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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Tuesday, 17 August 2010 06:19    PDF Print
Komova Dominates Youth Olympics Qualification
(20 votes, average 4.60 out of 5)

Junior European champion Viktoria Komova (Russia) cruised to first place in women's qualification Tuesday at the 1st Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

Junior European champion Viktoria Komova (Russia) dominated qualification at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

The 15-year-old Komova led the all-around qualification with a formidable 61.000, giving her nearly a 3-point lead over China's Tan Sixin (58.100). Italian upstart Carlotta Ferlito qualified third (55.750) to Thursday's all-around final.

Competing in the final of three subdivisions, Komova looked even sharper than she had at the Junior European Championships in the spring, when she won the all-around, vault and balance beam titles. Komova's unmatched combination of difficulty, execution and artistry will be tough to beat in Singapore, and a full sweep of the gold medals looks within her grasp.

Clad in a jade-and-gold leotard, Komova began on uneven bars with a 15.6 (inside Stalder to Shaposhnikova-half; layout Jaeger; Tkatchev to Pak; full-out; 6.5 Difficulty/9.1 Execution). She had a few slight balance checks during a packed beam set (flip flop to two layouts; standing Arabian; punch front; full turn with leg up to front aerial to sheep jump; ff ff double tuck) for 15.100 (5.9 D), second only to Tan. On floor exercise, she nailed her opening pass of 1 1/2 to Arabian double front, took one step on her triple twist and nearly stuck her double pike dismount (14.550). She finished on vault with her biggest error, a large step off the mat on a Yurchenko 2 1/2 (15.7). Komova, who wrapped both knees heavily before vaulting, added a clean Yurchenko double (15.1).

In the second subdivision, Tan showed trademark Chinese gymnastics, earning the top score on balance beam, 15.500 (6.3 D), for a beautiful routine (ff, ff, two-foot layout, Korbut). She performed new, dramatic choreography on floor exercise, coupled with very clean tumbling (double-twisting front to stag jump mount).

Ferlito qualified third with less spectacular but consistent performances nonetheless. She ended her day with strong tumbling on floor exercise (triple twist; double pike; whip to double twist; double tuck).

Romania's Diana Bulimar qualified fourth (54.7) after missing her side somi on balance beam in the second subdivision. She came back with an energetic routine on floor exercise (piked full-in; 1 1/2 to double tuck; 2 1/2; double pike). Bulimar turns 15 on Sunday, the final day of gymnastics competition in Singapore.

Guatemala's Ana Sofia Gomez, 14, performed dynamic gymnastics in the third subdivision for sixth all-around (54.050). Coached by Romanians Adrian and Elena Boboc, Gomez hit a flip flop, tucked full twist on balance beam to qualify fifth to the final (14.2). She also qualified eighth to the floor exercise final (tucked full-in, high triple twist).

Australia's Angela Donald, seventh, was also impressive. She nailed her balance beam routine (Rulfova; ff layout; switch ring; side somi; sheep jump to back tuck; ff, ff double twist) to qualify fourth to the final with 14.4.

Coached by Elvira Saadi, Canada's Madeline Gardiner was eighth (53.850). She was strong on beam (double turn in crouch to split on the beam; Onodi; double pike) and dramatic on floor, but fell on her double pike dismount.

Sweden's Jonna Adlerteg, who led the first subdivision, finished ninth. She stood out for her clean lines and toe point, and qualified to finals on uneven bars (seventh), balance beam (eighth) and floor (fifth).

The gymnastics competition continues Wednesday with the men's all-around final. Japan's Yuya Kamoto, first in qualification, is favored to win the first gymnastics gold medal of the Youth Olympic Games. The 15-year-old Kamoto will face challenges from Britain's Sam Oldham (Great Britain), Oleg Stepko (Ukraine), Zhu Xiaodong (China) and Daniil Kazachkov (Russia).

