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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 05 July 2009 08:08    PDF Print
Downie Dominates British Championships
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Olympian Becky Downie won three of four finals Sunday as the British Women's Gymnastics Championships concluded in Guildford.

Olympian Becky Downie (Notts) won three of four finals Sunday as the British Women's Gymnastics Championships concluded in Guildford.

Downie, who won her second senior all-around title Saturday, added gold medals on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise Sunday.

The 17-year-old Downie earned her highest mark of the day, 14.900, on balance beam.

"I'm most pleased with my beam performance because that has been wobbly so far this year," she said. "I've worked really hard, so it's great to see that work pay off with good scores. I felt the most pressure in the all-around having to defend my title, but that's always the way it is when you're at the top and it's all part of the learning process. The results this weekend have definitely lifted my confidence and given me a great boost ahead of the world championships."

All-around bronze medalist Marissa King (Huntington) won the senior vault title ahead of Downie.

Heathrow's Rebecca Wing, the all-around silver medalist, won silver medals on uneven bars and floor exercise, and the bronze medal on balance beam.

Heathrow teammate Nicole Hibbert and Danusia Francis shared the junior titles Sunday. Two-time all-around champion Hibbert won vault and tied Francis for the gold on balance beam. Francis, who tied for second all-around Saturday, also picked up titles on uneven bars and floor exercise.

Go online to British Gymnastics's official Web site for videos from Guildford.

External Link: British Gymnastics

2009 British Women's Championships
July 5, Guildford

Senior Vault Final
1.Marissa KingHuntingdon13.925
2.Becky DownieNotts13.250
3.Rebecca PurcellKettering13.025
4.Seriena JohnroseGarstang12.850
5.Lara WilsonCity of Newcastle12.475
6.Kati SimpsonHuntingdon12.450

Senior Uneven Bars Final
1.Becky DownieNotts13.850
2.Rebecca WingHeathrow13.800
3.Marissa KingHuntingdon13.400
4.Kerri UptonDynamo12.550
5.Claire StockHuntingdon11.950
6.Sophie BrundishEuropa11.850
7.Jordan LiptonNotts11.400
8.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle10.750

Senior Balance Beam Final
1.Becky DownieNotts14.900
2.Hannah WhelanLiverpool14.300
3.Rebecca WingHeathrow14.000
4.Marissa KingHuntingdon12.700
5.Claire StockHuntingdon12.500
6.Jordan LiptonNotts12.450
7.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle11.250
8.Kerri UptonDynamo9.700

Senior Floor Exercise Final
1.Becky DownieNotts13.750
2.Rebecca WingHeathrow13.700
3.Marissa KingHuntingdon13.450
4.Hannah WhelanLiverpool13.350
5.Lara WilsonCity of Newcastle13.000
6.Jordan LiptonNotts12.850
7.Megan ThomsonTolworth12.550
8.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle12.250

Junior Vault Final
1.Nicole HibbertHeathrow14.050
2.Jocelyn HuntHorsham13.875
3.Jessica HoggCardiff Central13.725
4.Ruby StrawNotts13.675
5.Amy MiddletonHorsham13.625
6.Francesca VincentHorsham13.575
7.Nadia HansellWoking13.250
8.Claire MaurerWoking13.100

Junior Uneven Bars Final
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow13.650
2.Jenny PinchesLiverpool13.600
3.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.100
4.Ruby StrawNotts12.700
5.Amy MiddletonHorsham12.350
6.Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central12.200
7.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow12.050
8.Francesca VincentHorsham10.350

Junior Balance Beam Final
1.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.600
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow13.600
3.Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central13.250
4.Jenny PinchesLiverpool12.650
4.Jocelyn HuntHorsham12.650
6.Laura EdwardsDynamo12.100
7.Jordan ArchibaldDundee11.400
8.Francesca VincentHorsham11.050

Junior Floor Exercise Final
1.Danusia FrancisHeathrow13.700
1.Jenny PinchesLiverpool13.700
3.Nicole HibbertHeathrow13.650
4.Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central13.500
5.Ruby StrawNotts13.450
6.Sydney Elliot-MoneyWoking13.350
7.Jocelyn HuntHorsham13.150
8.Francesca VincentHorsham12.900

