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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 21 September 2015 14:34    PDF Print
Brazilians Take Three Titles in Osijek
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Brazil bagged three gold medals as the World Challenge Cup in Osijek concluded Sunday in Croatia. Jade Barbosa won the beam title over Dorina Böczögő (Hungary) and Isabella Amado (Panama).

Brazil bagged three gold medals as the World Challenge Cup in Osijek concluded Sunday in Croatia.

The Brazilians, the hosts for next summer's Olympic Games, won three of the five gold medals on the second day of apparatus finals at the FIG event.

Two-time world bronze medalist Jade Barbosa won the beam title over two-time Olympian Dorina Böczögő (Hungary) and Isabella Amado (Panama). Barbosa, the top qualifier, confidently performed a Yurchenko mount (RO, layout on), RO to two-foot layout; full turn with leg horizontal; switch leap, back tuck (wobble); RO ff double pike (one step) to take the title (14.225; 5.8 Difficulty).

Puerto Rico's Paula Mejías, won who vault on Saturday, also won floor exercise with a triple turn and clean tumbling (2 1/2, front layout full; Arabian double front to stag jump; whip, double tuck). Since 2011, the 21-year-old Mejías has trained at Universal Gymnastics in Miami with María González, mother of U.S. Olympian Danell Leyva.

Tünde Csillag took a second silver for Hungary and Cuba's Marcia Vidiaux won the bronze.

Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti of Brazil proved unbeatable on still rings, earning the highest score of the day on his speciality (15.750/6.8 D). Ukrainian Olympian Igor Radivilov took second (15.425) over Great Britain's Courtney Tulloch (15.275).

Radivilov won the gold medal on men's vault, showing a very high Dragulescu and Tsukahara double pike. Japan's Wataru Tanigawa won the silver over former European champion Tomi Tuuha (Finland).

On high bar, Arthur Mariano brought Brazil its third gold medal. Argentinian Nicolas Cordoba took second, with Brazilian Caio Souza winning the bronze.

External Link: Official Website

2015 Osijek World Challenge Cup
September 20, Osijek, Croatia

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Jade Barbosa5.88.42514.225
2.Dorina Böczögő5.48.17513.575
3.Isabella Amado5.67.85013.450
4.Rebecca Tunney5.77.6000.113.200
5.Tjaša Kysselef5.27.92513.125
6.Ariana Orrego4.97.70012.600
7.Kitti Honti4.77.80012.500
8.Thauany Araújo5.76.67512.375

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Paula Mejías5.58.05013.550
2.Tünde Csillag5.57.9000.113.300
2.Marcia Vidiaux5.67.70013.300
4.Simona Castro5.37.82513.125
5.Tjaša Kysselef4.68.17512.775
5.Ana Đerek5.07.8750.112.775
7.Dorina Böczögő5.77.2000.212.700
8.Tutya Yılmaz5.55.5500.110.950

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.88.95015.750
2.Igor Radivilov6.78.72515.425
3.Courtney Tulloch6.88.47515.275
4.İbrahim Çolak6.78.27514.975
5.Ali Ramadan Abouelkass Zahran6.58.22514.725
6.Manrique Larduet6.77.97514.675
7.Lucas Bitencourt6.18.40014.500
8.Daniel Corral6.37.45013.750

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Igor Radivilov6.09.32515.32515.275
2.Wataru Tanigawa5.69.35014.95015.175
3.Tomi Tuuha5.69.47515.07514.863
4.Keisuke Ogura6.47.97514.37514.738
5.Manrique Larduet6.09.32515.32514.713
6.Dominick Cunningham5.69.07514.67514.563
7.Caio Souza6.08.0500.113.95014.375
8.Jorge Vega6.08.0500.113.95014.250

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Arthur Mariano6.48.57514.975
2.Nicolas Cordoba6.48.55014.950
3.Caio Souza6.38.55014.850
4.Marijo Možnik6.57.97514.475
5.Ashley Watson6.87.55014.350
6.Hidetaka Miyachi6.67.57514.175
7.Alexander Shatilov6.27.30013.500
8.David Vecsernyes5.96.27512.175
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Hambüchen, Seitz Extend National Streak
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Fabian Hambüchen won a record ninth national all-around title Saturday at the 2015 German Gymnastics Championships in Giessen, where Olympian Elisabeth Seitz won her fifth title.

