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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 08 March 2014 23:14    PDF Print
Barbosa Leads Brazil to Continental Title
(2 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

2008 Olympian Jade Barbosa led Brazil to the team title as the South American Games began Saturday in Santiago, Chile. Pictured: The winning Brazilian gymnasts flashes "L" in support of two-time Olympic gymnast Lais Souza, who was seriously injured in a skiing accident in January, when she was training with the hope of representing Brazil at the Winter Olympics.

2008 Olympian Jade Barbosa led Brazil to the team title as the 10th South American Games began Saturday in Santiago, Chile.

Held every four years, this year's continental championships include athletes from 14 nations: — Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela — competing in 33 sports. (Venezuela was ruled ineligible to compete in the gymnastics competition because it did not take part in the 2013 Pan American Gymnastics Championships in December, also held in Santiago.)

Brazil topped the host nation, 213.250-209.950, to take the women's team gold medal, with Colombia winning the bronze with 201.150. Brazil outscored the other teams in event every except uneven bars, where Chile was first.

Barbosa won the all-around title over Chilean Olympian Simona Castro. Brazilian newcomer Julie Kim, 15, won the bronze.

The veteran Barbosa said she was pleased with her performance after missing last year's world championships with a right foot injury. She credited physical therapy for her comeback instead of undergoing surgery.

"I'm very happy because the doctor told me that after six months I could only compete at about 50 percent," said Barbosa, the 2007 world all-around bronze medalist. Consequently I was able to do more than I thought, and the team was ready."

Barbosa dedicated her gold medal to the injured Lais Souza, the 2004 and 2008 Olympic gold medalist who was seriously injured in January in a skiing accident. On the medal podium, the team flashed the "L" symbols with their fingers in honor of Souza, who remains hospitalized after undergoing surgery on a dislocated cervical vertebra.

Competition continues Sunday with the men's team and all-around competition.

External Link: Official Website

10th South American Games
June 9, Santiago, Chile

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Jade Barbosa14.75012.65014.25013.60055.250
2.Simona Castro13.80013.05012.70013.00052.550
3.Julie Kim13.75012.40013.60012.55052.300
4.Makarena Pinto14.05012.90012.00013.35052.300
5.Daniele Hypolito14.20011.20012.90013.75052.050
6.Yurany Avendaño13.00012.80012.45013.10051.350
7.Isabelle Cruz13.10012.55012.35012.95050.950
8.Bibiana Velez13.80013.30011.00012.40050.500
9.Merlina Galera13.65010.95012.15013.05049.800
10.Camila Klesa13.45011.80012.50011.95049.700
11.Camila Ambrosio13.7009.80012.85013.05049.400
12.Marcela Sandoval12.65012.35011.45012.80049.250
13.Mariana Chiarella13.5509.55012.60013.50049.200
14.Lizeth Ruiz13.20011.65011.35012.60048.800
15.Franchesca Santis13.85011.00010.10013.15048.100
15.Ginna Escobar13.50012.05010.25012.30048.100
17.Britt Reusche13.00010.75012.40011.55047.700
18.Andrea Camino13.5009.80011.65012.55047.500
19.Valentina Brostella12.8509.15011.00012.70045.700
20.Paola Bautista12.65010.40011.25010.20044.500
21.Britany Peña12.6009.65010.50011.05043.800
22.Debora Reis Puyesky11.1509.50010.45010.15041.250
23.Rebeca Aguilar12.9005.25011.05011.90041.100
24.Martina Castro14.05012.00013.15039.200
25.Diana Vasquez13.3505.4008.15011.80038.700
26.Ailen Valente13.60011.85012.70038.150
27.Natalia Calcagno13.5509.40010.95033.900
28.Barbara Achondo12.65013.35026.000
29.Melany Cabrera12.85013.05025.900
30.Juliana Santos12.45013.10025.550
30.Lorrane Dos Santos12.30013.25025.550
32.Paloma Guerrero13.10012.25025.350