Espoirs Vault Final
1.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool13.450
2.Katie CarterWoking13.275
3.Alex CooperLiverpool13.250
4.Ruby HarroldThe Academy13.150
5.Jasimine Reed-YangThe Academy13.075
6.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central13.050
7.Lauren SmithWoking12.875
8.Lora LongDynamo12.625

Espoirs Uneven Bars Final
1.Amy SharpBristol Hawks12.900
2.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central12.600
3.Alex CooperLiverpool12.350
4.Raer TheakerCardiff Central12.300
5.Ruby HarroldThe Academy12.200
6.Poppy WynnThe Academy10.800
7.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central10.750
8.Billie MackenzieNotts10.600

Espoirs Balance Beam Final
1.Sophie JamesonThe Academy13.600
2.Abbie CaigLiverpool13.450
3.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central13.050
4.Amy SharpBristol Hawks12.950
5.Billie MackenzieNotts12.750
6.Loriah JamesHeathrow12.450
7.Alex CooperLiverpool12.000
8.JoJo PerrymanHeathrow11.850

Espoirs Floor Exercise Final
1.Alex CooperLiverpool13.300
2.Loriah JamesHeathrow13.150
3.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool13.100
4.Shannon LeeBristol Hawks13.050
4.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central13.050
6.Sophie JamesonThe Academy13.000
7.Raer TheakerCardiff Central12.950
7.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central12.950
9.Lauren SmithWoking10.750

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 04 July 2009 18:59    PDF Print
Jiang, Hoshi Win University Games
(9 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Jiang Yuyuan (China) and Yosuke Hoshi (Japan) led an Asian sweep of the all-around medals Saturday at the University Games in Belgrade, Serbia.

Jiang Yuyuan (China) and Yosuke Hoshi (Japan) led an Asian sweep of the all-around medals Saturday at the University Games in Belgrade, Serbia.

Jiang won the women's all-around gold medal over teammate He Ning, 57.050-56.600. North Korea's Kim Un Hyang won the bronze with 55.800.

Jiang, a member of China's gold medal-winning team at the 2008 Olympic Games, led the Chinese women to gold Thursday in Belgrade.

In the men's all-around final, Hoshi edged China's Weng Heng for the gold medal, 87.250-87.000. Korean Kim Soo Myun placed third (86.950).

The Japanese men won the team title Friday over Russia and China.

Artistic gymnastics competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals. Jiang qualified to the finals for uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, and Hoshi qualified to the parallel bars final.

Top names returning to action in the finals include Cheng Fei (China), Beth Tweddle (Great Britain), Krisztian Berki (Hungary) and Ri Se Guang (North Korea).

Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more scores and reports from Belgrade.

External Link: Official University Games Web Site

25th University Games
July 4, Belgrade, Serbia

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTOTAL
1.Jiang Yuyuan14.25014.20014.60014.00057.050
2.He Ning13.50015.00014.35013.75056.600
3.Kim Un Hyang13.60013.70014.80013.70055.800
4.Hong Un Jong14.15014.25014.05012.55055.000
5.Rie Tanaka13.80013.70013.60013.45054.550
6.Svetlana Klyukina13.40013.75013.40013.25053.800
7.Marta Pihan-Kulesza13.45012.75013.55013.70053.450
8.Marina Sergienko13.95013.10012.30013.70053.050
9.Sakiko Okabe13.85012.25012.40013.00051.500
10.Jana Sikulova13.20014.00012.55011.70051.450
11.Angelina Kysla12.35013.20011.65013.25050.450
12.Maria Chibiskova13.35012.15011.90013.00050.400
13.Laura Gombas13.55010.70012.50013.15049.900
14.Joanna Litewka13.50012.30011.70011.80049.300
15.Barbara Gasser13.25011.95012.15011.70049.050
16.Nina Dearman13.50011.05012.30011.80048.650
17.Daniele Hypolito12.50011.50010.00013.10047.100
18.Tamara Glazar12.75010.35011.75011.85046.700
19.Athena Stavrinaki Panayi12.30010.35010.95012.45046.050
20.Marilena Georgiou13.15012.0008.40011.85045.400
21.Tali Liak13.3009.70010.50011.70045.200
22.Viktoria Gyurusiova13.15010.05010.45011.50045.150
23.Carmen Astrid Horvat11.60011.00010.85011.45044.900
24.Hiu Ying Angel Wong13.3005.50013.00010.05041.850