External Links: Official Website | Webcast

1st Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 17, Singapore

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Viktoria Komova15.7015.6015.1514.5561.00 Q
2.Tan Sixin14.1514.5015.5013.9558.10 Q
3.Carlotta Ferlito14.2013.4014.6513.5055.75 Q
4.Diana Bulimar13.7513.8513.1513.9554.70 Q
5.Tess Moonen13.8013.8013.4513.2054.25 Q
6.Ana Sofia Gomez13.7512.9014.2013.2054.05 Q
7.Angela Donald13.3013.2514.4013.1054.05 Q
8.Madeline Gardiner13.7513.7513.7012.6553.85 Q
9.Jonna Adlerteg13.4013.3513.6013.2553.60 Q
10.Natsumi Sasada14.0013.2013.5512.8053.55 Q
11.Harumy Freitas13.5512.7013.7513.1053.10 Q
12.Alina Kravchenko13.1012.6513.5012.1551.40 Q
13.Elisa Haemmerle13.4512.1512.7513.0051.35 Q
14.Jessica Hogg13.5011.6012.9013.2551.25 Q
15.Dilnoza Abdusalimova13.1011.9013.5012.7051.20 Q
16.Kosthia Requena13.2012.0013.1512.5550.90 Q
17.Maria Vargas13.7512.1512.1512.6050.65 Q
18.Park Kyungjin13.6512.4512.7511.6050.45 Q
19.Bianka Mityko13.6511.2512.7012.7550.35 R
20.Nadia Baeriswyl12.9012.3012.6012.4550.25 R
21.Elisavet Tsakou12.9512.7512.5511.9550.20 R
22.Demet Mutlu13.4012.0012.4512.1049.95 R
23.Desiree Baumert13.2512.5011.4512.4049.60
24.Moldir Azimbay12.5512.6012.3011.9549.40
25.Eline Vandersteen13.4011.5012.7511.7049.35
26.Erika Pakkala13.6011.1512.0512.5049.30
27.Claudia Cummins13.1011.2011.9012.8049.00
28.Sophia Serseri13.2510.9012.3012.2048.65
29.Filipa Verissimo13.1510.7012.4012.0548.30
30.Petra Hedbavna12.2511.6012.1011.6047.55
31.Rawiwarn Muaktanod12.509.5512.8011.9546.80
32.Eliana Rodriguez12.1511.1012.2010.8546.30
33.Shaden Wohdan12.3510.7012.6510.2545.95
34.Rachel Giam Pei Shi12.659.1512.2511.8045.85
35.Mai Elsayed12.2510.4011.3511.0045.00
36.Agustina Estarli12.5010.359.7511.5044.10
37.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar11.609.4510.2510.7542.05
38.Lizaveta Parfionava12.307.609.5511.8541.30
39.Gabriela Dominguez12.408.2010.4510.1541.20
40.Karla Salazar13.2012.2013.300.0038.70
41.Camila Vilches12.604.259.7010.5537.10
42.Nardjes Terkmane12.1511.2510.850.0034.25

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Viktoria Komova6.59.20 15.7015.400 Q
2.Carlotta Ferlito5.09.20 14.2014.075 Q
4.49.55 13.95 
3.Natsumi Sasada5. Q
5.88.25 14.05 
4.Maria Vargas5.08.75 13.7513.650 Q
4.49.15 13.55 
5.Diana Bulimar5.08.75 13.7513.650 Q
4.68.95 13.55 
6.Madeline Gardiner5.08.75 13.7513.625 Q
4.78.80 13.50 
7.Bianka Mityko4.49.25 13.6513.575 Q
4.68.90 13.50 
8.Harumy Freitas5.08.55 13.5513.575 Q
4.49.20 13.60 
9.Demet Mutlu4.88.60 13.4013.500 R
4.69.00 13.60 
10.Jessica Hogg5.08.50 13.5013.375 R
4.48.85 13.25 
11.Jonna Adlerteg5.08.40 13.4013.300 R
4.48.80 13.20 
12.Elisa Haemmerle4.88.65 13.4513.275
4.48.70 13.10 
13.Karla Salazar4.48.900.113.2013.275
4.48.95 13.35 
14.Dilnoza Abdusalimova4.68.50 13.1013.225
4.68.75 13.35 
15.Tan Sixin5.88.35 14.1513.200
4.47.85 12.25 
16.Erika Pakkala4.69.00 13.6013.125
4.68.05 12.65 
17.Sophia Serseri5.08.350.113.2512.775
18.Shaden Wohdan4.47.95 12.3512.450
4.08.55 12.55 
19.Rawiwarn Muaktanod4.28.30 12.5012.400
4.47.90 12.30 
20.Agustina Estarli4.28.30 12.5012.075
4.47.25 11.65 

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Viktoria Komova6.59.10 15.60 Q
2.Tan Sixin6.58.00 14.50 Q
3.Diana Bulimar5.38.55 13.85 Q
4.Tess Moonen5.38.50 13.80 Q
5.Madeline Gardiner5.48.35 13.75 Q
6.Carlotta Ferlito5.28.20 13.40 Q
7.Jonna Adlerteg5.08.35 13.35 Q
8.Angela Donald5.18.15 13.25 Q
9.Natsumi Sasada5.77.50 13.20 R
10.Ana Sofia Gomez5.37.60 12.90 R
11.Elisavet Tsakou5.27.55 12.75 R
12.Harumy Freitas4.78.00 12.70
13.Alina Kravchenko4.18.55 12.65
14.Moldir Azimbay5.27.40 12.60
15.Desiree Baumert5.47.10 12.50
16.Park Kyungjin5.96.55 12.45
17.Nadia Baeriswyl4.57.80 12.30
18.Karla Salazar5.27.00 12.20
19.Elisa Haemmerle4.37.85 12.15
20.Maria Vargas4.97.25 12.15
21.Kosthia Requena4.87.20 12.00
22.Demet Mutlu5.16.90 12.00
23.Dilnoza Abdusalimova5.16.80 11.90
24.Petra Hedbavna3.38.30 11.60
25.Jessica Hogg4.17.50 11.60
26.Eline Vandersteen4.66.90 11.50
27.Bianka Mityko3.77.55 11.25
28.Claudia Cummins5.16.10 11.20
29.Erika Pakkala3.57.65 11.15
30.Eliana Rodriguez4.66.50 11.10
31.Sophia Serseri4.96.00 10.90
32.Filipa Verissimo2.87.90 10.70
33.Shaden Wohdan3.96.80 10.70
34.Mai Elsayed4.85.60 10.40
35.Agustina Estarli4.75.65 10.35
36.Rawiwarn Muaktanod3.75.85 9.55
37.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar3.16.35 9.45
38.Rachel Giam Pei Shi1.97.25 9.15
39.Gabriela Dominguez1.86.40 8.20
40.Lizaveta Parfionava3.14.50 7.60
41.Camila Vilches1.32.95 4.25

