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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 02 May 2015 18:07    PDF Print
Chinese Take Three Titles in Brazil
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China won three of the five gold medals Saturday as the World Challenge Cup continued in São Paulo.

The Chinese claimed both women's finals, with newcomer Deng Yalan winning vault and Shang Chunsong winning uneven bars.

Deng vaulted a double-twisting Tsukahara and layout Rudi (piked down) to take the vault title over Brazilian Rebeca Andrade. Andrade had cleaner vaults but less difficulty (double-twisting Yurchenko and Podkopayeva). Chile's Franchesca Santi surprised for the bronze, vaulting a clean double-twisting Yurchenko and Omelianchik (Yurchenko half on, piked handspring off).

On uneven bars, Shang Chunsong presented a strong exercise (free hip to piked Tkatchev to Pak; Shaposhnikova, back uprise, Gienger between the bars; pirouette inverts to Jaeger) but nearly fell on a very low full-twisting double dismount. Germany's Sophie Scheder took second over teammate and top qualifier Elisabeth Seitz, 14.875-14.700.

The organizers swapped the men's finals, holding vault, parallel bars and high bar on the first day. Brazilian Ângelo Assumpção won the vault title with a triple-twisting Tsukahara (underrotated but stood up) and Yurchenko 2 1/2.

Germany's Lukas Dauser won parallel bars with a clean exercise to take the title with 15.750. China's Zhu Xiaodong showed the hardest routine (6.9 Difficulty) for second over Brazil's Francisco Barreto.

On high bar, Xiao Ruoteng (born 1993) brought a third gold for China, edging top qualifier Nicolas Cordoba (Argentina), 15.125-15.050. Audrys Nin Reyes won the bronze medal (14.975) for the Dominican Republic.

Competition concludes Sunday with the remaining finals.

External Link: Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation

2015 FIG Challenger Cup
May 2, São Paulo, Brazil

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Deng Yalan6.08.97514.97514.962
2.Rebeca Andrade5.89.27515.07514.700
3.Franchesca Santi5.88.92514.72514.162
4.Letícia da Costa5.89.0000.114.70014.150
5.Ayelen Tarabini4.98.97513.87513.962
6.Ahtziri Sandoval5.58.62514.12513.950
7.Ana Lago5.09.02514.02513.862
8.Hiu Ying Angel Wong5.28.67513.87513.662

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore(Qualifying
1.Shang Chunsong6.78.32515.025
2.Sophie Scheder6.48.47514.875
3.Elisabeth Seitz6.48.30014.700
4.Elsa García6.08.52514.525
5.Chen Siyi6.18.10014.200
6.Ahtziri Sandoval5.97.77513.675
7.Rebeca Andrade5.97.40013.300
8.Flavia Saraiva5.37.22512.525

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ângelo Assumpção6.09.1500.115.05015.025
2.Matthias Fahrig5.69.37514.97514.850
3.Diego Hypólito5.69.17514.77514.837
4.Tomás González6.08.12514.12514.587
5.Huang Xi6.09.0000.114.90014.487
6.Tomi Tuuha5.68.25013.85013.962
7.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.68.0250.313.32513.850
8.Andreas Toba5.28.7250.113.82513.750

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore(Qualifying
1.Lukas Dauser6.79.05015.750
2.Zhu Xiaodong6.98.62515.525
3.Francisco Barreto6.48.90015.300
4.John Orozco6.78.57515.275
5.Akash Modi6.48.77515.175
6.Ji Lianshen6.28.92515.125
7.Federico Molinari5.68.92514.525
8.Mathias Fahrig6.28.30014.500

High Bar FinalDENDScore(Qualifying
1.Xiao Ruoteng7.08.12515.125
2.Nicolas Cordoba6.58.55015.050
3.Audrys Nin Reyes6.98.07514.975
4.Andreas Toba6.68.32514.925
5.John Orozco6.38.25014.550
6.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.58.47513.975
7.Oskar Kirmes5.68.35013.950
8.Ji Lianshen6.37.60013.900
Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 01 May 2015 20:05    PDF Print
World Challenge Cup Begins in São Paulo
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Gymnasts from three continents topped the qualification as the World Challenge Cup began Friday in São Paulo. Pictured: China's Shang Chunsong had the top score of the women's competition.

