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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Thursday, 24 February 2011 19:46    PDF Print
Devyatovsky Wins Russian Nationals
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Two-time Olympian Maxim Devyatovsky recaptured the men's all-around title at the 2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships, held Thursday at Burtasy Sports Hall in Penza.

Devyatovsky, 26, scored 87.90 to top 21-year-old Pavel Russinyak (87.000). Nikita Ignatyev, 18, and Alexander Dyomin, 25, tied for the bronze with 86.100.

Devyatovsky, the 2007 national champion, earned the top mark on high bar (14.65) to win his second Russian national all-around title.

Russian Cup champion Sergei Khorokhordin, scheduled for the upcoming AT&T American Cup, sat out the competition. Defending champion Dmitry Barkalov finished eighth.

Men's coach Valery Alfosov said he was pleased with the medal for Ignatyev, who had the highest score on parallel bars (15.10).

"This is [Ignatyev's] first medal in senior competition," Alfosov said. "We pin great hopes on him, so maybe, if his training goes well, he will take part in the European championships."

World and Olympic medalist Anton Golotsutskov had the high score on vault (16.25). Other high scorers were Anton Lobachyov on floor exercise (14.80), Vladimir Olennikov on pommel horse (15.10), Konstantin Pluzhnikov on still rings (15.90).

2010 world team member Igor Pakhomenko, 18, had the second-highest score on pommel horse (15.05). Another world team member, 19-year-old David Belyavksy, competed floor exercise and pommel horse only, but failed to make finals.

Competition continues Friday with the team finals.

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2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships
Feb. 24, Penza

