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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 27 August 2010 06:43    PDF Print
Jiang Yuyuan Leads Chinese Championships
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2008 Olympic gold medalist Jiang Yuyuan was the top qualifier early Friday at the Chinese Gymnastics Championships in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.

2008 Olympic gold medalist Jiang Yuyuan was the top qualifier Friday at the Chinese Championships in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.

The women's qualification was held Friday morning to acclimate the gymnasts to an early start. At the world championships in October, China will compete in the first subdivision of qualification.

Jiang scored 57.10 to top Huang Qiushuang (56.200), with spring national champion Sui Lu just behind with 56.00.

2008 Olympic all-around bronze medalist Yang Yilin was fourth with 55.650.

Jiang performed strongly, vaulting a clean double-twisting Yurchenko. On beam, she threw a piked front; ff whip; tucked front; and switch leap-Rulfova. On uneven bars, she threw a Ricna-Pak salto combination, but broke form on her 1 1/2 turn from elgrip before her Tkatchev. She debuted new floor choreography to Spanish music, accompanied by solid tumbling (1 1/2 to triple twist; tucked full-in; 2 1/2 punch layout; double pike).

Huang fell from beam after a switch-leap, back tuck. She qualified first on vault (double-twisting Yurchenko and Podkopayeva; 13.975) and uneven bars (15.400). On bars, she showed spectacular pirouettes, including her new combination of Endo-immediate 360-degree turn on one arm (see video link below).

World and Olympic champion He Kexin scored 14.650 for an abbreviated uneven bars routine without using the low bar. She also fell on floor exercise to place seventh all-around.

Sui was the high scorer on balance beam and floor exercise, scoring 14.600 on both. On beam she elected not to compete her new piked barani, instead throwing a piked front to Korbut and a tucked barani. Sui has been suffering from a cold all week, she said.

2009 National Games champion Deng Linlin, the reigning world champion on balance beam, is sitting out the competition with a pulled thigh muscle. Head coach Lu Shanzhen said it was a precaution in light of the upcoming world championships and Asian Games.

"We decided to let her scratch the competition. If she competed now, it would likely aggravate the injury," Lu said.

Led by Huang and Yang, Guangdong won the provincial team competition with 218.000. Jiang led Zhejiang to second with 215.900. Shanghai was third with 212.800.

External Link: Chinese Gymnastics Association | Videos on Youtube

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Mustafina Defends Russian Cup Title
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With the high score on every event, Muscovite Aliya Mustafina defended her all-around title at the Russian Cup on Thursday in Chelyabinsk. Pictured: Daria Yelizarova, Ksenia Afanasyeva, Mustafina, Ksenia Semyonova and Tatiana Nabiyeva line up for the judges Thursday in Chelyabinsk.

Muscovite Aliya Mustafina defended her all-around crown at the 2010 Russian Cup, held Thursday in Chelyabinsk.

Mustafina tallied 62.271 under Russia's modified scoring system which rewards bonuses for difficulty and originality. Mustafina, who turns 16 on Sept. 30, scored the top mark on every event Thursday. She earned a high of 16.934 on uneven bars, where she dismounts with a 1 1/2-twisting double back.

"Bravo Aliya, she won by a wide margin," team coach Valentina Rodionenko said. "We have tried hard, she was trying very hard, and here the results are apparent!"

2008 Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva (Tula) placed second, also repeating her showing from 2009. Tula teammate Ksenia Semyonova (58.674) took the bronze (56.868).

Two-time Olympian Anna Pavlova (Orekhovo-Zuevo) placed fifth behind 15-year-old Yulia Inshina (Voronezh). Pavlova plans to retire this year.

2008 Junior European Champion Tatiana Nabiyeva, second to Mustafina in Wednesday's qualifications, dropped to sixth after a missed beam routine (12.240).

