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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 20 March 2016 22:50    PDF Print
US Women Conclude Jesolo Sweep
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The American women made a clean sweep of the titles on Sunday as the 2016 City of Jesolo Trophy concluded in Italy.

The American women made a clean sweep of the titles on Sunday as the 2016 City of Jesolo Trophy concluded in Italy.

The U.S., which easily won the team and all-around titles on Saturday, added eight more titles with all the golds in the senior and junior categories. The U.S. showed off its depth with eight different champions.

The American seniors nearly swept all the medals, finishing 1-2-3 in three of the four events. 2014 world vault bronze medalist MyKayla Skinner won her best event, topping Lauren Hernandez and Emily Schild.

Ashton Locklear won uneven bars over all-around champion Gabrielle Douglas and French gymnast Loan His.

Hernandez won balance beam over Ragan Smith and Alexandra Raisman, who won floor exercise over Smith and Douglas.

Italian Olympian Carlotta Ferlito had a frightening fall in the beam final, missing her foot on her RO, double pike dismount and landing directly on her head. Ferlito was taken away in a neck brace, but a trip to the hospital fortunately revealed no injury.

In the junior competition, Jordan Chiles won vault, Gabby Perea won uneven bars, Emma Malabuyo won balance beam and Trinity Thomas won floor exercise.

Italy picked up medals from Martina Maggio, who won silvers on vault and beam and the bronze on floor exercise.

2016 City of Jesolo Trophy
March 20, Jesolo, Italy

Senior Vault FinalDENDScore
1.Mykayla Skinner6.38.90015.200
2.Lauren Hernandez5.89.05014.850
3.Emily Schild5.88.60014.400
4.Alessia Leolini5.48.80014.200
5.Loan His5.09.10014.100
5.Desiree Carofiglio5.38.9000.114.100

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ashton Locklear6.58.75015.250
2.Gabrielle Douglas6.18.80014.900
3.Loan His6.18.15014.250
4.Louise Vanhille6.08.20014.200
5.Emily Schild6.37.70014.000
6.Jade Barbosa5.97.25013.150
7.Tea Ugrin5.97.05012.950
8.Rebeca Andrade5.97.00012.900

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Lauren Hernandez6.48.85015.250
2.Ragan Smith6.38.90015.200
3.Alexandra Raisman6.28.55014.750
4.Marine Boyer6.38.40014.700
5.Flávia Saraiva6.18.30014.400
6.Enus Mariani5.68.25013.850
7.Marine Brevet5.68.20013.800
8.Carlotta Ferlito4.87.35012.150

Senior Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Alexandra Raisman6.38.75015.050
2.Ragan Smith6.28.45014.650
3.Gabrielle Douglas6.18.40014.500
4.Flávia Saraiva5.78.4500.114.050
5.Enus Mariani5.48.35013.750
6.Carolyne Pedro5.47.8000.113.100
7.Giorgia Campana5.07.95012.950
8.Desiree Carofiglio5.37.0500.112.250

Junior Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Jordan Chiles6.39.45015.75015.575
2.Martina Maggio5.38.80014.10014.050
3.Jade Chrobok5.38.90014.20013.875
4.Martina Basile5.38.65013.95013.825
5.Francesca Noemi Linari5.37.45012.75013.100
6.Lucija Hribar5.08.70013.70012.875
7.Lara Crnjac0.00.0000.0006.250

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Gabby Perea6.08.65014.650
2.Emma Malabuyo5.58.85014.350
2.Jordan Chiles5.78.65014.350
4.Giorgia Villa5.78.30014.000
5.Helene Schäffer4.68.15012.750
6.Maria Vittoria Cocciolo4.87.75012.550
7.Ana Padurariu4.97.20012.100
8.Asia d'Amato5.25.80011.000

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Emma Malabuyo6.28.40014.600
2.Martina Maggio5.77.90013.600
3.Helene Schäffer5.38.20013.500
4.Francesca Noemi Linari5.57.95013.450
5.Jordan Chiles5.97.40013.300
6.Ana Padurariu6.16.95013.050
7.Gabby Perea5.67.05012.650
8.Martina Basile5.27.40012.600

