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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 15 July 2015 17:23    PDF Print
Black, Calvo Make History in Toronto
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Ellie Black (Canada) and Jossimar Calvo (Colombia) won their second and third gold medals Wednesday as the 2015 Pan American Games concluded Wednesady in Toronto. Pictured: Balance beam medalists Megan Skaggs (U.S.), Black and Victoria-Kayen Woo (Canada)

Canada's Ellie Black and Colombia's Jossimar Calvo each took two more gold medals as the 2015 Pan American Games concluded Wednesady in Toronto.

Black and Calvo cemented themselves as stars of the Games with the biggest medal hauls and record performances. Black heads back to Halifax as the most decorated athlete at the Pan Am Games in any sport, winning five out of six possible medals: three golds (all-around, balance beam, floor exercise), a silver in the team competition and a bronze on vault.

"It feels incredible," Black said of her achievement. "I mean, just to come out here and have such a great week of competition in Toronto, in our home country with the home crowd cheering me on and cheering the team on — it was just fantastic."

Black had her high score of the competition, 15.050, on balance beamm taking the title by a full point. After a slightly nervous start (wobble on her double turn, full turn), she confidently tackled her routine that included a piked front and tucked punch front; ff two-foot layout, nailed ff, tucked full, and near stick on a 2 1/2 dismount.

American Megan Skaggs won the silver, showing nice fluidity (front aerial to leap; ff layout; side somi; clean double pike). Victoria-Kayen Woo took the bronze to give Canada another medal, showing lovely presentation and a sharp routine (ff layout; front aerial to wolf jump; side somi), breaking only on her double turn.

Amelia Hundley (U.S.) took second on floor exercise, while Guatemalan Olympian Ana Sofía Gómez won the bronze with precise tumbling (tucked full-in; triple twist; 2 1/2, punch front; double pike).

Calvo goes back to Bogotá as Colombia's most successful athlete in Toronto, also with five medals: three golds (pommel horse, parallel bars and high bar), and wo bronzes (team and all-around). Calvo established himself as a bonified star and showed that he could be a contender in multiple events at this fall's world championships in Glasgow, where he could possibly win Colombias's first world championships medal.

Jossimar Calvo (Colombia) took two more gold medals on Wednesday.

Calvo said he was happy with his results as the most successful Colombian gymnast in Pan Am history, though he regretted the fall off pommel horse in the all-around that prevented him from defending his all-around title from 2011. ,

"The results have been good, although the all-around was a thorn in my side, where I finished third. I did a good job, but unfortunately had a fall that cost me the ranking, even though I ended up on the podium," said Calvo, 21. "I came with the mentality of making history, not only in the individual events, but also in the all-around. It was a long process, four years of preparation and I'm very happy."

Calvo showed his mastery of swing on parallel bars (6.9 Difficulty), ending with a refreshing full-in dismount off the end, stuck cold. All-around runner up Manrique Larduet (Cuba) and all-around champion Sam Mikulak (U.S.) took second and third, respectively, each showing 6.7 Difficulty.

On high bar, the Colombian risked a Liukin (full-twisting layout Tkatchev), Kolman and Kovacs releases, and dismounting with a layout double-double for 15.700 (7.3 D). Canada's Kevin Lytwyn threw a Kolman and Def and stuck his layout double-double dismount cold for the silver (6.8; 15.475). American Paul Ruggeri won the bronze with a Cassina (layout Kolman) and Tak-half, layout Tkatchev, Tkatchev-half combination; layout double-oduble (6.9; 15.450).

Larduet won gold on vault, matching female Cuban teammate Marcia Videaux's achievement from Tuesday. Larduet vaulted a Lopez (Tsukahara triple twist)—named for Cuban great Erick Lopez—and a layout Randi.

American Donnell Whittenburg won the silver. He opted not to risk his Ri Se Gwang vault (full-twisting Tsukahara double back), but vaulted a big Dragulescu and Tsukahara 2 1/2. Brazil's Caio Souza won the bronze with a Yurchenko 2 1/2 and a Lopez.

The quadrennial Pan American Games will next take place in August 2019 in Lima. Peru beat out the bids from Argentina, Chile and Venezuela to host the next Games.

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2015 Pan American Games
July 15, Toronto

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Ellie Black6.58.55015.050
2.Megan Skaggs5.78.35014.050
3.Victoria-Kayen Woo5.68.05013.650
4.Julie Kim5.67.97513.575
5.Flávia Saraiva6.17.12513.225
6.Jessica López5.77.1750.112.775
7.Ana Sofía Gómez5.37.02512.325
8.Rachel Gowey5.56.2250.111.625

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Ellie Black5.88.60014.400
2.Amelia Hundley5.78.50014.200
3.Ana Sofía Gómez5.78.45014.150
4.Maddie Desch6.28.0750.313.975
5.Leidys Perdomo5.48.1250.113.425
6.Flávia Saraiva5.67.7000.113.200
7.Paula Mejias5.28.0250.113.125
8.Daniele Hypolito5.67.20012.800

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Manrique Larduet6.09.20015.20015.125
2.Donnell Whittenburg6.09.1750.115.07514.962
3.Caio Souza5.69.12514.72514.925
4.Jorge Vega5.69.3000.114.80014.775
5.Paul Ruggeri5.89.0250.114.72514.712
6.Scott Morgan5.68.8250.114.32514.575
7.Arthur Mariano5.69.2000.114.70014.087
8.Alberto Leyva6.07.7750.313.47513.925

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.98.80015.700
2.Manrique Larduet6.78.95015.650
3.Sam Mikulak6.78.75015.450
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.48.97515.375
5.Donnell Whittenburg6.98.45015.350
6.Daniel Corral6.78.47515.175
7.Caio Souza6.27.52513.725
8.Francisco Barreto Júnior6.26.40012.600

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo7.38.40015.700
2.Kevin Lytwyn6.88.67515.475
3.Paul Ruggeri6.98.55015.450
4.Manrique Larduet7.08.25015.250
5.Randy Leru6.98.12515.025
6.Sam Mikulak6.97.67514.575
7.Lucas Bitencourt6.38.17514.475
8.Arthur Mariano6.57.52514.025
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Five Nations Take Titles in Toronto
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Gymnasts from five nations won gold medals Tuesday as the 2015 Pan American Games continued in Toronto.