Competition continues Friday with the men's all-around final.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2010 Russian Cup
Aug. 26, Chelyabinsk

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Aliya Mustafina Moscow 15.367 16.934 15.000 14.970 62.271
2. Ksenia Afanasyeva Khimki/Tula 15.000 14.467 14.540 14.667 58.674
3. Ksenia Semyonova Khimki/Tula 14.234 13.734 14.200 14.700 56.868
4. Yulia Inshina Voronezh 13.800 13.567 14.040 13.900 55.307
5. Anna Pavlova Orekhovo-Zuevo/Khimki 14.734 13.400 14.200 12.900 55.234
6. Tatiana Nabiyeva St. Petersburg 14.200 15.600 12.240 13.170 55.210
7. Daria Yelizarova Tula 13.300 13.367 13.940 14.240 54.847
8. Anna Dementyeva Khimki/Samara 13.567 13.300 13.670 13.900 54.437
9. Yulia Belokobylskaya Rostov-on-Don 13.467 12.667 13.270 13.270 52.674
10. Anastasia Novikova Moscow 13.467 12.567 12.770 13.340 52.144
11. Yekaterina Kurbatova Moscow 12.300 14.267 12.970 12.600 52.137
12. Irina Sazonova St. Petersburg 13.200 12.700 11.740 12.867 50.507
13. Diana Sapronova St. Petersburg 12.800 12.534 12.700 12.100 50.134
14. Yekaterina Skorodumova Khimki/Ulyanov 13.434 10.900 11.470 12.900 48.704
15. Maria Smirnova Yoshkar-Ola 13.134 10.100 11.500 12.800 47.534
16. Anna Myzdrikova Moscow 13.967 0.000 13.840 14.100 41.907
17. Maria Paseka Moscow 0.000 13.234 0.000 0.000 13.234
18. Valeria Sviridova Novosibirsk 0.000 12.367 0.000 0.000 12.367
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Teng Haibin Leads Chinese Championships
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2004 Olympic pommel horse champion Teng Haibin was the top qualifier at the Chinese Gymnastics Championships, which began Thursday in Hunan.

Veteran Teng Haibin was the top qualifier at the Chinese Gymnastics Championships, which began Thursday in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province.

The 25-year-old Teng led the all-around qualification with 90.950. He was the 2003 co-world and 2004 Olympic champion on pommel horse, but has not been on a world or Olympic team since the 2004 Olympics in Athens, where he performed disastrously in the team final.

Guo Weiyang was second with 90.700, and Olympic still rings champion Chen Yibing was third with 89.500.

Chen, who returned to all-around competition after several years of struggling with a foot injury, was the top ringsman with 16.250. He struggled on high bar, and said the foot injury is still bothering him.

Feng Zhe, who won China's spring national championships in May, did not compete in the all-around because of a sprained ankle.

Triple Olympic champion Zou Kai led the qualification on both floor exercise (15.850) and high bar (15.900/7.5 Difficulty score).

Thursday's competition also decided the team awards among provinces. Jiangsu won the gold medal with 352.700, ahead of Guangdong (351.000) and Guizhou (348.000).

The competition in Zhuzhou will help determine the makeup of China's team to October's world championships in Rotterdam and November's Asian Games in Guangzhou. Chinese coach Huang Yubin previously announced his intention to send the same top team to both competitions.

Team manager Ye Zhennan said the gymnasts in the running for the team will have to wait to learn their fate.

"It would be premature to announce the lineup," Ye said. "It will lead to a lack of enthusiasm from the athletes during training. The competition is still needed to use as a lever to improve the athlete's motivation and strength."

Competition continues Friday in Hunan with the women's qualification. Spring national champion Sui Lu is expected to challenge 2008 Olympian Jiang Yuyuan for the all-around title. World balance beam champion Deng Linlin is sitting out the competition with a pulled thigh muscle.

Women's head coach Lu Shanzhen said Sui will debut a piked barani (Memmel) on balance beam, and Huang Qiushuang will debut an Endo-immediate full Ono combination on uneven bars.

External Link: Chinese Gymnastics Association

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Savitsky, Khoang Win Belarusian Championships
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2008 Olympian Dmitry Savitsky won the all-around at the Belarusian Championships, held this week in Minsk.

