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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 18 March 2017 15:40    PDF Print
Tabea Alt Wins DTB World Cup in Stuttgart
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German Olympian Tabea Alt captured the women's all-around title Saturday at the DTB Pokal, an FIG World Cup event held in Stuttgart.

German Olympian Tabea Alt captured the women's all-around title Saturday at the DTB Pokal, an FIG World Cup event held in Stuttgart.

The DTB Cup is the second of three FIG World Cup all-around events this year, following the American Cup two weeks ago. The third event takes place April 8 in London.

Alt scored 54.199 to top Russian Olympian Angelina Melnikova (53.732) and first-year senior Morgan Hurd (53.265).

Hurd (14.366) led Melnikova (14.266) and Alt (14.233) after the first event, where the top three all vaulted double-twisting Yurchenkos. Melnikova scored 14.400 on uneven bars (inside Stalder full to Komova to Pak; Van Leeuwen; piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double) to pull ahead of Hurd (inside Stalder full to Tkacthev; Ricna; Pak; Stalder; Van Leeuwen; full-twisting double; 14.200). Alt began beautifully (Maloney to Pak; Van Leeuwen; Stalder blind to piked Jaeger) but missed a handstand after her release and then fell on her double dismount for 12.400.

Beam was the saving grace for Alt, who managed 14.066 (RO, two-foot layout mount; side aerial, layout, layout; side somi; RO double pike). Melnikova left out the new barani she had debuted at Russian nationals but then dropped off after her two-foot layout series. Hurd seemed to come undone by her nerves, falling on her first two skills (standing full; ff, layout) but recomposed herself to hit a clean tucked full-in dismount.

Trailing Melnikova by half a point, Alt scored 13.500 for a very clean routine on floor, performed with a smile for the Stuttgart crowd (tucked full-in; front to double tuck; double pike).

Melnikova, needing 13.133 to pass Alt, danced beautifully but had too many errors (large stumble out of bounds on Arabian double front; double layout; piked full-in, out of bounds; double pike) and managed just 12.666 to take silver.

The deceptively powerful Hurd outtricked the field with beautifully clean tumbling (double-double; piked full-in; layout front, double-twisting front; low double pike; 13.466) to take the all-around bronze.

Alt said she was stunned with her victory after her botched routine on bars.

"I would not have expected this," she said. "My bar routine was not good, that it was enough to win is really a dream. It was incredibly important that I was able to leave everything behind after bars, so I could concentrate on beam. I hope this will keep going forward (to London)."

Germany's Pauline Schäfer finished a close fourth (53.231) with the second-best scores on beam (13.566) and floor (double layout; 13.466). Dutch star Eythora Thorsdottir managed fifth (50.632) ahead of China's Zhang Jin and Great Britain's Alice Kinsella (47.099).

The DTB Team Challenge followed the women's World Cup. The lineup featured the top six men's teams from Friday's qualification competing in a two-up, two-count contest. Just fifth in qualification, Russia scored 167.262 to upset Germany (166.730) and top qualifiers Japan (164.763).

"I think it was a good performance from us," said German head coach Andreas Hirsch. "We competed well and performed well before the fans. We were aware that Russia is a strong opponent. We can live very well with the placement."

Great Britain (162.029), Spain (160.296) and Switzerland (154.995) rounded out the men's team final.

The competition continues Sunday afternoon in Stuttgart with the men's World Cup, followed by the women's team final. Olympic star Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine), second at the American Cup, headlines the men's World Cup field.

External Link: Official Website

2017 DTB Pokal/FIG World Cup
March 18, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Tabea Alt14.23312.40014.06613.50054.199
2.Angelina Melnikova14.26614.40012.40012.66653.732
3.Morgan Hurd14.36614.20011.23313.46653.265
4.Pauline Schäfer13.83312.36613.56613.46653.231
5.Eythora Thorsdottir13.76612.90011.33312.63350.632
6.Zhang Jin13.26610.70013.00013.06650.032
7.Alice Kinsella13.00011.00011.83311.26647.099

Men's Team Challenge FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.  Russia27.70027.63228.23228.50028.43226.766167.262
Dmitry Lankin13.80014.36614.60014.066
Vladislav Polyashov13.86614.36613.433
Kirill Potapov13.90013.86613.900
Sergei Yeltsov13.76613.333
2.  Germany 126.86627.26627.66628.19928.90027.833166.730
Philipp Herder12.96613.26614.100
Christopher Jursch14.13314.200
Marcel Nguyen14.40014.800
Felix Pohl13.43314.06613.633
Ivan Rittschik13.43314.300
3.  Japan27.33328.20027.69927.33326.39927.799164.763
Kenta Chiba14.50014.53313.06614.233
Takahiro Goshima13.63313.633
Fuya Maeno13.70013.566
Kazuya Takahashi13.70014.06612.80013.333
4.  Great Britain27.16627.69928.36625.96626.96625.866162.029
Frank Baines14.23314.300
Dominick Cunningham12.93312.666
Joe Fraser13.96612.66613.466
James Hall13.73313.60012.400
Courtney Tulloch14.76613.300
5.  Spain26.83224.26627.49927.49926.60027.600160.296
Nestor Abad13.96612.53313.76613.70014.000
Rubén López13.73312.900
Joel Plata12.86611.733
Alberto Tallón14.366
Adrià Vera13.13313.600
6.  Switzerland22.26623.96625.66627.63227.33328.132154.995
Sascha Coradi13.63313.766
Marco Rizzo12.73311.66612.83313.166
Taha Serhani12.30014.46613.70014.366
Marco Walter9.53312.833