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Jade Barbosa5.88.95014.75014.525 Q
2.Martina Castro5.28.85014.05013.900 Q
3.Makarena Pinto5.28.85014.05013.875 Q
4.Franchesca Santis5.08.85013.85013.600
5.Bibiana Velez5.08.80013.80013.600 Q
6.Camila Ambrosio5.08.70013.70013.550 Q
7.Isabelle Cruz5.37.9000.113.10013.375 Q
8.Ailen Valente5.08.60013.60013.375 Q
9.Andrea Camino5.08.50013.50013.250 Q
10.Diana Vasquez5.08.4500.113.35012.950 R
11.Rebeca Aguilar4.28.70012.90012.825 R
12.Paola Bautista4.28.45012.65012.500

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Bibiana Velez5.57.80013.300 Q
2.Simona Castro4.68.45013.050 Q
3.Makarena Pinto4.88.10012.900 Q
4.Melany Cabrera5.27.65012.850
5.Yurany Avendaño5.07.80012.800 Q
6.Barbara Achondo4.77.95012.650
7.Jade Barbosa5.57.15012.650 Q
8.Isabelle Cruz4.77.85012.550 Q
9.Juliana Santos4.57.95012.450
10.Julie Kim3.88.60012.400
11.Marcela Sandoval5.27.15012.350
12.Ginna Escobar5.07.05012.050
13.Ailen Valente4.96.95011.850 Q
14.Camila Klesa4.67.20011.800 Q
15.Lizeth Ruiz4.76.95011.650
16.Daniele Hypolito5.06.20011.200
17.Franchesca Santis4.26.80011.000
18.Merlina Galera4.56.45010.950
19.Britt Reusche2.87.95010.750 R
20.Paola Bautista2.87.60010.400 R
21.Andrea Camino3.26.6009.800
22.Camila Ambrosio3.56.3009.800
23.Britany Peña3.26.4509.650 R
24.Mariana Chiarella4.15.4509.550
25.Debora Reis Puyesky4.05.5009.500
26.Natalia Calcagno4.64.8009.400
27.Valentina Brostella2.76.4509.150
28.Diana Vasquez2.33.1005.400
29.Rebeca Aguilar0.98.3504.05.250

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Jade Barbosa5.58.75014.250 Q
2.Julie Kim5.08.60013.600 Q
3.Juliana Santos4.98.20013.100
4.Paloma Guerrero5.08.10013.100 Q
5.Melany Cabrera5.08.05013.050 Q
6.Daniele Hypolito5.97.00012.900
7.Camila Ambrosio5.17.75012.850 Q
8.Simona Castro4.97.80012.700 Q
9.Mariana Chiarella4.77.90012.600 Q
10.Camila Klesa4.48.10012.500
11.Yurany Avendaño4.48.05012.450 Q
12.Britt Reusche4.87.60012.400 R
13.Isabelle Cruz4.77.65012.350
14.Merlina Galera4.37.85012.150
15.Makarena Pinto5.07.00012.000
16.Martina Castro5.26.80012.000
17.Andrea Camino4.86.9500.111.650
18.Marcela Sandoval4.76.75011.450 R
19.Lizeth Ruiz5.36.1500.111.350
20.Paola Bautista4.37.0500.111.250
21.Rebeca Aguilar3.87.3500.111.050
22.Valentina Brostella3.87.20011.000 R
23.Bibiana Velez4.66.5000.111.000
24.Natalia Calcagno4.66.35010.950
25.Britany Peña4.06.50010.500
26.Debora Reis Puyesky4.36.15010.450
27.Ginna Escobar4.85.45010.250
28.Franchesca Santis4.65.50010.100
29.Diana Vasquez4.23.9508.150