Cuban newcomer Marcia Videaux claimed her first major title on vault, competing a double-twisting Tsukahara (6.0 Difficulty score) and layout Rudi (6.2 D) )for first place. Dominican Republic's Yamilet Peña again vaulted a handspring double front (7.0 D) to her seat along with a Yurchenko 1 1/2 for the silver. All-around champion Ellie Black (Canada) won the bronze with two 5.5 vaults (Tsukahara 1-1/2 and handspring layout front full).

American Rachel Gowey, a first-year senior, won uneven bars by a fraction over two-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica López, 14.725-14.700. Gowey competed a Komova II (inside Stalder to Shaposhnikova) to back uprise, full pirouette; Ricna; Pak; Maloney-half; and stuck double layout dismount. López also earned a 6.3 Difficulty score for her set (piked Tkatchev; Maloney, back-uprise, pirouette; Jaeger from elgrip; Tkatchev-Gienger; double front from elgrip. Amelia Hundley, whose mistake on uneven bars in the all-around final kept her off the podium, hit in the final for the bronze.

Guatemala's Jorge Vega (Randi; piked double Arabian; double-twisting front to barani; layout Thomas; Arabian double front; 2 1/2 to front full; triple twist) won the gold on men's floor exercise, scoring 15.150 over Donnell Whittenburg (14.975) and all-around champion Sam Mikulak (14.925), both from the U.S.. Vega was overjoyed with his gold medal, the best result ever for a Guatemalan male gymnast.

All-around bronze medalist Jossimar Calvo (Colombia) and Marvin Kimble (U.S.) tied for the pommel horse title. Defending champion Daniel Corral (Mexico) settled for third.

Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti (Brazil), second in 2011, grabbed gold this year on still rings. Zanetti earned a 6.8 D score to top Donnell Whittenburg and all-around silver medalist Manrique Larduet (Cuba).

Competition concludes Wednesday with the second day of apparatus finals.

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2015 Pan American Games
July 14, Toronto

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Marcia Videaux6.08.57514.57514.737
. 6.28.70014.900
2.Yamilet Peña7.07.6000.114.50014.250
. 5.38.70014.000
3.Ellie Black5.58.42513.92514.087
. 5.58.75014.250
4.Daniele Hypólito5.38.67513.97514.062
. 5.28.95014.150
4.Maegan Chant5.29.12514.32514.062
. 5.08.80013.800
6.Franchesca Santi5.88.70014.50013.962
. 5.08.5250.113.425
7.Makarena Pinto5.38.57513.87513.912
. 5.28.75013.950
8.Paula Mejias0.00.0000.0006.112
. 4.28.3250.312.225

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Rachel Gowey6.38.42514.725
2.Jessica López6.38.40014.700
3.Amelia Hundley6.18.55014.650
4.Elsa García6.17.85013.950
5.Ana Sofía Gómez5.98.00013.900
6.Ahtziri Sandoval5.87.97513.775
7.Madison Copiak5.58.10013.600
8.Isabela Onyshko6.17.22513.325

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Jorge Vega6.68.55015.150
2.Donnell Whittenburg6.88.2750.114.975
3.Sam Mikulak6.68.4250.114.925
4.Manrique Larduet6.78.07514.775
5.Arthur Mariano6.48.4000.114.700
6.Kevin Lytwyn6.48.3750.114.675
7.Daniel Corral6.28.4250.214.425
8.Kevin Cerda6.18.25014.350

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.48.62515.025
1.Marvin Kimble6.68.42515.025
3.Daniel Corral6.48.42514.825
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.08.77514.775
5.Samuel Mikulak6.28.37514.575
6.Francisco Junior6.28.25014.450
7.René Cournoyer5.58.37513.875
8.Lucas Bitencourt5.96.92512.825

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.88.92515.725
2.Donnell Whittenburg6.78.82515.525
3.Manrique Larduet6.78.75015.450
4.Tommy Ramos6.88.55015.350
5.Federico Molinari6.78.50015.200
6.Alexis Torres6.68.52515.125
7.Kevin Lytwyn6.58.55015.050
8.Didier Lugo6.68.40015.000
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Black, Mikulak Triumph in Toronto
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2012 Olympians Ellie Black (Canada) and Sam Mikulak (United States) were golden Monday in the all-around final at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto. Pictured: Women's all-around medalists Maddie Desch, Ellie Black and Flávia Saraiva

2012 Olympians Ellie Black (Canada) and Sam Mikulak (United States) proved golden Monday in the all-around final at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

Black scored 58.150 to win the women's all-around title over American Madison Desch (57.450) and Brazilian star Flávia Saraiva (57.050).

The 19-year-old Black began her run with a clean Tsukahara 1 1/2 on vault (14.550), followed by 14.300 on uneven bars (piked Hindorff; straddled Jaeger; Pak; Maloney-half; toe-on layout front half). She took her high score on balance beam, 14.950, where she hit her tricks despite some cautious wobbles (double turn to full turn; piked front; two-foot layout; ff, tucked full; tuck front; 2 1/2 twist). She clinched the title on floor exercise with unique tumbling (2 1/2 to double tuck; double-twisting layout front to punch front; layout front full to double pike).

Black became the first Canadian woman to win the Pan Am Games title since Monica Goermann in 1979.

"It's spectacular, to come here in front of the home crowd, to be able to hit my best competition, I think ever, is unreal," Black said. "To finish off with the gold is incredible, just having the whole of Canada behind me feels amazing. This is probably one of the best for me, I can’t even believe it."

Desch, second in qualification, had the best score of the day on uneven bars with 14.500 (Stalder-blind to Jaeger; Stalder to piked Tkatchev; Ricna to Pak; Stalder-Maloney-half; full-twisting double) but missed her ff, ff layout full again (grabbing the beam).

Bronze medalist Saraiva outscored the field again on floor exercise, where her elfin routine earned 14.650.

Top qualifier Amelia Hundley (U.S.) had the only 15.000 of the day, which she earned on vault for her double-twisting Yurchenko. Hundley finished fourth after a large break on uneven bars, where she fell out of her giant full and hit the low bar.

Brazilian veteran Daniele Hypólito, the all-around bronze medalist at the 2003 Pan Am Games, finished fifth.

Mikulak won a much closer men's competition, edging Cuban talent Manrique Larduet, 89.650-89.600. Defending champion Jossimar Calvo won the bronze with 89.400, with the highest score of the day, 15.900, on parallel bars.

Mikulak managed to stay on pommel horse after an early struggle, and it proved pivotal in the win as his rivals were less successful.

"I went to practice afterwards and just had a phenomenal day," said Mikulak, the first American male to win the Pan Am Games since Scott Johnson in 1987. "I felt energized, I felt in tune with my mind and body, and I felt very controlled over my emotions. It's perfect for gymnastics. You don't ever want to get too hyped. You want to have the calm middle — not too relaxed, not too hyped."