Junior Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Trinity Thomas5.88.35014.150
2.Emma Malabuyo5.58.10013.600
3.Martina Maggio5.18.40013.500
4.Ana Padurariu5.38.0500.113.250
4.Francesca Noemi Linari5.47.85013.250
6.Giorgia Villa5.47.6000.112.900
7.Jade Chrobok5.47.5500.112.850
8.Jordan Chiles5.57.30012.800
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US Men Dominate Calgary International Cup
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Winning seven of eight gold medals, the American men dominated the Calgary International Cup, held Friday and Saturday at the University of Calgary. Pictured: The U.S. and Chinese gymnasts pose for photos.

The American men dominated the Calgary International Cup, held Friday and Saturday at the University of Calgary.

The competition featured a friendly tri-meet with the U.S., China and Canada. The U.S. gymnasts grabbed seven of the eight available golds, winning all but the individual all-around.

The U.S. men's squad featured several contenders for this summer's Olympic Games, including Marvin Kimble, Eddie Penev and Paul Ruggeri. The U.S. men topped China in the team competition, 262.700 to 260.350. Canada finished third with 258.450.

The Chinese gymnasts went 1-2 in the all-around. Du Yixin (86.250) took first, bolstered by his brilliant 15.700 on parallel bars. Teammate Gu Baisen (85.750) won the silver over Ruggeri (84.250)/

The U.S. men swept the apparatus finals. Penev won both floor exercise and vault (Yurchenko half-on to double-twisting layout front off), Kimble won pommel horse, parallel bars and high bar, and CJ Maestas won still rings.

Penev told IG he was proud with how the U.S. team competed.

"Any opportunity to compete as a team this year in particular is great one," Penev said. "We really stepped up as a group and had a great showing in the team competition — particularly on pommels which was a great rotation for us. Event finals was equally as successful and we were able to have a clean sweep of all of the events. Personally I'm looking to build off this experience and perfect all the little things that I can going into the upcoming competitions."

While the tournament was a friendly tri-meet, the competition served as an important internal qualifier for the host country. Canada will send a team to next month's Olympic test event April 16-18 in Rio de Janeiro, with the hope of qualifying a full team to this summer's Olympics.

The Canadian men won four medals in Saturday's apparatus finals, with silver medals for Ken Ikeda (parallel bars) and Scott Morgan (still rings), and bronze medals for Jackson Payne (pommel horse) and Sam Zakutney (high bar).

Following the competition, Canada's national men's team director Tony Smith named his seven-man team, including one alternate, for the Olympic qualifier: Ikeda, Morgan, Payne and Zakutney made the list, along with Anderson Loran, René Cournoyer and Hugh Smith.

The Canadian men have been plagued with injuries, Smith said.

"This is a very different team going to Rio than I was expecting," said Smith. "It's been a real ordeal with all the injuries we've had, but these guys have stepped up and have improved as a team in many ways. We tend to look on the bright side, but still it's going to be a difficult challenge to get that Olympic berth."

The selection was a surprise for the young Zakutney, who had been slated to compete at the Pacific Rim Championships in April, but will now be headed to Rio.

"I'm very excited," said Zakutney, the 2015 Junior Elite Canada champion. "I wasn't focusing on the Olympic qualification event at all since I had already been picked for the Pacific Rim event, but now I feel more motivated than ever. I just want to get back to the training gym and work even harder."