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Maxim DevyatovskyKemerovskaya14.3013.8014.4015.9014.8514.6587.90
2.Pavel RussinyakSamara/Penza13.5514.5014.1515.6514.9514.2087.00
3.Nikita IgnatyevKemerovskaya13.9012.8515.0514.6015.1014.6086.10
3.Alexander DyominChelyabinskaya14.2513.4014.5015.3514.0514.5586.10
5.Dmitry GogotovMoscow14.4514.3013.8015.3514.9512.7585.60
6.Andrei CherkasovKemerovskaya14.6511.9014.1015.7014.6014.5585.50
7.Igor PakhomenkoKemerovskaya14.0015.0514.0515.2512.9513.3084.60
8.Dmitry BarkalovVladimirskaya14.4512.0014.2514.6514.4514.5084.30
9.Anton LobachyovSverdlovskaya14.8014.3513.8014.6513.0513.5084.15
10.Andrei PerevoznikovMoscow Obl.13.8015.0013.2514.0513.7513.5083.35
11.Eldar YunusovSt. Petersburg13.7013.3014.2514.8013.6513.4083.10
12.Denis AblyazinMoskva/Penza13.5011.0015.5516.1513.5513.1082.85
13.Alexander FafashkinMoscow13.9512.6013.6515.3013.5513.5582.60
14.Dmitry StolyarovMoscow12.3014.8013.8015.1514.0512.3582.45
15.Dmitry YakubovskyMoscow13.5512.3013.2015.4014.4512.7081.60
16.Andrei SovenkoRostovskaya14.3011.8013.3514.5013.5013.5581.00
17.Semyon YereminChelyabinskaya13.5513.4513.0514.3013.4012.9580.70
18.Artyom MarkelovVladimirskaya14.0011.4013.6514.9513.2513.2580.50
19.Alexei BykovVolgogradska13.9012.9012.8014.0513.7512.9080.30
20.Alexander KlochkovMoscow13.5012.5012.5014.1013.7013.7580.05
21.Mikhail BodnarMoscow/Vladimir13.5010.6012.8515.0013.6014.4079.95
22.Anton NeudakinVladimirskaya12.4012.1514.1014.9513.3512.8079.75
23.Vyacheslav VeselovMoscow13.5512.6012.6515.1013.8011.8579.55
24.Konstantin ChalovMoscow14.4512.0011.5514.4013.3012.7578.45
25.Pavel PavlovPenzenskaya12.2512.1014.0015.7012.2511.4077.70
26.Eduard AndriolliChelyabinskaya13.5011.5011.4514.5512.8512.3576.20
27.Vilyam KatynMordovia13.0013.3011.0514.0012.7012.1076.15
28.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinskaya13.709.3013.0514.2012.9512.4075.60
29.Denis BlinovOmskaya11.6512.5012.1514.3013.6511.2575.50
30.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinskaya12.9011.4512.2014.4513.1011.2575.35
31.Ashot KazaryanChelyabinskaya11.5013.1012.7511.8013.6012.5575.30
32.Andrei ShelekhovVladimirskaya12.5012.0012.9512.7012.7512.1075.00
33.Alexander BulanovTatarstan12.3510.3012.1514.1512.9512.9074.80
34.Kirill GusevTomskaya10.9010.6012.2514.2013.5512.8074.30
35.Alexander SilenkoUlyanovskaya12.1012.1011.4013.4012.6012.1573.75
36.Alexei ZhilinskyUlyanovskaya12.3510.8012.0013.4012.5012.2073.25
37.Dmitry KharkovPenzenskaya12.1010.0011.5013.6513.1012.0572.40
38.Pavel LebedenkoUlyanovskaya11.5011.2012.6512.6012.7011.5572.20
39.Emin GaribovMoscow13.3014.7014.500.0015.0014.5072.00
40.Kirill IgnatenkovSmolenskaya0.0013.7014.4015.0514.2513.5070.90
41.Sergei MisheninMoscow Obl.12.2011.7511.2513.4011.0510.5570.20
42.Pavel IvanilovRostovskaya12.409.900.0013.9012.5512.0060.75
43.Gennady SavelevVolgogradska0.0011.0012.650.0014.8013.5051.95
44.Vladimir OlennikovMoscow0.0015.100.0014.4014.200.0043.70
45.Konstantin PluzhnikovTomskaya0.0012.5015.900.0014.000.0042.40
46.Anton GolotsutskovTomskaya14.200.000.0016.250.0010.5541.00
47.Alexander FilippovAstrakhanskaya0.0011.7013.550.0012.100.0037.35
48.Alexander BalandinKareliya0.000.0015.800.0014.050.0029.85
49.Alexei BalandinKareliya0.0013.1013.850.000.000.0026.95
50.David BelyavskySverdlovskaya12.4513.500.
51.Roman SuetinSverdlovskaya0.0012.000.000.0013.300.0025.30
52.Sergei BorovoiArkhangelska0.000.0013.700.000.000.0013.70
53.Alexei MatveyevVladimirskaya0.0012.
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Dementyeva Tops Pavlova for Russian Title
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Anna Dementyeva topped Anna Pavlova and Alyona Polyan to win the women's all-around title at the Russian championships, which began Wednesday in Penza.

Samara's Anna Dementyeva captured the women's all-around title Wednesday as the 2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships began Wednesday at Burtasy Sports Hall in Penza.

Dementyeva, the youngest member of Russia's first-place team at last fall's world championships, scored 58.050 to top two-time Olympian Anna Pavlova (56.200) and Alyona Polyan (55.150).

Dementyeva had the high score on floor exercise (15.100) and Pavlova had the top mark on vault (14.900). First-year senior Yulia Belokobylskaya, one of the contenders for Russia's four-person squad at the European championships, had the high mark on beam (14.550).

World all-around champion Aliya Mustafina traveled to Penza and took part in podium training, but elected to skip competition to rest for the American Cup on March 5. The only other competing members of the world champion team, Tatiana Nabiyeva and Yekaterina Kurbatova, did two events each.

Youth Olympic Games champion Viktoria Komova competed three events only after spraining her ankle in December. Komova tallied a massive 16.700 on uneven bars but had problems on beam (13.750) and floor (12.900).

Komova, who turned 16 in January, is expected to be a title favorite at the European championships in April and the world championships in October. Komova was undefeated in the all-around in 2009 and 2010, and her all-around score at the Youth Olympic Games last August has yet to be topped.