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Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 18 March 2017 14:57    PDF Print
Five Countries Golden at 2nd Baku World Challenge Cup
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Gymnasts from five nations took titles in the first day of finals at the World Challenge Cup in Baku, held Saturday in the Azerbaijani capital. Pictured: China's Liu Rongbing won the parallel bars title.

Gymnasts from five nations took titles in the first day of finals at the World Challenge Cup in Baku, held Saturday in the Azerbaijani capital.

Built for the 2015 European Games, the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku attracted athletes from 23 nations for the second edition of the FIG World Challenge Cup, dubbed the AGF Trophy 2017 by the Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation. The competition for individual events is part of the 2017-18 FIG World Cup apparatus series and is separate from the all-around World Cup series. An all-around World Cup is taking place this weekend in Stuttgart, marking the first time two FIG World Cups in artistic gymnastics were held simultaneously.

Olympic champions Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan) and Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece) were golden Saturday, with Chusovitina winning the women's vault title and Petrounias untouchable on still rings.

Chusovitina averaged 14.333 for her layout handspring front full (14.366) and 1 1/2-twisting Tsukahara vaults (14.300) to defend her vault title from last year's inaugural event. The 41-year-old Chusovitina, who is showing no signs of calling it quits after seven Olympic Games, will be inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame in May — the first gymnast to be inducted before retirement.

2012 Australian Olympian Emily Little won the silver with a 14.067 average for her double-twisting Yurchenko and full-twisting Tsukahara. Little, who also qualified to beam and floor finals in Baku, also took second at the World Cup in Melbourne last month. Slovenian veteran Teja Belak won the bronze with a 13.750 average.

First-year senior Diana Varinska (Ukraine) won uneven bars, showing off the beautiful lines associated with the Ukrainian school of gymnastics. Varinska was the top gymnast in Thursday's qualifications, where she and other gymnasts appeared to be struggling under the spotlight setting used only on the first day. In qualification, Varinska had a break in her routine and dismounted with only a layout flyaway, but went all out in Saturday's finals (inside Stalder; Komova II, Pak; Maloney, uprise full, giant, Tkatchev to mixed grip to straddled front flip; full-twisting double; 13.933/6.0 Difficulty). Varinska, who turns 16 next Wednesday, is her country's top women's hope for the new quadrennium.

Australians Rianna Mizzen (13.600/6.0) and Georgia-Rose Brown (13.366/5.2) finished second and third, respectively, behind Varinska to give Australia three medals for the day.

Lithuania's Tomas Kuzmickas, 21, won gold on men's floor exercise (14.166/5.8), his first medal on the World Cup circuit. Belarusian Pavel Bulavsky won the silver (14.000/6.1) over Japan's Naoto Hayasaka (13.900/6.2). Top qualifier Murad Agharzayev (Azerbaijan) finished fifth.

Petrounias, the world and Olympic champion, was unbeatable on his specialty, earning a 9.166 Execution for his winning routine (15.466/6.3). Japan's Kazuyuki Takeda won silver (14.766/6.1) over Ukraine's Yevgen Yudenkov (14.233/6.1).

Asia ruled parallel bars, with the same gymnasts from qualification going 1-2-3. China's Liu Rongbing won the gold medal (15.133/6.4) over teammate He Youxiao (14.866/6.4). Liu, who turns 26 on Tuesday, is still looking to crack his way onto China's main team after serving as alternate for China's teams to the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2014 and 2015 world championships. Shogo Nonomura, a member of Japan's silver medal-winning team at the 2014 Worlds, won the bronze behind He (14.700/6.3).

Competition concludes Sunday in Baku with the remaining finals. Olympic champions Krisztián Berki (Hungary) and Cătălina Ponor (Romania) headline the lineup.