Larduet, the top qualifier, struggled on pommel horse but hit every other routine. In the final two rotations, he stuck his barani-out off parallel bars and his triple-double off high bar. He became the first Cuban male to win a Pan Am all-around medal since compatriot Erick Lopez won four consecutive titles from 1991 to 2003. Larduet's coach, Carlos Gil, praised Larduet and his teammate Randy Leru, eighth all-around.

"His performance was excellent," Gil said. "Manrique showed what we Cubans are made of, and Randy was very good too. We go with more strength to the rest of the finals."

Competition continues Tuesday with the first day of apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Website

2015 Pan American Games
July 13, Toronto

Women's All-Around FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Ellie Black 14.550 14.300 14.950 14.350 58.150
2. Madison Desch 14.850 14.500 13.950 14.150 57.450
3. Flávia Saraiva 14.200 13.800 14.400 14.650 57.050
4. Amelia Hundley 15.000 12.900 14.100 14.100 56.100
5. Daniele Hypólito 14.100 13.150 14.050 13.950 55.250
6. Isabela Onyshko 13.950 13.200 14.000 13.900 55.050
7. Ana Sofía Gómez 14.650 11.800 14.400 13.450 54.300
8. Ana Lago 14.050 13.500 13.050 13.250 53.850
9. Marcia Videaux 14.700 13.500 11.600 13.250 53.050
10. Yurany Avendaño 13.550 13.250 12.750 12.700 52.250
11. Ginna Escobar 13.800 12.700 13.000 12.650 52.150
12. Ailen Valente 13.650 13.200 12.800 12.400 52.050
13. Ariana Orrego 13.850 12.800 12.250 13.100 52.000
14. Marisa Dick 13.450 12.400 12.800 12.600 51.250
15. Ayelen Tarabini 13.150 12.400 13.300 11.300 50.150
16. Leidys Rojas 11.200 12.700 13.250 12.950 50.100
17. Katriel De Sousa 13.600 10.900 11.550 13.000 49.050
18. Isabella Amado 13.650 10.950 11.750 12.150 48.500
19. Paula Mejias 13.500 11.650 10.150 13.000 48.300
20. Elid Hellwing 12.200 11.350 12.050 12.350 47.950
21. Debora Reis 12.250 11.000 11.450 10.100 44.800
22. Sydney Mason 12.500 9.600 10.200 11.750 44.050
23. Morgan Lloyd 11.550 8.750 10.550 10.300 41.150
24. Ivet Rojas 12.600 12.600

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Sam Mikulak 14.850 14.250 15.000 14.950 15.800 14.800 89.650
2. Manrique Larduet 14.500 13.450 15.400 15.350 15.750 15.150 89.600
3. Jossimar Calvo 14.450 14.100 14.700 14.500 15.900 15.750 89.400
4. Caio Souza 14.950 14.400 14.600 15.000 15.250 14.650 88.850
5. Daniel Corral 14.450 13.850 15.000 14.650 15.100 13.750 86.800
6. Donnell Whittenburg 14.700 13.350 15.650 15.000 15.500 12.550 86.750
7. Hugh Smith 14.050 14.250 13.750 15.000 14.250 13.600 84.900
8. Randy Leru 14.200 12.900 14.200 14.600 14.600 13.250 83.750
9. Lucas Bitencourt 12.850 14.350 14.350 14.900 13.650 12.650 82.750
10. Daniel Gómez 12.900 13.350 13.900 14.250 14.050 13.600 82.050
11. René Cournoyer 13.300 12.500 14.400 13.800 14.000 13.200 81.200
12. Junior Rojo 13.300 13.100 13.000 14.800 13.750 13.200 81.150
13. Tarik Soto 13.700 13.250 11.900 14.750 13.300 13.650 80.550
14. Jorge Vega 14.900 11.000 13.400 15.350 13.150 12.400 80.200
15. Christian Bruno 13.450 10.700 13.550 14.300 12.700 14.000 78.700
16. Jostyn Fuenmayor 12.900 12.500 13.450 13.850 13.850 11.400 77.950
17. Daniel Aguero 12.600 12.300 11.850 14.300 12.300 12.900 76.250
18. Joel Álvarez 13.100 11.150 13.500 13.700 10.400 13.950 75.800
19. Mauricio Gallegos 11.600 12.850 12.200 12.650 11.350 12.850 73.500
20. Pablo Velasquez 12.400 12.150 11.400 13.850 11.150 10.950 71.900
21. Cristhian Meneses 11.550 9.650 12.550 14.150 10.600 12.000 70.500
22. Javier Cervantes 11.750 13.500 13.600 13.600 13.400 65.850
23. Angel Ramos 11.500 13.300 14.400 13.350 13.250 65.800
24. Marco Riveros 11.550 4.150 9.750 12.550 12.100 10.250 60.350
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US Women Defend Pan Am Games Title
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The U.S. men won the team competition as the 2015 Pan American Games began Saturday in Toronto.

The U.S. women's team successfully defended their title as the 2015 Pan American Games continued Sunday in Toronto.

Amelia Hundley led the U.S. women in a dominating performance, taking the top team totals on all four events. The U.S. finished more than 7 points ahead of runner-up Canada, 173.800-166.500. The Brazilians, host of next year's Olympic Games, won the bronze with 165.400.

Hundley scored (57.650) to lead the all-around qualification over teammate Madison Desch (57.300) Guatemalan Olympian Ana Sofía Gómez (57.200) qualified third over 2014 Youth Olympic Games star Flávia Saraiva (56.350).

Olympian Ellie Black led Canada to the silver and qualified to individual finals in the all-around, vault, balance beam and floor exercise. Canada qualified the most gymnasts to finals, earning nine berths in finals out of 10 possible.

The U.S. women's 45.100 on vault was the highest team total of any event, though no U.S. gymnasts competed the two vaults required to qualify to the apparatus final. Cuba's Marcia Videaux topped qualification on vault over Puerto Rico's Paula Mejias and the Dominican Republic's Yamilet Peña.

American Rachel Gowey led qualification on uneven bars (Ricna; Pak salto; Maloney-half; double layout; 14.700). Saraiva qualified first on balance beam (14.550), despite grabbing the beam after her two-foot layout. Desch was the top gymnast on floor exercise, tumbling a whip-Arabian double front, 1 1/2 to double-twisting front and double tuck (14.650).

