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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Thursday, 23 July 2009 15:55    PDF Print
Komova, Belyavsky Win EYOF All-Around Titles
(14 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Russia continued its domination of the European Youth Olympic Festival in Tampere on Thursday by winning both all-around titles.

All-around champion Viktoria Komova (Russia) is flanked by silver medalist Amelia Racea (Romania) and bronze medalist Celine van Gerner (Netherlands).

After leading Russia to team victories earlier this week, Viktoria Komova and David Belyavsky claimed the all-around gold medals Thursday.

Komova won the women's gold medal by a 1.5-point margin of victory over Romania's Amelia Racea. Komova, 14, earned the high score of the day on vault (14.750) and scored between 14.000-14.350 on the other three events.

Racea took the high score of the meet with 14.800 on balance beam, but was unable to challenge Komova after scoring just 12.550 on uneven bars. Racea, who won the silver medal on balance beam and the bronze medal on floor exercise at the 2008 Junior European Gymnastics Championships, turns 15 on Aug. 29.

Dutch junior champion Celine van Gerner won the bronze medal, .6 behind Racea. The Dutch women won the team bronze Wednesday behind Russia and Romania.

Russia's Violetta Malikova, fourth, earned the high score of the day on floor exercise (14.050), but her mark of 12.550 on balance beam kept her off the podium. Lithuanian talent Laura Svilpaite, eighth, outscored the field on uneven bars (14.300).

The men's competition was also a 1-2 finish for Russia and Romania, with David Belyavsky defeating Andrei Muntean by another 1.5-point margin of victory. Belyavsky was the top scorer on floor exercise, pommel horse and still rings.

Muntean, whose 15.600 on vault was the highest score of the day, also led the scoring on parallel bars and high bar. Bronze medalist Igor Pakhomenko (Russia) finished .15 behind Muntean.

Competition concludes Friday with the apparatus finals. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more news and results from the Tampere.

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2009 European Youth Olympic Festival
July 23, Tampere, Finland

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXAA
1.Viktoria Komova14.75014.20014.35014.00057.300
2.Amelia Racea14.50012.55014.80013.95055.800
3.Celine van Gerner14.20013.60013.80013.60055.200
4.Violetta Malikova14.40013.80012.55014.05054.800
5.Chahdi Naoual Ouazzani14.30013.10013.70013.35054.450
6.Raluca Haidu13.80012.60014.20013.35053.950
7.Andrea Foti13.85013.70013.95012.20053.700
8.Laura Svilpaite13.35014.30013.60012.35053.600
9.Julie Croket14.10012.75013.25013.50053.600
10.Jennifer Pinches13.85013.30012.70013.25053.100
11.Marine Brevet13.75012.40013.60012.60052.350
12.Désirée Baumert12.70012.40013.95013.10052.150
13.Nicole Hibbert13.90013.35012.00012.25051.500
14.Natalia Kononenko13.10013.00013.30011.55050.950
15.Chiara Gandolfi13.50013.25011.20012.90050.850
16.Giulia Steingruber13.50012.50012.45012.25050.700
17.Mira Boumejmajen12.00013.00013.25012.25050.500
18.Ida Gustafsson13.35012.20012.35012.60050.500
19.Jessica Diacci13.20012.55011.60013.00050.350
20.Nastassia Zaitsava13.65010.60012.45012.65049.350
21.Teja Belak13.50011.65012.15011.90049.200
22.Renáta Tóth13.90010.75011.40012.30048.350
23.Pia Tolle13.20011.40011.05012.50048.150
24.Alina Fomenko14.10013.0008.75011.30047.150

