals.

Rising French star Youna Dufournet won vault and uneven bars Thursday, bringing her medal haul to four golds so far in Pescara. The 15-year-old Dufournet led France to victory over Italy in the team competition Monday, and won the all-around title Wednesday.

Dufournet and teammate Pauline Morel finished 1-2 on uneven bars over Italy's Paola Galante.

Danny Rodrigues earned a third gold for France on Thursday on still rings, upsetting two-time Italian world medalist Matteo Morandi on what has been Italy's traditionally best event.

Greek standout Eleftherios Kosmidis won floor exercise over Olympic pommel horse silver medalist Filip Ude (Croatia) and Fabian Gonzalez (Spain).

The 29-year-old Busnari won the gold on pommel horse. Italy's only other artistic gymnastics gold so far in Pescara is the men's team title.

Competition concludes Friday with the remainder of the apparatus finals. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more results from Pescara.

External Link: 2009 Mediterranean Games

16th Mediterranean Games
July 2, Pescara, Italy

Women's Vault Final
1.Youna Dufournet13.975
2.Goksu Uctas13.650
3.Evgenia Zafeiraki13.612
4.Tjasa Kysselef13.275
5.Andriana Syrigou13.162
6.Sherine El Zeiny12.900
7.Riselda Selaj12.212

Uneven Bars Final
1.Youna Dufournet14.675
2.Pauline Morel14.250
3.Paola Galante14.000
4.Vasiliki Millousi13.675
5.Evgenia Zafeiraki13.275
6.Nikoletta Dimitriou13.125
7.Ivana Kamnikar12.775
8.Sasa Golob11.575

Men's Floor Exercise Final
1.Eleftherios Kosmidis15.650
2.Filip Ude15.200
3.Fabian Gonzalez15.000
4.Enrico Pozzo14.850
5.Thomas Bouhail14.825
6.Tomislav Markovic14.550
7.Wajdi Bouallegue13.775
8.Michail Doulkeridis13.550

Pommel Horse Final
1.Alberto Busnari15.175
2.Hamilton Sabot14.875
3.Sergio Munoz14.550
4.Robert Seligman14.400
5.Pierre-Yves Beny14.175
6.Mohamed Amir Hacib14.000
7.Sid Ali Ferdjani13.825
8.Enrico Pozzo12.675

Still Rings Final
1.Danny Pinheiro16.075
2.Matteo Morandi15.825
3.Pierre-Yves Beny15.225
4.Paolo Ottavi15.100
5.Irodotos Georgallas14.975
6.Javier Gomez14.550
7.Dimitrios Markousis14.425
8.Manuel Carballo13.825
Written by John Crumlish    Wednesday, 01 July 2009 22:36    PDF Print
Downie Set to Defend British Title in Guildford
(5 votes, average 4.20 out of 5)

Defending champion Becky Downie is expected to contend for the senior all-around title at the British Women's Gymnastics Championships this weekend in Guildford.

Defending champion Becky Downie (Notts) is among four Olympians expected to contend for the senior all-around title at the British Women's Gymnastics Championships this weekend in Guildford.

Downie was the top British all-around gymnast at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where she finished 12th. Three other members of Great Britain's ninth-place squad from Beijing — Marissa King (Huntingdon), Hannah Whelan (City of Liverpool) and Rebecca Wing (Heathrow) — are scheduled to compete in Guildford on Saturday and Sunday.

At the 2008 British Championships, Downie won the senior title by 2.85 points over Wing. Whelan finished third, and King finished sixth.

Seven-time British all-around champion Beth Tweddle (City of Liverpool) will not compete in Guildford, since she is participating in the World University Games which begins Thursday in Belgrade. Joining Tweddle in Belgrade are Olivia Bryl, Bethan Mercer, Nina Dearman and Jenna Walters.

In the junior division, defending champion Nicole Hibbert (Heathrow) is expected to battle clubmate Danusia Francis for the title. Francis placed second in 2008.

