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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by dwight normile    Sunday, 17 April 2016 09:58    PDF Print
Oklahoma Sooners Make NCAA History
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About an hour after the Oklahoma men's team polished off Stanford in Columbus, Ohio, for its 10th NCAA team title, the Sooner women were embroiled in Texas shootout in Fort Worth. And while the victory for the men was not unexpected — they haven't lost a meet in two years — any of the top four women's teams that competed in the final rotation had a legitimate chance to win.

Heading to floor, the event that crushed their hopes last year, the Sooners extended their lead this time. Natalie Brown opened with a 9.90, and by the time AJ Jackson (pictured here) posted a 9.95 as the fifth gymnast up, the victory was sealed. Although floor anchor Haley Scaman did not know it as she assumed her opening pose. But right before her music started, Jackson's score was entered into the computer and Oklahoma shot to the No. 1 position on the scoreboard. The cheers of the large contingent of OU fans drowned out Scaman's music, and she admitted to being distracted. But during a part of her routine where she faced her team, she said she saw Keeley Kmieciak sobbing, and she knew they had won.

Meanwhile, LSU, the only team to defeat Oklahoma this year, was knocking out vaults to the tune of 49.4625. The Tigers were anchored by Ashley Gnat's double-twisting Yurchenko (9.925), which earned a 10.0 from one judge. But it wasn't enough to overtake Oklahoma, which defeated LSU, 197.675-197.450. Alabama, which led after two events, finished third (197.4375), and three-time defending champion Florida was fourth (197.350), suffering a fall on vault. UCLA was fifth (196.825) and Georgia, which had some poor landings on floor, was sixth (196.8125).

There were few falls in this Super Six final, and none on beam, which is rare at such an intense competition. And Oklahoma coach K.J. Kindler felt it.

"They had to fight for it," she said of her team. "They learned a lot from last year, and they applied it today."

Said junior Chayse Capps, who placed second all-around in prelims: "I do think we did learn to take one routine at a time."

Kindler said their first-meet loss to LSU on the road was pivotal to their ultimate success, explaining that their undefeated status last year began to affect their performance.

"I always feel you grow from failure," she said. "To me, that was a turning point to our season."

Kindler also said that this victory was much different from their first, when Oklahoma tied Florida in 2014. She said that her team wasn't supposed to win that year, so there was less pressure.

"Tonight we worked much harder to win," she said.

The Sooner men had a a stellar performance in Columbus, opening with the top floor score of the meet, anchored by Colin Van Wicklen. The Sooners also posted the top totals on rings, vault and parallel bars, and were second on pommels and high bar. That will get it done, and the Sooners increased their winning margin from last year, defeating Stanford again, 443.400-434.050. Oklahoma freshman Yul Moldauer captured the all-around title, and event champions were Van Wicklen (floor), Brandon Ngai (Illinois, pommel horse), Dennis Zaremski (Stanford, rings), Anthony McCallum (Michigan, vault), Akash Modi (Stanford, parallel bars) and Modi tied Alex Johnson of Ohio State for the high bar title.

Host team Ohio State finished third (433.050), just ahead of Illinois (432.750). Penn State (425.40) and Minnesota (424.40) completed the six-team field.

"It feels great," said OU men's coach Mark Williams. "The guys hit 100 percent, and you can't ask any more than that. …I'm so excited for them, because it's so hard to repeat. Back-to-back championships is pretty special."

So is making history. Oklahoma is the first university to win both the men's and women's NCAA team titles the same year. Which leads to another thought: Can they do it again next year?

Full results:


Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 16 April 2016 20:56    PDF Print
Germany, Ukraine, Netherlands and France Advance to Rio
(1 vote, average 5.00 out of 5)

The German men won the second Olympic qualifier on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, qualifying a full team to this summer's Olympic Games along with Ukraine, the Netherlands and France. Pictured: Germany, Ukraine and the Netherlands with their team medals.

The German men won the second Olympic qualifier on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, qualifying a full team to this summer's Olympic Games along with Ukraine, the Netherlands and France.

Twenty-four individuals also earned Olympic berths Saturday, with several gymnasts making history as their respective nation's first gymnastics Olympian.

The four teams that advanced round out the 12 teams that will compete this summer at the Olympic Games in Rio. They also finished ninth to 12th at last year's world championships in Glasgow, albeit in different order.

Germany, which competed in the first of three subdivisions, was nearly flawless, nailing five of six events. The team struggled a bit on its final event, high bar, — dropping an 11.900 from Marcel Nguyen — but held onto its lead. Germany improved its team total by nearly 5 points from last fall's world championships, and was most improved on pommel horse.

Twelth in Glasgow, Ukraine put together an even team that performed well under pressure, particularly on pommel horse, where they outscored Germany by more than a point. The team was the most improved from worlds, adding nearly 9 points to their total. Superstar Oleg Vernyayev was the MVP of the night, leading his pumped-up squad to second place with his incredible 92+ all-around score, capped off by the highest score of the night, 16.266 on parallel bars. He qualified to five of the six event finals, with the top scores on pommel horse, vault and parallel bars, and is the first reserve to the high bar final. Olympic bronze medalist Igor Radivilov also contributed big scores on still rings and vault.

The Netherlands, 11th in Glasgow, competed in the final session and jumped into third with consistent performances across the board. Without the aid of Yuri van Gelder, the Dutch were weakest on still rings, but overall averaged counting scores close to 14.500 on all six events.

France battled the Romanians in the second session, with Romania offering a surprising challenge to the French, who were 10th in Glasgow. Veteran Marian Dragulescu got Romania off to a strong start on floor exercise, and Romania kept the momentum going, leading France through the fifth rotation. France lost valuable points with weak high bar and a missed routine on pommel horse from world medalist Cyril Tommasone in the fifth rotation. Romania led by 1.5 points going into the last rotation, but was unable to put up big scores on high bar, and world finalist Samir Aït Saïd posted a 15.600 on rings to push France ahead.

Romania, Spain, Belgium and Canada will each earn one individual berth to the Olympics, in addition to any individual apparatus medalists from last year's world championships who are pre-qualified (in this case Dragulescu and Spain's Rayderly Zapata).

The math allowed the top 23 individual all-arounders, who were not part of a team, to earn an individual berth, cutting off at Chile's Tomás González. Algeria's Mohamed Bourguieg was given an Olympic berth as continental representation for Africa. One tri-partite nomination is yet to be announced.

Competition continues Sunday morning with the women's competition. Full teams from Australia and Romania are in the first session.