External Link: Official Website

2015 Pan American Games
July 12, Toronto

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. United States45.10043.70042.30042.700173.800
Madison Desch14.95014.45013.25014.650
Rachel Gowey14.75014.500
Amelia Hundley15.10014.50013.75014.300
Emily Schild15.05013.750
Megan Skaggs14.90013.75014.05013.400
2. Canada42.75041.50041.05041.200166.500
Ellie Black14.40012.95014.10014.200
Maegan Chant14.25012.85013.350
Madison Copiak13.80013.800
Isabela Onyshko14.10014.30013.45013.600
Victoria Woo13.40013.50013.400
3. Brazil43.20039.40041.60041.200165.400
Lorrane dos Santos14.75012.90012.10012.050
Leticia Costa14.15012.45012.850
Flávia Saraiva14.15013.45014.55014.200
Daniele Hypólito14.30013.05013.30014.000
Julie Kim Sinmon13.750
4. Cuba43.35038.85038.55039.050159.800
Mary Morffi10.85012.45012.450
Leidys Perdomo14.15013.850
Leidys Rojas14.20013.05012.45012.750
Dovelis Torres14.30012.45013.150
Marcia Videaux14.85013.35012.95011.150
5. Mexico42.35040.60037.50038.050158.500
Elsa García13.60011.700
Ana Lago14.30013.15012.75013.150
Yanin Retiz13.20011.80012.900
Ahtziri Sandoval13.90013.800
Amaranta Torres14.15012.95012.000
6. Colombia41.40039.00037.40038.150155.950
Yurany Avendaño13.70012.00012.45013.300
Ginna Escobar13.80012.80012.45012.400
Lizeth Ruiz13.70012.450
Marcela Sandoval13.20012.50011.950
Bibiana Velez13.90013.0009.150
7. Venezuela41.55037.85038.20037.400155.000
Katriel de Sousa13.65011.05011.05012.800
Eliana González13.90011.450
Jessica López14.30013.400
Paola Marquez13.40012.70011.600
Ivet Rojas14.00012.10012.10013.000
8. Argentina40.65036.30037.05038.650152.650
Camila Ambrosio13.60012.00012.400
Merlina Galera13.30012.45011.700
Maria Stoffel12.00011.600
Ayelen Tarabini13.30012.30012.20013.800
Ailen Valente13.75012.00011.75013.150

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Amelia Hundley15.10014.50013.75014.30057.650Q
2.Madison Desch14.95014.45013.25014.65057.300Q
3.Ana Sofía Gómez14.60014.25014.35014.00057.200Q
4.Flávia Saraiva14.15013.45014.55014.20056.350Q
5.Megan Skaggs14.90013.75014.05013.40056.100
6.Ellie Black14.40012.95014.10014.20055.650Q
7.Isabela Onyshko14.10014.30013.45013.60055.450Q
8.Daniele Hypólito14.30013.05013.30014.15054.800Q
9.Ana Lago14.30013.15012.75013.15053.350Q
10.Leidys Rojas14.20013.05012.40012.75052.450Q
11.Marcia Videaux14.85013.35012.95011.15052.300Q
12.Lorrane dos Santos14.75012.90012.10012.05051.800
13.Ayelen Tarabini13.30012.30012.20013.80051.600Q
14.Isabella Amado14.05011.85012.35013.20051.450Q
15.Yurany Avendaño13.70012.00012.45013.30051.450Q
16.Ginna Escobar13.80012.80012.45012.40051.450Q
17.Ivet Rojas14.00012.10012.10013.00051.200Q
18.Ariana Orrego13.85012.70012.15012.40051.100Q
19.Ailen Valente13.75012.00011.75013.15050.650Q
20.Marisa Dick13.50012.45012.55012.00050.500Q
21.Makarena Pinto13.85011.25011.65012.25049.000Q
22.Katriel de Sousa13.65011.05011.05012.80048.550Q
23.Yamilet Peña15.10010.90010.15012.30048.450Q
24.Paula Mejias14.9008.55010.40013.95047.800Q
25.Elid Hellwing12.30011.35011.55012.50047.700Q
26.Debora Reis11.55011.85010.45010.40044.250Q
27.Sydney Mason12.8009.15010.10011.20043.250R
28.Maegan Chant14.25012.85013.35040.450
29.Victoria Woo13.40013.50013.40040.300
30.Morgan Lloyd11.7507.45010.75010.10040.050R
31.Dovelis Torres14.30012.45013.15039.900
32.Leticia Costa14.15012.45012.85039.450
33.Amaranta Torres14.15012.95012.00039.100
34.Camila Ambrosio13.60012.00012.40038.000
35.Yanin Retiz13.20011.80012.90037.900
36.Paola Marquez13.40012.70011.60037.700
37.Marcela Sandoval13.20012.50011.95037.650
38.Merlina Galera13.30012.45011.70037.450
39.Bibiana Velez13.90013.0009.15036.050
40.Mary Morffi10.85012.45012.45035.750
41.Kianna Dean12.2502.5508.1509.65032.600R
42.Rachel Gowey14.75014.50029.250
43.Emily Schild15.05013.75028.800
44.Leidys Perdomo14.15013.85028.000
45.Jessica López14.30013.40027.700
46.Ahtziri Sandoval13.90013.80027.700
47.Madison Copiak13.80013.80027.600
48.Franchesca Santi14.30012.30026.600
49.Lizeth Ruiz13.70012.45026.150
50.Eliana González13.90011.45025.350
51.Elsa García13.60011.70025.300
52.Maria Stoffel12.00011.60023.600
53.Kaylee Cole12.40010.90023.300
54.Julie Kim Sinmon13.75013.750

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Marcia Videaux6.08.85014.85014.950Q
2.Paula Mejias6.08.90014.90014.750Q
3.Yamilet Peña7.08.10015.10014.500Q
4.Ellie Black5.58.90014.40014.250Q
5.Maegan Chant5.29.05014.25014.150Q
6.Franchesca Santi5.88.8000.314.30014.025Q
7.Daniele Hypólito5.39.00014.30013.950Q
8.Makarena Pinto5.28.65013.85013.925Q
9.Isabella Amado5.38.75014.05013.775R
10.Dovelis Torres5.88.50014.30013.600R
11.Ariana Orrego5.08.85013.85013.575R
12.Ahtziri Sandoval5.28.70013.90013.550
13.Yurany Avendaño5.08.70013.70013.525
14.Eliana González5.08.90013.90013.400
15.Paola Marquez5.08.5000.113.40013.400
16.Ayelen Tarabini4.98.7000.313.30013.375

