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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by John Crumlish    Tuesday, 18 May 2010 08:45    PDF Print
Zgoba Hopeful for 2010 World Championships
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Recovering from a torn Achilles' tendon injury, Ukrainian Olympian Daria Zgoba told IG she is working hard to be ready for this fall's world championships.

"At this moment I continue to train and do rehabilitation exercises on my favorite event, bars," she said.

Zgoba, the 2007 European champion on uneven bars, tore her left Achilles' tendon last November.

The 20-year-old Zgoba said she is motivated to compensate for her performance in the uneven bars final at the Olympic Games in Beijing, where she fell and placed eighth.

"When I allowed a rough mistake in the final, I wanted to correct it," Zgoba said.

Zgoba, a third-year university student in Ivano-Frankivsk, said winning a bronze medal on balance beam at the 2009 World University Games in Belgrade also inspired her to continue her career following Beijing.

"Participating in such a competition as the Universiade is something I will remember for a long time with many nice memories," said Zgoba, who might pursue a master's degree. "And now my motivation to continue in sport is preparing for the world championships in Rotterdam, and already in the following year to go to the University Games in China."

Zgoba said she understands why the Ukrainian team has faltered in recent years, and most recently at the European Championships that took place April 28-May 2 in Birmingham. Ukraine finished eighth in the team final in Birmingham. She is optimistic about better results ahead, however.

"What caused the problem is that many good Ukrainian coaches left Ukraine and went abroad," Zgoba told IG. "Recently I went to the Olympic Hopes competition in my town, and I was a judge on beam and bars. I think Ukraine has a good future if everybody stops thinking only for themselves!"

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 15 May 2010 06:11    PDF Print
Russians Win Four Titles at Moscow World Cup
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Russian gymnasts won four titles Saturday at the 2010 "Stars of the World," a World Cup competition held in Moscow.

Anton Golotsutskov (Russia) won vault in Moscow.

In the women's vault final, 2008 Olympic champion Hong Un Jong claimed the title for North Korea. Hong, sixth in qualifying, performed a double-twisting Yurchenko and upgraded her second vault in the final to a Cheng (Yurchenko half on, layout Rudi off).

Five-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina (Germany) won the silver, performing a full-twisting layout/pike handspring front and a very clean Tsukahara 1 1/2. First-year senior Tatiana Nabiyeva (Russia) placed third, performing a powerful but sloppy double-twisting Yurchenko and a Podkopayeva.

Recently crowned European champion Yekaterina Kurbatova (Russia), the top qualifier and defending champion, fell to fourth after taking a large step back on her double-twisting Yurchenko and stepping over the line on her layout Podkopayeva.

Nabiyeva, a 15 year old from St. Petersburg, won uneven bars, her first World Cup title. Nabiyeva's routine included both a Maloney and a Maloney-half, an inside Stalder blind to Jaeger, and a toe-on full to full-twisting double dismount.

North Korea's Cha Yong Hwa won the silver, performing a hop full to Def and Luo to elgrip front giant full pirouette to Jaeger. Venezuelan Olympian Jessica Lopez saved a fall after overarching a handstand and came away with the bronze (Higgins, full pirouette back to elgrip to Jaeger; Tkatchev; Gienger; Higgins to double front with a small hop).

Uzbekistan's Luisa Galiulina won the gold in an error-filled final. The 2008 Olympian nailed her routine with few wobbles to win her first World Cup title (double turn in crouch; piked front; tucked front, ff layout; switch leap, back tuck; front aerial, side somi; double tuck).

Top qualifier Un Hyang Kim (North Korea) lost her chance for victory with multiple wobbles, including a near fall on her round off, layout full. Chusovitina hit her routine cleanly, coming away with the bronze in a tie with 2008 Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva. Afanasyeva had a beautiful routine going (front aerial, ff layout; full turn with leg up to immediate full turn in the other direction; Onodi; Switch leap; Kochetkova; full turn in attitude) only to fall backward on her round off, double tuck dismount.

After her fourth place on vault, Kurbatova appeared determined to win the floor exercise final. The Moscow native performed her routine with zeal to take the title (Arabian double front with knees glued together; the obligatory 1 1/2 to layout front full; triple turn; double tuck).

