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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by dwight normile    Friday, 24 June 2016 22:54    PDF Print
Biles Has Perfect Night to Take Lead at P&G Championships
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ST. LOUIS—Simone Biles took the first-day lead at the P&G Championships with a set of routines that she would gladly like to repeat in the Rio all-around final. Her 62.90 featured four impeccable performances, each of which looked easy for her.

Asked what, if anything, Biles could have done better, Boorman said, half joking, "She can't seem to get higher than a 9.1 execution score on bars." A 9.2 would have given Biles a 63.00, which Boorman was hoping for. (Biles actually scored a 63.00 on the second day of the 2015 P&G Championships.)

When Biles was asked where improvements could be made, she was quick to answer.

"I could have done a better beam dismount and a better first vault," she said. Since also admitted to being nervous before her last event, bars, and before her second vault, the Cheng Fei that will finally make her the favorite to win the vault gold in Rio. Biles also talked about her performance relative to what she hopes to do at the Olympics. "I guess now I have to stay there (at this level)."

Boorman said Biles can do a lot more in her routines, but that she doesn't need to

Aly Raisman and Lauren Hernandez, the veteran and newcomer, tied for second with 60.45.

"It feels good," Raisman said. "I was really happy with my beam and floor. I'm trying not to be hard on myself."

Said Hernandez: "My goal is to do exactly what I did today (on Sunday) … I'm proud of how I did today."

Gabby Douglas struggled on beam to finish fourth (58.90). Her best routine came on bars, where her 15.10 tied for the fourth best score (with Biles) on the event. Bars is what got her on the 2011 world team in the first place, and it's likely going to keep her on the team for Rio.

Madison Kocian had a strong night for fifth, which included the second highest score on bars, 15.45. Amelia Hundley was sixth (57.85) and MyKayla seventh (57.55).

While the top gymnasts had strong all-around efforts, Ragan Smith had an off night. Starting on floor, she went out of bounds on her clean double layout and overcooked her 1.5 twist so much that she followed it with a roundoff. Her beam was wobbly too, and she finished in ninth place with 56.85.

"I was unpleasantly surprised," said Marta Karolyi, who added that Smith had been a steady competitor in Italy (Jesolo) and the Pacific Rim Championships. "I don't really explain what happened." Karolyi said she hoped to see Smith perform with her usual consistency on Sunday.

Maggie Nichols performed on bars and beam, but appeared to lack the confidence she had before the injury to her right knee.

Ashton Locklear posted the top bars score (15.60), but she did only one other event, beam.

The P&G Championships for women will conclude Sunday evening.


Rotation 1

Simone Biles nailed her beam routine with hardly a wobble anywhere (15.70). Who said it was difficult to start on beam?

Lauren Hernandez got the crowd going with her wild new floor routine (14.70).

High full-out mount on floor from Lexy Ramler.

Gabby Douglas did a clean Yurchenko-double twist on vault, landing with a hop (14.80). Doesn't look like an Amanar is in the cards for her.

Ragan Smith went out of bounds on her double layout mount, and bombed her second pass when she over-rotated a roundoff 1.5 twist (she did a roundoff after it). Not her best, obviously. You can imagine the pressure she's under as a first-year senior (13.10).

MyKayla Skinner hit her flip-flop tucked full on beam (14.20).

Cameras are flicking like crazy as Aly Raisman works beam. Great set, loud cheers after she landed her Arabian double front (15.15).

Maggie Nichols has her right knee wrapped and will do only bars and beam. Not her best routine, but not bad either. And she stuck her double layout cold (14.60).

Rotation 2

Hernandez did a clean Yurchenko-double twist that was a virtual stick (slight bounce on the landing, 15.05).

Alyssa Baumann had a repeat of Hartford on bars, but fell this time on her low-to-high transition.

Biles absolutely soared on her full-twisting double layout mount on floor, and her Biles was nearly as high. She stuck her tucked double-double and and nearly stuck her tucked full-in. Deafening cheers were well deserved. Incredible routine (16.10). Could she earn the highest women's all-around score ever tonight?

Smith hit her Yurchenko-double twist with a small hop (14.65).

Rachel Gowey performed a huge Yurchenko-double with a couple of steps afterward.

Madison Kocian, co-world champion on bars, swung a great set and stuck her full-twisting double flyaway (15.45).

After an OK start on floor (14.15), hometown favorite Brenna Dowell hit a powerful Yurchenko-double twist (14.75).

Skinner and Raisman go back-to-back on floor, so the fans are in for some difficult tumbling. Skinner opened with a double-twisting double layout, followed by the tucked version. Third pass? Tucked full-in. Her dismount of 1.5 twist through to 2.5 twist went out of bounds, but it was a great routine (14.70).