Fabian Hambüchen won a record ninth national all-around title Saturday at the 2015 German Gymnastics Championships in Giessen, where Olympian Elisabeth Seitz won her fifth title.

Hambüchen, 27, handily won his ninth overall title with 88.100. The three-time Olympian had his high scores on floor exercise (15.450) amd parallel bars (15.050). He dropped off high bar on his layout Tkatchev, but still scored 14.550.

"I feel fit as a fiddle," Hambüchen said. "I'm right on schedule. Everything is going great toward the world championships."

Andreas Toba won the silver medal (84.950) over Christopher Jursch (83.250).

Two-time Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen made a successful comeback from his knee injury. Nguyen competed four events in the all-around, capped by a high of 15.700 on parallel bars.

Seitz was sidelined earlier this year with a stress fracture in her foot, and had screws inserted to stabilize ther foot. She nevertheless returned to win her fifth consecutive all-around title in a close contest, scoring 55.800 to edge Pauline Schäfer by one tenth. Sophie Scheder won the bronze with 55.500.

"There year was terrible until the operation after the stress fracture in my foot, and then moving from Mannheim to Stuttgart," said Seitz, 21. "But it was a good thing I was able to show that I'm still here... and with two screws in my foot."

In Sunday's apparatus finals, Hambüchen continued his record-breaking ways with titles on floor exercise and high bar, his 37th and 38th German national titles, respectively.

Seitz added titles on uneven bars, where she mounted with a Maloney, back-uprise to immediate Ricna (Stalder-Tkatchev). Schäfer won vault and balance beam (beautiful side somi with 1/4 turn). Leah Griesser, fourth all-around, won floor exercise.

The German team will have one more test prior to the world championships, hosting Korea and Switzerland for a tri-meet on Oct. 10 in Dessau.

External Link: German Gymnastics Federation

2015 German Gymnastics Championships
Sept. 20-21, Giessen

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.13.45015.30013.25013.80055.800
2.Pauline SchäferTV Pflugscheid-Hixberg e.V.14.90013.65014.15013.00055.700
3.Sophie SchederTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf14.20014.05013.45013.80055.500
4.Leah GriesserTG Neureut13.30014.20013.55013.85054.900
5.Lisa Katharina HillMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.13.65014.35013.45013.15054.600
6.Sarah VossTZ DSHS Köln e.V.13.95012.85012.50013.15052.450
7.Pauline TratzTSV Rintheim14.10011.55011.90013.45051.000
8.Antonia AlickeTG Böckingen 1890 e.V.13.50012.55012.75012.10050.900
9.Marlene BindigDresdner SC 189813.25011.40012.10012.80049.550
10.Nicole FritzHeidenheimer Sportbund e.V.13.50010.80012.40012.20048.900
11.Annika GöttlerSSV Ulm 1846 e.V.12.80011.65012.40011.75048.600
12.Sonja FischerTuS Traunreut13.20010.75011.65011.65047.250
13.Sarina MaierTB Neckarhausen e.V.13.0009.75012.10012.15047.000
14.Elisa KuenHeidenheimer Sportbund e.V.12.75010.05012.50011.35046.650
15.Toska MarkgrafTV Planegg-Krailling13.00011.00010.25012.00046.250
16.Ruby Margaux van DijkMT 1861 Melsungen12.00012.3509.90011.60045.850
17.Natalie WolfgangSSV Ulm 1846 e.V.11.90010.65011.85011.35045.750
18.Lynn SchwäkeTSV Kronshagen 192413.15010.25011.00010.80045.200
19.Praw Ploy PhoemphunEintracht Frankfurt12.7005.70010.55011.95040.900
20.Kathrin FudickarTSV Kronshagen 192411.1005.80011.95010.35039.200
21.Nadja SchulzeSV Halle e.V.12.40012.400
22.Janine BergerSSV Ulm 1846 e.V.12.00012.000

