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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 02 August 2010 21:38    PDF Print
Afanasyeva, Stolyarov Win Russian Spartakiada
(12 votes, average 4.50 out of 5)

2008 Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva and newcomer Dmitry Stolyarov won the all-around titles at the 2nd Summer Youth Spartakiada, which concluded Sunday in Saransk.

Ksenia Afanasyeva, pictured at the Japan Cup, won her second all-around title of July in Saransk.

Organized by the Ministry of Sport, Russia's Summer Youth Spartakiada encompasses national competitions for 33 disciplines, including artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. The competition in Saransk included 43 female gymnasts (born in the years 1991-1994) and 53 male gymnasts (born from 1989-1993).

Afanasyeva took her second victory in a month, having won the Japan Cup in Tokyo in early July. The 17 year old defeated training mate Ksenia Semyonova during the two-day all-around competition, with 2010 European vault champion Yekaterina Kurbatova placing third.

"Ksenia Afanasyeva competed very smoothly and steadily," national coach Valentina Rodionenko reported. "However, on the second day of competition, Ksenia Semyonova outscored her [by 1.100]. We can say that Marina Nazarova's gymnasts are getting stronger and are likely to contend for the Russian Cup title.

"Yekaterina Kurbatova underperformed here. In my opinion, she was simply not ready for this meet. The same can be said for Anna Myzdrikova. Daria Yelizarova from Tula left a very good impression."

The 19-year-old Stolyarov took the top scores both days of competition, defeating 18-year-old David Belyavsky by 2 points. Pavel Russinyak, 20, won the bronze.

"Stolyarov from Moscow Dinamo looked great," Rodionenko said. "He made no errors throughout the competition. Belyavsky also looked good, but he erred on the parallel bars and on the second day he watered down his floor routine."

The all-around silver medalists were the most successful in the event finals, where Belyavsky won three events and Semyonova won two.

The competition was held at the Leonid Arkayev Gymnastics Center in Saransk, in the Republic of Mordovia. The former Soviet and Russian head coach opened the million-dollar sports facility in 2009 after coaching there for two years. Arkayev, whose parents hailed from Mordovia, turned 70 on June 3.

The Russian Cup will be held Aug. 23-29 in Chelyabinsk.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

II Russian Youth Spartakiada
July 26-Aug. 1, Saransk

Women's All-Around (Top 12)VTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ksenia AfanasyevaMoscow Obl.14.30014.15015.30015.50059.250116.750
2.Ksenia SemyonovaMoscow Obl.14.45014.00014.40014.05056.900115.500
3.Yekaterina KurbatovaMoscow14.30014.25014.35013.90056.800113.000
4.Anastasia NovikovaMoscow13.80013.90013.55013.80055.050109.950
5.Daria YelizarovaTula Obl.13.10012.65014.55013.15053.450109.650
6.Irina SazonovaSt. Petersburg13.65013.35014.00014.05055.050108.650
7.Diana SapronovaSt. Petersburg13.50013.55014.20013.10054.350107.000
8.Olga Bikmurzina Mordovia Rep.13.20013.75013.30013.65053.900105.150
9.Olga ZemskovaSt. Petersburg13.45012.25012.80013.35051.850104.100
10.Yekaterina SkorodumovaUlyanovskaya13.10011.50013.05013.20050.850101.600
11.Yekaterina VukolovaKrasnodarsk13.50011.05013.70012.40050.650100.650
12.Yulia KirillovaChuvashia13.00011.50012.55012.25049.30098.100

Men's All-Around (Top 12)FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Dmitry StolyarovMoscow14.30015.10013.55015.80014.80014.70088.250177.250
2.David BelyavskySverdlovsk Obl.14.60014.90014.20015.30013.65014.30086.950175.200
3.Pavel RussinyakSamara Obl.14.70014.00013.80014.80013.80015.60087.100173.300
4.Eldar YunusovSt. Petersburg13.95014.20014.10015.20012.75014.80085.000170.900
5.Nikita LezhankinSverdlovsk Obl.14.50012.50014.00015.10013.65013.20082.950167.200
6.Alexander FafashkinMoscow14.15012.90013.85014.90014.70012.60083.100167.150
7.Dmitry YakubovskyMoscow13.95012.90013.80015.80014.40013.00083.850167.000
8.Semyon YereminChelyabinsk Obl.14.10013.50014.25014.70013.50013.50083.550166.750
9.Artyom MarkelovVladimir Obl.15.10013.40013.60015.30013.05013.70084.150166.300
10.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk Obl.14.10012.20013.90015.10013.50013.20082.000163.300
11.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinsk Obl.13.90013.00012.15014.70012.75013.90080.400162.700
12.Alexander KlochkovMoscow13.55012.00012.45015.00012.60013.60079.200159.850

Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Anna MyzdrikovaMoscow14.150
2.Yekaterina VukolovaKrasnodarsk13.525
3.Francheska YanaevaTyumen Obl.13.338
4.Tamara KakhadzeVladimir Obl.13.000
5.Yana SakhaVladimir Obl.12.975
6.Veronika Pokachailo Krasnodarsk12.713
7.Svetlana VlasovaLeningrad Obl.12.500

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Ksenia SemyonovaMoscow Obl.14.775
2.Ksenia AfanasyevaMoscow Obl.14.500
3.Anastasia NovikovaMoscow13.750
4.Irina SazonovaSt. Petersburg13.475
5.Diana SapronovaSt. Petersburg12.600
6.Yekaterina KurbatovaMoscow12.350
7.Olga Bikmurzina Mordovia Rep.11.275
8.Yekaterina KrylovaSt. Petersburg0.600

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Ksenia AfanasyevaMoscow Obl.15.250
2.Anna MyzdrikovaMoscow14.025
3. Daria YelizarovaTula Obl.13.725
4.Diana SapronovaSt. Petersburg13.650
5.Ksenia SemyonovaMoscow Obl.13.225
6.Anastasia NovikovaMoscow13.125
7.Irina SazonovaSt. Petersburg12.525
8.Yekaterina VukolovaKrasnodarsk11.275

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Ksenia SemyonovaMoscow Obl.14.550
2.Ksenia AfanasyevaMoscow Obl.14.500
3.Irina SazonovaSt. Petersburg13.875
4.Anastasia NovikovaMoscow13.775
5.Olga BikmurzinaMordovia13.525
6.Olga ZemskovaSt. Petersburg13.350
7. Daria YelizarovaTula Obl.13.125
8.Yekaterina SkorodumovaUlyanovsk Obl.13.000

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Artyom MarkelovVladimir Obl.15.000
2.David BelyavskySverdlovsk Obl.14.800
3.Pavel RussinyakSamara Obl.14.600
4.Nikita LezhankinSverdlovsk Obl.14.450
5.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk Obl.14.050
6.Eduard AndriolliChelyabinsk Obl.13.500
7.Alexander FafashkinMoscow13.350
8.Dmitry StolyarovMoscow12.950

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.David BelyavskySverdlovsk Obl.14.850
2.Vilyam KatynMordovia Rep.14.250
3.Pavel RussinyakSamara Obl.14.200
4.Andrei ShelekhovVladimir Obl.13.700
5.Eldar YunusovSt. Petersburg13.600
6.Semyon YereminChelyabinsk Obl.12.500
7.Dmitry StolyarovMoscow12.500
8.Alexei BalandinKarelia Obl.11.900

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Alexei BalandinKarelia Obl.14.750
2.Semyon YereminChelyabinsk Obl.14.400
3.David BelyavskySverdlovsk Obl.14.250
4.Roman SalnikovRostov Obl.14.000
5.Eldar YunusovSt. Petersburg13.900
6.Nikita LezhankinSverdlovsk Obl.13.700
7.Alexander FafashkinMoscow13.650
8.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk Obl.13.000

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Artyom MarkelovVladimir Obl.15.325
2.Sergei ZveryugaKrasnoyarsk Obl.14.825
3.Nikita LezhankinSverdlovsk Obl.14.825
4.Ismail AbdurakhmanovKrasnoyarsk Obl.14.825
5.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk Obl.14.800
6.Roman SuetinSverdlovsk Obl.14.775
7.Dmitry YakubovskyMoscow14.750
8.Alexei BykovVolgograd Obl.14.225

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.David BelyavskySverdlovsk Obl.14.800
2.Alexander FafashkinMoscow14.600
3.Dmitry YakubovskyMoscow14.550
4.Roman SuetinSverdlovsk Obl.14.350
5.Nikita LezhankinSverdlovsk Obl.12.450
6.Dmitry StolyarovMoscow11.950
7.Anton AlexeyevSt. Petersburg11.700
8.Pavel RussinyakSamara Obl.11.600