Raisman managed to stay in bound on her six-trick mount. Her Greek music got the crowd clapping throughout the middle of the routine. High piked Arabian double and double layout, and a dismount of double pike, with a hop. Loud cheers for one of the crowd favorites (15.60).

Douglas nailed her set on uneven bars and stuck her double layout. Everything was clean (15.10).

Nichols a little wobbly on beam but finished strong with a roundoff double pike (13.90). Her meet is over after the first two rotations.

Rotation 3

Skinner did two vaults: Amanar, clean in the air with a skittish landing (15.20); Cheng Fei lacked block off the table (15.25).

Olivia Troutman mounted floor with a full-twisting double layout.

Smith with inside Stalders that did not go in very deep; Ricna and full-twisting double tuck (14.80).

Raisman vaulted an Amanar that was clean until the last half twist, when she bent her legs (15.35).

Douglas was wobbly on beam, especially on her full turn with leg horizontal. Everything looked cautious (14.20). Bars is what may keep her on the team.

Biles with a huge Amanar with a slight hop (16.00); Cheng Fei stuck cold. The best to ever do that vault (15.975).

Dowell missed a handstand on bars and was a bit wild in places (14.05).

Hernandez nailed bars with three releases: Tkatchev, toe-on Tkatchev, Ricna (15.30).

Baumann looks good on beam and hit as well as can be expected under such pressure (15.00).

Rotation 4

Ashton Locklear did an excellent set on bars for the top score on the event (15.60). The only other event she did was beam (14.45).

Smith needed a strong beam routine but wobbled on a few skills, including her standing tucked full. She hit her flip-flop, flip-flop, double Arabian dismount well, however (14.30).

Douglas hit her Arabian double tuck, stag jump, and followed her tucked full-in with a back tuck that drew a loud cheer. She stuck her double pike and ended with a double tuck. There was not much energy in her performance, but everything she does draws loud cheers (14.80)

Raisman finished on her weak event, bars, and had several leg separations throughout (14.15).

Baumann is gorgeous on floor and opened with a solid double layout. She went O.B. on two whips through to double tuck. She ended with a clean double pike. Great routine (14.50).

Biles finished a perfect night with a bars routine that she could not have done better. Of course, she stuck her tucked half-in half-out (15.10).

Hernandez also ended her night with a strong routine on beam to go four-for-four. A bit cautious in places but no major wobbles (15.30).

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O'Keefe Takes First-Day Lead at Junior P&G Championships
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ST. LOUIS—Maile O'Keefe of Salcianu Elite went four-for-four, including the top beam score (14.85), to take the first-day lead in the women's junior competition at the P&G Championships Friday afternoon. Her 57.05 leads second-place Riley McCusker (MG Elite, 56.45), who finished her day with an amazing bars routine that earned the top score of the event (14.60). Gabby Perea (Legacy Elite) sits in third with 55.50, and Morgan Hurd (First State) overcame a fall from bars to finish fourth (55.40). Shilese Jones (Buckeye) and Kalyany Steele (Colorado Aerials) posted scores of 55.00 and 54.70, respectively, to place fifth and sixth.

The finals of the junior competition will be held on Sunday.


Rotation 1

High, stuck double-twisting Yurchenko from Chae Campbell of Metroplex.

Entertaining floor routine from Emma Malabuyo of Texas Dreams. Stuck tucked full-in mount and double pike dismount (with a couple of arm windmills!).

Solid beam set by Riley McCusker of MG Elite. She has some big shoes to fill, with teammates Jazmyn Foberg and Lauren Hernandez winning the last two U.S. junior titles, respectively.

Simone Biles' World Champions Centre clubmate Hannah Joyner is in this session, but she struggled on floor.

Morgan Hurd of First State was first rate on bars until she peeled off on a Tkatchev. She did catch her toe-on Tkatchev and ended with a tucked double-double.

Jordan Chiles (Naydenov) landed stiff legged on an Amanar in podium training and pulled out of the meet. No ligament damage; just a bruised bone.

Trivia Question: What is a Billiken, the mascot of St. Louis University (where the meet is being held)? (Answer below)

Rotation 2

Campbell, who was in first place after one rotation, took a nasty fall from bars on her double front dismount. Barely made it past her head on the second somersault. Big round of applause as she walked away with the assistance of trainers.

McCusker channeled teammate Lauren Hernandez on floor with exquisite expression. Coach Maggie Haney really knows how to get her gymnasts to emote. Her routine got a huge reception from the crowd.

Gorgeous form on bars by Kinsey Davis (KPAC), who did a high Hindorff.

Deanne Soza (Arete) ran into trouble on beam with three falls.

Trinity Thomas (Presitge) did an incredibly high double layout mount on floor, followed by an immediate split jump the seemed even higher! It even made the crowd gasp.

Shilese Jones (Buckeye) mounted floor with a 1.5 twist through to tucked full-in and made it look easy! That was the pass Dianne Durham did in the early 1980s.

