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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by dwight normile    Thursday, 21 August 2014 14:03    PDF Print
Newcomer Foberg Grabs First-Day Lead at P&G Junior Championships
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With balanced consistency, Jazmyn Foberg claimed the first-day lead at the P&G Championships in Pittsburgh. With four scores ranging from 14.20 (beam) to 14.60 (vault), Foberg, coached by Maggie Haney at MG Elite, posted a 57.600 at the midway point of the junior all-around competition, which concludes Saturday afternoon.

Foberg had some help from her pursuers. Buckeye star Nia Dennis followed her high-flying bars set with a fall to all fours on her double layout dismount. And she also fell off beam in the final rotation (Arabian). Chow's Norah Flatley slid down the side of the beam when her feet missed their spot on a sheep jump. And U.S. Classic winner Jordan Chiles (Naydenov) made two errors on her first event, bars (see notes below).

Still, Foberg, who did not qualify to the P&G Championships last year, has as good a chance as anyone in the field to win the gold in two days. But was she surprised to be in first place?

"Yes, because I've never been here before," she said. "It feels great and I feel confident in myself."

Cincinnati's Emily Gaskins went four-for-four to grab second with 57.00, and in spite of her two falls, Dennis sits in third with 56.80.

"Mary Lee's (Tracy) been pushing me, and I've been working really hard," Gaskins said. "I want to make national team this year; I was so close last year."

Said Dennis of her mistakes: "Just have to let it slide. I think it was my nerves … I just love [gymnastics] so much I try to do it the best I can."

Flatley finished fourth with 56.550, a full point ahead of Ragan Smith (Texas Dreams) and Alexis Vasquez (Chow's), who tied for fifth.

"I think it happens to everyone every once in a while," Flatley said of her beam fall.

On day one of the junior P&G Championships, falls tarnished the all-around aspirations of numerous gymnasts, all of whom will vow to fix those mistakes in two days.

Junior Women's Notes:

• With the junior field missing defending champion Bailie Key (elbow), 2013 runner-up Lauren Hernandez (knee) and bronze-medalist Amelia Hundley (a senior), the 2014 U.S. junior title is up for grabs. That points to Nia Dennis, fourth in 2013, and Norah Flatley, fifth, as obvious contenders, but don't forget 2014 U.S. Classic champion Jordan Chiles (11th in 2013). Oops, as first up on bars, Chiles came up short on a blind change and later had to jump off after a cast handstand that went over the top (11.40). And after day one concluded, Jazmyn Foberg and Emily Gaskins add their names to the mix.

• The junior women's field comprises 35 gymnasts compared with 13 in the senior division. And a few of the seniors are not doing all four events. What do we make of this? Burnout? Over-training? The lure of dropping down to Level 10 and going the NCAA route?

• The home-state Parkettes have the most juniors in the meet at five. Chow's is next with three.

• The uneven bars judging panel includes mom-to-be Chellsie Memmel. As the 2003 world co-champion on the event (with Hollie Vise), she knows what she's doing.

Lauren Navarro (Gliders) mounted beam with a jump to a split from the side of the beam. Catchy.

Ragan Smith (Texas Dreams, formerly of Northwind), is still one of the tiniest gymnasts in the field, but her floor choreography was big. She danced effectively to a jazzy version of "Puttin' on the Ritz," which was the music of Texas Dreams coach Kim Zmeskal at one point.

Adriana Popp (Girls Co-Op) performed an excellent floor exercise. Don't think it was choreographed by the venerable Adriana Pop, however.

Shilese Jones (Auburn) mounted floor with a high tucked full-in, half-out, and ended with a tucked full-in.

Lexy Ramler (KidSport) included a Bhardwaj (full-twisting Pak) and a Comaneci in her bars routine. Two tough tricks.

Deanne Soza (Arete) does many things right, despite her ranking after day one (17th). With all the flexed feet on double somersaults, Soza tumbled a gorgeous tucked full-in with perfectly pointed toes, and her Yurchenko-double twist was high and elegant. A little more seasoning will push her near the top of the all-around.