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Rachel Gowey6.38.45014.750Q
2.Amelia Hundley6.18.40014.500Q
3.Madison Desch6.28.25014.450
4.Jessica López6.18.20014.300Q
5.Isabela Onyshko6.38.00014.300Q
6.Ana Sofía Gómez5.98.35014.250Q
7.Madison Copiak5.48.40013.800Q
8.Ahtziri Sandoval5.97.90013.800Q
9.Megan Skaggs5.78.05013.750
10.Elsa García6.07.60013.600Q
11.Flávia Saraiva5.57.95013.450R
12.Victoria Woo5.57.90013.400
13.Marcia Videaux5.38.05013.35R
14.Marcela Sandoval4.98.30013.200R
15.Yanin Retiz5.57.70013.200
16.Ana Lago5.47.75013.150
17.Leidys Rojas5.27.85013.050
18.Daniele Hypólito5.47.65013.05
19.Bibiana Velez5.67.40013.000
20.Ellie Black5.87.15012.950
21.Lorrane dos Santos5.77.20012.900
22.Ginna Escobar5.37.50012.800
23.Ariana Orrego5.37.40012.700
24.Marisa Dick4.67.85012.450
25.Dovelis Torres5.27.25012.450
26.Leticia Costa5.47.05012.450
27.Kaylee Cole4.57.90012.400
28.Ayelen Tarabini4.47.90012.300
29.Ivet Rojas5.36.80012.100
30.Camila Ambrosio4.57.50012.000
31.Maria Stoffel5.36.70012.000
31.Yurany Avendaño5.36.70012.000
33.Ailen Valente5.56.50012.000
34.Isabella Amado4.67.25011.850
35.Debora Reis4.87.05011.850
36.Eliana González4.66.85011.450
37.Elid Hellwing3.67.75011.350
38.Makarena Pinto4.86.45011.250
39.Katriel de Sousa4.36.75011.05
40.Yamilet Peña4.56.40010.900
41.Mary Morffi5.15.75010.850
42.Sydney Mason2.46.7509.150
43.Paula Mejias4.44.1508.550
44.Morgan Lloyd1.16.3507.450
45.Kianna Dean1.45.1504.02.550

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Flávia Saraiva6.08.55014.550Q
2.Rachel Gowey5.98.60014.500Q
3.Ana Sofía Gómez6.38.05014.350Q
4.Ellie Black6.47.70014.100Q
5.Megan Skaggs5.78.35014.050Q
6.Julie Kim Sinmon5.68.15013.750Q
7.Amelia Hundley5.78.05013.750
8.Victoria Woo5.58.00013.500Q
9.Isabela Onyshko5.87.65013.450
10.Jessica López5.18.30013.400Q
11.Daniele Hypólito5.67.70013.300
12.Madison Desch5.87.45013.250
13.Dovelis Torres5.67.55013.150R
14.Marcia Videaux5.47.55012.950R
15.Amaranta Torres5.67.4500.112.950R
16.Maegan Chant5.47.45012.850
17.Ana Lago5.37.45012.750
18.Paola Marquez5.17.60012.700
19.Marisa Dick5.17.5500.112.550
20.Marcela Sandoval5.57.00012.500
21.Yurany Avendaño4.67.85012.450
22.Mary Morffi4.97.55012.450
23.Ginna Escobar5.17.4500.112.450
24.Merlina Galera5.17.35012.450
25.Leidys Rojas5.66.9500.112.450
26.Camila Ambrosio5.27.3000.112.400
27.Isabella Amado5.66.8500.112.350
28.Ayelen Tarabini5.66.7000.112.200
29.Ariana Orrego4.77.45012.150
30.Lorrane dos Santos5.07.10012.100
31.Ivet Rojas5.17.00012.100
32.Yanin Retiz5.16.70011.800
33.Ailen Valente5.06.75011.750
34.Elsa García5.76.00011.700
35.Makarena Pinto4.86.85011.650
36.Elid Hellwing4.66.95011.550
37.Katriel de Sousa4.07.1500.111.500
38.Kaylee Cole2.98.00010.900
39.Morgan Lloyd2.87.95010.750
40.Debora Reis4.26.25010.450
41.Paula Mejias5.15.30010.400
42.Yamilet Peña4.55.65010.150
43.Sydney Mason3.56.60010.100
44.Bibiana Velez4.24.9509.150
45.Kianna Dean1.96.7500.58.150

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Madison Desch6.28.45014.650Q
2.Amelia Hundley5.78.60014.300Q
3.Flávia Saraiva5.88.5000.114.200Q
4.Ellie Black5.88.40014.200Q
5.Daniele Hypólito5.98.25014.15Q
6.Ana Sofía Gómez5.78.30014.000Q
7.Paula Mejias5.78.25013.950Q
8.Leidys Perdomo5.48.45013.850Q
9.Ayelen Tarabini5.58.30013.800R
10.Emily Schild5.58.25013.750
11.Isabela Onyshko5.68.00013.600R
12.Victoria Woo5.18.30013.400
13.Megan Skaggs5.57.90013.400
14.Maegan Chant5.68.0500.313.350
15.Yurany Avendaño5.38.00013.300R
16.Isabella Amado5.28.00013.200
17.Ailen Valente5.18.1500.113.150
18.Ana Lago5.27.95013.150
19.Ivet Rojas5.27.80013.000
20.Yanin Retiz5.17.80012.900
21.Leticia Costa5.67.25012.850
22.Katriel de Sousa5.37.6000.112.800
23.Leidys Rojas5.47.9500.612.750
24.Elid Hellwing4.77.80012.500
25.Lizeth Ruiz5.07.45012.450
25.Mary Morffi5.07.45012.450
27.Ginna Escobar5.27.4000.212.400
28.Ariana Orrego5.07.40012.400
29.Franchesca Santi5.07.4000.112.300
30.Yamilet Peña5.07.30012.300
31.Makarena Pinto4.87.45012.250
32.Lorrane dos Santos5.66.7500.312.050
33.Marisa Dick4.67.7000.312.000
34.Amaranta Torres5.26.80012.000
35.Marcela Sandoval5.06.95011.950
36.Merlina Galera5.26.50011.700
37.Maria Stoffel5.07.0000.411.600
38.Paola Marquez5.16.50011.600
39.Sydney Mason4.17.10011.200
40.Marcia Videaux5.55.65011.150
41.Debora Reis3.47.1000.110.400
42.Morgan Lloyd3.07.10010.100
43.Kianna Dean2.47.2509.650
Written by Dwight Normile and Amanda Turner    Saturday, 11 July 2015 20:53    PDF Print
U.S. Wins Men's Team Gold at Pan Am Games
(1 vote, average 5.00 out of 5)

The U.S. men won the team competition as the 2015 Pan American Games began Saturday in Toronto.