2016 Aquece Gymnastics Test Event
April 16, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1.   Germany57.96557.56558.26659.13260.73256.949350.609
Andreas Bretschneider13.56613.70014.60014.60015.03315.183
Lukas Dauser13.83314.03314.86615.56613.400
Philipp Herder14.46614.03314.06614.36614.233
Marcel Nguyen14.53314.80014.50015.50011.900
Ivan Rittschik14.50014.96614.066
Andreas Toba14.46614.73314.80015.16614.63314.300
2.   Ukraine58.58258.68258.09958.86659.83256.099350.160
Vladyslav Hryko13.83314.20014.30014.10013.466
Igor Radivilov14.26615.26615.10013.933
Maksym Semiankiv14.37512.00013.20014.56613.900
Andrii Sienichkin12.76614.85014.26613.03313.166
Oleg Vernyayev15.20815.63315.00015.20016.26614.800
Ilia Yehorov14.73314.36613.63314.20014.900
3.   Netherlands58.52456.73356.29858.93258.33358.624347.444
Michel Bletterman14.63314.10013.66614.46614.80013.733
Bart Deurloo14.62514.60014.36613.63314.925
Frank Rijken14.43314.13313.83314.80013.60013.800
Casimir Schmidt14.83313.83314.06614.86614.200
Jeffrey Wammes14.43314.03314.80014.33314.666
Epke Zonderland13.90015.00015.233
4.   France57.30657.19858.63358.19859.93355.315346.583
Samir Aït Saïd14.36615.60014.866
Kévin Antoniotti13.26614.13313.26614.36615.40014.416
Axel Augis14.73314.30013.53314.53313.000
Guillaume Augugliaro13.84114.36614.50014.50014.33313.966
Julien Gobaux14.83313.96614.23314.46615.10013.933
Cyril Tommasone14.26613.90014.900
5.   Romania58.33255.72357.69959.23158.46454.699344.148
Cristian Bataga14.46614.16614.50014.56613.43313.700
Marius Berbecar13.49113.96614.56613.333
Vlad Cotuna14.70012.99114.50014.53314.56613.733
Marian Dragulescu14.90013.60015.26614.16613.800
Andrei Muntean14.20014.73314.86615.16613.466
Andrei Ursache14.26614.46613.70014.366
6.   Spain59.33251.66658.23259.63258.16555.698342.725
Nestor Abad15.06612.50014.50015.00014.86614.166
Ruben López13.26614.53314.33313.466
Joel Plata13.83311.83314.63314.53314.266
Alberto Tallón14.76613.70014.66615.03314.43312.133
Adrià Vera14.10012.20014.03314.96613.800
Rayderley Zapata15.40014.53313.70013.633
7.   Belgium57.83256.39856.53358.44057.19956.132342.534
Maxime Gentges14.43314.23314.00014.26614.43314.133
Dennis Goossens14.900
Daan Kenis14.63311.70013.70015.20814.63313.933
Bram Louwije14.10013.96613.26614.13314.23314.100
Jimmy Verbaeys14.13314.23313.93314.46613.90013.966
Siemon Volkaert14.63313.96614.500
8.   Canada53.79852.86555.83258.06658.26651.799330.626
René Cournoyer11.36613.10013.80013.50014.20012.433
Ken Ikeda14.53314.40014.66613.900
Scott Morgan14.76614.63314.800
Jackson Payne12.30013.56614.70012.066
Hugh Smith14.30012.66613.83314.90014.03312.233
Samuel Zakutney13.36612.56613.33313.96614.70013.233

Men's IndividualFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.915.2087.015.6336.615.0006.015.2007.116.2666.514.80092.107
2.Jossimar Calvo6.214.7336.414.3006.214.1665.615.0336.915.6007.014.93388.765
3.John Orozco5.714.5416.414.8336.314.8004.813.9006.515.4666.815.10088.640
4.Nile Wilson6.114.3665.914.4006.415.0005.614.7006.214.5666.815.33388.365
5.Andreas Toba6.014.4666.114.7336.414.8005.615.1666.114.6336.414.30088.098
6.Daniel Corral6.014.3665.914.6256.214.8505.214.3006.415.4005.713.90087.441
7.Andrei Likhovitsky5.514.4666.515.2415.614.0334.813.8006.014.9336.414.60087.073
8.Andreas Bretschneider6.013.5664.813.7006.314.6005.214.6006.415.0336.615.18386.682
9.Julien Gobaux6.214.8335.813.9665.914.2335.614.4666.215.1005.713.93386.531
10.Alexander Shatilov6.214.6005.614.1005.313.8835.214.6335.814.4336.114.60086.249
11.Ferhat Arıcan6.014.4336.113.8665.313.8335.614.3666.615.7005.513.93386.131
12.Nestor Abad6.115.0665.512.5006.014.5005.615.0006.414.8665.914.16686.098
13.Artur Davtyan4.813.8665.514.0665.714.5666.015.4005.114.4664.813.73386.097
14.Randy Lerú6.414.8005.512.2335.713.8335.214.6006.615.3666.714.93385.765
15.Filip Ude5.514.2006.215.2004.913.5665.214.3335.414.2005.714.10085.599
16.Guillaume Augugliaro5.713.8416.014.3666.014.5005.214.5006.014.3336.013.96685.506
17.Maxime Gentges5.814.4336.114.2335.514.0005.214.2666.114.4335.914.13385.498
18.Michel Bletterman6.114.6335.514.1005.313.6665.214.4665.914.8005.413.73385.398
19.Chihiro Yoshioka6.414.8005.713.1336.214.5005.614.6666.314.6666.013.53385.298
20.Petro Pakhnyuk6.214.7006.014.1005.813.7585.214.4006.014.5335.813.76685.257
21.Anton Fokin5.613.0665.614.3335.513.9335.214.3666.615.7665.413.66685.130
22.Vlad Cotuna6.214.7005.612.9916.014.5005.214.5336.614.5666.113.73385.023
23.Oskar Kirmes6.014.7335.613.8665.314.0255.214.6755.313.9005.213.80084.999
24.Kévin Antoniotti6.013.2665.614.1335.113.2665.214.3666.415.4006.014.41684.847
25.Cristian Bataga6.114.4666.314.1666.314.5005.614.5665.513.4335.613.70084.831
26.Alberto Tallón6.014.7665.713.7006.214.6665.615.0335.614.4335.712.13384.731
27.Ludovico Edalli5.914.3005.813.9665.113.5005.213.8166.114.7336.214.33384.648
28.Sergio Sasaki6.314.4006.514.5665.814.3006.014.8666.213.3666.413.13384.631
29.Jimmy Verbaeys5.714.1335.714.2335.413.9335.214.4666.213.9005.813.96684.631
30.Stian Skjerahaug5.614.4005.913.9665.113.6005.214.7335.314.2005.213.72584.624
31.Frank Rijken5.914.4335.514.1335.113.8335.214.8005.813.6005.713.80084.599
32.David Jessen5.814.1005.713.3005.213.7335.214.6005.814.4005.814.40084.533
33.Robert Tvorogal5.314.1665.013.7085.013.4585.214.3665.314.3335.714.16684.197
34.Afanador Sandoval5.213.4006.314.0666.513.8665.214.0336.914.8006.313.95084.115
35.Phuoc Hung Pham5.413.9005.213.6006.214.4335.213.2666.415.2005.213.63384.032
36.Kevin Cerda6.114.7005.413.2005.812.9665.214.3005.614.1336.214.56683.865
37.Daan Kenis6.014.6335.211.7005.113.7005.615.2086.014.6335.713.93383.807
38.Marios Georgiou5.414.1006.114.8005.214.0005.214.7005.514.4335.311.76683.799
39.Bram Louwije5.614.1006.113.9665.113.2665.214.1335.614.2335.614.10083.798
40.Kieran Behan6.114.9663.911.6005.714.2005.214.4005.414.4335.013.80083.399
41.Vlasios Maras4.813.8255.412.9834.713.4005.214.6335.114.0006.214.46683.307
42.Gustavo Simões5.814.0335.913.6336.014.6665.214.3665.613.6005.412.83383.131
43.Misha Koudinov6.013.9665.013.2755.213.3005.214.3666.414.5665.513.56683.039
44.Ryan Patterson6.014.5335.212.5005.213.3005.214.5335.614.3335.613.73382.932
45.Tomás González6.413.5005.113.0665.713.9005.615.0005.914.8004.912.53382.799
46.Botond Kardos5.714.0665.413.2004.813.1585.214.6005.614.0665.313.36682.456
47.Lee Chih Kai6.113.6005.513.4665.313.0665.615.1005.714.4335.412.76682.431
48.Vid Hidvégi4.913.3006.515.1005.313.5004.413.6335.214.1005.312.73382.366
49.Hugh Smith5.814.3005.412.6665.713.8335.614.9005.214.0335.412.23381.965
50.Nicolas Cordoba5.413.3585.112.7335.313.3004.813.8835.114.2336.214.26681.773
51.Michael Mercieca5.412.9005.213.2665.513.5755.214.2335.814.4665.412.96681.406
52.Luis Rivera5.814.6335.410.8666.113.7665.214.4335.613.8335.713.80081.331
53.Mohamed Bourguieg5.714.0254.612.3915.012.8665.614.6335.313.7334.913.56681.214
54.Samuel Zakutney5.613.3665.512.5664.813.3335.213.9665.714.7005.713.23381.164
55.Shek Wai Hung5.714.0664.311.6834.711.8006.015.2665.814.3665.813.90081.081
56.Chen Chih-Yu5.113.6664.911.4666.714.9335.214.4665.113.9004.512.60081.031
57.Matteo Morandi4.813.6334.912.3006.515.0334.413.5005.413.1005.013.33380.899
58.Tarik Soto5.914.4664.812.6665.012.6665.414.7004.813.2335.912.53380.264
59.Dmitry Barkalov5.513.6005.712.5335.612.3665.214.5665.513.6335.813.06679.764
60.Christos Lympanovnos4.912.1004.512.5335.613.6665.214.0335.513.1335.013.36678.831
61.René Cournoyer5.611.3665.513.1005.613.8005.613.5005.714.2005.312.43378.399
62.Taha Serhani6.213.1665.112.3004.812.7005.613.9005.813.1335.912.66677.865
63.Caleb Faulk5.412.7663.812.0664.512.3334.413.5334.412.6665.213.03376.397
64.Andres Pérez5.112.9664.711.1664.611.8335.214.2415.012.3005.111.36673.872