Teammate Ramilya Musina outtumbled the field (double layout; two whips to double pike; 1 1/2 to double full; double tuck) but was incomplete on her double turn and several dance elements.

Dutch veteran Mayra Kroonen finished third with dramatic dance (double pike; 2 1/2). Brazil's Priscilla Cobella performed well but finished fourth (full-in; 1 1/2 to layout front full; double pike; double tuck).

Brazil's Diego Hypolito won the men's floor exercise title. The former world champion opened with a whip piked Arabian double front and dismounted with a stuck triple twist to edge Golotsutskov, who tumbled five solid passes (tucked double-double; 1 1/2 layout barani, tucked Thomas; layout Thomas. 2 1/2 front layout full stuck to stag leap' tucked full-in).

The Netherlands' Jeffrey Wammes won the bronze (front double full, front full; piked Arabian double front; layout Thomas; whip tucked Thomas; 2 1/2 front half; triple twist). Tomas Gonzales of Chile finished fourth but with a medal-worthy routine (tucked double-double; front double full to tucked front full; 2 1/2 Rudi; whip tucked Thomas; Randi; triple twist.)

American Paul Ruggeri, who qualified second, finished seventh after nearly falling on his full-in dismount, his seventh tumbling pass (others were a layout Arabian double front; front double full front full; funning front 1 3/4; layout 1 3/4; 2 1/2 front layout; double full).

Slovenia's Saso Bertoncelj won pommel horse, his second victory in a week after winning in Maribor on Sunday. American Alex Naddour showed tight form and a full Kehre for second over Russia's Andrei Perevoznikov. U.S. world team member Tim McNeill broke form twice for fourth.

On still rings, Russians Alexander Balandin (stuck piked double front dismount) and Konstantin Pluzhnikov finished 1-2 over Jordan's Ali Al-Asi, who attempted the rare Victorian. American Brandon Wynn finished eighth after falling on his dismount.

North Korean wonder Ri Se Gwang, first on still rings and vault in Friday's qualification, managed only the bronze on vault after falling on his spectacular full-twisting Tsukahara double tuck.

Golotsutsukov took the gold, sticking his first double front-half cold and taking one step back on his Tsukahara double pike. Hypolito performed a Tsukahara 2 1/2 and Yurchenko half on, handspring double front for second. Gonzales again finished fourth with a strong effort (Tsukahara double pike and Yurchenko 2 1/2).

Jin Hyok Kim won parallel bars to give North Korea its second gold. Olympic bronze medalist Anton Fokin (Uzbekistan) took second over McNeill (very clean routine, with a small hop on his double pike dismount).

On high bar, 35-year-old Aljaz Pegan performed the cleanest routine of the finals with his namesake Pegan to Rybalko; a Tkatchev half, and a triple back with one step. The routine brought hearty applause from onlooker Alexei Nemov, as well as first place from the judges.

Ukraine's Nikolai Kuksenkov won the silver (Tak half to Tkatchev-half and a Kolman), averting disaster when his jam to handstand came up just a hair short, leaving him stuck for three full seconds before finally continuing his swing.

Top qualifier Ruggeri, however, didn't make it over after his Tak full, but still managed the bronze after an otherwise strong and interesting routine (Tak half to layout Tkatchev; layout Tkatchev half; Voronin to Gienger; layout double-double with one step).

Russian newcomer Mikhail Bodnar, 20, finished fourth with a high-flying routine, including a Cassina (layout Kolman); Tak-half to immediate Kovacs; Kolman; and full-twisting layout double.

The World Cup series continues June 18-20 in Porto, Portugal.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2010 Stars of the World
May 15, Moscow

(Detailed scores not yet available)

Women's Vault Final
1. Hong Un Jong 14.625
2. Oksana Chusovitina GER 14.462
3. Tatiana Nabiyeva RUS 14.312

Uneven Bars Final
1. Tatiana Nabiyeva RUS 15.300
2. Cha Yong Hwa PRK 14.475
3. Jessica Lopez VEN 13.800

Balance Beam Final
1. Luisa Galiulina UZB 13.750
2. Un Hyang Kim PRK 13.575
3. Ksenia Afanasyeva RUS 13.500
3. Oksana Chusovitina GER 13.500