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Tan Sixin6.39.20 15.50 Q
2.Viktoria Komova5.99.25 15.15 Q
3.Carlotta Ferlito5.88.85 14.65 Q
4.Angela Donald5.58.90 14.40 Q
5.Ana Sofia Gomez5.78.50 14.20 Q
6.Harumy Freitas4.98.85 13.75 Q
7.Madeline Gardiner5.48.30 13.70 Q
8.Jonna Adlerteg5.08.60 13.60 Q
9.Natsumi Sasada5.67.95 13.55 R
10.Alina Kravchenko4.98.60 13.50 R
11.Dilnoza Abdusalimova5.08.50 13.50 R
12.Tess Moonen5.67.85 13.45
13.Karla Salazar5.28.10 13.30
14.Kosthia Requena5.37.85 13.15
15.Diana Bulimar5.77.45 13.15
16.Jessica Hogg4.88.10 12.90
17.Rawiwarn Muaktanod5.47.40 12.80
18.Eline Vandersteen4.58.25 12.75
19.Elisa Haemmerle5.07.75 12.75
20.Park Kyungjin5.47.35 12.75
21.Bianka Mityko4.48.30 12.70
22.Shaden Wohdan4.68.05 12.65
23.Nadia Baeriswyl4.18.50 12.60
24.Elisavet Tsakou4.87.75 12.55
25.Demet Mutlu4.57.95 12.45
26.Filipa Verissimo4.67.80 12.40
27.Moldir Azimbay4.77.60 12.30
28.Sophia Serseri4.97.40 12.30
29.Rachel Giam Pei Shi4.47.85 12.25
30.Eliana Rodriguez4.97.400.112.20
31.Maria Vargas4.87.35 12.15
32.Petra Hedbavna4.18.00 12.10
33.Erika Pakkala4.37.75 12.05
34.Claudia Cummins4.97.00 11.90
35.Desiree Baumert5.46.05 11.45
36.Mai Elsayed4.86.55 11.35
37.Nardjes Terkmane3.67.65 11.25
38.Gabriela Dominguez4.26.25 10.45
39.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar4.35.95 10.25
40.Agustina Estarli2.96.85 9.75
41.Camila Vilches3.95.80 9.70
42.Lizaveta Parfionava3.36.25 9.55

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Viktoria Komova5.59.05 14.55 Q
2.Tan Sixin5.38.65 13.95 Q
3.Diana Bulimar5.48.55 13.95 Q
4.Carlotta Ferlito5.18.40 13.50 Q
5.Jonna Adlerteg4.88.45 13.25 Q
6.Jessica Hogg5.08.25 13.25 Q
7.Tess Moonen5.08.400.213.20 Q
8.Ana Sofia Gomez5.37.90 13.20 Q
9.Harumy Freitas4.88.30 13.10 R
10.Angela Donald5.08.10 13.10 R
11.Elisa Haemmerle4.98.10 13.00 R
12.Claudia Cummins4.97.90 12.80
13.Natsumi Sasada5.27.60 12.80
14.Bianka Mityko4.78.05 12.75
15.Dilnoza Abdusalimova4.87.90 12.70
16.Madeline Gardiner5.27.45 12.65
17.Maria Vargas4.97.70 12.60
18.Kosthia Requena4.87.75 12.55
19.Erika Pakkala4.58.00 12.50
20.Nadia Baeriswyl4.67.85 12.45
21.Desiree Baumert5.37.10 12.40
22.Sophia Serseri4.97.800.512.20
23.Alina Kravchenko4.97.350.112.15
24.Demet Mutlu4.57.700.112.10
25.Filipa Verissimo4.37.75 12.05
26.Moldir Azimbay4.
27.Elisavet Tsakou4.77.25 11.95
28.Rawiwarn Muaktanod4.97.05 11.95
29.Lizaveta Parfionava4.67.25 11.85
30.Rachel Giam Pei Shi3.97.90 11.80
31.Eline Vandersteen4.87.200.311.70
32.Petra Hedbavna3.77.90 11.60
33.Park Kyungjin5.26.40 11.60
34.Agustina Estarli4.76.80 11.50
35.Mai Elsayed4.86.20 11.00
36.Nardjes Terkmane3.96.95 10.85
37.Eliana Rodriguez4.66.350.110.85
38.Soyolsaikhan Batbaatar4.26.55 10.75
39.Camila Vilches3.86.75 10.55
40.Shaden Wohdan3.36.95 10.25
41.Gabriela Dominguez3.56.950.310.15
42.Karla Salazar0.00.00 0.00
Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 16 August 2010 12:47    PDF Print
Kamoto Leads Youth Olympics Qualification
(6 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Fifteen-year-old Yuya Kamoto (Japan) led the men's qualification at the Youth Olympic Games on Monday at Singapore's Bishan Sports Hall.

