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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by John Crumlish    Sunday, 12 April 2009 17:26    PDF Print
Johnson Ready to Rumba on Monday's 'Dancing'
(188 votes, average 4.85 out of 5)

Rehearsing the rumba for ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" Monday, Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson told IG "the pressure is definitely rising" for the eight couples who remain in the competition.

Johnson and partner Mark Ballas avoided elimination on last Tuesday's results show, based on the judges' scores and audience votes they earned for their Viennese waltz on the April 6 show. Johnson said she and Ballas are never at ease awaiting the results, regardless of the scores they receive for their actual performances.

"Every week when you stand under the red lights, your heart races and you wonder, 'Did I do enough to please the crowd?'" Johnson said. "You just hope to hear your name called. The pressure is definitely rising. It gets more intense every week, and we're just hoping to raise the bar even more."

Johnson said she and Ballas have developed a strong rapport, but their pupil-mentor partnership is unique to the gymnast-coach relationship she has with her longtime gymnastics coach, Liang Chow. Chow and his wife, Liwen Zhuang, coached Johnson to the 2007 world all-around title and 2008 Olympic balance beam gold medal.

"It's totally different," Johnson said. "Chow was my coach, and like a parent. We had that discipline and the very professional coach-athlete relationship, whereas with Mark, we're really good friends or brother and sister. We're partners, and Chow is my coach, so it's different. You can't really have that really strict professional relationship with your partner, because you have to have that chemistry there, too."

Earlier in the season, Johnson and Ballas admitted that breaking some of Johnson's gymnastics habits was a challenge. Johnson said the couple is still in the process of adjusting her gymnastics techniques to the dances they perform, even after five weeks of competition.

"When you have 16 years of gymnastics habits, it's hard to break them within a few weeks," Johnson said. "For example, the arched back that we use when we salute. And when we land (in gymnastics), we land toe to heel, whereas in dance you have to go heel-toe. It's just a few things you have to do that I never would have thought of. It's been difficult, but Mark's been reminding me every day, and we're just working on it."

Viewers will have until 30 minutes after Monday's show to phone in their votes, and until noon Eastern time on Tuesday to vote online. The phone line for Johnson and Ballas is 800-868-3409. AT&T customers can text votes for Johnson and Ballas to 3409.

External Link: Dancing with the Stars

Written by Heather Maynez    Wednesday, 08 April 2009 22:50    PDF Print
Photo Gallery: American Classic and Challenge
(27 votes, average 3.37 out of 5)

Senior Ashley Stott and junior McKenzie Wofford won the all-around titles) at the American Classic, held Saturday in San Diego, Calif.

Contributing photographer Heather Maynez was in San Diego to capture the action for IG Online.

2009 American Classic Photo Gallery
April 5, San Diego | Download results

Written by John Crumlish    Tuesday, 07 April 2009 07:52    PDF Print
Johnson Waltzes to Second-Place Tie on 'Dancing'
(88 votes, average 4.80 out of 5)

Improving from last week's performance that left them tied for fourth place, Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and partner Mark Ballas tied for the judges' second-highest total on ABC'S "Dancing with the Stars" Monday.

Actor Gilles Marini and partner Cheryl Burke, who danced the Paso Doble, earned the highest total (29) of the night. Rapper Lil' Kim and partner Derek Hough tied Johnson and Ballas for second place, each couple scoring 26 points for their Viennese waltz.

"This week my main goal was to let the judges enjoy what they saw," Johnson said. "Last week we worked really hard and (the judges' comments) disappointed me a little because I really want to make them happy. I tried really hard, so I'm excited."

Last week, Johnson and Ballas included a few gymnastics moves in their interpretation of the Lindy Hop, but received criticism from two of the judges for over-emphasizing gymnastics.

All three judges complimented Johnson and Ballas on the grace and ease of their Viennese waltz.

"You guys just proved that, sometimes, simplicity is the best route to success, because that was beautiful," judge Carrie Ann Inaba said. "I could see all your technique, and you didn't overdo everything."

Judge Len Goodman critiqued Johnson's footwork ("you have to step forward on your heels, which didn't really happen"), but noted the couple's overall flow.

"The Viennese waltz is a romantic dance, and I thought you showed that," Goodman said. "It was very lyrical."

The third judge, Bruno Tonioli, told Johnson that "at times you press your shoulders down," but concurred with Inaba and Tonioli on the couple's harmony.

"You're sweetness and light and pretty as a picture," Tonioli said.. "I totally agree with Carrie Ann that the simplicity really worked for you..”