Women's Floor Exercise Final
1. Yekaterina Kurbatova RUS 14.075
2. Ramilya Musina RUS 13.825
3. Mayra Kroonen NED 13.600

Men's Floor Exercise Final
1. Diego Hpolito BRA 15.550
2. Anton Golotsutskov RUS 15.475
3. Jeffrey Wammes NED 15.225

Pommel Horse Final
1. Saso Bertoncelj SLO 15.275
2. Alex Naddour USA 15.075
3. Andrei Perevoznikov RUS 14.925

Still Rings Final
1. Alexander Balandin RUS 15.700
2. Konstantin Pluzhnikov RUS 15.300
3. Ali Al-Asi JOR 15.275

Men's Vault Final
1. Anton Golotsutskov RUS 16.337
2. Diego Hypolito BRA 16.025
3. Ri Se Gwang PRK 15.950

Parallel Bars Final
1. Jin Hyok Kim PRK 15.500
2. Anton Fokin UZB 15.250
3. Tim McNeill USA 15.150

High Bar Final
1. Aljaz Pegan SLO 15.500
2. Nikolai Kuksenkov UKR 15.375
3. Paul Ruggeri USA 15.075

Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 14 May 2010 15:22    PDF Print
Kurbatova, Ri Shine as World Stars Begin
(5 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Russia's Yekaterina Kurbatova was the top qualifier on two events at the Moscow "Stars of the World" Friday, a World Cup competition.

An impressive international field challenged the host Russians Friday at the 2010 "Stars of the World," a Category-A World Cup in Moscow.

Russia led the qualifying in three of the four women's events, but Anton Golotsutskov's top score on floor exercise was Russia's only first place in the men's competition.

Yekaterina Kurbatova led vault and floor exercise, and Tatiana Nabiyeva was the top gymnast on uneven bars. Both gymnasts were members of Russia's gold medal-winning team at the recent European Championships in Birmingham, where Kurbatova also won vault.

Germany's Oksana Chusovitina, a veteran of many "Stars of the World" events, competed well in the familiar "Olimpysky" Arena, qualifying second to the vault final and fifth to the balance beam final.

North Korean gymnasts made a rare but successful World Cup appearance. Kim Un Hyang was the top gymnast on balance beam, performing a round off to layout full. 2008 Olympic vault champion Hong Un Jong qualified fifth to the vault final. She also qualified seventh to the final on uneven bars, where teammate Yong Hwa Cha (hop full to Def) placed second behind Nabiyeva.

Male counterpart Ri Se Gwang led the qualifying on still rings before blowing away the field and onlookers on men's vault. Staking his claim as the world's best vaulter, Ri competed his two original vaults, each with a 7.2 difficulty value. He received the highest execution marks of the day for his piked Dragulescu (9.4 E Panel, click for video) and Tsukahara double back with a full twist (9.425 E Panel, click for video). Golotsutskov, the 2008 Olympic bronze medal winner, landed his double front-half and Tsukahara double pike well to place second, but like the rest of the field can only hope for a mistake from Ri in the finals.

2008 Olympic medalists Filip Ude of Croatia (pommel horse) and Anton Fokin of Uzbekistan (parallel bars) each led their best events. American Paul Ruggeri, coached at the University of Illinois by Olympians Justin Spring and Ivan Ivankov, was the top gymnast on high bar, second on floor exercise and sixth on vault.

The top eight gymnasts in each event advance to Saturday's finals, which offers a prize purse of 50,000 Swiss Francs ($45,000 USD).

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2010 Stars of the World
May 14, Moscow

Women's Vault QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.88.80014.60014.612
2.Oksana Chusovitina5.98.75014.65014.262
3.Tatiana Nabiyeva5.88.7000.314.50014.237
4.Valeria Maksyuta5.08.47513.47513.850
5.Hong Un Jong5.87.67513.47513.762
6.Teja Belak5.38.72514.02513.725
7.Mayra Kroonen5.08.4000.113.40013.425
8.Priscilla Cobello5.08.57513.57513.112
9.Bruna Leal4.48.55012.95013.100
10.Yulia Goreva5.07.9000.112.90012.950
11.Anna Grosch4.47.42511.82512.275
12.Diana Karimdjanova0.00.0005.737

