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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 30 May 2009 21:08    PDF Print
Russians Shine Brightest at Moscow World Stars
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The host nation won 10 medals — five gold — Saturday in the finals at the "World Stars" Gymnastics World Cup in Moscow.

Anton Golotsutskov (Russia) won vault in Moscow.

Muscovite Yekaterina Kurbatova was the most successful gymnast of the day with two gold medals. The first-year senior won vault (Yurchenko double full, stuck layout Podkopayeva) and tied for the gold on uneven bars (Shaposhinokova, free-hip full, Tkatchev, Pak salto; Shaposhnikova half; double front-half from el-grip) with teammate Kristina Goryunova (Weiler kip, pirouette, toe-on Tkatchev; toe-on full, Tkatchev, Pak salto; full-twisting double).

Sanne Wevers (Netherlands) won balance beam, her second consecutive World Cup title after taking the beam gold two weeks ago in Glasgow. Wevers was slightly off on her trademark double turn with leg up, putting her leg down after a 1 1/2 rotations and then performing an extra half. Her routine also included a front aerial, Kochetkova; side aerial to side aerial; full turn with leg up to full turn in opposite direction; double turn; switch leap to Russian Rulfova and double full dismount.

Anna Myzdrikova, Kurbatova's clubmate at CSKA Moscow, won women's floor exercise. The 16 year old showed beautiful choreography as well as a triple full, punch back tuck; whip, Arabian double front (step out); double turn with leg up; 2 1/2 punch barani; stuck double pike. Slovenia's Adela Sajn and Brazil's Ethiene Franco, second and third respectively on balance beam, repeated their placings on floor.

The men's field in Moscow, with six 2008 Olympic medalists and four world champions, offered much more competition to the host nation.

"There was a very sharp rivalry in the men's competition," Russian head coach Andrei Rodionenko said. "We've possibly never had such serious company gather in Moscow. On each apparatus there were at least four people from the top group in the world competing. So I am very happy with our gymnasts' results."

Olympic bronze medalist Anton Golotsutskov (Russia) was the most successful male, winning the silver on floor exercise (layout double-double; 1 1/2, barani, tucked Thomas; layout Arabian 1 3/4; 2 1/2 front full; tucked full-in) and the gold on vault. He opted not to debut his handspring double front with 1 1/2 twists, instead performing a handspring double front-half (several steps back) and Tsukahara double pike.

Brazil's Diego Hypolito won floor exercise (Hypolito; layout Thomas; 1 1/2, front double full; 2 1/2 front full, whip layout Arabian 1 3/4; triple twist). Israel's Alexander Shatilov placed third with a six-pass routine (front double full, punch front 1 3/4; layout full-out; Randi; 2 1/2 front full; whip tucked Thomas; stuck triple full).

World Cup stalwarts took the remainder of the men's titles. Krisztian Berki (Hungary) won pommel horse, Yuri van Gelder (Netherlands) won still rings, Mitja Petkovsek (Slovenia) won parallel bars and Epke Zonderland (Netherlands) won high bar.

Three of the oldest competitors in the field also took home medals. Latvian Yevgeny Sapronenko, 30, was third on vault, American Raj Bhavsar, 28, was second on parallel bars and Slovenian Aljaz Pegan, who turns 35 on Tuesday, was second on high bar.

World Stars concludes the spring portion of the FIG World Cup circuit. The next event on the calendar will be the 2nd Doha World Cup, Sept. 28-30 in the Qatar capital.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

Click here to download detailed results.