1.Yosuke Hoshi14.75012.90014.15015.05015.45014.95087.250
2.Wang Heng14.35014.85014.15016.00013.80014.05087.200
3.Kim Soo Myun15.10014.00013.50015.20014.25014.90086.950
4.Manuel Campos14.60013.90014.00014.95014.95014.05086.450
5.Marcell Hetrovics14.05013.50014.55015.85014.20014.25086.400
6.Nikolai Kuksenkov14.85012.65014.15015.30014.10014.80085.850
7.Vladimir Olennikov14.75014.25014.40015.80014.20012.15085.550
8.Kyoichi Watanabe14.55012.40014.50014.95013.95015.05085.400
9.Emin Garibov14.40013.05013.45015.05014.50014.70085.150
10.Liu Zhan Teng 13.70013.40015.00014.65015.10013.20085.050
11.Vid Hidvegi13.70014.60013.75014.50014.40013.65084.600
12.Daniel Corral14.75012.20013.35015.35014.25014.15084.050
13.Cyril Tommasonne13.70014.70012.75014.55014.50013.50083.700
14.Samuel Piasecky13.85012.45013.25014.40014.80014.60083.350
15.Steven Jehu13.90012.95013.05015.25013.55013.80082.500
16.Roland Hauptli14.45013.30013.05014.35013.30013.60082.050
17.Robert Payne13.65013.50012.80014.95013.15013.45081.500
18.Roman Kulesza13.70011.70013.55014.15014.50013.25080.850
19.Luis Alberto Sosa13.95013.40012.55015.20013.60011.90080.600
20.Sergio Eras13.80011.75014.50014.05013.60012.65080.350
21.Mosiah Rodrigues14.00011.20012.10014.80013.20013.75079.050
22.Milos Paunovic13.70011.95012.85014.10012.60013.30078.500
23.Adrian Bucur14.5509.10011.65015.05013.40014.00077.750
24.Stavros Kekelos11.40010.45013.10014.95012.75013.50076.150

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 04 July 2009 00:52    PDF Print
Downie, Hibbert Defend British Titles
(4 votes, average 4.75 out of 5)

Olympian Becky Downie successfully defended her all-around title at the British Women's Championships, held Saturday in Guildford.

Olympian Becky Downie (Notts) successfully defended her all-around title at the British Women's Gymnastics Championships, held Saturday in Guildford.

Downie scored 56.100 to win the title ahead of Heathrow's Rebecca Wing (55.250) and Huntingdon's Marissa King (53.100).

Wearing a black-and-yellow leotard with her name embroidered on the sleeve, Downie vaulted a Yurchenko 1 1/2 for her highest score of the day (14.500).

Seven-time British senior champion Beth Tweddle of Liverpool missed the competition in favor of the University Games in Belgrade.

Heathrow’s Nicole Hibbert defended her junior title over co-silver medalist Lizzie Beddoe (Cardiff Central) and Danusia Francis (Heathrow).

"I'm just really happy. I was very nervous to begin with, but once I made it on to the floor that gradually went away, and I was delighted to win," Hibbert said.

Competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals. Go online to British Gymnastics's official Web site for videos from Guildford.

External Link: British Gymnastics

2009 British Women's Championships
July 4, Guildford

Senior All-Around Final
1.Becky DownieNotts56.100
2.Rebecca WingHeathrow55.250
3.Marissa KingHuntingdon53.100
4.Jordan LiptonNotts52.400
5.Hannah WhelanLiverpool52.150
6.Grace ImesonCity of Newcastle50.900
7.Claire StockHuntingdon49.800
8.Rebecca PurcellKettering49.750
9.Kerri UptonDynamo49.150
10.Seriena JohnroseGarstang48.200
11.Sophie BrundishEuropa48.000
12.Stacey GoddenBristol Hawks47.600
13.Lara WilsonCity of Newcastle46.050
14.Megan ThomsonTolworth45.300
15.Emma WhiteHuntingdon40.300
16.Kati SimpsonHuntingdon40.150
17.Charlotte WoolfendenBlackfen GC39.750
18.Emily GoringPark Wrekin9.100