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes15.45013.90014.70014.45015.05014.55088.100
*Anton FokinUzbekistan14.40014.55014.50013.80013.95014.25085.450
2.Andreas TobaTK Hannover12.90013.80014.60014.20014.40015.05084.950
3.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus13.75014.10013.00012.60014.65015.15083.250
4.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz14.05012.75014.80014.00014.85011.50081.950
5.Waldemar EichornTV Bous14.50014.20012.70013.00013.70013.80081.900
6.Helge LiebrichTV Wetzgau13.50014.05012.50014.30013.65013.15081.150
7.Felix PohlVfL Kirchheim unter Teck14.40011.35012.75014.10013.55014.10080.250
8.Philipp HerderSC Berlin14.00011.85012.85014.00014.95012.50080.150
9.Alexander MaierMTV Stuttgart13.55012.80012.90014.00013.55012.60079.400
10.Fabian LotzTSG Niedergirmes13.25013.25012.35012.80013.30013.75078.700
10.Brian GladowSC Berlin13.70013.25012.05012.40013.80013.50078.700
12.Florian LindnerKTV Chemnitz13.05011.40013.45014.00013.50011.00076.400
13.Johannes SchaalTV Wetzgau12.25012.90011.95013.20011.65012.55074.500
14.Thao Hoang VietSC Berlin13.15010.40014.10013.70011.60011.10074.050
15.Lasse GauchTSV Kronshagen13.80012.00010.05013.35012.45010.95072.600
15.Luca EhrmantrautTV Limbach11.80010.65011.25014.35011.95012.60072.600
17.Sebastian QuensellKieler MTV12.35013.15010.55012.55012.20011.60072.400
18.Stefan MiedlTSV Mühldorf13.20011.15011.90013.55012.6009.70072.100
19.Falk Daniel UhligTG Friesen Klafeld13.7009.95010.65013.10012.30012.20071.900
20.Nicolai UllrichTSV Weilheim12.10010.25012.30012.35012.65011.65071.300
21.Sebastian KrimmerMTV Stuttgart13.55014.40014.20013.50014.40070.050
22.Thore GauchTSV Kronshagen12.60011.2509.60011.35011.35011.45067.600
23.Matthias FahrigSV Halle13.80011.40014.95013.90011.75065.800
24.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching 12.70014.80015.70014.60057.800
25.Sebastian BockKTV Chemnitz 9.10011.50014.10013.50048.200
*Eduard ShaulovUzbekistan14.55010.300 13.40038.250
26.Nico ErmertTV Freudenberg5.20012.40017.600
27.Ivan RittschikKTV Chemnitz 14.85014.850
* Guest competitor

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Pauline SchäferTV Pflugscheid-Hixberg e.V.5.49.50014.90014.650
2.Pauline TratzTSV Rintheim5.09.20014.20013.866
3.Nicole FritzHeidenheimer Sportbund e.V.4.69.06613.66613.466
4.Lynn SchwäkeTSV Kronshagen 19244.88.7660.113.46613.299
5.Sonja FischerTuS Traunreut4.48.96613.36613.199
6.Ruby Margaux van DijkMT 1861 Melsungen4.48.73313.13312.916

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.6.68.86615.466
2.Sophie SchederTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf6.68.83315.433
3.Lisa Katharina HillMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.6.58.10014.600
4.Leah GriesserTG Neureut5.88.13313.933
5.Sarah VossTZ DSHS Köln e.V.5.07.86612.866
6.Pauline SchäferTV Pflugscheid-Hixberg e.V.5.17.26612.366

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Pauline SchäferTV Pflugscheid-Hixberg e.V.6.29.26615.466
2.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.68.63314.233
3.Sophie SchederTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf5.57.76613.266
4.Leah GriesserTG Neureut5.18.06613.166
4.Antonia AlickeTG Böckingen 1890 e.V.5.18.06613.166
6.Lisa Katharina HillMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.08.03313.033

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Leah GriesserTG Neureut5.48.30013.700
1.Marlene BindigDresdner SC 18984.98.80013.700
3.Pauline TratzTSV Rintheim5.38.36613.666
4.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.38.16613.466
5.Pauline SchäferTV Pflugscheid-Hixberg e.V.5.67.43313.033
6.Sarah VossTZ DSHS Köln e.V.5.17.80012.900