Gymnasts from three continents topped the qualification as the World Challenge Cup began Friday in São Paulo.

The 2016 Olympic host attracted gymnasts from 14 nations to the Geraldo José de Almeida Gym "Ibirapuera." After events in Cottbus, Doha and Ljubljana, the competition marks the halfway point of the 2015 FIG World Challenge Cup series; events to come are in Varna (May 7-10), Anadia (May 21-24) and Osijek (Sept. 17-20).

Brazilian gymnasts led qualification on three events. Olympic hero Arthur Zanetti qualified first on still rings as expected, scoring nearly a full point ahead of second-best Federico Molinari of Argentina, 16.050-15.250.

Chilean Olympian Tomás González led qualification on both floor exercise and vault. On floor, he had the highest Difficulty score at 6.8, and the best execution (9.000). Local favorite Diego Hypólito qualified second (6.5/15.200).

Pommel horse specialist Zhang Hongtao (China), the 2009 world champion, crushed the field, finishing 1.2 points ahead of his nearest rival, American Akash Modi, 15.800-14.600.

On parallel bars, German world team member Lukas Dauser scraped by Zhu Xiaodong (China) after a tiebreak, with both gymnasts scoring 15.650. Another Chinese newcomer, Ji Lianshen, qualified third.

With identical scores for Difficulty (6.5) and Execution (8.6), Ji tied Argentina's Nicolas Cordoba for first on high bar. U.S. Olympian John Orozco qualified third (14.800) and also qualified to the parallel bars final.

In the women's competition, Brazil's first-year seniors Rebeca Andrade (vault) and Flávia Saraiva (floor exercise) each led one event. China's Shang Chunsong (15.100) was untouchable on balance beam. Saraiva qualified second after falling on her roundoff, two-foot layout.

Germany's Elisabeth Seitz (14.800) and Sophie Scheder (14.600) qualified 1-2 on uneven bars.

Competition continues Saturday with the first day of event finals.

External Link: Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation

2015 Brazil World Challenger Cup
May 1, São Paulo, Brazil

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Rebeca Andrade5.89.40015.20014.825
2.Deng Yalan6.08.55014.55014.550
3.Ana Lago5.09.10014.10014.000
4.Letícia Lima Da Costa5.88.7000.114.40013.975
5.Franchesca Santi5.88.80014.60013.950
6.Hiu Ying Angel Wong5.28.90014.10013.850
6.Ahtziri Sandoval5.58.2000.113.60013.850
8.Ayelén Tarabini4.99.15014.05013.700
9.Valērija Grišāne4.69.15013.75013.600
10.Leah Griesser4.48.80013.20013.325
11.Choi Nim Yan5.28.4000.113.50013.300

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Elisabeth Seitz6.68.20014.800
2.Sophie Scheder6.48.20014.600
3.Shang Chunsong6.47.80014.200
4.Flávia Saraiva5.48.15013.550
5.Elsa García5.97.55013.450
6.Ahtziri Sandoval5.57.65013.150
7.Chen Siyi6.26.85013.050
8.Rebeca Andrade5.77.20012.900
9.Maria Stoffel5.17.70012.800
10.Simona Castro4.68.05012.650
11.Ailen Valente4.87.65012.450
12.Melany Cabrera4.47.55011.950
13.Yamilet Peña4.66.50011.100
13.Sabine Gosa4.17.00011.100

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Shang Chunsong6.58.60015.100
2.Flávia Saraiva6.37.40013.700
3.Sophie Scheder5.57.90013.400
4.Ayelén Tarabini5.57.5000.112.900
5.Ana Lago5.87.0000.112.700
6.Paloma Guerrero5.27.15012.350
7.Chen Siyi5.76.60012.300
8.Hiu Ying Angel Wong4.87.40012.200
9.Melany Cabrera4.47.65012.050
10.Lorrane Oliveira5.46.60012.000
11.Simona Castro4.86.8000.111.500
12.Elisabeth Seitz5.06.30011.300
13.Yamilet Peña4.06.90010.900
14.Nim Yan Choi4.46.35010.750
15.Mariana Vásquez4.54.9509.450
16.Sabine Gosa4.12.9507.050

