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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Brigid McCarthy    Wednesday, 28 April 2010 14:23    PDF Print
Jordyn Wieber: Back With a Vengeance
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Jordyn Wieber proved she is back better than ever at the podium training sessions for the Pacific Rim Championships in Melbourne, Australia, this morning. Wieber, who has been away from gymnastics for a year because of injury, proved to both Marta Karolyi and the media that she has not lost any of the incredible athletic ability that earned her the American Cup title when she wowed audiences in the beginning of 2009. The then 13-year-old became an overnight sensation with her ability to perform incredibly difficult skills cleanly and consistently with an air of calm that belied her tender age. Jordyn, who turns 15 on July 12, seems ready to pick up right where she left off. “I’m back strong and feeling really good!” she told IG.

Wieber certainly looked good in training. She repeatedly nailed her bar sets, landing her full-twisting double layout dismount with ease. Her double-twisting Yurchenko vaults were an impressive display of tight twists and solid landings, and her skills on beam showed characteristic height and amplitude. While others struggled on particular skills or routines, Wieber was calm and confident as she moved from one event to another, hitting routine after routine.

In fact, it seems that in her time away from gymnastics, Wieber may have gained more than she lost. She now brings an air of elegance and maturity to her gymnastics, a quality that was absent in the child who calmly threw skill after skill, but lacked a bit in presentation. This newfound maturity was most apparent in the performance of her new floor exercise, a routine she has only been using for some months.

“I’m really excited to finally compete it," she said. "It’s really fun to perform.”

While the new routine boasts the usual stunning array of difficult tumbling we have come to expect from Wieber, it is the dance where we truly witness just how much fun she is having. She performed the dynamic, yet elegant routine with both dignity and the kind of sass factor that catches the eye in a way her dance never has before.

Today, Wieber’s happiness at returning to the sport she loves was palpable. The smile barely left her face as she danced her way through the perfectly suited routine. It remained after a solid day of training brilliantly on every single event. It is no wonder, when asked what apparatus she was enjoying most at the moment.

“I don’t really have a favorite, currently," she said. "At the moment I actually really like competing every event."

If Wieber can prove herself in competition as she did in training today, she may find it even more difficult to choose a favorite by the end of these championships.

Australia resident Brigid McCarthy is reporting from Melbourne.

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 25 April 2010 17:33    PDF Print
British Win Four Golds as Europeans Conclude
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Junior all-around champion Sam Oldham (Great Britain) added the high bar title Sunday at the 2010 Europeans in Birmingham.

The host nation won four more gold medals Friday as 2010 Men's European Championships concluded in Birmingham.

The British juniors followed their team and all-around victories with three more titles in Sunday morning's finals. All-around silver medalist Max Whitlock began the day with gold medals on floor exercise and pommel horse. All-around champion Sam Oldham ended the competition with the high bar title.

"I really wanted pommel - it was my main aim to win a medal because that's my best piece," Whitlock said. "I’ve been practicing on pommels for a long time and I have quite a high start score. I just hoped to go clean and then hopefully I get a good score. It was amazing to hear the national anthem."

On high bar, Oldham performed a layout Tkatchev and Tkatchev and hop-full Rybalko and dismounted with a layout double-double to win his third gold of the championships.

"It feels really good to get another gold medal," Oldham said. "I was considering whether or not to do a harder routine but the first four made a few mistakes so I decided to go with my normal routine. What we’ve achieved is incredible really, we’ve trained really hard. Its probably our best performance ever!"

Spain's Nester Abad won still rings and Romania's Andrei Muntean won parallel bars. Artur Davtyan won the first European title for Armenia with a victory on vault.

In the senior competition, reigning world and European all-around silver medalist Daniel Keatings won pommel horse, Great Britain's fourth gold medal. Clubmate Louis Smith, the 2008 Olympic pommel horse bronze medalist, broke form for second.

"I feel awesome!" Keatings said. "I qualified in second place, just behind Louis. Louis made an unfortunate error, which opened the gap for me. Yesterday I fell off the pommel in team final so I tried to redeem myself today, come in and do the best pommel routine I could do, and I did it!"

Germany's Matthias Fahrig won floor exercise, opening with a front double full to punch double front.

