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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 13 November 2010 14:59    PDF Print
Mustafina, Komova 'Show Off' in Sardinia
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Russian stars Aliya Mustafina and Viktoria Komova were golden at the Italian Grand Prix, an "exhibition competition" held Saturday in Cagliari. Mustafina and Komova pose with world and Olympic rhythmic champion Yevgenia Kanayeva at Rockefeller Hall.

Russia and Italy divided the trophies Saturday at the "Freddy Cup" Italian Grand Prix, an "exhibition competition" held in Cagliari on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea.

A sold-out crowd of 2,500 packed Sardinia's Rockefeller Hall for a chance to to see some of the biggest names in gymnastics. The show featured just four events for artistic gymnastics — the women on uneven bars and balance beam, and the men on still rings and high bar — as well as rhythmic events. The winner of each event received a special trophy named for one of the show sponsor.

Russia brought its top gymnasts in world champion Aliya Mustafina, Olympic Youth Games champion Viktoria Komova, and world and Olympic rhythmic champion Yevgenia Kanayeva.

Mustafina, winner of two golds and three silvers at last month's worlds, used the opportunity to debut some new skills en route to the balance beam trophy. She added a full turn to the right immediately after her double turn to the left; a switch-half, back tuck combination, and a new side aerial to one foot (bringing her held leg all the way up) after her front aerial, Onodi. (Click for video). Komova had several wobbles, including on a new double turn.

Komova performed her well-known routine to win the trophy on uneven bars (15.500), while Mustafina missed several skills to place fourth.

Four-time world medalist Matteo Morandi won the trophy on still rings, where the Italians grabbed the top three places. Enrico Pozzo grabbed the trophy on high bar.

Neither Mustafina nor Komova are done competing for the year: The pair are scheduled to go to Japan in December for the Toyota Cup. Komova will be eligible for senior competition in January, and the anticipated all-around showdown between the two stars is expected at the Russian championships in March and European championships in April.

External Link: Italian Gymnastics Federation

19th Italian Grand Prix
Nov. 13, 2010, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

Uneven BarsScore
1.Viktoria Komova15.500
2.Serena Licchetta14.470
3.Lia Parolari13.940
4.Aliya Mustafina13.570
5.Vasiliki Millousi10.440

Balance BeamScore
1.Aliya Mustafina14.700
2.Viktoria Komova14.600
3.Vasiliki Millousi14.000
4.Elisabetta Preziosa13.770
5.Lia Parolari13.750

Still RingsScore
1.Matteo Morandi15.600
2.Matteo Angioletti15.400
3.Paolo Ottavi14.900
4.Jordan Jovtchev14.450
5.Samir Aid Said14.034

High BarScore
1.Enrico Pozzo15.140
2.Hamilton Sabot14.600
3.Vlasios Maras14.500
4.Mattia Tamiazzo14.240
5.Alberto Busnari13.800

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 13 November 2010 12:18    PDF Print
Mitchell Dominates DTB Cup with Three Golds
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Australian star Lauren Mitchell won three of the four women's titles Saturday at the finals of the DTB Cup in Stuttgart, Germany.

Mitchell, crowned as Australia's first female world champion last month in Rotterdam, took top honors in Stuttgart on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Her highest score of the day was an outstanding 15.325 on balance beam, for a routine that was both difficult and original (ff, ff, two-foot layout; triple turn in crouch; switch-half, back tuck; front aerial, switch leap, front tuck; ff, ff, double pike).

Lauren Mitchell won three of four titles in Stuttgart.

Imogen Cairns continued her streak of success as well, winning the women's vault title. Cairns, the Commonwealth Games champion and world finalist, stuck her Yurchenko 1 1/2 to top South Africa's Jennifer Kwela and Chilean Makarena Pinto.

Russia's Anna Dementyeva, the only gymnast to qualify to all finals, struggled on the same elements as in qualification (illusion on beam and full-in mount on floor), but picked up two bronze medals and a silver.