On bars, Alyona Shchennikova (5280) did an inside-Stalder to Shaposhnikova, immediate inside-Stalder on the high bar.

Trivia Question: What does KPAC stand for?

Rotation 3

Trinity Thomas did one of the most perfect Yurchenko-fulls ever. Definitely capable of a double.

Aria Brusch (Cincinnati) performed a dynamic bar routine, but on her her giant before the dismount, her rear clipped the low bar and her double layout was under rotated. She bounced forward onto her hands.

Morgan Hurd showed clean tumbling on floor and expressive choreography. She certainly captivated the crowd.

Strong Yurchenko-double twist from Shilese Jones.

Leader after the first two events, Maile O'Keefe (Salcianu Elite) nailed bars in rotation three.

Emma Malabuyo landed her vault poorly in rotation two and scratched bars and beam.

Chae Campbell scratched beam and floor after her fall from bars.

Rotation 4

Trinity Thomas missed her Tkatchev on bars, but she did catch a piked Maloney-half.

Morgan Hurd spun a quick Yurchenko-double twist.

Lauren Letzsch (TIGAR) stuck a clean Yurchenko-full.

Jordan Bowers (Solid Rock) exemplified the name of her gym on her Yurchenko-full.

Leader Maile O'Keefe competed on beam at the same time runner-up Gabby Perea (Legacy Elite) was on floor. Both hit, but O'Keefe saved her best for last. She earned the top score on beam (14.85) for a 57.05 all-around.

Incredible bar set from Riley McCusker (Ricna, beautiful Stalders, inverted giants to barani-in back-out, stuck). Her 14.60 was the top bars score and lifted her to second place.

Trivia Question: What does TIGAR stand for? (Answer below)

A Billiken, which looks like a tiny Buddha with a pointy head, is a mythical good-luck figure who represents "things as they ought to be."

KPAC: Kristie Phillips Athletic Center

TIGAR: The International Gymnastics Academy of the Rockies

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Mikulak Maintains His Edge at Olympic Trials
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ST. LOUIS—In spite of missing his first two events, Sam Mikulak maintained his lead after the first day of Olympic trials. Scores from tonight were added to the two-day total of the P&G Championships in Hartford, Conn. Mikulak has 272.150 to lead second-place Chris Brooks, who had another perfect night (269.025). Jake Dalton kept his third place ranking with 267.325.

Counting tonight only, Mikulak won with 90.650, followed by Brooks (89.175) and Danell Leyva (88.725).

Mikulak began the night on parallel bars, where he hit a beautiful routine before sitting down his double front. High bar didn't go much better when his Takemoto finished on the wrong side of the bar. This caused a major break when he had to muscle the following giant.

"I think I've done this too many times, and I was upset with it," said Mikulak, who added that support from his family in the crowd helped him to regroup. He nailed floor exercise and followed with a superb pommel horse set, after which he released some frustration with a fist pump.

Brooks continued his impressive performance with six more hit routines to go with the 12 he nailed in Hartford. He also said the pressure had increased in St. Louis.

"You can feel it in the air," he said. "It's more intense."

Brooks implied the Mikulak has a spot locked up, but no one else. "The rest of us are fighting for second through ninth," he said. "The case I'm trying to make for myself is consistency."

Dalton was solid on five events but broke on parallel bars. And although many believe he's a lock along with Mikulak and Donnell Whittenburg, he's not taking anything for granted.

"I want to do anything I can to help Team USA."

Akash Modi retained his fourth place from P&G Championships, and it might have been higher had he not fallen from pommels in the final rotation. His personal highlight was a 15.225 on parallel bars.

There was no change in  Whittenburg's fifth-place ranking, although the two he was tied with faded to sixth (Yul Moldauer) and 14th (Sean Melton). Whittenburg had the high score on parallel bars (15.70) but one hand peeled off the high bar on a release skill. He managed to regrasp the bar and finish the giant, but lost several tenths in the process.

"It felt pretty good," he said of his night. "High bar gave me a little trouble. I have no idea (how I made the giant). In gymnastics, you have to think fast."

John Orozco went four for four. He was excellent on parallel bars and high bar (highest score of 15.475), and performed an easier routine on pommels and was solid on rings.

Alex Naddour did every event but high bar and led the pommel horse scores with 15.650. In Hartford, he missed one of his routines on horse, a weak event for the U.S.

"I think no one is perfect," he said. "If you have a mistake, forget it."

Leyva looked like a different gymnast in St. Louis. What was the difference for him?

"The preparation," he said. "The amount of work I put in (since Hartford)."

The final round of the men's Olympic trials on Saturday night will be intense. So many gymnasts are on the bubble. But only a few will dreams will be realized.


