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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 17 May 2009 12:22    PDF Print
Kanayeva Sweeps European Championships
(30 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

2008 Olympic champion Yevgenia Kanayeva (Russia) swept all four events at the Rhythmic European Championships, which concluded Sunday in Baku, Azerbaijan.
2008 Olympic champion Yevgenia Kanayeva (Russia) swept all four events at the Rhythmic European Championships, which concluded Sunday in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Kanayeva led Russia to the senior team title Saturday, and on Sunday took individual golds with rope, hoop, ball and ribbon. No all-around competition was held in Baku.

Russian veteran Vera Sesina performed with rope, hoop and ribbon, and won the silver on each. Olga Kapranova, the third Russian team member, performed with the ball only.

Azerbaijani duo Aliya Garayeva and Anna Gurbanova led the host nation to silver in the team competition, ahead of bronze medalist Belarus. Gurbanova won the bronze medal with the ball, leaving former world champion Kapranova in fourth place. Both Garayeva and Gurbanova train in Moscow with Russian coach Irina Viner.

"I am happy with the result, but there is no limit to perfection," Gurbanova said. "I will work more to please the fans, the coaches who put so much into me, and those people who pull for me so much."

Two-time Olympic all-around bronze medalist Anna Bessonova (Ukraine) won the silver on ball and bronze medals on the other events.

"After the Olympic Games I have drastically changed style – music and routines. I see the spectators enjoyed it, and I also enjoyed performing it," Bessonova said.

Russia earned a complete sweep of the competition, with its junior group defeating Azerbaijan and Belarus in the exercise with five ribbons.

The junior group from Azerbaijan won the silver medal in Baku with the five-ribbons exercise.

2009 Rhythmic European Championships
May 16-17, Baku, Azerbaijan

RopeD1D2D AvgArtisticExecutionNDTotal
1.Yevgenia Kanayeva9.5009.7009.6009.6509.60028.850
2.Vera Sesina8.9009.5009.2009.5009.5000.0528.150
3.Anna Bessonova8.3009.3508.8259.5009.30027.625
4.Anna Gurbanova8.6009.0008.8009.2009.20027.200
5.Lyubov Charkashyna7.8009.0008.4009.3009.10026.800
6.Silvia Miteva8.0008.7008.3509.3009.00026.650
7.Irina Risenson7.5009.1508.3259.2009.00026.525
8.Aliya Garayeva7.8008.5008.1509.1009.0000.1026.150

HoopD1D2D AvgArtisticExecutionNDTotal
1.Yevgenia Kanayeva9.6009.3509.4759.8009.60028.875
2.Vera Sesina9.1009.1009.1009.4509.40027.950
3.Anna Bessonova8.8009.3009.0509.4509.15027.650
4.Aliya Garayeva8.7009.0008.8509.4509.15027.450
5.Anna Gurbanova8.8009.0508.9259.2509.1500.1027.225
6.Irina Risenson8.5008.9508.7259.1509.10026.975
7.Silvia Miteva8.6008.8008.7009.1508.80026.650
8.Svetlana Rudalova8.5508.5008.5258.8508.80026.175

BallD1D2D AvgArtisticExecutionNDTotal
1.Yevgenia Kanayeva9.7009.8009.7509.7009.60029.050
2.Anna Bessonova8.7009.4009.0509.5509.40028.000
3.Anna Gurbanova8.9009.7009.3009.3009.25027.850
4.Olga Kapranova8.6009.5009.0509.3009.3000.0527.600
5.Aliya Garayeva8.9009.3009.1009.2009.25027.550
6.Melitina Stanyuta8.5009.5009.0009.0509.15027.200
7.Irina Risenson8.0009.2008.6009.2009.1000.1026.800
8.Lyubov Charkashyna8.2008.8508.5258.9008.80026.225

RibbonD1D2D AvgArtisticExecutionNDTotal
1.Yevgenia Kanayeva9.2009.2509.2259.7509.45028.425
2.Vera Sesina9.1509.2509.2009.5009.4000.0528.050
3.Anna Bessonova8.9009.3509.1259.3509.10027.575
4.Aliya Garayeva8.6009.1008.8509.4009.25027.500
5.Anna Gurbanova8.5508.7508.6509.3009.30027.250
6.Silvia Miteva8.7009.0008.8509.2509.1000.1027.100
7.Irina Risenson8.4008.9508.6759.2509.00026.925
8.Melitina Stanyuta8.6008.5508.5759.1009.15026.825