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Flávia Saraiva5.78.20013.900
2.Lorrane Oliveira5.78.05013.750
3.Ayelén Tarabini5.38.40013.700
4.Leah Griesser5.18.25013.350
5.Valērija Grišāne5.07.9000.112.800
6.Elisabeth Seitz4.97.80012.700
7.Chen Siyi5.17.6000.112.600
8.Ailen Valente5.07.8500.312.550
9.Franchesca Santi4.87.60012.400
10.Elsa García5.67.0500.312.350
11.Simona Castro5.26.75011.950
12.Yamilet Peña5.16.8500.211.750
13.Shang Chunsong5.85.9000.311.400
14.Mariana Vásquez4.35.4509.750

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Tomás González6.89.00015.800
2.Diego Hypólito6.58.70015.200
3.Oskar Kirmes6.18.85014.950
4.Angel Assumpção6.58.40014.900
5.Mathias Fahrig6.88.05014.850
6.Akash Modi6.58.25014.750
7.Huang Xi6.67.7500.114.250
8.Heikki Saarenketo5.58.45013.950
9.Christian Decidet5.68.25013.850
10.Daniel Barrera5.97.75013.650
11.Andres Arean5.48.10013.500
12.Lukas Dauser5.87.50013.300
13.Mario Berrios5.87.40013.200
14.Mauro Martínez5.57.25012.750
15.Liu Kam Wah4.47.20011.600
16.Audrys Nin Reyes6.16.3500.911.550
17.Vitālijs Kardašovs4.96.35011.250

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Zhang Hongtao6.89.00015.800
2.Akash Modi6.18.50014.600
3.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.18.45014.550
4.Xiao Ruoteng6.87.65014.450
5.Gustavo Simões5.98.45014.350
6.Petrix Barbosa5.98.35014.250
7.Andreas Toba6.08.15014.150
8.Leonardo Kusan5.78.30014.000
9.Oskar Kirmes5.58.35013.850
10.John Orozco6.57.30013.800
11.Lukas Dauser5.58.25013.750
12.Matija Baron6.07.35013.350
13.Nicolas Cordoba5.97.25013.150
14.Fransisco Barreto6.26.60012.800
15.Arian Muñoz4.68.05012.650
16.Andres Arean5.07.10012.100
17.Luis Silva5.66.40012.000
18.Joel Vergara4.76.80011.500

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.89.25016.050
2.Federico Molinari6.78.55015.250
3.Henri Flores6.58.45014.950
4.Gustavo Simões6.08.90014.900
5.Andreas Toba6.18.30014.400
6.Oskar Kirmes5.38.65013.950
7.Tomi Tuuha5.38.50013.800
8.Christian Decidet5.57.90013.400
9.Joel Vergara5.67.60013.200
10.Mauro Martínez4.87.55012.350

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Tomás González6.09.25015.25015.025
2.Mathias Fahrig5.69.40015.00014.950
3.Xi Huang6.09.10015.10014.925
4.Angel Assumpção5.69.40015.00014.800
5.Tomi Tuuha5.69.4000.114.90014.550
6.Diego Hypólito5.29.15014.35014.375
7.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.68.7000.114.20014.350
8.Andreas Toba5.29.15014.35014.050
9.Mauro Martínez4.88.90013.70013.875
10.Daniel Barrera5.29.20014.40013.825
11.Man Hin Jim5.67.8000.313.10013.675
12.Audrys Nin Reyes6.08.0500.313.75013.525
13.Heikki Saarenketo5.29.20014.40013.475
14.Mario Berrios4.88.0000.112.70012.175
15.Bastian Salazar3.67.8000.311.10012.050
16.Nicolas Bracco3.88.90012.70011.925