2009 "World Stars" World Cup Finals
May 30, Moscow

Women's VaultDEScoreNDAvg
1.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.808.87514.67514.587
2.Yulia Berger5.508.92514.42514.412
3.Anna Kalashnyk5.808.55014.35013.925
4.Mayra Kroonen5.008.82513.82513.712
5.Tijana Tkalcec5.008.65013.65013.487
6.Ethiene Franco5.008.65013.65013.425
7.Alina Sotnikava5.008.45013.45013.362
8.Irina Deniskina4.408.47512.87512.812

Uneven BarsDENDScore
1.Kristina Goryunova5.98.42514.325
1.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.88.52514.325
3.Lucia Tacchelli5.58.55014.050
4.Sanne Wevers5.28.40013.600
5.Ethiene Franco5.38.27513.575
6.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.77.25012.950
7.Valentina Golenkova5.77.05012.750
8.Feike Wilems4.86.15010.950

Balance BeamDENDScore
1.Sanne Wevers5.68.57514.175
2.Adela Sajn5.48.65014.050
3.Ethiene Franco5.38.65013.950
4.Kristina Goryunova5.97.47513.375
5.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.57.40012.900
6.Katarzyna Jurkowska4.97.95012.850
7.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.86.92512.725
8.Mayra Kroonen5.16.97512.075

Women's Floor ExerciseDENDScore
1.Anna Myzdrikova5.98.3250.114.125
2.Adela Sajn5.38.77514.075
3.Ethiene Franco5.28.55013.750
4.Tina Erceg4.98.55013.450
5.Luisa Galiulina5.18.22513.325
6.Mayra Kroonen5.08.00013.000
7.Valentina Golenkova5.37.65012.950
8.Yulia Berger5.18.1000.312.900

Men's Floor ExerciseDENDScore
1.Diego Hypolito6.69.05015.650
2.Anton Golotsutskov6.49.15015.550
3.Alexander Shatilov6.58.75015.250
4.Filip Ude6.19.05015.150
5.Jeffrey Wammes6.28.60014.800
6.Tomislav Markovic6.38.47514.775
7.Roland Hauptli5.78.6750.114.275
8.Kristian Thomas5.58.9750.314.175

Pommel HorseDENDScore
1.Kristian Berki6.79.20015.900
2.Prashanth Sellathurai6.69.27515.875
3.Andrei Perevoznikov6.59.02515.525
4.Robert Seligman6.49.00015.400
5.Saso Bertoncezj6.48.85015.250
6.Vahang Stepanyan6.18.85014.950
7.Filip Ude5.98.67514.575
8.Louis Smith6.48.05014.450

Parallel BarsDENDScore
1.Yuri van Gelder6.88.80015.600
2.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.88.72515.525
3.Alexander Balandin6.68.57515.175
4.Raj Bhavsar6.48.60015.000
4.Timur Kurbanbayev6.88.20015.000
6.Ali Alasi6.38.30014.600
7.Prashanth Sellathurai6.67.72514.325
8.Sergio Eras6.27.45013.650

Men's VaultDEScoreNDAvg.
1.Anton Golotsutskov7.08.80015.8000.115.887
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.30015.90015.875
3.Yevgeny Sapronenko7.08.95015.9500.115.800
4.Theo Seager6.69.25015.85015.762
5.Marek Lyszczarz6.69.35015.95015.700
6.Yernar Yerimbetov7.08.72515.72515.500
7.Jad Mazahreh6.29.10015.30015.325
8.Diego Hypolito6.69.20015.8000.115.262

Parallel BarsDENDScore
1.Mitja Petsovsek6.29.42515.625
2.Raj Bhavsar6.28.85015.050
3.Epke Zonderland6.28.80015.000
4.Alexander Tsarevich6.18.80014.900
5.Yernar Yerimbetov6.28.52514.725
6.Manuel Carballo5.88.75014.550
7.Roman Kulesza5.78.80014.500
8.Hung Pham Phuok6.57.32513.825

High BarDENDScore
1.Epke Zonderland6.98.65015.550
2.Aljaz Pegan6.49.02515.425
3.Alexander Tsarevich6.48.77515.175
4.Nikolai Kuksenkov6.48.62515.025
5.Rafael Martinez6.28.57514.775
6.Anatoly Vasilyev6.67.55014.150
7.Jeffrey Wammes5.77.77513.475
8.Alen Dimic5.06.32511.325

D = Difficulty Score | E = Execution Score | ND = Neutral Deduction

Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 29 May 2009 23:51    PDF Print
Competition Begins at Moscow 'World Stars'
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The host nation led four events in qualification Friday at the "World Stars" World Cup in Moscow. Konstantin Pluzhnikov (Russia) was the top scorer on still rings.