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes6.48.90015.300
2.Waldemar EichornTV Bous5.88.45014.250
3.Felix PohlVfL Kirchheim unter Teck6.08.22514.225
4.Lasse GauchTSV Kronshagen5.47.9250.213.125
5.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz5.76.55012.250
6.Philipp HerderSC Berlin5.96.10012.000

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Ivan RittschikKTV Chemnitz6.58.55015.050
2.Sebastian KrimmerMTV Stuttgart6.09.02515.025
3.Helge LiebrichTV Wetzgau5.28.07513.275
4.Waldemar EichornTV Bous6.56.52513.025
5.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.46.30011.700
6.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes4.96.07510.975

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.18.95015.050
2.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz6.38.52514.825
3.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes5.98.80014.700
4.Thao Hoang VietSC Berlin6.18.25014.350
5.Andreas TobaTK Hannover6.47.92514.325
5.Florian LindnerKTV Chemnitz6.38.02514.325

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Matthias FahrigSV Halle5.69.42515.02514.887
2.Luca EhrmantrautTV Limbach5.28.82514.02513.625
3.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.28.9500.513.65013.375
4.Thao Hoang VietSC Berlin5.28.87514.07513.262
5.Helge LiebrichTV Wetzgau5.28.87514.07512.937
6.Falk Daniel UhligTG Friesen Klafeld4.48.75013.15012.375

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.78.42515.125
2.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz6.68.27514.875
3.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.88.95014.750
4.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes6.07.87513.875
5.Philipp HerderSC Berlin6.17.37513.475
6.Andreas TobaTK Hannover5.87.05012.850

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes7.38.60015.900
2.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus6.58.55015.050
3.Andreas TobaTK Hannover6.68.30014.900
4.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.18.07514.175
5.Felix PohlVfL Kirchheim unter Teck5.68.27513.875
6.Waldemar EichornTV Bous5.76.85012.550
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British Bag Two Gold Medals in Osijek
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Great Britain claimed two gold medals Saturday as the World Challenge Cup in Osijek continued in Croatia.

Two-time Olympic medalist Louis Smith nailed his pommel horse routine for the gold medal. Smith, whose marathon routine merited a 6.9 in Difficulty, scored 15.550 to take the title over Croatia's Robert Seligman (14.850) and Ukrainian Andrii Sienichkin (14.700).

World championships finalist Ruby Harrold (Great Britain) won uneven bars with her noted routine (Maloney to Bhardwaj; Maloney-half immediate Zuchold transition; Jaeger; double front with one step).

Croatia's Robert Seligman and Žiga Šilc

Finland's Annika Urvikko (Shaposhnikova to bail; elgrip to piked Jaeger; double front from elgrip) won the silver medal over Brazilian Thauany Araújo (Maloney to bail; Gienger; Tkatchev; double front).

Puerto Rico's Paula Mejias won the gold medal on women's vault with a double-twisting Tsukahara (very clean form) and tucked Rudi. Hungarian Boglarka Devai (double-twisting Yurchenko and Tsukahara full) placed second over Chile's Franchesca Santi (double

Top qualifier Marcia Vidiaux (Cuba) landed in sixth place after badly underrotating both her double-twisting Tsukahara and layout Rudi (fall). Both vaults were downgraded in difficulty value.

Israel's Artyom Dolgopat won a close floor exercise final, where all three medalists finished within a tenth of each other. The Ukrainian-born Dolgopat tumbled a Randi; double-double; 1 1/2 to double-twisting front; Thomas, 2 1/2, front full; triple twist for 14.800.

Croatia's Žiga Šilc took second (whip-half, double front; double-twisting front to front full; tucked full-in; layout Thomas; 1 /2 to Rudi; 2 1/2 twist) over Mexico's Daniel Corral. Corral, most known for his pommel horse work, worked a long flair sequence into his routine with very clean tumbling (piked double front; piked Arabian double front; 2 1/2 barani; Arabian double front).

World medalist Alexander Shatilov (Israel) had the most difficulty of the field with 6.8, but finished fourth after landing out of bounds on his second pass of 3 1/2 to punch front.

Ukrainian star Oleg Vernyayev won parallel bars with the highest score of the competition so far, 16.050. Vernyayev, just eighth in qualification, was back in world champion form. He performed his 7.2-D routine very cleanly except for an overarched handstand prior to his stuck dismount of double front-half.

