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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Dwight Normile    Monday, 12 October 2009 13:30    PDF Print
Final Day of Worlds Podium Training
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IG Editor Dwight Normile is blogging from the 2009 World Gymnastics Championships at the O2 Arena in London, where competition kicks off on Tuesday.

IG Tour

The IG Tour arrived in London Monday morning to warm, sunny weather. A welcome sight after being stuck in a plane for eight-plus hours. Kermit and Jean Davis first started organizing the IG tour for the 1987 Rotterdam World Championships, and this tour group includes at least one of the original members. Now that's loyalty. Ironically, next year's worlds return to Rotterdam in the same venue as in 1987 (Ahoy Arena).

After assembling at the airport, the tour boarded a bus bound for Windsor Castle. Despite the fact that nobody slept much on the plane, the side trip was relaxing and enjoyable. Afterward, we did a quick bus tour of London during which we saw a Greenpeace protest where people were sitting on the roof of the Parliament. A huge sign read "Change the Politics." After a quick photo-op at Buckingham Palace, we finally checked into our hotel. As inviting as the beds looked, we unpacked and walked over to the meet site instead.

O2 Arena

What a venue! Predominantly blue inside, the O2 is a dome-like structure that opened on June 24, 2007, and has a seating capacity of 23,000. Sitting adjacent to the River Thames in southeast London, it will house the gymnastics and basketball competitions at the 2012 Olympics.

Podium Training

Red- and cream-colored Gymnova apparatus fills the floor and provides a startling contrast to the blue podiums and seats. The acoustics are brilliant (an adjective I would like to start using to replace the worn-out American term of "awesome").

Ukrainian Alina Kozich is representing Uzbekistan, although she didn't appear to be in great shape.

Russia's Ksenia Semyonova, on the other hand, looked dazzling as ever on floor exercise. Her teammate Ksenia Afanasyeva injured her back in training and went home on Friday.

Great Britain's gymnastics queen Beth Tweddle took a nasty fall off uneven bars when she peeled off. Apparently, she was OK.

In the final women's session, Elsa Garcia (MEX) looked to be in great shape (clean vault of roundoff half-on, piked Cuervo), as did American Rebecca Bross and Becky Downie (GBR). It is interesting that Bross has the later session instead of U.S. national champion Bridget Sloan. Anna Myzdrikova (RUS) showed excellent tumbling on floor with a whip-Arabian double front and a triple twist, punch back tuck.

Men's Start Lists became available tonight, and notable all-arounders in the first of three subdivisions include Daniel Keatings (GBR), Maxim Devyatovsky (RUS) and Tim McNeill (USA). Subdivision 2: Kohei Uchimura (JPN), Jonathan Horton (USA), Benoit Caranobe (FRA), Luis Vargas (PUR) and Yuri Ryazanov (RUS). Subdivision 3: Jeffrey Wammes (NED) and Luis Rivera (PUR).

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 30 September 2009 17:52    PDF Print
Doha World Cup Ends; Worlds Approach
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Gymnasts from five nations won gold Wednesday as the 2nd Doha Gymnastics World Cup concluded in Qatar.

The Doha World Cup was the final major international competition before the 2009 World Championships, Oct. 13-18 in London.

China was the only double winner Wednesday, with victories from Hu Yuhong on balance beam and Dong Zhendong on parallel bars.

2008 Olympic silver medalist Thomas Bouhail claimed the vault title, and France's third gold of the meet. Compatriots Cyril Tommasone (pommel horse) and Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues (still rings) won their respective specialities Tuesday.

Polish Olympian Marta Pihan-Kulesza won her second World Cup title, placing first on women's floor exercise. Her first World Cup victory was on balance beam at the 2009 Turnier der Meister in Cottbus, Germany. Husband Roman Kulesza finished fifth on parallel bars in Doha.

Slovenian veteran Aljaz Pegan, 35, won high bar, his first World Cup title of 2009.