The U.S. men recaptured the team title as the 2015 Pan American Games began Saturday in Toronto.

Olympian Sam Mikulak led the U.S. men to its first victory at the Pan Am Games since the 1995 Pan Am Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The U.S. comfortably topped defending champion Brazil, 267.75-264.05. Defending all-around champion Jossimar Calvo led the Colombians to the bronze, one spot ahead of their 2011 finish.

Host Canada finished in fourth (258.35) ahead of Cuba (256.25) and Mexico (252.85). 2007 champions Puerto Rico finished seventh (246.95).

Competing in the first of two subdivisions on Saturday, the Americans managed to cover their mistakes with three solid scores on each event in a 5-4-3 competition format.

Cuba was the class of the second session, primarily because of rising star Manrique Larduet, and finished fifth with 256.25. Individually, Larduet, who turned 19 on Friday, led the individual qualification to Monday's all-around final with 90.25, followed by Mikulak (89.85), Calvo (88.75), Donnell Whittenburg (87.70) and Brazil's Caio Souza (87.20).

Larduet showed plenty of amplitude and attitude throughout the evening, exceeding 15.00 on every event but pommel horse (13.85). His tumbling was high and precise as he stuck his opening front double pike and Arabian double pike (15.15). His rings were a display of control and steady holds, and he scored 15.40 with a large hop on his layout double-double. His handspring-randi vault was huge and earned 15.20, but his best effort came on his final event, p-bars, where his 15.60 included excellent variety and stuck barani-out, after which he gestured to the crowd for applause.

Mikulak showed a new routine on p-bars that included a Bhavsar to glide, but he staggered backward after his double front dismount. He also cruised through his usual high bar set without issues until his knees appeared to touch the mat momentarily after his layout double-double. Whittenburg was consistent until high bar, where he peeled off on his Cassina, a recent addition to his routine.

Canada had a legitimate shot at a podium finish, but the team was shorthanded on pommel horse with only three gymnasts. Veteran Hugh Smith, 31, who drew loud cheers from the packed crowd, could have ranked higher than 10th in the all-around without his 11.80 on high bar. Meanwhile, 18-year-old René Cournoyer surprised with a steady 84.65 to sit eighth in the rankings.

The U.S. placed third at the last Pan American Games in 2011 in Guadalajara, behind winner Brazil and runner-up Puerto Rico. This time the Americans sent a stronger team, with Paul Ruggeri (also on the 2011 team), Marvin Kimble and Steven Legendre (replacing the injured John Orozco) completing the five-member squad.

The U.S. put up the top team totals on floor exercise, pommel horse and high bar. Brazil was first on still rings and vault, while Colombia outscored the field on parallel bars. Brazil's 45.050 on rings, led by the 15.800 from Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti, was the highest team total on any event.

Zanetti's 15.800 on rings was the highest individual score. Other top qualifiers were Larduet on floor exercise (15.150), Mexico's Daniel Corral on pommel horse (15.200), Brazil's Caio Souza on vault (15.225 average), and Calvo on both parallel bars (15.700) and high bar (15.450).

Competition continues Sunday with the women's team competition and individual qualification.

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2015 Pan American Games
July 11, Toronto

1.United States44.6544.0544.7544.4044.9544.95267.75
7.Puerto Rico42.0535.8544.0543.1040.1041.80246.95

Men's All-Around QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Manrique Larduet15.1513.8515.4015.2015.6015.0590.25
2.Sam Mikulak15.0014.8514.7514.6015.5515.1089.85
3.Jossimar Calvo13.8514.4514.7014.6015.7015.4588.75
4.Donnell Whittenburg14.9014.1515.4514.9014.9013.4087.70
5.Caio Souza13.6513.7514.6015.2015.4514.5587.20
6.Daniel Corral14.3015.2014.9513.7015.0013.4086.55
7.Lucas Bitencourt12.6514.3014.6515.1013.9014.7085.25
8.René Cournoyer13.3014.5514.2014.3514.2014.0584.65
9.Randy Leru13.0012.3514.3014.8014.5014.9083.85
10.Hugh Smith13.6014.1514.3514.8014.1511.8082.85
11.Angel Ramos14.0511.6513.4514.3013.8514.6081.90
12.Javier Cervantes12.4512.6514.2014.7513.8513.5581.45
13.Christian Bruno13.7012.1513.7514.5513.0513.8581.05
14.Nicolas Cordoba13.8012.9512.9513.4513.5514.1080.80
15.Federico Molinari13.5011.1015.1514.3513.2012.8080.10
16.Osvaldo Martinez13.4511.6512.5013.5514.5513.8579.55
17.Jostyn Fuenmayor12.5012.2513.9013.9513.8512.5078.95
18.Jorge Vega14.8510.8513.3014.4013.1512.2578.80
19.Daniel Gomez11.5012.1012.7014.0513.9014.3078.55
20.Joel Alvarez13.659.4513.5013.5513.7013.7077.55
21.Junior Rojo11.6011.8512.3513.9014.0513.6577.40
22.Tarik Soto12.7012.9012.8014.6012.0011.7076.70
23.Daniel Aguero14.2012.3510.9013.7512.5011.8575.55
24.Cristhian Meneses12.8510.3512.9513.9012.7011.2574.00
25.Mauricio Gallegos11.5513.4512.6013.6510.5511.7073.50
26.Kevin Lytwyn14.5014.9513.7014.6515.3073.10
27.Arthur Mariano14.2514.3015.1014.3515.0073.00
28.Pablo Velasquez12.2012.3012.3012.9011.3510.8571.90
29.Jorge Hugo Giraldo14.6014.2513.1015.3015.0014.4071.65
30.Jhonny Muñoz13.1513.9013.5014.5514.0069.10
31.Tristian Perez13.9012.3514.6513.2514.1568.30
32.Marco Riveros11.4010.0510.5012.6512.4011.1568.15
33.Kevin Espinosa12.5011.759.3012.6511.3510.5568.10
34.Jose Fuentes14.2013.1512.8014.1012.1566.40
35.Alexis Torres10.5515.0513.9512.8012.7565.10
36.Sandro Perez12.8012.9514.4013.5511.4065.10
37.Carlos Calvo10.5014.2513.3013.6513.3565.05
38.Rodolfo Bonilla12.859.8513.2014.0012.5562.45
39.Paul Ruggeri14.7514.9013.7515.4058.80
40.Francisco Junior14.4514.3514.7514.1557.70
41.Marvin Kimble15.0513.0514.5014.4557.05
42.Kevin Cerda14.4513.5514.3514.6557.00
43.Steven Legendre13.7513.2014.5514.5556.05
44.Rafael Rosendi10.9514.3014.2514.6054.10
45.Rafael Morales14.1011.8513.6014.1553.70
46.Arthur Zanetti13.9015.8014.7544.45
47.Scott Morgan14.0514.9514.9543.95
48.Didier Lugo13.1015.0014.4542.55
49.REYES Nin13.1013.8014.6541.55
50.NIN Ramos15.4013.0013.0541.45
51.Ken Ikeda12.9514.2013.8040.95
52.Javier Balboa12.1014.7514.0040.85
53.Bastian Salazar12.7014.7527.45
54.Juan Pablo Gonzalez14.1512.3526.50
55.Alberto Leyva0.0010.6515.2525.90
56.William Albert13.0513.05