Nia Dennis recently got a new training mate. After Olympic champion Gabby Douglas left Chow's in July, she joined Dennis at Buckeye Gymnastics. "It's been really good," Dennis told IG. "She pushes me … I try to do everything as good as she does. She's a really hard worker."

For quick hits of the competition, go the IG Facebook page.

For complete results, click here.

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 20 August 2014 11:05    PDF Print
Tutkhalyan Takes Youth Olympic Games Title
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Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan won the women's all-around final Wednesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan won the women's all-around final Wednesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Tutkhalyan built up a hefty lead going into the final event, but a mistake on her final floor exercise pass left her squeaking by Brazil's Flavia Saraiva for the gold medal, 54.900-54.700. Great Britain's Ellie Downie, who also fell on floor exercise, won the bronze with 54.150.

Tutkhalyan competed steadily scores 14.00 or higher on vault (high but messy double-twisting Yurchenko); uneven bars (Maloney to Pak; Maloney-half; Tkatchev; elgrip front giant to double front dismount); and balance beam, where her only major mistake was a step on her dismount (round off two-foot layout; front aerial; sheep jump; switch ring; round off ff 2 1/2 twist). She led by 1.2 points going into the final event, where she was the final competitor. Needing only 12.250 to take the title, Tutkhalyan tumbled three clean passes of whip, whip, ff double pike; 1 1/2 front full; and 2 1/2 punch front before sitting down her double tuck dismount. She scored 12.450 to give Russia its second Youth Olympic all-around title after Viktoria Komova, who won the inaugural event four years ago in Singapore.

Saraiva was the most consistent gymnast of the top group but had the weakest vault with just a simple Yurchenko full. The tiny Saraiva had the best scores of the day on both balance beam (14.050) and floor exercise (13.800).

Downie grabbed the early lead on vault and hit uneven bars, where she had fallen during qualification. She had one of the most difficult routines of the day on balance beam (punch front; standing Arabian; double turn; side somi; ff layout; 2 1/2 twist) but wobbles kept her score to 13.150. She sat down her piked Arabian double front mount on floor exercise, but continued well (1 1/2 to 2 1/2; tucked Arabian double front) to pass China's Wang Yan for the bronze.

Wang began well on vault with a double-twisting Tsukahara, but peeled off uneven bars on her first skill (Weiler kip). She also fell off balance beam on her tucked barani. After falling twice on floor exercise in qualification, Wang rallied to tie Saraiva for the high score of the day (13.800) for floor routine (1 1/2 to triple twist and tucked full-in opening passes).

Japan's Sae Miyakawa rounded out the top five. Miyakawa had a chance to win a medal in the final event, but also fell on floor exercise on her opening pass of layout front, double front. Sae, who dismounted floor exercise with a double layout, also impressed on vault (nearly stuck double-twisting Yurchenko).

Competition continues Saturday in Nanjing with the first day of apparatus finals. The competition will be shown live and on demand at

External Link: Official Website

2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 20, Nanjing

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Seda Tutkhalyan14.40014.05014.00012.45054.900
2.Flavia Saraiva13.90012.95014.05013.80054.700
3.Ellie Downie14.75013.35013.15012.90054.150
4.Wang Yan14.65011.95013.40013.80053.800
5.Sae Miyakawa14.70012.65013.40012.55053.300
6.Iosra Abdelaziz13.75013.35012.50012.95052.550
7.Laura Jurca14.60012.30013.00012.20052.100
8.Camille Bahl13.65012.10012.30012.70050.750
9.Antonia Alicke13.47512.35012.60012.25050.675
10.Tutya Yilmaz13.75011.55012.05012.95050.300
11.Ava Verdeflor12.90012.45012.85011.60049.800
12.Sydney Townsend13.60012.60011.95011.65049.800
13.Gaia Nesurini13.65012.40011.35012.35049.750
14.Veronika Cenkova12.75011.75012.60012.50049.600
15.Stephanie Hernandez13.35012.15011.40012.55049.450
16.Boglarka Devai13.40011.55010.40012.10047.450
17.Natalia Yakubava12.15012.40011.20011.60047.350
18.Nadine Joy Nathan13.60010.20011.65010.85046.300
Written by Amanda Turner    Tuesday, 19 August 2014 10:17    PDF Print
Regini-Moran Wins Youth Olympic Games
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Great Britain's Giarnni Regini-Moran won the all-around gold medal Tuesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Great Britain's Giarnni Regini-Moran won the all-around gold medal Tuesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Regini-Moran, the top qualifier from Sunday's preliminaries, proved unbeatable in the final. The latest sensation from Great Britain easily won the all-around by more than a point and a half, scoring 84.725 to 83.050 from silver medalist Nikita Nagorny (Russia). U.S. gymnast Alec Yoder won the bronze (82.800).