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Rayderley Zapata6.78.8000.115.400 Q
2.Oleg Vernyayev6.98.30815.208 Q
3.Nestor Abad6.18.96615.066 Q
4.Kieran Behan6.18.86614.966 Q
5.Marian Dragulescu6.58.40014.900 Q
6.Julien Gobaux6.28.63314.833 Q
7.Casimir Schmidt6.48.43314.833 Q
8.Chihiro Yoshioka6.48.5000.114.800 Q
9.Randy Lerú6.48.40014.800 R1
10.Alberto Tallón6.08.76614.766
11.Scott Morgan6.48.36614.766 R2
12.Oskar Kirmes6.08.73314.733 R3
13.Jossimar Calvo6.28.53314.733
13.Ilia Yehorov6.28.53314.733
15.Kevin Cerda6.18.60014.700
16.Petro Pakhnyuk6.28.50014.700
16.Vlad Cotuna6.28.50014.700
18.Luis Rivera5.88.83314.633
19.Daan Kenis6.08.63314.633
20.Michel Bletterman6.18.53314.633
21.Siemon Volkaert6.48.23314.633
22.Bart Deurloo5.98.72514.625
23.Alexander Shatilov6.28.40014.600
24.John Orozco5.78.84114.541
25.Ryan Patterson6.08.6330.114.533
26.Marcel Nguyen6.08.53314.533
27.Ivan Rittschik5.78.80014.500
28.Andrei Likhovitsky5.58.96614.466
29.Tarik Soto5.98.56614.466
30.Philipp Herder6.08.46614.466
30.Andreas Toba6.08.46614.466
32.Cristian Bataga6.18.36614.466
33.Maxime Gentges5.88.63314.433
34.Frank Rijken5.98.53314.433
35.Ferhat Arıcan6.08.43314.433
36.Jeffrey Wammes6.28.3330.114.433
37.Stian Skjerahaug5.68.80014.400
38.Sergio Sasaki6.38.4000.314.400
39.Maksym Semiankiv5.98.47514.375
40.Samir Aït Saïd5.78.66614.366
41.Daniel Corral6.08.4660.114.366
42.Nile Wilson6.18.26614.366
43.Hugh Smith5.88.50014.300
44.Ludovico Edalli5.98.40014.300
45.Cyril Tommasone5.88.46614.266
46.Alexandru Ursache6.08.26614.266
46.Igor Radivilov6.08.26614.266
48.Filip Ude5.58.70014.200
49.Andrei Muntean6.28.00014.200
50.Robert Tvorogal5.38.86614.166
51.Jimmy Verbaeys5.78.43314.133
52.Marios Georgiou5.48.70014.100
53.Bram Louwije5.68.50014.100
54.David Jessen5.88.30014.100
55.Adrià Vera6.38.1000.314.100
56.Shek Wai Hung5.78.4660.114.066
57.Botond Kardos5.78.36614.066
58.Gustavo Simões5.88.23314.033
59.Mohamed Bourguieg5.78.4250.114.025
60.Misha Koudinov6.08.0660.113.966
61.Jacob Dalton6.27.73313.933
62.Phuoc Hung Pham5.48.50013.900
63.Artur Davtyan4.89.06613.866
64.Guillaume Augugliaro5.78.4410.313.841
65.Joel Plata6.27.63313.833
66.Vlasios Maras4.89.02513.825
67.Chih-Yu Chen5.18.56613.666
68.Matteo Morandi4.88.83313.633
69.Kim Hansol6.47.4330.213.633
70.Dmitry Barkalov5.58.10013.600
71.Lee Chih Kai6.17.50013.600
72.Kevin Rossi5.97.66613.566
73.Andreas Bretschneider6.07.56613.566
74.Tomás González6.47.2000.113.500
75.Javier Sandoval5.28.20013.400
76.Samuel Zakutney5.67.76613.366
77.Nicolas Cordoba5.48.2580.313.358
78.Vid Hidvégi4.98.40013.300
79.Kévin Antoniotti6.07.5660.313.266
80.Taha Serhani6.26.96613.166
81.Anton Fokin5.67.5660.113.066
82.Andres Pérez5.17.86612.966
83.Michael Mercieca5.47.50012.900
84.Andrii Sienichkin5.18.0660.412.766
85.Caleb Faulk5.47.6660.312.766
86.Christos Lympanovnos4.97.20012.100
87.René Cournoyer5.66.1660.411.366