The host nation led four events in qualification Friday at the "World Stars" World Cup in Moscow.

The Russian women led three of four events, ceding only balance beam to rising Dutch gymnast Sanne Wevers. Top qualifiers were Yulia Berger on vault, Yekaterina Kurbatova on uneven bars and Anna Myzdrikova on floor exercise.

Gymnasts from six different nations won qualifiying in the men's competition, which boasted six 2008 Olympic medalists and four world champions.

Top scorers were Diego Hypolito (Brazil) on men's floor exercise, Prashanth Sellathurai (Australia) on pommel horse, Konstantin Pluzhnikov (Russia) on still rings, Yernar Yerimbetov (Kazakhstan) on vault, Alexander Tsarevich (Belarus) on parallel bars and Epke Zonderland (Netherlands).

Double Olympic bronze medalist Anton Golotsutskov, Russia's top name in the competition, finished fourth on floor exercise and second on vault. He did not perform his new vault in qualification: a Rudi-in, back-out (1 1/2-twisting handspring double front). He said he submitted the vault for evaluation to the judging panel, and hopes it will be given the highest-possible difficulty rating.

"[The judges] will decide whether they agree with my evalution," he said. "But nobody has ever done a vault like this — it's the most complex."

The top eight gymnasts on each event in qualification advance to Saturday's finals. The competition features a prize purse of 50,000 Swiss francs ($47,000).

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2009 "World Stars" World Cup
May 29, Moscow

Women's Vault QualificationDEScoreNDAverage
1.Yulia Berger5.58.90014.40014.312
2.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.88.27514.07514.162
3.Mayra Kroonen5.08.97513.97513.800
4.Tiyana Tkalsech5.08.77513.77513.612
5.Anna Kalashnyk5.87.82513.6250.113.550
6.Alina Sotnikava5.08.95013.95013.512
7.Ethiene Franco5.08.62513.62513.487
8.Irina Deniskina4.68.37512.97512.900
9.Thi Ha Thanh Phan5.08.42513.42512.850
10.Olga Antipenko4.68.02512.62512.587
11.Thu Thuy Dang Thi4.47.75012.15012.300

Uneven Bars QualificationDEScore
1.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.88.50014.300
2.Ethiene Franco5.38.50013.800
3.Kristina Goryunova5.77.97513.675
4.Lucia Tacchelli5.58.15013.650
5.Sanne Wevers5.28.32513.525
6.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.47.90013.300
7.Valentina Golenkova5.37.05012.350
8.Feike Wilems5.37.00012.300
9.Luisa Galiulina5.46.65012.050
10.Alina Sotnikava4.07.95011.950
11.Irina Deniskina5.06.17511.175
12.Thi Ha Thanh Phan4.06.45010.450
13.Linda Stampfli3.95.1759.075

(Full balance beam and floor exercise results not yet available)

Balance Beam QualificationScore
1.Sanne Wevers14.300
2.Ethiene Franco14.075
3.Adela Sajn14.050

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationScore
1.Anna Myzdrikova14.400
2.Ethiene Franco13.875
3.Valentina Golenkova13.575

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Diego Hypolito6.58.95015.450
2.Alexander Shatilov6.58.80015.300
3.Filip Ude6.09.1500.115.050
4.Anton Golotsutskov6.18.95015.050
5.Jeffrey Wammes6.28.72514.925
6.Kristian Thomas5.89.05014.850
7.Roland Hauptli5.88.90014.700
8.Tomislav Markovic6.38.4500.114.650
9.Guillermo Alvarez6.18.37514.475
10.Alexander Yakubovsky6.28.3750.214.375
11.Rafael Martinez5.89.0250.514.325
12.Jad Mazahreh5.88.52514.325
13.Daniel Groves5.78.57514.275
14.Theo Seager6.08.3250.314.025
15.Arthur Zanetti5.88.00013.800
16.Hoang Cuong5.58.25013.750
17.Nikolai Kuksenkov5.78.05013.750
18.Alexander Demchikhin5.77.97513.675
19.Wajdi Bouallegue5.68.2250.613.225
20.Rok Klavora5.97.22513.125
21.Paata Nozadze5.47.70013.100
22.Marius Haaverstad5.37.30012.600
23.Ruben Lopez5.76.9250.212.425
24.Samuel Piasecky4.68.3000.512.400
25.Mohammed Abu Saleh4.27.8750.111.975
26.Nasser Al-Hamad4.56.22510.725