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Daniele Hypolito5.38.45013.750 Q
2.Jade Barbosa5.48.3000.113.600 Q
3.Mariana Chiarella5.18.40013.500 Q
4.Barbara Achondo5.08.35013.350 Q
5.Makarena Pinto5.38.05013.350 Q
6.Lorrane Dos Santos5.28.1500.113.250
7.Franchesca Santis4.98.25013.150
8.Martina Castro5.67.55013.150
9.Yurany Avendaño5.18.00013.100 Q
10.Camila Ambrosio4.98.15013.050 Q
11.Merlina Galera5.28.0500.213.050 Q
12.Simona Castro4.98.10013.000
13.Isabelle Cruz5.17.9500.112.950
14.Marcela Sandoval4.97.90012.800 R
15.Ailen Valente4.78.1000.112.700
16.Valentina Brostella5.07.8000.112.700 R
17.Lizeth Ruiz5.07.60012.600
18.Julie Kim4.67.95012.550
19.Andrea Camino4.77.85012.550 R
20.Bibiana Velez4.77.8000.112.400
21.Ginna Escobar4.77.60012.300
22.Paloma Guerrero4.87.45012.250
23.Camila Klesa4.87.4500.311.950
24.Rebeca Aguilar4.17.80011.900
25.Diana Vasquez4.47.40011.800
26.Britt Reusche4.57.05011.550
27.Britany Peña3.87.25011.050
28.Paola Bautista3.47.1000.310.200
29.Debora Reis Puyesky3.26.95010.150
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Russia, Woo Wow at Gymnix Junior Cup
(1 vote, average 5.00 out of 5)

Rose-Kaying Woo and the Russian team grabbed golds at the International Gymnix Junior Cup, held Saturday in Montreal.

Rose-Kaying Woo and the Russian team grabbed golds at the International Gymnix Junior Cup, held Saturday in Montreal.

Canada held the lead until the final event, when the Russians eclipsed them by a mere .034 to take the team title, 165.316-165.282. Italy won the bronze (158.858).

Woo topped Angelina Melnikova (Russia) and Shallon Olsen (Omega Gymnastics in Vancouver) in the all-around standings.

Woo, who trains at Montreal's Gym-Richelieu under coach Michel Charron, said she was pleased by her overall performance. She had the top scores

"On floor I was more confident after beam and it went well, and then on bars I was just went for it," said Woo, whose older sister Victoria-Kayen Woo is a member of Canada's senior national team.

Melnikova led the Russians to first place, as the Russsians came from behind in the final rotation with an excellent showing on uneven bars. Melnikova trains in Voronezh under coach Sergei Denisovich, husband of 1987 Soviet world team member Tatiana Tuzhikova (the first female to compete a full-twisting double layout on floor exercise).

Olsen, the current Canadian junior champion, had the top score on vault with 14.500 but a 12.600 on balance beam dropped her to third all-around.

Competition concludes Sunday at the Claude-Robillard Sports Complex with the apparatus finals for both the Junior Cup and Senior Challenge divisions.

External Link: Official Website

2014 International Gymnix
March 8, Montreal

Junior Cup TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Russia 41.466 42.325 40.950 40.575 165.316
2. Canada 42.832 40.350 41.525 40.575 165.282
3. Italy 40.633 38.925 39.675 39.625 158.858
4. Belgium 39.132 39.650 39.700 39.850 158.332
5. Romania 40.533 33.825 39.050 39.725 153.133
6. Mixed Team 40.399 34.950 36.425 38.775 150.549

