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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 07 November 2009 02:14    PDF Print
Chinese Dominate Osijek World Cup Qualification
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World pommel horse champion Zhang Hongtao was one of five Chinese gymnasts on top in Friday's qualification at the Osijek World Cup in Croatia.

Chinese gymnasts led qualification on half the events Friday at the Osijek World Cup in Croatia.

2008 Olympic champion Chen Yibing (still rings) and newly crowned world champions Zhang Hongtao (pommel horse) and Wang Guanyin (parallel bars) were the top scorers on their respective specialities.

Their female compatriot Sui Lu, the bronze medalist on floor exercise at October's world championships in London, led qualification on balance beam and floor exercise.

World vault silver medalist Flavius Koczi (Romania) was the top vaulter for the men. Former world champion Diego Hypolito (Brazil), who missed the floor final in London, was back on top in Osijek. Slovenia's Aljaz Pegan, another former world champion, qualified first on high bar.

Czech veteran Jana Komrskova was the top qualifier on women's vault and placed third on balance beam. Dutch gymnast Mayra Kroonen led uneven bars and qualified third on vault.

Croatian gymnasts earned seven spots in this weekend's finals. Tijana Tkalcec qualified second to vault final and 2008 Olympian Tina Erceg qualified third on women's floor exercise. Tomislav Markovic qualified third to the men's floor final.

Osijek is the second to final stop on the 2009 World Cup circuit. The season concludes next weekend at the DTB Cup in Stuttgart.

2009 Osijek World Cup
Nov. 6, Osijek, Croatia

Women's Vault QualificationScore
1.Jana Komrskova14.275
2.Tijana Tkalcec13.563
3.Mayra Kroonen13.550
4.Valeria Maksyuta13.438
5.Laura Gombas13.363
6.Dorina Boczogo13.250
7.Annika Urvikko13.200
8.Cynthia Lemieux-Guillemette13.150

Uneven Bars QualificationScore
1.Mayra Kroonen13.375
2.Laurie-Eve Pepin-Gagne13.275
3.Dorina Boczogo12.950
4.Jana Sikulova12.850
5.Ethiene Franco12.825
6.Cynthia Lemieux-Guillemette12.800
7.Valeria Maksiuta12.800
8.Bruna Leal12.725

Balance Beam QualificationScore
1.Sui Lu13.775
2.Priscila Cobello13.650
3.Jana Komrskova13.275
4.Tina Erceg12.800
5.Katarzyna Jurkowska12.750
6.Hu Yuhong12.675
7.Laurie–Eve Pepin Gagne12.600
7.Laura Gombas12.600

Woemn's Floor QualificationScore
1.Sui Lu13.875
2.Dorina Boczogo13.300
3.Tina Erceg13.275
4.Lima Zoi13.125
5.Saša Golob13.025
6.Mayra Kroonen12.975
7.Annika Urvikko12.850
8.Bruna Leal12.525

Men's Floor QualificationScore
1.Diego Hypolito15.675
2.Alexander Shatilov15.175
3.Tomislav Markovic15.025
4.Victor Rosa14.925
5.Jeffrey Wames14.925
6. Alexander Suprun14.625
7.Peter Marjan14.600
8.Mans Stenberg14.475

Pommel Horse QualificationScore
1.Zhang Hongtao15.825
2.Zoltan Kallai14.350
3.Andrei Perevozhnikov14.100
4.Marko Brez14.000
5.Sašo Bertoncelj13.875
6.Robert Seligman13.325
7.Peter Marjan13.250
8.Flavius Koczi13.150

Still Rings QualificationScore
1.Chen Yibing15.350
2.Alexander Vorobyov15.075
3.Ala Asi Ali15.075
4.Konstantin Pluzhnikov15.050
5.Arthur Zanetti14.900
6.Gustavo Simones14.825
7.Georgallas Irodotos14.300
8.Victor Camargo13.950

Men's Vault QualificationScore
1.Flavius Koczi16.137
2.Luis Araujo15.475
3. Alexander Yakubovsky15.387
4.Yevgeny Sapronenko15.387
5.Al Asi Ali15.063
6.Jad Mazahreh15.012
7.Shek Wai Hung15.012
8.Marek Lyszczarz15.012