Junior All-Around Final
1.Nicole HibbertHeathrow55.050
2.Lizzie BeddoeCardiff Central53.650
2.Danusia FrancisHeathrow53.650
4.Jocelyn HuntHorsham52.200
5.Laura EdwardsDynamo51.450
6.Ruby StrawNotts51.300
7.Francesca VincentHorsham50.450
8.Jessica HoggCardiff Central49.600
9.Amy MiddletonHorsham49.400
10.Keshia WoodHeathrow48.650
11.Claire MaurerWoking48.400
12.Jordan ArchibaldDundee48.000
12.Sophie FitzgeraldCarousel48.000
14.Savannah LawrenceHeathrow47.950
14.Charlotte LindsleyHeathrow47.950
14.Danielle WickhamPort Regis47.950
14.Harriet Lymer-SmithHeathrow47.950
18.Kelly SimmDynamo47.250
19.Erin LongWigan47.100
20.Caroline JonesTolworth46.950
21.Sydney Elliot-MoneyWoking46.800
22.Kirsty CampbellDundee46.100
23.Nadia HansellWoking45.800
24.Charlotte DraycottNotts45.600
25.Megan EverettWoking45.450
26.Holly RamageLasswade45.400
27.Charlotte McKennaHuntingdon44.550
28.Paige KingGarstang44.250
29.Hannah KilcullenDundee44.050
29.Charlotte MalePort Regis44.050
31.Gabrielle LittleExeter 40.200
32.Jenny PinchesLiverpool39.900

Espoir All-Around Final
1.Alex CooperLiverpool65.600
2.Venus RomaeoCardiff Central63.750
3.Amy SharpBristol Hawks63.400
4.Sophie JamesonThe Academy62.700
5.Abbie CaigLiverpool62.250
6.Angel RomaeoCardiff Central62.150
7.Billie MackenzieNotts62.000
8.Shannon LeeBristol Hawks61.700
9.Loriah JamesHeathrow61.150
10.JoJo PerrymanHeathrow61.000
11.Poppy WynnThe Academy60.650
12.Jasimine Reed-YangThe Academy59.800
13.Ruby HarroldThe Academy59.550
14.Raer TheakerCardiff Central59.400
15.Charlie FellowsSandbach59.250
16.Nicole PavierNotts59.050
17.Lora LongDynamo59.000
18.Lucy BrettThe Academy58.100
19.Megan ConveryCity of Newcastle57.950
20.Georgina HockenhullPark Wrekin57.400
21.Lillie ButteryNotts57.350
22.Lauren SmithWoking57.150
23.Niamh RyanSapphire56.950
24.Kirsty BaldwinNotts56.750
25.Lucy GriffinEast London55.600
26.Katie CarterWoking55.450
27.Chenay ElsonNotts55.350
28.Bethan EvansWoking55.150
29.Charlotte RumseyPark Wrekin54.100
30.Mollie PaytonChalfont53.600
30.Megan BonnerNotts53.600
32.Carly SmithCity of Glasgow53.400
33.Shannon BettsOLGA53.150
34.Georgia FinchGarstang52.700
35.Gabrielle JuppHendon52.450
36.Cara KennedyCity of Glasgow52.200
37.Alice FosterPipers Vale51.750
38.Caitlin KickhamUckfield50.650
39.Stevie HarrowBury Spectrum49.850
40.Amber TryRushmore45.900
41.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool38.000

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French Finish on Top as Mediterranean Games End
(6 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Italy earned two more gold medals Friday as the Mediterranean Games concluded in Pescara, but finished second to France in the final medal tally.

Elisabetta Preziosa (Italy) won the gold on women's floor exercise and the bronze on balance beam in Pescara.

First-year senior Elisabetta Preziosa won the women's floor exercise title, and Enrico Pozzo won high bar to give the host nation its third and fourth gold medals.

Vasiliki Millousi won balance beam, Greece's second gold following Thursday's floor exercise victory by Eleftherios Kosmidis.