2008 Olympian Dmitry Savitsky (Gomel) and first-year senior Lilia Khoang (Pinsk) won the all-around titles at the Belarusian Gymnastics Championships, which concluded Wednesday in Minsk.

Savitsky, 26, defeated Artyom Bykov, 18, by a large margin, 84.700-83.400. Defending champion Artur Kuzmin, 21, of Minsk won the all-around bronze (81.100).

In men's event finals, Savitsky won the title on still rings and Kuzmin won parallel bars. Pavel Bulavksy (Minsk) won floor exercise and Alexander Tsarevich won pommel horse and parallel bars.

Veteran Dmitry Kasperovich won vault. Kasperovich, who turns 33 in October, is the only member of Belarus's 2001 world champion squad still competing.

Sixteen-year-old Khoang, fifth in 2009, scored 52.100 to top Alina Sotnikova, 17, of Vitebsk (51.600). Another first-year senior, Olga Mokhovtsova of Mogilyov, finished third (50.200). Defending champion Natalia Ivanets (Baranovichi) did not compete.

Women's event champions were 16-year-old Yevgenia Zaitseva of Vitebsk (vault), Khoang (uneven bars) and Sotnikova (balance beam and floor exercise).

Wednesday also saw the grand opening of the first gymnastics club in Belarus specifically for preschoolers. Vladimir Karpovich, chairman of the Belarus Gymnastics Association, and 1972 Olympic gold medalist Antonina Koshel both attended the ceremony at "Mowgli" Children's Sport Club in Minsk. The federation plans to open several more "Mowgli" clubs for children 2-5 years old.