Turkey's Ferhat Arıcan claimed the silver, edging Japan's Hidetaka Miyachi, 15.250-15.225.

Competition concludes Sunday in Osijek with the remaining events.

External Link: Official Website

2015 Osijek World Challenge Cup
September 19, Osijek, Croatia

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Paula Mejias6.08.37514.37514.125
2.Boglarka Devai5.88.47514.27514.088
3.Franchesca Santi5.88.4000.114.10013.988
4.Nancy Mohamed Taman5.09.00014.00013.763
5.Valērija Grišāne4.69.02513.62513.525
6.Marcia Vidiaux5.58.42513.92513.525
7.Ana Đerek5.38.90014.20013.475
8.Teja Belak5.38.47513.77513.338

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ruby Harrold6.37.82514.125
2.Annika Urvikko5.57.77513.275
3.Thauany Araújo5.57.67513.175
4.Ariana Orrego5.37.72513.025
5.Barbora Mokošová5.36.85012.150
6.Simona Castro4.97.12512.025
7.Marcia Vidiaux5.06.77511.775
8.Teja Belak4.27.17511.375

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Artyom Dolgopyat6.58.30014.800
2.Žiga Šilc6.08.77514.775
3.Daniel Corral6.48.32514.725
4.Alexander Shatilov6.88.1750.314.675
5.Misha Koudinov6.08.40014.400
6.Tomas Kuzmickas6.37.52513.825
7.Jorge Vega6.87.02513.825
8.Rikii Hoshino6.46.2250.312.325

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Louis Smith6.98.65015.550
2.Robert Seligman6.48.45014.850
3.Andrii Sienichkin6.08.70014.700
4.Donna-Donny Truyens6.18.40014.500
5.Slavomir Michnak6.18.20014.300
6.Leonardo Kusan5.88.27514.075
7.Oleg Vernyayev6.86.85013.650
8.Hidetaka Miyachi5.87.32513.125

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Oleg Vernyayev7.28.85016.050
2.Ferhat Arıcan6.68.65015.250
3.Hidetaka Miyachi6.68.62515.225
4.Caio Souza6.58.65015.150
5.Ashley Watson6.58.57515.075
6.Kenta Chiba6.48.02514.425
7.Ahmet Onder6.57.50014.000
8.Alen Dimic5.97.07512.975
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Ablyazin Takes Two Titles in Penza
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World and Olympic medalist Denis Ablyazin took two individual titles Saturday as the 2015 Russian Cup continued in Penza. Pictured: Floor exercise medalists David Belyavsky, Ablyazin and Nikita Ignatyev

World and Olympic medalist Denis Ablyazin took two individual titles Saturday as the 2015 Russian Cup continued in Penza.

Ablyazin, a native of Penza, thrilled the home crowd with his gold medals on floor exercise and still rings. On floor exercise, the reigning world champion impressed with 15.767, well ahead of runner up David Belyavsky (15.100) and bronze medalist Nikita Ignatyev (15.100). In qualification, Ablyazin tumbled a seven-pass marathon routine: triple-twisting front; layout double-double; double-twisting front to piked double pike; layout Thomas; piked Arabian double front; 2 1/2 layout front full; triple twist dismount.

On pommel horse, all-around runner-up Nikolai Kuksenkov edged Ivan Stretovich, 14.733 to 14.700. Ignatyev, the all-around champion, proved his consistency with the bronze.

Ablyazin also took the still rings title, scoring 15.267 to Ignatyev's 15.133 and Daniil Kazachkov's 15.100.

Maria Paseka, the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist on vault, cemented her status for the world championship squad by again hitting her Amanar (15.487) and Cheng Fei (15.800) for an untouchable 15.634 average. All-around silver medalist Seda Tutkhalyan (14.400 average) was second over two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva (14.334 average).

On uneven bars, Alla Sosnitskaya (14.733) won the title over Tutkhalyan (14.500) and Daria Spiridonova (14.433). Tutkhalyan added a Bhardwaj (Pak-full) to her set. Spiridonova, the all-around champion and top qualifier, slipped off the low bar after an inside-Stalder full went awry.