All eyes are on Komova as she begins senior competition, but more work lies ahead, said two-time Olympic champion Yelena Zamolodchikova.

"Vika Komova proved at the Youth Olympics that she's the best among her peers," said Zamolodchikova, on hand in Penza as a judge. "But the level of competition was not the same that was at the world championships. Vika needs a lot of work. Certainly, she has all the chances and the qualities for success. She is a very capable, talented gymnast. Everything will depend on her character, motivation and desire to win."

Competition continues Thursday with the men's all-around final and event qualification.

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2011 Russian Gymnastics Championships
Feb. 23, Penza

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Anna Dementyeva Samara/Moscow Oblast 13.950 14.650 14.350 15.100 58.050
2. Anna Pavlova Moscow Oblast 14.900 13.200 13.950 14.150 56.200
3. Alyona Polyan Ulyanovskaya 13.850 12.800 13.800 14.700 55.150
4. Yulia Inshina Voronezhskaya 13.550 13.850 13.000 14.700 55.100
5. Yulia Belokobylskaya Rostovskaya 13.700 11.950 14.550 14.500 54.700
6. Maria Stepanova Moscow Oblast 13.400 12.900 13.450 14.500 54.250
7. Diana Sapronova St. Petersburg 13.300 13.000 14.300 13.550 54.150
8. Anastasia Novikova Moscow 13.650 13.550 13.350 13.200 53.750
9. Kristina Kruglikova Voronezhskaya 14.000 13.550 12.550 13.350 53.450
10. Maria Dunayeva Leningradska 13.400 11.850 13.750 14.050 53.050
11. Yekaterina Skorodumova Ulyanovskaya 13.600 12.600 12.800 14.000 53.000
12. Olga Bikmurzina Mordovia 13.450 12.550 12.700 13.550 52.250
13. Irina Sazonova St. Petersburg 13.150 12.100 13.700 12.850 51.800
14. Maria Smirnova Mari-El 13.850 12.000 12.550 13.350 51.750
15. Yekaterina Krylova St. Petersburg 13.100 12.000 12.550 13.150 50.800
16. Yelena Syrnikova Moscow 12.250 11.500 13.200 13.300 50.250
17. Maria Chibiskova Moscow 13.300 10.750 12.100 13.650 49.800
18. Tatiana Kirilova Vologodskaya 12.400 11.400 12.800 12.400 49.000
19. Olga Zemskova St. Petersburg 12.650 12.000 11.750 12.400 48.800
20. Maria Silyukova Chuvashskaya 12.850 10.250 11.650 12.950 47.700
21. Kristina Goryunova Novgorodskaya 11.950 9.800 12.650 13.050 47.450
22. Alla Sidorenko Belgorodskaya 12.450 12.000 9.850 13.000 47.300
23. Alexandra Telitsyna Mari-El 13.650 8.550 12.500 12.550 47.250
24. Kristina Antonova Bashkortostan 12.850 11.200 12.100 10.950 47.100
25. Daria Lavrushina Ulyanovskaya 13.150 10.800 11.200 11.900 47.050
26. Viktoria Ratnikova Vologodskaya 12.750 10.400 11.500 12.150 46.800
27. Veronika Terenteva St. Petersburg 13.250 8.200 11.750 13.450 46.650
28. Zhanna Toporova Kaluzhskaya 12.900 10.400 11.800 11.500 46.600
28. Alyona Cheboksarova Vologodskaya 12.200 11.850 11.100 11.450 46.600
30. Olesya Lebedeva Voronezhskaya 13.000 9.400 11.950 12.000 46.350
31. Kristina Vorotnikova Chuvashskaya 12.250 10.250 11.400 12.000 45.900
32. Kristina Beskromnaya Krasnodarskky 12.200 10.850 11.400 11.200 45.650
33. Yekaterina Tsvetkova Komstromskaya 13.300 9.250 10.900 11.200 44.650
34. Yana Sakha Vladimirskaya 13.100 8.650 11.150 11.600 44.500
35. Viktoria Komova Voronezh/Moscow Oblast 0.000 16.700 13.750 12.900 43.350
36. Maria Dergacheva Rostovskaya 12.000 8.050 10.700 12.400 43.150
37. Yulia Kondratenko Krasnodarsky 12.800 7.500 10.500 12.150 42.950
38. Francheska Yanaueva Tyumenskaya 13.400 7.300 9.250 12.850 42.800
39. Viktoria Scheglova Chelyabinskaya 12.450 8.000 11.200 10.700 42.350
40. Kristina Kravchenko Chelyabinskaya 11.800 9.000 9.750 11.600 42.150
41. Ksenia Astayeva Chelyabinskaya 12.000 7.650 10.850 10.750 41.250
42. Yekaterina Bryabrina Chelyabinskaya 12.100 7.200 8.750 12.350 40.400
43. Albina Abacharayeva Rostovskaya 12.150 6.250 10.500 11.450 40.350
44. Anna Myzdrikova Moscow 13.750 9.500 0.000 13.950 37.200
45. Daria Ignatova Rostovskaya 0.000 10.350 11.550 12.450 34.350
46. Tatiana Nabiyeva St. Petersburg 14.850 15.050 0.000 0.000 29.900
47. Yekaterina Kurbatova Moscow 12.200 10.550 0.000 0.000 22.750
48. Anastasia Cherepnina Voronezhskaya 0.000 0.459 10.900 0.000 11.359
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Brevet, Ohashi Own WOGA Classic
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France's Marine Brevet and U.S. junior Katelyn Ohashi won the all-around titles at the WOGA Classic, held Saturday evening at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas. WOGA took the team title ahead of GK's (Colorado) and France.