Viewers had until 30 minutes after the show to phone in votes, but have until noon Eastern on Tuesday to vote online. One couple will be eliminated on Tuesday's results show.

UPDATE: Johnson and Ballas survived Tuesday's results show, during which comedian David Alan Grier and partner Kym Johnson were eliminated.

External Link: Dancing with the Stars

Written by Paul Ziert    Sunday, 05 April 2009 18:13    PDF Print
Ziert Alert: Europeans Blog Part Six
(16 votes, average 4.13 out of 5)

IG Publisher Paul Ziert offers his impressions of Saturday's apparatus finals at the European Gymnastics Championships in Milan, Italy.

Blog Six: Apparatus Finals

Men's Floor Exercise Final
Anton Golotsutskovlayout double double, 1 1/2 front full rudy, layout Thomas, Russians, wide hand press, 2 1/2 punch barani, tuck full in with small step forward. 6.2/9.0015.200
Eleftherios Kosmidistuck double double, 1 1/2 to tuck Thomas, double twist punch brani, 2 1/2 front full tuck, layout Thomas, tuck full in with one step. 6.5/8.8515.350
Eddie Penevlayout and tuck double double, tuck Arabian double front punch barani,, 2 1/2 front full, hs rudi, 1 1/2 punch front full twist (he freaked out a little here; his legs separated during the twist like he was trying to stop the twist. He had planned to do a double-twisting front), tucked full-in with small step forward. 5.9/8.52514.426
Alexander Shatilov2 1/2 punch double twisting front, tuck double double, 1 1/2 rudi,punch 1 3/4, whip tuck Thomas, tudk Arabian with a big step forward. 6.3/9.0515.350
Alexander Yakubovsky1 1/2 front full 1 3/4, tuck double double, layout Thomas, hs double twisting front, 2 1/2 punch barani, Russians, triple twist to near stick. 6.2/8.87515.075
Matthias Fahrighandspring double twist to double front, 1/2 in 1/2 out, 2 1/2 punch bsrani, hs, front 1 3/4 with full twist in tuck, ro tuck Arabian double almost stuck-WOW. 6.4/9.0015.400
Fabian Hambüchenlayout double-double, 2 1/2 punch Rudi, tuck Thomas along the side, 1 1/2 punch front full punch 1 3/4, flairs, wide press, full-in stuck cold. 6.3/
Enrico Pozzowhip tuck Thomas, 1 1/2 punch front full punch rudi, handspring to roll out missing the feet (Whatever they call that weird move), full in tuck, flairs,wide press, 2 1/2 twist with small hop forward. 6.1/8.925/.1 neutral deduction. He must have stepped out at the end of this first pass.14.925
Women's Vault Final
Aagje VanWalleghemYurchenko 1 1/2 with just a small jump to the side-5.3/9.2-14.4. Yurchenko 1/2 on pike front 1/2 off. 5.2/8.8/14.0014.200
Wyomi MaselaYurchenko 1 1/2 with a small jump on the landing. 5.3/8.8/14.10. Pike front 1/2. 5.00/8.8/13.800.13.950
Jana KomrskovaYurchenko 1/2 on pike front 1/2 off, a little to the side, but very high. 5.2/9.125/14.325. Yurchenko full-very high but underrotated so she took a big step forward. 5.0/8.525/.1 neutral deduction/13.42513.875
Yulia BergerTsuk 1 1/2. 5.5/8.925/14.425 handspring front 1 1/2 twist in tuck. 5.7/8.525-14.22514.325
Becky DownieYurchenko double twist-landed a little low but with good control on the landing. 5.8/8.675/14.475. Yurchenko 1/2 on pike front off. 4.8/8.825/13.62514.025
Kim Buihandspring pike front 1/2. 5.4/8.7/14.1. Yurchenko 1 1/2 layout but she had to tuck early before the landing. 5.3/8.9/14.214.150
Anna KalashnykYurchenko double twist, nice landing. 5.8/8.875/14.675. handspring pike front 1/2. 5.4/8.875/14.275 They downgraded the vault to 5.00 so her score on this second vault is 13.875.14.275
Ariella Käslinhandspring pike front 1 1/2 twist very nicely done with one step to the side behind the other foot. 6.3/8.825/15.125. Yurchenko 1 1/2 with a slight tuck in the last part of the vault. 5.3/8.925 .1 neutral deduction She is the European women's vault champion as she continues to write Swiss gymnastics history!14.625
Pommel Horse Final
Krisztian BerkiFlops-14 Russians-14. 6.7/8.915.600
Donna-Dony TruyensHe fell once. Flops-18 Russians-3. 6.7/7.8514.550
Saso BertonceljHe fell once. Flops-17 Russians-1. 6.0/7.1513.150
Daniel KeatingsFlops-10 Russians-8. 6.5/9.0015.500
Louis SmithFlops-15 Russians-6. 6.5/9.0515.550
Andrei PerevoznikovFlops-0 Russians-8. 6.6/8.615.200
Daniel PopescuHe fell early in the routine. Flops-13. Russians-3. 6.4/7.12513.525
Albert BusnariHe had a little difficulty getting to handstand and the crowd moaned making the error even more pronounced. Flops-16 Russians-4. 6.4/8.77515.175
Uneven Bars Final
Youna DufournetFour releases - interesting Gienger between the bars and she caught it this time. 6.1/8.5514.650
Valentina GolenkovaTwo releases. She missed her very impressive sequence on the low bar and most of her difficulty by not going over in el grip but kept going until the end when she put her hands down on her double layout dismount. 5.2/7.512.700
Becky DownieThree releases. Very nice routine for her. She shows excellent control in the handstand position so she can dictate her own rhythm. 6.1/8.42514.525