2010 Belarusian Championships
Aug. 23-25, Minsk

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Lilia KhoangPinsk4.613.0005.713.2005.212.9004.613.00052.100
2.Alina SotnikovaVitebsk4.913.9004.611.6004.512.5005.213.60051.600
3.Olga MokhovtsovaMogilyov5.013.0005.211.9004.112.6004.912.70050.200
4.Sasha StashevskayaMinsk4.413.3004.612.8003.711.6004.112.10049.800
5.Yekaterina FedutikGrodno4.412.2003.811.5004.112.6004.312.60048.900
6.Nadezhda VysotskayaGrodno5.013.9003.49.0004.612.4005.213.50048.800
7.Anastasia VelesyukMinsk4.012.4004.112.1004.111.0004.813.00048.500
8.Anastasia YekimenkoVitebsk4.413.2003.111.1004.312.0004.511.80048.100
9.Yevgenia ZaitsevaVitebsk4.813.5003.810.6005.011.6005.012.30048.000
10.Ksenia PinchukBrest4.212.4003.010.6004.611.9004.212.40047.300
11.Angelina KorshukBaranovichi4.212.5002.510.8004.312.5004.411.50047.300
12.Anastasia MiklashevichGrodno4.411.4003.49.9004.512.6004.312.00045.900
13.Nadezhda MushinskayaGrodno4.212.2003.411.0004.210.8003.611.80045.800
14.Yelena FilipchikMinsk4.211.6003.49.6004.111.9004.012.40045.500
15.Galina ZemlyukBobruisk4.212.8002.510.9004.510.9003.310.80045.400
16.Anastasia OzarzhitskayaBaranovichi4.211.8003.39.1004.712.4004.412.00045.300
17.Veronika ZhdanovichVitebsk4.212.7003.49.4003.911.3003.811.50044.900
18.Valeria SmirnayaGrodno4.412.6002.09.3003.411.4004.011.20044.500
19.Tatiana YurkovetsBobruisk4.211.6001.98.9004.312.0003.311.70044.200
20.Kristina GusakovaGomel4.212.3001.58.3003.911.8003.611.70044.100
21.Glafira KazimirskayaMinsk4.011.5002.29.4004.310.8004.311.70043.400
22.Vika MikhalchenkoGomel4.212.0002.49.7003.110.6003.011.00043.300
23.Yelena MakarevichBaranovichi4.212.2002.29.8003.29.2004.412.00043.200
24.Karolina ArutyunyanMinsk4.412.5003.49.8004.18.9004.011.50042.700
25.Maria LebedevaMogilyov4.411.2004.39.8004.09.7004.511.70042.400
26.Diana RubilovaGomel4.212.1002.19.7002.97.9003.311.30041.000
27.Natala SolenikVitebsk4.411.8002.010.0002.79.3002.59.90041.000
28.Irina SolomonovaGomel4.211.2001.49.8003.48.6003.311.30040.900
29.Anna LeonovaGrodno4.011.8001.88.4002.69.6002.910.50040.300
30.Yekaterina SyominaMogilyov3.89.8003.39.1004.69.6003.410.238.700
31.Ksenia GorbachyovaGomel3.010.9000.73.3003.911.0003.411.20036.400
32.Maria PichurinaGomel3.011.0000.83.7002.910.6002.210.60035.900
33.Alina KaminskayaMinsk2.410.8001.03.8002.78.2002.310.20033.000
34.Polina KarkanitsaMinsk0.00.0003.310.3003.210.2003.011.70032.200
35.Anastasia BurmistrovaBaranovichi3.511.4003.311.8004.28.9000.00.00032.100
36.Anastasia MarachkovskayaMinsk5.013.8000.00.0004.212.4000.00.00026.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Dmitry SavitskyGomel5.514.1005.614.2006.215.2005.414.6006.215.4005.714.20087.700
2.Artyom BykovVitebsk5.113.0005.915.0004.713.9006.214.8005.412.9005.113.80083.400
3.Artur KuzminMinsk5.113.6005.612.6005.013.8006.614.6005.313.9005.212.60081.100
4.Alexander DemchikhinGomel5.413.4005.012.6005.612.9006.214.9004.813.4005.012.80080.000
5.Alexander PristavkoVitebsk5.714.0005.010.7005.013.6006.215.2005.213.2005.012.80079.500
6.Vladislav GribMinsk4.412.9004.813.8004.412.9004.613.4005.013.5004.613.00079.500
7.Pavel BulavskyMinsk5.814.4004.411.3005.214.1007.014.6004.511.3004.412.80078.500
8.Vladimir VerbovitskyGomel5.113.1004.112.7004.412.8006.615.5004.912.4004.611.60078.100
9.Alexander DoroninMinsk5.113.3004.612.3005.013.2006.614.5004.012.0004.512.10077.400
10.Stas YezhovGomel4.613.1004.39.8004.512.9005.414.0004.412.9003.611.00073.700
11.Dmitry FedkoOrsha3.312.5003.711.2004.913.2004.213.1003.912.4002.611.00073.400
12.Alexei KushnerikBrest5.113.7003.811.6003.311.3004.612.9004.512.5003.711.40073.400
13.Vladislav KarpukMinsk4.211.9003.48.4004.012.6005.413.6004.212.5004.210.90069.900
14.Denis SanuvongGomel4.512.8003.38.7002.610.8004.613.2004.012.2002.611.20068.900
15.Vladimir RyabinkoVitebsk4.410.7004.710.7003.411.6004.612.6004.511.8003.710.90068.300
16.Dima ZayatsGomel4.113.1003.88.5002.911.2004.613.5003.49.4002.611.00066.700
17.Yuri BelyKrupki3.911.7002.83.8003.210.5004.012.2003.111.3003.210.20059.700
18.Vlad ShiryakovVitebsk3.811.3003.15.9002.09.0004.211.9004.111.8002.49.50059.400
19.Dmitry KasperovichMinsk Obl.0.00.0000.00.0005.514.0006.615.7005.713.4005.813.60056.700
20.Yuri BelousKrupki4.511.8003.14.5001.95.0004.612.9003.010.8002.99.90054.900
21.Nikita RudakMinsk Obl.3.610.8003.08.0002.79.2003.010.3003.211.5001.75.00054.800
22.Nikita KovalyovBaranovichi4.812.5003.811.6000.00.0005.414.2000.00.0002.611.00049.300
23.Alexander TsarevichMinsk0.00.0005.714.8000.00.0000.00.0006.215.7006.715.50046.000
24.Yevgeny VashkevichMinsk Obl.0.00.0003.99.9000.00.0004.613.1000.00.0002.29.40032.400
25.Igor KozlovBrest0.00.0000.00.0005.013.7000.00.0000.00.0000.00.00013.700
26.Semyon BukinMinsk0.00.0005.813.2000.00.0000.00.0000.00.0000.00.00013.200
27.Kirill GorovetsOrsha0.00.0000.00.0000.00.0000.00.0000.00.0005.513.00013.000
28.Vyacheslav MarkovichKrupki0.00.0000.00.0003.410.9000.00.0000.00.0000.00.00010.900

Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Yevgenia ZaitsevaVitebsk13.575
2.Nadezhda VysotskayaGrodno13.500
3.Alina SotnikovaVitebsk13.225
4.Anastasia YekimenkoVitebsk12.850

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Lilia KhoangPinsk12.400
2.Anastasia VelesyukMinsk11.800
3.Sasha StashevskayaMinsk11.550
4.Alina SotnikovaVitebsk11.150
5.Olga MokhovtsovaMogilyov11.000
6.Anastasia BurmistrovaBaranovichi10.800

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Alina SotnikovaVitebsk11.950
2.Olga MokhovtsovaMogilyov11.850
3.Angelina KorshukBaranovichi11.300
4.Lilia KhoangPinsk11.000
5.Anastasia MiklashevichGrodno10.850
6.Yekaterina FedutikGrodno10.650

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Alina SotnikovaVitebsk13.300
2.Olga MokhovtsovaMogilyov13.250
3.Nadezhda VysotskayaGrodno13.250
4.Anastasia VelesyukMinsk13.200
5.Lilia KhoangPinsk12.800
6.Yekaterina FedutikGrodno11.900

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Pavel BulavskyMinsk14.150
2.Dmitry SavitskyGomel13.900
3.Alexei KushnerikBrest13.250
4.Artur KuzminMinsk12.700
5.Alexander PristavkoVitebsk12.700
6.Alexander DemchikhinGomel12.650

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Alexander TsarevichMinsk15.000
2.Dmitry SavitskyGomel14.700
3.Semyon BukinMinsk14.250
4.Artyom BykovVitebsk11.200
5.Alexander DemchikhinGomel10.750
6.Vladislav GribMinsk10.150

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Dmitry SavitskyGomel15.050
2.Igor KozlovBrest14.200
3.Pavel BulavskyMinsk14.150
4.Artur KuzminMinsk13.800
5.Alexander DoroninMinsk13.600
6.Dmitry FedkoOrsha13.250

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.Dmitry KasperovichMinsk Obl.15.650
2.Pavel BulavskyMinsk15.050
3.Alexander DoroninMinsk14.725
4.Dmitry FedkoOrsha13.250

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Artur KuzminMinsk14.050
2.Dmitry SavitskyGomel13.900
3.Alexander TsarevichMinsk13.800
4.Dmitry KasperovichMinsk Obl.12.950
5.Alexander DemchikhinGomel12.600
6.Vladislav GribMinsk10.500

High Bar FinalScore
1.Alexander TsarevichMinsk15.400
2.Dmitry SavitskyGomel13.450
3.Vladislav GribMinsk12.900
4.Alexander DemchikhinGomel12.850
5.Artur KuzminMinsk12.000
6.Dmitry KasperovichMinsk Obl.8.900
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Mustafina, Belyavsky Lead Russian Cup Qualifications
(5 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

First-year seniors Aliya Mustafina and David Belyavsky led the qualifications Wednesday as the 2010 Russian Cup began in Chelyabinsk.

Aliya Mustafina (Moscow) and David Belyavsky (Yekaterinburg) led the qualifications Wednesday as the Russian Cup began in Chelyabinsk.