Junior Cup All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Rose-Kaying Woo 5.0 13.766 5.3 13.900 5.8 14.050 5.3 13.725 55.441
2. Angelina Melnikova 4.7 13.566 5.9 14.475 5.6 13.475 5.4 13.775 55.291
3. Shallon Olsen 5.8 14.966 4.9 12.950 5.8 13.825 5.5 13.475 55.216
4. Daria Skrypnik 5.0 14.033 6.0 14.200 5.4 13.150 5.5 13.800 55.183
5. Audrey Rousseau 4.7 13.733 5.3 13.425 5.3 13.650 5.2 13.375 54.183
6. Rune Hermans 4.4 13.066 5.5 13.625 5.4 13.700 5.4 13.500 53.891
7. Anastasia Ilyankova 5.0 13.700 5.2 13.650 5.4 13.775 4.8 12.650 53.775
8. Yekaterina Sokova 5.0 13.733 5.4 13.275 5.5 13.700 5.0 13.000 53.708
9. Megan Roberts 5.0 14.100 4.9 13.025 5.2 13.050 5.6 13.350 53.525
10. Pilar Rubagotti 5.0 13.900 4.9 12.550 5.5 13.450 5.3 13.425 53.325
11. Iosra Abdelaziz 5.0 13.500 5.2 13.250 4.9 13.025 5.0 13.050 52.825
12. Chiara Imeraj 4.0 12.966 5.0 13.075 5.2 13.200 4.9 13.025 52.266
13. Axelle Klinckaert 5.0 13.633 5.0 12.400 5.4 12.075 5.2 13.325 51.433
14. Stefania Orzu 5.0 13.900 3.9 11.275 5.1 13.425 4.6 12.775 51.375
15. Nina Derwael 4.4 11.966 5.6 13.625 5.4 13.175 3.8 12.050 50.816
16. Alice Linguerri 4.4 13.233 4.8 12.600 4.8 11.725 5.0 13.150 50.708
17. Dora Vulcan 5.0 14.000 3.7 10.250 4.9 13.075 5.0 13.300 50.625
18. Meaghan Ruttan 4.4 13.366 5.0 12.475 5.6 11.650 5.0 12.850 50.341
19. Maria Holbura 4.0 12.433 3.9 11.400 5.3 12.500 5.2 13.325 49.658
20. Senna Deriks 4.6 12.433 5.1 11.275 4.8 12.825 5.0 13.025 49.558
21. Millie Williamson 5.0 13.533 4.4 11.450 5.1 11.675 5.1 12.800 49.458
22. Adela Florea 4.0 12.633 4.9 11.150 5.1 12.550 5.0 13.100 49.433
23. Jelle Beullens 4.4 13.033 4.8 11.025 5.3 12.200 5.1 13.125 49.383
24. Nathalie Wuytack 4.4 13.500 4.0 10.675 4.7 12.550 4.7 12.425 49.150
25. Sydney Townsend 5.0 12.650 5.6 11.900 24.550
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Black Takes Challenge Title at Gymnix
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2012 Olympian Ellie Black led a Canadian sweep of the all-around medals at the Gymnix Challenge, held Friday in Montreal.

2012 Olympian Ellie Black led a Canadian sweep of the all-around medals at the Gymnix Challenge, held Friday in Montreal.

Black, of Halifax, had two falls but still topped Ontarians Aleeza Yu (Gemini Gymnastics) and Stefanie Merkle (Gymnastics Revolution) during the first of three days of international competition.

Black had the top score on uneven bars, which included a piked Hindorff; Jaeger to Pak; giant-full to toe-on layout half dismount (named after teammate Victorian Moors). She hit her two-foot layout and punch front on beam, only to fall on a new ff, full twist combination.. On floor, she mounted with a huge double layout, but fell on her last pass of front full to a double tuck.

Yu, who trains under 1980 Olympic champion Yelena Davydova, outscored the field on vault with a double-twisting Yurchenko. Merkle, who has committed to compete for Ohio State University, had the best score on floor exercise.

Russian-born Irina Alexeeva, 12, competed exhibition for scores that would have placed her third. Alexeeva, who trains at the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy in Texas, earned the top scores on balance beam and floor exercise (tied with Merkle). Alexeeva moved to the U.S. several years ago, but is still several years away from citizenship, WOGA co-owner Valeri Liukin told IG.

The competition continues on Saturday evening with the Junior Cup, which includes gymnasts from Belgium, Canada, Italy, Romania, Russia and New Zealand.