High Bar FinalScore
1.David BelyavskySverdlovsk Obl.14.900
2.Pavel RussinyakSamara Obl.14.800
3.Alexander KlochkovMoscow14.300
4.Eldar YunusovSt. Petersburg14.100
5.Semyon YereminChelyabinsk Obl.13.750
6.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinsk Obl.13.400
7.Artyom MarkelovVladimir Obl.13.400
8.Dmitry StolyarovMoscow7.000
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Colombia Golden as Central American Games Close in Puerto Rico
(5 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Olympians Nathalia Sanchez and Jorge Hugo Giraldo won three golds for Colombia Friday as the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games concluded in Puerto Rico.

Nathalia Sanchez (Colombia) on beam in Puerto Rico

Giraldo, who won the all-around title Tuesday, added gold medals on parallel bars and high bar.

"It was a big victory for Giraldo," said his Japanese-born coach, Junsuke Iwai.

2008 Olympian Luis Rivera won men's vault, his fourth gold in Hormigueros and eighth in Central American Games competition. Competing in his third Games, Rivera is now the most successful Puerto Rican athlete in the competition's history.

"[My performance] was more than I expected," he said. "I really did not expect much from me. I was coming off an injury, but came to help the team."

Sanchez, third all-around, won the balance beam title over Mexico's Elsa Garcia and Venezuela's Jessica Lopez.

Garcia closed the competition by winning the women's floor title over teammate Ana Lago. Garcia left Puerto Rico with three golds, including the vault title and gold for Mexico in the team competition.

Puerto Rico's Nicolle Vasquez tied Lopez for the bronze medal, the only individual medal for the Puerto Rican women in Hormigueros. Puerto Rico, whose coaches include Bulgarian Olympian Silvia Topalova, won the team bronze.

"At first I was crying because I never thought that I would medal," said Vasquez, 15. "It was a lot of emotions all mixed together."

The host nation led the gymnastics medal tally with five golds, five silvers and three bronzes, just edging Colombia (five golds, one silver and three bronzes). Mexico took three golds, six silvers and a bronze, and Venezuela earned three golds, one silver and five bronzes. Guatemala earned a single bronze medal.

The XXII Central American and Caribbean Games will be in 2014 in Veracruz, Mexico.

External Link: Official Event Website

XXI Central American and Caribbean Games
July 30, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Nathalia Sánchez5.68.52514.125
2.Elsa García5.68.07513.675
3.Jessica López5.67.70013.300
4.Sidney Sanabria4.58.15012.650
5.Ana Lago5.27.30012.500
6.Mónica Yool5.26.92512.125
7.Cindy Ruiz5.66.50012.100
8.Mariana Sánchez4.65.3759.975

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Elsa García5.58.50014.000
2.Ana Lago5.48.20013.600
3.Nicolle Vázquez5.38.25013.550
3.Jessica López5.28.35013.550
5.Mónica Yool5.08.00013.000
6.Sidney Sanabria4.97.97512.875
7.Nathalia Sánchez4.78.1500.112.750
8.Thema Williams5.17.0250.112.025

Men's Vault FinalDEScoreNDAverage
1.Luis Rivera6.69.25015.85015.775
2.Alexander Rodríguez6.69.35015.95015.762
3.Daniel Corral6.69.20015.80015.712
4.Mynor Juárez6.69.07515.67515.425
5.Santiago López6.68.80015.40015.350
6.Didier Lugo6.29.2750.115.37515.075
7.Jesús De León6.68.10014.70014.850
8.Corey Greenidge5.48.50013.90013.287

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.09.10015.100
2.Luis Vargas6.08.92514.925
3.José Fuentes5.98.85014.750
4.Didier Lugo5.59.15014.650
5.Daniel Corral5.98.37514.275
6.José Manama5.38.85014.150
7.Alexander Rodríguez5.48.62514.025
8.Luis Sosa5.68.22513.825

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.28.80015.000
2.Luis Vargas6.28.72514.925
3.José Fuentes6.38.50014.800
4.Jossimar Calvo5.98.55014.450
5.Luis Rivera6.18.32514.425
6.Santiago López5.08.12513.125
7.Javier Balboa5.67.25012.850
8.Jhony Parra5.36.95012.250
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Judging Under Fire at Central American Games
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The host nation won three more gold medals Thursday at the Central American Games in Puerto Rico, where a scoring scandal emerged over the still rings results.