1.David Belyavsky14.10014.05013.60014.65012.90012.85082.150
2.Andrei Muntean13.60012.60012.05015.60013.55013.25080.650
3.Igor Pakhomenko13.10012.10013.45015.50012.95013.40080.500
4.Michael Meier13.00012.80013.10015.35013.10012.75080.100
5.Cameron Mackenzie13.45012.75012.55014.25013.50013.00079.500
6.Artur Davtyan13.25013.10012.70014.65013.25012.25079.200
7.Mykyta Yermak13.60012.50013.10014.50013.00012.20078.900
8.Vahan Vardanyan13.40012.30013.25013.75012.70012.90078.300
9.Sam Oldham13.50011.05011.90014.75013.60012.95077.750
10.Jim Zona13.25012.75012.35015.30013.00010.35077.000
11.Tommaso De Vecchis13.10012.80011.50014.60012.30012.65076.950
12.Adelin Kotrong13.95012.40011.00015.15011.80012.15076.450
13.Oliver Hegi13.50010.85011.10014.65012.70013.30076.100
14.Thomas Neuteleers13.45010.05012.85012.90013.60012.90075.750
15.Ivan Rittschik12.75013.15011.75012.05013.65012.30075.650
16.Nikolaos Antoniadis13.25012.40011.50014.40013.20010.85075.600
17.Viet Thao Hoang13.15012.10012.85011.45013.00012.55075.100
18.Velislav Valchev12.60010.05012.20013.85012.90012.85074.450
19.Brandon Prost13.35011.25011.60013.10012.30012.55074.150
20.Tomas Thys13.1009.85012.45015.20012.65010.65073.900
21.Heikki Niva12.8009.55011.60013.75012.95012.00072.650
22.Slavomir Michnak12.85012.8009.85013.10012.55011.30072.450
23.Pilip Dalzheuski12.35011.65012.05013.95012.4009.85072.250
24.Ádám Babos11.70011.35012.05012.95012.85010.80071.700

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 22 July 2009 16:51    PDF Print
Komova Leads Russia to Victory at EYOF
(14 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Junior star Viktoria Komova led the Russian women to the team title Wednesday at the European Youth Olympic Festival in Tampere, Finland.

The Russian women reclaimed their team title Wednesday at the 10th European Youth Olympic Festival in Tampere, Finland.

Russia, sixth in 2007, took the top spot again while defending champion Ukraine fell to eighth. Romania, the top scorer on beam, finished second ahead of the Netherlands.

Top event totals on three of the four events helped Russia survive a meltdown on balance beam (sixth place). Russia showed its strength on vault (double-twisting Yurchenkos from Komova and Violetta Malikova) for a two-score total that was more than a point above the next best team.

Komova erred on beam (13.900), but was the top scorer on uneven bars with the day's only mark above 15.000 (15.050), and floor exercise (14.700). Born Jan. 30, 1995, Komova is the daughter of 1986 Goodwill Games champion and 1985 world championships gold medalist Vera Kolesnikova.

Romania's Amelia Racea, a triple medalist at the 2008 Junior European Championships, finished 1.7 points behind Komova in the qualification to the all-around final. Andrea Foti of the fifth-place Italian team qualified in third.

On Tuesday, Russia claimed the first-ever men's team title at the European Youth Olympic Festival, a biennial event held since 1991.

Competition continues Thursday with the men's and women's all-around final. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more news and results from the Tampere.

External Link: Official Event Site

2009 European Youth Olympic Festival
July 22, Tampere, Finland

Women's Team CompetitionVTUBBBFXTotal
5.Great Britain27.95027.45026.45026.600108.450
20.Czech Republic26.00020.65024.95025.00096.600