Pommel Horse QualificationDEScore
1.Prashanth Sellathurai6.69.17515.775
2.Louis Smith6.69.05015.650
3.Krisztian Berki6.78.95015.650
4.Saso Bertoncezj6.48.77515.175
5.Andrei Perevoznikov6.28.90015.100
6.Robert Seligman5.99.00014.900
7.Vahang Stepanyan6.08.85014.850
8.Filip Ude5.69.12514.725
9.Anton Fokin6.08.72514.725
10.Dmitri Trefilovs6.18.25014.350
11.Guillermo Alvarez5.68.67514.275
12.Zoltan Kallai6.18.17514.275
13.Alexander Tsarevich6.18.15014.250
14.Roland Hauptli5.98.15014.050
15.Harutyun Merdinyan5.98.10014.000
16.Alexander Shatilov5.78.27513.975
17.Rafael Martinez5.58.35013.850
18.Minh Sang Truong5.78.10013.800
19.Ziga Britovsek5.87.90013.700
20.Daniel Groves6.07.67513.675
21.Sergio Eras5.18.47513.575
22.Alexei Koltakov6.17.32513.425
23.Kalle Maatta5.27.87513.075
24.Henrik Pettersson5.27.75012.950
25.Yaroslav Vovk5.96.97512.875
26.Manuel Carballo4.97.80012.700
27.Samuel Piasecky5.67.02512.625
28.Maxim Petrishko5.46.60012.000
29.Matthew Curtis4.57.45011.950
30.Phuok Hung Pham4.37.30011.600
31.Ravshanbek Osimov5.45.55010.950
32.Daniel Larsen4.55.95010.450
33.Mahmood Alsadi4.36.02510.325

Still Rings QualificationDEScore
1.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.88.70015.500
2.Prashanth Sellathurai6.68.72515.325
3.Yuri van Gelder6.48.82515.225
4.Raj Bhavsar6.48.62515.025
5.Alexander Balandin6.68.35014.950
6.Timur Kurbanbayev6.58.40014.900
7.Ali Alasi6.87.85014.650
8.Sergio Eras6.58.12514.625
9.Arthur Zanetti6.67.95014.550
10.Vahang Stepanyan5.88.62514.425
11.Igor Kozlov6.28.20014.400
12.Manuel Carballo6.28.20014.400
13.Olli Torkkel6.08.27514.275
14.Alexander Vorobyov6.37.97514.275
15.Eduard Ghoulob6.57.65014.150
16.David Sender6.77.42514.125
17.Ruben Lopez5.68.32513.925
18.Anton Fokin6.17.42513.525
19.Fabian Leimlehner5.48.07513.475
20.Paata Nozadze5.18.20013.300
21.Nils Haller6.16.82512.925
22.Marius Haaverstad4.97.82512.725
23.Mahmood Alsadi5.07.32512.325

Men's Vault QualificationDEScoreNDAverage
1.Yernar Yerimbetov7.09.32516.32515.962
2.Anton Golotsutskov7.09.15016.15015.925
3.Yevgeny Sapronenko6.69.27515.87515.737
4.Marek Lyszczarz6.69.20015.80015.650
5.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.27515.87515.587
6.Diego Hypolito6.68.97515.5750.115.587
7.Jad Mazahreh6.69.07515.67515.475
8.Theo Seager6.68.97515.5750.315.412
9.David Sender6.68.92515.52515.400
10.Ali Alasi6.69.15015.7500.115.262
11.Alexander Yakubovsky7.08.47515.47515.162
12.Linh Hau Trung6.29.12515.32515.162
13.Igor Kozlov6.69.02515.62515.012
14.Arthur Zanetti5.88.90014.7000.314.787
15.Marius Haaverstad6.29.02515.2250.514.675
16.Nguyen Ha Thanh6.68.12514.72514.250