Japan's Yuya Kamoto led the men's qualification at the Youth Olympic Games on Monday at Singapore's Bishan Sports Hall.

In the first of two subdivisions, Kamoto scored 87.250 to lead China's Zhu Xiaodong (86.100), who fell on his double pike parallel bars dismount. Russia's Daniil Kazachkov was third (85.400).

Junior European champion Sam Oldham (Great Britain) jumped into the mix in the second subdivision, scoring 86.850 for second. Ukraine's Oleg Stepko was close behind with 86.800, to bump Zhu and Kazakhov down to fourth and fifth.

Kamoto, Kazachkov and Stepko each qualified to five apparatus finals. Kamato, who turns 16 on Sept. 14, was the top gymnast on parallel bars (14.850). Stepko, 16, was first on pommel horse (14.550) and earned the highest execution score of the day, 9.800, for his second vault. Oldham was best on high bar (14.450), Zhu on floor exercise (14.600), Spain's Nestor Abad on vault (15.775) and Romanian Andrei Muntean on still rings (14.700).

The gymnastics competition is open to males born in 1993 or 1994 and females born in 1995.

The gymnastics competition continues Tuesday at 11 a.m. with the women's qualification. Russia's Viktoria Komova, winner of four gold medals at the 2010 Junior Europeans, is favored to dominate the field.

The men's all-around final will be held Wednesday.

External Links: Official Website | Webcast

1st Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 16, Singapore

All-Around QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Yuya Kamoto14.5013.6514.5015.7514.8513.9587.20 Q
2.Sam Oldham14.3514.3013.9015.6014.2514.4586.85 Q
3.Oleg Stepko14.4014.5514.0515.7014.3013.8086.80 Q
4.Zhu Xiaodong14.6013.6014.2015.9013.6514.1586.10 Q
5.Daniil Kazachkov13.8013.9514.1015.8013.9013.8585.40 Q
6.Andrei Muntean13.9513.6514.7015.7014.4011.4083.80 Q
7.Ernesto Vila14.1013.4012.7015.6514.0513.9083.80 Q
8.Thomas Neuteleers14.2012.6513.9014.7514.2013.8083.50 Q
9.Ludovico Edalli13.7513.4513.4014.8013.9013.8083.10 Q
10.Vahan Vardanyan13.6013.5013.9014.9513.1513.4582.55 Q
11.Robert Watson13.8512.9013.5014.9513.8513.3082.35 Q
12.Nikolaos Iliopoulos12.4013.7013.8515.4013.3513.5082.20 Q
13.Eduard Shaulov13.8013.5012.1015.5013.6013.2581.75 Q
14.Levente Vagner13.2513.6513.6014.6513.6012.8581.60 Q
15.Daniel Weinert13.8513.0513.1014.6513.6513.3081.60 Q
16.Michalis Krasias13.6013.2013.8014.7012.8513.3081.45 Q
17.Brandon Prost13.3513.0513.2514.6013.7013.1581.10 Q
18.Amr Ahmed13.3513.6013.1514.9012.7513.3081.05 Q
19.Oliver Hegi12.3013.4013.6515.3512.5513.7581.00 R
20.Jesse Glenn13.8011.7514.0015.6512.3013.1580.65 R
21.Arthur Mariano13.5013.1511.9515.3513.4513.2580.65 R
22.Jo Yeonggwang13.3511.9013.7514.9513.1513.3580.45 R
23.Robert Tvorogal13.2013.0512.0514.8513.1014.1580.40
24.Vasily Mikhalitsyn13.3013.6013.3013.9013.5512.7080.35
25.Weena Chokpaoumpai14.0512.5513.2015.1012.7512.4580.10
26.Ferhat Arican12.6513.4013.5515.4011.9513.0580.00
27.Brody Jai Hennessy12.4011.7013.7514.9513.2513.8079.85
28.Nestor Abad14.1010.2014.0515.8011.5014.1079.75
29.Junior Rojo13.6011.8013.4515.0013.3512.3079.50
30.Javier Cervantes12.7012.1513.5515.8012.5012.5079.20
31.Filip Borosa14.0512.9512.4514.7512.4011.9078.50
32.Viktor Kocherin12.6013.1012.4015.5512.0512.4078.10
33.Ryan Patterson12.8011.3512.8514.7013.0512.9577.70
34.Karl Kosztka13.7511.2013.1014.8011.6512.4076.90
35.Ahmed Aldayani11.5512.8511.6515.1012.1512.6075.90
36.Timothy Tay13.2011.5512.2514.1012.1512.1075.35
37.Erdenebold Ganbat12.2511.8513.9515.4512.059.7575.30
38.Ismael Sanabria13.758.6512.1515.2011.0513.0073.80
39.Naimi Mechkour12.8510.4511.2514.7011.1012.2072.55
40.Adham Alsqour12.509.3510.9013.0510.4512.4068.65
41.Lukasz Borkowski0.0011.050.0013.900.0010.8035.75