France's Marine Brevet and U.S. junior Katelyn Ohashi won the all-around titles at the WOGA Classic, held Saturday evening at the Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco, Texas.

Brevet, the 2010 French national champion, impressed with outstanding form and extension, but fell on her double pike dismount on floor. She won balance beam with a 14.350 (front aerial, ff layout; side aerial to side somi; double pike).

Brandie Jay of GK's in Colorado won the silver, thanks to a nailed Yurchenko 1 1/2. She took third on bars with a routine that included Khorkina and Shushunova releases.

Briley Casanova of the host club took third showed clean form on all four events. She took her high score on balance beam, where she's upgraded (standing Arabian; punch front; ff, whip; double pike).

In her first competition as a senior, 2009 American Cup champion Jordyn Wieber (Geddert's) competed two events. She won bars (Weiler Kip, Weiler kip-half, Maloney, back uprise-free hip; toe-on full to Tkatchev; full-twisting double layout) but dropped off beam on her front aerial, one-arm ff, layout series. She continued with a strong routine that included side somi, a standing full, and a new dismount of ff, ff, 2 1/2.

Ohashi, 13, opened the competition with two falls on floor exercise (layout front, double front; 2 1/2 punch front) but rebounded to capture the all-around title. She slightly underrotated her double-twisting Yurchenko vault, which was devalued to 1 1/2. She won bars (inside-Stalder full to Tkatchev; inside-Stalder blind to elgrip to Jaeger; full-twisting double). She ended on balance beam with a spectacular routine, which included a standing Arabian and two flip-flops to a layout full before dismounting with a new piked full-in (6.9/15.90). She had planned a 7.0-Difficulty routine, but did not connect her Onodi to her front aerial, sheep jump.

WOGA teammate Madison Kocian took second after a fall on bars (Tkatchev), but was nevertheless impressive on the event, with a Stalder-Shaposhnikova-half combination; high Jaeger and full-twisting double. She won both vault (double-twisting Yurchenko) and floor exercise (Arabian double front; 1 1/2 to front double-full; double tuck; double pike). Like Ohashi, Kocian will be eligible for senior competition in 2013.

Arianna Guerra (Stars Houston) won bronzes in the all-around, vault (double-twisting Yurchenko) and on beam. She was fourth on floor exercise with solid tumbling (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 punch layout front; triple twist; double pike).