Rotation 1:

Lots of hits and sticks in rotation one, but the highlight had to be Steven Legendre on floor, who absolutely rocked his best routine ever on that event. Not sure he should have placed second to close friend Jake Dalton on the event. Dalton seemed to have more hops after his landings, and Legendre had a 6.8 D-score to Dalton's 6.7.

John Orozco opened his Olympic bid with an excellent set on p-bars, sticking his double pike.  Alex Naddour also stuck his double pike on the event.

Donnell Whittenburg anchored p-bars and took the first round lead with a 15.700, which included a stuck barani-out.

Four-time national champion Sam Mikulak was not one of the hits in rotation one. After an impeccable set on p-bars, he sat down his double front. You have to wonder what causes all of these fluky mistakes.

Rotation 2:

On high bar, Mikulak's Takemoto finished on the wrong side of the bar, which was followed by a handstand pushup. Another blown routine.

Whittenburg's pipe set was equally adventurous. One peeled off on a Moznik but he somehow regained his grip and finished the giant.

Orozco hit well on high bar and looks like a different gymnast here than in Hartford.

Naddour did not compete on high bar.

Rotation 3:

Great Bhavsar from Akash Modi on p-bars, and a tidy full-out dismount.

Excellent triple-double mount from Eddie Penev on floor.

Mikulak hit a clean set on floor for 15.65.

Chris Brooks is three for three after starting on rings.

Danell Leyva has also gone three for three and scored 15.60 on p-bars.

Orozco did not compete on floor.

Rotation 4:

First up on pommels, Mikulak got revenge with an amazing set that seemed to fire him up.

Leyva nailed high bar with beautiful releases, so he hit two of the three events the team would need him on.

Orozco hit pommels with an easier routine than in Hartford.

Naddour helped his cause with a difficult set on horse for a 15.65 (6.8).

Rotation 5:

Great floor routine from Donothan Bailey. Stuck his double Arabian dismount.

Naddour edged Whittenburg on rings, 15.225-15.175.

Dalton finally made a mistake with intermediate swings on p-bars.

Yul Moldauer led the p-bar rotation with a 15.35.

Rotation 6:

Bailey hit a difficult pommel horse routine.

Brooks finished his meet on pommels and hit cold. He is currently 18 for 18. Can anyone else in the field lay claim to that?

Naddour landed his Tsukahara-double pike. He uses a controlled run, so the vault is not that high. But he took only a small step.

After vaulting Kasamatsu-1.5 in Hartford, Mikulak finally upgraded to the Lopez he used in 2012. And it was solid.

Whittenburg closed his night with a solid Dragulescu on vault.

Modi was cruising on pommels before slipping off midway through his routine.

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Boyer, Gobaux Win French Nationals
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Marine Boyer (Meaux) and Julien Gobaux (Monaco) won the senior all-around titles at the 2016 French Championships, held Saturday and Sunday in Mulhouse.

Marine Boyer (Meaux) and Julien Gobaux (Monaco) won the senior all-around titles at the 2016 French Championships, held Saturday and Sunday in Mulhouse.

At April's test event in Rio de Janeiro, the French men and women both qualified full teams to this summer's Olympic Games.

Boyer scored 56.500 to top Kingersheim's Juliette Bossu (55.850) and Anne Kuhm of Rouen (55.550). Boyer's top score came on balance beam (14.300/6.1), where she won the silver medal at the recent European championships in Bern.

"I didn't have the perfect meet today — I have to work on some details but I hope I scored some points toward making the Olympic team," said Boyer, a native of Reunion Island.

Boyer, who turned 16 on May 22, was the all-around silver medalist at the 2014 French Junior Championships. In 2015, she was first on beam and second on uneven bars.

Defending champion Loan His (Saint-Denis, Reunion Island) competed uneven bars only, scoring 15.100.

Gobaux, a dual citizen of France and Monaco, scored 87.950 to take the title over Guillaume Augugliaro of Juan-les-Pins, who tied Jim Zona (Clamart) with 85.450.

"When the results were announced, I was very happy and inevitably Olympic selection popped into the back of my mind," said Gobaux, fifth all-around in 2015.

Defending men's all-around champion Zachari Hrimèche finished fifth and won vault in Sunday's finals.

Lorette Charpy of Saint-Étienne won the junior women's all-around title (56.200) over Janna Mouffok of Meaux (54.550) and Alisson Lapp of Brumath (53.250). In the men's junior competition, Kévin Carvalho of Montceau les Mines won the gold medal (81.600). Clamart's Antoine Pochon (79.950) placed second over Morgan Fasulo of Vallauris (79.600).

The makeup of the French squads for the Olympics in Rio will be announced on June 27.