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXAA
1.Viktoria Komova14.70015.05013.90014.70058.350 Q
2.Amelia Racea14.15014.05014.55013.90056.650 Q
3.Andrea Foti13.70014.20014.45013.60055.950 Q
4.Chahdi Naoual Ouazzani14.20014.20013.60013.60055.600 Q
5.Laura Svilpaite13.60014.50014.10013.30055.500 Q
6.Nicole Hibbert13.90014.20013.20013.15054.450 Q
7.Raluca Haidu14.05012.95013.25013.90054.150 Q
8.Violetta Malikova14.80012.25012.60014.25053.900 Q
9.Julie Croket14.15012.05013.70013.65053.550 Q
10.Celine van Gerner14.20013.55014.00011.75053.500 Q
11.Jennifer Pinches13.95013.25013.25012.65053.100 Q
12.Chiara Gandolfi13.80013.55012.85012.90053.100 Q
13.Alina Fomenko14.05013.35012.45013.20053.050 Q
14.Jessica Diacci13.65011.70014.00013.65053.000 Q
15.Désirée Baumert13.50012.65013.75013.10053.000 Q
16.Carlotta Ferlito14.10012.75012.95013.20053.000
17.Mira Boumejmajen13.60013.65012.80012.80052.850 Q
18.Giulia Steingruber13.55012.20013.35013.50052.600 Q
19.Danusia Francis14.00011.95013.05013.45052.450
20.Lisa van den Burg13.30013.35012.50013.25052.400
21.Diana Trenca13.15012.80013.70012.75052.400
22.Tatiana Solovyeva13.40012.75013.00013.15052.300
23.Pia Tolle13.00012.75013.40012.95052.100 Q
24.Renáta Tóth14.00011.40013.40012.95051.750 Q
25.Natalia Kononenko12.50013.20012.70013.35051.750 Q
26.Marine Brevet13.85011.70012.85013.05051.450 Q
27.Teja Belak14.20011.90012.75012.50051.350 Q
28.Sara Catanzaro14.00011.15012.65013.45051.250
29.Yevgenia Cherny12.15013.15012.35013.55051.200
30.Nastassia Zaitsava13.80011.55013.60012.15051.100 Q
31.Ida Gustafsson13.50012.45013.10012.05051.100 Q
32.Agnes Carlsson12.70013.05013.05011.80050.600 R
33.Fiona Novak13.35011.15012.95012.90050.350 R
34.Eline Vandersteen13.10012.50012.00012.70050.300 R
35.Olivia Kapitány13.30012.20012.75011.85050.100 R
36.Antje Van De Velde13.15012.75011.70012.30049.900
37.Nikola Fučková13.60010.40012.60013.05049.650
38.Isabelle Marquard12.55011.90012.40012.55049.400
39.Johanna Adlerteg13.20010.80012.30012.75049.050
40.Elisavet Tsakou12.80013.50012.15010.50048.950
41.Luca Kata Divéky13.40010.00013.10012.30048.800
42.Reeta Pietilä12.95011.50011.60012.65048.700
43.Halina Ivanets13.10011.85011.15012.40048.500
44.Johanna Rakel Jonasdottir12.7009.90012.95012.90048.450
45.Filipa Choon13.2509.80013.00012.30048.350
46.Corinne Lamprecht12.80011.25011.70012.30048.050
47.M. Trichopoulou12.70012.45011.30011.55048.000
48.Demet Mutlu13.25011.15011.10012.35047.850
49.Diana Abrantes13.10010.05012.90011.65047.700
50.Kaisa Chirinos12.8009.45012.80012.30047.350
51.Katharina Fa12.7009.55012.95011.95047.150
52.Dila Su Eroglu12.95010.20011.85012.00047.000
53.Inna Nyyssönen13.5508.95011.80012.35046.650
54.Aliona Hurhach13.60010.85011.90010.20046.550
55.Petra Hedbavna12.00010.25012.35011.95046.550
56.Embla Johannesdottir12.9009.40012.25011.80046.350
57.Haldis Sandøy Nærum11.8509.90012.25012.05046.050
58.Rebeka Sarec12.8508.90012.05011.80045.600
59.Ozlem Ozkan13.1009.00012.60010.80045.500
60.Aleksandra Biskup12.9009.25011.15011.80045.100
61.Ines Salopek13.25010.75010.30010.65044.950
62.Ewa Zajac13.0008.35012.00011.40044.750
63.Jordain Mcgifford12.7008.95011.65011.35044.650
64.Melita Cesnaviciute12.70011.4509.85010.35044.350
65.Alice Janova12.4008.80011.60011.50044.300
66.Mathilde Emilie Kirk12.9009.3509.00011.85043.100
67.Elisa Hämmerle13.2508.8007.80012.85042.700
68.Juli Strugstad12.5507.45010.60011.45042.050
69.Tinna Odinsdottir12.5008.3509.00012.15042.000
70.Jelena Stamenkovic12.3507.00011.10010.65041.100
71.Greta Nevedomskaite12.8008.4508.05011.55040.850
72.Veronika Putne12.6006.95010.45010.80040.800
73.Oksana Gorobeca12.8006.20010.65011.10040.750
74.Nikolia Krejolak12.6505.05011.15011.70040.550
75.Lilit Derdzyan12.3507.9509.25010.95040.500
76.Ani Tunyan12.5004.90010.70012.00040.100
77.Alisa Kocic11.9508.7008.70010.25039.600
78.Niamh Clohessy11.4506.9008.9509.75037.050
79.Justine Crosato12.55013.70026.250
80.Athanasia Chapsa12.6509.00021.650
81.Viktoria Kazakevica9.05010.80019.850
82.Ekaterina Kislinskaya11.20011.200
83.Samantha Drejer Thomsen7.5507.550