External Link: Doha World Cup

2nd Doha World Cup
Sept. 30, Doha, Qatar

Women's Balance BeamD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Hu Yuhong5.78.70014.400
2.Tina Erceg5.38.62513.925
3.Vasiliki Millousi6.07.90013.900
4.Ida Jonsson5.38.5250.113.725
5.Adela Sajn5.48.07513.475
6.Marta Pihan­Kulesza5.97.35013.250
7.Pauline Morel4.88.02512.825
8.Sasa Golob4.76.20010.900

Women's Floor ExerciseD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Marta Pihan­Kulesza5.58.40013.900
2.Tina Erceg5.18.57513.675
3.Adela Sajn5.08.60013.600
4.Pauline Morel5.38.3500.113.550
5.M. Hindermann4.88.57513.375
6.Ida Jonsson5.38.4250.413.325
7.Sasa Golob5.08.2000.113.100
7.Hu Yuhong5.47.8000.113.100

Men's VaultD ScoreE ScoreNDTotalAverage
1.Thomas Bouhail7.09.300 16.30016.425
 7.09.550 16.550 
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.675 16.27516.125
3.Tomi Tuuha6.69.125 15.72515.900
 6.69.475 16.075 
4.Luis Araujo6.69.275 15.87515.787
 6.29.600 15.700 
5.Marek Lyszczarz7.08.450 15.45015.762
 6.69.475 16.075 
6.Luis Rivera6.69.400 15.90015.487
 6.68.475 15.075 
7.Nasser Al­Hamad6.29.400 15.60015.450
 6.29.200 15.300
8.Nashwan Al­harazi6.29.225 15.42515.425

Parallel BarsD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Dong Zhendong6.79.15015.850
2.Yann Cucherat6.49.37515.775
3.Guo Weiyang6.39.17515.475
4.Adam Kierzkowski6.09.27515.275
5.Roman Kulesza5.99.10015.000
6.Manuel Campos5.89.10014.900
7.Epke Zonderland6.28.60014.800
8.Emin Garibov5.58.32513.825

High BarD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Aljaz Pegan6.88.95015.750
2.Epke Zonderland6.98.50015.400
3.Guo Weiyang6.78.65015.350
4.Vlasios Maras6.78.40015.100
5.Marijo Moznik6.68.30014.900
6.Samuel Piasecky6.08.52514.525
7.Enrico Pozzo6.47.15013.550
8.Brian Gladow5.87.42513.225

Written by Amanda Turner    Tuesday, 29 September 2009 16:57    PDF Print
France Wins Twice at Doha World Cup
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2008 Olympians Anja Brinker (Germany) and Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues (France) were among the gold medalists Tuesday at the 2nd Doha Gymnastics World Cup in Qatar.

Brinker won the gold medal on uneven bars over France's Pauline Morel. Brinker's Olympic teammate Marie-Sophie Hindermann won the bronze.

Sweden's Ida Jonsson won the women's vault title over Slovenian Tjasa Kysselef. Johnsson's victory is the first World Cup gold for a Swedish woman since Veronica Wagner won vault and balance beam at the 2007 World Cup in Buenos Aires.

Croatia's Tomislav Markovic scored his biggest victory to date, winning floor exercise over 2009 European medalist Eleftherios Kosmidis (Greece) and 2008 Olympic silver medalist Thomas Bouhail (France). Markovic finished third on floor exercise at the 2008 Doha World Cup.

France was the most successful nation, with Cyril Tomassone winning pommel horse and Pinheiro-Rodrigues earning the gold on still rings.

Competition concludes Wednesday with the remaining five apparatus finals. The Doha World Cup is the final major international competition before the 2009 World Championships, Oct. 13-18 in London.

External Link: Doha World Cup

2nd Doha World Cup
Sept. 29, Doha, Qatar

Women's VaultD ScoreE ScoreNDTotalAverage
1.Ida Jonsson5.08.850 13.85013.712
 4.88.775 13.575 
2.Tjasa Kysselef5.08.625 13.52513.525
 5.08.525 13.525 
3.Tijana Tkalcec5.08.425 13.32513.475
 5.08.625 13.625 
4.Annika Urvikko5.08.825 13.82513.300
 5.07.775 12.775 
5.Victoria Tsakalidou5.38.275 13.57513.087
 4.68.000 12.600 
6.Lapas Narongnu4.48.350 12.75012.787
 4.48.425 12.825 
7.Ida Laisi4.68.775 13.37512.737
 4.97.200 12.100 
8.Kanokporn Martin4.28.150 12.35012.037
 4.47.325 11.725 

Uneven BarsD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Anja Brinker6.18.525 14.625
2.Pauline Morel5.68.525 14.125
3.Marie-Sophie Hindermann5.98.075 13.975
4.Alexandra Olsson5.48.275 13.675
5.Marta Pihan­-Kulesza5.68.050 13.650
6.Ida Jonsson5.17.750 12.850
7.Hu Yuhong6.15.900 12.000
8.Annika Urvikko4.87.175 11.975