External Link: Official Website

2016 Calgary International Cup
March 18-19, Calgary, Alberta

1.United States262.700

1.Du Yixin5.814.6006.013.8506.514.5005.213.1506.715.7005.914.45086.250
2.Gu Baisen6.314.8006.014.3506.014.3505.214.6006.314.3005.313.35085.750
3.Paul Ruggeri6.715.0505.012.5505.614.3005.813.6006.315.0506.513.70084.250
4.Hugh Smith5.814.8506.014.2505.813.7505.614.4505.213.9005.212.45083.650
5.Kiwan Watts5.914.6005.413.5505.614.1005.214.4505.714.4004.912.40083.500
6.Cameron Bock6.114.4505.613.8505.314.1005.213.8506.012.7505.413.95082.950
7.Jin Huanzhang5.912.7005.512.4505.513.3005.214.3006.114.3506.514.70081.800
8.Anderson Loran5.714.7506.013.450 5.214.4005.613.6506.314.25070.500
9.Mathieu Csukassy5.914.7505.213.3506.114.3505.613.750 0.0005.812.90069.100
10.Peng Wang6.614.950 6.414.3006.014.2005.912.5505.512.85068.850
11.Eddie Penev6.715.5006.014.400 0.0005.815.100 0.0006.113.65058.650
12.Marvin Kimble 0.0006.714.8006.214.300 6.014.7506.514.55058.400
13.Damien Cachia6.315.0006.214.0506.014.4505.614.800 58.300
14.Mu Jile6.615.5005.413.700 5.214.1505.814.400 57.750
15.Ken Ikeda 6.114.300 5.214.4006.014.6505.413.75057.100
16.Jackson Payne 6.414.5005.414.050 6.315.0506.012.40056.000
17.CJ Maestas 6.114.6506.715.300 6.414.4005.611.55055.900
18.Hu Xuwei6.113.9505.112.850 26.800

Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Eddie Penev6.715.475
2.Paul Ruggeri6.715.375
3.Mu Jile6.615.100
4.Damien Cachia6.314.950
5.Peng Wang6.614.525
6.Hugh Smith5.814.350

Pommel Horse FinalDScore
1.Marvin Kimble6.714.075
2.Jin Huanzhang5.613.350
3.Jackson Payne6.713.125
4.Ken Ikeda6.013.025
5.CJ Maestas5.812.900
6.Gu Baisen6.112.300

Still Rings FinalDScore
1.CJ Maestas6.715.475
2.Scott Morgan6.514.975
3.Marvin Kimble6.314.900
4.Damien Cachia6.014.775
5.Du Yixin6.514.450
6.Gu Baisen6.013.550

Vault FinalDScore
1.Eddie Penev5.815.125
2.Peng Wang6.015.050
3.Mu Jile5.214.500
3.Kiwan Watts5.214.500
5.Damien Cachia5.614.350

Parallel Bars FinalDScore
1.Marvin Kimble6.015.175
2.Ken Ikeda6.015.075
3.Paul Ruggeri6.314.975
3.Du Yixin6.714.850
4.Jackson Payne6.314.525
5.Gu Baisen6.314.500

High Bar FinalDScore
1.Marvin Kimble6.614.575
2.Paul Ruggeri6.314.100
3.Sam Zakutney5.713.850
4.Anderson Loran5.912.925
5.Jin Huanzhang6.412.800
6.Du Yixin4.712.350
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Bretschneider Bests Field in Stuttgart
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Germany's Andreas Bretschneider won the men's all-around title at the DTB World Cup on Sunday, giving the host nation a double win after Sophie Scheder's triumph on Saturday.

Germany's Andreas Bretschneider won the men's all-around title at the DTB World Cup on Sunday, giving the host nation a double win after Sophie Scheder's triumph on Saturday.

Bretschneider topped American Danell Leyva and Russia's Nikolai Kuksenkov in a fall-filled competition that saw the lead change hands many times. The packed crowd at the Porsche Arena was firmly behind Bretschneider and Olympic star Marcel Nguyen.

Leyva led after the first rotation with a clean routine on floor exercise (layout double-double; front full to front double full, Arabian double front, whip 2 1/2, barani; double layout; 144.900). Kuksenkov had a rough start, sitting down his whip Arabian double front. Kuksenkov pulled ahead after a strong routine on pommel horse (14.666) while Leyva scored 13.866 and Bretschneider scored 13.400. Nguyen fought throughout his routine but stayed on (12.533), which was still cause for celebration with his coach, Valery Belenky.