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Manrique Larduet6.58.65015.150Q
2.Sam Mikulak6.88.20015.000Q
3.Donnell Whittenburg6.88.10014.900Q
4.Jorge Vega6.68.3500.114.850Q
5.Paul Ruggeri6.78.05014.750
6.Kevin Lytwyn6.48.2000.114.500Q
7.Kevin Cerda6.18.35014.450Q
8.Daniel Corral6.28.10014.300Q
9.Arthur Mariano6.38.2500.314.250Q
10.Daniel Aguero6.28.00014.200R
11.Rafael Morales5.98.20014.100R
12.Angel Ramos6.08.05014.050R
13.Scott Morgan6.67.45014.050
14.Tristian Perez6.17.80013.900
15.Arthur Zanetti6.37.7000.113.900
16.Jossimar Calvo6.37.8500.313.850
17.Nicolas Cordoba5.48.40013.800
18.Steven Legendre6.96.85013.750
19.Christian Bruno5.68.10013.700
20.Joel Alvarez5.28.45013.650
21.Caio Souza6.57.4500.313.650
22.Hugh Smith5.98.0000.313.600
23.Federico Molinari4.88.70013.500
24.Osvaldo Martinez4.88.65013.450
25.René Cournoyer6.07.6000.313.300
26.Jhonny Muñoz5.57.7500.113.150
27.REYES Nin6.47.2000.513.100
28.Didier Lugo6.07.10013.100
29.Randy Leru6.56.8000.313.000
30.Cristhian Meneses5.57.6500.312.850
31.Rodolfo Bonilla5.47.5500.112.85
32.Sandro Perez5.97.7000.812.800
33.Tarik Soto5.96.80012.700
34.Lucas Bitencourt6.26.9500.512.650
35.Kevin Espinosa4.48.10012.500
36.Jostyn Fuenmayor5.27.30012.500
37.Javier Cervantes5.86.65012.450
38.Pablo Velasquez5.07.20012.200
39.Junior Rojo5.66.1000.111.600
40.Mauricio Gallegos5.06.55011.550
41.Daniel Gomez6.05.8000.311.50
42.Marco Riveros4.07.5000.111.400
43.Carlos Calvo5.85.3000.610.50
44.Alberto Leyva0.00.0000.000

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Daniel Corral6.48.80015.200Q
2.Marvin Kimble6.68.45015.050Q
3.Sam Mikulak6.18.75014.850Q
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.08.60014.600Q
5.René Cournoyer6.48.15014.550Q
6.Francisco Junior5.98.55014.450Q
7.Jossimar Calvo6.48.05014.450Q
8.Lucas Bitencourt5.88.50014.300Q
9.Arthur Mariano6.18.20014.300
10.Carlos Calvo6.08.25014.250
11.Jose Fuentes6.08.20014.200R
12.Donnell Whittenburg5.98.25014.150
13.Hugh Smith6.08.15014.150R
14.Jhonny Muñoz6.17.80013.900
15.Manrique Larduet6.17.75013.850R
16.Caio Souza5.58.25013.750
17.Mauricio Gallegos5.48.05013.450
18.Steven Legendre5.57.70013.200
19.Nicolas Cordoba5.37.65012.950
20.Ken Ikeda5.97.05012.950
21.Tarik Soto5.17.80012.900
22.Javier Cervantes6.16.55012.650
23.Daniel Aguero4.57.85012.350
24.Randy Leru4.67.75012.350
25.Tristian Perez5.07.35012.350
26.Pablo Velasquez5.17.20012.300
27.Jostyn Fuenmayor5.46.85012.250
28.Christian Bruno4.77.45012.150
29.Javier Balboa4.87.30012.100
30.Daniel Gomez5.17.00012.100
31.Junior Rojo5.16.75011.850
32.Rafael Morales5.46.45011.850
33.Kevin Espinosa3.68.15011.750
34.Osvaldo Martinez4.76.95011.650
35.Angel Ramos5.75.95011.650
36.Federico Molinari3.97.20011.100
37.Rafael Rosendi4.86.15010.950
38.Jorge Vega3.96.95010.850
39.Alberto Leyva4.36.35010.650
40.Alexis Torres4.85.75010.550
41.Cristhian Meneses3.27.15010.350
42.Marco Riveros3.66.45010.050
43.Rodolfo Bonilla4.15.7509.850
44.Joel Alvarez4.94.5509.450