Men's Floor ExerciseD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Tomislav Markovic6.29.075 15.275
2.Eleftherios Kosmidis6.88.7250.415.125
3.Thomas Bouhail6.28.900 15.100
4.Enrico Pozzo6.28.700 14.900
5.Brian Gladow5.79.125 14.825
6.Jeffrey Wammes6.28.5500.114.650
7.Alexander Rodriguez5.98.525 14.425
8.Nasser Al­hamad5.37.375 12.675

Pommel HorseD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Cyril Tommasone6.69.175 15.775
2.Andrei Perevoznikov6.68.475 15.075
3.Saso Bertoncelj6.48.650 15.050
4.Dong Zhendong6.28.825 15.025
5.Alexander Rodriguez6.08.700 14.700
6.Rarchawat Kaewpanya5.98.525 14.425
7.Dmitry Stolyarov5.19.000 14.100
8.Prashanth Sellathurai6.75.725 12.425

Still RingsD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Danny Pinheiro-­Rodrigues7.19.025 16.125
2.Matteo Angioletti6.59.025 15.525
3.Eleftherios Petrounias6.68.775 15.375
4.Samir Ait Said6.78.650 15.350
5.Dimisthenis Tambakos6.58.700 15.200
6.Irodotos Giorgallas6.88.300 15.100
7.Prashanth Sellathurai6.38.625 14.925
8.Andrea Coppolino6.77.975 14.675

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French Dominate Doha World Cup Qualification
(5 votes, average 4.40 out of 5)

French gymnasts led the qualification competition on five of 12 events at the 2nd Doha Gymnastics World Cup, held Monday in the Qatar capital.

Four French men each qualified first on one event: Cyril Tomassone (pommel horse), Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues (still rings), Thomas Bouhail (vault) and Yann Cucherat (parallel bars).

Greece' Eleftherios Kosmidis was the top gymnast on men's floor exercise. China's Guo Weiyang led high bar, edging Slovenian veteran Aljaz Pegan on a tie break.

In a weaker women's field, French Olympian Pauline Morel was the top qualifier on uneven bars. Croatia's Tijana Tkalcec was the top vaulter, pulling ahead of Slovenia's Tjasa Kysselef on a tie-break. China's Hu Yuhong led balance beam.

The top gymnast on women's floor exercise was Polish Olympian Marta Pihan-Kulesza — whose husband Roman, qualified fifth to the final on parallel bars.

For the host nation, Nasser Al-Hamad qualified to the finals on men's floor exercise and vault. Al-Hamad, third behind Bouhail and the Netherlands' Jeffrey Wammes, has a chance to become the first Qatari gymnast to win a World Cup medal.

Competition continues Tuesday with the first half of the finals. The Doha World Cup is the final major international competition before the 2009 World Championships, Oct. 13-18 in London.

2nd Doha World Cup
Sept. 28, Doha, Qatar

Women's VaultD ScoreE ScoreNDTotalAverage
1.Tijana Tkalcec5.08.6750.113.57513.487 Q
 5.08.400 13.400 
2.Tjasa Kysselef5.08.5500.113.45013.487 Q
 5.08.525 13.525 
3.Ida Jonsson5.08.775 13.77513.475 Q
4.Annika Urvikko5.08.7250.113.62513.400 Q
 5.08.175 13.175 
5.Ida Laisi4.68.925 13.52513.200 Q
 4.68.275 12.875 
6.Victoria Tsakalidou5.08.5250.113.42513.025 Q
 4.68.025 12.625 
7.Lapas Narongnu4.48.550 12.95012.812 Q
8.Kanokporn Martin4.28.250 12.45012.500 Q
 4.48.150 12.550 

Uneven BarsD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Pauline Morel5.88.175 13.975 Q
2.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.77.975 13.675 Q
3.Anja Brinker67.200 13.200 Q
4.M. Hindermann5.97.150 13.050 Q
5.Ida Jonsson5.17.425 12.525 Q
6.Annika Urvikko5.47.050 12.450 Q
7.Hu Yuhong5.76.525 12.225 Q
8.Alexandra Olsson4.67.025 11.625 Q
9.Vasiliki Millousi4.26.450 10.650 R
10.Monika Frandofert4.85.425 10.225 R
11.Ida Laisi4.85.375 10.175 R
12.Victoria Tsakalidou5.14.7750.59.375
13.Aljazy Al-Habshi1.34.6004.01.900