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2011 WOGA Classic
Feb. 19, Frisco, Texas

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Marine Brevet France 13.900 13.750 14.350 13.250 55.250
2. Brandie Jay GK's 14.500 13.750 13.050 12.900 54.200
3. Briley Casanova WOGA 13.650 13.400 13.800 13.300 54.150
4. Sophia Lee WOGA 13.750 12.950 14.200 12.750 53.650
5. Anysia Unick Stampede 13.400 13.750 12.800 13.600 53.550
6. Madeline Gardiner Cambridge Kips 13.600 12.000 13.750 12.800 52.150
7. Mira Boumejmajen France 12.800 14.450 12.350 12.350 51.950
8. Areli Medina Gym Areba 12.350 9.700 11.350 11.600 45.000
9. Alexa Moreno UABC 13.650 11.950 12.700 0.000 38.300
10. Bianca Dancase-Giamattisto Richelieu 12.100 12.000 12.800 0.000 36.900
11. Jordyn Wieber Geddert's Twistars 0.000 14.900 13.600 0.000 28.500

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Katelyn Ohashi WOGA 13.450 14.500 15.900 13.000 56.850
2. Madison Kocian WOGA 14.950 12.300 14.850 14.500 56.600
3. Arianna Guerra Stars Houston 14.300 13.650 14.050 13.400 55.400
4. Mackenzie Brannan Capital TX 13.900 13.650 13.400 12.800 53.750
5. Victoria Moors Cambridge Kips 13.900 13.200 13.150 13.400 53.650
6. Lizzy LeDuc WOGA 13.300 11.500 14.400 13.650 52.850
7. Anne Kuhm France 13.400 13.800 12.300 13.300 52.800
8. Samantha Partyka Champion TX 14.200 11.950 13.300 11.750 51.200
9. Claire Hammen GK's 13.100 11.850 12.350 13.200 50.500
10. Mykayla Skinner Desert Lights 14.500 11.550 12.850 11.550 50.450
11. Irina Yashina Russia 13.500 13.200 10.000 13.400 50.100
12. Anastasia Marchuk Russia 11.400 11.800 13.550 11.800 48.550
13. Doraine Throbie France 11.600 10.650 12.050 13.800 48.100
14. Isis Lowery JETS Australia 11.850 10.350 11.450 11.900 45.550
15. Ericha Fassbender Stars Houston 14.000 0.000 0.000 0.000 14.000
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IG Blogs Live from the 2011 WOGA Classic!
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Log on to IG Online's Official Facebook Page for live coverage of the 2011 WOGA Classic International in Frisco, Texas! The competition begins at 6 p.m. local time (7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST).

Russia's Irina Yashina

U.S. junior national team stars Jordyn Wieber (Geddert's) and Katelyn Ohashi (WOGA) headline the field, which also includes gymnasts from Australia, Canada, France, Mexico and Russia.

Wieber, competing in her first senior meet, won the all-around titles at the 2008 U.S. junior championships and the 2009 American Cup.

Ohashi, who turns 16 in 2013, won the Bumbo Gymnastics Cup last December in South Africa. WOGA teammates Ivana Hong and Grace McClaughlin, who missed much of 2010 with injury, scratched the meet after coach Valeri Liukin did not feel they were quite ready to compete.

The competition includes several gymnasts who traveled from last weekend's Nadia Comaneci International in Oklahoma City, the first international event of the season in the U.S. All-around champions Anysia Unick (Calgary, Canada) and Mackenzie Brannan (Capital-Texas) are both in attendance, as are Canadian Youth Olympian Madeline Gardiner (Cambridge Kips) and Australia's Isis Lowery (JETS Gymnastics).

France sent 10 gymnasts for a week-long training camp at WOGA. Gymnasts competing in this evening's competition include world team member Marine Brevet and and junior standout Doraine Thobie.

Russia sent two up-and-coming gymnasts, Anastasia Marchuk, 14, and Irina Yashina, 13. Marchuk is on her third trip to North America, having taken part at a competition in California and in a training camp in Canada.