Mustafina, the defending Russian Cup champion, scored 59.821, with the high scores on vault (15.167) and uneven bars (15.834). Tatiana Nabiyeva, who topped Mustafina to win the 2008 Junior European Championships, qualified second (59.151). Nabiyeva is making her return to all-around competition after a long period of injuries.

2007 world uneven bars champion Ksenia Semyonova (Khimki/Tula) was third (56.967) ahead of 2006 Junior European champion Daria Yelizarova (56.040).

2008 Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva was fifth after missed routines on uneven bars (13.567) and balance beam (12.270). Afansyeva earned an outstanding 15.700 on floor exercise, where she has upgraded her tumbling passes to include a double layout and two whips to triple twist.

Two-time Olympian Anna Pavlova (Orekhovo-Zuevo/Khimki) was sixth, tying Nabiyeva for the high score on balance beam (14.500). Pavlova, who suffered a torn ACL dismounting beam at the 2008 DTB Cup, announced her plans for retirement this year.

"We decided that she wanted to participate, to see her friends," said her mother and coach, Natalia Pavlova. "In two weeks she turns only 23, but the injury has affected her. This year will be her last in elite sports. The decision to retire was accepted by the family."

Continued Natalia, "We worked together for almost 20 years and completely trust each other. To be a coach and a mother is hard. As a mom I worry about her, I feel sorry for my daughter when she falls. But as the coach I have to bring her to meet the stringent requirements. She complains to no one."

Russia's top gymnast, national champion Viktoria Komova, is enjoying a vacation following her three gold medals at the Youth Olympic Games last week in Singapore. Anastasia Grishina, a triple gold medalist at the 2010 Junior Europeans, is likewise sitting out the competition in Chelyabinsk. Both gymnasts are too young to compete in the 2010 World Championships.

"Russia has begun to recover a leading position in women's gymnastics and the Russian women will challenge for the gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games," Russian coach Valentina Rodionenko said. "We can confidently say that the crisis in women's gymnastics is over. In men's gymnastics, we still have problems, because guys mature later. It takes more time. At the next world championships our goal is gold in the women's team competition, which we have not won since 1991. Currently our main task is to save the juniors, to bring them up to 2012."

Belyavsky, 18, edged 2008 Olympian Sergei Khorokhordin (Khimki/Barnaul) by two tenths, 88.900-88.700. Nikita Ignatyev, 18, was third (87.900), followed closely by two more gymnasts from Leninsk-Kuznetsky: 18-year-old Igor Pakhomenko (87.700) and two-time Olympian Maxim Devyatovsky (87.600).

Two-time Olympic bronze medalist Anton Golutsutskov (Seversk) was the top scorer on floor exercise (15.100) and vault (16.000, tied with Belyavsky). Other top scorers were Andrei Perevoznikov (Korolyov) on pommel horse (15.100), Konstantin Pluzhnikov (Seversk) on still rings (15.400), Khorokhordin on parallel bars (15.200) and Belyavsky on high bar (15.000).

The gymnasts are competing on new equipment from French supplier Gymnova, which the Russian Gymnastics Federation will donate to the gymnastics school in Chelyabinsk following the competition.

Competition continues Thursday evening with the women's all-around final, followed by the men's all-around final Friday.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2010 Russian Cup
Aug. 25, Chelyabinsk