Junior Group: 5 RibbonsD1D2D AvgArtisticExecutionNDTotal

Senior TeamRopeHoopBallRibbonTotal
16.Czech Republic46.00044.20043.55045.525179.275
24.Great Britain40.45042.67541.40039.975164.500
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Tweddle, Hypolito Double Winners in Glasgow
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Britain's Beth Tweddle and Brazil's Diego Hypolito each took two titles Saturday at the finals of the Glasgow Grand Prix.

The British and Dutch were the most successful at the World Cup event, claiming three golds each. Britain's six medals overall were the most of any nation, ahead of five each from Netherlands and Russia.

Beth Twedddle (Great Britain)

Tweddle won uneven bars and floor exercise, the two events she entered and the ones she won at last month's European Championships in Milan.

Russian newcomers Yekaterina Kurbatova and Yulia Berger went 1-2 on women's vault. Sanne Wevers (Netherlands) defended her balance beam title from last fall's Glasgow Grand Prix, this time tying Ana Maria Izurieta (Spain). Izurieta, a first-year senior, took a second medal with the bronze on floor.

Hypolito won men's floor exercise but surprised himself by also taking the gold medal on vault, where he defeated top qualifier Ri Se Gwang (North Korea). Ri, who had stuck a piked Dragulescu in qualification, fell on the 7.2-rated vault Saturday.

"I am very surprised about my result because this apparatus is not my speciality," Hypolito said of his vault title. "This result is very important and is going to reflect in a positive way for men's artistic gymnastics in Brazil. It is very rare in the Brazilian gymnastics history that a Brazilian gymnast wins two gold medals in the same competition."

2008 Olympic pommel horse bronze medalist Louis Smith, third in qualification, pulled ahead of top qualifier Krisztian Berki (Hungary) to take the title Saturday.

"I feel very happy to have Louis as my big adversary," said Berki, the reigning European champion on pommel horse. "He is a good gymnast and I appreciate him very much."

World Cup staple Yuri van Gelder (Netherlands), who had placed only fourth in qualification, claimed victory in the final. Jordan's Ali Al-Asi showed the highest D-Panel score (7.0) of the final to place second, winning his first World Cup medal. Top qualifier Ri placed only fourth.

North Korea still managed a gold however, with Kim Jin Hyok winning parallel bars over Slovakia's Samuel Piasecky and Slovenia's Mitja Petkovsek.

Epke Zonderland brought a third gold for the Netherlands on high bar, outscoring top qualifier Aljaz Pegan (Slovenia).

The World Cup circuit moves next to Moscow, with the World Stars May 29-30.

For competition highlights and behind-the-scenes interviews from Glasgow, log on to British Gymnastics' BGTV.

2009 Glasgow Grand Prix
May 16, Glasgow, Scotland

Women's Vault FinalSVScoreNDSVScoreNDAverage
1.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.814.2000.15.213.80014.000
2.Yulia Berger5.514.2755.313.52513.900
3.Jessica Gil5.314.0005.013.60013.800
4.Annika Urvikko5.013.6000.15.013.62513.612
5.Yasmin Zimmermann5.512.6250.15.013.32512.975
6.Becky Downie5.013.7754.812.0750.112.925
7.Diana Chelaru5.812.7754.412.97512.875

Uneven Bars FinalSVNDScore
1.Beth Tweddle6.715.275
2.Becky Downie6.114.600
3.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.914.425
4.Lucia Tacchelli5.814.125
5.Gabriela Dragoi5.913.250
6.Jana Sikulova5.413.025
7.Khiuani Dias5.412.650
8.Diana Chelaru5.112.375

Balance Beam FinalSVNDScore
1.Sanne Wevers5.70.114.075
1.Ana Maria Izurieta5.714.075
3.Gabriela Dragoi5.613.950
4.Khiuani Dias5.113.725
5.Becky Downie5.013.300
6.Suzanne Harmes4.713.275
7.Adela Sajn4.912.325
8.Yekaterina Kurbatova4.912.150