Parallel Bars QualificationScore
1.Wang Guanyin15.200
2.Adam Kierzkowski15.125
3.Samuel Piasecky14.650
4.Roman Kulesza14.625
5.Marius Berbecar14.600
6.Hamilton Sabot14.025
7.Dmitry Gogotov13.950
8.Epke Zonderland13.700

High Bar QualificationScore
1.Aljaz Pegan15.300
2.Epke Zonderland15.175
3.Anatoly Vasilyev15.000
4.Samuel Piasecky14.825
5.Marco Baldauf14.475
5.Martin Konecny14.475
7.Mario Možnik14.450
8.Jeffrey Wammes14.325

Written by John Crumlish    Thursday, 05 November 2009 06:18    PDF Print
World Champion Tweddle: 'Roll on, 2012!'
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Recently crowned world floor exercise champion Beth Tweddle (Great Britain) is eager for the 2012 Olympics to return to the O2 Arena, site of the world championships in October.

Beth Tweddle (Great Britain)

"You can see the venue looks absolutely fantastic, and the crowd has been great," said the 24-year-old Tweddle during the world championships, held Oct. 13-18 in London. "With the Olympics it will be 10 times better, so roll on 2012!"

Tweddle said the home crowd boosted her morale after she fell from uneven bars in the qualification, losing a chance to advance to the final. As the 2006 world champion and 2009 European champion on uneven bars, she was considered a medal favorite on the event in London.

"The British crowd helped me a lot," Tweddle said. "(After qualifications) I went out the exit, and little kids swarmed me for autographs. It's they who pulled me up and made me realize I still had the floor final to look forward to."

Tweddle praised the positive atmosphere created by the audience throughout the week.

"Normally you go away and you've got a couple G.B. flags, usually (belonging to) your mum and dad and some else's mum and dad," she said. "So to hear the whole arena shouting just for you is pretty amazing."

Tweddle said she is looking forward to competing at the 2012 Olympics "as long as the youngsters aren't kicking me out of the team," as well as at next year's European Team Championships that the U.K. will host in Birmingham. Tweddle won two titles at the 2009 Europeans in Milan.

"I'd love to repeat what I did this year, with it being at home," she said. "It's a team event, and I'm only a two-piece gymnast, so we'll see what the team needs me to do. I'll just hang around and see where the team needs me."

Tweddle said the British team is working hard to keep public interest growing as the Olympics approach.

"We're trying to high-profile gymnastics leading up to the 2012 Olympics, and get kids involved," Tweddle said. "We've got the kids coming through the doors. We just don't have the facilities to accommodate them. There are so many waiting lists around the country. I'm sure there are lots of little girls just on the waiting list."

Great Britain's male gymnasts also performed impressively in London, where Daniel Keatings won the all-around silver medal, and Kristian Thomas finished sixth all-around. Keatings and Thomas placed first and second, respectively, at the British Championships held Oct. 30-Nov. 1 in London.

At worlds, Tweddle said she hoped to rally the British team after mistakes from teammates earlier in the competition. Louis Smith, the 2008 Olympic bronze medalist on pommel horse, fell in the pommel horse final. Becky Downie and Rebecca Wing placed 16th and 18th, respectively, in the women's all-around final.

"Louis was really upset, and seeing his disappointment spurs you on because you want to go out and do it for the British camp," Tweddle said. "The girls didn't have a great day in the all-around, so hopefully I pulled the girls' results back up and everyone can say, 'Yeah, at least we got a couple of medals from this competition.' Two or three years ago, you would have been lucky to see one medal, if any."

Read complete coverage of the 2009 World Championships, including exclusive quotes and photos, in the December 2009 issue of International Gymnast magazine.

Written by Amanda Turner    Tuesday, 03 November 2009 22:06    PDF Print
Brazil, Colombia Split South American Championships
(11 votes, average 4.64 out of 5)

Brazil and Colombia dominated the 9th South American Gymnastics Championships, which concluded Monday in Sogamoso, Colombia.

2008 Olympian Jorge Hugo Giraldo (Colombia)

2008 Olympian Jorge Hugo Giraldo, who helped Colombia to its best-ever performance at the recent world championships, won three gold medals for the host nation in Sogamoso.

Giraldo led Colombia (266.133) to a close victory over Brazil (263.601). Argentina (242.333) won the bronze over Peru (209.934).

Colombia finished 1-2 in the men's all-around, with Giraldo winning the title over teammate Didier Lugo. Brazilian veteran Mosiah Rodrigues won the bronze.