Regulo Carmona (Venezuela)

2008 Olympian Luis Rivera began the Puerto Rican men's sweep of Thursday's finals with victories on floor exercise and pommel horse.

During the still rings final, however, the Puerto Rican crowd erupted in boos after last-up Regulo Carmona (Venezuela) earned a top-scoring 14.825 despite stumbling back on his dismount. The audience booed and whistled for 10 minutes before Carmona's score was lowered to 14.775, leaving him tied with Jorge Hugo Giraldo (Colombia).

Additionally, the score of Puerto Rico's Tommy Ramos reportedly was raised from 14.325 to 14.775, resulting in a three-way tie and a third gold for the host nation.

Puerto Rican judge Javier Colon, the event's technical director, said he decided to launch the video inquiry "after watching the audience reaction" at the hall in Hormigueros.

"We could not ignore the fact that Carmona, while a great athlete, had reached an impossible score for his execution, because he committed several errors on his dismount," Colon said.

The audience did not understand that Carmona's original score reflected his high difficulty score, Venezuelan women's coach Nilson Medeiros said. Carmona's D-Score was 6.6, compared with 6.2 for Ramos and 6.1 for Giraldo.

"In each routine, difficulty and combining elements brings a higher value," the Brazilian-born coach said. "The public has no way of knowing that."

Colon said no harm was done by changing the scores.

"We feel nobody was hurt by this, and determined that this was the best thing to do after the Venezuelan, Dominican and Colombian judges did not suitably deduct from Carmona, a world-class athlete who nevertheless erred during the final," her said.

Carmona, the 2004 World Cup Final rings champion, said the judges bowed to the crowd's desires.

"There can be public pressure to do these things," the 30-year-old gymnast said. "It's obvious that the people who came to watch us do not know a lot about gymnastics. My performance during the rings routine [prior to the dismount] was flawless... Luckily I took the gold anyway."

In the women's competition, stars Elsa Garcia (Mexico) and Jessica Lopez (Venezuela) each won a title.

Garcia and teammate Alexa Moreno went 1-2 on vault for Mexico with Lopez in third. Lopez took the gold on uneven bars, with Colombian Olympian Nathalia Sanchez second and Guatemala's Monica Yool in third.

Yool's bronze was the first gymnastics medal for Guatemala in Hormigueros, where Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela have divided the awards.

"I think that over the past four years, the technical quality of the gymnasts in this region has improved," Garcia said.

Competition in Hormigueros concludes Friday with the remaining events.

"Tomorrow we start from zero, so we must continue doing our best to finish well," said Lopez, who won the all-around title Wednesday.

External Link: Official Event Website

XXI Central American and Caribbean Games
July 29, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1. Elsa García 5.300 8.600 0.1 13.800 13.812
4.800 9.025 13.825
2. Alexa Moreno 5.000 8.625 13.625 13.687
5.200 8.550 13.750
3. Jessica López 5.800 7.775 13.575 13.662
5.000 8.750 13.750
4. Nicolle Vázquez 5.300 8.750 14.050 13.650
4.800 8.450 13.250
5. Sidney Sanabria 5.000 8.575 0.1 13.475 13.125
4.400 8.475 0.1 12.775
6. Cindy Ruiz 5.000 8.300 0.3 13.000 12.962
4.600 8.325 12.925
7. Karina Regidor 4.600 8.275 12.875 12.787
4.600 8.100 12.700
8. Yamilet Peña 0.000 0.000 0.000 6.050
5.300 6.900 0.1 12.100

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1. Jessica López 5.600 8.425 14.025
2. Nathalia Sánchez 5.300 8.450 13.750
3. Mónica Yool 5.600 7.475 13.075
4. Marisela Cantu 5.200 7.625 12.825
5. Mariana Sánchez 4.300 8.125 12.425
6. Adriana Ruano 4.900 7.375 12.275
7. Sidney Sanabria 4.800 7.450 12.250
8. Elsa García 4.300 6.975 11.275