Great Britain's James Hall led after two rotations after good scores on floor and pommel horse, but his 13.233 on still rings dropped him in the rankings. Bretschneider (14.633) and Nguyen had the (14.500) had the top scores on still rings, while Leyva scored only 13.666.

Brazilian Caio Souza grabbed the lead after the halfway point after a clean Yurchenko 2 1/2 on vault. China's Cen Yu — whose 11.966 on pommel horse took him out of the running early — had the best score with 15.166 for his Tsukahara triple full.

Souza lost his lead when he slipped on parallel bars on a simple healy (13.466), and former world champion Leyva also fell (14.033). Nguyen hit his routine, complete with a full-twisting double dismount, for the high score of 15.300, while Bretschneider was very clean for 14.766. Kuksenkov had to save a fall but covered very well for 14.400.

Souza still led going into the final event, but had to muscle through his high bar routine (Kolman; Yamawaki to Gienger; Tkatchev to mixed grip; layout double-double; 14.233).

Leyva gave it his all on high bar, throwing a high Yamawaki, layout Kovacs, Kolman, layout Tkatchev to Stalder 1 1/2; and ending with a stuck layout double-double for 15.733, the highest score of the competition.

Bretschneider chose not to risk his own element (double-twisting Kovacs), but performed a beautiful routine with high and clean releases Cassina (layout Kolman) and Kolman, and ending with a layout double-double with a hop. His 15.266 was enough to pass Leyva and Kuksenkov, who had to muscle through his routine (14.400). Nguyen also hit cleanly (15.033) to take fourth place behind Kuksenov.

Bretschneider, who has been known as a high bar specialist thus far, said his all-around win was a surprise. "No one really would have expected it for me — I didn't," he said.

German head coach Andreas Hirsch said he was very proud of the results from the German gymnasts, who are preparing for next month's Olympic Test Event in Brazil.

"For Andreas (Bretschneider), this success is the result of all the work he put in," Hirsch said. "He can be very proud of himself and is stronger now in the preparations going for the Olympic qualifier."

The competition continues in Stuttgart Sunday afternoon with the women's team final in the DTB Cup Team Challenge.

External Link: Official Website

2016 DTB Team Challenge
March 20, Stuttgart

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Andreas Bretschneider14.50013.40014.63314.53314.80015.26687.132
2.Danell Leyva14.90013.86613.66614.43314.03315.73386.631
3.Nikolai Kuksenkov13.73314.66614.43314.80014.40014.40086.432
4.Marcel Nguyen14.46612.53314.50014.30015.30015.03386.132
5.Caio Souza14.76614.33314.30014.66613.46614.23385.764
6.Cen Yu 13.60011.96614.46615.16614.76613.46683.430
7.Oliver Hegi14.10014.63313.83314.80012.66613.23383.265
8.Shin Donghyen14.80012.93313.30014.80013.40012.50081.733
9.James Hall14.73314.53313.23313.43314.40010.83381.165

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British Men Win DTB Team Challenge
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Great Britain held off Ukraine to take the team title Saturday at the DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart. Pictured: Team medalists Ukraine, Great Britain and Brazil

Great Britain held off Ukraine and Brazil to take the men's team title Saturday at the DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart.

The DTB Cup team competition is held in conjunction with this weekend's World Cup. The top six teams from Friday's qualification competed in the finals on Saturday after the women's World Cup event. Only two gymnasts competed on each event in the team final, with both scores counting.

World team member Nile Wilson led the British men to first place in both the qualification and the final. Wilson, the 2014 Junior European champion, had the highest score of the competition with his 15.866 on parallel bars, while teammate Courtney Tulloch impressed on with 15.766 on still rings.