Written by Amanda Turner    Tuesday, 21 July 2009 22:27    PDF Print
Russia Wins European Youth Olympic Festival
(5 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

David Belyavsky led Russia to victory over Switzerland and Romania as the 10th European Youth Olympic Festival began in Tampere, Finland.

Russia won the men's team title Tuesday as the 10th European Youth Olympic Festival began in Tampere, Finland.

2008 Junior European silver medalist David Belyavsky led Russia to victory over Switzerland and Romania. The men's competition is for gymnasts born in 1992-1993.

Russia earned the highest event totals on floor exercise, pommel horse, still rings and vault, and third on parallel bars and high bar. The Swiss outscored the field on parallel bars and high bar, with fifth-place Great Britain second on both.

Belyavsky scored 82.850 to qualify first to Thursday's all-around final. He was the only gymnast to score above 16,00 (16.100 on vault), and led the scoring on floor exercise (14.350) and still rings (13.800).

Switzerland's Oliver Hegi scored 80.900 to qualify second, .2 ahead of Romania's Andrei Muntean (80.200).

The European Youth Olympic Festival is a biennial multisport event for junior athletes. Men's gymnastics is making its debut in Tampere at the festival, which has crowned past women's champions such as Russia's Anna Kovalyova (1997), Ukraine's Alina Kozich (2001) and Italy's Vanessa Ferrari (2005).

Competition continues Wednesday in Tampere with the women's team competition and individual qualification, for gymnasts born 1994-1995. Viktoria Komova, daughter of 1986 Goodwill Games champion Vera Kolesnikova, is expected to help Russia reclaim its team title after it fell to sixth place in 2007.

External Link: Official Event Site

2009 European Youth Olympic Festival
July 21, Tampere, Finland

Men's Team CompetitionFXPHSR VTPBHBTotal
5.Great Britain25.95025.25023.75028.75027.20026.600157.500
21.Czech Republic23.55018.90021.40025.10022.35020.950132.250