Viktoria Komova, who fell on her Maloney-half and double-twisting double tuck dismount on day one, competed exhibition Saturday and scored 15.300. After going with her easier dismount in the all-around, she landed the double-double for the highest score.

The competition concludes Sunday with the remaining apparatus finals.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2015 Russian Cup
September 19, Penza

Women's Vault FinalVault 1Vault 2Average
1.Maria PasekaMoscow15.48715.80015.634
2.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow14.66714.13314.400
3.Ksenia AfanasyevaKhimki/Tula14.80013.86714.334
4.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow13.20014.06713.634
5.Anastasia DmitriyevaSamara14.30012.70013.500
6.Yevgenia MenovshchikovaAnapa13.76713.10013.434
7.Anastasia DorovaRostov-on-Don13.83311.80012.817
8.Lilia AkhaimovaSaint Petersburg13.53312.03312.783

Uneven Bars FinalScore
*Viktoria KomovaVoronezh15.300
1.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow14.733
2.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow14.500
3.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow14.433
4.Yevgenia ShelgunovaKhimki/Alatyr13.800
5.Maria PasekaMoscow13.767
6.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don12.700
7.Viktoria KuzminaMoscow11.667
8.Yulia BiryulyaLeninsk-Kuznetsky11.500
* Exhibition

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Denis AblyazinMoscow15.767
2.David BelyavskyYekaterinburg15.100
3.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky15.000
4.Nikita LezhankinYekaterinburg14.700
5.Dmitriy LankinMoscow14.633
6.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk14.533
7.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk14.300
8.Viktor BritanChelyabinsk13.300

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir14.733
2.Ivan StretovichNovosibirsk14.700
3.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.500
4.Sergei YeltsovAstrakhan13.867
5.Matvei PetrovKaliningrad13.700
6.Andrei PerevoznikovKorolyov13.200
7.Nikolai KovinovSyzram12.500
8.Grigory ZyryanovLeninsk-Kuznetsky11.033

Still Rings FinalScore
1.Denis AblyazinPenza15.267
2.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky15.133
3.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk15.100
4.David BelyavskyYekaterinburg14.867
5.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir14.800
6.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk14.733
7.Ilya KibartasVladimir14.167
8.Matvei PetrovKaliningrad13.867
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Qualification Concludes at Osijek Challenge Cup
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Brazilians Jade Barbosa and Arthur Zanetti both led one event as qualification concluded Friday at the World Challenge Cup in Osijek, Croatia.

Brazilians Jade Barbosa and Arthur Zanetti both led one event as qualification concluded Friday at the World Challenge Cup in Osijek, Croatia.

The Brazilians, the hosts for next summer's Olympic Games, will be a multiple medal in Osijek, earning nine spots to this weekend's finals, while the British gymnasts, hosts for next month's world championships in Glasgow, earned seven berths to the finals. The World Cup event attracted nearly 150 gymnasts from 42 nations eager to test themselves in competition once again before Glasgow.

Zanetti, the 2012 Olympic champion on still rings, scored 15.800 on his best event, the highest score of the competition so far in Osijek. Zanetti was comfortably ahead of second-place İbrahim Çolak from Turkey (15.250) and third qualifier Ali Ramadan Zahran of Egypt (15.000).

Rising Cuban talent Manrique Larduet outvaulted the field and qualified fifth to the final on still rings. Japan's Keisuke Ogura qualified second ahead of Great Britain's Dominick Cunningham.

Hidetaka Miyachi, another newcomer from Japan, led the qualification on high bar with 15.000, topping Brazilians Caio Souza and Arthur Mariano, who both scored 14.500. On Thursday, Miyachi qualified seventh to the finals on pommel horse and parallel bars.

Barbosa earned the top mark on balance beam, earning 14.350. British Olympian Rebecca Tunney qualified second (13.800) over Panama's (Isabella Amado) 13.600.

Two-time Hungarian Olympian Dorina Böczögő (14.000) qualified first on floor exercise over compatriot Tünde Csillag and Puerto Rico's Paula Mejias, who both earned 13.450.

Competition continues Saturday in Osijek with the first day of finals.