External Link: British Gymnastics

British Championships Roster

Senior Competitors
Sophie BrundishEuropa
Maddison CarterCity of Leeds
Becky DownieNotts
Stacey GoddenBristol Hawks
Emily GoringPark Wrekin
Rebecca HallCity of Leeds
Ruby HarteryKaren Davies
Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle
Seriena JohnroseGarstang
Marissa KingHuntingdon
Allisia KuszSouth Durham
Jordan LiptonNotts
Bethan MercerCardiff Central
Natasha NolanDynamo
Rebecca PurcellKettering
Kati SimpsonHuntingdon
Tori SimpsonHuntingdon
Claire StockHuntingdon
Megan ThomsonTolworth
Kerri UptonDynamo
Jenna WaltersLeatherhead & Dorking
Hannah WhelanLiverpool
Emma WhiteHuntingdon
Lara WilsonCity of Newcastle
Rebecca WingHeathrow
Charlotte WoolfendenBlackfen GC
Junior Competitors
Jordan ArchibaldDundee
Antonia BatesWiltshire
Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central
Sarah BrownNeath Afan
Kirsty CampbellDundee
Charlotte DraycottNotts
Natalie DyasPark Wrekin
Laura EdwardsDynamo
Sydney Elliot-MoneyWoking
Megan EverettWoking
Sophie FitzgeraldCarousel
Danusia FrancisHeathrow
Francesca GroutCity of Bristol
Nadia HansellWoking
Nicole HibbertHeathrow
Jessica HoggCardiff Central
Jocelyn HuntHorsham
Caroline JonesTolworth
Hannah KilcullenDundee
Paige KingGarstang
Savannah LawrenceHeathrow
Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow
Gabrielle LittleExeter
Erin LongWigan
Harriet Lymer-SmithHeathrow
Charlotte MalePort Regis
Claire MaurerWoking
Charlotte McKennaHuntingdon
Amy MiddletonHorsham
Laura MitchellHeathrow
Katie MoffatWiltshire
Lily PeakeTolworth
Jenny PinchesLiverpool
Holly RamageLasswade
Amy ReganCity of Glasgow
Kelly SimmDynamo
Megan SlaterZodiak
Ruby StrawNotts
Anna StubbsLiverpool
Francesca VincentHorsham
Nicole WatsonPark Wrekin
Danielle WickhamPort Regis
Keshia WoodHeathrow

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Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 01 July 2009 17:28    PDF Print
Dufournet, Caranobe Win Mediterranean Games
(6 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

France's Youna Dufournet and Benoit Caranobe won the all-around titles Wednesday at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy.

France's Youna Dufournet and Benoit Caranobe won the all-around titles Wednesday at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara, Italy.

The French took both golds and both bronzes, with the host nation settling for two silvers.

The 15-year-old Dufournet, who led the French to a narrow victory over Italy in Monday's team competition, edged Italy's Elisabetta Preziosa for the all-around gold, 56.95-56.45. France's Pauline Morel finished a point behind her teammate (55.95) to win the bronze over Italy's Andrea La Spada.

Egyptian Olympian Sherine El Zeiny finished fifth, her best finish to date against European competitors. El Zeiny, who lives and trains in the Netherlands, outscored Greece's Vasiliki Millousi, 53.50-53.45.

Millousi, who qualified third to the all-around final, scored the highest of the day on baalnce beam (14.85), but a low score on uneven bars (12.00) kept her out of the medals.

Caranobe, the 2008 Olympic all-around bronze medalist, defeated Italy's Enrico Pozzo, 88.50-88.10. As in the Olympic all-around final, Caranobe's considerable strength on vault (16.300) gave him the edge over his competitors. Caranobe turned 29 on June 12.

Pozzo, 28, led Italy to the team gold Monday over France and Spain.

French Olympian Hamilton Sabot, 22, won the bronze over Italian veteran Matteo Morandi, 27.

Defending champion Rafael Martinez (Spain) finished seventh, matching his rank in qualification.

Competition concludes Thursday with the apparatus finals. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more news, scores and reports about the Mediterranean Games.