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Zhu Xiaodong5.39.3 14.60 Q
2.Yuya Kamoto5.09.5 14.50 Q
3.Oleg Stepko5.49.0 14.40 Q
4.Sam Oldham5.39.1 14.35 Q
5.Thomas Neuteleers5.09.2 14.20 Q
6.Nestor Abad5.19.0 14.10 Q
7.Ernesto Vila5.58.6 14.10 Q
8.Filip Borosa4. Q
9.Weena Chokpaoumpai5.09.1 14.05 R
10.Andrei Muntean5.48.6 13.95 R
11.Daniel Weinert4.79.2 13.85 R
12.Robert Watson4.79.2 13.85
13.Daniil Kazachkov5.09.10.313.80
14.Jesse Glenn4.89.0 13.80
15.Eduard Shaulov5.18.7 13.80
16.Karl Kosztka4.79.1 13.75
17.Ludovico Edalli4.89.0 13.75
18.Ismael Sanabria5.28.6 13.75
19.Vahan Vardanyan4.39.3 13.60
20.Michalis Krasias4.69.0 13.60
21.Junior Rojo4.78.9 13.60
22.Arthur Mariano5.
23.Brandon Prost4.
24.Jo Yeonggwang5.08.4 13.35
25.Amr Ahmed5.18.3 13.35
26.Vasily Mikhalitsyn4.58.8 13.30
27.Levente Vagner4.
28.Robert Tvorogal4.78.5 13.20
29.Timothy Tay4.98.3 13.20
30.Naimi Mechkour4.68.3 12.85
31.Ryan Patterson5.27.6 12.80
32.Javier Cervantes4.78.0 12.70
33.Ferhat Arican5.
34.Viktor Kocherin4.
35.Adham Alsqour4.77.8 12.50
36.Nikolaos Iliopoulos4.88.10.512.40
37.Brody Jai Hennessy5.
38.Oliver Hegi4.97.4 12.30
39.Erdenebold Ganbat4.77.6 12.25
40.Ahmed Aldayani4.86.8 11.55
41.Lukasz Borkowski0.00.0 0.0

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Oleg Stepko5.39.3 14.55 Q
2.Sam Oldham5.19.2 14.30 Q
3.Daniil Kazachkov4.59.5 13.95 Q
4.Nikolaos Iliopoulos5.18.6 13.70 Q
5.Yuya Kamoto4.59.2 13.65 Q
6.Andrei Muntean4.69.1 13.65 Q
7.Levente Vagner5.28.5 13.65 Q
8.Vasily Mikhalitsyn4.69.0 13.60 Q
9.Zhu Xiaodong5.28.4 13.60 R
10.Amr Ahmed5.28.4 13.60 R
11.Vahan Vardanyan4.49.1 13.50 R
12.Eduard Shaulov4.68.9 13.50
13.Ludovico Edalli4.59.0 13.45
14.Ernesto Vila4.78.7 13.40
15.Ferhat Arican4.88.6 13.40
16.Oliver Hegi5.28.2 13.40
17.Michalis Krasias5.18.1 13.20
18.Arthur Mariano4.38.9 13.15
19.Viktor Kocherin4.58.6 13.10
20.Daniel Weinert4.68.5 13.05
21.Brandon Prost4.78.4 13.05
22.Robert Tvorogal4.88.3 13.05
23.Filip Borosa4.09.0 12.95
24.Robert Watson4.38.6 12.90
25.Ahmed Aldayani4.88.1 12.85
26.Thomas Neuteleers4.38.4 12.65
27.Weena Chokpaoumpai4.38.3 12.55
28.Javier Cervantes4.37.9 12.15
29.Jo Yeonggwang4.47.5 11.90
30.Erdenebold Ganbat4.67.3 11.85
31.Junior Rojo3.58.3 11.80
32.Jesse Glenn3.88.0 11.75
33.Brody Jai Hennessy3.68.1 11.70
34.Timothy Tay3.97.7 11.55
35.Ryan Patterson4.07.4 11.35
36.Karl Kosztka2.78.5 11.20
37.Lukasz Borkowski3.77.4 11.05
38.Naimi Mechkour3.07.5 10.45
39.Nestor Abad4.35.9 10.20
40.Adham Alsqour4.74.7 9.35
41.Ismael Sanabria4.24.5 8.65