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2015 Osijek World Challenge Cup
September 18, Osijek, Croatia

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Jade Barbosa6.08.35014.350 Q
2.Rebecca Tunney5.78.2000.113.800 Q
3.Isabella Amado5.97.70013.600 Q
4.Thauany Araújo5.97.70013.600 Q
5.Dorina Böczögő5.38.3000.113.500 Q
6.Ariana Orrego4.98.25013.150 Q
7.Tjaša Kysselef4.87.90012.700 Q
8.Kitti Honti4.87.85012.650 Q
9.Simona Castro5.27.40012.600 R
10.Giulianna Pino5.17.5000.112.500 R
11.Veronika Cenková5.27.30012.500 R
12.Tzuf Feldon5.17.35012.450
13.Barbora Mokošová4.77.65012.350
14.Ruby Harrold5.17.05012.150
15.Tutya Yılmaz6.15.85011.950
16.Radoslava Kalamárová4.97.00011.900
17.Annika Urvikko4.47.45011.850
18.Karmen Koljanin4.87.05011.850
19.Dovelis Torres5.26.7500.111.850
20.Valentina Brostella4.77.1000.111.700
21.Thema Williams4.96.75011.650
22.Nada Ayman Ibrahim4.96.7000.111.500
23.Marcia Vidiaux5.26.20011.400
24.Demet Mutlu4.85.80010.600
25.Mai Ahmed Saad4.65.90010.500
26.Franchesca Santi4.15.8509.950
27.Dina Madir4.65.1009.700
28.Maija Leinonen4.25.5500.19.650
29.Albena Zlatkova4.84.8009.600

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Dorina Böczögő5.88.20014.000 Q
2.Tünde Csillag5.48.1500.113.450 Q
3.Paula Mejias5.48.05013.450 Q
4.Marcia Vidiaux5.47.80013.200 Q
5.Ana Đerek5.08.05013.050 Q
6.Tutya Yılmaz5.47.6500.112.950 Q
7.Simona Castro5.27.50012.700 Q
8.Barbora Mokošová4.77.95012.650 Q
9.Tjaša Kysselef4.68.00012.600 R
10.Veronika Cenková5.17.50012.600 R
11.Ekin Morova5.37.4500.212.550 R
12.Rebecca Tunney5.47.2500.112.550
13.Ana Poščić4.97.55012.450
14.Valērija Grišāne5.17.6500.312.450
15.Nancy Taman5.07.4500.312.150
16.Franchesca Santi5.36.85012.150
17.Annika Urvikko4.97.3000.112.100
18.Tzuf Feldon4.77.4500.112.050
19.Ruby Harrold5.56.8500.312.050
20.Albena Zlatkova5.17.2000.312.000
21.Ariana Orrego5.17.0500.211.950
22.Giulianna Pino4.37.50011.800
23.Radoslava Kalamárová4.67.1000.111.600
24.Valentina Brostella5.16.7000.311.500
25.Nada Ayman Ibrahim4.76.4000.111.000
26.Aleksandra Rajčić4.66.2000.110.700

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.89.00015.800 Q
2.İbrahim Çolak6.58.75015.250 Q
3.Ali Ramadan Zahran6.58.50015.000 Q
4.Manrique Larduet6.78.30015.000 Q
5.Courtney Tulloch6.88.20015.000 Q
6.Igor Radivilov6.78.25014.950 Q
7.Lucas Bitencourt6.18.75014.850 Q
8.Daniel Corral6.38.30014.600 Q
9.Rikii Hoshino6.08.40014.400 R
10.Tomi Tuuha5.38.90014.200 R
11.Oleg Vernyayev6.57.65014.150 R
12.Hristos Marinov6.57.55014.050
13.Keisuke Ogura6.27.75013.950
14.Dennis Goossens6.47.55013.950
15.Attila Vlacsil5.87.90013.700
16.Devy Dyson6.17.60013.700
17.Oskar Kirmes5.38.20013.500
18.Tomas Kuzmickas5.18.30013.400
19.Norbert Dudás5.48.00013.400
20.Milos Paunović5.67.65013.250
21.Fabian de Luna6.17.10013.200
22.Tarek Hamdy Shalaby6.27.00013.200
23.Ivan Vargovský5.27.85013.050
24.Eyal Glazer5.87.20013.000
25.Andrey Medvedev5.07.95012.950
26.Sebastian Cecot5.47.45012.850
27.Siphamandla Ngcobo5.57.15012.650
28.Jorge Vega5.37.10012.400
29.Cameron Mackenzie4.97.40012.300
30.Jan Ribmikar4.47.25011.650
31.Ondřej Janeczko3.77.45011.150