Balance BeamD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Hu Yuhong68.950 14.950 Q
2.Vasiliki Millousi68.500 14.500 Q
3.Pauline Morel4.98.675 13.575 Q
4.Tina Erceg5.18.425 13.525 Q
5.Ida Jonsson58.3250.113.225 Q
6.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.77.6000.113.200 Q
7.Adela Sajn5.37.775 13.075 Q
8.Sasa Golob4.88.225 13.025 Q
9.Marie-Sophie Hindermann5.37.625 12.925 R
10.Annika Urvikko57.675 12.675 R
11.Victoria Tsakalidou5.17.375 12.475 R
12.Monika Frandofert4.67.0000.111.500
13.Ida Laisi4.75.925 10.625
14.Aljazy Al-Habshi3.85.975 9.775
15.Kanokporn Martin2.86.950 9.750
16.Lapas Narongnu3.95.7500.19.550

Women's Floor ExerciseD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Marta Pihan-Kulesza5.58.375 13.875 Q
2.Pauline Morel5.38.425 13.725 Q
3.Tina Erceg5.18.500 13.600 Q
4.Ida Jonsson5.18.425 13.525 Q
5.Adela Sajn4.88.575 13.375 Q
6.Marie-Sophie Hindermann4.88.6000.113.300 Q
7.Hu Yuhong5.37.750 13.050 Q
8.Sasa Golob58.2500.312.950 Q
9.Alexandra Olsson4.48.425 12.825 R
10.Annika Urvikko4.97.450 12.350 R
11.Monika Frandofert4.87.4000.311.900 R
12.Aljazy Al-Habshi3.87.2500.110.950

Men's Floor ExerciseD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Eleftherios Kosmidis6.68.675 15.275 Q
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.48.5250.114.825 Q
3.Enrico Pozzo6.28.575 14.775 Q
4.Tomislav Markovic6.28.450 14.650 Q
5.Brian Gladow5.78.800 14.500 Q
6.Thomas Bouhail68.5500.114.450 Q
7.Alexander Rodriguez5.98.525 14.425 Q
8.Nasser Al-Hamad5.98.300 14.200 Q
9.Luis Rivera68.4500.314.150 R
10.Dmitry Gogotov6.28.6500.814.050 R
11.Gustavo Simoes5.88.225 14.025 R
12.Tomi Tuuha5.68.7000.513.800
13.Rok Klavora5.97.875 13.775
14.Manuel Campos5.78.2000.213.700
15.Jad Mazahreh5.38.375 13.675
16.Nashwan Al-Harazi67.7000.313.400
17.Marco Mayr4.18.950 13.050
18.Mohamed Wahib Sarif58.050 13.050
19.Ali Al Asi67.3750.412.975
20.Abdulaziz Aljohani4.68.125 12.725
21.Michalis Doulkeridis5.67.4250.312.725
22.Suriyen Chanduang5.27.0000.112.100
23.Samuel Piasecky5.26.900 12.100

Pommel HorseD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Cyril Tommasone6.58.925 15.425 Q
2.Prashanth Sellathurai6.68.800 15.400 Q
3.Dmitry Stolyarov5.99.025 14.925 Q
4.Saso Bertoncelj6.28.550 14.750 Q
5.Rarchawat Kaewpanya6.18.600 14.700 Q
6.Alexander Rodriguez68.125 14.125 Q
7.Andrei Perevoznikov5.98.025 13.925 Q
8.Dong Zhendong5.38.600 13.900 Q
9.Bernardo Graca5.68.250 13.850 R
10.Robert Seligman5.87.925 13.725 R
11.Luis Rivera67.500 13.500 R
12.Elliott Cook6.37.150 13.450
13.Guo Weiyang5.87.375 13.175
14.Alberto Busnari6.46.275 12.675
15.Manuel Campos5.47.225 12.625
16.Kittipong Yudee4.97.675 12.575
17.Mahmood Alsadi4.97.325 12.225
18.Henrik Petterson5.56.600 12.100
19.Nashwan Al-Harazi4.27.375 11.575
20.Marko Brez5.36.150 11.450
21.Marco Mayr4.17.325 11.425
22.Mohamed Wahib Sarif3.77.500 11.200
23.Tariq Abu Ayad46.750 10.750
24.Jawad Al-Herz3.76.950 10.650
25.Nasser Al-Hamad4.26.225 10.425
26.Ahmed Habeb Aswailah4.24.125 8.325