In the women's competition, Priscila Cobello led her Brazilian team (167.600) to an easy victory over Colombia (147.017) and Argentina (144.683). Chile finished fourth (123.933).

Cobello, who competed on vault and floor exercise at October's world championships, led a Brazilian sweep of the women's all-around. Cobello won the title over 2008 Olympian Ana Claudia Silva and 2009 world team member Khiuani Dias.

Dias won uneven bars in finals, where Cobello added golds on balance beam and floor exercise to her haul.

Colombia's Catalina Escobar and Yurani Avendaño prevented a Brazilian sweep of the women's competition with a 1-2 finish on vault.

Colombia's four gold medals in Sogamosa follow a record finish for its gymnasts at the 2009 World Championships, held Oct. 13-18 in London.

"During the worlds in London — after nearly 10 years of participating in these events — two athletes managed to qualify for finals," Juan Navor Medina, president of the Colombian Gymnastics Federation, told IG on Tuesday.

Giraldo finished 17th in preliminaries, and ultimately finished 13th in the all-around final. He also placed 10th on parallel bars and was the second reserve athlete to the final.

Jessica Gil qualified sixth to the floor exercise final, but was unable to finish her routine in the final after taking a bad fall. (She was not injured.)

Medina is hopeful Colombian gymnasts can continue their hot streak since 2007, when Giraldo and Nathalia Sanchez qualified to the 2008 Olympics.

"Plans are in the works for full teams trying to contend for the 2012 Olympics in London," Medina said. "Likewise we have a good chance of qualifying a gymnast to the 2010 Youth Olympic Games."

The regional qualification for the first Youth Olympic Games takes place during the Pan American Junior Championships, which begin Wednesday in Aracaju, Brazil.

Colombia will see more international competition in 2010, with Medellin playing host to the 9th South American Games in March. In July, the capital of Bogota will be the site of the trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics competitions at the 21st Central American and Caribbean Games. Artistic competition will be held in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

Click here to download detailed results.

9th South American Gymnastics Championships
Oct. 30-Nov. 2, Sogamoso, Colombia

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXAA
1.Priscila Cobello 13.60013.80013.45013.50054.350
2.Ana Claudia Silva13.10012.90013.00012.70051.700
3.Khiuani Dias13.10013.65012.45012.35051.550
4.Catalina Escobar 14.46712.40011.50013.10051.467
5.Yurani Avendaño 13.20012.70011.10012.25049.250
6.Ayelen Tarabini13.50010.55012.60012.30048.950
7.Agustina Estarli12.73311.35011.70012.40048.183
8.Domenica Villalba13.00010.50012.35011.80047.650
9.Jhoannys Sotillo 12.50012.10011.40011.60047.600
10.Carolina Oliveira 12.16711.30012.15011.85047.467
11.Lucila Estarli13.30010.20011.80011.70047.000
13.Gabriela Gomez 13.10010.90010.90011.30046.200
14.Mariela Bovone12.63310.75010.40010.95044.733
15.Martina Castro 12.7338.75010.70012.05044.233
16.Eliana Gonzalez 13.10010.10010.05010.55043.800
17.Macarena Riquelme 12.6008.3509.60011.30041.850
18.Andrea Camino Bonicelli 11.4338.2509.8009.95039.433
19.Andrea Radrigan 11.7007.6007.8509.60036.750
20.Carina Hube 0.0008.7005.4000.00014.100

1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 14.36713.40013.76715.63314.90014.20086.267
2.Didier Lugo 14.13313.60014.33315.46714.20014.00085.733
3.Mosiah Rodrigues 13.63314.46713.63315.56713.80014.10085.200
4.Federico Molinari14.10011.70014.36715.63313.53313.50082.833
5.Francisco Barreto 13.10012.50014.03315.10013.43314.40082.566
7.Sergio Eras 13.40013.26714.40014.66713.86712.76782.368
8.Caio Costa 12.46713.43314.40013.40014.16713.70081.567
9.Osvaldo Martinez Erazun12.36711.96714.26715.00012.86712.46778.935
10.Nicolas Cordoba13.30011.53312.63314.70012.56713.20077.933
11.Mario Gorosito12.9009.80013.73314.83312.53313.33377.132
12.Jose Rivera Quilla12.0009.46712.16713.40010.60011.76769.401
13.Suarez Luis Ramirez12.4677.83311.10013.50011.76711.46768.134
14.Daniel Abad12.1339.9679.96713.50012.5679.73367.867
15.David Castellanos 13.96712.43314.2330.00013.00013.30066.933
16.David Figueroa Aguirre 13.2337.50011.03313.3338.06710.50063.666
17.Mario Berrios Cruz13.8331.2339.23315.16711.90011.73363.099
18.Fabian Meza 0.00013.3330.00014.53313.10013.96754.933