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1. Luis Rivera 6.000 9.075 15.075
2. Santiago López 6.100 8.475 14.575
3. Alexander Rodríguez 5.900 8.550 14.450
4. James Brochero 5.700 8.575 14.275
4. Jossimar Calvo 6.100 8.175 14.275
6. Tarik Soto 5.700 8.550 14.250
7. Daniel Corral 6.000 7.775 13.775
8. Xavier Veloz 5.300 8.400 0.1 13.600

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1. Luis Rivera 6.000 8.900 14.900
2. Rafael Morales 5.600 8.700 14.300
3. Jorge Peña 5.800 8.425 14.225
4. Miguel Monreal 5.400 8.725 14.125
5. Jorge Hugo Giraldo 5.700 8.050 13.750
6. José Fuentes 5.500 7.525 13.025
7. Oscar Cañas 5.900 6.650 12.550
8. Daniel Corral 5.400 6.700 12.100

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1. Jorge Hugo Giraldo 6.100 8.675 14.775
1. Tommy Ramos 6.200 8.575 14.775
1. Regulo Carmona 6.600 8.175 14.775
4. José Fuentes 6.200 8.400 14.600
5. Didier Lugo 6.200 8.350 14.550
6. Luis Vargas 5.900 8.425 14.325
7. Aldo Torres 5.400 8.125 13.525
8. Roberto Fiallos 5.800 7.400 13.200
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Lopez Wins Central American Games Title
(10 votes, average 4.20 out of 5)

Venezuelan Olympian Jessica Lopez won the women's all-around title Wednesday at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Puerto Rico. Lopez is congratulated by her coach, Nilson Medeiros, after she clinched victory on floor exercise.

Venezuela's Jessica Lopez won the women's all-around title Wednesday at the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games, taking place this week in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

The 2008 Olympian topped defending champion Elsa Garcia of Mexico and Colombian Olympian Nathalia Sanchez at the gymnastics hall in Hormigueros, south of Mayagüez.

"The competition was really strong," the 24-year-old Lopez said. "It was the very last event at the very last minute that decided the outcome."

After two rotations, Lopez lagged .15 behind Garcia, the top qualifier. But Lopez pulled ahead with a hit balance beam routine that brought 14.750, the highest score of the day.

"The key was balance beam, she had to make an almost perfect performance and she did," said her Brazilian-born coach, Nilson Medeiros.

Lopez also needed to hit her final routine on floor exercise after Garcia posted 14.300, the highest floor score of the evening. Lopez, who had scored just 12.350 on floor during Monday's team competition, finished with a 13.900 to seal the win.

"We must congratulate Elsa Garcia and Nathalia Sanchez, who made it a tough fight for Jessica," Medeiros said. "They are quality gymnasts. Elsa was the 12th best in the world at the last world championships. To beat her in a neutral field is special."

The competition is the third regional victory in the past year for Lopez, who trains in Colorado after graduating from the University of Denver. She won the South American Games in March and the Bolivian Games in November.

The 20-year-old Garcia, who also had the top score on vault, moved from third to second in the last rotation.

"It was a very high-level competition," said Garcia, who led Mexico to victory Monday. "We kept fighting for the top three spots."

The 18-year-old Sanchez, who missed the South American Games with thigh and ankle injuries, won the bronze with the second-highest scores on uneven bars and floor exercise. Sanchez was her nation's standard bearer during the opening ceremonies in Mayagüez, after receiving the flag in Bogota directly from Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velez.

First-year senior Monica Yool finished a promising fourth for Guatemela. The 16 year old is coached by Romanians Adrian and Elena Boboc, who moved to Central America in 2003.

The competition continues Thursday with the first day of apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Event Website

XXI Central American and Caribbean Games
July 28, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Jessica López 14.050 13.850 14.750 13.900 56.550
2. Elsa García 14.450 13.600 13.600 14.300 55.950
3. Nathalia Sánchez 13.600 13.800 14.550 13.150 55.100
4. Mónica Yool 13.650 13.450 13.300 13.000 53.400
5. Ana Lago 13.950 11.700 12.500 13.700 51.850
6. Sidney Sanabria 13.650 12.650 12.550 12.900 51.750
7. Nicolle Vázquez 14.000 11.700 12.000 13.050 50.750
8. Adriana Ruano 13.350 12.450 12.000 12.550 50.350
9. Thema Williams 13.050 12.300 11.800 11.850 49.000
10. Ivet Rojas 13.550 13.050 9.800 12.450 48.850
11. Mariana Sánchez 13.000 12.250 10.500 11.700 47.450
12. Karina Regidor 13.000 11.050 10.200 12.000 46.250
13. Yamilet Peña 13.900 10.850 9.000 12.000 45.750
14. Montserrat Armenteros 12.900 6.400 10.300 10.100 39.700
15. Morgan Beckles 12.300 8.500 8.700 9.750 39.250
16. Rosie Finnigan 11.450 7.650 7.150 9.950 36.200
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Giraldo Wins Central American Games
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Colombian Olympian Jorge Hugo Giraldo took the all-around gold medal Tuesday at the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games, taking place this week in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