"I really want to stick my free-roundoff-layout series on beam; that would make me very happy," Marchuk said of her training goals.

Yashina, from the small town of Alatyr in the Chuvash Republic, is competing outside of Europe for the first time.

"[I'm looking forward to] doing well on bars, which is my favorite event," she said. "My sister Lyuba will be cheering for me along with the rest of my family [in Alatyr]."

The event also includes an autograph session with WOGA's Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin — back-to-back Olympic all-around champions — and six-time world medalist Rebecca Bross. Pop singer Jordan Pruitt is on hand to sing the U.S. national anthem.

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Ontarians Untouchable at Canada Winter Games
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Team Ontario dominated the all-around finals by taking both titles at the Canada Winter Games, being held this week in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Silvia Colussi-Pelaez tied Oakville Gymnastics teammate Sabrina Gill for the women's all-around gold medal in Halifax.

Gymnasts from Ontario's Oakville Gymnastics swept the medals in the women's final on Tuesday. Fifteen-year-olds Silvia Colussi-Pelaez and Sabrina Gill tied for the gold medal, with Mikaela Gerber winning the bronze.

All three gymnasts are coached by Kelly and Sue Manjak and Lorne Bobkin, and helped Ontario win the team title on Sunday.

"I couldn't have asked for a better person to tie with," said Gill, the top qualifier to the all-around final. "We spend most of our lives together and it makes it very special."

Gill, the 2010 Canadian junior champion, took a low score on bars but was again the highest scorer on balance beam (14.60).

Colussi-Pelaez, a first-year senior, impressed with beautiful lines on both uneven bars and balance beam. Gerber, another first-year senior, again took the high score on floor exercise. Gerber is the younger sister of 2006 world team member Aisha Gerber.

Briannah Tsang (British Columbia) took the lead after the first rotation, where she showed the competition's only double-twisting Yurchenko, but sat down her uneven bars dismount. Tsang trains at at Omega Gymnastics with Lyudmila Lobaznyuk, mother and coach to 2000 Olympic medalist Yekaterina Lobaznyuk.

In Wednesday's men's finals, Simon Porter (Toronto Gymnastics International) took the gold medal with a 2.25-point margin of victory. Porter was the 2008 Canadian novice champion.

Kal Nemier won the silver for British Columbia. Nemier is coached by Romanian-born Vali Stan at Flicka Gymnastics.

Mathieu Csukassy, a member of Quebec's gold medal-winning team from Monday, won the bronze. Sister Anne-Sophie Csukassy finished 14th in the women's competition.

All three men's medalists are 17.

"Gymnastics to me is the best thing out there," all-around champion Porter said in his Canada Games official biography. "It has taught me the value of respect and in working hard for your goals and to never get down on your self if you fall short of them. Also chicks dig back flips."

Gymnastics competition concludes Thursday with the apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Website