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Oleg Vernyayev7.08.63315.633 Q
2.Sun Wei6.49.16615.566 Q
3.Andrei Likhovitsky6.58.74115.241 Q
4.Filip Ude6.29.00015.200 Q
5.Vid Hidvégi6.58.60015.100 Q
6.Ivan Rittschik6.58.46614.966 Q
7.Andrii Sienichkin6.38.55014.850 Q
8.John Orozco6.48.43314.833 Q
9.Marios Georgiou6.18.70014.800 R1
10.Axel Augis5.98.83314.733 R2
11.Andreas Toba6.18.63314.733 R3
12.Daniel Corral5.98.72514.625
13.Bart Deurloo6.18.50014.600
14.Sergio Sasaki6.58.06614.566
15.Ken Ikeda6.18.43314.533
16.Alexandru Ursache6.57.96614.466
17.Nile Wilson5.98.50014.400
18.Guillaume Augugliaro6.08.36614.366
19.Ilia Yehorov6.28.16614.366
20.Anton Fokin5.68.73314.333
21.Jossimar Calvo6.47.90014.300
22.Jimmy Verbaeys5.78.53314.233
23.Maxime Gentges6.18.13314.233
24.Cristian Bataga6.37.86614.166
25.Frank Rijken5.58.63314.133
26.Kévin Antoniotti5.68.53314.133
27.Michel Bletterman5.58.60014.100
28.Alexander Shatilov5.68.50014.100
29.Petro Pakhnyuk6.08.10014.100
30.Artur Davtyan5.58.56614.066
31.Javier Sandoval6.37.76614.066
32.Philipp Herder5.88.23314.033
33.Julien Gobaux5.88.16613.966
33.Ludovico Edalli5.88.16613.966
35.Stian Skjerahaug5.98.06613.966
36.Bram Louwije6.17.86613.966
37.Siemon Volkaert6.37.66613.966
38.Epke Zonderland5.38.60013.900
39.Cyril Tommasone6.27.70013.900
40.Oskar Kirmes5.68.26613.866
41.Ferhat Arıcan6.17.76613.866
42.Lukas Dauser5.58.33313.833
42.Casimir Schmidt5.58.33313.833
44.Vladyslav Hryko5.97.93313.833
45.Robert Tvorogal5.08.70813.708
46.Andreas Bretschneider4.88.90013.700
47.Alberto Tallón5.78.00013.700
48.Gustavo Simões5.97.73313.633
49.Phuoc Hung Pham5.28.40013.600
50.Marian Dragulescu6.07.60013.600
51.Kevin Rossi6.07.53313.533
52.Marius Berbecar5.38.19113.491
53.Lee Chih Kai5.57.96613.466
54.David Jessen5.77.60013.300
55.Misha Koudinov5.08.27513.275
56.Michael Mercieca5.28.06613.266
57.Ruben López5.37.96613.266
58.Botond Kardos5.47.80013.200
58.Kevin Cerda5.47.80013.200
60.Chihiro Yoshioka5.77.43313.133
61.René Cournoyer5.57.60013.100
62.Tomás González5.17.96613.066
63.Vlad Cotuna5.67.39112.991
64.Vlasios Maras5.47.58312.983
65.Brinn Bevan5.57.43312.933
66.Nicolas Cordoba5.17.63312.733
67.Tarik Soto4.87.86612.666
68.Hugh Smith5.47.26612.666
69.Samuel Zakutney5.57.06612.566
70.Christos Lympanovnos4.58.03312.533
71.Dmitry Barkalov5.76.83312.533
72.Ryan Patterson5.27.30012.500
73.Nestor Abad5.57.00012.500
74.Mohamed Bourguieg4.67.79112.391
75.Matteo Morandi4.97.40012.300
76.Taha Serhani5.17.20012.300
77.Jackson Payne6.36.00012.300
78.Randy Lerú5.56.73312.233
79.Adrià Vera5.66.60012.200
80.Caleb Faulk3.88.26612.066
81.Maksym Semiankiv4.97.10012.000
82.Joel Plata5.76.13311.833
83.Daan Kenis5.26.50011.700
84.Shek Wai Hung4.37.38311.683
85.Kieran Behan3.97.70011.600
86.Chih-Yu Chen4.96.56611.466

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Eleftherios Petrounias6.89.10015.900 Q
2.Arthur Zanetti6.89.00015.800 Q
3.Samir Aït Saïd6.78.90015.600 Q
4.Igor Radivilov6.98.36615.266 Q
5.Liao Junlin6.78.53315.233 Q
6.Matteo Morandi6.58.53315.033 Q
7.Nile Wilson6.48.60015.000 Q
8.Oleg Vernyayev6.68.40015.000 Q
9.Chih-Yu Chen6.78.23314.933 R1
10.Dennis Goossens6.68.30014.900 R2
11.Daniel Corral6.28.65014.850 R3
12.John Orozco6.38.50014.800
13.Marcel Nguyen6.48.40014.800
13.Andreas Toba6.48.40014.800
15.Andrei Muntean6.18.63314.733
16.Jacob Dalton6.48.33314.733
17.Gustavo Simões6.08.66614.666
18.Alberto Tallón6.28.46614.666
19.Scott Morgan6.58.13314.633
20.Andreas Bretschneider6.38.30014.600
21.Artur Davtyan5.78.86614.566
22.Yoo Wonchul6.67.96614.566
23.Ruben López6.28.33314.533
23.Rayderley Zapata6.28.33314.533
25.Nestor Abad6.08.50014.500
25.Guillaume Augugliaro6.08.50014.500
25.Vlad Cotuna6.08.50014.500
28.Chihiro Yoshioka6.28.30014.500
29.Cristian Bataga6.38.20014.500
30.Phuoc Hung Pham6.28.23314.433
31.Bart Deurloo5.88.56614.366
32.Sun Wei6.18.26614.366
33.Sergio Sasaki5.88.50014.300
33.Axel Augis5.88.50014.300
35.Julien Gobaux5.98.33314.233
36.Kieran Behan5.78.50014.200
37.Vladyslav Hryko5.98.30014.200
38.Jossimar Calvo6.27.96614.166
39.Casimir Schmidt5.88.26614.066
40.Philipp Herder5.98.16614.066
41.Lukas Dauser5.48.63314.033
42.Adrià Vera5.58.53314.033
43.Andrei Likhovitsky5.68.43314.033
43.Jeffrey Wammes5.68.43314.033
45.Oskar Kirmes5.38.72514.025
46.Marios Georgiou5.28.80014.000
47.Maxime Gentges5.58.50014.000
48.Marius Berbecar5.38.66613.966
49.Jimmy Verbaeys5.48.53313.933
50.Anton Fokin5.58.43313.933
51.Tomás González5.78.20013.900
52.Alexander Shatilov5.38.58313.883
53.Javier Sandoval6.57.36613.866
54.Frank Rijken5.18.73313.833
55.Ferhat Arıcan5.38.53313.833
56.Hugh Smith5.78.13313.833
56.Randy Lerú5.78.13313.833
58.René Cournoyer5.68.20013.800
59.Luis Rivera6.17.66613.766
60.Petro Pakhnyuk5.87.95813.758
61.David Jessen5.28.53313.733
62.Daan Kenis5.18.60013.700
63.Alexandru Ursache5.58.20013.700
64.Michel Bletterman5.38.36613.666
65.Christos Lympanovnos5.68.06613.666
66.Ilia Yehorov5.28.43313.633
67.Stian Skjerahaug5.18.50013.600
68.Michael Mercieca5.58.07513.575
69.Filip Ude4.98.66613.566
70.Jackson Payne5.48.16613.566
71.Brinn Bevan5.87.76613.566
72.Ludovico Edalli5.18.40013.500
73.Vid Hidvégi5.38.20013.500
74.Robert Tvorogal5.08.45813.458
75.Vlasios Maras4.78.70013.400
76.Samuel Zakutney4.88.53313.333
77.Misha Koudinov5.28.10013.300
77.Ryan Patterson5.28.10013.300
79.Nicolas Cordoba5.38.00013.300
80.Bram Louwije5.18.16613.266
80.Kévin Antoniotti5.18.16613.266
82.Maksym Semiankiv5.08.20013.200
83.Botond Kardos4.88.35813.158
84.Kevin Rossi5.47.70013.100
85.Lee Chih Kai5.37.76613.066
86.Kevin Cerda5.87.16612.966
87.Mohamed Bourguieg5.07.86612.866
88.Taha Serhani4.87.90012.700
89.Tarik Soto5.07.66612.666
90.Dmitry Barkalov5.66.76612.366
91.Caleb Faulk4.57.83312.333
92.Andres Pérez4.67.23311.833
93.Shek Wai Hung4.77.10011.800

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.09.200 15.20015.233
2.Jake Dalton6.09.266 15.26614.933
5.29.400 14.600
3.Kim Hansol6.08.9660.114.86614.933
6.09.000 15.000
4.Scott Morgan5.69.200 14.80014.750
5.69.100 14.700
5.Igor Radivilov6.09.100 15.10014.600
6.08.100 14.100
6.Mohamed Bourguieg5.69.1330.114.63314.483