Uneven Bars QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Tatiana Nabiyeva6.68.35014.950
2.Yong Hwa Cha6.48.42514.825
3.Jessica Lopez5.38.60013.900
--.Anna Dementyeva5.58.35013.850
4.Mayra Kroonen5.28.60013.800
5.Bruna Leal5.78.05013.750
6.Ethiene Franco5.28.42513.625
7.Hong Un Jong5.67.75013.350
8.Julia Steingruber5.17.90013.000
9.Ksenia Afanasyeva5.87.10012.900
10.Fiona Novak5.07.30012.300
11.Luisa Galiulina5.46.80012.200
12.Ivana Kamnikar4.87.22512.025
13.Valeria Maksyuta5.45.87511.275
14.Anna Grosch5.25.97511.175
15.Asal Saparbaeva4.85.97510.775

Balance Beam QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Kim Un Hyang5.58.57514.075
2.Ksenia Afanasyeva5.67.95013.550
3.Jessica Diacci5.28.32513.525
4.Luisa Galiulina5.87.72513.525
5.Oksana Chusovitina5.48.1000.113.400
6.Jessica Lopez5.18.27513.375
7.Fiona Novak4.98.42513.325
8.Julia Steingruber4.78.25012.950
9.Bruna Leal4.88.12512.925
10.Valeria Maksyuta5.47.35012.750
11.Ramilya Musina5.57.25012.750
12.Priscilla Cobello5.46.97512.375
13.Mayra Kroonen5.17.25012.350
--.Anna Dementyeva4.97.12512.025
14.Diana Karimdjanova4.96.52511.425
15.Lisa Ecker4.47.1000.111.400
16.Teja Belak5.35.20010.500
17.Ketevan Bolkvadze3.56.60010.100

Women's Floor Exercise QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.18.72513.825
2.Ramilya Musina5.58.30013.800
3.Mayra Kroonen5.18.30013.400
4.Kim Un Hyang5.57.87513.375
5.Priscilla Cobello5.27.82513.025
6.Jessica Diacci5.27.82513.025
7.Bruna Leal5.37.7000.112.900
8.Fiona Novak5.17.67512.775
--Anna Dementyeva5.47.4500.312.550
9.Valeria Maksyuta5.07.2000.112.100
10.Teja Belak4.57.6500.112.050
11.Lisa Ecker4.77.35012.050
12.Luisa Galiulina5.26.67511.875
13.Jessica Lopez4.96.4750.311.075
14.Asal Saparbaeva4.86.02510.825
15.Ketevan Bolkvadze2.96.8750.59.275

Men's Floor Exercise QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Anton Golotsutskov6.38.70015.000
2.Paul Ruggeri6.38.62514.925
3.Filip Ude6.18.80014.900
4.Jeffrey Wammes6.28.62514.825
5.Ri Se Gwang6.48.40014.800
6.Tomas Gonzales6.48.3250.114.625
7.Diego Hypolito6.57.77514.275
8.Arthur Zanetti5.88.42514.225
9.Alexander Yakubovsky6.18.3750.314.175
10.Christian Bazan5.98.4000.214.100
11.Luke Wiwatowski5.68.47514.075
12.Alex Naddour5.58.52514.025
13.Mohammad Ramezanpour5.58.47513.975
14.Tomi Tuuha5.58.42513.925
15.Hadi Khenarinezhad5.58.22513.725
16.Bart Deurloo5.58.22513.725
17.Roman Gisi5.38.4250.113.625
18.Lukash Kranzlmueller5.18.40013.500
19.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.38.10013.400
20.Otabek Masharipov5.18.2250.113.225
21.Tomas Thys5.57.37512.875
22.Ali Al-Asi5.17.9750.412.675
23.Lars Jorgen Fjeld5.37.25012.550
24.Paata Nozadze5.26.80012.000
25.Ruben Lopez5.77.1000.911.900
26.Ivan Olushev5.25.9250.310.825