External Link: French Gymnastics Federation

2016 French Gymnastics Championships
June 18-19, Mulhouse

Senior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Marine Boyer2000Meaux5.014.5005.214.0506.114.3005.113.65056.500
2.Juliette Bossu2000Kingersheim5.014.1505.714.0505.513.4005.514.25055.850
3.Anne Kuhm1996Rouen5.014.0005.314.2505.613.5005.313.80055.550
4.Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos2000Fort-de-France5.014.2006.313.8505.713.5005.013.80055.350
5.Louise Vanhille1998Dunkerque5.014.2506.114.2505.512.7005.114.10055.300
6.Oréane Léchenault2000Rouen5.014.2506.314.9506.011.8505.314.20055.250
7.Alison Lepin2000Beaumont-En-Véron5.013.8506.514.6005.313.4005.112.75054.600
8.Grâce Charpy1999Saint-Étienne5.013.6005.513.4505.413.8505.013.65054.550
9.Valentine Pikul1997Henin-Beaumont5.213.9005.713.7004.711.9505.113.20052.750
10.Alix Scandella2000Oyonnax4.613.8505.312.5005.212.9505.013.15052.450
11.Léanne Bourgeois2000Beaumont-En-Véron5.013.6005.112.5505.413.3005.412.30051.750
12.Coline Devillard2000Digoin5.014.1004.911.4005.512.5005.513.25051.250
13.Clara Beugnon1999Epinay Sous Senart5.013.5004.912.6004.711.6005.012.90050.600
14.Lucie Perdreau1999Beaumont-En-Véron5.013.6005.513.2005.211.6004.912.15050.550
15.Mathilde Dal-Zovo2000Saint-Denis5.013.4505.313.0504.810.7504.812.85050.100
16.Fiona Oke2000Marignane5.013.5004.010.8005.212.5504.812.70049.550
17.Océane Pause2000Saint-Denis5.013.7505.110.8005.311.4005.413.45049.400
18.Émilie Lartin2000Saint-Denis4.411.7004.512.9505.511.4504.912.75048.850
19.Youna Dufournet1993Rouen5.013.6505.813.0005.713.70040.350
20.Claire Martin1998Marsannay-la-Côte4.412.8505.013.50026.350
21.Loan His1999Saint-Denis6.315.10015.100

Senior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Julien Gobaux1990Monaco6.214.9505.313.7506.014.4505.615.1006.215.0505.714.65087.950
2.Guillaume Augugliaro1991Juan-les-Pins5.714.6005.612.5506.014.5505.214.3506.414.6005.914.80085.450
2.Jim Zona1992Clamart6.414.7005.413.7005.514.3005.614.4506.414.5505.413.75085.450
4.Kévin Dupuis1991Clamart5.714.7505.513.7505.914.0005.213.8506.114.6005.714.00084.950
5.Kévin Antoniotti1989Juan-les-Pins6.014.7505.413.7505.113.5505.214.5006.013.8506.614.45084.850
6.Zachari Hrimèche1997Velizy6.015.1004.512.3005.514.0506.015.3005.514.5005.113.25084.500
7.Axel Augis1990Clamart5.814.6505.914.5005.814.7005.212.6006.815.3505.412.60084.400
8.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues1985Sotteville4.913.0005.113.5507.014.9504.413.5005.414.3504.713.90083.250
9.Loris Frasca1995Juan-les-Pins6.114.2005.313.5505.013.0505.614.5005.113.4505.814.20082.950
10.Edgar Boulet1995Orléans6.314.1504.911.4005.914.3505.214.2505.013.5506.615.00082.700
11.Killian Mermet1997Clamart5.713.1005.113.4505.213.5005.613.1005.714.4505.513.40081.000
12.Matthieu Clarivet1995Juan-les-Pins5.112.1005.714.5005.513.7504.413.0005.211.7505.313.25078.350
12.Damien Graille1996Rennes5.112.5005.213.0004.813.4004.413.1504.413.2004.713.10078.350
14.Julien Saleur1991Bourges5.814.6004.611.3505.313.1005.613.4505.812.7005.412.95078.150
15.Xavier Scherrer1997Saint Louis6.415.2504.212.7505.612.9505.213.6004.612.3503.911.05077.950
16.Fabio Barzasi1991Montceau les Mines4.712.1504.512.3005.413.7005.212.4005.011.5005.513.60075.650
17.Antoine Borello1994Noisy-le-Grand5.913.5004.913.8005.213.6505.913.40054.350
18.Cyril Tommasone1987Lyon5.414.5006.514.1006.114.25042.850
19.Samir Aït Saïd1989Juan-les-Pins6.815.30015.300
20.Paul Degouy1997Noisy-le-Grand5.413.00013.000