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Andrei Muntean5.39.4 14.70 Q
2.Yuya Kamoto5.29.3 14.50 Q
3.Zhu Xiaodong5.29.0 14.20 Q
4.Daniil Kazachkov4.99.2 14.10 Q
5.Oleg Stepko5.09.1 14.05 Q
6.Nestor Abad5.09.1 14.05 Q
7.Jesse Glenn4.99.1 14.00 Q
8.Erdenebold Ganbat5.58.5 13.95 Q
9.Vahan Vardanyan4.69.3 13.90 R
10.Sam Oldham4.79.2 13.90 R
11.Thomas Neuteleers4.99.0 13.90 R
12.Nikolaos Iliopoulos4.89.1 13.85
13.Michalis Krasias4.69.2 13.80
14.Brody Jai Hennessy4.79.1 13.75
15.Jo Yeonggwang4.89.0 13.75
16.Oliver Hegi4.88.9 13.65
17.Levente Vagner4.69.0 13.60
18.Javier Cervantes4.88.8 13.55
19.Ferhat Arican5.08.6 13.55
20.Robert Watson4.88.7 13.50
21.Junior Rojo5.18.4 13.45
22.Ludovico Edalli4.98.5 13.40
23.Vasily Mikhalitsyn4.78.6 13.30
24.Brandon Prost4.88.5 13.25
25.Weena Chokpaoumpai4.78.5 13.20
26.Amr Ahmed4.88.4 13.15
27.Karl Kosztka4.48.7 13.10
28.Daniel Weinert4.78.4 13.10
29.Ryan Patterson4.38.6 12.85
30.Ernesto Vila4.97.8 12.70
31.Filip Borosa3.68.9 12.45
32.Viktor Kocherin4.38.1 12.40
33.Timothy Tay4.18.2 12.25
34.Ismael Sanabria4.77.5 12.15
35.Eduard Shaulov4.37.8 12.10
36.Robert Tvorogal4.18.0 12.05
37.Arthur Mariano4.87.2 11.95
38.Ahmed Aldayani4.67.1 11.65
39.Naimi Mechkour2.88.5 11.25
40.Adham Alsqour4.66.3 10.90
41.Lukasz Borkowski0.00.0 0.0

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Nestor Abad6.29.615.8015.775 Q
2.Javier Cervantes6.29.615.8015.675 Q
3.Erdenebold Ganbat6.68.915.4515.575 Q
4.Weena Chokpaoumpai5.49.715.1015.400 Q
5.Arthur Mariano6.69.10.315.3515.375 Q
6.Daniil Kazachkov6.29.615.8015.325 Q
7.Ferhat Arican6.29.215.4015.125 Q
8.Oleg Stepko6. Q
9.Oliver Hegi5.89.615.3515.050 R
10.Viktor Kocherin6.69.015.5514.825 R
11.Jesse Glenn6. R
12.Lukasz Borkowski5.08.913.9014.175
13.Ryan Patterson5.49.314.7014.125
14.Adham Alsqour4.68.80.313.0512.400

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Yuya Kamoto5.59.4 14.85 Q
2.Andrei Muntean5.68.8 14.40 Q
3.Oleg Stepko5.48.9 14.30 Q
4.Sam Oldham5.29.1 14.25 Q
5.Thomas Neuteleers5.29.0 14.20 Q
6.Ernesto Vila5.28.9 14.05 Q
7.Daniil Kazachkov4.79.2 13.90 Q
8.Ludovico Edalli4.99.0 13.90 Q
9.Robert Watson4.79.2 13.85 R
10.Brandon Prost4.69.1 13.70 R
11.Daniel Weinert4.49.3 13.65 R
12.Zhu Xiaodong5.28.5 13.65
13.Eduard Shaulov4.69.0 13.60
14.Levente Vagner4.88.8 13.60
15.Vasily Mikhalitsyn4.69.0 13.55
16.Arthur Mariano4.88.7 13.45
17.Junior Rojo4.58.9 13.35
18.Nikolaos Iliopoulos5.28.2 13.35
19.Brody Jai Hennessy4.68.7 13.25
20.Vahan Vardanyan3.99.3 13.15
21.Jo Yeonggwang5.18.1 13.15
22.Robert Tvorogal5.18.0 13.10
23.Ryan Patterson4.28.9 13.05
24.Michalis Krasias4.38.6 12.85
25.Weena Chokpaoumpai4.58.3 12.75
26.Amr Ahmed4.78.1 12.75
27.Oliver Hegi4.87.8 12.55
28.Javier Cervantes4.38.2 12.50
29.Filip Borosa4.48.0 12.40
30.Jesse Glenn4.77.6 12.30
31.Timothy Tay4.28.0 12.15
32.Ahmed Aldayani4.57.7 12.15
33.Erdenebold Ganbat4.37.8 12.05
34.Viktor Kocherin4.47.7 12.05
35.Ferhat Arican4.97.1 11.95
36.Karl Kosztka4.27.5 11.65
37.Nestor Abad4.86.7 11.50
38.Naimi Mechkour4.56.6 11.10
39.Ismael Sanabria4.17.0 11.05
40.Adham Alsqour4.56.0 10.45
41.Lukasz Borkowski0.00.0 0.00