External Link: Official Website

2014 International Gymnix
March 7, Montreal

Gymnix ChallengeVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ellie BlackHalifax5.514.5255.413.9006.314.1505.612.82555.400
2.Aleeza YuGemini5.815.3005.313.1755.713.2255.412.85054.550
--Irina Alexeeva*WOGA14.02512.37514.35013.77554.525
3.Stefanie MerkleRevolution5.014.1504.612.1005.413.3005.413.77553.325
4.Isabela OnyshkoBrandon5.014.1006.112.8755.212.9255.513.32553.225
5.Lisa VerschuerenBelgium5.014.0505.613.6255.512.6755.012.77553.125
6.Laura WaemBelgium5.013.8005.112.2255.913.3755.413.15052.550
7.Victoria-Kayen WooGym-Richelieu5.014.1505.413.0504.911.9504.813.07552.225
8.Jordyn PedersenManjaks5.014.0005.012.9255.311.8255.213.12551.875
9.Natalie VaculikGemini5.314.4755.512.0005.512.8255.412.50051.800
10.Gaelle MysBelgium5.013.9755.113.3005.711.8505.212.55051.675
11.Lexy RamlerKidSport5.013.9504.711.8254.912.9505.012.92551.650
12.Madison CopiackCGC5.014.1254.112.5754.511.9504.512.25050.900
12.Vivi BabalisGymnix4.413.3754.012.1005.513.3255.112.10050.900
14.Jade ChrobokGemini4.413.2753.611.0756.012.3255.313.72550.400
15.Hélody CyrenneGym-Richelieu5.013.9755.112.1754.211.7505.012.47550.375
16.Mariana Colussi-PelaezFutures5.013.9254.711.7755.312.5755.111.60049.875
17.Ellen HaavistoEskilstuna Gymnastics4.012.9255.212.3004.512.4004.312.05049.675
18.Kirsten PetermanRevolution5.314.0254.811.3754.612.3755.011.87549.650
19.Latalia BevanWales4.012.6253.611.7755.013.3504.811.87549.625
20.Emmy HaavistoEskilstuna Gymnastics4.413.0755.112.9254.711.8504.911.50049.350
21.Madeline McLellanCGC4.413.3503.311.2005.113.4504.911.27549.275
22.Maisie MethuenWales4.412.8753.711.6254.811.9004.812.67549.075
23.Casey CarvalhoRevolution5.012.9504.112.0005.213.2505.110.35048.550
24.Brittany RobertsonNew Zealand4.413.2004.311.0754.811.9004.712.15048.325
25.Anna TemperoNew Zealand4.613.4753.111.1005.011.1754.912.27548.025
26.Hanna MallochNew Zealand4.413.0753.210.5754.411.3755.011.75046.775
27.Mackenzie SleeNew Zealand5.013.8002.59.8504.19.6755.212.45045.775
28.Holly JonesWales4.212.8252.28.9503.910.7754.612.55045.100
29.Ivy LuGymnix4.212.2005.413.12525.325
30.Elizabeth BeddoeWales4.811.0255.213.42524.450
31.Laurie DenomméeWimgym5.013.2504.89.97523.225
32.Sydney SoloskiCGC4.510.37510.375

* Exhibition competitor

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Price, Mikulak Win AT&T American Cup
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The Americans won the AT&T American Cup once again, with Elizabeth Price and Sam Mikulak taking the first FIG titles of the year Saturday in Greensboro, N.C.

The AT&T American Cup is the third of four FIG World Cup all-around events for the 2013-2014 season, with the previous two events taking place in December. Price won the first event, the DTB Cup in Stuttgart, but took second to Romania's Larisa Iordache at the Glasgow World Cup. (Iordache scratched from the AT&T American Cup because of injury.)

Sam Mikulak and Elizbeth Price (USA)

Price won the title with the top score on every event but floor, including a high of 15.700 for a powerful Amanar vault. With big tricks including a standing full on beam and both a tucked double-double and double layout on floor exercise, Price easily won the title by more than 2 points.

"It means a lot to me to win the AT&T American Cup because it is a huge competition," Price said. "To say that I was able to come out and win against some of the top girls from these countries is a huge accomplishment."

Price's teammate, Brenna Dowell, took second with some impressive skills as well. She also landed an Amanar on vault (15.600) but impressed most on uneven bars with a routine that included Beth Tweddle's famous combination (toe-on Tkatchev-half to Yezhova) for 14.733. On floor, she performed a front double pike, double layout and a double front.

"It is so exciting, and I have always looked up to the girls competing in the AT&T American Cup," said Dowell, the alternate to the U.S. 2013 world championships squad in Antwerp. "It's an honor to be here, and it's even cooler to win the silver medal."