 * = .1 neutral deduction

Men's QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBAA
1. David Belyavsky14.35012.50013.80016.10013.65012.45082.850 Q
2.Oliver Hegi13.60013.20011.90015.05013.70013.45080.900 Q
3.Andrei Muntean13.90013.15012.80014.95013.20012.35080.350 Q
4.Igor Pakhomenko13.45013.50013.60015.55012.05012.05080.200 Q
5.Michael Meier12.95012.55012.95015.25013.60012.80080.100 Q
6.Sam Oldham13.15012.70012.10014.35013.85013.50079.650 Q
7.Pablo Brägger13.70012.45012.95014.70013.35012.20079.350
8.Heorhii Petrosian13.50012.55012.90014.90013.30012.10079.250 Q
9.Mykyta Yermak13.25011.20013.00014.35013.30013.10078.200 Q
10.Jim Zona13.35012.10012.35015.20012.00013.05078.050 Q
11.Artur Davtyan12.25012.35013.05014.50013.40012.25077.800 Q
12.Dimitris Krashias13.00011.00013.05014.20013.70012.50077.450 Q
13.Mikhail Andreev13.10011.10013.30014.55012.55012.50077.100
14.Thomas Neuteleers12.35010.95012.50014.40013.80013.05077.050 Q
15.Cameron Mackenzie12.80012.55011.00014.20013.35012.65076.550 Q
16.Maksym Semyankiv13.35012.70012.60013.25013.25011.40076.550
17.Vahan Vardanyan13.10010.55013.50013.60012.90012.70076.350 Q
18.Adelin Kotrong13.50011.60011.85015.15012.20012.00076.300 Q
19.Ioan Nistor12.40012.75012.25013.45012.75012.45076.050
20.Maximillian Bennett12.75011.00011.65014.40013.10013.10076.000
21.Nikolaos Antoniadis13.05010.60011.95014.30013.30012.35075.550 Q
22.Tommaso De Vecchis13.15012.30010.35014.40012.35012.90075.450 Q
23.Brandon Prost13.20012.20012.05012.85013.10012.05075.450 Q
24.Ádám Babos12.30010.80012.40014.05013.55012.00075.100 Q
25.Ivan Rittschik11.70011.20012.30013.55013.25012.70074.700 Q
26.Heikki Niva12.85010.15011.90013.60013.35012.50074.350 Q
27.Tomas Thys13.45010.65010.95014.70012.65011.90074.300 Q
28.Pilip Dalzheuski12.55011.25012.20013.95012.95011.35074.250 Q
29.Artur Tovmasyan12.35012.10013.00013.40012.00011.35074.200
30.Viet Thao Hoang13.25010.10012.75012.30012.95012.55073.900 Q
31.Velislav Valchev12.40010.15011.70013.15013.10013.10073.600 R
32.Slavomir Michnak12.85011.95011.40013.65011.95011.75073.550 R
33.Ferhat Arican11.20011.85012.10014.20012.30011.75073.400 R
34.Nestor Abad10.8009.70012.05014.65012.45013.00072.650 R
35.Ludovico Edalli12.5509.90012.25013.25012.90011.80072.650
36.Håkon Andreassen12.35010.40010.25014.35013.25012.00072.600
37.C. Konstantinidis12.4009.85012.40013.80012.45011.55072.450
38.Ricardo Martins12.55011.40012.20013.25012.55010.50072.450
39.Konrad Kacprzyk11.25011.40011.90014.20010.80012.90072.450
40.G. Chatziefstathiou11.90011.35011.60013.80012.70011.00072.350
41.Stian Skjerahaug12.00010.60011.35014.10013.15010.90072.100
42.Giancarlo Pollini12.25010.80010.55013.35012.50012.25071.700
43.Stanislau Yazhou13.0009.70012.80012.90012.65010.50071.550
44.K. Rydberg12.05010.00011.60013.30012.95011.40071.300
45.Uladzislau Hryb12.55010.30011.85013.50010.50012.50071.200
46.Martin Argalas12.6509.55011.30013.25012.95011.40071.100
47.Levente Tóth11.10011.35010.65012.75012.50012.35070.700
48.Sebastian Cecot12.5509.55012.20013.55011.90010.75070.500
49.Jimi Päivänen12.45010.20011.85012.60012.05011.00070.150
50.Christian Keil12.3509.70011.10013.50012.05010.95069.650
51.Emil Hristov12.1509.90010.25014.45012.15010.40069.300
52.Brynjar Jochumsson12.35011.50010.70013.80012.1508.65069.150
53.Stepan Pecka11.6509.95011.55013.15010.90010.70067.900
54.Vilislav Filipov12.4508.95010.45012.80011.85011.05067.550
55.Loïs Szymczak12.9009.10010.70013.45011.7009.65067.500
56.Péter Vigh12.20010.65010.50013.40011.3009.45067.500
57.Zan Zunko11.4509.55010.00014.10011.30010.70067.100
58.Kasper Holopainen12.60010.00010.70012.45010.30010.90066.950
59.Kfir Weiss12.7508.45010.75013.55011.2509.95066.700
60.Christopher O'Connor11.20011.45010.80013.00012.0008.20066.650
61.Francisco Fragoso10.3009.5508.25013.80012.75011.05065.700
62.Lars Planke Joyce12.3005.50011.50013.05011.30011.95065.600
63.Filip Borosa11.4007.95010.60012.25011.45011.70065.350
64.Sergejs Poznakovs12.8004.70011.15013.55011.15011.75065.100
65.Jon Sigurdur Gunnarsson11.2008.25010.30013.35011.20010.75065.050
66.Kevin Crovetto11.60010.0509.90014.15012.2006.65064.550
67.Primoz Mauric11.8008.4009.60012.50011.75010.25064.300
68.Jimmy Verbaeys12.95012.45011.9000.00012.90012.15062.350
69.Filip Seidl11.2008.3509.85011.95011.4508.65061.450
70.Martin Pazdera11.9008.9508.85010.25010.90010.25061.100
71.Diego Davidsson11.1504.20010.75012.75011.8009.00059.650
72.Piotr Kielbik12.70010.70011.9000.00011.30011.70058.300
73.Ivan Krstevski10.2507.95010.50012.2008.9005.85055.650
74.James Oliver Wagner11.4009.1004.75012.15012.4004.75054.550
75.Mikheil Kharabadze11.85012.15024.000
Written by Ayako Murao and Kaori Miyaura    Sunday, 19 July 2009 17:41    PDF Print
Huang, Uchimura Win Japan Cup All-Around
(18 votes, average 4.56 out of 5)