Finland's Tomi Tuuha won an upset victory on vault with clean execution on his Tsukahara 2 1/2 and double-twisting layout handspring front. Fahrig placed second, with a low landing on his Dragulescu.

France's Yann Cucherat defended his parallel bars title from the 2009 Europeans. The 30-year-old Cucherat postponed surgery on his right shoulder in the hopes of defending his European title, although the delay may cause him to miss October's world championships.

"I have zero regrets," Cucherat said. "My choices were good."

Cucherat's tears turned to smiles during the awards ceremony, when his ears detected the French junior team in the stand singing the words to La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.

"I was crying. But when I heard the boys singing, I could only laugh," Cucherat said. "Whether it's tears or laughter, it's the same joy behind them. That will remain a beautiful moment — it is not every day we hear 'La Marseillaise.' I loved this live version!"

On high bar, Greece's Vlasios Maras performed a Pegan to Rybalko and stuck layout double-double to win his fifth European title since 2002. He edged Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland (Kovacs to Kolman), 15.400-15.375.

The 2010 European Championships continue this week with the women taking the floor Wednesday.

External Link: Official Competition Site

2010 Men's European Championships
April 25, Birmingham, Great Britain

Senior Floor Exercise FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Matthias Fahrig6.78.95015.650
2.Eleftherios Kosmidis6.78.70015.400
3.Daniel Purvis6.48.85015.250
3.Marcel Nguyen6.58.75015.250
5.Kristian Thomas6.38.67514.975
6.Flavius Koczi6.28.75014.950
7.Rafael Martinez6.48.42514.825
8.Adrian Bucur6.08.70014.700

Senior Pommel Horse FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Daniel Keatings6.78.90015.600
2.Louis Smith6.68.77515.375
3.Saso Bertoncelj6.38.60014.900
4.Flavius Koczi6.48.47514.875
5.Vid Hidvegi6.28.65014.850
6.Koen Van Damme6.38.27514.575
7.Alberto Busnari5.78.17513.875
8.Cyril Tommasone6.17.22513.325

Senior Still Rings FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Matteo Morandi6.78.55015.250
2.Samir Ait Said6.88.30015.100
3.Jordan Jovtchev6.78.20014.900
4.Davtyan Vahagn6.78.00014.700
5.Paolo Ottavi6.38.35014.650
6.Marcel Nguyen6.38.17514.475
7.Nikki Boeschenstein5.88.57514.375
8.Fabian Hambuechen5.57.50013.000

Senior Vault FinalD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Tomi Tuuha6.69.35015.95015.975
2.Matthias Fahrig7.09.15016.15015.962
3.Flavius Koczi6.29.35015.55015.925
4.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.32515.92515.862
5.Marek Lyszczarz6.69.32515.92515.800
6.Marcel Nguyen6.69.30015.90015.750
7.Isaac Botella6.69.30015.90015.737
8.Yann Rayepin7.08.9750.315.67515.125

Senior Parallel Bars FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Yann Cucherat6.29.07515.275
2.Vasileios Tsolakidis6.38.90015.200
3.Adam Kierzkowski6.09.10015.100
3.Hamilton Sabot6.58.60015.100
5.Epke Zonderland6.18.97515.075
6.Roman Kulesza6.09.02515.025
7.Manuel Carballo5.88.87514.675
8.Daniel Purvis5.78.72514.425

Senior High Bar FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Vlasios Maras6.98.50015.400
2.Epke Zonderland7.18.27515.375
3.Philipp Boy6.98.45015.350
3.Fabian Hambüchen7.08.35015.350
5.Jeffrey Wammes6.78.32515.025
5.Yann Cucherat6.88.22515.025
7.Roman Kulesza6.47.82514.225
8.Aljaz Pegan6.67.20013.800

Junior Floor Exercise FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Max Whitlock5.28.97514.175
2.Volkaert Siemon5.38.82514.125
2.Adelin Kotrong5.48.72514.125
4.Fabian Gonzalez5.38.65013.950
5.Thomas Neuteleers5.18.67513.775
5.Ivan Rittschik5.08.8750.113.775
7.Sam Oldham5.38.8500.513.650
8.Andrei Groza5.18.6500.213.550