Parallel Bars QualificationDEScore
1.Alexander Tsarevich5.99.17515.075
2.Yernar Yerimbetov6.18.82514.925
3.Mitja Petsovsek6.28.65014.850
4.Phuok Hung Pham6.28.57514.775
5.Epke Zonderland6.28.55014.750
6.Roman Kulesza5.79.02514.725
7.Manuel Carballo5.88.92514.725
8.Raj Bhavsar6.08.72514.725
9.Nguyen Ha Thanh 6.18.57514.675
10.Adam Kierzkowski6.08.50014.500
11.Anton Fokin6.48.05014.450
12.Nils Haller5.48.87514.275
13.Nikola Dudek5.58.77514.275
14.Samuel Piasecky5.78.52514.225
15.Alen Dimic5.88.00013.800
16.Sergio Eras5.28.55013.750
17.Fabian Leimlehner5.58.12513.625
18.Emin Garibov5.67.97513.575
19.Ravshanbek Osimov5.37.85013.150
20.Mahmood Alsadi5.27.67512.875
21.Vahang Stepanyan5.37.55012.850
22.Ruslan Panteleymonov5.57.35012.850
23.Ildar Valeyev6.06.70012.700
24.Ruben Lopez5.67.05012.650
25.Jad Mazahreh4.97.72512.625
26.Daniel Groves5.07.07512.075
27.Kalle Maatta4.67.25011.850
28.Daniel Larsen5.05.45010.450

High Bar QualificationDEScore
1.Epke Zonderland6.98.57515.475
2.Anatoly Vasilyev6.78.62515.325
3.Aljaz Pegan6.58.57515.075
4.Alexander Tsarevich6.08.72514.725
5.Rafael Martinez6.28.22514.425
6.Nikolai Kuksenkov5.98.50014.400
7.Alen Dimic6.48.00014.400
8.Jeffrey Wammes6.28.12514.325
9.Dmitri Trefilovs5.68.40014.000
10.Daniel Groves5.78.22513.925
11.Roland Hauptli5.58.35013.850
12.Marijo Moenik6.86.92513.725
13.Emin Garibov6.07.67513.675
14.Yevgeny Sapronenko4.98.40013.300
15.Alex Shatilov5.67.62513.225
16.Samuel Piasecky5.97.22513.125
17.Roman Kulesza5.57.55013.050
18.Ruben Lopez5.37.62512.925
19.Ruslan Panteleymonov5.77.17512.875
20.Yaroslav Vovk6.06.75012.750
21.Kristian Thomas5.56.87512.375
22.Ravshanbek Osimov4.77.65012.350
23.Fabian Leimlehner4.67.67512.275
24.Sang Truong Minh4.97.20012.100
25.Kalle Maatta4.96.97511.875
26.Mahmood Alsadi3.87.95011.750
27.Mohammed Abu Saleh5.05.55010.550
28.Marius Haaverstad4.16.25010.350

Written by John Crumlish    Wednesday, 27 May 2009 06:34    PDF Print
O'Neill 'Improving Daily,' Focusing on Worlds
(22 votes, average 4.82 out of 5)

Rehabbing from an ankle injury he suffered in training at last summer's Olympic Games, world and World Cup medalist Brandon O'Neill of Canada told IG this week he plans to compete on all six events at the upcoming Canadian Championships.

Brandon O'Neill (Canada)

"I started training full-strength on my ankle in April, and even now I am still not 100 percent," said O'Neill, who won the silver medal on floor at the 2005 World Championships and the bronze medal on floor at the 2006 World Cup Final. "I am about 70 percent at this point and improving daily."

Prior to the start of competition at the Olympics in Beijing, O'Neill injured his left ankle on a full-in at the end of his final tumbling pass on floor exercise. The diagnosis was two fractures, two sprained ligaments and a bone chip. O'Neill competed in Beijing regardless, including floor exercise and vault.