Switzerland's Giulia Steingruber placed third, with her top score of 15.400 coming on vault for her excellent layout Rudi.

Canada's Victoria Moors placed fourth, taking a large step out of bounds on her "Moors" mount on floor exercise (layout double-double). She hit her new full-in dismount off beam, however, and scored 14.933 for her clean double-twisting Yurchenko.

Mikulak, the reigning U.S. champion, was nearly flawless in taking the all-around title. After breezing through his first four events with ease, he held a lead of more than .6 in the all-around over Japan's impressive Shogo Nonomura. Mikulak missed a Diamidov on parallel bars, however, put Nonomura ahead by .234.

After Mikulak hit high bar, Nonomura needed just a 13.300 himself to take the title. Instead he dropped off on his first skill, a layout Tkatchev, for 13.533 and settled for second place.

"It feels amazing (to win)," said Mikulak, a junior at the University of Michigan. "I wanted to perform better on the last two events, but I was still able to come out on top. The pressure got to Shogo, unfortunately, and I don’t like winning by someone else falling, but I will take victory. I am happy that I could come out on top to be the next AT&T Cup champion."

Great Britain's Dan Purvis won the bronze over three-time German Olympian Fabian Hambüchen, 88.899-88.431.

The FIG World Cup all-around series concludes in April with the Tokyo World Cup.

Read more about the American Cup in the April issue of International Gymnast Magazine. Click here to subscribe.

External Link: USA Gymnastics

2014 AT&T American Cup
March 1, Greensboro, N.C.

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Elizabeth Price 6.3 15.700 6.5 15.200 6.0 14.566 6.1 14.500 59.966
2. Brenna Dowell 6.3 15.600 6.3 14.733 5.2 13.333 5.9 13.866 57.532
3. Giulia Steingruber 6.2 15.400 5.9 13.833 5.8 14.166 5.6 13.933 57.332
4. Victoria Moors 5.8 14.933 5.7 13.466 6.0 14.233 6.1 14.266 56.898
5. Vanessa Ferrari 5.3 14.233 5.6 14.000 5.6 13.900 6.0 14.633 56.766
6. Roxana Popa 5.8 14.866 6.1 12.233 5.8 13.600 5.8 14.166 54.865
7. Sophie Scheder 5.0 12.833 6.4 15.066 5.3 13.866 5.2 12.566 54.331
8. Carlotta Ferlito 5.0 13.833 5.3 13.400 5.3 12.866 5.2 13.533 53.632

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Sam Mikulak 6.5 15.666 6.0 14.800 6.1 15.066 5.6 14.966 6.1 14.700 6.4 14.900 90.098
2. Shogo Nonomura 6.1 14.900 6.0 14.800 6.4 15.133 5.6 15.033 6.6 15.566 5.7 13.533 88.965
3. Dan Purvis 6.7 15.200 6.0 14.200 6.2 14.733 5.6 14.833 6.5 15.233 6.2 14.700 88.899
4. Fabian Hambüchen 6.1 14.033 5.3 13.833 5.9 14.900 5.6 15.133 6.4 14.866 7.1 15.666 88.431
5. John Orozco 6.0 14.866 6.0 14.533 6.4 14.800 5.6 14.700 6.4 14.100 6.6 15.066 88.065
6. Andrei Likhovitsky 5.6 14.633 6.4 14.933 5.6 14.166 5.2 14.466 6.0 14.666 6.4 13.966 86.830
7. Fabian Gonzalez 6.1 15.000 5.7 14.266 5.2 13.666 5.6 15.000 5.6 12.833 6.8 15.166 85.931
8. Sergio Sasaki 6.4 13.966 5.9 13.066 5.6 14.233 6.0 15.200 5.7 13.166 6.1 13.200 82.831
9. Sam Oldham 6.6 14.600 6.0 12.433 5.7 12.833 5.6 13.900 6.2 13.600 6.7 15.300 82.666

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Switzerland's Käslin Pleased With 'Legends' Win in Los Angeles
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2013 world all-around finalist Ilaria Käslin told IG she was happy with her winning all-around performance at the Gymnastics Legends International held Saturday in Los Angeles, despite its early place on her 2014 competition schedule.