Pommel Horse QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Filip Ude5.99.27515.175
2.Saso Bertoncezj6.09.17515.175
3.Alberto Busnari6.28.72514.925
4.Alex Naddour6.28.62514.825
5.Tim McNeill6.48.32514.725
6.Andrei Perevoznikov6.28.50014.700
7.Viktor Stepanenko6.18.47514.575
8.Prashanth Sellathurai5.78.85014.550
9.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.18.27514.375
10.Vid Hidvegi6.18.17514.275
11.Donna-Donny Truyens5.98.20014.100
12.Anton Fokin5.38.75014.050
13.Bart Deurloo5.18.85013.950
14.Paskal Bucher5.58.45013.950
15.Nikolai Kuksenkov5.78.22513.925
16.Ilkka Kuusela4.88.90013.700
17.Marko Brez5.38.20013.500
18.Enrique Navarro5.58.00013.500
19.Elliott Cook6.17.35013.450
20.Yernar Yerimbetov5.08.27513.275
21.Mark Ramseier5.37.90013.200
22.Kyong Hak Kim6.07.20013.200
23.Francisco Barreto5.87.37513.175
24.Ziga Britovsek5.77.40013.100
25.Matvei Petrov5.97.12513.025
26.Ri Se Gwang5.37.57512.875
27.Tariq Abu Ayad4.38.40012.700
28.Jose Lois Fuentes5.27.50012.700
29.Anthony Van Assche4.77.80012.500
30.Daulet Narmetov5.86.62512.425
31.Petrix Aguiar4.38.05012.350
32.Lukash Kranzlmueller3.87.60011.400
33.Ruben Lopez4.95.32510.225
34.Matthias Decker4.06.02510.025

Pommel Horse QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Filip Ude5.99.27515.175
2.Saso Bertoncezj6.09.17515.175
3.Alberto Busnari6.28.72514.925
4.Alex Naddour6.28.62514.825
5.Tim McNeill6.48.32514.725
6.Andrei Perevoznikov6.28.50014.700
7.Viktor Stepanenko6.18.47514.575
8.Prashanth Sellathurai5.78.85014.550
9.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.18.27514.375
10.Vid Hidvegi6.18.17514.275
11.Donna-Donny Truyens5.98.20014.100
12.Anton Fokin5.38.75014.050
13.Bart Deurloo5.18.85013.950
14.Paskal Bucher5.58.45013.950
15.Nikolai Kuksenkov5.78.22513.925
16.Ilkka Kuusela4.88.90013.700
17.Marko Brez5.38.20013.500
18.Enrique Navarro5.58.00013.500
19.Elliott Cook6.17.35013.450
20.Yernar Yerimbetov5.08.27513.275
21.Mark Ramseier5.37.90013.200
22.Kim Kyong Hak6.07.20013.200
23.Francisco Barreto5.87.37513.175
24.Ziga Britovsek5.77.40013.100
25.Matvei Petrov5.97.12513.025
26.Ri Se Gwang5.37.57512.875
27.Tariq Abu Ayad4.38.40012.700
28.Jose Lois Fuentes5.27.50012.700
29.Anthony Van Assche4.77.80012.500
30.Daulet Narmetov5.86.62512.425
31.Petrix Aguiar4.38.05012.350
32.Lukash Kranzlmueller3.87.60011.400
33.Ruben Lopez4.95.32510.225
34.Matthias Decker4.06.02510.025

Still Rings QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Ri Se Gwang6.88.70015.500
2.Kim Jin Hyok6.88.65015.450
3.Ali Al-Asi7.08.45015.450
4.Brandon Wynn6.78.72515.425
5.Alexander Balandin6.78.67515.375
6.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.78.65015.350
7.Arthur Zanetti6.58.67515.175
8.Regulo Carmona6.68.45015.050
9.Matteo Angioletti6.58.37514.875
10.Enrique Navarro6.48.37514.775
11.Igor Radivilov6.48.27514.675
12.Christian Bazan6.18.45014.550
13.Anton Fokin6.38.12514.425
14.Francisco Barreto5.98.42514.325
15.Fabian Leimlehner5.98.25014.150
16.Gregor Saksida6.47.75014.150
17.Mark Ramseier5.88.05013.850
18.Vid Hidvegi5.48.27513.675
19.Mahmood Alsadi5.48.17513.575
20.Ziga Britovsek4.88.65013.450
21.Luke Wiwatowski5.67.80013.400
22.Anthony Van Assche5.28.15013.350
23.Tomi Tuuha4.78.62513.325
24.Hadi Khenarinezhad5.87.35013.150
25.Paata Nozadze4.98.20013.100
26.Prashanth Sellathurai6.56.55013.050
27.Lars Jorgen Fjeld4.77.90012.600
28.Lukash Kranzlmueller5.17.50012.600
29.Daulet Narmetov4.97.52512.425
30.Tomas Thys5.16.62511.725