Junior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Lorette Charpy2001Saint-Étienne5.013.7505.814.5005.614.2005.013.75056.200
2.Janna Mouffok2001Meaux5.014.2505.313.5505.313.6004.813.15054.550
3.Alisson Lapp2002Brumath5.013.6004.211.8005.614.0505.113.80053.250
4.Morgane Osyssek2002Haguenau5.014.1004.211.9505.413.4005.113.60053.050
5.Cloé Blanca Perret2002Vienne4.613.5504.312.1505.413.6504.612.95052.300
6.Assia Khnifass2001Dijon5.013.6505.313.3005.712.0505.213.05052.050
7.Iness Ben Rhouma2002Roquevaire5.013.7004.712.0005.513.2005.013.05051.950
8.Mélissa Poitreau2001Dijon5.013.7005.212.9505.212.0505.112.95051.650
9.Clara Gandrey2002Dijon5.014.1004.912.7505.311.4505.112.75051.050
10.Anaïs Gerbron2002Schiltigheim4.613.2503.511.8505.011.6504.812.95049.700
11.Maeva Gene2001Elbeuf4.413.0004.812.2505.211.6004.912.15049.000
12.Eva Breney2001Haguenau4.012.4505.212.4004.911.9504.612.15048.950
13.Alizee Aicardi2002Toulon4.813.3003.710.2505.312.7505.412.60048.900
14.Gaëlle Mahe2002Nice4.212.9004.211.0005.112.3004.912.40048.600
15.Alisson Truchard2002Toulon4.613.5003.78.9005.012.9504.912.60047.950
16.Lucie Dietrich2002Aix-en-Provence4.212.9002.110.4504.412.3003.911.80047.450
17.Eulalie Bridonneau2002Mortagne-sur-Sèvre4.212.8003.910.8004.610.1504.412.40046.150
18.Elsa Bernier2002Meaux4.012.8002.18.0504.712.6504.412.45045.950
19.Sheyen Petit2002Draguignan4.012.8504.88.5004.811.8504.412.60045.800
20.Tess Cuntz2001Haguenau5.013.8503.27.8505.010.8504.712.35044.900
21.Romane Fontaine2001Dunkerque3.311.1505.112.80023.950

Junior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Kévin Carvalho1999Montceau les Mines4.813.8004.712.8004.813.8505.214.4505.213.3505.013.35081.600
2.Antoine Pochon1999Clamart5.113.5004.512.5004.613.4505.213.8004.913.3504.913.35079.950
3.Morgan Fasulo1998Vallauris5.313.9504.712.7004.412.9505.214.2504.712.9504.112.80079.600
4.Kilian Parasme1999Istres5.412.9504.412.6504.613.3504.413.7504.413.1004.613.25079.050
5.Mathias Guillouart1998Juan-les-Pins5.213.1505.612.7004.412.9004.413.4504.912.9004.913.10078.200
6.Alexis Vuillaume1998Noisy Le Sec4.413.1504.312.5504.612.2504.413.5004.513.4504.513.20078.100
7.Alexandre Alberico1999Bellegarde-sur-Valserine5.113.3504.412.7504.012.3504.413.5504.412.8504.212.70077.550
8.Quentin Begue2000Le Port4.912.8504.713.4504.012.3004.413.6004.313.0504.812.00077.250
9.Sofiane Berrabah1998Villeurbanne4.613.9503.912.1504.212.2504.413.2504.413.1504.312.35077.100
10.Leo Valentin1999Noisy-le-Grand5.414.0004.29.4504.612.5004.413.3004.413.3004.613.40075.950
11.Lorenzo Pambianchi1999Noisy Le Sec4.913.7504.212.4004.612.2004.412.0004.112.5504.312.40075.300
12.Liam Chaumeil1999Illzach4.413.3504.812.0504.812.5504.413.7004.512.7503.610.75075.150
13.Dimitri Florent2000Bourges4.913.8004.310.8504.010.8505.213.9004.612.9504.412.55074.900
14.Cameron-Lie Bernard1998Sotteville5.313.5004.510.5504.613.3005.213.2005.714.6502.99.55074.750
15.Tom Masia Pacholczyk2000La Madeleine5.213.3003.38.9504.312.6004.413.0504.112.7504.712.50073.150
16.Pierre Le Marec1999Le Relecq-Kerhuon4.712.8004.511.3004.412.5005.212.3004.412.1004.511.60072.600
17.Arthur Moindrot2000Bellegarde-sur-Valserine4.312.1504.212.0503.511.3503.612.3504.312.0004.212.00071.900
18.Baptiste Miette1998Bourg En Bresse5.613.9004.912.5504.113.3004.613.00052.750