Women's all-around champion Youna Dufournet (France), who had a chance tie or surpass Vanessa Ferrari's haul of five golds at the 2005 Mediterranean Games, came up short. She placed second to Millousi on balance beam and fifth on floor exercise. Dufournet has swept the competition until Friday, leading France to the team title and winning gold medals in the all-around, vault and uneven bars.

Dufournet, who turns 16 in October, said she was most pleased with the team title.

"I am very happy for me and the French team," she said. "With our team medal, it makes for a good Games. It's very encouraging for the future as we prepare for our next major competition."

2008 Olympic silver medalist Thomas Bouhail won men's vault, the seventh gold for France. Manuel Carballo won parallel bars for Spain's only gold in Pescara.

France finished atop the medal standings in artistic gymnastics with 17 medals, including seven gold. Italy won 12 medals in Pescara, including four gold. Spain, with five medals, finished third.

The 2013 Mediterranean Games will take place in Volos, Greece.

External Link: 2009 Mediterranean Games

16th Mediterranean Games
July 3, Pescara, Italy

Balance Beam Final
1.Vasiliki Millousi14.725
2.Youna Dufournet14.625
3.Elisabetta Preziosa14.450
4.Paola Galante13.975
5.Sasa Golob13.450
6.Ivana Kamnikar13.350
7.Andriana Syrigou12.950
8.Marine Petit12.000

Women's Floor Exercise Final
1.Elisabetta Preziosa14.175
2.Rose-Eliandre Bellemare13.875
3.Emily Armi13.825
4.Evgenia Zafeiraki13.775
5.Youna Dufournet13.725
6.Vasiliki Millousi13.600
7.Sherine El Zeiny13.250
8.Adela Sajn13.175

Men's Vault Final
1.Thomas Bouhail16.462
2.Andrea Cingolani15.775
3.Wajdi Bouallegue15.462
4.Rok Klavora15.450
5.Michail Doulkeridis15.300
6.Abdelrahman Sobhy15.287
7.Fabian Gonzalez14.862
8.Mohmed Elsaharty7.150

Parallel Bars Final
1.Manuel Carballo14.875
2.Danny Pinheiro14.725
3.Rafael Martinez14.675
4.Matteo Morandi14.625
5.Dimitris Krasias14.125
6.Hamilton Sabot13.800
7.Christos Lympanovnos13.575
8.Alberto Busnari13.550

High Bar Final
1.Enrico Pozzo15.400
2.Aljaz Pegan15.000
3.Hamilton Sabot14.875
4.Paolo Ottavi14.450
5.Fabian Gonzalez14.400
6.Umit Samiloglu14.000
7.Rafael Martinez13.750
8.Marko Brez12.600

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Japan Schools Field at University Games
(6 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Yosuke Hoshi helped lead Japan to the team title Friday at the University Games in Belgrade, where Japanese gymnasts qualified first to five of seven finals.

The Japanese men's gymnastics team defeated Russia and China Friday at the 25th University Games in Belgrade.

Yosuke Hoshi and Kyoichi Watanabe led Japan an easy victory over Russia, 269.700-263.400. Japan's team included Takuya Nakase and Makoto Okiguchi, members of the silver medal-winning Japanese team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

The Chinese team, without any members of its world and Olympic champion squads, finished third with 260.250.

Hoshi and Watanabe were the top qualifiers to the all-around final with 89.00 each. (Nakase earned the third-highest score, 87.800, but did not qualify to the all-around final because only two gymnasts from each nation may advance to a final.)

Japanese gymnasts qualified first to four of the six apparatus finals, with high scores from Okiguchi (floor exercise and vault), Hoshi (parallel bars), and Watanabe (high bar).

Other top qualifiers were Hungary's Krisztian Berki on pommel horse and China's Yan Mingyong on still rings.

Competition continues Saturday with the all-around finals. 2008 Olympic gold medalist Jiang Yuyuan, who led China to the women's team title Thursday, was the top qualifier. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more scores and reports from Belgrade.