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Sam Oldham5.29.3 14.45 Q
2.Robert Tvorogal5.09.2 14.15 Q
3.Zhu Xiaodong5.19.1 14.15 Q
4.Nestor Abad4.99.2 14.10 Q
5.Yuya Kamoto5.18.9 13.95 Q
6.Ernesto Vila5.48.5 13.90 Q
7.Daniil Kazachkov5.18.8 13.85 Q
8.Brody Jai Hennessy4.59.313.80 Q
9.Oleg Stepko4.79.1 13.80 R
10.Ludovico Edalli4.89.0 13.80 R
11.Thomas Neuteleers4.89.0 13.80 R
12.Oliver Hegi5.08.8 13.75
13.Nikolaos Iliopoulos5.08.5 13.50
14.Vahan Vardanyan4.19.4 13.45
15.Jo Yeonggwang5.08.4 13.35
16.Daniel Weinert4.48.9 13.30
17.Michalis Krasias4.78.6 13.30
18.Robert Watson5.08.3 13.30
19.Amr Ahmed5.18.2 13.30
20.Arthur Mariano4.68.7 13.25
21.Eduard Shaulov4.78.6 13.25
22.Brandon Prost4.98.3 13.15
23.Jesse Glenn5.08.2 13.15
24.Ferhat Arican4.98.2 13.05
25.Ismael Sanabria4.98.1 13.00
26.Ryan Patterson4.38.7 12.95
27.Levente Vagner4.88.1 12.85
28.Vasily Mikhalitsyn4.58.2 12.70
29.Ahmed Aldayani5.07.6 12.60
30.Javier Cervantes4.77.8 12.50
31.Weena Chokpaoumpai4.38.2 12.45
32.Viktor Kocherin3.58.9 12.40
33.Karl Kosztka3.88.6 12.40
34.Adham Alsqour4.77.7 12.40
35.Junior Rojo3.78.6 12.30
36.Naimi Mechkour3.78.5 12.20
37.Timothy Tay4.18.0 12.10
38.Filip Borosa4.17.8 11.90
39.Andrei Muntean4.96.5 11.40
40.Lukasz Borkowski3.67.2 10.80
41.Erdenebold Ganbat3.26.6 9.75
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 15 August 2010 08:05    PDF Print
Liukin Looking Forward, Not Back to Beijing
(57 votes, average 4.16 out of 5)

While mulling a comeback for 2012, reigning Olympic all-around champion Nastia Liukin (U.S.) said she doesn't spend every moment recalling her victory two years ago today in Beijing.

Nastia Liukin (U.S.) waves to the crowd after winning the women's gymnastics all-around gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

"One of the little girls (at her UCLA camp in July) asked me, 'What does it feel like to wake up every day and think you are the Olympics champion?' I don't wake up thinking, 'Wow, I'm the Olympic champion.' I hardly ever think about that," she told IG.

Liukin last competed at the 2009 U.S. Championships, which took place in Dallas near her hometown of Parker, Texas. She competed balance beam only, finishing fourth, and made the national team. She declined her spot at the world training camp, feeling that she was not ready to show her best at the world championships in London.

Since then, Liukin has been busy with appearances and projects. In 2010, she launched the Nastia Liukin Cup competition series and her own line of clothing, "SuperGirl by Nastia Liukin."

At the U.S. championships that concluded Saturday in Hartford, Liukin appeared on camera for Universal Sports, interviewing gymnasts and coaches. WOGA clubmate Rebecca Bross — who trains with Liukin's coach and father, Valeri Liukin — won the senior women's competition.

In Hartford, Liukin said it felt strange to not be competing at the national championships for the first time in eight years. Her first appearance at a national championships in 2002 gave a glimpse of her future greatness. On the first day of competition, the then-12 year old missed her Gienger on uneven bars and jarred her elbow during the fall. She was unable to finish the routine and scored a 6.800, but refused to withdraw from the competition. Instead, she fought back to complete both days of competition and finish 15th, earning one of the final spots on the U.S. junior national team.

"I was 12 when I made the national team, and I remember thinking, 'Gosh, in six years, I could have the opportunity to go to the Olympic Games,'" recalled Liukin, who turns 21 on Oct. 30. "Of course, at that point, you're like, 'Six years away seems so long.' Now the Olympics are done and over, and [I've] already accomplished it."

Liukin won the next four U.S. titles, at the junior level in 2003 and 2004 and as a senior in 2005 and 2006. She won four medals at the 2005 Worlds, including golds on uneven bars and balance beam. But a severe ankle sprain derailed her training prior to the 2006 Worlds in Aarhus, where she competed uneven bars only. She was nearly 100 percent by the 2007 Worlds in Stuttgart, where she helped the U.S. win the team title and added the individual gold on balance beam.

Some considered Liukin an underdog at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, favoring 2007 world champion Shawn Johnson to win the all-around title. But Liukin had the competition of her life during the final, eclipsing Johnson for the gold medal.

Two years later, Liukin said she is so busy that she only sometimes recalls that moment.

"I really hope that's how my life will always be," she said.

Liukin will be back in the gym training for the figure skating and gymnastics show Oct. 3 in Dallas. Depending on how her training goes, she said she may decide in favor of a comeback. If she were to win one more world and three more Olympic medals, she would surpass Shannon Miller as the most decorated U.S. gymnast in history.

While her mind is not made up about 2012, Liukin promises she will never live in the past. She sees more ventures and adventures in her future.

"I'm so proud of my accomplishments and my medals, but I do want to live somewhat of a normal life," she said. "I enjoy doing what I do."

IG's John Crumlish contributed to this article. Read his full interview with Nastia Liukin in the September issue of International Gymnast Magazine. Click here to subscribe today!