Espoir Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Benjamin Osberger2001Munster4.914.4004.714.3504.513.8003.212.7754.413.0003.312.25080.575
2.Mathys Cordule2001La Madeleine4.913.5503.911.5004.613.7504.413.1754.413.7504.314.30080.025
3.Léo Saladino2002Vallauris4.814.1504.513.0504.612.9004.412.5504.713.7503.612.85079.250
4.Marin Favier2001Lyon4.514.7004.613.5504.313.7503.212.3754.714.1003.410.70079.175
5.Julien Marechal2001La Madeleine4.413.3504.513.0504.313.4502.811.3754.414.2003.612.65078.075
6.Bastien Eloy2001Beaune5.214.9504.310.1504.114.0503.213.4254.212.6002.611.00076.175
7.Enzo Fazari2001Juan-les-Pins4.413.3004.311.7504.212.6504.412.4254.713.1004.411.75074.975
8.Lucas Desanges2002Sotteville4.513.9003.411.8003.310.2003.612.5754.012.4503.612.90073.825
9.Théo Noblet2002Tomblaine4.113.0504.211.3002.711.8002.812.2754.413.0502.811.20072.675
10.Arthur Ballon2003Lyon4.413.5002.910.8002.211.3504.412.0004.012.6502.612.00072.300
11.Louis Michelot2002Pontarlier4.112.8503.712.0003.211.0002.811.9253.712.1503.111.80071.725
12.Quentin Gimeno2002Aix-en-Provence4.413.3504.111.5003.912.3503.611.5503.611.6003.511.35071.700
13.Sebastien Lambert2001Noisy-le-Grand4.112.7003.010.5503.711.0004.413.1003.913.0002.610.85071.200
14.Théo Sbetta2001Vallauris4.613.7504.210.5003.010.7002.811.7253.912.6002.611.90071.175
15.Lilian Desriac2001Franconville4.112.7003.812.0502.29.9002.811.6754.312.6502.611.65070.625
16.Eliott Emptaz2001Strasbourg4.113.5002.97.1504.313.1002.811.6754.412.8003.512.15070.375
17.Titouan Sinquin2001Rennes4.513.2004.110.7503.812.5002.811.2003.911.1502.810.50069.300
18.Xavier Blaise2003Tomblaine4.012.7003.110.3002.710.8002.811.5504.613.6502.310.20069.200
19.Paolo Chion2003Aix-en-Provence4.412.8003.89.8503.812.1002.811.6254.112.1003.110.20068.675
20.Killian Lodenot2002Aix-en-Provence4.212.9003.69.1003.412.4002.811.3254.110.6502.811.75068.125
21.Benjamin Fiore2001Le Creusot3.912.6503.911.5502.311.3003.011.4253.98.9002.811.75067.575
22.Cyril Hauptmann2003Illzach4.112.3002.98.7502.211.1503.611.3503.012.0001.811.15066.700
23.Alexis Demigha2001Juan-les-Pins4.613.6504.08.5503.111.2002.811.0504.111.3502.510.80066.600
24.Marjane Sall2002Saint Brieuc4.012.6503.39.6503.910.5502.011.4754.111.1002.310.90066.325
25.Axel Pogut2002Rochefort Sur Mer4.211.9503.011.1002.210.7002.811.6503.911.6501.98.55065.600
26.Damien Delgado2001Bourges3.912.3503.38.8002.410.6003.611.8503.910.8002.810.35064.750
27.Victor Hoffer2003Munster3.912.3502.97.5002.311.3002.810.4003.212.2002.210.20063.950
28.Axel Saint-Saens2002Sotteville4.213.1502.910.9002.46.1502.811.8252.68.8002.511.40062.225
29.Axel Joinel2003Boulazac4.412.8502.32.7503.05.4503.612.1754.110.2502.810.75054.225

Women's Vault FinalDNDAverage
1.Coline DevillardDigoin5.013.950
2.Morgane OsyssekHaguenau5.013.900
3.Océane PauseSaint-Denis5.013.525
4.Alisson TruchardToulon4.613.500
5.Alison LepinBeaumont-En-Véron5.213.475
6.Lucie PerdreauBeaumont-En-Véron5.013.300
7.Alizee AicardiToulon4.813.200
8.Léanne BourgeoisBeaumont-En-Véron5.813.075

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Loan HisSaint-Denis6.38.75015.050
2.Lorette CharpySaint-Étienne5.89.00014.800
3.Louise VanhilleDunkerque6.17.90014.000
3.Anne KuhmRouen5.38.70014.000
5.Oréane LéchenaultRouen6.37.30013.600
6.Marine BoyerMeaux5.27.85013.050
7.Juliette BossuKingersheim5.77.30013.000
8.Alison LepinBeaumont-En-Véron6.24.70010.900

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Marine BoyerMeaux6.38.70015.000
2.Alisson LappBrumath5.68.55014.150
3.Lorette CharpySaint-Étienne5.68.45014.050
4.Mélanie De Jesus Dos SantosFort-de-France5.88.10013.900
5.Janna MouffokMeaux5.28.40013.600
6.Anne KuhmRouen5.58.00013.500
7.Youna DufournetRouen5.66.5500.112.050
8.Grâce CharpySaint-Étienne4.97.10012.000