In the men's floor exercise, Israel's Alexander Shatilov took the title with solid passes, including a clean full-in dismount (6.5 Difficulty). Great Britain's Daniel Purvis, third in Rotterdam, hit another clean set to finish .1 behind (6.4 Difficulty). World champion and top qualifier Eleftherios Kosmidis (Greece) took costly steps on his landings to finish in a tie for third with Chilean Tomas Gonzalez.

World champion Krisztian Berki (Hungary) was again on top on pommel horse, his fourth World Cup title in 2010.

Russia's Alexander Balandin won still rings, sticking his piked double front after a lengthy routine that included a back roll to Maltese as well piked and tucked Yamawakis.

Romania's Marius Berbecar, who shows remarkable distance gets on vault, took first with a handspring double front and Tsukahara 2 1/2.

After missing the parallel bars final in Rotterdam, former world champion Mitja Petkovsek (Slovenia) was back on top in Stuttgart. China's Wang Guanyin, the 2009 world champion, broke on his Tippelt for second.

New German gymnastics hero Philipp Boy won the high bar title, catching a Cassina and half-Takemoto to layout Tkatchev before sticking his full-twisting double layout to the roaring applause from the Stuttgart crowd.

On Sunday, Boy will test his all-around skills against a select group of gymnasts in the Champions Challenge.

The 2010 World Cup season ends next weekend in Scotland with the annual Glasgow Grand Prix. No World Cup final will be held this year, and the past year of World Cup competition will determine the overall event champions.

External Link: Official Website

28th DTB Cup
Nov. 13, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's Vault FinalDScoreAverage
1.Imogen Cairns5.314.30013.937
2.Jennifer Khwela5.313.57513.600
3.Makarena Pinto5.213.62513.575
4.Tijana Tkalcec5.013.60013.450
5.Pia Tolle4.813.37513.300
6.Anna Dementyeva5.013.32513.187
7.Kristin Klarenbach5.013.55012.912
8.Gabrielle May5.013.42511.200

Uneven Bars FinalDScore
1.Lauren Mitchell5.514.150
2.Anja Brinker5.813.925
3.Anna Dementyeva5.713.900
4.Yana Demyanchuk6.113.775
5.Anastasia Koval5.413.675
6.Jana Sikulova5.613.525
7.Elisabeth Seitz5.812.750
8.Ida Laisi5.211.825

Balance Beam FinalDScore
1.Lauren Mitchell6.515.325
2.Anastasia Koval5.914.375
3.Anna Dementyeva6.013.800
4.Hannah Whelan5.613.775
5.Kristin Klarenbach5.313.475
6.Yana Demyanchuk5.913.225
7.Jana Sikulova4.911.875
8.Reeta Pietilae4.511.025

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Lauren Mitchell5.914.275
2.Anna Dementyeva5.613.525
3.Elisabeth Seitz5.413.200
4.Kristin Klarenbach5.112.925
5.Pia Tolle4.712.875
6.Irina Sazonova5.312.825
7.Jennifer Khwela5.112.675
8.Anastasia Koval5.012.400

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Alexander Shatilov6.515.125
2.Daniel Purvis6.415.025
3.Tomas Gonzalez6.414.850
3.Eleftherios Kosmidis6.514.850
5.Gael Da Silva6.314.800
6.Thomas Taranu6.014.525
7.Sakari Vekki6.214.325
8.Claudio Capelli5.913.475

Pommel Horse FinalDScore
1.Krisztian Berki6.415.425
2.Robert Seligman6.315.175
3.Donna-Donny Truyens5.914.900
4.Saso Bertoncelj6.314.775
5.Sebastian Krimmer6.014.700
6.Alexander Shatilov5.614.325
7.Max Whitlock6.513.875
8.Filip Ude5.412.375

Still Rings FinalDScore
1.Alexander Balandin6.715.425
2.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.615.275
3.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues6.815.100
4.Liao Junlin6.514.975
5.Thomas Taranu6.514.725
6.Nils Haller6.114.475
7.Pierre-Yves Beny6.414.450
8.Robert Weber6.313.900