Junior Pommel Horse FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Max Whitlock5.88.60014.400
2.Oliver Hegi5.08.47513.475
3.Daniel Weinert4.88.40013.200
3.Artur Davtyan4.58.70013.200
5.Jimmy Verbaeys4.78.42513.125
6.Brandon Prost4.88.17512.975
7.Frank Baines4.77.45012.150
8.Christopher Jursch3.78.10011.800

Junior Still Rings FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Nestor Abad5.09.25014.250
2.Stephen Micholet5.38.85014.150
3.Reiss Beckford5.19.02514.125
4.Andrei Muntean5.28.75013.950
5.Alberto Tallon4.89.12513.925
6.Max Whitlock4.79.15013.850
7.Artur Davtyan4.79.12513.825
8.Vahan Vardanyan4.69.15013.750

Junior Vault FinalD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Artur Davtyan6.29.25015.45015.462
2.Fabian Gonzalez6.29.42515.62515.350
3.Marco Lodadio6.69.35015.95015.275
4.Michael Meier6.29.12515.32515.262
5.Nestor Abad6.29.02515.22515.187
6.Daniel Radeanu6.28.62514.82515.075
7.Pablo Braegger6.29.12515.32515.000
8.Tomas Thys6.28.8750.314.77514.800

Junior Parallel Bars FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Andrei Muntean5.28.60013.800
2.Oliver Hegi5.18.65013.750
3.Eddy Yusof4.78.77513.475
4.Frank Baines4.98.55013.450
5.Christian Keil4.68.80013.400
6.Ferhat Arican5.18.27513.375
7.Reiss Beckford4.68.55013.150
8.Jim Zona4.97.77512.675

Junior High Bar FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Sam Oldham5.18.72513.825
2.Oliver Hegi4.88.95013.750
3.Fabian Gonzalez5.68.05013.650
3.Reiss Beckford5.18.55013.650
5.Dimitris Krasias5.18.40013.500
6.Jim Zona5.07.72512.725
7.Pablo Braegger4.77.90012.600
8.Robert Tvorogal4.77.80012.500
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Germany, Oldham Win European Championships
(6 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Germany won its first European team title Saturday at the 2010 Men's European Championships in Birmingham. Gymnasts Fabian Hambüchen, Philipp Boy, Marcel Nguyen, Matthias Fahrig and Yevgeny Spiridonov pose with their gold medals.

Germany won the senior team title Saturday at the 2010 Men's European Championships at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena.

Second in Friday's qualification, Germany posted a 3-point improvement Saturday to defeat Great Britain and France to win its first European team title.

The deep German team outscored the field on floor exercise, parallel bars and high bar. Of Germany's 18 routines, only one score was below 14.225. 2009 European all-around champion Fabian Hambüchen hit five routines, but was outscored on each event by his teammates.

Matthias Fahrig took the highest score of the day on floor exercise (15.125), and the second highest on vault (16.175, outscored by Romanian Flavius Koczi's 16.450). Marcel Nguyen, the top qualifier to Saturday's vault final, earned the high German score on parallel bars (14.975). Philipp Boy earned the highest score of the day on high bar (15.375).

Fahrig's missed routine on pommel horse in the final rotation (12.650) hardly marred the German effort, and the team defeated the host nation by more than 3 points.

"It is an unbelievable success for German gymnastics," Hambüchen said. "We're just happy. We were really lucky to get medals in the team final. We do our best and today is just insane!"

Britain, third behind France and Germany in qualification, suffered missed routines from star Daniel Keatings on pommel horse (13.700) and parallel bars (13.400). Britain posted second-best team scores on floor exercise, pommel horse and high bar to finish comfortably ahead of France.

"It's a wonderful result for us," coach Paul Hall said of Britain's first senior European team medal. "Germany was fantastic. We held it together on the day, there were a few lumps and jumps but to come second in a Senior European championships is something we'd never have dreamed of two years ago I have to pay tribute to several people including Andrei Popov, our other team coach. It's a wonderful feeling, a great step forward and great preparation for 2012."

Britain's Sam Hunter was a key contributor, competing all six events for the British effort.

"It's awesome, one of the best days of my life," Hunter said. "I was told today just to enjoy it and it's quite hard to do that. I've learned how to control the nerves and it paid off in the end. We did have some mistakes today but we just had to put them behind us, we weren't the only team making mistakes. We just had to focus."