Superstar Oleg Verynayev competed all six events for Ukraine, who grabbed the last qualification spot on Friday. Verynayev hit five of his routines, but uncharacteristic mistake on parallel bars allowed the British to pass Ukraine for the title. Olympic bronze medalist Igor Radivilov posted strong scores on still rings 15.233 and vault 15.266.

Brazil claimed third thanks to consistent performances, with only two scores below 14. The Brazilians placed barely bumped Germany off the podium, defeating the hosts by .233.

German coach Andreas Hirsch was pleased nonetheless, noting the team did well without some of its biggest stars. Olympic medalist Marcel Nguyen and world high bar finalist Andreas Bretschneider will compete in Sunday's World Cup event.

"The guys have accepted the situation here and did a good job," Hirsch said. "We are within easy reach countries like Brazil and Ukraine. If you consider that Andreas Bretschneider and Marcel Nguyen were not on the team with us, it's not so bad."

Italy finished fifth, while a team of Japanese newcomers took sixth.

Competition continues Sunday in Stuttgart with the men's all-around World Cup and women's team final. Nguyen headlines the lineup, which also includes U.S. Olympian Danell Leyva and Russia's Nikolai Kuksenkov.

External Link: Official Website

2016 DTB CUp Team Challenge
March 18-19, Stuttgart

Men's Team FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Great Britain177.228
Frank Baines14.16614.566
James Hall14.500
Kristian Thomas15.00014.13314.800
Courtney Tulloch15.766
Nile Wilson14.73315.06614.66615.86613.966
2. Ukraine176.762
Vladyslav Hryko13.366
Igor Radivilov15.23315.266
Maksym Semiankiv14.50013.23314.733
Oleg Vernyaiyev14.96615.13315.43315.00014.73315.166
3. Brazil175.428
Francisco Barretto13.86614.833
Lucas Bitencourt14.33314.63314.666
Arthur Mariano15.26613.50014.56615.300
Sergio Sasaki14.96614.66614.833
4. Germany175.195
Lukas Dauser14.36613.26614.33315.400
Philipp Herder14.36614.36615.166
Christopher Jursch14.933
Helge Liebrich14.533
Andreas Toba14.63314.90014.933
5. Italy171.564
Andrea Cingolani12.93314.93314.700
Ludovico Edalli14.20014.30014.633
Matteo Morandi15.03313.733
Enrico Pozzo14.400
Paolo Principi14.40014.33313.966
6. Japan170.630
Hibiki Arayashiki14.73314.50014.500
Daisuke Fudono13.13314.10015.00013.766
Fumiya Kitamura13.90013.566
Kiichi Takenaka14.83314.466
Kentaro Tani14.133