2011 Canada Games
Feb. 15-16, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Silvia Colussi-Pelaez13.7513.6013.9013.8555.10
1.Sabrina Gill13.6512.6014.6014.2555.10
3.Mikaela Gerber14.1013.3012.6514.8054.85
4.Jordyn Pedersen13.7012.9013.8514.0054.45
5.Shallon Olsen13.6512.7013.5014.5054.35
6.Vivi Babalis12.8513.3514.3013.7554.25
7.Briannah Tsang14.4012.6513.1013.5553.70
8.Krishna Yemany13.5513.9012.8512.5552.85
9.Taylor Ricci13.6510.7014.3013.2051.85
9.Elise Bolger13.5011.4513.2013.7051.85
11.Mélissa Fontaine13.2512.3012.3013.3551.20
12.Madison Brannen12.9511.8012.7013.2550.70
13.Lory-Jing Robert13.1511.7512.5012.9550.35
14.Anne-Sophie Csukassy13.1511.2012.4013.4050.15
15.Natalie Gervais12.6511.7512.0013.3549.75
16.Emily Lennon13.5510.8511.7013.3049.40
17.Melissa Clark13.3512.2011.1512.3049.00
18.Sydney McEachern13.4012.109.9013.5548.95
19.Marisa Dick13.1510.7512.0512.8048.75
20.Breanna Franklin11.9511.4012.6012.4048.35
21.Charlie Wright12.0511.0511.1513.1047.35
22.Paulina Marie Miller13.7010.0511.2012.3047.25
23.Brielle Wilchuck12.609.1512.3512.6046.70
24.Erica Devereaux12.9510.0510.5512.6546.20
25.Dominique Landry12.509.7511.6011.9045.75
26.Madison Faulkner12.8010.4512.2010.2045.65
27.Abby Murrin12.509.1010.5012.0544.15
28.Chelsea Wilson12.659.409.4011.7043.15
29.Jeannie Weir11.608.5510.2510.4040.80
30.Taylor McNeill13.056.7010.0010.7540.50
31.Katherine Slysz12.007.959.659.8039.40
32.Kayla Hickman11.759.308.459.6039.10
33.Corey Juneau Baxter11.807.758.0010.7538.30
34.Cassie Feehan10.907.257.609.7535.50
35.Perri Wight11.205.359.309.5535.40
36.Kelcie Henney11.403.658.709.0532.80

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Simon Porter13.0012.9513.5015.6011.9512.4579.45
2.Kal Nemier13.6011.8513.0514.5012.0512.1577.20
3.Mathieu Csukassy13.8011.9012.3515.1512.3011.4576.95
4.Curtis Graves12.5512.2012.4514.3512.2512.6576.45
5.Evan Cruz12.8512.8511.9013.7512.7011.8075.85
6.Zach Clay12.0013.1010.8014.9512.7012.2575.80
7.Damien Cachia13.5013.1011.6513.8011.4512.0075.50
8.Bobby Kriangkum12.0513.3511.7014.6012.1511.5075.35
9.Samuel Paquin13.1511.2012.1513.7512.8012.2575.30
10.Nicholas Mallia13.2511.5512.4513.2012.2012.2074.85
10.David Boucher11.8012.8512.6014.0512.4011.1574.85
12.Josh Stuart12.7512.2512.0513.8511.9511.8074.65
13.Devy Dyson12.3511.8012.5514.0011.4512.3574.50
14.Julien Samson12.7511.8011.8013.7512.1510.9073.15
15.Stephen Clouter12.2011.5011.2012.7512.6512.2572.55
16.Daniel Treleaven12.8511.1010.7513.6012.3511.7072.35
17.Padraec Robinson12.4510.4511.3513.7511.7011.9071.60
18.Scott Nabata12.7010.6511.3513.6011.1011.3570.75
19.Christopher Morgan12.5511.4511.0512.9511.9010.6070.50
20.Parker Ramsay12.3511.1511.0012.5511.9511.1570.15
21.Blaise Roberts12.2510.8010.9013.1011.5011.3569.90
22.Matthew Halickman12.459.6512.4013.4010.9010.8569.65
23.Teague King13.0011.6511.4011.809.6011.6069.05
24.Luke Stretch12.0510.5011.4513.109.8011.1068.00
25.Wyatt Tyndall12.5010.1510.2512.9010.0011.8567.65
26.Jason Marks12.0010.7010.6012.9010.0510.8067.05
27.Tyler Gary Bryden12.2010.3511.3013.208.6010.7566.40
28.Campbell Bryden12.2510.0011.0512.859.2510.8566.25
29.Jean Bégin-Rainville11.8510.7011.1013.9010.653.0561.25
30.Tyler Franklin11.9510.059.7013.106.558.3059.65
31.Griffin Brophy11.507.609.2512.708.909.5059.45
32.Taran Barrett11.507.259.0012.409.258.3057.70
33.Michael Thompson9.708.057.3012.955.558.4051.95
34.Zack Sullivan10.55 8.4012.058.95 39.95
35.Joshua Holloway10.00 9.1512.75 31.90
36.Brett Mercer 9.158.55 17.70

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