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Lukas Dauser6.78.95015.650
2.Zhu Xiaodong6.98.75015.650
3.Ji Lianshen6.28.95015.150
4.John Orozco6.58.65015.150
5.Francisco Barreto6.38.80015.100
6.Akash Modi6.48.30014.700
7.Federico Molinari5.68.95014.550
8.Audrys Nin Reyes5.78.85014.550
9.Mathias Fahrig6.28.35014.550
10.Joel Vergara5.78.60014.300
11.Oskar Kirmes5.58.35013.850
12.Petrix Barbosa6.17.65013.750
13.Christian Decidet5.08.55013.550
14.Luis Silva5.28.30013.500
15.Osvaldo Erazun5.08.35013.350
16.Jim Man Hin5.27.50012.700
17.Daniel Barrera4.55.50010.000

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Nicolas Cordoba6.58.60015.100
1.Ji Lianshen6.58.60015.100
3.John Orozco6.68.20014.800
4.Xiao Ruoteng6.68.10014.700
5.Andreas Toba6.68.00014.600
6.Audrys Nin Reyes6.28.20014.400
7.Oskar Kirmes5.68.55014.150
8.Dmitrijs Trefilovs5.58.20013.700
9.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.18.40013.500
10.Francisco Barreto6.76.80013.500
11.Petrix Barbosa6.16.95013.050
12.Man Hin Jim4.78.25012.950
13.Akash Modi5.87.15012.950
14.Daniel Barrera5.07.90012.900
15.Christian Decidet5.67.05012.650
16.Lukas Dauser5.47.20012.600
16.Joel Vergara5.47.20012.600
18.Osvaldo Erazun5.17.25012.350
19.Arian Muñoz4.57.40011.900
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Russia, Vernyayev Golden as Europeans End
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Ksenia Afanasyeva and Nikita Nagorny won gold medals Sunday as the European Championships concluded in Montpellier. Pictured: All-around champion Oleg Vernyayev won parallel bars Sunday, becoming the only gymnast to win two golds in Montpellier.

Russia added two more gold medals Sunday as the European Championships concluded in Montpellier. Russia finished on top in the total medal haul with 10 medals, including four gold.

The final day of competition was an odd one, full of falls and strange mistakes.

Men's vault, The first event started off poorly, with first up Matthias Fahrig (Germany) crashing an attempted Dragulescu that looked like a handspring double front with a quarter twist.

Defending champion Denis Ablyazin had the most difficulty of the final. He landed the incredible "Ri 2" vault: Tsukahara full-in double back out (deep squat and hop over the line). He appeared to land his second vault (Li Xiaopeng: Yurchenko half-on, layout Randi) fine at first, but clearly injured himself on the landing. Ablyazin had to hop on one foot to leave off the podium.

Teammate Nikita Nagorny, 2014 Youth Olympic Games gold medalist, stayed cool and hit both his vaults (Dragulescu; Tsukahara 2 1/2) to win the gold on vault. Fortunately for the Russian team, Albayzin appears to have only sprained his ankle, his coach Sergei Starkin told the media after the competition. Ukraine's Igor Radivilov tied for silver; he looked rather disappointed with his score after he landed his Dragulescu and Tsukahara double pike.

Half of the finalists on women's balance beam fell; starting with first up Vasiliki Millousi (Greece). Clad in a gold leotard, the elegant Millousi had a medal-worthy routine going until she crashed her double pike, bouncing forward to land on her head.

Andreea Munteanu reclaimed the beam title for Romania. She had an unsteady routine overall but landed her ff, tucked full and triple twist dismount for the highest Difficulty score of the final. Becky Downie, the silver medalist on uneven bars yesterday, won another silver, just .066 behind Munteanu.

With the French fans vociferous in their support, the stylish Claire Martin hit the routine of her life, without a single wobble. She and her coaches were overjoyed with her bronze medal, though it arguably could have been shinier.

Great Britain's Claudia Fragapane, fourth, was equally pleased with her routine, which featured a high two-foot layout and a standing full.

Top qualifier and favoriteMaria Kharenkova—the only gymnast to reach a score of 15.000 during this championships—had to start her routine seconds after Ablyazin was injured. Kharenkova promptly fell off on her ff, ff, two-foot layout.