Still RingsD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues6.88.800 15.600 Q
2.Matteo Angioletti6.58.600 15.100 Q
3.Samir Ait Said6.78.325 15.025 Q
4.Eleftherios Petrounias6.68.350 14.950 Q
5.Irodotos Giorgallas6.38.575 14.875 Q
6. Dimisthenis Tambakos6.58.325 14.825 Q
7.Prashanth Sellathurai6.68.150 14.750 Q
8.Andrea Coppolino6.77.975 14.675 Q
9.Ali Al Asi6.68.000 14.600 R
10.Guo Weiyang6.28.175 14.375 R
11.Simao Almeida5.28.775 13.975 R
12.Suriyen Chanduang5.87.875 13.675
13.Gustavo Simoes6.17.550 13.650
14.Mahmood Alsadi5.27.800 13.000
15.Luis Rivera5.37.525 12.825
16.Angel Ramos57.550 12.550
17.Mohamed Wahib Sarif2.68.000 10.600
18.Bader Al-Rashed2.57.925 10.425

Men's VaultD ScoreE ScoreNDTotalAverage
1.Thomas Bouhail79.3750.116.27516.362 Q
 79.450 16.450 
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.69.425 16.02515.812 Q
 6.29.400 15.600 
3.Nasser Al-Hamad6.29.425 15.62515.675 Q
 6.29.525 15.725 
4.Tomi Tuuha6.68.600 15.20015.612 Q
 6.69.425 16.025 
5.Luis Araujo6.69.225 15.82515.600 Q
 6.29.175 15.375 
6.Marek Lyszczarz6.68.9750.115.47515.500 Q
 6.29.325 15.525 
7.Nashwan Al-Harazi6.29.200 15.40015.425 Q
 6.29.250 15.450 
8.Luis Rivera6.29.375 15.57515.387 Q
9.Ali Al Asi78.6250.315.32515.375 R
10.Rok Klavora6.29.350 15.55015.362 R
11.Jad Mazahreh6.29.275 15.47515.350 R
12.Angel Ramos6.29.0500.115.15014.725
13.Mohamed Wahib Sarif6.29.050 15.25014.150
14.Ismail Shabi4.28.875 13.07513.225
15.Marco Mayr6.68.800 15.40013.137
16.Jawad Al-Herz5.88.3750.114.07513.000

Parallel BarsD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Yann Cucherat6.49.175 15.575 Q
2.Dong Zhendong6.78.775 15.475 Q
3.Guo Weiyang6.39.050 15.350 Q
4.Epke Zonderland6.28.900 15.100 Q
5.Roman Kulesza5.99.150 15.050 Q
6.Adam Kierzkowski69.050 15.050 Q
7.Emin Garibov5.98.875 14.775 Q
8.Manuel Campos5.88.925 14.725 Q
9.Samuel Piasecky68.300 14.300 R
10.Brian Gladow5.78.525 14.225 R
11.Vasileios Tsolakidis68.000 14.000 R
12.Mitja Petkovsek5.98.074 13.975
13.Angel Ramos5.58.000 13.500
14.Cyril Tommasone5.87.700 13.500
15.Dmitry Gogotov5.87.650 13.450
16.Mahmood Alsadi4.97.850 12.750
17.Simao Almeida57.425 12.425
18.Mohamed Wahib Sarif48.074 12.075
19.Mohammad Abu Saleh56.000 11.000
20.Bader Al-Rashed2.98.000 10.900
21.Mohammad Ali4.76.050 10.750
22.Tariq Abu Ayad3.96.675 10.575

High BarD ScoreE ScoreNDTotal
1.Guo Weiyang6.58.925 15.425 Q
2.Aljaz Pegan6.88.625 15.425 Q
3.Epke Zonderland6.78.375 15.075 Q
4.Enrico Pozzo6.48.650 15.050 Q
5.Marijo Moznik6.68.375 14.975 Q
6.Vlasios Maras6.38.650 14.950 Q
7.Samuel Piasecky6.18.800 14.900 Q
8.Brian Gladow6.18.650 14.750 Q
9.Alexander Rodriguez6.58.200 14.700 R
10.Jeffrey Wammes6.38.175 14.475 R
11.Emin Garibov5.85.800 14.250 R
12.Yann Cucherat6.57.750 14.250
13.Angel Ramos5.85.800 14.025
14.Bernardo Graca5.28.575 13.775
15.Roman Kulesza6.27.425 13.625
16.Manuel Campos5.77.825 13.525
17.Marko Brez5.77.550 13.250
18.Mohammad Ali4.48.350 12.750
19.Mahmood Alsadi4.37.775 12.075
20.Mohammad Abu Saleh4.87.150 11.950
21.Fahad Al-Ghannam2.23.050 5.250
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Komova Takes Two More Titles in Yokohama
(16 votes, average 4.88 out of 5)

The Japanese men won five golds and Viktoria Komova of Russia added two more titles as the Japan Junior International concluded Wednesday in Yokohama.