"It was difficult, because my routines aren't ready now," said Käslin, who won the senior all-around division with a total of 53.45 points. "But I think it's a good preparation."

Ilaria Käslin (Switzerland)

Although Käslin did not show her full difficulty, she was steady and elegant throughout. She was most impressive on balance beam, where she performed Onodi, sheep jump; side aerial; Kochetkova; front aerial, wolf jump; and flip-flop, flip-flop, layout.

Käslin said she used the meet as an early tune-up for May's European championships in Sofia.

"I have new dismount on bars and beam that I'm working on, and I hope to make my routines without mistakes at Europeans," she said. "I want to help the team with my routines."

Mexico's Alexa Moreno, a vault finalist at the 2011 Worlds, placed second to Käslin with 52.50 points. She overcame a bad fall on balance beam (front aerial) with an aggressively tumbled floor routine that included a double layout, Arabian double front, 2 1/2 twist and double pike.

Canadian gymnasts dominated the junior division, in which Audrey Rousseau of Equilibrix place first (53.50) and Shallon Olsen of Omega placed second (53.15).

Rousseau's bars routine included a Maloney, Tkatchev and double front dismount. On beam she performed a front aerial; side salto; flip-flop, layout; switch leap-half; side aerial; and round-off, double back dismount. Rousseau's tumbling passes on floor included an Arabian double front, 1 1/2 twist through to double tuck, and double pike.

Olsen missed a standing Arabian on beam, but was solid elsewhere. She vaulted a double-twisting Yurchenko, and her tumbling passes on floor included a piked full-in; 1-1/2 twist through to double tuck; triple twist; and double pike.

In the junior division at the Elite Canada meet held earlier this month, Rousseau and Olsen finished third and second, respectively. Olsen won the 2013 Canadian junior all-around title.

Bulgaria's Elizabet Vasileva, who used to train in rhythmic gymnastics, showed rhythmic-inspired leaps, spins and flexibility on balance beam and floor exercise to place third in the junior all-around (51.35).

Hosted by All Olympic Gymnastics Center at the Los Angeles Convention Center, the competition honors Nellie Kim and Artur Akopyan.

Kim, who won five Olympic gold medals, serves as president of the women's technical committee of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). She presented the all-around awards.

Akopyan, the 1983 world vault champion and 1983 world all-around co-bronze medalist, coaches Olympic and world champion McKayla Maroney at All Olympia. Maroney was on hand to sign autographs.

Among the other more experienced senior competitors were two-time Polish Olympian Marta Pihan-Kulesza, 2010 and 2011 World Championships competitor Pia Tolle of Germany, and Canadian national team member Jordyn Pedersen.

Former standout gymnasts who were present as coaches included 1988 Olympic team gold medalist Vladimir Novikov of Kazakhstan (Planet Gymnastics, Alabama), 2000 Olympic triple medalist Yekaterina Lobaznyuk of Russia (Omega Gymnastics, Canada) and 2004 Olympic vault finalist Filip Yanev of Bulgaria (Vasileva's coach).

2014 Gymnastics Legends International
Feb. 22, Los Angeles

Senior All-Around:
1. Ilaria Käslin (SUI) 53.45
2. Alexa Moreno (MEX) 52.50
3. Alma Kuc (All Olympia/USA) 51.95
4. Jordyn Pedersen (Manjak's Gymnastics/CAN) 51.25
5. Karla Retiz (Agymnasia/MEX) 50.60
6. Tamara Mrdenovic (SRB) 50.35

Junior All-Around:
1. Audrey Rousseau (Equilibrix/CAN) 53.50
2. Shallon Olsen (Omega/CAN)53.15
3. Elizabet Vasileva (BUL) 51.35
4. Talitha Jones (All Olympia/USA) 49.70
5t. Sarah Voss (GER) 48.10
5t. Molly Fiorito-Laplante (Equilibrix/CAN) 48.10

Read an interview with McKayla Maroney in the March 2014 issue of International Gymnast magazine.

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