The 24-year-old O'Neill said he has benefited from his time away from competition since last summer.

"Until December I was completely off my ankle, and throughout I have regularly had physio(therapy) and now have to wear a brace when training," he said. "I have had more time to spend conditioning and rehabilitating so I am able to continue in the sport."

O'Neill said he continues to focus on his "main events" (floor, vault and parallel bars), but intends to compete on all six events at the Canadian Championships that will take place May 29-June 6 in Hamilton, Ont.

On floor, O'Neill said his routine in Hamilton is likely to be basic, as it will be his first floor routine since his injury. His planned tumbling passes include 2-1/2 twist, punch front layout-full; 1-1/2 twist, punch double-twisting front; triple twist; front 1-3/4; and Arabian double front.

O'Neill said he is cautiously optimistic about his complete recovery for the World Championships that will take place Oct. 12-18 in London.

"By the time World Championships come around, I plan on competing 100 percent, but will not know the outcome until after nationals," he told IG.

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"Interview: Brandon O'Neill" (March 2008)

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Written by John Crumlish    Monday, 25 May 2009 06:10    PDF Print
Vanwalleghem, Toeback Win Belgian Nationals
(20 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Aagje Vanwalleghem and Jonas Toeback won the all-around titles at the Belgian Championships that took place this weekend in Aiseau-Presles.

Aagje Vanwalleghem (Belgium)

The 21-year-old Vanwalleghem outscored 2008 Olympian Gaelle Mys by 2.70 points for the victory. Third was Lin Versonnen, the 2008 Senior A-level champion.

Vanwalleghem's win follows her successful performance at the European Championships in Milan in April, where she placed sixth all-around and fourth on vault. Earlier in her career, she became the first female Belgian gymnast to win a World Cup medal, and she finished 23rd in the all-around final at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Vanwalleghem won the bronze medal on vault and placed sixth all-around at the 2005 Europeans.

At the 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart, which served as the qualifying competition for the 2008 Olympic Games, Vanwalleghem placed 70th all-around in preliminaries with a score of 58.10. Mys placed 68th with a score of 58.15, and thereby earned the Belgian women's individual berth to Beijing. At the end of 2008, Vanwalleghem won the bronze medal on vault at the World Cup Final in Madrid.

Vanwalleghem trained in her hometown of Wevelgem earlier this year, but returned to the Top Gymnastics training center in Ghent following her success in Milan, according to Belgian Gymnastics Federation spokesperson Inge Doens. "All the equipment and surroundings are present to perform at top level," Doens said.

Coached since May 4 by new Belgian national team coach Yves Kieffer, Vanwalleghem is handling her transition well, according to Doens.

"Aagje made it clear to the federation that it is her wish to come back," Doens said. "The members of the Council of Policy reacted favorable to this alignment. The federation will incorporate Aagje in the structure again and give her all the support that is needed. (Vanwalleghem and Kieffer) want to focus on the future, with the target to take part in the 2010 World Championships."

In the men's Belgian Championships, Toeback, who competed on only rings at last year's Belgian junior championships, outscored defending senior all-around bronze medalist Jeremy Bourgois for the title. Third was Gilles Gentges, the 2007 and 2008 junior all-around silver medalist.

Donna-Donny Truyens, who placed sixth on pommel horse at the 2009 Europeans, competed on this apparatus only and scored 15.80.