Regini-Moran grabbed the early lead in the first rotation with the highest score of the day, 14.900, on floor exercise. He held onto the lead with the best scores on vault (Tsukahara 2 1/2 for 14.850) and parallel bars (14.400). He clinched his title on high bar with Kovacs and Tkatchev releases and a stuck full-twisting double layout.

Nagorny had the second-best score on still rings (13.950) and matched Regini-Moran on vault for a handspring double front. Yoder was the only gymnast of the day to score over 14.00 on pommel horse (14.100) but managed just 13.100 on still rings. Sitting in fifth after five rotations, Yoder jumped up to third with the best score on high bar (Kolman; stuck layout double-double; 13.850).

Hungary's Botand Kardos, third after five rotations, settled for fourth ahead of China's Ma Yue. Ma had the best score on still rings (14.000) but lost a chance for a medal with a fall on high bar on his layout double-double dismount.

Competition continues Wednesday in Nanjing with the women's all-around final. The competition is broadcast live and on demand at

External Link: Official Website

2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 19, Nanjing

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran14.90013.32513.55014.85014.40013.70084.725
2.Nikita Nagorny13.55013.80013.95014.85013.30013.60083.050
3.Alec Yoder13.65014.10013.10014.25013.85013.85082.800
4.Botond Kardos14.30013.90012.85014.50014.10013.00082.650
5.Ma Yue14.30013.65014.00014.45013.35012.30082.050
6.Vladyslav Hryko14.00014.05013.35013.95013.62512.95081.925
7.Kenya Yuasa14.10012.85013.05013.10013.85013.85080.800
8.Zachari Hrimeche13.90012.55013.00014.20013.40013.70080.750
9.Luka van den Keybus13.35012.40012.70013.65013.60013.45079.150
10.Artem Dolgopyat13.85013.25012.20014.55011.70012.85078.400
11.Igor Takac13.15012.80013.05012.80013.55012.90078.250
12.Nils Dunkel13.55012.85011.90013.55013.05012.75077.650
13.Marco Pfyl14.00012.80012.70013.95012.25011.32577.025
14.Mohamed Elhamy Aly13.50011.45012.45014.20012.70012.50076.800
15.Yerbol Jantykov13.40012.60013.05013.05013.0009.90075.000
16.Andres Martinez13.85011.10010.30014.10012.05013.37574.775
17.Vladimir Tushev12.60010.65013.60013.40013.40011.00074.650
18.Phay Xing Loo12.95012.30011.62513.00012.65012.00074.525
Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 18 August 2014 08:15    PDF Print
Tutkhalyan Tops Qualification in Nanjing
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Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan topped the women's qualification Monday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan topped the women's qualification Monday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

The 2nd Youth Olympic Games, which officially opened Saturday, includes more than 3,600 athletes from 201 nations competing in 28 sports. The artistic gymnastics competition is for female gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1997 and 1998.

Tutkhalyan, competing in the third and final session of qualification, edged Great Britain's Ellie Downie, 53.650-53.500. Both gymnasts committed major errors in qualification but had their high marks on vault with double-twisting Yurchenkos. Downie struggled on uneven bars (11.600) while Tutkhalyan had a break on uneven bars (extra swing after Maloney transition) and fell off balance beam (round off, two-foot layout).