Ksenia AfanasyevaSix releases. She did very well, but she was on the edge all the way through the last half of that routine. Her coach who was on the podium even jumped on her last Shaposhnikova. She does seem like it's all or none for her, but her work is beautiful when she's on except for needing to straighten her back sooner on her casts. 6.1/8.5514.650
Anastasia KovalThree releases. Nice routine with a big jump back on her double front dismount. 6.0/8.3514.350
Anja BrinkerFive releases. A really nice routine with one step on her full-twisting tuck double dismount. 6.00/8.814.800
Ksenia SemyonovaThree releases. A beautiful routine with a completely stuck dismount. 6.5/9.0015.500
Beth TweddleSix releases. An incredible routine with only a little jump on the dismount. That routine can excite even those who know absolutely nothing about gymnastics. 6.7/8.87515.575
Men's Vault Final
Konstantin PluzhnikovVery nice routine with well-held strength all in the correct positions. 6.6/8.72515.325
Matteo MorandiHe had to correct his position on his first two strength moves and he overarched his swing to handstand at the end-again the audience gasps didn't help! 6.7/8.825. E score too high as you can imagine!15.525
Matteo Angiolettisolid routine with one hop on the dismount. 6.6/8.67515.275
Jordan Jovtcheva very nice normal routine finally with an uncharacteristic hop on the landing of his dismount, but he didn't put his hands down like in qualifying. 6.7/8.8515.550
Dannny Pinheiro-RodriguesThis is a very interesting routine, but I felt that he needed to hold his strength moves about a half second longer. They seemed a little rushed. 7.0/8.42515.425
Dimostheis TambakosHe really rushes his strength moves also and there appears to be constant movement during his strength "holds." At least he successfully made the full twisting double layout but with several steps on the landing which they will surely notice this time not like in the Athens Olympics-6.7/8.27514.975
Yuri van GelderVery nice routine but went safe with the double layout dismount which I think is smart here. Plus he stuck it! 6.6/9.1515.750
Alexander Vorobyovvery clean routine with only human strength compared to the top men here, but he does execute very well. 6.8/8.8. Who knew the judges would see it that way, but it was very very clean!15.600
Men's Vault Final
Marek Lyszczarzhandspring double front, very high and he landed very well with only a small step forward. 6.6/9.375. 15.975. Tsuk 2 1/2. 6.6/9.3. 15.915.937
Fabian HambüchenYurchenko 2 1/2 with two stagger steps forward. 6.6/9.3/15.80 with .1 neutral deduction. Tsuk double twist. 6.2/9.325. 15.52515.662
Daniel PopescuTsuk with triple twist, one step to the side out of the area. 7.00/9.325/16.225 with .1 neutral deduction. Handspring with 2 1/2 twist; he landed short and took a big step forward and off the mat entirely... still a very nice vault. 7.0/8.9/.3 neutral deduction15.912
Jeffrey WammesYurchenko 2 1/2 Slightly under rotated so he took a step back and out of the area. 6.6/9.325. 15.825 .1 neutral deduction. Handspring with double twist again underrotated so he stepped back but this time not out of the area. 6.6/9.275. 15.87515.850
Flavius KocziTsuk triple twist, nice. 7.00/9.3-16.3. Handspring 2 1/2 very nice-7.0/9.325-16.325.16.312
Matthias Fahriga beautiful tuck double front with 1/2 twist (Dragalescu). 7.0/9.4/16.40. Tsuk 2 1/2 very nicely done and this audience really likes him. 6.6/9.45/16.0516.225
Thomas BouhailTsuk pike double back with one step to the side, very nice. 7.0/9.9.275/16.275. A completely stuck Dragalescu. WOW! But because we are sitting looking down the runway, he did cowboy it. 7.0/9.375/16.375 16.325
Dmitry KasperovichDouble front to his butt; he had signaled 3.38 which is a Dragulescu, but his run was not strong. 6.6/8.225/14.825. He started to run and then stopped; I'm sure he's hurt. 0.007.412
Balance Beam Final
Ksenia Semyonovanice routine with two wobbles (full turn in attitude and after the sheep jump). One step back after the pike double dismount. 5.7/8.42514.125
Yasmin Zimmermannfell off on punch pike barani, missed one foot completely on punch front, then a really solid ff layout, one of the few full-twisting swingdowns, two steps into ro 2 1/2 dismount with a big step forward. 5.5/7.3512.850
Gabriela Dragoia very nice routine with a great full turn with leg up to an immediate full turn; she had a big wobble on her 1 1/2 turn with leg up and stopped between what was to be a connection. 5.9/8.7514.650
Vasiliki Milousifell on switch leap to tuck back. One step back after her pike double dismount. She looked very nervous during the first half of that routine. She worked in white shoes! 5.9/7.5513.450
Marine Petita very nice routine for her including an aerial walkover, aerial cartwheel, side somi, — all connected. Almost stuck her pike double dismount. 5.5/8.6514.150