External Link: Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation

2017 AGF Trophy/FIG World Challenger Cup
March 18, Baku, Azerbaijan

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Oksana Chusovitina5.48.96614.36614.333
2.Emily Little5.49.03314.43314.067
3.Teja Belak4.88.73313.53313.750
4.Marina Nekrasova4.69.06613.66613.700
5.Argyro Afrati4.48.63313.03313.283
6.Tjaša Kysselef4.88.86613.66613.116
7.Gaya Giladi4.68.73313.33313.117
aRosanna Ojala4.28.4330.112.53312.233

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Diana Varinska6.07.93313.933
2.Rianna Mizzen6.07.60013.600
3.Georgia-Rose Brown5.28.16613.366
4.Wang Cenyu5.97.13313.033
5.Angelina Radivilova5.37.23312.533
6.Yulia Inshina4.47.90012.300
7.Yekaterina Tishkova4.77.50012.200
8.Shang Chunsong0.39.7338.51.533

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Tomas Kuzmickas5.88.36614.166
2.Pavel Bulavsky6.18.0000.114.000
3.Naoto Hayasaka6.27.70013.900
4.Žiga Šilc5.48.4000.213.600
5.Murad Agharzayev5.38.3000.313.300
6.Christopher Remkes6.17.3660.213.266
7.Oskar Kirmes5.27.0000.212.000
8.Alexander Shatilov5.86.7000.611.900

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Eleftherios Petrounias6.39.16615.466
2.Kazuyuki Takeda6.18.66614.766
3.Yevgen Yudenkov6.18.13314.233
4.Shogo Nonomura6.27.93314.133
5.Konstantinos Konstantinidis5.78.10013.800
6.Tomi Tuuha4.88.50013.300
7.Oskar Kirmes4.88.43313.233
8.Rayderley Zapata4.55.4660.39.666

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Liu Rongbing6.48.73315.133
2.He Youxiao6.48.46614.866
3.Shogo Nonomura6.38.40014.700
4.Yevgen Yudenkov5.68.73314.333
5.Kazuyuki Takeda6.37.96614.266
6.Tomas Kuzmickas4.68.40013.000
7.Alen Dimic5.57.23312.733
8.Murad Agharzayev4.77.90012.600
Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 17 March 2017 20:28    PDF Print
Germany, Japan Top DTB Team Qualifications
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The German women and Japanese men topped qualification Friday at the DTB Team Challenge in Stuttgart, which is being held in conjunction with this weekend's World Cup event.

Kim Bui (Germany)

Friday's competition featured seven women's teams and 16 men's teams, including two German teams in each category. The top six men's teams and the top four women's teams advance to this weekend's team finals.

Stuttgart's own Kim Bui led Germany 1 to the top spot in the women's competition, edging out Russia 160.200-159.800. Spain qualified in third (151.050), a point ahead of Germany 2 (150.050).

Bui, who was second all-around at the American Cup two weeks ago, competed three events, scoring 13.650 on vault, 14.150 on uneven bars and 13.350 on floor exercise. Teammate Michelle Timm had the top score on vault with 13.800, where Germany 1 scored the top team total (41.000) on any event. Two-time Olympian Elisabeth Seitz, Bui's teammate at MTV Stuttgart, earned 13.450 and 13.000 on balance beam. Germany was the only team to put up four scores above 13 on beam for the best team total there of 39.700.

"We have done very well today," said German women's head coach Ulla Koch. "The girls of Team I showed some very good exercises. The younger ones from Team II didn't do quite as well, but we still managed to make the final. In this respect, I am satisfied."

Russian national champion Natalia Kapitonova had the top score of the competition with her 14.250 on uneven bars (Stalder full, Maloney, Pak, Stalder; Van Leeuwen, inside Stalder full to Tkatchev; toe-full to full-twisting double tuck). Co-world champion Daria Spiridonova scored 14.000 (Konova II to Pak; Van Leeuwen; piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double) to help Russia outscore Germany on the event. Junior European champion Yelena Yeryomina fell off bars on her Nabiyeva-Pak combination but had the top score of 13.450 on balance beam (Yurchenko mount; ff layout, layout; full turn in Y; front aerial to one foot; switch jump full; side somi; RO 2 1/2). Russia edged Germany by .2 on floor exercise, with top scores of 13.200 from Yeryomina (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 punch front; triple twist) and 13.050 from Kapitonova (piked full-in; Mustafina turn; 2 1/2, punch front; double tuck, double pike).

Amélie Föllinger had the top score on floor exercise (13.400) to help Germany 2 grab the final spot to the women's team finals ahead of Switzerland (146.350), Portugal (134.700) and Singapore (132.150).

Japan led the men's qualification with 247.900, topping Germany 1 (245.800) and Switzerland (245.800). Great Britain (245.400), Russia (245.250) and Spain (245.150) all advanced to the finals.

The young Japanese team – comprised of four gymnasts born in 1996 and one born in 1997 — impressed with the top team totals on floor exercise (42.050) and still rings (42.500). Germany 1 posted its best total, 43.850, on parallel bars, with 14.850s from Marcel Nguyen and Philipp Herder.