Women's Floor Exercise FinalSVNDScore
1.Beth Tweddle6.014.900
2.Anna Myzdrikova6.014.700
3.Ana Maria Izurieta5.513.975
4.Yasmin Zimmermann5.513.850
5.Yulia Berger5.40.213.450
6.Diana Chelaru5.513.200
7.Naomi Ruiz5.413.175
8.Jessica Gil5.20.312.950

Men's Floor Exercise FinalSVNDScore
1.Diego Hypolito6.615.850
2.Kristian Thomas6.115.225
3.Alexander Shatilov6.80.315.050
4.Tomislav Markovic6.315.000
4.Jeffrey Wammes6.315.000
6.Rok Klavora5.90.314.550
7.Anton Golotsutskov6.214.500
8.Dimitrios Markousis5.80.212.550

Pommel Horse FinalSVNDScore
1.Louis Smith6.715.750
2.Krisztian Berki6.715.525
3.Daniel Keatings6.715.400
4.Andrei Perevoznikov6.215.325
5.Donna-Donny Truyens5.714.125
6.Vid Hidvegi6.013.600
7.Ri Se Gwang5.713.400
8.Mosiah Rodrigues6.013.125

Still Rings FinalSVNDScore
1.Yuri van Gelder6.615.650
2.Ali Al-Asi7.015.425
3.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.615.350
4.Eleftherios Petrounias6.415.125
4.Ri Se Gwang6.715.125
6.Kim Jin Hyok6.615.100
7.Robert Stanescu6.815.075
8.Gustavo Simoes6.114.700

Men's Vault FinalSVScoreNDSVScoreNDAverage
1.Diego Hypolito6.615.9256.616.10016.012
2.Ri Se Gwang7.215.5757.016.42516.000
3.Jeffrey Wammes6.616.0500.16.615.7000.115.875
4.Luke Folwell6.615.7250.16.615.37515.550
5.Theo Seager6.615.7256.615.12515.425
6.Tomi Tuuha6.615.0006.215.65015.325
7.Victor Camargo6.215.1000.16.614.95015.025
8.Marek Lyszczarz0.0006.214.5257.262

Parallel Bars FinalSVNDScore
1.Kim Jin Hyok6.915.425
2.Samuel Piasecky6.215.275
3.Mitja Petkovsek6.215.125
4.Adam Kierzkowski6.015.025
5.Robert Stanescu5.814.375
6.Alexander Batinkov6.014.300
7.Roman Kulesza5.714.250
8.Epke Zonderland5.913.800

High Bar FinalSVNDScore
1.Epke Zonderland6.815.525
2.Aljaz Pegan6.315.350
3.Jeffrey Wammes6.214.775
4.Anatoly Vasilyev6.714.625
5.Marijo Moznik6.814.025
6.Kristian Thomas5.613.675
7.Ovidiu Buidoso5.912.725
8.Samuel Piasecky4.911.975

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British Shine as Grand Prix Begins in Glasgow
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The Glasgow Grand Prix World Cup began Friday, and British gymnasts qualified for 11 spots to Saturday's finals at Kelvin Hall.

Louis Smith (Great Britain)

Two-time Olympian Beth Tweddle was the top qualifier on uneven bars and women's floor exercise, the events she won at last month's European Championships in Milan.

2008 Olympic beam finalist Gabriela Dragoi (Romania) led qualification on that event.

No qualification was held for women's vault, as only seven competitors entered the event.

2008 British Olympians Louis Smith and Daniel Keatings each qualified for the final on pommel horse. Smith, the Olympic bronze medalist on the event in Beijing, was third again Friday behind European champion Krisztian Berki of Hungary and Belgian's Donna-Donny Truyens.

World floor exercise champion Diego Hypolito led the standings on floor exercise, where he debuted a tucked Hypolito, which he hopes will be named the Hypolito 2. Compatriot Khiuani Dias qualified to finals on uneven bars (sixth) and balance beam (fifth).

"The Brazilian team has grown in number of gymnasts in international artistic gymnastics competitions and the performance levels have also grown," Hypolito said. "Brazilians are becoming known on the artistic gymnastics scene, and both the public and other international gymnasts looking forward to seeing them perform."