China's Huang Qiushuang and Japan's Kohei Uchimura won the all-around titles Sunday at the Japan Cup in Tokyo. Silver medalist Aliya Mustafina (Russia), gold medalist Huang and bronze medalist Tatiana Nabiyeva (Russia) pose with their medals.

China's Huang Qiushuang and Japan's Kohei Uchimura won the all-around titles Sunday at the Japan Cup in Tokyo.

In the women's competition, Huang scored 58.900 to take the gold over Russian juniors Aliya Mustafina (58.250) and Tatiana Nabiyeva (57.450).

Huang matched teammate Zhang Jing for the day's highest score on vault (14.950). She also earned the top mark on beam (15.350), athough she left out the element she missed in Saturday's team competition.

"I didn't do the element because I failed yesterday and this made me relaxed," Huang said. "Although it wasn't my best performance, I'm satisfied with the result. My best event is vault, so I want to improve it in the future."

Mustafina had a good start at vault, landing her double-twisting Yurchenko well for 14.750. She scored 15.100 on uneven bars, the top score of the event Sunday. She lost the chance for the gold with missed connections on balance beam, lowering her Difficulty Score to 5.4 compared with 6.0 in the team competition.

"Generally I'm content with my performances today," Mustafina said. "I think I could show what I can do. However I am not satisfied with my performance at beam and the score was low. At bars I could hold a fine posture where I should and I could fly where I should. I felt the enthusiasm from the audience."

Nabiyeva, the 2008 Junior European all-around champion, started her competition at the uneven bars with 14.250. At floor she hopped after her landing of 2 1/2 twist, although not as large as she did Saturday. She vaulted a Yurchenko 2 1/2 twist in the final rotation, and after her landing she twisted an additional half before saluting, causing a spectator to shout jokingly, "It was triple twist!"

"I did my Yurchenko 2 1/2 very well," Nabiyeva said. "I can even say I did it my best ever. I'm satisfied with my performances today. All things went well. The most important thing is that I can participate in this competition. I'd like to congratulate Huang for today's victory,"

When asked about the impression of Japanese gymnasts, Nabiyeva said she liked Miki Uemura, while Huang and Mustafina picked Koko Tsurumi as their favorite among the Japanese. Said Nabiyeva, "I like Miki. She always smiles even when she has problems during the competition. This made me feel she is a very nice and kind person."

Huang said she liked Tsurumi's beautiful gymnastics, while Mustafina said that Japanese gymnasts are well capable of high-level performances, and that Japan could be a future rival of Russia.

In the all-around, Tsurumi finished fourth and Uemura sixth. Tsurumi said she was satisfied with her performances, although a bit disappointed to finish .05 from the bronze medal.

"I found that I will never be able to get a medal without doing a Yurchenko double on vault," Tsurumi said. "I can't always successfully do that skill, so this is my future task."

Said Uemura, "I started on vault, and yesterday's failure made me nervous. However, I landed well and I'm happy with it. At floor, I couldn't stick the landing of the last tumbling. This is what I have to improve."

New Australian national champion Lauren Mitchell fell off from the beam on a flip flop, flip flop, layout. On Saturday, it was obvious after her second flip flop she would fall. On Sunday the direction was a bit better on the skill, but it was still off, and it led her to fall again at the same point. However, she showed a good floor exercise and received applause from the audience.