Men's Vault FinalDScoreAverage
1.Marius Berbecar6.615.97515.937
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.616.00015.925
3.Andrei Isayev6.616.10015.825
4.Ruslan Panteleymonov6.615.77515.787
5.Thomas Taranu6.615.72515.650
6.Igor Radivilov7.016.15015.562
7.Nathan Gafuik6.616.05015.475
8.Marek Lyszczarz6.615.10015.325

Parallel Bars FinalDScore
1.Mitja Petkovsek6.215.275
2.Wang Guanyin6.815.250
3.Philipp Boy6.315.150
4.Sebastian Krimmer5.715.125
5.Claudio Capelli6.114.975
6.Adam Kierzkowski6.014.500
7.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues5.914.350
8.Pierre-Yves Beny5.513.375

High Bar FinalDScore
1.Philipp Boy7.015.900
2.Gael Da Silva6.415.175
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.615.175
4.Roman Kulesza6.014.900
5.Fabian Leimlehner6.314.425
5.Martin Konecny6.214.425
7.Roman Gisi5.614.325
8.Jackson Payne5.913.500
Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 12 November 2010 19:07    PDF Print
World Champions Shine in Stuttgart Qualification
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Apparatus world champions Lauren Mitchell (Australia), Eleftherios Kosmidis (Greece) and Krisztian Berki (Hungary) topped the field at the DTB Cup qualification, held Friday in Stuttgart.

The top eight gymnasts on each event qualify to Saturday's finals at the DTB Cup, the second-to-final World Cup of the year.

World floor exercise champion Lauren Mitchell (Australia) led beam and floor qualification in Stuttgart.

Mitchell, who became Australia's first female world champion last month in Rotterdam, led qualification on both balance beam and floor exercise.

British Olympian Imogen Cairns took first on vault (Yurchenko 1 1/2, Omelianchik) over Chilean newcomer Makarena Pinto. South Africa's Jennifer Khwela showed a new Yurchenko 1 1/2 to qualify third.

Germany's Elisabeth Seitz led uneven bars over Olympic finalist Anastasia Koval (Ukraine). Seitz, a finalist in Rotterdam, left out her Def but performed Gienger, Hindorff and Jaeger releases.

Anna Dementyeva, a member of Russia's first-place squad in Rotterdam, qualified to all four events.

Kosmidis was again the best on men's floor exercise, just edging Israel's Alexander Shatilov, 14.950-14.925.

World champion Krisztian Berki outscored Junior European champion Max Whitlock (Great Britain) on pommel horse. Whitlock, who competed at the Commonwealth Games in October but not the world championships, is yet another strong pommel worker for the rising British squad.

Russia's Alexander Balandin, first on still rings at last weekend's Osijek World Cup, topped the field again, while Romania's Marius Berbecar led vault.

China's Wang Guanyin competed parallel bars only and led qualification. Despite being the 2009 world champion on parallel bars, Wang was left off China's team to the world championships and Asian Games.

World all-around silver medalist Philipp Boy (Germany) was the top gymnast on high bar, with Canada's Jackson Payne qualifying second.

Boy headlines Sunday's Champions Trophy, a men's all-around competition. Other gymnasts invited are Cyril Tommasone (France), Eugen Spiridonov (Germany), Daniel Purvis (Great Britain), Takehito Mori (Japan), Maxim Devyatovsky (Russia), Nikolai Kuksenkov (Ukraine) and Jonathan Horton (United States). Devyatovsky won the past two editions of the Champions Trophy and its considerable prize money, which included a $75,000 Mercedes in 2009.

External Link: Official Website

28th DTB Cup
Nov. 12, 2010, Stuttgart

Women's Vault QualificationDifficultyScoreAverage
1.Imogen Cairns5.314.27513.862
2.Makarena Pinto5.013.55013.637
3.Jennifer Khwela5.313.87513.587
4.Anna Dementyeva5.013.65013.525
5.Tijana Tkalcec5.013.72513.462
6.Kristin Klarenbach5.013.50013.412
6.Gabrielle May5.013.52513.412
6.Pia Tolle4.813.42513.412
9.Tjasa Kysselef5.013.32513.375
10.Jennifer Pinches5.213.40013.225
11.Barbara Gasser5.013.37513.100
12.Jana Sikulova5.013.22513.087
13.Teja Belak5.312.52512.837
14.Katharina Fa4.411.57511.862