North Korea's Ri Se Gwang led still rings and vault. On still rings, he outscored former world champion Yuri van Gelder (Netherlands), who placed only fourth. On vault, Ri performed a piked Dragulescu, which carries a 7.2 D-Panel rating.

Slovenian masters Mitja Petkovsek and Aljaz Pegan were the top scorers on their respective specialties, parallel bars and high bar.

2009 Glasgow Grand Prix
May 15, Glasgow, Scotland

No qualification competition held for women's vault; all seven entrants advance.

Uneven Bars QualificationSVNDScore
1.Beth Tweddle6.714.850
2.Lucia Tacchelli5.814.200
3.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.814.075
4.Jana Sikulova5.513.950
5.Gabriela Dragoi5.813.125
6.Khiuani Dias5.413.000
6.Becky Downie5.713.000
8.Diana Chelaru5.212.525
9.Annika Urvikko5.512.375
10.Ana Maria Izurieta5.212.225
11.Ana Claudia Silva3.910.575

Balance Beam QualificationSVNDScore
1.Gabriela Dragoi5.714.425
2.Sanne Wevers5.614.025
3.Ana Maria Izurieta5.713.975
4.Suzanne Harmes5.213.925
5.Khiuani Dias5.113.875
6.Becky Downie5.213.775
7.Adela Sajn5.413.575
8.Yekaterina Kurbatova5.813.525
9.Hannah Whelan5.713.225
10.Catarina Abrantes5.113.050
11.Diana Chelaru5.512.850
12.Yasmin Zimmermann5.40.112.625
13.Naomi Ruiz5.012.075
14.Sasa Golob5.012.050
14.Annika Urvikko5.012.050
16.Anna Myzdrikova5.511.575
17.Jana Sikulova4.811.275

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationSVNDScore
1.Beth Tweddle6.015.025
2.Anna Myzdrikova6.00.114.650
3.Ana Maria Izurieta5.514.175
4.Yasmin Zimmermann5.313.825
5.Diana Chelaru5.513.775
6.Yulia Berger5.40.113.575
7.Naomi Ruiz5.513.500
8.Jessica Gil5.40.113.200
9.Sasa Golob5.10.113.075
10.Adela Sajn4.90.112.975
11.Annika Urvikko4.90.212.875
12.Suzanne Harmes5.10.412.825
13.Jana Sikulova4.80.311.850

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationSVNDScore
1.Diego Hypolito6.815.325
2.Kristian Thomas6.115.300
3.Alexander Shatilov6.415.050
4.Anton Golotsutskov6.115.025
5.Rok Klavora5.915.000
6.Jeffrey Wammes6.20.114.375
7.Dimitrios Markousis6.314.350
8.Tomislav Markovic6.10.314.150
9.Alin Jivan6.214.125
10.Alexander Batinkov5.90.314.000
11.Jad Mazahreh5.70.113.925
12.Samuel Piasecky5.613.850
13.Se Gwang Ri6.113.700
13.Gustavo Simoes5.80.213.700
15.Vitor Camargo5.613.550
16.Eleftherios Petrounias5.913.450
17.Theo Seager5.50.313.400
18.Tomi Tuuha5.50.113.300
19.Barend Verbeke5.40.313.050
20.Marco Mayr4.112.875
21.Juho Kanerva4.512.575
21.Juan Sebastian Melchiori4.80.212.575
23.Juan Lompizano5.612.550
24.Wajdi Bouallegue5.80.612.500
25.Tiago Camacho5.20.512.475
26.Ali Al-Asi0.90.50.975

Pommel Horse QualificationSVNDScore
1.Krisztian Berki6.615.450
2.Donna-Donny Truyens6.315.250
3.Louis Smith6.515.225
4.Andrei Perevoznikov6.215.175
5.Daniel Keatings6.414.700
6.Se Gwang Ri5.814.575
7.Mosiah Rodrigues6.014.125
8.Vid Hidvegi6.314.075
9.Saso Bertoncelj6.013.875
10.Ovidiu Buidoso5.913.750
11.Ziga Britovsek5.413.550
12.Robert Seligman5.412.975
13.Alexander Shatilov5.312.875
14.Cosmin Popescu6.012.825
15.Dimitrios Markousis4.912.775
16.Caio Costa4.712.500
17.Juan Lompizano5.111.950
18.Federico Molinari5.311.750
19.Juho Kanerva4.411.600