Kohei Uchimura won the men's all-around title in Tokyo.

In the men's competition, Japanese star Uchimura defeated Germany's Fabian Hambüchen for the title. Japan's Kazuhito Tanaka won the bronze.

Both gymnasts began their competition on floor exercise. Hambüchen showed an excellent exercise for 15.600 (D 6.4). He said starting with floor was very good for calming him down because he was a bit nervous. However, Uchimura was beyond him with getting 15.800 (D 6.5). Although he moved a step forward after his tucked double-double, the rest was almost perfectly done.

During Saturday's team competition, Hambüchen sat down on the pommel horse but made no mistakes Sunday. "[Pommel horse] is always hard but in this competition I didn't make a big mistake and I did well," he said.

While Hambüchen is still having problems with this event, Uchimura has improved his performance.

"I asked many people about what is bad in my performance," said Uchimura, who fell twice on pommel horse during the 2008 Olympic all-around final. "When I consider the direction of my circle, the left arm is very important and I was told that my left arm's movement was slowing down later in the performance. Also someone pointed out that I have a problem with E flop. I've paid much attention to these problems my performance is getting to go smoothly."

Still rings was the hardest event for Uchimura Sunday, while Hambüchen described his exercise as "one of the best performances in recent competitions."

Uchimura, however, said he was worried about the pain in his right shoulder that began after Saturday's vault. "I was a bit nervous at rings," he said. "I didn't feel pain today before rings, but after that it got hurt. This made me feel difficult to do vault."

Uchimura took a few steps back at the landings of the rings (8.5 E score). However his vault result wasn't affected by his pain. Both Uchimura and Hambüchen vaulted Yurchenko 2 1/2 (Shewfelt). Uchimura's height and beautiful position in the air earned him a 9.65 E score for the highest score of the night (16.250), while Hambüchen received a 9.6 E score with his stuck landing.

Both gymnasts tied on parallel bars (15.450). Hambüchen stepped back slightly on his landing while Uchimura stuck his. "I was disappointed that I got 0.1 deduction for the landing," Hambüchen said.

After the fifth rotation, the difference between Uchimura and Hambüchen was one point.

"I knew there was one-point gap between us," Hambüchen said. "I was thinking whether I should take a risk or not. I was thinking of getting 7.3 D score. However during the routine of the high bar, after my first flight element (Kovacs piked) I was a bit too close to the bar. Then I decided not to take the risk and keep the second place. I performed yesterday, too, and it was my last performance today. I was tired."

Asked about his flight element, Uchimura said, "When doing the piked Kovacs and Kolman, I have no problem but at Kovacs sometimes I got too close to the bar. Today this was the case."

However, Uchimura's 15.350 was well enough for his victory, as he led from start to finish.

"I didn't make any big mistakes today," Uchimura said. "Though I'm not fully satisfied with my performances, I'm glad to be the first champion of the Japan Cup. This competition was much fun for me and I want to participate again."

Uchimra said Hambüchen was a good rival.

"I think internal rival for me is [Koji Yamamuro and international rival is Fabian," said the 20-year-old Uchimura. "We are in the same generation and compete in many competitions. This rivalry gives me a good boost."

Hambüchen said that he also was motivated by the Japanese gymnasts. "I've participated in the trainings in Japan every year since 2005," he said. "The Japanese are aiming to delete any mistakes, searching for perfection in their performances. I myself try to do my gymnastics in such a way, too."

Hambüchen performed just before Uchimura on all events except for still rings. Asked about this, Hambüchen said he thought it was harder for Uchimura than for him. "I think it's difficult for him to always go just after me. I respect him very much getting these wonderful results in that situation."

Said Uchimura, "I saw Fabian doing very well and I was motivated by it."

About the 2009 World Championships in London, Hambüchen said, "I want to get a medal. I have to improve my performances in both D and E scores." When asked about the 2012 Olympic Games in London, he answered, "I'm sure I will raise my D score on floor. Perhaps it's difficult to do so in pommel horse and rings but I want to try. I don't think I change my vault. I want to improve parallel bars and high bar."