Men's Vault - Individual ScoresDENDScore
1.Artur Davtyan6.09.40015.400
2.Shek Wai Hung6.09.26615.266
2.Marian Dragulescu6.09.26615.266
2.Jake Dalton6.09.26615.266
5.Daan Kenis5.69.60815.208
6.Oleg Vernyayev6.09.20015.200
7.Andreas Toba5.69.56615.166
8.Lee Chih Kai5.69.50015.100
8.Igor Radivilov6.09.10015.100
10.Jossimar Calvo5.69.43315.033
10.Alberto Tallón5.69.43315.033
12.Tomás González5.69.40015.000
12.Nestor Abad5.69.40015.000
14.Adrià Vera5.69.4660.114.966
15.Hugh Smith5.69.30014.900
16.Sergio Sasaki6.08.86614.866
16.Samir Aït Saïd5.69.26614.866
16.Lukas Dauser5.69.26614.866
16.Kim Hansol6.08.9660.114.866
16.Casimir Schmidt5.69.26614.866
16.Andrei Muntean5.69.26614.866
22.Scott Morgan5.69.20014.800
22.Frank Rijken5.29.60014.800
22.Jeffrey Wammes5.69.20014.800
25.Stian Skjerahaug5.29.53314.733
26.Tarik Soto5.49.30014.700
26.Marios Georgiou5.29.50014.700
26.Nile Wilson5.69.10014.700
29.Oskar Kirmes5.29.47514.675
30.Chihiro Yoshioka5.69.06614.666
31.Mohamed Bourguieg5.69.1330.114.633
31.Joel Plata5.29.43314.633
31.Vlasios Maras5.29.43314.633
31.Alexander Shatilov5.29.43314.633
35.Randy Lerú5.29.40014.600
35.David Jessen5.29.40014.600
35.Andreas Bretschneider5.29.40014.600
35.Botond Kardos5.29.40014.600
39.Dmitry Barkalov5.29.36614.566
39.Cristian Bataga5.69.0660.114.566
41.Vlad Cotuna5.29.33314.533
41.Ryan Patterson5.29.33314.533
43.Siemon Volkaert5.69.0000.114.500
43.Guillaume Augugliaro5.29.30014.500
43.Marcel Nguyen5.29.30014.500
46.Jimmy Verbaeys5.29.26614.466
46.Julien Gobaux5.68.9660.114.466
46.Michel Bletterman5.29.26614.466
46.Chih-Yu Chen5.29.26614.466
50.Luis Rivera5.29.23314.433
51.Petro Pakhnyuk5.29.20014.400
51.Ken Ikeda5.29.3000.114.400
51.Kieran Behan5.29.20014.400
54.Kévin Antoniotti5.29.16614.366
54.Philipp Herder5.29.16614.366
54.Robert Tvorogal5.29.16614.366
54.Misha Koudinov5.29.16614.366
54.Gustavo Simões5.29.16614.366
54.Alexandru Ursache5.29.16614.366
54.Ferhat Arıcan5.69.0660.314.366
54.Anton Fokin5.29.16614.366
62.Filip Ude5.29.2330.114.333
63.Kevin Cerda5.29.10014.300
63.Daniel Corral5.29.2000.114.300
63.Vladyslav Hryko5.29.10014.300
66.Maxime Gentges5.29.1660.114.266
66.Andrii Sienichkin5.29.06614.266
68.Andres Pérez5.29.04114.241
69.Michael Mercieca5.29.03314.233
70.Ilia Yehorov5.29.3000.314.200
71.Bram Louwije5.29.0330.114.133
72.Javier Sandoval5.28.9330.114.033
72.Christos Lympanovnos5.28.9330.114.033
74.Samuel Zakutney5.28.8660.113.966
75.Taha Serhani5.68.6000.313.900
75.John Orozco4.89.2000.113.900
77.Nicolas Cordoba4.89.08313.883
78.Ludovico Edalli5.28.61613.816
79.Andrei Likhovitsky4.89.00013.800
80.Rayderley Zapata6.08.0000.313.700
81.Vid Hidvégi4.49.23313.633
81.Bart Deurloo5.68.03313.633
83.Axel Augis5.67.93313.533
83.Caleb Faulk4.49.13313.533
85.René Cournoyer5.67.90013.500
85.Matteo Morandi4.49.10013.500
87.Phuoc Hung Pham5.28.3660.313.266

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Oleg Vernyayev7.19.16616.266 Q
2.Anton Fokin6.69.16615.766 Q
3.Ferhat Arıcan6.69.10015.700 Q
4.Jossimar Calvo6.98.70015.600 Q
5.Lukas Dauser6.78.86615.566 Q
6.Marcel Nguyen6.68.90015.500 Q
7.John Orozco6.58.96615.466 Q
8.Kévin Antoniotti6.49.00015.400 Q
8.Daniel Corral6.49.00015.400 Q
10.Randy Lerú6.68.76615.366 R1
11.Sun Wei6.78.60015.300 R2
12.Phuoc Hung Pham6.48.80015.200 R3
13.Andrei Muntean6.28.96615.166
14.Julien Gobaux6.28.90015.100
15.Andreas Bretschneider6.48.63315.033
16.Epke Zonderland6.18.90015.000
17.Andrei Likhovitsky6.08.93314.933
18.Cyril Tommasone6.18.80014.900
19.Ilia Yehorov6.38.60014.900
20.Nestor Abad6.48.46614.866
21.Tomás González5.98.90014.800
21.Michel Bletterman5.98.90014.800
23.Javier Sandoval6.97.90014.800
24.Ludovico Edalli6.18.63314.733
25.Samuel Zakutney5.79.00014.700
26.Jackson Payne6.38.40014.700
27.Ken Ikeda5.88.86614.666
28.Chihiro Yoshioka6.38.36614.666
29.Daan Kenis6.08.63314.633
30.Andreas Toba6.18.53314.633
31.Maksym Semiankiv5.88.76614.566
32.Marius Berbecar6.18.46614.566
33.Nile Wilson6.28.36614.566
34.Misha Koudinov6.48.16614.566
35.Vlad Cotuna6.67.96614.566
36.Axel Augis5.68.93314.533
37.Petro Pakhnyuk6.08.53314.533
37.Joel Plata6.08.53314.533
39.Artur Davtyan5.19.36614.466
40.Michael Mercieca5.88.66614.466
41.Kieran Behan5.49.03314.433
42.Marios Georgiou5.58.93314.433
43.Alberto Tallón5.68.83314.433
44.Lee Chih Kai5.78.73314.433
45.Alexander Shatilov5.88.63314.433
46.Maxime Gentges6.18.33314.433
47.David Jessen5.88.60014.400
48.Wai Hung Shek5.88.56614.366
49.Robert Tvorogal5.39.03314.333
50.Jeffrey Wammes5.58.83314.333
51.Ryan Patterson5.68.73314.333
52.Guillaume Augugliaro6.08.33314.333
53.Ruben López6.18.23314.333
54.Nicolas Cordoba5.19.13314.233
55.Bram Louwije5.68.63314.233
56.Philipp Herder6.08.23314.233
57.Stian Skjerahaug5.38.90014.200
58.Filip Ude5.48.80014.200
59.Casimir Schmidt5.58.70014.200
60.René Cournoyer5.78.50014.200
61.Marian Dragulescu5.88.36614.166
62.Yoo Wonchul6.67.56614.166
63.Kevin Cerda5.68.53314.133
64.Vid Hidvégi5.28.90014.100
65.Vladyslav Hryko5.68.50014.100
66.Botond Kardos5.68.46614.066
67.Hugh Smith5.28.83314.033
68.Vlasios Maras5.18.90014.000
69.Kevin Rossi6.37.66613.966
70.Chih-Yu Chen5.18.80013.900
71.Oskar Kirmes5.38.60013.900
72.Jimmy Verbaeys6.27.70013.900
73.Luis Rivera5.68.23313.833
74.Mohamed Bourguieg5.38.43313.733
75.Dmitry Barkalov5.58.13313.633
76.Rayderley Zapata5.68.03313.633
77.Gustavo Simões5.68.00013.600
78.Frank Rijken5.87.80013.600
79.Cristian Bataga5.57.93313.433
80.Sergio Sasaki6.27.16613.366
81.Tarik Soto4.88.43313.233
82.Brinn Bevan6.07.16613.166
83.Christos Lympanovnos5.57.63313.133
84.Taha Serhani5.87.33313.133
85.Matteo Morandi5.47.70013.100
86.Andrii Sienichkin5.08.03313.033
87.Caleb Faulk4.48.26612.666
88.Andres Pérez5.07.30012.300