Oliver Hegi's 14.300 helped Switzerland take the top score on high bar with 41.950. Great Britain outscored the field on pommel horse (41.250), with a 14.400 from James Hall. Teammate Courtney Tulloch had the best score on still rings (14.750).

On parallel bars, Russia posted the highest score on any event with 44.500, where Dmitry Lankin (15.050) and Vladislav Polyashov (15.000) posted the only scores above 15.000 of the competition.

The Netherlands just missed the men's team finals, finishing seventh. Belgium, which had the best team total on vault (42.450), finished eighth ahead of Germany 2.

The men's team final takes place Saturday afternoon, following the women's World Cup all-around event, which features Tabea Alt (Germany), Morgan Hurd (USA), Alice Kinsella (Great Britain), Angelina Melnikova (Russia), Pauline Schäfer (Germany), Eythora Thorsdottir (Netherlands) and Zhang Jin (China).

The competition concludes on Sunday, with the women's team final following the men's World Cup, featuring Allan Bower (USA), Lukas Dauser (Germany), James Hall (Great Britain), Oliver Hegi (Switzerland), Sebastian Krimmer (Germany), Nikita Ignatyev (Russia), Kazuma Kaya (Japan), Sun Wei (China), and Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine).

External Link: Official Website

2017 DTB Team Challenge
March 17, Stuttgart, Germany

Women's Team QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  Germany 141.00040.75039.70038.750160.200
Kim Bui13.65014.15013.350
Carina Kröll13.05013.25012.700
Helene Schäfer13.55011.25013.10012.200
Elisabeth Seitz13.45013.000
Michelle Timm13.80013.15013.35012.700
2.  Russia40.55040.95039.35038.950159.800
Lilia Akhaimova12.60012.550
Natalia Kapitonova13.55014.25013.00013.050
Yevgenia Shelgunova13.50012.70012.900
Daria Spiridonova14.00012.50012.700
Yelena Yeryomina13.50012.70013.45013.200
3.  Spain39.95037.55036.20037.350151.050
Nora Fernández13.50010.60012.10011.850
Ana Pérez13.55013.15011.20012.300
Paula Raya12.90012.10011.15011.750
Cintia Rodríguez12.90012.30012.90013.200
4.  Germany 240.90033.35037.40038.400150.050
Amélie Föllinger13.60010.15012.90013.400
Emma Höfele13.70011.4509.20012.900
Julia Plattenhardt11.75012.100
Isabelle Stingl10.10011.150
Sarah Voss13.60013.350
5.  Switzerland38.30036.70035.45035.900146.350
Caterina Barloggio12.15012.80012.10011.750
Ilaria Käslin13.30011.80011.55012.650
Stefanie Siegenthaler12.10011.80011.400
Fabienne Studer12.85011.75010.50011.500
6.  Portugal37.40028.60035.05033.650134.700
Diana Abrantes12.2509.00012.55010.950
Beatriz Dias12.0008.75010.80011.150
Mariana Marianito12.80010.20011.70011.500
Leonor Silva12.3509.4009.20011.000
7.  Singapore38.25029.15032.60032.150132.150
Colette Chan11.6009.45010.6009.750
Kelsie Muir12.7508.45010.05010.950
Nadine Joy Nathan13.00010.45011.95010.850
Qiyan Zeng12.5009.25010.00010.350