2009 Belgian Championships
May 23-24, Aiseau-Presles

Senior Women's All-Around
1. Aagje Vanwalleghem 56.65
2. Gaelle Mys 53.95
3. Lin Versonnen 47.00
4. Isabelle Zwirtz 46.20
5. Laurane Dheur 42.30
6. Jolien Eggermont 26.85 (2 events)
7. Renate Masschelin 12.70 (1 event)

Junior Women's All-Around
1. Antje van de Velde 50.75
2. Floriane Scianguetta 47.90
3. Eline Vandersteen 46.90
4. Alica Canart 46.75
5. Julie Croket 16.50 (2 events)

Senior Men's All-Around
1. Jonas Toeback 81.30
2. Jeremy Bourgois 80.55
3. Gilles Gentges 79.10
4. Nils Valkenborgh 38.50 (3 events)
5. Barend Verbeke 28.65 (2 events)
6. Donna-Donny Truyens 15.80 (1 event)
7. Medhi Diakourakis 11.90 (1 event)

Junior Men's All-Around
1. Thomas Neuteleers 80.85
2. Steven Liesenborgs 75.95
3. Daan Kenis 75.60
4. Zeger de Nyn 75.35
5. Vincent Audoore 70.35
6. Jimmy Verbaeys 65.85 (5 events)
7. Siemon Volkaert 53.55 (4 events)
8. Bram Louwije 41.05 (4 events)
9. Robin Castiaux 23.45 (2 events)

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Written by John Crumlish    Sunday, 24 May 2009 21:04    PDF Print
Seitz Shines at Pre-Olympic Youth Cup
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Germany's Elisabeth Seitz won the all-around title in the 16+ age group at the second annual Pre-Olympic Youth Cup, held Saturday in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany.

Germany's Elisabeth Seitz won the all-around title in the 16+ age group at the second annual Pre-Olympic Youth Cup, held Saturday in Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany.

Seitz, who won the 14-15 division last year, scored 54.80 points to defeat German teammate Maike Roll (52.25) and Dutch gymnast Dianne Teunisse (50.65), who finished second and third, respectively. Fourth was Germany's Tina Jentsch (50.10), who at age 20 was the oldest competitor.

Seitz placed 10th all-around at the U.S. vs. Germany dual meet that her country hosted in Muehlheim earlier this month. Seitz finished sixth on uneven bars at the 2008 Junior European Championships in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Naoual Ouazzani-Chahdi of the Netherlands improved two positions from her finish last year to win the 14-15 age group all-around title (56.30), over Switzerland's Sara Catanzaro (53.80). Tatiana Solovyova of Russia placed third (53.50).

At the FinGym International, held earlier this month in Tampere, Finland, Ouazzani-Chahdi and Catanzaro finished first and second, respectively, on both vault and floor exercise.

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2nd Pre-Olympic Youth Cup
May 23, 2009, Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany

16+ Age Group All-Around
1. Elisabeth Seitz GER 54.80
2. Maike Roll GER 52.25
3. Dianne Teunisse NED 50.65
4. Tina Jentsch GER 50.10
5. Meike Fernbach GER 49.50
6. Annabelle Hoelzer GER 48.25
7. Jessica Heinz GER 48.00
8. Myriam Boeschen GER 47.05
9. Sarah Reim GER 46.90
10. Andrea Ruehrlinger AUT 44.75
11. Jennifer Huniat GER 43.60
12. Meral Uygun NED 34.25 (3 events)

14-15 Age Group All-Around
1. Naoual Ouazzani-Chahdi NED 56.30
2. Sara Catanzaro SUI 53.80
3. Tatiana Solovyova RUS 53.50
4t. Desiree Baumert GER 53.35
4t. Alya Wilbrink NED 53.35
6. Lisa van der Burg NED 52.10
7. Ruby van Dijk GER 50.85
8. Nikki Olijve NED 50.45
9. Simone Kuhlmann GER 49.85
10. Anja Rheinbay GER 49.15
11. Tess Alberts NED 48.80
12. Katharina Fa AUT 48.55

12-13 Age Group All-Around
1. Yuna Nefedova RUS 50.45
2. Cagla Akyol GER 49.55
3. Sara Di Lascia SUI 49.00
4. Bente Berendsen NED 47.50
5. Finja Saefken GER 47.30
6. Julie-Sophie Wagner GER 46.95
7. Elin Wilde GER 46.85
8. Jennifer Kiesslich GER 46.50
9. Louisa Knapp GER 46.40
10. Anna Wienecke GER 46.25
11. Lara Wondrak GER 46.20
12. Antonia Lupa GER 46.00


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