Uchimura said he wanted to show the beauty of gymnastics at the this fall's worlds, to be held Oct. 12-18 at London's O2 Arena. "I don't think I change my routines before worlds. I want to practice for the perfection in elements, such as landings and handstands."

Japan's Tanaka earned third place in spite of pain in his right wrist and right shoulder.

"I want to fix this problem as soon as possible and want to compete with full potential in London," Tanaka said. "I'm relieved with being third. I think I can have a chance to get medals in London if I try my best. However, I don't want to be too much obsessed by it, and want to get the result which satisfies myself."

The 2010 Japan Cup is planned for July 3-4 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, site of the 2011 World Gymnastics Championships.

Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for a quick chat with Aliya Mustafina and a photo gallery from Tokyo!

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2009 Japan Cup
July 19, Tokyo

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXAA
1.Huang Qiushuang14.95014.25015.35014.35058.900
2.Aliya Mustafina14.75015.10013.85014.55058.250
3.Tatiana Nabiyeva14.90014.25014.30014.00057.450
4.Koko Tsurumi13.70014.80014.75014.15057.400
5.Lauren Mitchell14.10013.90013.85014.45056.300
6.Miki Uemura13.90014.55013.85013.10055.400
7.Zhang Jing14.95013.15013.65013.00054.750
8.Britt Greeley13.70012.85012.75013.15052.450

1.Kohei Uchimura15.80015.15014.75016.25015.45015.35092.750
2.Fabian Hambüchen15.60014.00015.15016.20015.45015.70092.100
3.Kazuhito Tanaka14.85014.45015.10016.05015.50014.90090.850
4.Yoo Won-Chul 14.45014.20015.25015.75015.55014.85090.050
5.Guo Weiyang 13.10015.25015.20015.50015.20015.45089.700
6.Lu Bo 14.05014.15015.55016.00014.95014.65089.350
7.Danell Leyva14.50013.95014.15015.60015.20015.10088.500
8.Maxim Devyatovsky14.25014.10015.45014.85015.05014.60088.300
9.Eugen Spiridonov14.35013.70014.85015.45014.70014.50087.550
10.Steven Legendre15.40012.80014.00014.90013.10014.15084.350
11.Sergei Khorokhordin13.15013.55013.85015.50014.75013.25084.050
12.Kim Seung-Il 15.10010.90014.40012.80013.80014.30081.300

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 18 July 2009 14:30    PDF Print
Japanese Men, Chinese Women Win Japan Cup
(8 votes, average 4.88 out of 5)

The Japanese men and Chinese women pulled off victories Saturday at the Japan Cup in Tokyo.

2008 Olympic all-around silver medalist Kohei Uchimura led his team to victory Saturday at the Japan Cup in Tokyo.

Led by new star Kohei Uchimura, Japan defeated China, 275.500-273.850. Uchimura, the 2008 Olympic all-around silver medalist, competed five events, earning the highest score of the night on floor exercise (15.850).

China's team included world and Olympic champions Chen Yibing (16.200 on still rings) and Teng Haibin. The team's best efforts came on still rings and parallel bars, the only events it outscored Japan.

A German team with four Olympians earned the bronze (266.800), outscoring Russia by .650. European champion Fabian Hambüchen competed all six events (91.250) with a top score of 16.100 on high bar. Germany earned the highest team total of the night on floor exercise.

Korea placed fifth over the U.S., 260.400-258.550.

In the women's competition, China narrowly defeated Russia by one tenth of a point (171.200-171.100), with the host nation winning the bronze. Olympic champion He Kexin's 16.250 was the high mark of the competition, but China counted low third scores on balance beam (12.650) and floor exercise (12.900) from Zhang Jing. Olympic alternate Xiao Sha led all competitors with 57.600, with the top score on beam (15.550).

2008 Junior European champion Tatiana Nabiyeva (57.700) led Russia, scoring 15.150 on uneven bars with a new transition (Ray with a half).

The Japanese women outscored Australia for the bronze medal, 166.500-159.850. Olympic beam finalist Koko Tsurumi was the top individual (56.550), and helped Japan earn the highest team total on balance beam.

The Tokyo Cup competition concludes Sunday with the all-around finals.

Click here to download detailed results.

External Link: Official Web Site


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