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Sr. Women: Bross Claims First Senior U.S. Title
(8 votes, average 4.50 out of 5)

With world and defending champion Bridget Sloan not entered in the all-around, first-day leader Rebecca Bross (WOGA) faced little challenge in claiming her first senior national title. And winning in Hartford should be a fitting test-run for Bross with regard to a bigger meet in October, the world championships in Rotterdam. She'll have a little unfinished business there, as well.

But here, Bross never showed any sign of collapse as she ran the table on the rest of the field, going eight-for-eight to score 120.300. She opened the night with an impeccable balance beam routine and closed with a stuck landing on her bars dismount of tucked full-out. In between she nailed her floor routine, which now includes a more difficult dismount than the one that cost her the world title last year. Instead of a 2.5 twist, punch front-half, she now punches to a layout front-full. She also vaulted a high Yurchenko-double. Only after her bars dismount did she allow some emotion after coach Valeri Liukin embraced her for a job well done. She waved to the crowd and high-fived a few fans who were leaning over the wall.

Though runner-up Mattie Larson (All Olympia) finished well behind in second (117.300), her mistake-free two days were surely what National Team Coordinator Marta Karolyi was hoping for. Larson is a star in the making, and while she lacks the sheer difficulty of Bross, her presentation is second to none.

Alexandra Raisman (Brestyan's) earned third (115.650) with solid routines and strong difficulty, while Kytra Hunter (Hill's), whose layout full-in mount on floor was a meet highlight, grabbed fourth (114.350).

Tied for fifth at 113.350 were Mackenzie Caquatto (Legacy Elite) and Chelsea Davis (Texas Dreams), the former recovering well on beam after falling on her bars mount in the second-to-last rotation.

Larson's teammate Samantha Shapiro placed seventh (112.00), giving up valuable tenths on vault with a simple Yurchenko-full, and Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) was eighth, having fallen to one knee on her Cheng vault (roundoff half-on to handpsring-rudi).

Defending champion Bridget Sloan (Sharp's) competed on balance beam again and stayed on, although it wasn't up to her usual standard. Her Beijing teammate Alicia Sacramone hit beam well and nailed a great handspring-rudi before stumbling back a bit on her high Yurchenko-double twist. Still, it was plenty to win the event. Bross won bars and beam, and Larson's dramatic floor won the gold there.

Though the U.S. men's world team was named today, the women's team will be decided after two training camps.

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• Members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team, which was forced to miss the Moscow games because of a boycott, were honored at the XL crowd tonight. In attendance: Head coach Francis Allen, (Asst. Bill Meade is deceased), Bart Conner, Peter Vidmar, Jim Hartung, Ron Galimore, Mike Wilson, Larry Gerard (Phil Cahoy was not present); (Head coach Ernestine Weaver not present), Asst. coach Paul Ziert, Kathy Johnson Clarke, Marcia Frederick Blanchette, Amy Koopman Enxing, Luci Collins Cummings, Beth Kline Rybacki (Julianne McNamara Zeile and Tracee Talavera Kent were not present).

• Also present as a spectator was Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir.

External Link: Full Results at USA Gymnastics

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Romanian Women Top British Hosts
(5 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

After losing to the British women at this year's European championships, Romania got its revenge by defeating the host team Saturday at a dual meet in Ipswich, England.

Raluca Haidu (Romania)

Newcomer Daniela Andrei led Romania to victory, 165.400-163.100. British champion and 2008 Olympian Hannah Whelan edged Andrei for the all-around title, 55.650-55.600. Romanian Raluca Haidu won the bronze (54.900).

Haidu was the bronze medalist on beam at the 2010 European Championships in Birmingham, where the British squad upset the Romanians for the silver medal behind Russia. Other team members in Ipswich were Gabriela Dragoi, Cerasela Patrascu and Diana Trenca.

"We have started our preparation for the world championships in Rotterdam in June under the new head coaches Mariana Bitang and Octavian Bellu," Romanian delegation head Mircea Apolzan said. "In fact, the results are not very important for us! What is important at this moment of our preparation for Rotterdam is the content of the routines, what are the new elements, which our gymnasts have added to their exercises and how consistent they are."

Apolzan said the team had been invited to bring seven gymnasts but could only spare five.

"Some of our strong gymnasts are recovering from injuries and others are not ready to compete as yet," he said.

2008 Olympic floor exercise champion Sandra Izbasa, who tore her Achilles' tendon in 2009, was unable to attend.

"She is back to training, but she still needs some time to overcome the fear of performing her extremely difficult acrobatic elements," Apolzan said. "She has a lot of support from the coaches and from the gymnastics community all over the world and she seems determined to be back in the team and to try to defend her Olympic title in 2012."

Joining Whelan on the British squad were Becky Downie, Danusia Francis, Jocelyn Hunt and Jennifer Pinches.

"The competition we have just witnessed was keenly fought," said Tim Jones, Olympic performance director for British Gymnastics. "We were very happy to see Hannah Whelan winning the all-around and proving her steady progress over the last months. This international is a stepping stone to the all-important world championships in Rotterdam in October, which will serve as the first round of the Olympic qualifications for London 2012. A very pleasing constructive day work, indeed!"

Competition concludes Sunday afternoon with the apparatus finals.

External Link: British Gymnastics


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