Romania's Laura Jurca, also competing the third session, qualified in third place (53.250). China's own Wang Yan qualified fourth just behind Jurca (53.200) and impressed for 14.750 on balance beam (barani; switch ring; ff, ff, two-foot layout; tuck front; triple twist dismount). Wang landed low on her double-twisting Tsukahara and scored just 11.250 on floor exercise after falling on her first two passes (1 1/2 to triple twist; tucked full-in).

Brazil's Flavia Saraiva, sixth all-around, had the high mark on floor exercise (13.650) with her delightful and eflish routine (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to layout front full; double pike; triple twist).

Competition continues Tuesday in Nanjing with the men's all-around final at 7 p.m. local time. The competition will be shown live on the official webcast at

External Link: Official Website

2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 18, Nanjing

Women's QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Seda Tutkhalyan14.60013.00012.90013.15053.650
2.Ellie Downie14.90011.60013.50013.50053.500
3.Laura Jurca14.40012.80013.35012.70053.250
4.Wang Yan13.95013.25014.75011.25053.200
5.Iosra Abdelaziz14.00013.10013.25012.80053.150
6.Flavia Saraiva13.75012.15013.20013.65052.750
7.Antonia Alicke13.55012.35012.75012.75051.400
8.Stephanie Hernandez13.55012.15012.95012.45051.100
9.Sae Miyakawa14.75012.85012.00011.30050.900
10.Camille Bahl13.85011.90012.30012.45050.500
11.Gaia Nesurini13.60011.97512.65012.20050.425
12.Ava Verdeflor13.10012.45012.70011.95050.200
13.Sydney Townsend13.30012.02511.55012.50049.375
14.Nadine Joy Nathan13.50011.15012.30012.37549.325
15.Tutya Yilmaz14.05010.30011.80012.80048.950
16.Boglarka Devai13.65012.00011.15012.10048.900
17.Natallia Yakubava12.85011.65013.15011.05048.700
18.Veronika Cenkova13.20010.30013.10011.80048.400
19.Millie Williamson13.60011.15012.20011.40048.350
20.Martine Skregelid12.85010.55012.75011.85048.000
21.Veronika Orlova13.70010.15011.85012.20047.900
22.Paola Moreira13.50010.50011.70012.10047.800
23.Rahma Aldulaimi13.70010.90010.85012.15047.600
24.Arailym Khanseiitova12.40010.70012.40011.95047.450
25.Isa Maassen12.50011.00012.05011.55047.100
26.Nada Ayman Ibrahim13.5008.50012.70011.80046.500
27.Sara Raposeiro13.2509.80010.87512.35046.275
28.Agustina Santamaria12.8008.25012.45012.35045.850
29.Evangelia Monokrousou13.3509.95011.40011.15045.850
30.Laura Pardo13.75010.6509.80011.40045.600
31.Ceyda Sirbu13.1508.82511.80011.80045.575
32.Katherine Godinez12.5008.95012.15011.30044.900
33.Mammule Rankoe12.35011.25010.60010.40044.600
34.Park Hana12.1509.75011.00010.82543.725
35.Ana Karina Mendez13.3259.7008.70011.90043.625
36.Maria Sileoni13.3507.45010.75012.05043.600
37.Morgan Lloyd11.7007.90010.35011.30041.250
38.Fatimah Saadi Al-Tameemi12.3507.40010.20010.00039.950
39.Rahma Mastouri12.7008.3008.60010.00039.600
40.Ahlem Mokhtari12.5503.3259.5007.75033.125
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 17 August 2014 12:36    PDF Print
Regini-Moran Leads Qualification in Nanjing
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Great Britain's Giarnni Regini-Moran earned the top qualification spot as gymnastics competition began Sunday at the 2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China.

The 2nd Youth Olympic Games, which officially opened Saturday, includes more than 3,600 athletes from 201 nations competing in 28 sports. The artistic gymnastics competition is for female gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1997 and 1998. Sunday's gymnastics competition featured the men's qualification for the all-around and apparatus finals.