France was unable to repeat its effort from qualification, falling from 263.850 Friday to 260.100 on Saturday. The team managed the top score on pommel horse, but struggled on the other events, finishing fourth as a team on rings and vault, fifth on parallel bars and sixth on floor exercise and high bar.

Despite falling two places from qualification, the French were overjoyed with the bronze. The team was competing without 2008 Olympic medalists Benoit Caranobe and Thomas Bouhail. "It was unexpected," French coach Laurent Guelzec said. "We did not come for a team medal, although it's true that the absence of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus helped us a lot all the same. But even sixth place would have been good because we've suffered from the beginning of the season with injuries."

Three-time Olympian Yann Cucherat concurred.

"It's a superb performance for the French camp," Cucherat said. "This bronze medal brings us great satisfaction. As captain, I'm also happy because we had great difficulty in the past to succeed as a team. We always finished off the podium."

In the junior all-around final, Britain repeated its 1-2 showing from 2008 with a victory from Sam Oldham and a silver from Max Whitlock. Switzerland's Pablo Braegger finished third.

Britain also won the junior team competition, as it had in 2008.

"It's the second time we've won and I am very happy," junior team coach Sergei Sizhanov said. "I am very proud of the gymnasts and coaches. The medal is not for one person but for the whole team of coaches and gymnast."

Comparing the results from 2008, Sizhanov said, "I am twice as proud and twice as happy.”

The British team enjoyed full support from the crowd.

"All my family were here, everyone was here!" Whitlock said. "We’ve got a lot of supporters here so it was really good. It was definitely the best I've ever done! Now I've got three finals to look forward to tomorrow.”

External Link: Official Competition Site

Download detailed team results..

2010 Men's European Championships
April 24, Birmingham, Great Britain

Senior Men's Team FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBScore
2.Great Britain44.45043.82542.55046.87542.42542.900263.025

Junior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBScore
1.Sam Oldham14.45013.50013.52515.60013.67513.82584.575
2.Max Whitlock14.00014.12513.72515.27513.80013.35084.275
3.Pablo Braegger14.12512.50013.50015.62513.80013.60083.150
4.Fabian Gonzalez14.25013.37512.65015.12513.77513.67582.850
5.Michael Meier13.70012.10012.87515.70013.67513.12581.175
6.Thomas Neuteleers13.72511.47513.37515.00013.80013.62581.000
7.Nestor Abad13.97510.72514.05015.60013.40013.15080.900
7.Andrei Muntean12.57511.82514.07515.65013.65013.12580.900
9.Jim Zona13.65011.90013.30015.27513.65013.10080.875
10.Ludovico Edalli13.27512.77513.17514.72513.45013.25080.650
11.Mathieu Vanacker13.85012.25013.12515.42512.92512.85080.425
12.Christopher Jursch13.35012.77512.60014.57513.55013.55080.400
13.Vahan Vardanyan13.52512.67513.50014.07512.85012.55079.175
14.Daan Kenis13.67512.17512.87514.65012.95012.62578.950
15.Levente Vagner13.60012.00013.05014.07513.57512.52578.825
16.Daniel Weinert13.40011.80012.62514.55013.45012.90078.725
17.D. Radeanu14.32512.30012.97514.07511.92512.97578.575
18.Glenn Smink13.87512.15012.32514.72512.85012.62578.550
19.Artur Davtyan13.60012.87513.30012.10013.32512.60077.800
20.Michel Bletterman13.45011.87512.02514.02513.25013.10077.725
21.Tommaso De Vecchis13.47511.32511.90014.47513.05012.67576.900
22.G. Chatziefstathiou13.07511.75010.42513.22513.40012.50074.375
23.Stian Skjerahaug13.1509.60011.82514.20013.10012.45074.325
24.Ricardo Martins13.02510.22512.45013.97513.00011.27573.950
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UCLA Women Win Sixth NCAA Title
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The UCLA Bruins won their sixth national title Friday evening at the 2010 Women's NCAA Gymnastics Championships in Gainesville, Fla.

The UCLA Bruins won their sixth national title Friday evening at the 2010 Women's NCAA Gymnastics Championships in Gainesville, Fla.

UCLA won by nearly half a point, a wide margin in a competition where the difference between second and fifth place was a mere .25. UCLA also won in 1997, 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004.

"It's hard to believe this is real," UCLA head coach Valorie Kondos Field said. "Is it real?"