Women's QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Aliya MustafinaMoscow15.16715.83414.37014.45059.821
2.Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg15.03415.56714.50014.05059.151
3.Ksenia SemyonovaKhimki/Tula14.16714.60013.60014.60056.967
4.Daria YelizarovaTula13.30014.40014.04014.30056.040
5.Ksenia AfanasyevaKhimki/Tula14.37013.56712.27015.70055.907
6.Anna PavlovaOrekhovo-Zuevo/Khimki14.40012.83414.50013.45055.184
7.Anna DementyevaKhimki/Samara13.33413.36713.94013.95054.591
8.Yulia InshinaVoronezh13.16713.56713.37013.95054.054
9.Yekaterina KurbatovaMoscow14.10014.23413.50011.95053.784
10.Irina SazonovaSt. Petersburg13.36713.16713.17012.85052.554
11.Diana SapronovaSt. Petersburg13.26713.56712.90012.25051.984
12.Yulia BelokobylskayaRostov-on-Don13.63410.23414.00014.05051.918
13.Anastasia NovikovaMoscow13.43412.76712.40012.95051.551
14.Yekaterina SkorodumovaKhimki13.1679.66712.90013.05048.784
15.Maria SmirnovaYoshkar-Ola13.10012.0009.70012.60047.400
16.Anna MyzdrikovaMoscow13.7670.00013.54014.25041.557
17.Valeria SviridovaNovosibirsk0.00012.7340.0000.00012.734
18.Maria PasekaMoscow0.00011.1000.0000.00011.100

Men's QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.David BelyavskyYekaterinburg14.80014.40014.10016.00014.60015.00088.900
2.Sergei KhorokhordinKhimki/Barnaul14.30014.80014.20015.40015.20014.80088.700
3.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.20014.00014.70015.60014.80014.60087.900
4.Igor PakhomenkoLeninsk-Kuznetsky15.00014.30013.70015.60014.40014.70087.700
5.Maxim DevyatovskyLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.70013.20014.60015.80014.80014.50087.600
6.Alexander DyominChelyabinsk14.60012.80014.90014.60014.30014.70085.900
7.Andrei CherkasovLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.90012.10013.90015.80014.50014.30085.500
8.Andrei LikhovitskyRostov-on-Don14.50014.90014.20015.00014.20012.70085.500
9.Pavel RussinyakSyzram/Penza14.20012.90013.70015.30014.10014.70084.900
10.Anton LobachyovYekaterinburg14.20013.90013.90015.50012.70014.00084.200
11.Ruslan NigmadzyanovVladimir12.20013.50014.70014.80014.00012.30081.500
12.Nikita LezhankinYekaterinburg13.90010.90013.50015.20013.20013.10079.800
13.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinsk12.40013.20012.70013.80013.20012.90078.200
14.Semyon YereminChelyabinsk12.70012.80013.60014.20011.30013.40078.000
15.Kirill GusevSeversk12.00012.20012.80014.20013.00013.70077.900
16.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk13.70011.30013.40014.60013.10011.70077.800
17.Roman SuetinYekaterinburg13.00012.40012.40014.40013.60011.40077.200
18.Kirill IgnatenkovSmolensk14.70012.50011.70015.20010.40011.70076.200
19.Dmitry BarkalovVladimir0.00014.30015.1000.00014.80014.60058.800
20.Mikhail BodnarMoscow/Vladimir0.0000.00014.30015.60013.80015.00058.700
21.Matvei PetrovKhimki0.00015.20014.4000.00013.80014.00057.400
22.Emin GaribovMoscow0.00014.80014.3000.00013.50014.40057.000
23.Denis AblyazinPenzenza/Moscow14.6000.00015.20016.0000.0000.00045.800
24.Artyom MarkelovVladimir/Kazan0.0000.0000.00015.20012.70013.70041.600
25.Alexander FilippovAstrakhan0.00012.90014.0000.00012.8000.00039.700
26.Yevgeny VasilyevCheboksary12.20012.9000.0000.0000.00013.30038.400
27.Anton GolotsutskovSeversk15.1000.0000.00016.0000.0000.00031.100
28.Konstantin PluzhnikovSeversk0.0000.00015.4000.00014.5000.00029.900
29.Ashot KazaryanChelyabinsk0.00013.6000.00014.9000.0000.00028.500
30.Anatoly VasilyevCheboksary13.5000.0000.0000.0000.00013.30026.800
31.Andrei PerevoznikovKorolyov0.00015.1000.0000.0000.0000.00015.100
32.Alexei MatveyevVladimir0.00013.4000.0000.0000.0000.00013.400
33.Dmitry GogotovMoscow0.00013.1000.0000.0000.0000.00013.100

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