Still Rings QualificationSVNDScore
1.Ri Se Gwang6.815.825
2.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.615.700
3.Kim Jin Hyok6.815.425
4.Yuri van Gelder6.515.300
5.Ali Al-Asi7.015.225
6.Eleftherios Petrounias6.415.100
7.Gustavo Simoes6.115.075
8.Robert Stanescu6.814.825
9.Dimitrios Markousis5.714.625
10.Federico Molinari6.614.600
11.Luke Folwell5.914.575
12.Gregor Saksida6.114.550
13.Olli Torkkel5.914.375
13.Eduard Gholub6.214.375
15.Vid Hidvegi5.614.350
16.Erazun Osvaldo Martinez5.814.050
17.Caio Costa6.213.950
18.Daniel Purvis5.713.925
19.Tomi Tuuha5.113.500
20.Vitor Camargo6.013.450
21.Fabian Leimlehner5.112.850
22.Marco Mayr3.812.100

Men's Vault QualificationSVScoreNDSVScoreNDAverage
1.Ri Se Gwang7.216.5507.016.52516.537
2.Marek Lyszczarz6.616.2006.215.65015.925
3.Jeffrey Wammes6.616.1756.215.57515.875
4.Diego Hypolito6.215.6256.616.05015.837
4.Luke Folwell6.215.6756.616.00015.837
6.Tomi Tuuha6.615.9250.16.215.62515.775
7.Theo Seager6.615.1500.46.615.65015.400
8.Victor Camargo6.214.9750.16.615.60015.287
9.Anton Golotsutskov6.615.1750.17.014.9750.415.075
10.Alin Jivan6.616.1004.213.52514.812
11.Juan Lompizano5.013.9250.16.215.20014.562
12.Jad Mazahreh6.214.4250.15.814.5500.114.487
13.Ali Al-Asi6.614.6750.46.214.1000.314.387
14.Mauro Martinez5.814.4255.414.10014.262
15.Marco Mayr6.615.1000.14.612.95014.025
16.Barend Verbeke5.413.9500.15.414.0750.114.012

Parallel Bars QualificationSVNDScore
1.Mitja Petkovsek6.215.700
2.Adam Kierzkowski6.015.450
3.Kim Jin Hyok6.615.100
4.Roman Kulesza5.714.950
5.Samuel Piasecky6.014.925
6.Epke Zonderland6.214.775
7.Robert Stanescu5.814.650
8.Alexander Batinkov6.014.225
9.Cosmin Popescu6.214.075
10.Daniel Keatings6.014.000
11.Mosiah Rodrigues5.413.950
12.Federico Molinari5.713.825
13.Daniel Purvis5.413.625
14.Mario Gorosito5.613.550
15.Dimitrios Markousis5.513.500
16.Fabian Leimlehner5.60.313.275
16.Diego Hypolito5.313.275
18.Vid Hidvegi5.413.000
19.Mohammed Abu Saleh5.00.312.850
20.Jad Mazahreh5.412.675

High Bar QualificationSVNDScore
1.Aljaz Pegan6.515.250
2.Anatoly Vasilyev6.415.200
3.Epke Zonderland6.215.025
4.Samuel Piasecky6.114.950
5.Jeffrey Wammes6.214.700
6.Marijo Moznik6.114.325
7.Kristian Thomas5.814.200
8.Ovidiu Buidoso6.013.975
9.Mosiah Rodrigues5.913.875
10.Alexander Batinkov5.913.775
10.Alexander Shatilov5.913.775
12.Fabian Leimlehner5.613.750
13.Theo Seager5.113.700
14.Roman Kulesza6.113.150
15.Juan Sebastian Melchiori4.412.975
16.Caio Costa5.212.950
17.Mario Gorosito5.212.900
18.Mohammed Abu Saleh5.410.750
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Millousi, Markousis Win Greek Championships
(9 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

The 2009 Greek Championships, held May 9-10 at the Ioannis Melissanidis Hall in Thessaloniki, also served as the first test for the selection of the teams for the forthcoming Mediterranean Games.