Men's Team QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.  Japan42.05039.70042.50042.05040.70040.900247.900
Kenta Chiba13.55012.60014.25014.20014.95013.950
Takahiro Goshima14.15014.05012.65013.450
Yuto Kato12.40011.30012.05012.250
Fuya Maeno14.15013.30013.90011.80013.500
Kazuya Takahashi13.75013.80014.20013.95013.700
2.  Germany 140.15038.65040.70041.75043.85040.700245.800
Philipp Herder12.55013.30013.50013.70014.85012.450
Christopher Jursch10.85012.35014.00014.15014.450
Marcel Nguyen14.50014.850
Felix Pohl13.90012.65012.70014.05013.800
Ivan Rittschik13.70012.70012.40013.05013.10012.050
3.  Switzerland39.70038.65040.80042.35042.35041.950245.800
Sascha Coradi13.70012.90013.90014.05013.700
Oliver Hegi13.25014.75014.300
Marco Rizzo13.45013.55014.15013.95013.55013.600
Taha Serhani12.55011.85013.15014.30013.10013.950
Marco Walter11.1009.60013.50014.100
4.  Great Britain40.55041.25041.00042.20042.15038.250245.400
Frank Baines14.10013.25013.80011.900
Dominick Cunningham11.20011.80012.20014.25012.15010.900
Joe Fraser13.20013.60012.65013.95014.20012.200
James Hall14.40013.60014.00014.15014.150
Courtney Tulloch13.25014.75013.450
5.  Russia40.05038.50041.95041.40044.50038.850245.250
Dmitry Lankin13.55014.05014.00015.050
Vladislav Polyashov12.95013.85012.85012.65015.00013.050
Kirill Potapov13.55011.40014.25013.90014.45011.850
Maksim Sinichkin11.5009.10013.65013.50013.25013.000
Sergei Yeltsov13.25012.800
6.  Spain41.00039.15041.85042.05041.70039.400245.150
Nestor Abad14.35013.30014.35014.15014.35014.300
Ruben López12.85013.25014.15013.70014.05012.250
Joel Plata12.75010.15012.05013.30012.300
Alberto Tallón14.20013.200
Adrià Vera13.80012.60013.35012.95012.800
7.  Netherlands 141.15039.10041.70042.15039.55040.000243.650
Michel Bletterman4.50012.40012.35012.75010.90012.150
Bart Deurloo14.25012.75013.80014.40013.00014.750
Casimir Schmidt13.40013.50013.70014.15012.70012.500
Anthony Van Assche12.85014.20013.850
Bram Verhofstad13.50013.60012.750
8.  Belgium39.90035.55040.75042.45041.15039.500239.300
Maxime Gentges12.70010.70013.65012.80013.00012.600
Daan Kenis13.95012.40013.35014.50013.80013.400
Luka van den Keybus12.95013.500
Jimmy Verbaeys11.55011.95013.75013.45014.35012.300
Jonathan Vrolix13.25011.20014.500
9.  Germany 239.80038.25041.20041.15041.65037.200239.250
Nils Dunkel12.95013.45013.70013.20013.95012.500
Florian Lindner13.40013.20014.40013.35013.80012.050
Alexander Maier12.05011.15013.10013.70013.90012.650
Felix Remuta13.45011.60012.50014.10013.4509.850
10.  Italy39.65039.45040.55040.30040.75038.500239.200
Tommaso de Vecchis13.45012.90013.10013.200
Lorenzo Galli13.55013.20012.85013.90013.70013.400
Marco Lodadio13.35014.55012.95013.100
Marco Sarruggerio12.75012.80013.10013.45013.95011.900
11.  Hungary39.30040.35038.70038.90040.65037.550235.450
Ádám Babos13.20011.80013.60012.75013.05011.400
Botond Kardos14.15013.15011.15012.35013.65012.950
Dávid Schweigert11.95013.10013.350
Levente Vágner13.60012.00013.40011.750
Dávid Vecsernyés13.60012.80013.60012.850
12.  Ukraine38.30039.90038.40038.40039.30036.900231.200
Yaroslav Handei12.50012.00011.95011.85011.400
Vladyslav Hryko12.35013.60013.05013.40013.65013.150
Andrii Sienichkin13.600
Maksym Vasylenko13.45010.95010.00013.05013.00012.150
Eduard Yermakov12.70013.35012.65011.600
13.  Norway40.80035.70037.60040.65038.75036.950230.450
Pietro Giachino13.70011.05013.30012.75012.45012.350
Sofus Heggemsnes13.70012.70012.45013.80013.10012.350
Odin Kalvø13.40011.35011.85012.250
Fredrik Johnsen11.15013.35011.450
Harald Wibye12.95011.65013.50013.20012.150
14.  Portugal37.00036.25038.10040.00038.10036.350225.800
Bernardo Almeida13.00011.95012.90012.65013.15012.050
Simão Almeida10.75011.60013.35013.55012.55012.200
Tiago Barbosa13.25011.15011.85013.30012.20012.100
Francisco Fragoso12.700
Pedro Guimarães10.25011.70013.15012.400
15.  Sweden39.95034.20037.90039.50037.10034.750223.400
William Broman11.35013.20012.20011.850
Carl Idesjö11.75012.95012.85012.20010.550
Henrik Schröder13.1509.95011.75012.8009.20011.600
Christopher Soos13.50012.05010.55013.60012.70011.300
Kim Wanström13.30010.80013.050
16.  Netherlands 210.65035.65012.400 11.85012.95083.500
Boudewijn de Vries13.30012.950
Alex Klinkenberg10.65012.20012.40011.850
Justen Zuidema10.150
Written by Amanda Turner    Thursday, 16 March 2017 19:24    PDF Print
Veterans, Newcomers Battle in Baku Qualifications
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The FIG World Cup series continued Thursday with the first day of qualification at the World Challenge Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan, where several new names managed to impress alongside their veteran competitors.

The FIG World Cup series continued Thursday with the first day of qualification at the World Challenge Cup in Baku, Azerbaijan, where several new names managed to impress alongside their veteran competitors.

Gymnasts from 23 countries have gathered at Baku's beautiful National Gymnastics Arena for the second edition of the FIG World Challenge Cup, dubbed the AGF Trophy 2017 by the Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation. The competition for individual events is part of the FIG World Cup series.