Anamaria Tamarjana very nice routine also, but she had several balance checks. She really moves the way I like to see beam done. She gave up the connection by stopping after her aerial wo to ff layout. 6.0/8.7514.750
Yana Demyanchuk A very nice routine with just a couple of balance checks and an overturned full turn with her leg up. She stuck the landing on her pike double dismount sorta! 5.9/8.87514.775
Valeria MaksyutaThis was a pretty good routine under this kind of pressure, but not medal contending. Remember she lives in Ukraine and competes for Israel. 5.7/8.02513.725
Parallel Bars Final
Samuel PiaseckyA very nice routine with good variety of skills: peach full, two double backs, Diamidov. 6.2/8.87515.075
Cosmin PopescuHe really has beautiful foot and leg extension — I know and he's Romanian — a really great performance with one step back on his pike double dismount. 6.2/8.875. That E panel score is wrong! We need to send this panel of judges to the ballet!15.075
Niki Böschenstein This was a rough performance but he did make the routine. 6.0/8.175. Looks like the panel noticed this time.14.175
Adam KierzkowskiAnother very clean routine with good variety. He also has a very strong execution. Unfortunately, where I'm sitting I can see that his left leg is shorter than the right. 6.00/9.115.100
Keatingsa beautiful routine with one step back on his landing. 6.00/9.0015.000
HambüchenWOW!!! This kid is something. The Italians are treating him like one of theirs. A really great routine that started coming up short on his peach-half. 6.5/8.87515.375
Yann CucheratA really great routine also with a stuck dismount. What an artist he is — everything finishes just perfectly with finesse. If he is in trouble you never know it. 6.5/9.32515.825
Mitja Petkovseknice routine but one big jump forward on the dismount. 6.5/9.315.800
Women's Floor Exercise Final
Anamaria TamarjanA very nice routine; She mounted with full-in pike instead of layout double, but she stepped out after her second pass, tucked full-in. 5.5/8.675/.1 neutral deduction.14.075
Sandra IzbasaA magnificent routine in a beautiful black and pink leotard. 4.9/9.0. That D-panel score cannot be right!!! I'm guessing that they ruled her first full-in to be in tuck so they saw the routine as having two of the same skills... I just found out that they did not give Sandra credit for her triple twist dismount so they downgraded it to a 2 1/2 so because she had already done a 2 1/2 she got no credit and she therefore had no dismount. WILD!!! What a way to treat the Olympic champion when they probably had to use video replay to see it.13.900
Ana Maria Izurietanice routine with very good execution. 5.4/8.67514.075
Valentina GolenkovaAn OK routine, but she could do so much more. The music is like something you would hear in a beer hall; her gymnastics is way above that! 5.1/8.82513.925
Lia ParolariShe hit! A notch below beautiful. 4.8/8.725. Finally someone who scored under Izbasa.13.525
Beth TweddleWhat a routine from her. She really nailed it! Now let's see what this panel can find wrong with that. 6.0/9.15. Great!!!!15.150
Ksenia SemyonovaA glorious performance-very well done with a lot of feeling and super presentation. 5.4/9.22514.625
FerrariIn a lovely BLACK leotard; I think Donatella Versace sent it over. Very smart; she stuck every landing but her closing pike double back. She didn't risk anything — easy tumbling for her and only a full turn. 5.4/9.275. Just enough to beat Semyonova — how do they know that? A very talented athlete, and a very smart coach! Almost unbeatable, especially if Vanessa would get into better shape!14.675
High Bar Final
Jeffrey WammesNice routine, but that darn Takemoto to Voronin didn't go over. 6.0/8.02514.025
Yann CucheratHe hit perfectly for him. 6.7/8.5515.250
Epke ZonderlandThis routine is so long when he doesn't connect his release moves like here. He almost missed a hand on a hop full just before the dismount which he had to tuck down (Double-double layout). 7.0/7.57514.575
Martin Konecnynice routine with a half-Takemoto to immediate Tkatchev that he caught in mixed grip. Interesting routine. He's competing with a brace under his competition pants. 6.7/7.814.500
Alexander Tsarevicha great and beautifully performed routine with a stuck triple back. 6.4/8.42514.825
Nikolai Kuksenkov He also hit and stuck his full twisting double layout although his routine does not appear to have the same level of difficulty of most of the other finalists, but he was clean. 6.4/8.52514.925
Igor CassinaFell on his tucked Kolman, tried it again and fell, I guess all the intelligent coaching is in the Italian women's program. He remounted and just did his dismount. 3.6/7.27510.875
Vlasios MarasA very clean routine with a small hop on his double double layout. 6.7/8.675.15.375