Dutch gymnast Sanne Wevers—known for her turns on beam—spun a double turn with leg held horizontal (named after her) and the very rare triple turn, only to fall on a full turn.

On women's floor exercise, Ksenia Afanasyeva snagged gold after hitting her routine, which had the best combination of difficulty and artistry. The final women's competitor at these European championships, the two-time Olympian ended the competition with a stick. She tumbled a double layout; two whips to triple twist; 2 1/2, front layout; and a double pike dismount, perfectly stuck.

Super tumbler Fragapane won the silver over all-around champion Giulia Steingruber, the top qualifier.

The women's floor exercise final featured four gymnasts tumbling a full-twisting double layout: Fragapane, Steingruber, Erika Fasana (Italy) and Amy Tinkler (Great Britain).

All-around champion Oleg Vernyayev won parallel bars, becoming the only gymnast to win two golds in Montpellier. Vernyayev only made one event final, but he swung through his set to repeat as European champion, winning by more than half a point.

Romania's Marius Berbecar tied Swiss gymnast Christian Baumann for second, with both gymnasts thrilled with their medals.

Belarusian Alexander Tsarevich quit his routine after making a mistake; instead he chose to just dismount with a layout.

Croatia's Marijo Možnik won the high bar gold over Great Britain's Sam Oldham, 14.833-14.766. Greek veteran Vlasios Maras won the bronze, his eighth European championships medal on high bar.

Last up in the high bar, Tsarevich ended these European championships with a very good routine (huge height on his releases) and a beautiful stuck triple back, but the judges denied him a spot on the podium by .033.

Next year's European championships, featuring the team and junior competition, will be held in Bern, Switzerland.

External Link: Official Website

2015 European Championships
April 19, Montpellier, France

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Andreea Munteanu6.18.26614.3664
2.Becky Downie6.08.30014.3002
3.Claire Martin5.88.40014.2006
4.Claudia Fragapane5.68.30013.9006
5.Vasiliki Millousi5.97.36613.2668
6.Maria Kharenkova5.67.60013.2001
7.Pauline Schäfer5.77.40013.1003
8.Sanne Wevers5.36.7000.111.9005

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Ksenia Afanasyeva6.38.43314.7332
2.Claudia Fragapane6.38.33314.6337
3.Giulia Steingruber6.08.46614.4661
4.Erika Fasana6.08.30014.3006
5.Marta Pihan-Kulesza6.08.23314.2334
6.Amy Tinkler5.98.10014.0003
7.Maria Kharenkova5.88.2330.113.9335
8.Andreea Munteanu5.58.36613.8668

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage(Qual.)
1.Nikita Nagorny6.09.26615.26615.0991
2.Denis Ablyazin6.48.8000.314.90015.0835
2.Igor Radivilov6.09.26615.26615.0834
4.Artur Davtyan6.09.0580.314.75814.7833
5.Kristian Thomas6.08.7330.314.43314.4992
6.Benjamin Gischard5.68.00013.60014.1837
7.Andrey Medvedev5.67.76613.36613.8336
8.Matthias Fahrig6.07.6000.313.30013.6668

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.98.96615.8661
2.Marius Berbecar6.78.60015.3002
2.Christian Baumann6.48.90015.3003
4.Oleg Stepko6.58.76615.2665
5.Andrei Muntean6.68.53315.1336
6.Petro Pakhnyuk6.58.46614.9664
7.Ferhat Arıcan6.27.63313.8336
8.Alexander Tsarevich4.08.73312.7338

High Bar FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Marijo Možnik6.78.13314.8338
2.Sam Oldham6.58.26614.7662
3.Vlasios Maras6.68.06614.6664
4.Alexander Tsarevich6.77.93314.6336
5.Alexander Shatilov6.58.06614.5667
6.Kristian Thomas6.57.53314.0335
7.Axel Augis6.37.46613.7668
8.Pablo Brägger6.06.43312.4331
9.Dmitry Barkalov5.86.23312.0333
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Florida Edges Utah to Complete Three-Peat
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A day after tying Utah for the top score in its afternoon qualifying round, Florida edged the Utes, 197.850-197.800, to win its third consecutive NCAA team title. In front of a vocal crowd in Fort Worth, Texas, the Gators began their night on the precarious balance beam and posted a solid 49.300. They followed that with a meet-high 49.650 on floor exercise that put pressure on the rest of the teams in the Super Six finals. In their last two events, the Gators refused to crack and tallied 49.45 on both vault and uneven bars. In the end, Bridget Sloan and Kytra Hunter scored 39.650 and 39.625, respectively, over four events to lead Florida to victory.