Men's Team QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Great Britain262.250
Frank Baines14.60013.60013.90014.05012.400
James Hall14.30014.80014.35013.300
Kristian Thomas14.75013.65015.00014.050
Courtney Tulloch14.05013.70015.75013.95014.750
Nile Wilson14.40014.25015.10014.60015.40015.250
2. Brazil258.050
Petrix Barbosa14.15013.10012.60014.05014.25013.950
Francisco Barretto14.35014.30014.20014.45014.85014.350
Lucas Bitencourt13.85014.20014.25014.250
Arthur Mariano14.85014.20014.00014.70015.150
Sergio Sasaki13.60013.80013.050
3. Germany 1257.800
Lukas Dauser14.45014.10013.70014.85012.450
Philipp Herder14.30013.25014.10015.200
Christopher Jursch14.25012.70014.05013.60014.700
Helge Liebrich13.35013.30014.70014.050
Andreas Toba14.20014.65014.95014.25013.65014.950
4. Italy256.350
Andrea Cingolani13.40015.05014.650
Ludovico Edalli14.35014.25012.90014.05014.55014.200
Matteo Morandi13.75013.00014.95013.60014.30013.350
Enrico Pozzo13.60013.25014.450
Paolo Principi14.35014.30014.05014.15014.00013.350
5. Japan255.850
Hibiki Arayashiki14.85014.70014.15014.45014.150
Daisuke Fudono14.50013.30013.70015.05014.400
Fumiya Kitamura14.25012.90014.45013.050
Kiichi Takenaka14.30013.60014.60014.30014.350
Kentaro Tani14.30012.30013.60013.95013.250
6. Ukraine255.700
Vladyslav Hryko12.45013.85013.65014.200
Igor Radivilov11.50015.10014.60013.000
Maksym Semiankiv14.4000.00013.75014.50012.400
Oleg Vernyayev15.05015.60015.00014.00014.65014.500
Ilya Yehorov13.25014.20012.90014.400
7. Germany 2253.500
Nils Dunkel12.40013.85014.15013.650
Waldemar Eichorn14.15014.30013.75013.55014.55014.450
Sebastian Krimmer13.55013.55014.45014.40012.850
Alexander Maier12.95013.60014.40013.150
Ivan Rittschik14.20014.65013.20014.30014.050
8. Mixed Team 2251.950
Marios Georgiou13.45014.05014.15014.45014.25014.950
Tomas Gonzalez12.35014.50014.70013.100
Nikolaos Iliopoulos13.30012.05013.75014.35013.70013.700
Vlasios Maras13.45013.30013.60014.60014.00014.650
8. Netherlands 2251.950
Jeffrey Wammes13.25013.60014.40013.15014.100
Frank Rijken13.85014.00014.15014.15014.20013.950
Michel Bletterman14.15014.10014.10013.200
Boudewijn de Vries13.15012.70014.350
10. Belgium 2251.150
Jonas Baert12.65012.95012.80013.65013.1505.900
Gilles Gentges12.75012.10012.90013.80013.60013.500
Thibault Hoffreumon10.95010.80011.20013.95012.15012.150
Luka van den Keybus12.40012.90012.05013.50013.30013.400
11. Turkey250.350
Ferhat Arican14.25014.55013.50014.85014.95013.950
Ibrahim Colak12.95011.95015.45012.85014.75012.850
Yunus Emre Gundogdu12.6508.50013.300
Isa Hamaratcilar10.25013.85012.950
Ahmet Onder13.95012.35014.10014.60013.35014.100
12. Mixed Team 1249.000
Botond Kardos14.00013.80012.15014.25014.20013.200
Tin Srbic13.85014.400
Filip Ude14.35015.00013.40013.70014.20012.800
Levente Vagner14.00014.20013.55013.75014.05012.550
13. Switzerland248.000
Benjamin Gischard15.20013.00013.70014.500
Marco Rizzo11.90012.60013.80013.55013.700
Kevin Rossi13.80012.80013.10013.95013.850
Marco Walter13.85013.20013.30012.450
Eddy Yusof14.75013.70014.15014.70012.500
14. Norway244.350
Marcus Conradi13.95013.05013.45013.90013.40013.250
Pietro Giachino12.45011.90012.95014.000
Odin Kalvo13.35012.50014.40013.05013.200
Nikolai Ronbeck11.55012.40013.450
Stian Skjerahaug14.20014.20013.30014.35014.00013.600
15. Portugal240.100
Simao Almeida13.70011.75012.45014.25012.70012.600
Tiago Barbosa13.50012.00012.25013.30013.60012.400
Francisco Fragoso11.70013.55012.10013.40012.60012.500
Gustavo Simoes13.70014.05014.95013.80013.80013.300
16. Belgium 1234.000
Maxime Gentges14.15014.30013.30014.00013.35014.150
Daan Kenis13.55013.50013.75014.50013.50013.900
Bram Louwije12.25013.25013.65014.00013.55013.900
Jimmy Verbaeys14.45013.40013.55014.60014.75013.850
17. Israel213.200
Artem Dolgopyat13.20012.75010.0000.00011.500
Alexander Shatilov14.45014.10013.65014.00014.70014.750
Moran Yanuka13.60013.15013.80013.20012.55013.800
18. Netherlands 1193.700
Jorian Ilbrink13.00010.65012.90012.75013.45011.350
Glenn Smink14.30014.20011.15014.20013.55012.850
Anthony van Assche1.10013.80014.85013.15013.75013.500
Bram Verhofstad12.10013.70013.550
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Douglas Leads US Sweep in Jesolo
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Olympic champion Gabrielle Douglas led a U.S. sweep of the medals on Saturday at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy.