Uneven Bars QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Elisabeth Seitz6.114.600
2.Anastasia Koval5.814.100
3.Anna Dementyeva5.513.750
4.Lauren Mitchell5.513.725
5.Yana Demyanchuk6.012.975
6.Ida Laisi5.112.825
7.Jana Sikulova5.512.675
8.Anja Brinker5.712.225
9.Barbara Gasser4.812.025
10.Jessica Diacci5.011.750
11.Jennifer Khwela4.311.225
12.Linda Staempfli4.611.125
13.Gabrielle May4.38.175
14.Aagje Vanwalleghem1.43.400

Balance Beam QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Lauren Mitchell6.414.875
2.Anastasia Koval6.014.425
3.Hannah Whelan5.413.650
4.Anna Dementyeva6.013.425
5.Kristin Klarenbach5.313.350
6.Jana Sikulova5.013.225
7.Yana Demyanchuk5.813.175
8.Reeta Pietilae4.813.100
9.Jennifer Khwela5.513.000
10.Teja Belak5.512.725
11.Imogen Cairns5.112.675
12. Marie Sophie Hindermann4.912.650
13.Aagje Vanwalleghem5.512.575
14.Irina Sazonova5.312.500
15.Katharina Fa5.212.450
16.Elisabeth Seitz5.712.350
17.Tjasa Kysselef3.911.450
18.Jessica Diacci4.911.250

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Lauren Mitchell5.814.250
2.Elisabeth Seitz5.413.575
3.Anna Dementyeva5.613.425
4.Irina Sazonova5.313.025
5.Jennifer Khwela5.112.900
6.Kristin Klarenbach5.012.850
7.Pia Tolle4.612.675
8.Anastasia Koval4.912.675
9.Jennifer Pinches5.212.375
10.Linda Staempfli4.512.325
11.Katharina Fa4.712.050
12.Makarena Pinto3.911.775
13.Hannah Whelan5.511.775
14.Giulia Hindermann4.712.550

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Eleftherios Kosmidis6.514.950
2.Alexander Shatilov6.514.925
3.Gael Da Silva6.314.825
4.Daniel Purvis6.414.825
5.Tomas Gonzalez6.414.775
6.Thomas Taranu6.114.675
7.Claudio Capelli5.814.625
8.Sakari Vekki6.214.600
9.Vlad Cotuna6.314.425
10.Steve Woitalla6.114.325
11.Tomislav Markovic6.314.275
12.Jeffrey Wammes6.414.225
13.Sascha Palgen6.214.150
14.Nathan Gafuik6.014.050
15.Juan Melchiori5.713.650
16.Shakir Shikhaliyev5.413.375
17.Juan Lompizano5.613.375
18.Kevin Lytwyn5.313.300
19.Theo Seager6.313.275
20.Felipe Polato5.613.250
21.Filip Ude5.813.200
22.Georgios Georgiou5.613.200
23.Cristian Bataga5.713.175
24.Wajdi Bouallegue6.013.150
25.Ziga Silc5.613.125
26.Juan Gonzalez5.612.975
27.Jad Mazahreh6.012.975
28.Jiri Vesely4.812.025
29.Kas Van Weelden4.812.000
30.Mans Stenberg5.411.425