Georgia Dabritz tallied 39.70, including her second 10.0 in as many days on uneven bars, to lead the Utes, who lost ground on the Gators at balance beam. Utah's 49.575 on bars was the top total on that event, tied with Stanford.

Defending co-champion Oklahoma placed third with 197.525, having opened its night with a sub-par performance on floor exercise (out of bounds deductions). The Sooners, who were undefeated in the regular season, were not as sharp in the Super Six until the final rotation, when they posted the top balance beam total of the night (49.575).

Alabama was fourth with 197.275, followed by Stanford (197.250) and Auburn (195.625).

Click here for complete results.

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Five Gymnasts Win Big in Montpellier
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The Russian women and British men each took two titles Saturday as the European Championships continued in Montpellier. Pictured: Still rings medalists Samir Aït Saïd (France), Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece) and Denis Ablyazin (Russia)

The Russian women and British men each took two gold medals Saturday as the European Championships continued in Montpellier, France, where the five champion gymnasts each took their first major title.

After a disappointment in the women's all-around, Russia rebounded to take both women's titles. Olympic bronze medalist Maria Paseka upset top qualifier Giulia Steingruber on vault, where the Swiss star was the two-time defending champion. Fourth in qualifying, Paseka upgraded her first vault to a Cheng Fei (messy) and popped a much improved Amanar to top Steingruber (layout Rudi and double-twisting Yurchenko), 15.250-15.133.

Two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva won the bronze, also upgrading to an Amanar first vault. She stepped over the line, but Afanasyeva, who is returning after a long series of ankle injuries and surgeries, looked rightfully pleased with her vault. She also stepped over the line after her second vault (layout Podkopayeva).

On uneven bars, Russia's Daria Spiridonova added .2 in difficulty to her qualification routine, directly connecting her Pak salto to Maloney-half. After an inside-Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger, she dismounted with an improved toe-full to full-twisting double (small hop) to take the gold medal with the highest women's score so far, 15.466.

Defending champion Becky Downie (Great Britain) settled for second with her incredibly dynamic routine, featuring three Tkatchev variations: free-hip to piked; Stalder to piked; and free hip to straddled. Sanne Wevers won the bronze for the Netherlands (Shaposhnikova to back uprise full to bail; giant-full to blind to high Jaeger; double layout)., bumping Becky's sister, Ellie Downie, to fourth by .1.

The men's competition saw three gymnast finally win their first major international title. British Olympian Kristian Thomas struck gold on floor exercise. Just seventh in qualification, Thomas stayed cleaned to strike gold.

"I'm absolutely over the moon," he said. "I’ve never won a floor medal at a major championships but I knew the routine I had was consistent and I was in contention. I was so nervous watching the other scores come in, to win gold is incredible."

All-around runner-up David Belyavsky won another silver. He had the highest Difficulty score of the medalists at 6.6, but he took penalties for hops on most of his landings. He tumbled the still rare, but always exciting, double-full-in pike out, as a second pass. Switzerland's Pablo Brägger edged 2013 co-champion Alexander Shatilov (Israel) out of the bronze, 14.941-14.933.

Top qualifier Andrej Korosteljev (Croatia) seemed to succumb to pressure, standing out of bounds for an immediate deduction, and then falling twice for last place.

Two-time Olympic pommel horse medalist Louis Smith, first-up, used his experience to stay cool and swung to gold on horse. Like Thomas, Smith finally has an individual title to his credit. Though Smith has won Commonwealth Games gold for England, this is his first individual title for Great Britain.