Women's Vault FinalD Score 1D Score 2Score
1.Catalina Escobar 5.34.613.400
2.Yurani Avendaño 4.44.413.038
3.Carolina Oliveira 5.04.412.950
4.Eliana Gonzalez 4.44.412.850
5.Estarli Lucila 4.64.612.675
6.Priscila Cobello 4.64.412.438
7.Villalba Domenia 4.04.611.813
8.Martina Castro

Uneven Bars FinalD ScoreScore
1.Khiuani Dias5.113.525
2.Priscila Cobello 5.213.350
3.Catalina Escobar 5.112.575
4.Jhoannys Sotillo 4.912.525
5.Yurani Avendaño 5.412.300
6.Domenica Villalba4.211.700
7.Agustina Estarli4.211.450
8.Mariela Bovone3.711.150

Balance Beam FinalD ScoreScore
1.Priscila Cobello 5.213.325
2.Ana Claudia Silva4.913.300
3.Ayelen Tarabini4.611.925
4.Lucila Estarli4.711.725
5.Domenia Villalba5.111.150
6.Avendaño Yurani4.111.000
7.Catalina Escobar 4.810.725
8.Jhoannys Sotillo 3.910.400

Women's Floor Exercise FinalD ScoreScore
1.Priscila Cobello 5.213.175
2.Ana Claudia Silva4.812.950
3.Catalina Escobar 5.112.825
4.Agustina Estarli4.812.625
5.Martina Castro Estarli5.012.075
6.Ayelen Tarabini5.212.000
7.Domenia Villalba4.711.450
8.Yurani Avendaño 4.59.925

Men's Floor Exercise FinalD ScoreScore
1.Mario Berrios Cruz5.514.250
2.Federico Molinari5.614.150
2.Mosiah Rodrigues 5.514.150
4.Sergio Eras 4.913.350
5.David Figueroa Aguirre5.112.950
6.Daniel Abad4.412.400
7.Osvaldo Martinez5.112.400
8.Didier Lugo 4.710.550

Pommel Horse FinalD ScoreScore
1.Mosiah Rodrigues 6.014.700
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 6.114.150
3.Federico Molinari5.113.650
4.Mario Gorosito5.312.800
5.Fabian Mesa 5.912.650
6.Daniel Abad4.512.450
7.Costa Caio5.611.950
8.Jose Quilla Rivera4.111.600

Still Rings FinalD ScoreScore
1.Federico Molinari5.914.900
2.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 6.314.800
3.Osvaldo Martinez6.114.550
4.David Castellanos 6.314.100
5.Sergio Eras 6.513.850
6.Costa Caio6.213.600
7.Jose Quilla Rivera5.112.150
8.Luis Ramirez Suarez4.311.600

Men's Vault FinalD Score 1D Score 2Score
1.Francisco Barreto 5.85.40014.775
2.Mario Berrios Cruz5.85.40014.750
3.Osvaldo Martinez5.45.80014.125
4.Jose Quilla Rivera5.44.60013.250
5.Daniel Abad4.64.20013.125

Parallel Bars FinalD ScoreScore
1.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 6.014.950
2.Caio Costa 5.714.450
3.Federico Molinari5.914.050
4.Deivy Castellanos 5.613.150
5.Daniel Abad4.612.550
6.Mario Berrios Cruz4.212.500
7.Osvaldo Martinez5.112.350
8.Sergio Eras 5.111.800

High Bar FinalD ScoreScore
1.Francisco Barreto 5.914.500
2.Mosiah Rodrigues 6.114.100
3.Nicolas Cordoba 5.413.750
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo 5.713.450
5.Federico Molinari5.013.450
6.Mario Berrios Cruz4.611.900
7.Jose Quilla Rivera4.411.300

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 01 November 2009 21:25    PDF Print
Keatings Reclaims British Men's All-Around Title
(6 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

World all-around silver medalist Daniel Keatings recaptured the all-around title at the British Men's Championships, held this weekend in London.