Regini-Moran, who competed in the second of two qualification sessions, scored 84.400 to top first-session leader Nikita Nagorny of Russia (84.400) and Hungary's Botond Kardos (83.275).

Regini-Moran, who turned 16 on Aug. 2, had the top scores on floor exercise (14.700), vault (14.950) and parallel bars (14.300).

Ukraine's Vladyslav Hryko, who qualified fourth all-around, was the top qualifier on pommel horse (14.150), while China's Ma Yue led still rings (14.200).

Nagorny and Japan's Kenya Yuasa, fifth all-around, tied for the highest score on high bar (13.800).

China's Yang Wei, the 2008 Olympic all-around champion, was among the judges for Sunday's competition.

Competition continues Monday in Nanjing with the women's qualification. The competition will be shown live on the official webcast at

External Link: Official Website

2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 17, Nanjing

Men's QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran14.70013.70013.25014.95014.30013.50084.400
2.Nikita Nagorny13.90013.90013.90013.95014.05013.80083.500
3.Botond Kardos14.05013.77513.45014.55014.05013.40083.275
4.Vladyslav Hryko13.70014.15013.30014.10013.30013.15081.700
5.Kenya Yuasa13.95012.40013.05014.10013.90013.80081.200
6.Alec Yoder13.25013.80013.15014.30013.60012.45080.550
7.Zachari Hrimeche13.85012.65013.35013.85013.30013.50080.500
8.Ma Yue13.67513.45014.25014.30013.10011.70080.475
9.Nils Dunkel12.75013.40013.20014.15013.40013.05079.950
10.Artem Dolgopyat13.97513.10012.60014.45012.50012.90079.525
11.Luka van den Keybus13.60012.55012.90013.77513.30013.25079.375
12.Marco Pfyl13.65013.05013.15013.80013.30012.00078.950
13.Andres Martinez13.65011.55012.42513.90012.65013.50077.675
14.Mohamed Elhamy Aly13.70010.65012.92514.25013.00012.95077.475
15.Igor Takac12.95013.10013.20012.55012.50012.95077.250
16.Loo Phay Xing13.15013.50011.50012.80013.57512.50077.025
17.Yerbol Jantykov13.10012.25012.95013.30012.55012.60076.750
18.Vladimir Tushev12.85012.60013.95013.30012.67511.30076.675
19.Rene Cournoyer12.65010.75012.95014.30012.00013.65076.300
20.Emil Soravuo13.20010.95012.70014.40012.50012.45076.200
21.Jakov Vlahek12.87513.65011.45012.95012.97512.15076.050
22.Kjell Kim Vanstrom12.55011.85012.15013.40012.95012.35075.250
23.Clay Mason Stephens11.90010.50012.85014.70013.05011.65074.650
24.Nattipong Aeadwong13.20013.00012.00013.95011.40011.05074.600
25.Johannes Mairoser11.65011.05012.80013.30012.90012.85074.550
26.Abhijeet Kumar12.65013.00010.00013.60012.65012.25074.150
27.Ilya Yakauleu13.1009.07513.45013.90011.30013.15073.975
28.Lim Myongwoo13.75011.40013.30013.1509.10013.05073.750
29.Timur Kadirov11.45013.70011.45014.10011.35011.60073.650
30.Andres Perez12.15011.10010.85013.95012.67512.90073.625
31.Lucas Cardoso12.60012.32511.25013.70011.00012.75073.625
32.Antonios Tantalidis12.90011.80012.95013.77511.55010.55073.525
33.Yazan Abandeh12.65011.75011.00013.65012.40011.05072.500
34.Tran Dinh Vuong12.40010.80012.80012.55011.67512.20072.425
35.Luis Pizarro12.75012.10010.90012.60010.80011.50070.650
36.Muhammad Mia12.15012.15010.80012.1509.75011.30068.300
37.Kevin Espinosa10.65010.80011.45012.20011.25011.50067.850
38.Patricio Razo12.1505.55012.27514.45011.4009.62565.450
39.Hamza Hajjaji11.8507.7502.25012.8508.7509.65053.100

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