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Manrique Larduet6.09.25015.25015.275 Q
2.Keisuke Ogura6.09.05015.05015.075 Q
3.Dominick Cunningham6.09.10015.10014.875 Q
4.Igor Radivilov6.09.20015.20014.750 Q
5.Wataru Tanigawa5.69.25014.85014.725 Q
6.Tomi Tuuha5.69.40015.00014.600 Q
7.Jorge Vega6.08.60014.60014.525 Q
8.Caio Souza5.69.0000.114.50014.450 Q
9.Siphamandla Ngcobo5.29.10014.30014.375 R
10.Arthur Mariano5.68.7000.114.20014.375 R
11.Tomas Kuzmickas5.29.15014.35014.325 R
12.Jim Man Hin6.08.6000.314.30014.325
13.Oleg Vernyayev6.07.85013.85014.225
14.Javier Cervantes5.28.85014.05014.200
15.Ivan Vargovský5.29.05014.25014.175
16.Cameron Mackenzie5.28.95014.15014.125
17.Sebastian Cecot5.68.60014.20014.100
18.Andrey Medvedev5.68.6000.114.10014.000
19.Artyom Dolgopyat5.29.0500.114.15013.975
20.Fabian de Luna5.68.85014.45013.800
21.Misha Koudinov5.28.85014.05013.725
22.Ahmet Onder5.29.0000.114.10013.625
23.Mario Berrios4.89.0000.313.50013.600
24.David Bishop4.88.70013.50013.525
25.Karim Ayman Abd Elfattah5.28.60013.80013.150
26.Kam Wah Liu5.67.80013.40013.025
27.Tarek Hamdy Shalaby5.27.8500.312.75013.000
28.Nándor Szabó5.28.60013.80012.950
29.Joseph Fox4.48.95013.35012.400
30.Attila Vlacsil5.69.10014.7007.350
31.Robert Tvorogal5.68.5000.114.0007.000
32.Siemon Volkaert5.67.8000.313.1006.550

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Hidetaka Miyachi6.68.40015.000 Q
2.Caio Souza6.38.20014.500 Q
3.Arthur Mariano6.58.00014.500 Q
4.Marijo Možnik6.48.00014.400 Q
5.Alexander Shatilov6.77.70014.400 Q
6.Ashley Watson6.87.60014.400 Q
7.Dávid Vecsernyés6.28.05014.250 Q
8.Nicolas Cordoba6.47.85014.250 Q
9.Oleg Vernyayev6.57.75014.250 R
10.Randy Lerú6.96.95013.850 R
11.Ahmet Onder5.97.80013.700 R
12.Alexander Batinkov6.17.55013.650
13.Slavomir Michnak5.18.30013.400
14.Tomas Kuzmickas5.57.90013.400
15.Manrique Larduet6.36.95013.250
16.Devy Dyson5.27.70012.900
17.David Bishop5.17.75012.850
18.Norbert Dudás5.17.75012.850
19.Samuel Piasecký5.27.55012.750
20.Adam Rzepa5.67.15012.750
21.Bojan Dejanović5.07.60012.600
22.Fabiande Luna5.17.50012.600
23.Eslam El Sayed5.07.50012.500
24.Ahmed Aldayani5.66.75012.350
25.Oskar Kirmes5.66.75012.350
26.Jim Man Hin4.47.85012.250
27.Kenta Chiba5.76.55012.250
28.Tin Srbić4.97.05011.950
29.Robert Tvorogal5.46.55011.950
30.Daniel Keatings6.05.85011.850
31.Milos Paunović5.26.35011.550
32.Ümit Şamiloğlu6.35.25011.550
33.Eyal Glazer4.37.00011.300
34.Alen Dimic3.96.70010.600
35.Karim Abd Elfattah4.16.25010.350
36.Joseph Fox2.66.2008.800

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