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Juliette BossuKingersheim5.58.6000.313.800
2.Louise VanhilleDunkerque5.18.65013.750
3.Oréane LéchenaultRouen5.38.25013.550
4.Mélanie De Jesus Dos SantosFort-de-France5.18.2000.113.200
5.Grâce CharpySaint-Étienne5.17.80012.900
6.Anne KuhmRouen5.17.65012.750
7.Alisson LappBrumath4.97.70012.600
8.Lorette CharpySaint-Étienne4.96.90011.800

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Julien GobauxMonaco6.29.00015.200
2.Kévin AntoniottiJuan-les-Pins5.98.85014.750
3.Xavier ScherrerSaint Louis6.48.25014.650
4.Kévin DupuisClamart5.78.70014.400
5.Jim ZonaClamart5.78.3500.113.950
6.Zachari HrimècheVelizy5.58.15013.650

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Cyril TommasoneLyon7.08.45015.450
2.Axel AugisClamart5.98.75014.650
3.Baptiste MietteBourg En Bresse6.08.60014.600
4.Julien GobauxMonaco5.98.35014.250
5.Kévin AntoniottiJuan-les-Pins5.78.50014.200
6.Matthieu ClarivetJuan-les-Pins5.87.15012.950

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Samir Aït SaïdJuan-les-Pins6.89.00015.800
2.Danny Pinheiro-RodriguesSotteville7.08.75015.750
3.Julien GobauxMonaco6.08.90014.900
4.Guillaume AugugliaroJuan-les-Pins6.08.80014.800
5.Kévin DupuisClamart6.18.50014.600
6.Edgar BouletOrléans5.98.35014.250

Men's Vault FinalDNDAverage
1.Zachari HrimècheVelizy6.00.115.025
2.Loris FrascaJuan-les-Pins6.014.650
3.Xavier ScherrerSaint Louis5.214.425
4.Kévin CarvalhoMontceau les Mines5.20.113.175

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Julien GobauxMonaco6.68.45015.050
1.Guillaume AugugliaroJuan-les-Pins6.48.65015.050
1.Axel AugisClamart6.88.25015.050
4.Cameron-Lie BernardSotteville6.18.65014.750
5.Kévin DupuisClamart6.18.35014.450
6.Jim ZonaClamart6.47.95014.350

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Edgar BouletOrléans6.68.40015.000
2.Guillaume AugugliaroJuan-les-Pins5.98.95014.850
3.Julien GobauxMonaco5.78.65014.350
4.Kévin AntoniottiJuan-les-Pins6.47.45013.850
5.Jim ZonaClamart5.96.90012.800
6.Loris FrascaJuan-les-Pins5.76.25011.950
Written by dwight normile    Sunday, 05 June 2016 15:32    PDF Print
Mikulak Surges to Fourth Consecutive U.S. Title
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Sam Mikulak won his fourth straight U.S. all-around title with room to spare on Sunday, but an equally compelling storyline was the runner-up finish of veteran Chris Brooks.

Sam Mikulak
Mikulak suffered a major break on high bar after catching his Kolman too close, which forced him to do two back hip circles. The rest of his day was superb, however, and his 181.500 was the only two-day total to exceed 180.00. Mikulak, 23, improved his scores from Friday night on every event but high bar, and placed second on pommel horse and parallel bars. He also became the first gymnast to win four consecutive U.S. titles since Blaine Wilson (1996-2000), who won five straight.

Brooks, 29, won parallel bars and was second on high bar. But more importantly, he scored 14-plus both days on pommel horse, his weak event.

Third-place Jake Dalton (179.00) won floor and vault, and his third-place on rings could help him in St. Louis in three weeks when the Olympic team is named.

Stanford's Akash Modi showed the consistency that made him the 2015 NCAA all-around champion and runner-up in 2016. He scored 89.15 on Friday and 89.60 on Sunday to place fourth. And his 15.35 on pommels the second day was impressive.

First-day leader Donnell Whittenburg had a rough day and finished in a three-way tie for fifth with Sean Melton and Yul Moldauer (177.550). After a solid set on parallel bars, Whittenburg peeled off high bar on a layout Tkatchev, and followed with a shaky floor routine. On pommels, he fell off on a Sivado late in the routine, but managed to win rings, where he stuck his layout double-double dismount.

Marvin Kimble and Paul Ruggeri tied for eighth (177.200), and John Orozco improved his all-around from day one by 1.8 to score 89.20 and finish 10th (176.600).

C.J. Maestas placed 11th, and Alex Naddour was 12th. Naddour hit his pommel horse set this time (15.75) but fell on his Tsukahara-double pike.

2012 Olympic all-around bronze medalist Danell Leyva (16th) posted 15.30 on both parallel bars and high bar to keep his hopes alive for Rio, but he'll need to show stronger routines on pommel horse in St. Louis to remain in the mix.

The P&G Championships revealed the potential in the next generation of talent, and it will be interesting to see how all of the gymnasts fare at the pressure-packed Olympic trials later this month.

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