The lineup boasts several world and Olympic medalists, and the event is serving as the big first test for several gymnasts now eligible to compete among seniors. The gymnasts, who marched out in divided rotations of only four gymnasts, competed in a darkened arena with spotlights, giving the competition an atmosphere of an exhibition.

Uzbekistan's Oksana Chusovitina — the most experienced gymnast of all at 41 — was the top gymnast on vault. Chusovitina, the defending champion from the 2016 Baku World Challenge Cup, qualified first over Australian veteran Emily Little and Azerbaijan's Marina Nekrasova.

First-year senior Diana Varinska, a tremendous talent who has emerged as a bright hope for Ukraine, was the top gymnast on uneven bars despite a flawed routine: inside Stalder; Komova II to Pak; Maloney uprise full pirouette; Tkatchev to mixed grip to straddled front flip (large break and stopped routine) and ended with a simple layout flyaway dismount.

Varinska's score of 13.366 (7.666 Execution score for 5.7 Difficulty) was still enough to top a field where most of the gymnasts struggled. Olympic finalist Shang Chunsong, who fell on her Maloney, scored only 5.433 in Execution for seventh.

Chinese first-year senior Wang Cenyu fell on her layout Jaeger to take second (13.100/5.9) behind Varinska. Australian gymnasts Georgia-Rose Brown (13.000/5.1) and Rianna Mizzen qualified third and fourth to the finals.

One new name in Baku comes via a familiar face: Ukrainian Olympian Angelina Kysla is now Angelina Radivilova following her marriage to fellow gymnast Igor Radivilov. Radivilova qualified fifth to the uneven bars finals (fall on dismount).

Azerbaijan's Murad Agharzayev, 18, performed confidently to take the top spot on men's floor exercise (Randi; double-twisting front to Rudi (out); double front; 2 1/2 to layout barani; double twist; triple twist; 14.266/5.6). Lithuania's Tomas Kuzmickas (14.066/5.8) qualified second over Australia's Christopher Remkes (14.033/6.1).

European champion and world medalist Alexander Shatilov, third at last year's AGF Trophy, qualified sixth (13.700/5.5). His teammate Artyom Dolgopyat was injured on his triple back and could not finish the routine. World medalist Rayderley Zapata (Spain), performed tucked and piked versions of his new skill (barani in, full out) but fell on his layout double-double to miss the finals.

Olympic champion Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece) qualified first on still rings, performing a nearly flawless routine for a 9.033 Execution score (15.333/6.3). His top rivals finished a half point behind. Japan's Kazuyuki Takeda was second (14.833/6.1) over Greece's Konstantinos Konstantinidis (14.733/6.0).

Qualification was also held for parallel bars — out of the Olympic order which normally would have seen pommel horse contested. China's Liu Rongbing (15.066/6.4) grabbed the top spot over teammate He Youxiao (14.600/6.4) and Takeda (14.433/6.2).

Competition continues Friday in Baku with the second day of qualification, which features three-time Olympic champion Cătălina Ponor (Romania) in the lineup for balance beam and floor exercise.

External Link: Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation

2017 AGF Trophy/FIG Challenger Cup
March 16, Baku, Azerbaijan

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Oksana Chusovitina5.49.00014.40014.383 Q
2.Emily Little5.49.20014.60014.033 Q
3.Marina Nekrasova4.69.13313.73313.733 Q
4.Teja Belak5.47.80013.20013.617 Q
5.Tjaša Kysselef4.88.5660.113.26613.366 Q
6.Argyro Afrati4.48.8660.113.16613.283 Q
7.Gaya Giladi4.68.70013.30013.150 Q
8.Rosanna Ojala4.28.96613.16613.016 Q
9.Doğa Ketenci4.28.73312.93312.867 R1
10.Maria Smirnova4.48.80013.20012.717 R2
11.Ekin Morova3.58.66612.16612.666 R3
12.Maria Butskikh4.08.70012.70012.367

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Diana Varinska5.77.66613.366 Q
2.Wang Cenyu5.97.20013.100 Q
3.Georgia-Rose Brown5.17.90013.000 Q
4.Rianna Mizzen5.56.50012.000 Q
5.Angelina (Kysla) Radivilova5.26.73311.933 Q
6.Yulia Inshina4.37.56611.866 Q
7.Shang Chunsong 6.15.43311.533 Q
8.Yekaterina Tishkova4.76.70011.400 Q
9.Rosanna Ojala4.56.80011.300 R1
10.Teja Belak3.77.53311.233 R2
11.Ivana Kamnikar4.46.60011.000 R3
12.Maria Butskikh3.07.90010.900
13.Argyro Afrati4.95.73310.633
14.Evangelia Plyta5.64.96610.566
15.Demet Mutlu4.75.50010.200
16.Anamaria Ocolișan3.46.5009.900
17.Ekin Morova4.25.3339.533
18.Ominakhon Khalilova3.46.0669.466
19.Khilola Doniyorova3.75.0668.766