External Link: Official University Games Web Site

25th University Games
July 4, Belgrade, Serbia

1. Japan269.700
Yosuke Hoshi14.50014.60014.05015.45015.65014.75089.000
Kyoichi Watanabe14.45014.25014.55015.15015.35015.25089.000
Takuya Niijima13.70015.20014.55043.450
Takuya Nakase13.80014.20014.75014.40015.45015.20087.800
Makoto Okiguchi15.25014.50016.40046.150
2. Russia263.400
Emin Garibov14.15014.20013.30015.30014.50014.40085.850
Alexander Balandin15.30014.75030.050
Dmitry Barkalov14.65014.65015.50013.95058.750
Vladimir Olennikov14.65015.05014.30015.35014.65013.80087.800
Alexander Dyomin14.15013.85013.70015.40014.95013.75085.800
3. China260.250
Wang Heng13.65015.25013.70015.85014.90013.95087.300
Liu Zhan Teng12.75012.75015.00015.10014.30013.60083.500
Huang Yuguo13.00014.75015.30043.050
Fu Min12.30014.05014.65014.75014.20069.950
Yan Mingyong14.30015.40014.4502.65046.800
4. France260.050
Yann Rayepin13.90014.45015.70015.10013.45072.600
Samir Ait Said13.80014.70015.65044.150
Quentin Signori13.80012.05013.95014.20011.65013.80079.450
Cyril Tommasonne14.30014.95012.30015.15015.30014.15086.150
Damien Millot14.25013.70013.75012.85054.550
5. Korea259.550
Kim Sang Woo13.65013.50015.35014.35013.80070.650
Kim Soo Myun14.85013.15013.35014.45014.40014.50084.700
Kim Ji Hoon15.20015.20014.70045.100
Lee Sang Wook14.25012.25013.30013.35012.75065.900
Ha Chang Ju14.40015.05012.70015.40014.80072.350
6. Romania259.250
Cristian Bataga14.85013.90015.50013.45057.700
Ovidiu Flavius Buidoso13.00013.00014.70013.55054.250
Marius Berbecar13.90013.45015.75015.45058.550
Adrian Bucur14.25012.70013.45015.30013.90013.85083.450
Flavius Kosczi13.45015.20011.50016.15015.00013.85085.150
7. Hungary258.350
Attila Racz13.00012.75014.15015.10014.40013.75083.150
Krisztian Berki16.20016.200
Vid Hidvegi13.40014.50013.75014.35014.85013.35084.200
Marcell Hetrovics13.70014.30013.65015.90014.70013.30085.550
Laszlo Karoly Czingli13.60013.60015.20013.60013.85069.850
8. Ukraine254.800
Nikolai Kuksenkov14.65012.30013.85014.90014.55014.75085.000
Vitaly Nakonechny13.50014.95013.65014.80056.900
Maxim Ovchynnikov14.30013.25015.25014.05013.60070.450
Dmytro Gyrenko13.30013.90013.70040.900
Anton Novosolov12.75013.85012.95013.35013.10013.50079.500
9. Brazil254.050
Sergio Eras13.50013.65014.75013.95014.05013.55083.450
Mosiah Rodrigues13.75014.55012.95015.05013.85014.50084.650
Arthur Zanetti14.3500.00014.75015.25012.45012.55069.350
Francisco Barreto13.55013.30013.75014.70013.90012.80082.000
10. Switzerland253.600
Roland Hauptli14.30014.10013.65014.20013.05013.90083.200
Louis Thomann13.60012.60012.65015.40014.30011.85080.400
Claude-Alain Porchet14.55013.95015.70013.95013.45071.600
Oliver Nutzi13.30014.25027.550
Jean-Philippe Hayoz12.75013.60012.60015.15013.80067.900
11. Portugal250.650
Manuel Campos14.30014.15013.85015.00014.75013.95086.000
Luis Araujo13.80013.05012.60015.40013.85012.15080.850
Tiago Camacho13.95012.75026.700
Simao Almeida14.05013.55014.90013.80012.65068.950
Bernardo Graca12.75012.20013.55012.65014.10065.250
12. Poland249.050
Marek Lyszczarz12.90013.50015.85042.250
Roman Kulesza14.20013.50013.10015.00014.80015.20085.800
Mariusz Kazmierczak13.25011.70012.30013.75013.35013.65078.000