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Nile Wilson6.88.53315.333 Q
2.Epke Zonderland6.68.63315.233 Q
3.Andreas Bretschneider6.68.58315.183 Q
4.John Orozco6.88.30015.100 Q
5.Randy Lerú6.78.23314.933 Q
6.Jossimar Calvo7.07.93314.933 Q
7.Bart Deurloo6.78.22514.925 Q
8.Yoo Wonchul6.18.73314.833 Q
9.Oleg Vernyayev6.58.30014.800 R1
10.Jeffrey Wammes6.48.26614.666
11.Alexander Shatilov6.18.50014.600 R2
12.Andrei Likhovitsky6.48.20014.600 R3
13.Kevin Cerda6.28.36614.566
14.Vlasios Maras6.28.26614.466
15.Kévin Antoniotti6.08.41614.416
16.David Jessen5.88.60014.400
17.Ludovico Edalli6.28.13314.333
18.Andreas Toba6.47.90014.300
19.Joel Plata6.18.16614.266
20.Nicolas Cordoba6.28.06614.266
21.Robert Tvorogal5.78.46614.166
22.Nestor Abad5.98.26614.166
23.Maxime Gentges5.98.23314.133
24.Bram Louwije5.68.50014.100
25.Filip Ude5.78.40014.100
26.Ivan Rittschik6.27.86614.066
27.Brinn Bevan5.38.66613.966
28.Jimmy Verbaeys5.88.16613.966
29.Guillaume Augugliaro6.07.96613.966
30.Javier Sandoval6.37.65013.950
31.Ferhat Arıcan5.58.43313.933
32.Daan Kenis5.78.23313.933
32.Julien Gobaux5.78.23313.933
34.Igor Radivilov6.07.93313.933
35.Ken Ikeda5.48.50013.900
36.Daniel Corral5.78.20013.900
37.Shek Wai Hung5.88.10013.900
37.Maksym Semiankiv5.88.10013.900
39.Kieran Behan5.08.80013.800
40.Oskar Kirmes5.28.60013.800
41.Frank Rijken5.78.10013.800
41.Luis Rivera5.78.10013.800
43.Marian Dragulescu5.97.90013.800
44.Adrià Vera6.07.80013.800
45.Petro Pakhnyuk5.87.96613.766
46.Artur Davtyan4.88.93313.733
47.Michel Bletterman5.48.33313.733
48.Ryan Patterson5.68.13313.733
49.Vlad Cotuna6.17.63313.733
50.Stian Skjerahaug5.28.52513.725
51.Cristian Bataga5.68.10013.700
52.Anton Fokin5.48.26613.666
53.Phuoc Hung Pham5.28.43313.633
54.Mohamed Bourguieg4.98.66613.566
55.Misha Koudinov5.58.06613.566
56.Chihiro Yoshioka6.07.53313.533
57.Vladyslav Hryko5.38.16613.466
58.Ruben López5.57.96613.466
58.Andrei Muntean5.57.96613.466
60.Lukas Dauser5.77.70013.400
61.Christos Lympanovnos5.08.36613.366
62.Botond Kardos5.38.06613.366
63.Matteo Morandi5.08.33313.333
64.Marius Berbecar5.18.23313.333
65.Samuel Zakutney5.77.53313.233
66.Kevin Rossi6.27.00013.200
67.Andrii Sienichkin5.37.86613.166
68.Sergio Sasaki6.46.73313.133
69.Dmitry Barkalov5.87.26613.066
70.Caleb Faulk5.27.83313.033
71.Axel Augis5.47.60013.000
72.Michael Mercieca5.47.56612.966
73.Gustavo Simões5.47.43312.833
74.Lee Chih Kai5.47.36612.766
75.Vid Hidvégi5.37.43312.733
76.Taha Serhani5.96.76612.666
77.Chih-Yu Chen4.58.10012.600
78.Tomás González4.97.63312.533
79.Tarik Soto5.96.63312.533
80.René Cournoyer5.37.13312.433
81.Hugh Smith5.46.83312.233
82.Alberto Tallón5.76.43312.133
83.Jackson Payne6.15.96612.066
84.Marcel Nguyen5.76.20011.900
85.Marios Georgiou5.36.46611.766
86.Andres Pérez5.16.26611.366
Written by dwight normile    Saturday, 16 April 2016 09:06    PDF Print
Sloan Captures Second NCAA All-Around Title
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Florida senior Bridget Sloan captured the NCAA all-around crown in Fort Worth, Texas, Friday, having also won the title as a freshman in 2013. Competing in the first preliminary session in the afternoon, she scored 9.90 on her first two events, floor exercise and vault. She improved to 9.950 on her remaining events, uneven bars and balance beam, to finish with a total of 39.70.

Sloan's two titles matched the accomplishment of former Gator gymnast Kytra Hunter, who as a freshman was Florida's first NCAA all-around champion. As a senior, Hunter tied UCLA's Samantha Peszek for the title last year.

Oklahoma junior Chayse Capps of nearby Plano, Texas, placed second to Sloan with 39.6125. She posted three scores of 9.90 and a 9.9125 on balance beam.

Third was LSU sophomore Myia Hambrick with 39.5625.

Apparatus titles were awarded on Friday, as well, with 9.950 as the top score on all four events.

Tying for first on vault were Brandie Jay (Georgia) and Katie Bailey (Alabama); Sloan and Brittany Rogers (Georgia) shared the uneven bars title; Sloan and Danusia Francis (UCLA) tied for the beam title; and Nina McGee (Denver) won floor exercise.

The women's NCAA Championship concludes with the Super Six Finals, April 16, at 8:00 p.m. at the Fort Worth (Texas) Convention Center Arena.

Go to for complete results.

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 10 April 2016 17:24    PDF Print
'Record-Setting' British Championships End
(5 votes, average 4.60 out of 5)

All-around champion Max Whitlock added two more titles as a record-setting British championships came to a close Sunday in Liverpool. Pictured: Superstar Louis Smith, MBE claimed silver on pommel horse

All-around champion Max Whitlock added two more titles as a record-setting British championships came to a close Sunday in Liverpool.

The sold-out competition at Liverpool's Echo Arena set new records for attendance, British Gymnastics announced: 16,000 attended the competition over the weekend, double the attendance for 2015. Meanwhile, senior champions Whitlock and Claudia Fragapane also broke records, with each earning a new personal best score in the all-around.

Gabby Jupp (Sapphire) won the senior uneven bars title.

Sunday's competition featured apparatus finals for senior and junior women, and Masters finals for men, which were open to both juniors and senior levels, as well as non-citizen guest competitors.

Whitlock (South Essex) took gold on floor exercise over his 2012 Olympic teammates Dan Purvis (Southport YMCA and Sam Oldham (Loughborough). Whitlock was less secure than in the all-around final, when he nailed every pass, but still extremely impressive (front full to Randi; 3 1/2 to barani out of bounds; 2 1/2 to 1 1/2; layout Thomas; stuck triple twist).