Men's Vault QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Ri Se Gwang7.29.40016.60016.612
2.Anton Golotsutskov7.09.32516.32516.325
3.Tomas Gonzales7.09.0250.116.02516.000
4.Diego Hypolito6.69.15015.75015.750
5.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.45016.05015.737
6.Paul Ruggeri6.69.1000.115.70015.612
7.Mohammad Ramezanpour6.69.40016.00015.600
8.Ali Al-Asi6.69.1250.115.72515.537
9.Mikhail Bodnar6.69.20015.80015.525
10.Enrique Navarro7.08.92515.92515.525
11.Igor Radivilov6.69.2750.315.87515.462
12.Alexander Yakubovsky6.69.30015.90015.412
13.Yevgeny Sapronenko6.69.15015.75015.350
14.Arthur Zanetti7.08.2500.315.25015.187
15.Christian Bazan6.68.20014.80015.100
16.Tomas Thys6.29.15015.35015.025
17.Tomi Tuuha6.69.1500.115.75014.962
18.Al-Hamad Nasser6.68.1500.114.75014.700
19.Yernar Yerimbetov4.69.35013.95014.212
20.Lars Jorgen Fjeld5.88.8000.114.60013.887
21.Stanislav Valeiev6.68.30014.9007.450
22.Bart Deurloo4.69.22513.8256.912

Parallel Bars QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Anton Fokin6.28.90015.100
2.Tim McNeill6.38.62514.925
3.Alexander Yakubovsky5.88.77514.575
4.Yernar Yerimbetov6.08.55014.550
5.Ignacio Losantos6.08.52514.525
6.Kim Kyong Hak6.18.27514.375
7.Kim Jin Hyok6.97.45014.350
8.Jose Lois Fuentes5.88.17513.975
9.Brandon Wynn5.98.05013.950
10.Ziga Britovsek5.68.27513.875
11.Fabian Leimlehner5.88.05013.850
12.Ruben Lopez5.57.97513.475
13.Alexander Balandin5.87.60013.400
14.Ilkka Kuusela5.57.77513.275
15.Alen Dimic5.67.40013.000
16.Viktor Stepanenko5.57.47512.975
17.Konstantin Pluzhnikov5.67.32512.925
18.Petrix Aguiar5.37.07512.375
19.Francisco Barreto5.37.05012.350
20.Steffen Kristensen4.87.47512.275
21.Mahmood Alsadi4.37.92512.225
22.Luke Wiwatowski5.66.45012.050
23.Mohammed Aba Saleh5.16.52511.625
24.Matthias Decker4.07.07511.075

High Bar QualifyingD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Paul Ruggeri6.48.97515.375
2.Aljaz Pegan6.88.52515.325
3.Nikolai Kuksenkov6.68.15014.750
4.Mikhail Bodnar6.68.12514.725
5.Marijo Moznik6.38.30014.600
6.Jeffrey Wammes6.48.12514.525
7.Luke Wiwatowski6.28.27514.475
8.Fabian Leimlehner5.98.55014.450
9.Marco Baldauf6.08.30014.300
10.Enrico Pozzo6.08.20014.200
11.Francisco Barreto5.58.65014.150
12.Jose Lois Fuentes5.98.15014.050
13.Tomas Gonzales5.28.60013.800
14.Ruben Lopez5.68.17513.775
15.Yernar Yerimbetov5.87.90013.700
16.Alen Dimic6.37.22513.525
17.Ignacio Losantos5.57.62513.125
18.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.87.27513.075
19.Petrix Aguiar5.97.15013.050
20.Lars Jorgen Fjeld4.68.40013.000
21.Steffen Kristensen4.68.17512.775
22.Ilya Kornev5.86.92512.725
23.Roman Gisi5.57.20012.700
24.Mahmood Alsadi4.87.17511.975
25.Otabek Masharipov4.57.37511.875
26.Ilkka Kuusela4.57.30011.800
27.Mohammed Aba Saleh3.02.7005.700
28.Kim Kyong Hak1.40.7502.150
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 09 May 2010 22:28    PDF Print
Pegan Back on Top at Maribor World Cup
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Aljaz Pegan won the high bar title Sunday as the 43rd Salamunov Memorial, a category-B World Cup, concluded in Maribor, Slovenia.