Colombian Olympian Jorge Hugo Giraldo held off his Puerto Rican rivals to win the all-around title Tuesday at the XXI Central American and Caribbean Games, taking place this week in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

Giraldo, 30, prevented Puerto Rico from taking a second gold at the gymnastics hall in Hormigueros, south of Mayagüez. Top qualifier Luis Rivera, 23, settled for the silver ahead of teammate Luis Vargas, 27.

Rivera, 14th all-around at the 2008 Olympics, jumped to the top of the board early, earning the evening's only score above 15 on floor exercise. He held a comfortable lead of nearly a point going into the fifth rotation. Giraldo took advantage on parallel bars, however, outscoring Rivera by a full point.

After five rotations, Rivera held a slim lead over Giraldo, 75.131-75.065. But after the Colombian put up the second-highest mark of the night on high bar (14.766), Rivera's 13.966 wasn't enough to win.

Puerto Rican coach Jose Colon filed a protest over Rivera's score to no avail.

"I did a good performance," Rivera told the Puerto Rican press. "To have been injured a few months ago, I think I did very well. I'm a medalist among the best all-arounders in this region and I have nothing to envy Giraldo, because he fought like an Olympian."

Vargas, a 2004 Olympian, was hindered by a 13.500 on pommel horse. He finished well with the highest score of the night on high bar (14.966), and said he was happy with his performance in his final Central American Games.

"It's a very big emotion I haven't felt before," said the former Penn State standout. "I'm very satisfied with my work, and personal satisfaction is more important than first, fifth or sixth. It was a tremendous competition. An Olympic final. Three Olympic finalists together."

The three gymnasts on the podium were the same as at the previous Central American Games in Cartagena, Colombia. Four years ago, Vargas won the title, with Rivera finishing second and Giraldo third.

The gymnastics competition continues Wednesday evening with the women's all-around final. Elsa Garcia, who led Mexico to the team title Monday, will need to hold off 2008 Olympians Jessica Lopez (Venezuela) and Nathalia Sanchez (Colombia) if she is to defend her title from 2006.

External Link: Official Event Website

XXI Central American and Caribbean Games
July 27, Hormigueros, Puerto Rico

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Jorge Giraldo 14.066 15.133 15.000 15.700 15.166 14.766 89.831
2. Luis Rivera 15.066 14.700 15.166 16.033 14.166 13.966 89.097
3. Luis Vargas 14.400 13.500 14.800 15.433 15.200 14.966 88.299
4. José Fuentes 13.466 14.400 14.733 15.200 14.800 14.466 87.065
5. Didier Lugo 13.366 14.066 14.833 15.366 14.366 14.233 86.230
6. Daniel Corral 14.400 13.433 13.800 15.933 14.533 13.800 85.899
7. Santiago López 14.733 13.733 13.533 15.933 13.000 13.833 84.765
8. Jhony Parra 13.333 12.933 13.366 15.100 13.633 12.433 80.798
9. Mynor Juárez 12.900 11.866 12.633 14.633 13.933 13.233 79.198
10. Oscar Cañas 12.733 13.666 12.633 13.266 12.366 12.466 77.130
11. Tarik Soto 12.366 10.700 13.133 14.166 11.700 11.966 74.031
12. Jesús De León 13.300 10.733 11.333 15.300 11.433 11.900 73.999
13. Audrys Nin 12.133 7.866 11.900 13.233 12.900 11.466 69.498
14. Pablo Velázquez 11.233 10.100 11.666 14.866 10.433 10.900 69.198
15. Mario Picón 9.766 9.500 10.233 13.600 9.900 9.700 62.699

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