Olympic champion Gabrielle Douglas led a U.S. sweep of the medals on Saturday at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy.

The U.S. dominated the competition in Jesolo once again, winning the team title and sweeping the all-around medals.

The U.S. team, which included Douglas and Olympic teammate Alexandra Raisman, easily won the team title with 237.350. Brazil took second with 223.700, topping the host Italian team's 222.400.

Brazil sent its A squad to Jesolo, including Olympic hopefuls Flávia Saraiva and Rebeca Andrade, and veterans Daniele Hypólito and Jade Barbosa. The Brazilian team must compete in April at the Olympic test event in order to qualify to the Olympics this summer in Rio.

Douglas hit cleanly for 59.650, topping teammates Ragan Smith (59.050) and Lauren Hernandez (58.550). The Americans had the highest scores on each event with Douglas' led on vault with her double-twisting Yurchenko (15.300), Ashton Locklear on uneven bars (inside Stalder to inside-Stalder Shaposhnikova to Pak salto; Maloney to bail to Stalder-hecht to high bar; inside Stalder blind to Jaeger; full-twisting double; 15.650), Hernandez on balance beam (15.300) and Raisman on floor exercise (1 1/2 to to Arabian double front; piked Arabian double front; double layout double pike; 14.600).

Saraiva finished fourth all-around, showing a new double-twisting Yurchenko on vault (15.050) and tying Raisman for the second-highest score on balance beam (14.950) for a beautiful exercise (ff, layout, layout; RO, two-foot layout; punch front; two front aerials to a side somi; RO, double pike).

No junior team competition was held, but the U.S. swept the all-around medals. The powerful Jordan Chiles (58.250) won the all-around and had the highest score of the day with 15.700 on vault for her Amanar. Emma Malabuyo (56.150) took second over Gabby Perea (55.750).

The competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals.

2016 City of Jesolo Trophy
March 19, Jesolo, Italy

Senior Team VTUBBBFXTotal
1.   United States237.350
Gabrielle Douglas15.30015.05014.75014.550
Lauren Hernandez15.10013.80015.30014.350
Ashton Locklear15.65013.800
Alexandra Raisman13.95014.35014.95014.600
Emily Schild14.85015.00014.10013.500
Mykayla Skinner15.20014.40014.45013.850
2.   Brazil 223.700
Rebeca Andrade14.35014.60013.150
Jade Barbosa14.00014.45014.05013.500
Daniele Hypólito13.05013.75013.15012.900
Carolyne Pedro14.15013.55013.35013.050
Flávia Saraiva15.05014.40014.95014.000
3.   Italy 222.400
Giorgia Campana13.85013.70013.90013.200
Desiree Carofiglio14.55012.40012.45013.350
Carlotta Ferlito14.65013.75014.10013.800
Alessia Leolini14.20013.15012.60012.850
Enus Mariani14.10013.00014.15013.850
Tea Ugrin14.10014.05013.90013.050
4.   France 221.150
Camille Bahl13.20012.55013.80012.900
Marine Brevet14.15013.65014.10013.450
Loan His14.25014.40013.50011.600
Anne Kuhm13.90013.70013.10013.150
Oréane Léchenault13.95014.25011.45013.450