Pommel Horse QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Krisztian Berki6.415.675
2.Max Whitlock6.515.125
3.Saso Bertoncelj6.015.050
4.Filip Ude5.915.025
5.Sebastian Krimmer6.015.000
6.Donna-Donny Truyens5.914.925
7.Robert Seligman6.114.875
8.Alexander Shatilov5.614.400
9.Daniel Purvis5.914.300
10.Robert Weber5.614.250
11.Pierre-Yves Beny5.714.225
12.Kenneth Ikeda6.014.125
13.Cristian Bataga5.913.925
14.Pericles Da Silva6.013.625
15.Jackson Payne6.013.475
16.Ovidiu Buidoso6.113.400
17.Sascha Palgen5.713.300
18.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.713.250
19.Nikolai Kuksenkov5.213.175
20.Boudewijn De Vries5.313.150
21.Roman Gisi5.913.125
22.Siemon Volkaert5.412.800
23.Shakir Shikhaliyev4.512.725
24.Michel Bletterman5.212.550
25.Pascal Bucher5.912.450
26.Adam Rzepa5.311.600
27. Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues4.611.550
28.Juan Lompizano4.911.425
29.Nicolas Cordoba4.411.250
30.Richard Brablik4.910.950
31.Ziga Silc4.310.575
32.Matthias Decker4.510.250
33.Xheni Dyrmishi5.09.950
34.Georgios Georgiou1.31.800

Still Rings QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Alexander Balandin6.715.125
2. Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues6.715.025
3.Liao Junlin6.514.950
4.Robert Weber6.414.875
5.Thomas Taranu6.614.825
6.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.314.775
7.Nils Haller6.114.625
8. Pierre-Yves Beny6.414.525
9.Irodotos Georgallas6.314.425
10.Sascha Palgen5.814.250
11.Theo Seager6.214.200
12.Andrei Isayev5.714.100
13.Ruslan Panteleymonov5.513.950
14.Cristian Bataga5.913.625
15.Ville Hynninen5.013.375
16.Vlad Cotuna5.513.275
17.Tomi Tuuha4.613.050
18.Petr Smejkal4.713.050
19.Georgios Georgiou5.312.950
20.Christian Bruno5.212.800
21.Osvaldo Martinez5.712.775
22.Federico Molinari5.112.575
23.Shakir Shikhaliyev4.612.475
24.Toni Simonen4.712.350
25.Ali Al-asi5.412.150
26.Igor Radivilov5.712.050
27.Jiri Vesely4.311.525

Men's Vault QualificationDifficultyScoreAverage
1.Marius Berbecar6.616.10016.062
2.Jeffrey Wammes6.615.92515.787
3.Marek Lyszczarz6.616.07515.775
4.Thomas Taranu6.615.90015.775
5.Ruslan Panteleymonov6.615.97515.712
6.Nathan Gafuik6.616.00015.700
7.Andrei Isayev6.615.87515.662
8.Igor Radivilov7.016.15015.625
9.Steve Woitalla6.615.52515.537
10.Ali Al-Asi6.615.15015.525
11.Tomas Gonzalez7.015.85015.525
12.Claudio Capelli6.616.02515.512
13.Kevin Lytwyn6.616.05015.437
14.Theo Seager6.615.17515.362
15.Juan Gonzalez6.215.37515.050
16.Felipe Polato6.615.45014.975
17.Jad Mazahreh6.214.45014.912
18.Cristian Bataga6.614.85014.750
19.Shakir Shikhaliyev6.215.42514.550
20.Juan Lompizano6.215.22514.512
21.Brian Francioni5.414.35014.275

Parallel Bars QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Wang Guanyin6.715.550
2.Mitja Petkovsek6.215.400
3.Philipp Boy6.315.350
4.Claudio Capelli6.115.100
5. Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues5.915.075
6. Pierre-Yves Beny5.814.925
7.Sebastian Krimmer5.714.900
8.Adam Kierzkowski6.014.900
9.Ruslan Panteleymonov5.614.800
10.Roman Kulesza6.014.775
11.Kenneth Ikeda6.114.650
12.Konstantin Pluzhnikov6.014.550
13.Federico Molinari5.814.500
14.Jackson Payne5.814.325
15.Marius Berbecar6.414.150
16.Fabian Leimlehner5.514.125
17.Martin Konecny5.814.050
18.Michel Bletterman5.113.475
19.Petr Smejkal4.813.350
20.Vlad Cotuna5.713.325
21.Pericles Da Silva5.813.325
22.Osvaldo Martinez5.713.250
23.Pascal Bucher5.413.200
24.Manuel Pasten4.213.000
25.Felipe Pina5.512.575
26.Ville Hynninen4.912.325
27.Boudewijn De Vries5.212.075
28.Matthias Decker5.211.925
29.Shakir Shikhaliyev4.611.175