The Oklahoma Sooners, in their first appearance in the Super Six team final, claimed second place, defeating the four-time champion Alabama Crimson Tide by .025.

Led by sophomore Vanessa Zamarripa (39.625) and senior Anna Li (39.575), UCLA posted 11 scores of 9.9 or higher. The Bruins earned the highest team totals of the night on vault (49.475) and balance beam (49.375) to lead Oklahoma by .125 going into the last event.

Following a solid Oklahoma performance on beam, UCLA needed a 49.1 on floor exercise to claim victory. The team responded with a 49.550, the highest event total of the night. Zamarripa and Li notched 9.9s, Brittani McCullough earned 9.925 and Canadian Olympian Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs scored 9.95.

"It is everything that I had envisioned from preseason to now," said Li, the daughter of Chinese Olympians Li Yuejiu and Wu Jiani. "I had seen it so clearly, and now that I'm standing here, I can't believe it."

Oklahoma, which qualified third in its session Thursday, began on floor exercise with 49.425, which tied host Florida for second on the event. Sophomore Megan Ferguson and senior Jackie Flanery scored 9.9, and former world champion Hollie Vise earned 9.925.

The Sooners hit both vault (49.300 and uneven bars (49.325) to rank right behind UCLA before finishing on balance beam. After junior Natalie Ratcliff missed the team's first routine of the night, the Sooners responded with four hit routines from freshman Natasha Kelley (9.8), senior Kristin Smith (9.85), senior Vise (9.9) and Ferguson (9.9).

"I couldn't be more proud of my squad than I am right now," head coach K.J. Kindler said. "It's a testament to the vision, determination and will of this squad. They could have easily come out tight, with the nerves that come along with competing in their first Super Six, but instead decided to make history. This result is not only for the current squad, but the alumni, staff and all of our fans. It's a great time to be associated with the Oklahoma gymnastics squad."

Alabama earned the top total on uneven bars (49.425), but several missed landings on floor exercise kept the Crimson Tide from placing higher.

Stanford (197.100) finished fourth, a tenth ahead of Florida (197.00). Host Florida began on bars, earning the lowest event total of the night on the event. British Olympian Marissa King had falls on both bars and beam, and stepped out of bounds on floor exercise.

"The youth of our team really showed this weekend," Florida head coach Rhonda Faehn said. "It was a mistake here, a mistake there. Nothing seemed to bother them all season long, but all weekend I could see a different look on their faces. I kept telling them to relax and enjoy it but I could see they were uptight. They got caught up in really wanting to win instead of doing what they normally would do."

Utah, which finished in the top three the past five years, fell to sixth after seniors Daria Bijak and Jamie Deetscreek both missed layouts on beam.

"It wasn't what we hoped for," Utah coach Greg Marsden said. "But we have to be pleased with what we accomplished this year. I couldn't have been more pleased with how we came out on the bars. I think we went to beam and just rushed things. We were trying too hard, which is something we have done at times this year. The bad thing was not only that we had falls, but that they came from seniors. It was really tough in the locker room during the bye (after beam). It really took a lot for them (Bijak and Deetscreek) and the entire team to come out and finish strong."

Georgia, which had won the past five years, failed to qualify to the NCAA Championships, finishing third at its regional championships.

The competition concludes Saturday with the individual event finals.

Click here for full scores.

2010 NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships
April 23, Gainesville, Fla.

Super Six Team Finals
1. UCLA 197.725
2. Oklahoma 197.250
3. Alabama 197.225
4. Stanford 197.100
5. Florida 197.000
6. Utah 196.225

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French Lead European Championships Qualification
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France topped Germany and Great Britain in the team qualification Friday at the 2010 Men's European Championships at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena.

France's Samir Ait Said was the top qualifier on still rings Friday at the 2010 European Championships in Birmingham.

The top eight teams and top eight gymnasts on each event advance to this weekend's finals. No senior all-around competition will be held in 2010. Spain, Romania, Italy, Switzerland and Greece rounded out the qualifiers to the team finals.

Russia, the defending senior champion from the 2008 Europeans in Lausanne, was forced to withdraw from the competition because of travel problems caused by the Icelandic volcano. Neighbors Belarus (fourth in 2008) and Ukraine (sixth in 2008) also canceled plans to attend.