External Link: 2009 Mediterranean Games

16th Mediterranean Games
July 1, Pescara, Italy

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Youna Dufournet14.3014.3014.4013.9556.95
2.Elisabetta Preziosa13.9013.5014.9514.1056.45
3.Pauline Morel13.9014.2513.8513.9555.95
4.Andrea La Spada13.8513.7014.2514.0055.80
5.Sherine El Zeiny13.7013.0513.4513.3053.50
6.Vasiliki Millousi13.2012.0014.8513.4053.45
7.Goksu Uctas14.1012.0013.2012.4551.75
8.Ivana Kamnikar12.8012.6012.7012.9051.00
9.Sasa Golob13.3511.4012.8513.3550.95
10.Evgenia Zafeiraki13.9012.2012.0011.7549.85
11.Salma Mohamed12.609.2511.6512.7046.20
12.Ornela Cuka12.707.5510.4010.9041.55
13.Riselda Selaj12.606.8510.958.6539.05

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Benoit Caranobe14.8513.9514.4516.3014.4514.5088.50
2.Enrico Pozzo15.0014.0513.9515.7014.1515.2588.10
3.Hamilton Sabot14.3013.8514.2515.5515.1015.0088.05
4.Matteo Morandi14.2513.2515.7015.4014.7014.3587.65
5.Sergio Munoz14.5513.4514.7015.9013.8514.7587.20
6.Dimitrios Markousis15.0012.9514.5515.6014.2012.4584.75
7.Rafael Martinez14.8513.2013.6515.2513.9013.0083.85
8.Dimitris Krasias13.6013.4513.1514.6013.5514.1582.50
9.Marko Brez13.5513.4013.3014.5013.5013.9082.15
10.Nikola Dudek13.4012.3513.0014.7513.9013.3580.75
11.Alen Dimic13.1512.2012.7515.3512.7514.2580.45
12.Panagiotis Aristotelous13.2013.1012.3014.8012.2514.0579.70
13.Hillel Mettidji13.1512.8512.3514.4513.0513.2079.05
14.Ozgur Sanli13.5012.7012.2514.6013.0512.3578.45
15.Ziga Britovsek12.8513.6512.7014.7012.2510.7576.90
16.Alon Hasa12.3011.6013.1013.7513.3012.8076.85
17.Yunus Emre Uyar13.6510.6010.9014.8012.1511.6573.75
18.Abdelrahman Sobhy12.8010.7012.1514.6010.7512.7073.70
19.Imad Bouari10.6010.9011.7014.7512.206.0566.20
Written by Amanda Turner    Tuesday, 30 June 2009 15:00    PDF Print
Host Italians Defeat French in Pescara
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

The Italian men's team narrowly defeated France by two-tenths of a point Tuesday at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara. Flanked by coaches, gymnasts Andrea Cingolani, Enrico Pozzo, Matteo Morandi, Alberto Busnari and Paolo Ottavi show off their gold medals.

The Italian men's team narrowly defeated France by two-tenths of a point Tuesday at the Mediterranean Games in Pescara.

Led by Enrico Pozzo and Matteo Morandi, Italy edged France 267.500-267.300. Spain, the defending champion from the 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almeria, placed third with 264.00.

It was a thrilling victory for the host nation, which saw its women's team lose to France by .1 on Monday. France took the top team total on still rings, Italy's traditional best event, but was forced to count low scores on pommel horse and vault.

Pozzo (88.650) and Morandi (87.950) were the top two qualifiers to the all-around final. Defending all-around champion Rafael Martinez (Spain) was the seventh-highest scorer Tuesday.

Competition continues Wednesday with the all-around finals for men and women. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more news, scores and reports about the Mediterranean Games.