"It's unbelievable, I don't really know what to say," said Smith, who lost the gold at the 2012 Olympics by a tie-break. "I was first up and had to stay composed. It was always a bit hit and miss as to whether I could come back, and today for me was a trial for myself, I was so nervous... to win gold makes it all worth it - incredible."

Runner-up Harutyum Merdinyan and third place Alberto Busnari were also thrilled with their results. Merdinyan brought Armenia its best result to date, while Busnari (a four-time Olympian) proved he is still competitive for Italy as he closes in on 37.

On still rings, Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece) was possibly the most overjoyed of the medalists. A perennial World Cup medalist, he has been unlucky at European and world championships for several years. His routine was a show of strength and though he tucked his layout double-double dismount, he stuck it for the day's highest score, 15.866.

"To win a gold medal at such a tournament, when in our country there are many difficulties in sports and in general, is very important and means so much," Petrounias said. "It is a success that I expected and for which I worked for years. I want to dedicate this medal to my family, to my coach Dimitrios Raftis, the doctor of the national team Ulysses Paxinos, course my sponsor, but also everyone in Greece struggling."

2013 co-champion Samir Aït Saïd (France) tied 2014 champion Denis Ablyazin, with identical scores (6.8/15.566).

Aït Saïd, who brought the host team its first medal of the competition, said he was nervous. Three years ago at the European championships in the same arena, a nasty landing on vault broke his knee—and destroyed his chances of competing at the Olympics.

"I came in (this competition) through the back door, where paramedics came to take me to go to the hospital (in 2012)," Aït Saïd recalled. "I had a twinge. When I arrived in the arena, unconsciously, I looked directly at the vault and actually I felt the feeling I had when I blew out my knee. Nothing can erase what happened three years ago but I am very, very proud."

Competition concludes Sunday with the second day of apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Website

2015 European Championships
April 18, Montpellier, France

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage(Qual.)
1.Maria Paseka6.48.70015.10015.2504.
2.Giulia Steingruber6.29.13315.33315.1491.
3.Ksenia Afanasyeva6.39.0330.115.23314.8663.
4.Noël van Klaveren5.88.90014.70014.5836.
5.Ellie Downie5.89.03314.83314.5162.
6.Claudia Fragapane5.88.7660.114.46614.0835.
7.Camille Bahl5.89.00014.80014.0668.
8.Teja Belak5.87.56613.36613.2167.

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Daria Spiridonova6.78.76615.4661.
2.Becky Downie6.78.53315.2332.
3.Sanne Wevers5.68.60014.2004.
4.Ellie Downie5.98.20014.1007.
5.Martina Rizzelli6.07.93313.9339.
6.Giulia Steingruber5.78.06613.7668.
7.Maria Kharenkova6.17.33313.4333.
8.Loan His5.85.86611.6666.

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Kristian Thomas6.28.96615.1667.
2.David Belyavsky6.68.46615.0663.
3.Pablo Brägger6.58.5410.114.9412.
4.Alexander Shatilov6.58.43314.9335.
5.Miguel Zapata6.78.3000.114.9006.
6.Bart Deurloo6.58.36614.8668.
7.Tomislav Marković6.38.53314.8334.
8.Andrej Korosteljev6.46.3330.312.4331.

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Louis Smith6.98.90015.8001.
2.Harutyum Merdinyan6.78.63315.3337.
3.Alberto Busnari6.88.40015.2003.
4.Robert Seligman6.38.70015.0008.
5.Vid Hidvegi6.68.30014.9005.
6.Oleg Stepko6.58.16614.6664.
7.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.37.80814.1086.
8.Matvei Petrov6.16.93313.0332.

Still Rings FinalDENDScore(Qual.)
1.Eleftherios Petrounias6.89.06615.8661.
2.Samir Aït Saïd6.88.76615.5664.
2.Denis Ablyazin6.88.76615.5662.
4.Yuri van Gelder6.88.73315.5336.
5.Vahagn Davtyan6.68.73315.3333.
6.Artur Tovmasyan6.78.60015.3005.
6.Matteo Morandi6.78.60015.3008.
8.Courtney Tulloch6.78.53315.2337.

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