Some final observations in the form of a Top 10 list!

1. The Italians ran a very good competition from my point of view. They were always very willing to help solve problems, and their Internet set up worked perfectly!

2. The qualifying rounds/days were horrible. Unbalanced rotations, huge delays by the judges and many times a level of gymnastics that is not ready for public observation.

3. The depth and quality of the European men's programs is quite good; however, I do worry about Belaus, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Spain notably, but there are others who slip my mind here. These programs seem to be slipping although Ukraine should have gotten a boost from their medal count here — silver for Alexander Vorobyov on rings and bronze for Nikolai Kuksenkov on high bar.

4. Russia appears to be back in the mix, especially for the women, and I do think Alexander Alexandrov will help a lot. Even with subpar routines in the qualifying routine, Yulia Berger, Ksenia Semyonova and Ksenia Afanasyeva really stepped it up in the finals. I welcome a resurgence in this program that has given us so many wonderful memories.

5. I can't say enough about Beth Tweddle and how she presented herself and her gymnastics here. She is competing with such confidence and fire that it's a joy to watch her.

6. Paul Hall's boys, Louis Smith and Daniel Keatings, were great here, competing so relaxed and calmly with difficulties that they can handle now. Remember, together their ages don't total the age of the oldest competitor here.

7. The women's European programs seem to be faltering. There are not enough competitors and the general quality level is lower than I remember. I think they are struggling with this older age and difficulty requirements more than the U.S. and Asia.

8. The Brits had a female judge for the men's competition, Nicky Hanley, who is a Category 2 Brevet and she scored the highest of anyone at the Great Britain judges' certification course in January in Lilleshall. She judged on the E-Panel for pommel horse for qualifying. Britain aving such high-quality male gymnasts now might cut into her judging assignments at competitions in the future. During the Beijing Olympic cycle she judged more national competitions than any one else in England. And to think her real job is a driving instructor. I wonder who they made her room with since they usually require the judges to stay in pairs?

9. Fabian Hambüchen is the man! This guy really has the complete package now — a pleasant personality, high level of difficulty in his gymnastics and a spirit to let the audience see how much he enjoys his "job." During the four days of competition for which he was made to compete at a very high level on the last three days in a row, he really won over the Italian audience. He is a big asset for Germany and a huge asset for our sport.

10. Italian coach Enrique Casella is really courageous. With Vanessa Ferrari in less than great shape and scheduled to perfom last in the floor finals, he ripped the Italian Gymnastics Federation in the national papers that came out this morning. The title of the story was, "The federation did nothing to help Vanessa when she needed it." That certainly put him out on a limb until Vanessa stepped up and won the silver medal on floor with a very spunky routine.