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Murad Agharzayev5.68.7660.114.266 Q
2.Tomas Kuzmickas5.88.26614.066 Q
3.Christopher Remkes6.18.0330.114.033 Q
4.Pavel Bulavsky5.78.13313.833 Q
5.Naoto Hayasaka6.27.53313.733 Q
6.Alexander Shatilov5.58.20013.700 Q
7.Žiga Šilc5.48.1660.313.266 Q
8.Oskar Kirmes5.48.0330.213.233 Q
9.Heikki Saarenketo5.18.06613.166 R1
10.Eduard Shaulov5.57.5660.112.966 R2
11.Antonios Tantalidis5.87.2660.112.966 R3
12.Anton Olivson5.07.93312.933
13.Konstantin Kuzovkov4.58.33312.833
14.Ilkay Uğuz5.47.4000.112.700
15.Edgar Boulet5.97.0660.312.666
16.Rayderley Zapata6.26.5000.212.500
17.Andrew Smith5.56.9660.112.366
18.Abdulla Azimov4.97.43312.333
19.Cristian Bățagă5.57.2000.412.300
20.Dmitry Govorov5.37.1000.412.000
21.Dimitrios Markousis5.26.8660.111.966
22.Danil Baturin6.45.8660.611.666
23.Adelin Kotrong5.65.96611.566
24.Ilya Yakauleu5.46.2330.211.433
25.Maksym Ivanov5.46.3330.411.333
26.Vyacheslav Kim5.36.0000.610.700
27.Mustafa Arca5.35.3330.110.533
28.Pol Díaz5.35.6330.510.433
29.Robert Tvorogal1.08.7008.01.700
30.Artyom Dolgopyat0.68.7008.01.300

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Eleftherios Petrounias6.39.03315.333 Q
2.Kazuyuki Takeda6.18.73314.833 Q
3.Konstantinos Konstantinidis6.08.73314.733 Q
4.Shogo Nonomura6.08.46614.466 Q
5.Yevgen Yudenkov6.18.13314.233 Q
6.Tomi Tuuha4.88.73313.533 Q
7.Rayderley Zapata5.77.56613.266 Q
8.Oskar Kirmes4.88.33313.133 Q
9.Mahdi Ahmad Kohani5.57.60013.100 R1
10.Bence Tálas5.67.46613.066 R2
11.Eyal Glazer5.47.50012.900 R3
12.Michael Tone5.47.30012.700
13.Hamza Yılmaz5.47.26612.666
14.Dmitry Govorov4.08.40012.400
15.Konstantin Kuzovkov4.57.66612.166
16.Anton Olivson4.27.83312.033
17.Yunus Emre Gündoğdu4.76.73311.433
18.Vyacheslav Kim4.56.56611.066
19.Ilya Yakauleu3.76.0009.700

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Liu Rongbing6.48.66615.066 Q
2.He Youxiao6.48.20014.600 Q
3.Kazuyuki Takeda6.28.23314.433 Q
4.Alen Dimic5.58.60014.100 Q
5.Tomas Kuzmickas5.08.76613.766 Q
6.Yevgen Yudenkov5.68.13313.733 Q
7.Shogo Nonomura5.38.16613.466 Q
8.Murad Agharzayev4.78.73313.433 Q
9.Saba Abesadze4.48.73313.133 R1
10.Vlad Cotuna5.67.50013.100 R2
11.Clay Mason Stephens5.67.7660.313.066 R3
12.Timur Kadirov4.88.23313.033
13.Moran Yanuka5.08.00013.000
14.Sercan Demir5.37.56612.866
15.Vyacheslav Kim5.17.70012.800
15.Michael Sorokine5.17.70012.800
17.Mitchell Morgans5.17.66612.766
18.Andres Martín4.97.70012.600
19.Oskar Kirmes5.07.7330.312.433
20.Rhys McClenaghan4.87.60012.400
21.Anton Olivson5.07.23312.233
22.Nikolaos Iliopoulos5.56.73312.233
24.Georgios Chatziefstathiou5.36.90012.200
23.Yunus Emre Gündoğdu4.57.70012.200
25.Dmitry Govorov4.67.33311.933
26.Eduard Shaulov4.67.06611.666
27.Pol Díaz4.96.46611.366
28.Ioan Nistor4.86.30011.100
29.Yasir Al-Dulaimi4.36.26610.566
30.Robert Tvorogal4.46.10010.500
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Hatakeda, Canada Win Gymnix Senior Cup
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Japan's Hitomi Hatakeda and Team Canada won the Senior Cup on Friday as the 26th Annual International Gymnix began in Montreal.

Japan's Hitomi Hatakeda and Team Canada took the first titles on Friday as the 26th Annual International Gymnix began in Montreal.