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.89.00015.800Q
2.Donnell Whittenburg6.78.75015.450Q
3.Manrique Larduet6.78.70015.400Q
4.NIN Ramos6.88.60015.400Q
5.Federico Molinari6.58.65015.150Q
6.Alexis Torres6.68.45015.050Q
7.Didier Lugo6.68.40015.000Q
8.Kevin Lytwyn6.28.75014.950Q
9.Daniel Corral6.38.65014.950R
10.Scott Morgan6.58.45014.950R
11.Sam Mikulak6.18.65014.750R
12.Javier Balboa6.28.55014.750
13.Jossimar Calvo5.98.80014.700
14.Lucas Bitencourt6.18.55014.650
15.Caio Souza6.08.60014.600
16.Steven Legendre6.18.45014.550
17.Hugh Smith5.78.65014.350
18.Francisco Junior6.18.25014.350
19.Randy Leru5.78.60014.300
20.Rafael Rosendi6.08.30014.300
21.Jorge Hugo Giraldo5.88.45014.250
22.René Cournoyer5.68.60014.200
23.Javier Cervantes5.98.30014.200
24.Jostyn Fuenmayor5.98.00013.900
25.Christian Bruno5.58.25013.750
26.Rafael Morales5.68.00013.600
27.Kevin Cerda5.18.45013.550
28.Joel Alvarez5.28.30013.500
29.Angel Ramos5.28.25013.450
30.Jorge Vega5.67.70013.300
31.Carlos Calvo6.07.30013.300
32.Jose Fuentes5.18.05013.150
33.William Albert5.67.45013.050
33.Marvin Kimble5.67.45013.050
35.Nicolas Cordoba4.58.45012.950
36.Cristhian Meneses4.68.35012.950
37.Sandro Perez5.67.35012.950
38.Tarik Soto4.68.20012.800
39.Bastian Salazar4.68.10012.700
40.Daniel Gomez5.37.40012.700
41.Mauricio Gallegos4.18.50012.600
42.Osvaldo Martinez4.08.50012.500
43.Junior Rojo5.27.15012.350
44.Pablo Velasquez4.47.90012.300
45.Daniel Aguero4.46.50010.900
46.Marco Riveros2.77.80010.500

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Caio Souza5.69.60015.20015.225Q
2.Manrique Larduet6.09.20015.20014.950Q
3.Arthur Mariano5.69.50015.10014.900Q
4.Donnell Whittenburg6.08.90014.90014.875Q
5.Alberto Leyva6.09.25015.25014.800Q
6.Paul Ruggeri5.89.2000.114.90014.800Q
7.Scott Morgan5.69.35014.95014.775Q
8.Jorge Vega5.69.1000.314.40014.750Q
9.Randy Leru5.69.20014.80014.650
10.Tarik Soto5.49.20014.60014.375R
11.Javier Cervantes5.69.15014.75014.050R
12.Nin Reyes6.08.1000.313.80013.875R
13.Cristhian Meneses5.28.70013.90013.850
14.Daniel Gomez5.28.9500.114.05013.825
15.Bastian Salazar5.69.15014.75013.800
16.Junior Rojo5.68.30013.90013.650
17.Daniel Aguero5.28.8500.313.75013.650
18.Juan Pablo Gonzalez5.28.95014.15012.400

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.88.90015.700Q
2.Manrique Larduet6.78.90015.600Q
3.Sam Mikulak6.78.85015.550Q
4.Caio Souza6.58.95015.450Q
5.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.48.90015.300Q
6.Daniel Corral6.78.30015.000Q
7.Donnell Whittenburg6.58.40014.900Q
8.Francisco Junior6.48.35014.750Q
9.Kevin Lytwyn5.98.75014.650R
10.Osvaldo Martinez5.68.95014.550R
11.Jhonny Muñoz5.98.65014.550
12.Marvin Kimble6.08.50014.500
13.Randy Leru6.58.00014.500R
14.Arthur Mariano5.78.65014.350
15.Rafael Rosendi6.57.75014.250
16.René Cournoyer5.19.10014.200
17.Ken Ikeda6.08.20014.200
18.Hugh Smith5.28.95014.150
19.Jose Fuentes6.27.90014.100
20.Junior Rojo5.98.15014.050
21.Rodolfo Bonilla5.58.50014.000
22.Javier Balboa6.27.80014.000
23.Daniel Gomez5.88.10013.900
24.Lucas Bitencourt6.07.90013.900
25.Jostyn Fuenmayor5.68.25013.850
26.Javier Cervantes5.78.15013.850
26.Angel Ramos5.78.15013.850
28.Paul Ruggeri6.47.35013.750
29.Joel Alvarez5.78.00013.700
30.Carlos Calvo6.27.45013.650
31.Nicolas Cordoba5.18.45013.550
32.Sandro Perez6.57.05013.550
33.Tristian Perez5.77.55013.250
34.Federico Molinari5.37.90013.200
35.Jorge Vega5.08.15013.150
36.Christian Bruno5.08.05013.050
37.NIN Ramos5.47.60013.000
38.Alexis Torres6.26.60012.800
39.Cristhian Meneses4.68.10012.700
40.Daniel Aguero5.37.20012.500
41.Marco Riveros3.88.60012.400
42.Tarik Soto4.87.20012.000
43.Pablo Velasquez4.46.95011.350
43.Kevin Espinosa4.46.95011.350
45.Mauricio Gallegos4.75.85010.550

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo7.18.35015.450Q
2.Paul Ruggeri6.98.50015.400Q
3.Kevin Lytwyn6.88.50015.300Q
4.Sam Mikulak6.98.20015.100Q
5.Manrique Larduet6.78.35015.050Q
6.Arthur Mariano6.48.60015.000Q
7.Randy Leru6.68.30014.900Q
8.Lucas Bitencourt6.18.60014.700Q
9.Kevin Cerda6.18.55014.650R
10.REYES Nin6.58.15014.650R
11.Rafael Rosendi5.88.80014.600
12.Angel Ramos6.48.20014.600R
13.Caio Souza6.38.25014.550
14.Marvin Kimble6.48.05014.450
15.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.18.30014.400
16.Daniel Gomez5.88.50014.300
17.Tristian Perez5.88.35014.150
18.Francisco Junior6.57.65014.150
19.Nicolas Cordoba5.98.20014.100
20.René Cournoyer5.48.65014.050
21.Jhonny Muñoz5.88.20014.000
22.Christian Bruno5.48.45013.850
23.Osvaldo Martinez5.78.15013.850
24.Ken Ikeda5.68.20013.800
25.Joel Alvarez5.87.90013.700
26.Junior Rojo5.28.45013.650
27.Javier Cervantes5.38.25013.550
28.Daniel Corral5.38.10013.400
29.Donnell Whittenburg6.17.30013.400
30.Carlos Calvo6.27.15013.350
31.NIN Ramos5.57.55013.050
32.Federico Molinari4.78.10012.800
33.Alexis Torres5.77.05012.750
34.Rodolfo Bonilla5.66.95012.550
35.Jostyn Fuenmayor4.87.70012.500
36.Juan Pablo Gonzalez4.77.65012.350
37.Jorge Vega4.67.65012.250
38.Jose Fuentes5.36.85012.150
39.Daniel Aguero4.87.05011.850
40.Hugh Smith4.96.90011.800
41.Mauricio Gallegos5.06.70011.700
42.Tarik Soto5.46.30011.700
43.Sandro Perez4.17.30011.400
44.Cristhian Meneses4.27.05011.250
45.Marco Riveros3.57.65011.150
46.Pablo Velasquez3.17.75010.850


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