Adam Kierzkowski13.50013.90012.65040.050
Maciej Labutin13.30013.35011.30013.65011.80013.55076.950
13. Great Britain245.600
Steven Jehu13.55013.45013.45015.35013.35013.50082.650
Tim Sanders12.20013.20015.80041.200
Thomas Rawlinson13.05013.00013.10012.25051.400
Robert Payne13.85012.60013.70014.70014.20013.20082.250
Ahmahd Thomas13.25012.65014.25012.25011.90064.300
14. Belgium244.750
Jeremy Bourgeois13.15013.65012.65014.00013.65012.85079.950
Barend Verbeke13.75015.00028.750
Donna-Donny Truyens15.40012.85012.85041.100
Gilles Gentges13.30012.95013.15014.10012.40013.05078.950
Jonas Toeback12.25011.85013.20015.30013.9009.70076.200
15. Kazakhstan240.700
Stepan Gorbachev14.65012.85012.25015.30013.95014.35083.350
Sadd Batsiyev13.30013.60012.25039.150
Stanislav Valiyev13.9000.00013.30014.60041.800
Maxim Petrishko13.50014.1509.25013.65014.25011.60076.400
16. Greece240.100
Charalampos Kalidis12.05013.95012.55014.05013.05014.15079.800
Stavros Kekelos13.80013.00013.15015.20013.35013.00081.500
Xenofon Kosmidis13.15011.40012.90013.45014.25013.65078.800
17. Serbia239.400
Aca Antic11.25011.70014.25013.15050.350
Robert Mester12.65012.60012.20011.40048.850
Milos Paunovic13.45013.50013.70014.45012.95013.35081.400
Zarko Atanasovski12.65010.95012.70013.65013.60014.05077.600
Dimitrije Nikolic13.15014.30013.45013.60054.500
18. Finland234.850
Aaron Hotanen13.20011.65010.35035.200
Kalle Maatta12.75012.25012.15014.40012.40011.90075.850
Markku Leinonen12.50013.85013.75013.50011.85065.450
Tomi Tuuha13.80013.25015.40013.10055.550
Jouko Koskinen12.00013.60013.15038.750
19. Chinese Taipei224.450
Huang Sheng-Meng13.35014.00013.40013.30054.050
Huang Tai-I13.20014.00011.75013.90012.20011.60076.650
Lin Hsiang-Wei13.80013.2000.95013.60041.550
Lu Yan-Ting12.95013.60013.50012.60013.05065.700
20. Slovenia222.950
Sebastijan Straus12.25012.10012.15014.65012.20011.20074.550
Ziga Pecan12.4509.65012.45012.35010.80057.700
Saso Bertoncelj15.30015.300
Andraz Lamut12.60012.15014.30013.25010.55062.850
Ziga Silc14.10012.8008.70013.75011.35060.700
21. Egypt218.550
Mohamed Soliman dahab12.30015.05027.350
Mostafa Mohamed khaled12.8509.9009.65014.80012.2006.95066.350
Hesham Alaa el-din el-arky12.75010.40011.80014.60012.60013.30075.450
Mohamed Hany el gammal12.45012.20011.70013.05012.30061.700
22. Mexico192.100
Luis Alberto Sosa14.00011.10013.15015.00013.90013.85081.000
Joaquin Ramirez14.45014.00028.450
Daniel Corral14.25013.00013.75014.70013.50013.45082.650
23. Norway177.650
Marius Wirum Haaverstad12.90010.20012.30015.15013.75011.90076.200
Daniel Larsen Fredriksen11.75013.60025.350
Lars Joergen Fjeld13.75011.85011.75014.30011.50012.95076.100
Florian Toska7.0007.35010.25024.600
Marco Mayr13.05010.95012.35036.350
Alexander Tsarevich12.80015.55015.10043.450
Marijo Moznik14.95014.950
George Spanos13.90013.900
Enrique Navarro12.90011.30013.60015.35013.40012.85079.400
Ruben Lopez14.00012.65013.05014.60013.00012.80080.100
Eduard Gholub13.35014.40011.25039.000
Rashed Barnawi9.6009.600
Dmitrijs Trefilovs15.15013.90029.050
Vitalijs Kardasovs13.75011.95012.35015.00013.00013.10079.150
Se Gwang Ri14.70014.65015.55044.900
Jin Hyok Kim14.25013.55014.65042.450
Ross Ferguson12.60012.600
Samuel Piasecky14.00013.35012.90015.35013.25014.15083.000