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Gabrielle Douglas5.815.3006.215.0506.214.7506.014.55059.650
2.Ragan Smith5.814.8505.914.6006.415.1006.114.50059.050
3.Lauren Hernandez5.815.1006.113.8006.415.3005.914.35058.550
4.Flávia Saraiva5.815.0505.814.4006.414.9505.714.00058.400
5.Mykayla Skinner6.315.2006.114.4005.914.4506.113.85057.900
6.Alexandra Raisman6.313.9505.814.3506.114.9506.114.60057.850
7.Emily Schild5.814.8506.315.0005.714.1005.613.50057.450
8.Carlotta Ferlito5.314.6505.613.7505.614.1005.513.80056.300
9.Jade Barbosa5.014.0006.114.4505.914.0505.813.50056.000
10.Marine Brevet5.014.1505.413.6505.714.1005.113.45055.350
11.Enus Mariani5.014.1005.713.0005.614.1505.413.85055.100
11.Tea Ugrin5.014.1005.914.0505.313.9004.913.05055.100
13.Giorgia Campana5.013.8505.613.7005.713.9005.213.20054.650
14.Emily Gaskins5.814.3505.813.6505.613.3005.612.95054.250
15.Carolyne Pedro5.014.1505.513.5505.313.3505.313.05054.100
16.Anne Kuhm5.013.9005.213.7005.513.1005.113.15053.850
17.Loan His5.014.2506.114.4005.113.5004.611.60053.750
18.Sydney Johnson-Scharpf5.813.8505.513.5005.812.9505.813.35053.650
19.Oréane Léchenault5.013.9506.014.2505.711.4505.113.45053.100
20.Daniele Hypólito5.313.0505.513.7505.713.1505.212.90052.850
21.Alessia Leolini5.414.2005.213.1504.612.6005.112.85052.800
22.Desiree Carofiglio5.314.5505.312.4005.212.4505.313.35052.750
23.Camille Bahl5.813.2005.112.5505.513.8005.212.90052.450
24.Marine Boyer5.014.3005.213.6006.314.85042.750
25.Rebeca Andrade5.014.3506.014.6004.813.15042.100
25.Louise Vanhille5.014.0006.014.2505.513.85042.100
27.Ashton Locklear6.515.6505.713.80029.450

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Jordan Chiles6.315.7005.714.1005.914.3005.714.15058.250
2.Emma Malabuyo5.014.2505.514.1006.414.1005.513.70056.150
3.Gabby Perea5.014.2006.014.6506.113.6005.613.30055.750
4.Ana Padurariu5.013.5005.613.7006.414.8505.413.55055.600
5.Trinity Thomas5.014.0505.713.4005.613.0005.814.00054.450
6.Giorgia Villa5.013.8005.714.1505.213.1505.513.25054.350
7.Martina Maggio5.313.9505.312.7005.814.1505.313.55054.350
8.Noemi Linari5.013.9005.212.8005.513.7505.413.45053.900
9.Maria Vittoria Cocciolo5.013.6504.913.0005.413.7005.312.85053.200
10.Asia d'Amato5.313.7505.413.3504.712.8505.112.70052.650
11.Sidney Saturnino5.013.5005.112.3505.213.5505.013.15052.550
12.Martina Basile5.313.7504.912.5005.413.8005.412.10052.150
13.Giulia Bencini5.013.7505.112.0005.512.4005.212.60050.750
14.Helene Schafer4.012.5004.612.8505.312.7504.912.55050.650
15.Elisa Iorio5.013.4505.712.1505.412.4005.112.35050.350
16.Jade Chrobok5.314.1005.211.7005.111.3005.513.15050.250
17.Sara Berardinelli5.013.5505.111.9505.012.2005.012.45050.150
18.Giorgia Balottari4.413.0005.011.9005.113.4004.811.75050.050
19.Lucija Hribar5.013.7504.311.4005.012.2004.512.35049.700
20.Lisa Schoniger4.413.0004.512.1004.912.7004.511.55049.350
21.Enni Kuttenen4.212.8004.710.7004.611.6004.311.85046.950
22.Pia Hribar4.411.9004.011.3004.711.5504.612.15046.900
23.Tira Kuitunen4.212.8504.39.3004.710.8004.612.20045.150
24.Lara Crnjac4.413.1003.07.7004.711.1004.612.00043.900
25.Emilia Kemppi4.012.0004.48.9004.19.6504.510.60041.150

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