Veteran Aljaz Pegan grabbed the high bar title for the host nation Sunday at the 43rd Salamunov Memorial, a category-B World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia.

Pegan, who finished eighth at April's European Championships after falling on his dismount, gave Slovenia its fourth gold of the competition. Three weeks shy of his 36th birthday, Pegan performed his signature release move (double front-half over the high bar) to immediate Rybalko, a Tkatchev with a half twist and a triple back dismount.

Teammate Mitja Petkovsek, like Pegan a former world and European champion, is still sidelined with injury. In his absence, the parallel bars title went to Slovakia's Samuel Piasecky.

Latvia's Yevgeny Sapronenko, 31, won vault, his first World Cup title of the year. The world and Olympic silver medalist took advantage of the smaller field, performing a double front and Tsukahara double back (both with tiny hops) instead of his more difficult Dragulescu and Tsukahara double pike. New European champion Tomi Tuuha (Finland) settled for third after sitting down his Tsukahara 2 1/2.

Dutch gymnasts won both women's titles Sunday. Marlies Rijken, 16, won her first World Cup title with the gold on balance beam, performing a switch leap to beautiful standing back layout stepout; standing Arabian; side aerial to side somi; tucked double dismount.

Teammate Mayra Kroonen, 22, won floor exercise with a simple but clean routine (double pike; 1 1/2 to double twist; layout front full; 2 1/2).

Pegan, Sapronenko, Tuuha and Kroonen are among the gymnasts scheduled to travel to Moscow, where the World Cup series continues Friday. The lineup for the Moscow World Cup boasts gymnasts from 31 nations, including Australia, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

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43rd Salamunov Memorial/6th Maribor World Cup
May 9, Maribor, Slovenia

Balance Beam FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Marlies Rijken5.78.000 13.700
2.Renata Toth5.17.900 13.000
3.Mayra Kroonen5.37.600 12.900
4.Coralie Leblond-Chartrand5.07.600 12.600
5.Teja Belak4.87.400 12.200
6.Maria Homolova4.97.050 11.950
7.Fiona Novak5.06.650 11.650
8.Aurelie Orivelle5.06.4000.111.300

Women's Floor Exercise FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Mayra Kroonen5.18.200 13.300
2.Tunde Csillag5.18.2500.213.150
3.Jana Sikulova4.98.1000.112.900
4.Fiona Novak4.87.750 12.550
5.Marlies Ryken5.17.7500.412.450
6.Teja Belak4.57.650 12.150
7.Coralie Leblond-Chartrand5.07.000 12.000
8.Jasmin Mader4.86.6000.311.100

Men's Vault FinalD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Yevgeny Sapronenko6.69.075 15.67515.812
6.69.350 15.950
2.Peter Marjan6.29.025 15.22515.262
6.29.100 15.300
3.Tomi Tuuha6.29.1750.115.27515.100
4.Jonas Toeback6.28.800 15.00015.012
5.Fabian Leimlehner5.49.050 14.45014.837
6.29.025 15.225
6.Carlo van Minde5.48.925 14.32514.725
6.28.925 15.125
7.Eetu Lahti5.48.675 14.07514.512
5.89.150 14.950
8.Kas van Weelden4.68.950 13.55014.250
6.28.750 14.950

Parallel Bars FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Samuel Piasecky6.08.500 14.500
2.Fabian Leimlehner5.88.150 13.950
3.Andrej Neczli5.38.325 13.625
4.Csaba Nyers5.18.075 13.175
5.Adam Mihok5.08.100 13.100
6.Ziga Britovsek5.67.275 12.875
7.Melvin Ornek5.27.375 12.575
8.Michal Boltnar4.46.850 11.250

High Bar FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Aljaz Pegan6.88.700 15.500
2.Marijo Moznik6.98.050 14.950
3.Samuel Piasecky6.08.300 14.300
4.Carlo van Minde5.48.200 13.600
5.Zoltan Kallai5.77.875 13.575
6.Csaba Nyers5.58.025 13.525
7.Fabian Leimlehner5.66.800 12.400
8.Marco Baldauf6.06.325 12.325
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Slovenian Gymnasts Golden in Maribor
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Saso Bertoncelj was one of three Slovenian gymnasts to strike gold Saturday at the Maribor World Cup in Slovenia.