Chihiro Yoshioka, who won the men's all-around title Tuesday, won the individual gold medal on parallel bars. Yoshioka won the All-Japan Junior title earlier this year.

Two of his teammates grabbed a pair of titles each: Ryuzo Sejima won floor exercise and still rings, and Shou Yokoyama won pommel horse and high bar.

Russia's David Belyavsky prevented a complete Japanese sweep by winning the vault gold over Sejima. Belyavsky, who had finished fourth all-around Tuesday, was the most successful male gymnast Wednesday with four medals: gold on vault, silvers on floor exercise and high bar, and the bronze on pommel horse.

Komova, who dominated the women's all-around competition, also took four medals: golds on uneven bars and balance beam, silver on vault and bronze on floor exercise. Japan's Seira Suzuki won women's vault, and American Sophina Dejesus took the gold on floor exercise.

The biennial Japan Junior International will be held again in 2011.

International competition returns to Japan at the end of the year with the Toyota Cup, Dec. 12-13.

External Link: Japanese Gymnastics Association

2009 Japan Junior International

Women's Vault FinalScore
1.Seira Suzuki15.225
2.Viktoria Komova15.025
3.Janaina Braz Silva14.125
4.Emma Collister13.975
5.Sophina Dejesus13.800
6.Raluca Haidu13.550
7.Natsumi Sasada13.225
8.Briley Casanova13.025

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Viktoria Komova15.050
2.Natsumi Sasada14.300
3.Briley Casanova13.900
4.Sophina Dejesus13.625
4.Yoshino Taniguchi13.625
6.Emily Little13.300
7.Raluca Haidu13.175
8.Harumi Mariko Freitas10.900

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Viktoria Komova15.150
2.Natsumi Sasada14.625
3.Desiree Baumert13.750
4.Briley Casanova13.350
5.Sophina Dejesus13.150
6.Yoshino Taniguchi13.100
7.Dominique Pegg12.750
8.Harumi Mariko Freitas12.300

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Sophina Dejesus 14.300
2.Mai Murakami14.050
3.Viktoria Komova13.850
4.Dominique Pegg13.700
5.Harumi Mariko Freitas13.575
6.Yoshino Taniguchi13.150
7.Raluca Haidu12.950
8.Briley Casanova12.375

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Ryuzo Sejima15.100
2.David Belyavsky14.800
3.Chihiro Yoshioka14.750
4.Misha Koudinov14.700
5.Jake Dalton14.650
6.Jackson Payne14.250
7.John Orozco14.150
8.Reiss Beckford13.350

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Shou Yokoyama14.750
2.Ga Ram Bae14.050
3.David Belyavsky13.950
4.Chihiro Yoshioka13.850
5.Michael Mercieca13.600
6.John Orozco13.550
7.Reiss Beckford13.200
8.Misha Koudinov9.850

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Ryuzo Sejima14.750
2.John Orozco14.600
3.Reiss Beckford14.450
4.Chihiro Yoshioka14.350
5.David Belyavsky14.200
5.Jake Dalton14.200
7.Ga Ram Bae13.800
8.Jim Zona13.650

Men's Vault FinalScore
1.David Belyavsky16.100
2.Ryuzo Sejima15.900
3.Kevin Lytwyn15.550
4.Chihiro Yoshioka15.500
5.Jake Dalton15.450
6.John Orozco15.200
7.Reiss Beckford15.050
8.Jim Zona13.950

Parallel Bars FinalScore
1.Chihiro Yoshioka15.000
2.Shou Yokoyama14.750
3.Ga Ram Bae14.500
4.David Belyavsky14.100
4.John Orozco14.100
6.Jim Zona13.850
7.Reiss Beckford13.550
8.Jake Dalton13.400

High Bar FinalScore
1.Shou Yokoyama14.950
2.David Belyavsky14.800
3.Kevin Lytwyn13.850
3.Chihiro Yoshioka13.850
5.Jackson Payne13.750
6.Jake Dalton13.500
7.Jim Zona12.750
8.Reiss Beckford11.300


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