Vasiliki Milloussi at the 2009 European Championships

The majority of the top Greek gymnasts did not compete, however, because of injuries, tiredness after the European Championships in April, or because of the "light" training schedule they're leading this year, in order to keep strength until the end of the 2009-2012 Olympic cycle.

In the men's competition, Dimitris Markousis (15th at Europeans) retained the all-around title for second year in a row, aided by the absence of previous champions such as Vlasios Maras (2002-2006 winner) and Hristos Lympanovnos (2007 winner). Markousis, who scored 85.200, also clinched two gold medals at the apparatus finals (floor exercise and parallel bars).

"I could have done even better, but still I'm happy for winning the all-around for the second year in a row," Markousis said. "The most positive thing for me is the fact that I executed for the first time my new routine on floor exercise."

Maras did not compete at all, for the first time since he has joined the senior category in 2001, because he has been following an "extra light" training schedule since the 2008 Olympic Games. In fact, he is not planning to participate in the Mediterranean Games, June 26-July 5 in Pescara, Italy, and will focus on the World Championships, Oct. 12-18 in London. Maras plans to compete at Worlds in the same two events he did at the Europeans in Milan: high bar and vault.

"I hope and plan to stay in gymnastics for another six or seven years, until the 2016 Olympic Games," said Maras, who won his fourth European high bar title in Milan. "In order to do so and to remain in top level until then, I will have to keep my strength for the most important moments. So, I have been following a much lighter training schedule since the Beijing Olympics and I am going to participate in few tournaments this year. I took part in the Europeans with just a couple of hours' training per day. After Milan, I stayed out of gym for a whole month, in order to rest physically and mentally. Now, I'm back in action and I'm starting my work for the London World Championships. From 2010, the pace will be getting higher, as the needs of the Greek team will be getting more important, too." Dimitris Raftis, Maras's coach and the Greek team coordinator, said the Greeks want to ensure long-term success from the outset of the 2009-2012 Olympic cycle.

"Our aim is that Vlasios show the very best of himself, enthusiasm and endurance," Raftis said. "Hard work will be necessary for him and for the Greek team, as well, from the 2010 Worlds and on."

2004 Olympic rings champion Dimosthenis Tambakos did not compete in the Greek Championships, for the same reason, more or less. Tambakos will not participate in the Mediterranean Games, as he has already started to prepare himself for tournaments of the second half of the year.

"My absence from the Greek Championships had to do with the personalized training program which I follow," Tambakos said. "After the Europeans, I focused on training in more than one apparatus. My next competition might be in July."

On the other hand, Lefteris Kosmidis and Hristos Lympanovnos could not take part because of minor injuries. Kosmidis, bronze medalist on floor exercise at the Europeans, did not compete because of lower back ailments, while Lympanovnos had been experiencing an injury on his left shoulder. Nevertheless, they both are expected to be fit enough to participate in the forthcoming internal tests, after which the Mediterranean Games team will be sorted out.

"The doctor advised me to rest for a few days, in order to be able to get back in training soon," Kosmidis said. "Hopefully, there will be no problem in my training and preparation for the Mediterranean Games."

Regardless of not competing, all the above-mentioned gymnasts (Maras, Tambakos, Kosmidis and Lympanovnos) were present at the "Ioannis Melissanidis" Sports Hall and attended the championships.

In the women's competition, the absence of two-time Olympian Stefani Bisbikou gave Vasiliki Milloussi the opportunity to shine once again. Given the fact that three-time champion Bisbikou has decided to take a break from gymnastics, the top spot had to be filled by another gymnast.

Milloussi, who finished second to Bisbikou in the all-around last year, was the one. She won the all-around title for the second time in her career (the first one was back in 2002), with a total of 56.100 points. Milloussi had the best performance of the weekend, by scoring 14.850 in the balance beam final. She won the gold medal, of course, as she did on uneven bars. The 24-year-old Milloussi, who competed at the 2000 Olympic Games, quit gymnastics in 2003 but returned to action in 2007.