Daniel Keatings, 2009 British champion

Keatings, the 2007 British senior champion, scored 88.100 to reclaim the title over 2008 champion Kristian Thomas (86.900).

Luke Folwell, who trains with Keatings at the Huntingdon club, won the senior all-around bronze (85.250).

The competition took place at Goresbrook Leisure Centre, not far from the O2 Arena, site of the recent world championships.

"It’s a great honour to win the British title, and I'm delighted I have been able to continue the good form from the world championships," Keatings said. "My routines were pretty solid, although I'm not very happy with pommels today."

The competition was Keatings' third in as many weeks. Following the world championships, Oct. 13-18, he won the third stage of the Champions Cup, held Oct. 25 in Germany.

"Since the world championships I haven't really had any time to reflect as I've been back in the gym working hard," Keatings said. "Hopefully I'll get a break towards the end of the year, and I think it will be then that I can proudly look back on my achievement."

After a year-end holiday, Keatings will be back training for the 2010 European Team Championships, to be held April 20-25 in Birmingham.

"The 2010 European Championships is the next big aim for me," he said. "I know there will be increased pressure and expectation, but I think I can deal with that and hope to continue to improve and produce good results."

The British Men's Championships also featured competition in five age groups. Titlists were Reiss Beckford of South Essex (Under 18), Sam Oldham of Huntingdon (Under 16), Frank Baines of Southport (Under 14) and Brinn Bevan of South Essex (Under 12).

The 2009 British Women's Championships were held in July in Guildford.

Click here to download detailed results.

External Link: British Gymnastics

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 01 November 2009 14:55    PDF Print
'Deutsch' Duo Bui, Fahrig Claim 27th Swiss Cup
(6 votes, average 4.67 out of 5)

Germany's Kim Bui and Matthias Fahrig defeated another German pair to win the 2009 Swiss Cup, a mixed-pairs event held Sunday in Zurich.

Germany's Kim Bui and Matthias Fahrig defeated another German pair to win the Swiss Cup, a mixed-pairs competition held Sunday in Zurich.

Bui and Fahrig scored 30.400 in the final to defeat compatriots Elisabeth Seitz and Thomas Taranu (29.700).

The home team of Ariella Käslin and Niki Böschenstein placed third (29.675).

The Swiss pair were the top qualifiers to the final after the third round, with 86.325. The Ukrainian pair of Yana Demyanchuk and Nikolai Kuksenkov qualified second to the final (86.200), but placed fourth (29.300).

Pairs from the Netherlands, France and Italy were eliminated after three events, along with a second Swiss duo.

Traditional powerhouses China, Romania and Russia were eliminated after the first two events.

China's He Ning, who won the 2008 Swiss Cup with Lu Bo, scored only 12.900 on floor exercise in the second rotation, where partner Liang Fuliang could manage only 13.400 on still rings.

Romanian world champion Marian Dragulescu's big scores of 15.050 on floor exercise and 16.250 on vault couldn't hold up teammate Diana Chelaru's disastrous 9.800 on uneven bars. Dragulescu won the Swiss Cup in 2001 with Silvia Stroescu and in 2003 with Oana Ban.

European champion Ksenia Semyonova, paired with Russian teammate Sergei Khorokhordin, had an off day, scoring 12.650 on uneven bars and 12.250 on floor exercise.

The 2009 Swiss Cup marked the 10th edition of mixed-pairs competition in Zurich. The annual event switched to its current format in 2000, after being an apparatus-only competition in the 1990s and a traditional all-around competition in the 1980s.

External Link: Swiss Cup Official Site

Click here to download detailed results.

Ten Years of Mixed-Pairs Competition at the Swiss Cup

2000Yelena Zamolodchikova & Alexei Bondarenko
2001Silvia Stroescu & Marian Dragulescu
2002Monica Rosu & Philippe Rizzo
2003Oana Ban & Marian Dragulescu
2004Catalina Ponor & Marius Urzica
2005Han Bing & Teng Haibin
2006Oksana Chusovitina & Jordan Jovtchev
2007Steliana Nistor & Flavius Koczi
2008He Ning & Lu Bo
2009Kim Bui & Matthias Fahrig

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