Men's All-Around FinalistsFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Yosuke Hoshi14.50014.60014.05015.45015.65014.75089.000
1.Kyoichi Watanabe14.45014.25014.55015.15015.35015.25089.000
3.Vladimir Olennikov14.65015.05014.30015.35014.65013.80087.800
4.Heng Wang13.65015.25013.70015.85014.90013.95087.300
5.Cyril Tommasonne14.30014.95012.30015.15015.30014.15086.150
6.Manuel Campos14.30014.15013.85015.00014.75013.95086.000
7.Emin Garibov14.15014.20013.30015.30014.50014.40085.850
8.Roman Kulesza14.20013.50013.10015.00014.80015.20085.800
9.Marcell Hetrovics13.70014.30013.65015.90014.70013.30085.550
10.Flavius Kosczi13.45015.20011.50016.15015.00013.85085.150
11.Nikolai Kuksenkov14.65012.30013.85014.90014.55014.75085.000
12.Soo Myun Kim14.85013.15013.35014.45014.40014.50084.700
13.Mosiah Rodrigues13.75014.55012.95015.05013.85014.50084.650
14.Vid Hidvegi13.40014.50013.75014.35014.85013.35084.200
15.Zhan Teng Liu12.75012.75015.00015.10014.30013.60083.500
16.Adrian Bucur14.25012.70013.45015.30013.90013.85083.450
17.Sergio Eras13.50013.65014.75013.95014.05013.55083.450
18.Stepan Gorbachyov14.65012.85012.25015.30013.95014.35083.350
19.Roland Hauptli14.30014.10013.65014.20013.05013.90083.200
20.Samuel Piasecky14.00013.35012.90015.35013.25014.15083.000
21.Daniel Daniel Corral14.25013.00013.75014.70013.50013.45082.650
22.Steven Jehu13.55013.45013.45015.35013.35013.50082.650
23.Robert Payne13.85012.60013.70014.70014.20013.20082.250
24.Stavros Kekelos13.80013.00013.15015.20013.35013.00081.500

Men's Floor Exercise Finalists
1.Makoto Okiguchi15.250
2.Kim Soo Myun14.850
3.Ri Se Gwang14.700
4.Stepan Gorbachev14.650
5.Dmitry Barkalov14.650
6.Vladimir Olennikov14.650
7.Nikolai Kuksenkov14.650
8.Claude-Alain Porchet14.550

Pommel Horse Finalists
1.Krisztian Berki16.200
2.Donna-Donny Truyens15.400
3.Saso Bertoncelj15.300
4.Heng Wang15.250
5.Ji Hoon Kim15.200
6.Flavius Kosczi15.200
7.Dmitrijs Trefilovs15.150
8.Chang Ju Ha15.050

Still Rings Finalists
1.Yan Mingyong15.400
2.Alexander Balandin15.300
3.Liu Zhan Teng15.000
4.Arthur Zanetti14.750
5.Takuya Nakase14.750
6.Sergio Eras14.750
7.Samir Ait Said14.700
8.Ri Se Gwang14.650

Men's Vault Finalists
1.Makoto Okiguchi16.400
2.Flavius Kosczi16.150
3.Marek Lyszczarz15.850
4.Marius Berbecar15.750
5.Claude-Alain Porchet15.700
6.Ri Se Gwang15.550

Parallel Bars Finalists
1.Yosuke Hoshi15.650
2.Alexander Tsarevich15.550
3.Takuya Nakase15.450
4.Marius Berbecar15.450
6.Cyril Tommasonne15.300
8.Jean-Philippe Hayoz15.150
9.Yann Rayepin15.100
10.Flavius Kosczi15.000

High Bar Finalists
1.Kyoichi Watanabe15.250
2.Roman Kulesza15.200
3.Takuya Nakase15.200
4.Alexander Tsarevich15.100
5.Marijo Moznik14.950
6.Vitaly Nakonechny14.800
8.Nikolai Kuksenkov14.750
9.Ji Hoon Kim14.700


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