France's only victory was in 1998 in St. Petersburg, where the French upset the host Russians to become European champions. Germany, second in 2008, is looking for its first European team title.

France owed its .55 margin of victory to its strength on parallel bars, where the French outscored Germany by more than 3 points. Defending champion Yann Cucherat was the high scorer of the day (15.350), with teammate Hamilton Sabot qualifying second (15.150). Cyril Tommassone, who performed on all six events for France, was eighth on parallel bars but bumped from the finals because of the two-per-country rule.

France's Samir Ait Said was the top gymnast on still rings. Defending champion Yuri van Gelder (Netherlands) is unable to compete because of a one-year ban for cocaine use.

Germany outscored the field on floor exercise, vault and high bar, and qualified the top two gymnasts on each of the three events. Matthias Fahrig and Marcel Nguyen were 1-2 on floor, and then swapped rankings on vault. Reigning European all-around champion Fabian Hambüchen was the top qualifier on high bar, followed by teammate Phillip Boy.

British stars Louis Smith and Daniel Keatings finished 1-2 on pommel horse, where Britain's three-gymnast total topped the field. Second as a team on floor exercise and third on vault, the British were held back by low scores on still rings (10th) and high bar (ninth).

The competition continues Saturday with the junior all-around and senior team finals.

External Link: Official Competition Site

Download detailed team results..

2010 Men's European Championships
April 23, Birmingham, Great Britain

Senior Men's QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBScore
Q3.Great Britain44.82544.92541.47546.30043.62540.875262.025
15.Czech Republic39.45038.82537.67543.25038.60036.800234.600

Senior Floor Exercise Finalists
1.Matthias Fahrig15.825
2.Marcel Nguyen15.225
3.Daniel Purvis15.200
4.Eleftherios Kosmidis15.150
5.Kristian Thomas15.025
6.Rafael Martinez14.825
7.Flavius Koczi14.775
8.Adrian Bucur14.675
R1.Jeffrey Wammes14.675
R2.Dimitrios Markousis14.675
R3.Isaac Botella14.675

Senior Pommel Horse Finalists
1.Louis Smith15.725
2.Daniel Keatings15.375
3.Saso Bertoncelj15.225
4.Flavius Koczi15.175
5.Cyril Tommasone15.150
6.Alberto Busnari14.700
7.Koen Van Damme14.650
8.Vid Hidvegi14.625
R1.Yann Rayepin14.550
R2.Ovidiu Buidoso14.325
R3.Krisztian Berki14.250

Senior Still Rings Finalists
1.Samir Ait Said15.350
2.Matteo Morandi15.150
3.Davtyan Vahagn15.025
4.Paolo Ottavi14.900
5.Jordan Jovtchev14.725
6.Nicolas Boeschenstein14.625
7.Marcel Nguyen14.575
8.Fabian Hambüchen14.550
R1.Attila Racz14.500
R2.Sergio Munoz14.475
R3.Flavius Koczi14.400

Senior Vault Finalists
1.Marcel Nguyen15.912
2.Matthias Fahrig15.825
3.Isaac Botella15.775
4.Marek Lyszczarz15.762
5.Flavius Koczi15.725
6.Jeffrey Wammes15.600
7.Tomi Tuuha15.575
8.Yann Rayepin15.237
R1.Jonas Toeback15.075
R2.Stefan Mortensen14.925
R3.Helge Vammen14.800

Senior Parallel Bars Finalists
1.Yann Cucherat15.325
2.Hamilton Sabot15.150
3.Adam Kierzkowski15.100
4.Epke Zonderland15.000
5.Vasileios Tsolakidis14.975
6.Roman Kulesza14.900
7.Manuel Carballo14.850
8.Daniel Purvis14.800
R1.Manuel Almeida14.775
R2.Nicolas Boeschenstein14.675
R3.Flavius Koczi14.600

Senior High Bar Finalists
1.Fabian Hambüchen15.550
2.Philipp Boy15.375
3.Vlasios Maras15.325
4.Aljaz Pegan15.125
5.Epke Zonderland14.900
6.Yann Cucherat14.575
7.Roman Kulesza14.475
8.Jeffrey Wammes14.450
R1.Umit Samiloglu14.300
R2.Marco Baldauf14.275
R3.Sergio Munoz14.250

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