High Bar QualificationDifficultyScore
1.Philipp Boy7.015.500
2.Jackson Payne6.414.900
3.Gael Da Silva6.414.775
4.Roman Kulesza6.014.700
5.Martin Konecny6.214.400
6.Roman Gisi5.614.350
7.Fabian Leimlehner5.814.325
8.Jeffrey Wammes6.014.300
9.Nikolai Kuksenkov6.014.100
10.Boudewijn De Vries5.413.975
11.Alen Dimic6.113.925
12.Nicolas Cordoba5.813.850
13.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.813.725
14.Ovidiu Buidoso6.413.700
15.Marco Baldauf5.913.600
16.Petr Smejkal4.913.550
17.Christian Bruno5.613.550
18.Robert Weber6.213.375
19.Jad Mazahreh5.513.325
20.Marijo Moznik6.513.300
21.Pericles Da Silva5.913.250
22.Vlad Cotuna5.812.850
23.Pascal Bucher5.212.725
24.Juan Melchiori4.712.675
25.Shakir Shikhaliyev4.312.575
26.Kevin Lytwyn6.012.550

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 07 November 2010 13:43    PDF Print
Rijken Wins Twice at Osijek World Cup
(2 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)
Dutch gymnast Marlies Rijken captured both women's titles as the Osijek World Cup concluded Sunday in Croatia.

Rijkes won balance beam over vault champion Paula Plichta (Poland), and won floor exercise over top qualifier Tina Erceg (Croatia).

Rijkes, 17, was a member of the ninth-place Dutch team at last month's world championships in Rotterdam. She won the gold on balance beam and the bronze on uneven bars at the Maribor World Cup earlier this year.

Czech veteran Jana Sikulova, first on uneven bars Saturday, won two bronze medals Sunday.

Canadian Olympiann Nathan Gafuik won men's vault over Russia's Denis Ablyazin, who took second on still rings Saturday.

Former world champion Mitja Petkovsek (Croatia) won parallel bars over Polish gymnasts Roman Kulesza and Adam Kierzkowski.

Croatia's Mario Moznik ended the competition with a gold for the host nation, winning high bar over Canadians Gafuik and Jackson Payne.

The Osijek World Cup is the first of three World Cup events in November. Competition continues Nov. 12-14 with the DTB Cup in Stuttgart and Nov. 18-21 with the Glasgow Grand Prix.

External Link: Official Website

2010 Osijek World Cup
Nov. 7, Osijek, Croatia

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Marlies Rijken5.38.75014.050
2.Paula Plichta5.38.32513.625
3.Jana Sikulova5.07.92512.925
4.Ivana Kamnikar5.17.80012.900
5.Fiona Novak4.68.02512.625
6.Lisa Ecker4.87.50012.300
7.Katarzyna Jurkowska4.87.37512.175
8.Dianne Teunisse4.16.7250.110.725

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Marlies Rijken4.98.35013.250
2.Tina Erceg4.88.27513.075
3.Jana Sikulova4.97.95012.850
4.Katarzyna Jurkowska4.88.0000.112.700
5.Fiona Novak4.97.77512.675
6.Monika Frandofert4.77.9000.112.500
7.Jasmin Mader4.87.70012.500
8.Dianne Teunisse4.57.97512.475

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Nathan Gafuik6.69.35015.95015.950
2.Denis Ablyazin7.09.15016.15015.763
3.Michael Sawatzky6.68.97515.57515.500
4.Marek Lyszczarz6.68.62515.22515.238
5.Yevgeny Sapronenko6.69.30015.90015.175
6.Lindokuhle Ngcongo6.28.7500.314.65015.013
7.Fabian Leimlehner6.28.92515.12514.613
8.Adam Mihok6.28.8000.314.70014.588

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Mitja Petkovšek6.28.95015.150
2.Roman Kulesza6.09.07515.075
3.Adam Kierzkowski6.08.97514.975
4.Andreas Bretschneider5.68.75014.350
5.Jackson Payne5.88.50014.300
6.Fabian Leimlehner5.58.57514.075
7.Arien Butter5.68.42514.025
8.Costa Caio Americo5.48.52513.925