Whitlock added his second title with the gold on pommel horse, upgrading to a 7.4-Difficulty routine in order to top rival Louis Smith's 16.100 (7.2). Whitlock appeared a bit tired but fought through his routine, scoring 16.325 for one more gold. He also added a bronze on still rings and silvers on parallel bars and high bar.

Junior Rhys McClenaghan, a guest competitor from the Irish national team, won the bronze medal, impressing with the highest Execution score of the final (9.075). McClenaghan trains at Rathgael Gymnastics near Belfast under coach Luke Carson.

Courtney Tulloch (Pegasus Gym Club) with still rings with a 6.9-Difficulty set (15.550). Youth Olympic Games champion Giarnni Regini-Moran (Europa Gym Centre), second all-around in the Under-18 Junior division, won vault (Randi; triple-twisting Tsukahara). Leeds gymnasts Ashley Watson won parallel bars and Nile Wilson won high bar.

In the women's competition, four women walked away with senior titles. Ellie Downie (Notts Gymnastics Club) won vault, while her elder sister Becky won balance beam. Gabby Jupp (Sapphire), who competed one event only after recent injury, won bars with a strong routine with great composition (toe-on blind to piked Jaeger; toe-on piked Tkatchev to Pak; toe-full to Maloney, backswing to Gienger between the bars; double layout). Becky Downie, the top qualifier on uneven bars, missed her Maloney uprise to Ricna release and settled for second behind Jupp.

On floor exercise, Amy Tinkler (full-twisting double layout; double-double; 1 1/2 to double tuck; double pike) edged Fragapane (stuck full-twisting double layout; stuck piked Arabian double front; triple twist with big step; double layout). Both gymnasts earned 6.1 Difficulty scores for their spectacular tumbling, but Tinkler's leaps and dance was very generously judged.

Four gymnasts also won junior women's titles: Sophie Scott (Leatherhead & Dorking Gym Club) on vault, Megan Parker (City of Birmingham) on bars; Alice Kinsella (Park Wrekin) on balance beam, and Zoe Simmons (The Academy) on floor exercise

New junior all-around champion Maisie Methuen (Phoenix) picked up silver medals on vault and floor exercise.

External Link: British Gymnastics

2016 British Gymnastics Championships
April 10, Liverpool, England

Senior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.89.30015.10014.787
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club5.88.8000.314.30013.787
3.Abigail SolariThe Academy4.88.90013.70013.512
4.Jessica CoombsNotts Gymnastics Academy5.09.05014.05013.425
5.Shannon ArcherCity of Glasgow Gymnastics 5.08.2000.312.90012.437

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Gabby JuppSapphire School of Gymnastics6.28.55014.750
2.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy6.77.72514.425
3.Ruby HarroldThe Academy6.57.67514.175
4.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool6.46.92513.325
5.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.37.90013.200
6.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic Club5.77.27512.975
7.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club5.66.65012.250
8.Georgia-Mae FentonEast London Gym Club4.95.22510.125

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy6.18.65014.750
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club6.77.4750.114.075
3.Ruby HarroldThe Academy5.67.02512.625
4.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.86.72512.525
5.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.17.32512.425
6.Shannon ArcherCity of Glasgow4.97.37512.275
6.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool5.46.9750.112.275
8.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy5.46.70012.100

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic Club6.18.25014.350
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club6.18.17514.275
3.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy5.38.4000.313.400
4.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.77.65013.350
5.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.18.17513.275
6.Georgia-Mae FentonEast London Gym Club5.17.25012.350
7.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool5.36.90012.200
8.Abigail SolariThe Academy5.25.95011.150

Masters Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.89.0000.315.500
2.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA6.49.02515.425
3.Sam OldhamLoughborough Students Gymnastics6.28.80015.000
4.Hamish CarterCity of Birmingham6.08.60014.600
5.Jamie LewisWoking5.58.67514.175
6.Jack NeillTolworth Gym Club5.68.50014.100
7.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham6.67.47514.075
8.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex5.87.40013.200

Masters Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex7.48.92516.325
2.Louis Smith, MBEHuntingdon Olympic7.28.90016.100
3.Rhys McClenaghanRathgael Gymnastics6.19.07515.175
4.James HallPegasus Gym Club6.38.42514.725
5.Brinn BevanSouth Essex6.48.10014.500
6.Joe FraserCity of Birmingham5.78.60014.300
7.Nile WilsonLeeds5.88.32514.125
8.Prashanth SellathuraiMilton Keynes Gym7.06.62513.625

Masters Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Courtney TullochPegasus Gym Club6.98.65015.550
2.Nile WilsonLeeds6.48.55014.950
3.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.08.75014.750
4.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex5.78.77514.475
5.Joe FraserCity of Birmingham5.19.07514.175
6.Sam OldhamLoughborough Students Gymnastics 6.07.95013.950
7.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex5.48.52513.925
8.Kristian ThomasEarls5.58.32513.825

Masters Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa Gym Centre6.09.2500.115.15015.100
2.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham6.09.0250.114.92514.912
3.Ewan McAteerCity of Lisburn Salto5.68.8750.114.37514.237
4.Hamish CarterCity of Birmingham5.29.22514.42514.012
5.Kelvin ChamCity of Glasgow5.68.70014.30013.962
6.Adam SteelePipers Vale 5.29.22514.42513.425
7.Pavel KarnejenkoCity of Glasgow4.48.95013.35012.962
8.Kristian ThomasEarls6.08.3000.314.0007.000

Masters Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ashley WatsonLeeds6.88.80015.600
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.48.92515.325
3.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex6.38.52514.825
4.Brinn BevanSouth Essex6.48.32514.725
4.Courtney TullochPegasus Gym Club6.48.32514.725
6.Nile WilsonLeeds7.07.15014.150
7.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham5.37.07512.375
8.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA4.96.85011.750

Masters High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Nile WilsonLeeds6.98.42515.325
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.78.15014.850
3.Sam OldhamLoughborough Students Gymnastics 6.78.07514.775
4.James HallPegasus Gym Club6.48.20014.600
5.Frank BainesSouthport YMCA6.07.95013.950
6.Kristian ThomasEarls6.27.60013.800
7.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex5.78.05013.750
8.Ashley WatsonLeeds6.27.00013.200

Junior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking Gym Club5.09.17514.17513.775
2.Maisie MethuenPhoenix5.08.92513.92513.712
3.Lucy StanhopeCity of Liverpool5.08.87513.87513.600
4.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham5.28.1500.113.25013.512
5.Megan BridgeGymmagic5.08.65013.65013.475
6.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy5.08.6000.113.50013.450
7.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College5.08.47513.47513.412
8.Lana ChiltonCity of Newcastle4.08.72512.72512.725

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Megan ParkerCity of Birmingham4.98.32513.225
2.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College4.98.27513.175
3.Lucy StanhopeCity of Liverpool4.88.27513.075
4.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking Gym Club4.28.67512.875
5.Maisie MethuenPhoenix5.27.55012.750
6.Chiara BunceHeathrow Gym Club4.48.00012.400
7.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham5.16.90012.000
8.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy4.27.40011.600

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin College5.67.8000.113.300
2.Amelia MontagueTolworth Gym Club5.27.95013.150
3.India SaleHeathrow Gym Club4.68.00012.600
4.Megan SplainSapphire School of Gymnastics4.87.62512.425
5.Maisie MethuenPhoenix4.97.12512.025
6.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham5.46.00011.400
7.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College5.26.15011.350
8.Sarah MckenzieDGC2k4.56.50011.000

Junior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy5.28.30013.500
2.Maisie MethuenPhoenix5.08.37513.375
3.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham4.98.42513.325
4.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin College5.48.0000.313.100
5.Megan ParkerCity of Birmingham4.78.4500.113.050
6.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College4.87.97512.775
7.Lana ChiltonCity of Newcastle4.77.9250.112.525
8.Amelia MontagueTolworth Gym Club4.77.47512.175
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Melnikova Takes Two More Titles in Penza
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All-around champion Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) added two more gold medals to her haul as the Russian championships ended Sunday in Penza. Pictured: Seniors Daria Skrypnik, Seda Tutkhalyan, Aliya Mustafina, Angelina Melnikova and Daria Spiridonova pose after the apparatus finals on Sunday.