"I had trained hard and I was expecting a good performance, although I have been very tired since the Europeans," Milloussi said. "This success gives me strength for the forthcoming events. I really am feeling that I am better than ever, both physically and mentally. However, my age doesn't let me think very far away in the future. My dreams have to do with the next tournament. So, now I dream of competing and doing well at the Mediterranean Games next month. Then, I'll think about the next tournament and so on. I go step by step".

External Link: Greek Gymnastics Federation

2009 Greek Championships
May 9-10, Thessaloniki

Senior Women's All-Around
1. Vasiliki Milloussi (G.S. Kallitheas) 56.100
2. Evgenia Zafiraki (Irini Peristeriou) 53.600
3. Viktoria Tsakalidou (Panthessalonikios) 53.450
4. Ioanna Xoulogi (Orfeas Kalamarias) 51.350
5. Paschalina Mitrakou (Spartakos Thessalonikis) 50.300
6. Andriana Syrigou-Antoniou (Irini Peristeriou) 50.250
7. Konstantina Kazamia (Orfeas Kalamarias) 48.400
8. Marilena Barmaxizoglou (Proteas Egaleo) 48.300

Senior Women's Vault
1. Viktoria Tsakalidou (Panthessalonikios) 13.900
2. Evgenia Zafiraki (Irini Peristeriou) 13.762
3t. Danai Karabournioti (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.150
3t. Maria Parsantanian (Spartakos Thessalonikis) 13.150

Senior Uneven Bars
1. Vasiliki Milloussi (G.S. Kallitheas) 13.825
2. Evgenia Zafiraki (Irini Peristeriou) 13.450
3. Viktoria Tsakalidou (Panthessalonikios) 13.175

Senior Balance Beam
1. Vasiliki Milloussi (G.S. Kallitheas) 14.850
2. Maria Pitsikali (Kydon Hanion) 12.975
3. Viktoria Tsakalidou (Panthessalonikios) 12.950

Senior Women's Floor Exercise
1. Paschalina Mitrakou (Spartakos Thessalonikis) 13.375
2. Marilena Barmaxizoglou (Proteas Egaleo) 13.225
3. Vasiliki Milloussi (G.S. Kallitheas) 13.100

Senior Men's All-Around
1. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 85.200
2. Kostas Barmpakis (Palmos Kavalas) 84.250
3. Xenophon Kosmidis (Irini Peristeriou) 84.200
4. Giannis Zahariadis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 83.600
5. Haralambos Kailidis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 83.050
6. Stavros Kekelos (Irini Peristeriou) 80.550
7. Lefteris Petrounias (G.E. Peristeriou) 78.300
8. Giannis Tougkas (Irini Peristeriou) 76.050

Senior Men's Floor Exercise
1. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 14.400
2. Haralambos Kailidis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 14.025
3. Xenophon Kosmidis (Irini Peristeriou) 13.825

Senior Pommel Horse
1. Haralambos Kailidis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.825
2. Xenophon Kosmidis (Irini Peristeriou) 13.075
3. Lefteris Petrounias (G.E. Peristeriou) 12.975

Senior Still Rings
1. Lefteris Petrounias (G.E. Peristeriou) 14.650
2. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 14.550
3. Xenophon Kosmidis (Irini Peristeriou) 13.900

Senior Men's Vault
1. Stavros Kekelos (Irini Peristeriou) 15.187
2. Giannis Tougkas (Irini Peristeriou) 13.775

Senior Parallel Bars 1. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 14.250
2. Kostas Barmpakis (Palmos Kavalas) 13.950
3. Mihalis Doulkeridis (Orfeas Kalamarias) 13.775

Senior High Bar
1. Haralambos Kailidis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 14.025
2. Giannis Zahariadis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.050
3. Dimitris Markousis (Olympiaki Floga) 12.775

Junior Women's All-Around
1. Maria-Magdalini Trihopoulou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 51.250
2. Elisavet Tsako (Atlas Patras) 51.100
3. Ethanasia Hapsa (Irini Peristeriou) 47.850
4. Eleni Tsiliggiridou (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 47.100
5. Eleni-Hristina Diamanti (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 46.850
6. Dimitra Stamatiadou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 45.600
7. Serafina Papadimitriou (G.S. Kallitheas) 45.200
8. Panagiota Kanidou (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 43.600