External Link: 2009 Mediterranean Games

16th Mediterranean Games
June 30, Pescara, Italy

Men's Team Competition
1. Italy267.500
Alberto Busnari 15.250  14.30014.55044.100(43)
Matteo Morandi14.30013.80015.80016.10014.65013.30087.950(2)
Paolo Ottavi14.30012.50014.95015.60013.70014.65085.700(8)
Enrico Pozzo14.80014.55014.30015.70014.15015.15088.650(1)
Andrea Cingolani14.500 14.10016.000  44.600(42)
2. France267.300
Pierre-Yves Beny14.30015.40015.45014.50013.90013.60087.150(4)
Thomas Bouhail14.75011.150 16.400 14.20056.500(35)
Benoit Caranobe14.80013.55014.45016.25014.75012.85086.650(6)
Danny Rodrigues  15.700 14.650 30.350(48)
Hamilton Sabot14.25014.20014.05015.55014.65014.65087.350(3)
3. Spain264.000
Javier Gomez14.450 14.75015.80014.40014.15073.550(26)
Sergio Munoz14.35014.25014.30015.90013.70014.35086.850(5)
Rafael Martinez14.65013.40013.55015.20014.45015.10086.350(7)
Fabian Gonzalez14.75013.950 15.700 14.35058.750(33)
Manuel Carballo 12.60014.750 14.700 42.050(45)
4. Greece254.700
Christos Lympanovnos13.40012.65014.25015.50014.70012.60083.100(11)
Eleftherios Kosmidis15.300 13.05015.600  43.950(44)
Michail Doulkeridis15.15011.550 15.65013.55014.15070.050(27)
Ioannis Zachariadis 11.50013.300 13.00013.65051.450(37)
Dimitrios Markousis14.80012.40014.40015.65014.20013.75085.200(9)
5. Croatia249.700
Robert Seligman 14.600    14.600(53)
Filip Ude14.800  15.60012.90014.25057.550(34)
Tomislav Markovic14.750 12.95014.35012.850 54.900(36)
Marko Brez13.65012.95013.55014.10013.65014.35082.250(12)
Nikola Dudek13.00013.10013.05014.65011.75013.70079.250(14)
6. Cyprus242.900
Panagiotis Aristotelous13.60012.65013.00014.65013.55014.00081.450(13)
Dimitris Krasias13.75013.55013.30014.65014.25014.20083.700(10)
Georgios Georgiou13.25012.05013.40014.35011.10011.55075.700(24)
Irodotos Georgallas  15.050   15.050(51)
7. Slovenia238.100
Alen Dimic13.4008.10013.10015.40014.10012.95077.050(21)
Gregor Saksida  13.750   13.750(54)
Rok Klavora14.55011.100 15.60013.15011.75066.150(30)
Aljaz Pegan     14.85014.850(52)
Ziga Britovsek12.90012.80012.80014.50013.30011.05077.350(20)
8. Turkey238.050
Umit Samiloglu     15.40015.400(50)
Ozgur Sanli13.55011.70011.75014.70012.80013.40077.900(17)
Muhammed Akkavak13.50010.55012.35014.45012.90012.80076.550(23)
Ferhat Arican13.80010.85012.55015.50012.400 65.100(31)
Yunus Uyar13.50012.45011.90015.50011.70012.50077.550(18)
9. Egypt234.700
Tamer Ragab 12.550 14.15012.30012.40051.400(38)
Abdelrahman Sobhy12.30012.30012.90015.45013.05012.90078.900(15)
Mohamed Srour13.30010.60012.95010.000 12.55059.400(32)
Mohmed Elsaharty13.30011.75012.35014.85012.00013.75078.000(16)
10. Algeria232.000
Hillel Mettidji12.55011.20012.20014.75013.25013.00076.950(22)
Sid Ferdjani 14.15010.200 12.00013.25049.600(40)
Mohamed Hacib12.95014.25010.35014.40013.80011.75077.500(19)
Belkacem Tahi12.900  14.650 13.15040.700(46)
Alon Hasa12.90011.00013.30013.80012.80011.15074.950(25)
Imad Bouari12.45011.25010.95014.05011.15010.15070.000(28)
Fadi Bahlawan2.00012.40014.30015.15012.60011.70068.150(29)
Feras Bahlawan12.90012.05013.050 11.850 49.850(39)
Rachid Moussa13.200 11.25014.050 10.95049.450(41)
Gesti Lici10.75010.050 12.150  32.950(47)
Wajdi Bouallegue14.850  15.450  30.300(49)
Sabeur Arfaoui 13.300    13.300(55)

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