This year's Gymnix event attracted more than 1,000 gymnasts from 15 nations to compete at Montreal's Claude-Robillard Sports Complex. In addition to age group competition, the international portion of the Gymnix competition is divided into four categories: Team Cups for juniors and seniors, and individual Challenges for juniors and seniors, plus a combined apparatus finals.

Montreal will also play host to the Canadian gymnastics championships at the Claude-Robillard Sports Complex in May, and the world gymnastics championships in October at the Olympic Stadium. 2017 also marks the 375th anniversary of the city of Montreal and Canada's 150th anniversary as a confederation.

Friday evening's Senior Cup featured two teams from Canada, a team from Australia and a team from Japan, as well as seven-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan) competing as an individual.

Canada 1 – Brooklyn Moors, Jade Chrobok, Audrey Rousseau and Megan Roberts – scored 158.871 to top Japan (157.439) in the Senior Cup team competition. Canada 2, represented by 2016 Olympians Shallon Olsen and Rose-Kaying Woo, plus Sophie Marois and Megan Phillips, placed third (157.070) over Australia (150.770).

Hitomi Hatakeda won the Senior Cup all-around title (54.635), topping Olsen (53.401) and Moors (53.001). Hatakeda had the top scores on uneven bars (inside Stalder; Van Leeuwen; inside Stalder, blind to piked Jaeger; full-twisting double; 13.667) and floor exercise (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 to front full; double twist; double tuck; 13.600). She scored 14.234 on vault for a clean Yurchenko 1 1/2, and took her lowest score on beam for a rather hesitant exercise (punch front, side somi; switch half; ff layout; RO double tuck; 13.134). Hatakeda, who turns 17 in September, is the daughter of two-time Olympian Yoshiaki Hatakeda, a member of Japan's bronze medal-winning team from the 1992 Olympics. She trains at the Central Meguro Club alongside her younger sister Chiaki Hatakeda, one of Japan's brightest hopes for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Olsen, a finalist on vault at last summer's Olympic Games, vaulted a double-twisting Yurchenko (14.567) to tie Chusovitina (handspring layout front full) for the high score on vault. She earned the third-best floor score of the night (13.467) with the top difficulty score of 5.5 (tucked double-double; front to double tuck; piked full-in and triple twist).

Brooklyn Moors, younger sister of 2012 Olympian Victoria Moors, impressed with her elegance and polish on balance beam and floor exercise, where she had the second-best scores on both (punch front to sissone; split jump to side somi; front aerial to side aerial; front handspring to Rudi dismount; 13.367) and floor exercise (front double full to full; double front; 2 1/2 twist; 13.500).

Japan's Ayu Koike, fifth all-around, had the top score on balance beam (layout mount; ff layout; switch ring; side aerial; front aerial; side somi; double pike; 13.467).

Dave Brubaker, Canada's national team director, said he was happy with his team's showing.

"We had some great performances today," Brubaker said. "There's always room for improvement, but it's the beginning of the Olympic cycle and we're working towards Tokyo. Tomorrow is the junior competition and we're looking forward to seeing many new athletes in the competition. We've been focusing on process with the junior athletes through the national camp we hosted and are excited to see the results long term. We've great coaches and teams and are making big strides to win medals in 2020."

The competition continues Saturday afternoon with the Gymnix Challenge and Junior Cup.

External Link: Official Website

26th International Gymnix
March 10, Montreal, Canada

Senior Cup TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Canada 141.90137.36739.63539.968158.871
3.Canada 242.00137.76738.70138.601157.070

Senior Cup All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Hitomi Hatakeda5.014.2345.313.6674.813.1345.213.60054.635
2.Shallon Olsen5.414.5674.612.6675.412.7005.513.46753.401
3.Brooklyn Moors4.813.8344.512.3005.313.3675.013.50053.001
4.Jade Chrobok4.613.5674.712.8675.413.2344.912.96752.635
5.Ayu Koike5.414.1674.712.7345.313.4674.712.03452.402
6.Sophie Marois5.413.6674.312.6005.013.3344.812.56752.168
7.Audrey Rousseau4.613.5674.812.2005.112.8005.213.13451.701
8.Megan Roberts5.414.5004.510.5675.113.0345.013.33451.435
9.Rianna Mizzen4.613.7674.812.5005.112.0344.912.83451.135
10.Emily Whitehead4.613.7345.012.6675.011.8004.912.73450.935
11.Erin Modaro4.613.7004.812.9344.811.7344.312.26750.635
12.Marina Kawasaki4.613.7345.211.4345.412.8675.112.36750.402
13.Jade Vella-Wright3.512.4004.412.6004.611.6004.812.60049.2
14.Megan Phillips4.213.1004.512.5004.810.8344.512.56749.001
15.Oksana Chusovitina5.414.567 4.812.6344.312.63439.835
16.Rose-Kaying Woo4.613.7674.912.4005.412.667 38.834
17.Shannon Neate4.612.2005.311.5005.310.567 34.267

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