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Marijo Možnik6.48.65015.050
2.Nathan Gafuik6.78.30015.000
3.Jackson Payne6.38.50014.800
4.Danilo Nogueira5.48.80014.200
5.Samuel Piasecky5.98.15014.050
6.Fabian Leimlehner5.88.22514.025
7.Andreas Bretschneider6.07.75013.750
8.Roman Kulesza5.66.75012.350
Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 06 November 2010 13:16    PDF Print
Berki, Balandin Best at Osijek World Cup
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Pommel horse world champion Krisztian Berki of Hungary was one of five winners Saturday at the Osijek World Cup in Croatia.

Berki, the only 2010 world medalist competing Saturday, topped Croatians Robert Seligman and Filip Ude in the pommel horse final.

Second to Brazilian Diego Hypolito in 2009, Croatia's Tomislav Markovic won floor exercise this year. Markovic outscored Italian veteran Enrico Pozzo and Finland's Sakari Vekki in the final.

Russians Alexander Balandin and Denis Ablyazin went 1-2 on still rings. Balandin, one of the specialists left off Russia's world team in favor of giving experience to young gymnasts, had the highest score of the day in Osijek (15.825).

Poland's Paula Plichta won women's vault over teammate Gabriela Janik. Croatia's Tijana Tkalčec, second in 2009, won the bronze.

Czech veteran Jana Sikulova won uneven bars, her third World Cup title in 2010 following wins in Maribor and Ostrava. Austria's Barbara Gasser won the silver over Dutch gymnast Marlies Rijken.

Competition concludes Sunday with the remaining finals. Top qualifiers were Poland's Katarzyna Jurkowska (balance beam) and Adam Kierzkowski (parallel bars); Croatia's Tina Erceg (women's floor exercise), Canada'a Nathan Gafuik (men's vault) and Slovakia's Samuel Piasecky (high bar).

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2010 Osijek World Cup
Nov. 6, Osijek, Croatia

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Paula Plichta5.08.42513.42513.425
2.Gabriela Janik5.38.32513.62513.350
3.Tijana Tkalčec5.08.47513.47513.350
4.Jennifer Khwela5.08.42513.42513.350
5.Tjasa Kysselef5.08.32513.32513.325
6.Jana Sikulova5.08.42513.3250.113.038
7.Teja Belak4.88.25013.05012.825
8.Jasmin Mader5.07.87512.7750.112.600

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Jana Sikulova5.68.12513.725
2.Barbara Gasser5.18.37513.475
3.Marlies Rijken5.47.00012.400
4.Maria Homolova5.17.17512.275
5.Gabriela Janik5.16.97512.075
6.Simone Penker4.57.40011.900
7.Ivana Kamnikar4.86.87511.675
8.Dianne Teunisse5.16.27511.375

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Tomislav Marković6.38.52514.825
2.Enrico Pozzo6.08.80014.800
3.Sakari Vekki6.18.52514.625
4.Nathan Gafuik6.08.40014.400
5.Filip Ude5.98.12514.025
6.Adam Mihok5.88.4000.313.900
7.Samuel Piasecky5.58.4500.113.850
8.Kas van Weelden4.88.35013.150

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Krisztian Berki6.49.32515.725
2.Robert Seligman6.18.75014.850
3.Filip Ude5.79.10014.800
4.Ken Ikeda6.08.62514.625
5.Sašo Bertoncelj6.08.45014.450
6.Enrico Pozzo5.68.65014.250
7.Zoltan Kallai5.47.95013.350
8.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.77.62513.325

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Alexander Balandin6.89.02515.825
2.Denis Ablyazin6.48.77515.175
3.Matteo Angioletti6.48.70015.100
4.Markku Leinonen5.98.82514.725
5.Danilo Nogueira6.08.57514.575
6.Marek Lyszczarz5.68.85014.450
7.Andreas Bretschneider5.67.75013.350
8.Costa Caio Americo6.07.27513.275

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