Slovenian gymnasts won three gold medals Saturday at the 43rd Salamunov Memorial, a category-B World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia.

Teja Belak, a 16 year old from Ljubljana, took her first World Cup medal with the gold on vault (very clean Yurchenko 1 1/2 and piked front-half).

Czech veteran Jana Siklulova won uneven bars, performing a Stalder-hecht to high bar; giant-full Gienger and double front dismount.

Dutch gymnast Mayra Kroonen placed second on both vault (piked front half and Yurchenko full) and on uneven bars (toe-on Shaposhnikova to bail to Stalder shoot to high; toe-on, toe-on full to giant-blind to Jaeger; handstand snap to back tuck dismount.) Teammate Marlies Ryken won the bars bronze, relying on elgrip work (Jaeger; Endo; double front).

On men's floor exercise, the lanky Kas van Weelden of the Netherlands won the gold medal, showing off his twisting skills (2 1/2 punch Rudi; front double-full to barani; stuck Arabian double front; whip-triple full). Van Weelden, competing in his first World Cup, turned 21 on Tuesday.

Slovenia's Saso Bertoncelj won the gold on pommel horse, improving from his silver medal a year ago in Maribor. Bertoncelj, 25, won the bronze medal on pommel horse at the recent European Championships.

On still rings, Gregor Saksida closed the competition with another gold medal for Slovenia.

The competition concludes Sunday with the remaining finals.

External Link: Official Competition Site

43rd Salamunov Memorial/6th Maribor World Cup
May 8, Maribor, Slovenia

Women's Vault FinalD PanelE PanelNDScoreAverage
1.Teja Belak5.08.20013.20013.500
2.Mayra Kroonen5.08.2500.113.15013.275
3.Jana Sikulova4.48.55012.95013.250
4.Renata Toth5.97.4000.313.00013.225
5.Tunde Csillag5.27.9000.113.00013.125
6.Coralie Leblond-Chartrand4.48.50012.90013.100
7.Carmen Horvat4.28.1500.112.25012.650
8.Hanna Grosch4.67.85012.45012.525

Uneven Bars FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Jana Sikulova5.57.85013.350
2.Mayra Kroonen5.27.95013.150
3.Marlies Ryken5.47.35012.750
4.Ivana Kamnikar4.97.50012.400
4.Hanna Grosch5.27.20012.400
6.Renata Toth5.06.40011.400
7.Jasmin Mader4.46.90011.300
8.Fiona Novak3.84.7008.500

Men's Floor Exercise FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Kas van Weelden5.98.70014.600
2.Rok Klavora5.78.85014.550
3.Carlo Van Minde5.58.65014.150
4.Tomi Tuuha5.58.40013.900
5.Michal Boltnar5.38.6750.113.875
6.Peter Marjan5.48.37513.775
7.Samuel Piasecky4.88.32513.125
8.Siemon Volkaert5.57.30012.800

Pommel Horse FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Saso Bertoncelj6.38.85015.150
2.Donna-Donny Truyens6.09.00015.000
3.Zoltan Kallai5.88.22514.025
4.Ziga Britovsek5.48.22513.625
5.Koen Van Damme5.27.92513.125
6.Juho Kanerva3.98.15012.050
7.Melvin Ornek4.57.17511.675
8.Michal Boltnar3.95.0008.900

Still Rings FinalD PanelE PanelNDScore
1.Gregor Saksida6.38.10014.400
2.Daniel Kamenicky5.98.42514.325
3.Fabian Leimlehner5.98.30014.200
4.Tomi Tuuha5.18.57513.675
5.Ziga Britovsek4.88.75013.550
6.Csaba Nyers5.18.22513.325
7.Jonas Toeback5.67.40013.000
8.Melvin Ornek5.47.40012.800

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