That's all from Milano; I'm sure I've missed a bunch of stuff, but I'll try to package my comments better for our next issue of the magazine. Tomorrow I'm off to Venice for the first time so, as you can imagine, my mind is ready to shift gears.


Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 05 April 2009 16:34    PDF Print
France, Britain Double Winners in Milan
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Britain's Beth Tweddle added a second title and the French men took two gold medals Sunday afternoon as the European Gymnastics Championships concluded in Milan.

Thomas Bouhail (France) with his gold on vault
French Olympians Thomas Bouhail (vault) and Yann Cucherat (parallel bars) took their first European titles.

Bouhail defeated Romania's Daniel Popescu and Germany's Matthias Fahrig for the vault gold medal. In the 2008 Olympic vault final, Bouhail tied Poland's Leszek Blanik for the high score, but was bumped to silver because of a tie-break rule in place.

A stuck landing helped Cucherat top three-time defending champion Mitja Petkovsek (Slovenia) on parallel bars. Men's all-around champion Fabian Hambüchen took the bronze. Cucherat, 29, is a previous world and European medalist, but finally won his first major title in Milan.

"The emotion is intense," said Cucherat, a three-time Olympian. "After the Olympic Games in Beijing, I worked a lot to be in the fight. And today I fulfilled a goal I had been pursuing for a long time."

Tweddle, who won uneven bars earlier Sunday, added a second gold with the floor exercise title. Vanessa Ferrari placed second, claiming a medal for the host nation, .050 ahead of all-around champion Ksenia Semyonova (Russia).

Defending floor exercise champion Sandra Izbasa (Romania), placed seventh after an incomplete landing on her triple twist dismount, which the judges credited as a 2 1/2 twist. Since she already had performed a 2 1/2 twist in her third pass, the final pass was given no credit.

First-year senior Yana Demyanchuk (Ukraine) took an upset gold on balance beam, defeating Romanian Olympians Anamaria Tamarjan and Gabriela Dragoi.

Greek veteran Vlasios Maras reclaimed the title on high bar that he won in 2002, 2004 and 2006.

Germany and Russia won the most medals with six each. The British team, with five medals, finished third in the medal haul.

2009 European Championships
April 5, Milan, Italy

Balance Beam FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Yana Demyanchuk5.98.87514.775
2.Anamaria Tamarjan6.08.75014.750
3.Gabriela Dragoi5.98.75014.650
4.Marine Petit5.58.65014.150
5.Ksenia Semyonova5.78.42514.125
6.Valeria Maksyuta5.78.02513.725
7.Vasiliki Millousi5.97.55013.450
8.Yasmin Zimmermann5.57.35012.850

Women's Floor Exercise FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Beth Tweddle6.09.15015.150
2.Vanessa Ferrari5.49.27514.675
3.Ksenia Semyonova5.49.22514.625
4.Anamaria Tamarjan5.58.6750.114.075
4.Ana Maria Izurieta5.48.67514.075
6.Valentina Golenkova5.18.82513.925
7.Sandra Izbasa4.99.00013.900
8.Lia Parolari4.88.72513.525

Men's Vault FinalD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Thomas Bouhail7.09.27516.27516.325
2.Flavius Koczi7.09.30016.30016.312
3.Matthias Fahrig7.09.40016.40016.225
4.Marek Lyszczarz6.69.37515.97515.937
5.Daniel Popescu7.09.3250.116.22515.912
6.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.3250.115.82515.85
7.Fabian Hambüchen6.69.3000.115.80015.662
8.Dmitry Kasperovich6.68.22514.8257.412

Parallel Bars FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Yann Cucherat6.59.32515.825
2.Mitja Petkovsek6.59.30015.800
3.Fabian Hambüchen6.58.87515.375
4.Adam Kierzkowski6.09.10015.100
5.Samuel Piasecky6.28.87515.075
5.Cosmin Popescu6.28.87515.075
7.Daniel Keatings6.09.00015.000
8.Niki Böschenstein6.08.17514.175

High Bar FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Vlasios Maras6.78.67515.375
2.Yann Cucherat6.78.55015.250
3.Nikolai Kuksenkov6.48.52514.925
4.Alexander Tsarevich6.48.42514.825
5.Epke Zonderland7.07.57514.575
6.Martin Konecny6.77.80014.500
7.Jeffrey Wammes6.08.02514.025
8.Igor Cassina3.67.27510.875

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