Junior Women's Vault
1. Ariola Mera (Panionios) 12.187
2. Eleni Tsiliggiridou (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 12.150
3. Panagiota Kanidou (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 11.987

Junior Uneven Bars
1. Elisavet Tsako (Atlas Patras) 12.875
2. Eleni-Hristina Diamanti (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 12.525
3. Ethanasia Hapsa (Irini Peristeriou) 12.200

Junior Women's Balance Beam
1. Elisavet Tsako (Atlas Patras) 12.725
2t. Eleni Tsiliggiridou (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 12.475
2t. Eleni-Hristina Diamanti (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 12.475

Junior Women's Floor Exercise
1. Elisavet Tsako (Atlas Patras) 13.125
2. Dimitra Stamatiadou (Orfeas Kalamarias) 12.875
3. Eleni Tsiliggiridou (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 11.875

Junior Men's All-Around
1. Giorgos Georgiadis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 80.350
2. Nikos Galtsidis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 79.950
3. Giorgos-Hristos Hatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 78.400
3. Theodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 78.400
5. Nikos Antoniadis (A.G.O. Patras) 77.850
6. Majid-Mihalis Al Zubeidi (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 77.550
7. Giorgos Votsis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 77.150
8. Dimitris-Marios Koulis (A.G.O. Patras) 76.500

Junior Men's Floor Exercise
1. Hristoforos-Angelos Konstantinidis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.750
2t. Dimitris-Marios Koulis (A.G.O. Patras) 13.500
2t. Nikos Galtsidis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.500
2t. Theodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.500

Junior Pommel Horse
1. Giorgos-Hristos Hatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 13.500
2. Nikos Iliopoulos (A.G.O. Patras) 12.850
3. Giorgos Georgiadis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 12.725

Junior Men's Rings
1. Theodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.575
2. Giorgos Georgiadis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.400
3. Kostas Konstantinidis (Irini Peristeriou) 13.375

Junior Men's Vault
1. Giorgos Georgiadis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 14.950
2. Giorgos Votsis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 14.662
3t. Nikos Antoniadis (A.G.O. Patras) 14.250
3t. Theodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 14.250

Junior Men's Parallel Bars
1. Giorgos-Hristos Hatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 13.750
2. Nikos Galtsidis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.375
3t. Majid-Mihalis Al Zubeidi (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.300
3t. Theodoros Boutakis (Olympiada Stavroupolis) 13.300

Junior Men's High Bar
1t. Giorgos Georgiadis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.200
1t. Nikos Antoniadis (A.G.O. Patras) 13.200
3t. Giorgos-Hristos Hatziefstathiou (Olympiaki Floga) 13.000
3t. Nikos Galtsidis (Diagoras Ambelokipon) 13.000

Written by IG Online    Sunday, 10 May 2009 22:43    PDF Print
Sloan Leads U.S. Women over France
(26 votes, average 4.58 out of 5)

2008 Olympian Bridget Sloan placed first all-around and led the U.S. women to the team title over France in a dual meet held Friday in Rouen, France.

2008 Olympian Bridget Sloan placed first all-around and led the U.S. women to the team title over France in a dual meet held Friday in Rouen, France.

Sloan's 58.95 total earned her an easy all-around victory, and paced the U.S. sweep of the top three all-around rankings. Teammates Mackenzie Caquatto (56.75) and Olivia Courtney (56.25) were second and third, respectively.

The top French finisher was Olympian Marine Petit, who placed fourth (55.80).

Three members of the U.S. team did not compete on all four events: Kytra Hunter, Mattie Larson and Sabrina Vega.

U.S. vs. France
Rouen, France, May 8, 2009

1. United States 229.25
2. France 219.10

1. Bridget Sloan USA 58.95
2. Mackenzie Caquatto USA 56.75
3. Olivia Courtney USA 56.25
4. Marine Petit FRA 55.80
5. Corrie Lothrop USA 54.60
6. Bridgette Caquatto USA 54.60
7. Rose-Eliandre Bellemare FRA 54.55
8. Pauline Morel FRA 51.25
9. Léa Kémayou FRA 50.05


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