All-around champion Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) added two more gold medals to her haul as the Russian championships ended Sunday in Penza.

Melnikova, who also led Central to the team title in Penza, won the balance beam and floor exercise titles in Sunday's apparatus finals. She shared the floor exercise gold medal with two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva (Tula).

Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) won beam and tied for first on floor exercise.

Melnikova, a first-year senior, is a fresh face for the Russian team and could be a major force this summer in Rio. She performed consistently all week and looked improved even from last month's DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart, showing she could be on the right projectile toward peaking in August. On balance beam she hit her best routine of the meet (ff ff two-foot layout to sissone to wolf jump; punch front; double pike, small hop; 15.333/6.3D), while also showing off the attention to artistic detail ignored by the Code of Points.

On floor, Melnikova tumbled a double layout; piked full-in; two whips to double tuck, and double pike, showing a bit too much power but staying in bounds all her passes. She tied former world champion Afanasyeva, 24, who had steps on her first two passes (double layout; two whips to triple twist) but otherwise performed well.

All-around bronze medalist Maria Kharenkova (Khimki) took the silver on balance beam, with a relatively clean routine (slight check after her ff ff layout series; 15.00/6.3), and bronze on floor exercise.

World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina (Moscow) won the bronze on balance beam, adding to her bronze on uneven bars and team silver. She had several wobbles and missed connections (double turn to full turn; Side somi; switch leap switch side; Onodi; front aerial, side aerial; switch ring; stuck double tuck; 5.9 D). She was gifted with an 8.9 Execution score although the rankings were ultimately correct, as the fourth-place gymnast, Yevgenia Shelgunova, was also scored rather generously for her execution.

Despite still recovering from last fall's meniscus surgery and suffering from back pain, she was determined to compete bars and beam in Penza. Mustafina lived up to her nickname of "Iron Aliya" — except for a few cautious beam routines, she hit six out of six routines in Penza.

"Aliya has proved herself a real heroine at these Russian championships," said Russian team coach Valentina Rodionenko. "This meet was very important to her — the time left before the Olympic Games is running out. Our doctors were not happy with her decision to take part in this meet, but Mustafina was adamant."

Mustafina impressed the coaching staff enough to be named to June's European championship team, along with Melnikova and world vault champion Maria Paseka, with the remaining gymnasts to be named.

Yelena Yeryomina (Saint Petersburg), junior balance beam champion (Master of Sport)

Unlike Mustafina, all-around silver medalist Seda Tutkhalyan (Moscow) did herself no favors in Penza. She missed uneven bars the first two days, but seemed to raise hopes with hitting her upgraded beam routine both days. But on Sunday she continued to frustrate the Russian coaching staff by bombing both her routines. The 2014 Youth Olympic champion, who failed to make an impression at the last year's world championships, finished last on both balance beam (fall on switch half; near fall on RO layout full; fall on piked full-in) and floor exercise (fall on upgraded second pass of whip, whip to piked full-in; stumble out of bounds on 1 1/2 front full).

"Seda, Seda ... a very good gymnast, but every time she competes, we don't know what will happen," Rodionenko said. "She can either do her routines very well or allow stupid mistakes. At the Russian championship this was very clearly demonstrated. We put her on the team at the world championships last year, and she very seriously let down. At the European Games in Baku it was the same thing. She is, of course, in the top group. But, sometimes, the right choice is not in favor of the difficulty, but the stability."

In the junior competition, all-around champions Anastasia Ilyankova (Master of Sport division) and Ksenia Klimenko (Candidate for Master of Sport) each added another title, with Ilyankova winning floor exercise and Klimenko winning uneven bars. Yelena Yeryomina (third all-around in Master of Sport) won balance beam. Alexandra Schekoldina, second all-around to Klimenko, won vault in the Candidate category.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2016 Russian Women's National Championships
April 10, Penza

Senior Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Angelina Melnikova2000Voronezh15.333
2.Maria Kharenkova1998Khimki / Rostov-on-Don15.000
3.Aliya Mustafina1994Moscow / Penza14.800
4.Yevgenia Shelgunova1997Zvenigorod / Alatyr14.667
5.Daria Spiridonova1998Moscow13.800
6.Polina Fyodorova1996Cheboksary13.767
7.Daria Skrypnik2000Krasnodar13.433
8.Seda Tutkhalyan1999Moscow12.533

Senior Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Ksenia Afanasyeva1991Khimki / Tula14.567
1.Angelina Melnikova2000Voronezh14.567
3.Maria Kharenkova1998Khimki / Rostov-on-Don14.267
4.Yevgenia Shelgunova1997Zvenigorod / Alatyr14.133
5.Natalia Kapitonova2000Penza14.067
6.Anastasia Dmitrieva1999Tolyatti / Samara13.567
7.Daria Skrypnik2000Krasnodar13.267
8.Seda Tutkhalyan1999Moscow11.900

Junior Balance Beam Final (Master of Sport)Score
1.Yelena Yeryomina2001Saint Petersburg14.567
2.Ulyana Perebinosova2001Khimki14.167
3.Angelina Simakova2002Dzerzhinsk13.900
4.Polina Borzykh2001Surgut13.033
5.Anastasia Gaynetdinova2002Sterlitamak12.900
6.Ksenia Kamkova2002Yekaterinburg12.600
7.Anastasia Ilyankova 2001Leninsk-Kuznetsky12.433
8.Viktoria Panchuk2002Dzerzhinsk11.500

Junior Floor Exercise Final (Master of Sport)Score
1.Anastasia Ilyankova2001Leninsk-Kuznetskny13.800
2.Angelina Simakova2002Dzerzhinsk13.767
3.Polina Borzykh2001Surgut13.467
4.Alyona Arkusha2001Krasnoyarsk13.367
5.Viktoria Panchuk2002Dzerzhnisk13.333
6.Anastasia Gaynetdinova2002Sterlitamak12.900
7.Ksenia Kamkova2002Yekaterinburg12.567
8.Ulyana Perebinosova2001Khimki12.533

Junior Vault Final (Candidate for Master of Sport)Vault 1Vault 2Average
1.Alexandra Schekoldina2002Surgut13.43314.03313.733
2.Viktoria Gorbatova2002Khimki13.56713.80013.684
2.Anastasia Budylkina2002Voronezh13.76713.60013.684
4.Ksenia Pekelman2002Novosibirsk13.46713.56713.517
5.Anastasia Agafonova2003Vladimir / Kovrov13.36713.53313.450
6.Ksenia Klimenko2003Surgut13.30013.50013.400
7.Alina Stepanova2003Veliky Novgorod13.00013.66713.334
8.Daria Belousova2003Cheboksary12.93313.73313.333

Junior Uneven Bars Final (Candidate for Master of Sport)Score
1.Ksenia Klimenko2003Surgut13.833
2.Anastasia Agafonova2003Vladimir / Kovrov13.700
3.Yelizaveta Serova2003Moscow13.067
4.Alexandra Schekoldina2002Surgut12.967
5.Viktoria Gorbatova2002Khimki12.933
6.Varvara Zubova2002Moscow11.933
7.Alyona Belomoyeva2003Saint Petersburg11.700
8.Daria Belousova2003Cheboksary11.633

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