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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by John Crumlish    Tuesday, 25 March 2014 01:32    PDF Print
Maroney Keeps 'Pushing For Better Things'
(19 votes, average 3.89 out of 5)

Despite recent surgery, two-time world vault champion McKayla Maroney (United States) and her coaches remain positive she will return in time to challenge the best in the U.S. for spots on upcoming teams. Pictured: Maroney and U.S. team doctor Larry Nassar at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp

Despite recent surgery, two-time world vault champion McKayla Maroney (United States) and her coaches remain positive she will return in time to challenge the best in the U.S. for spots on upcoming teams.

Galina Marinova, one of Maroney’s coaches at All Olympia Gymnastics Center in Los Angeles, said Maroney is preparing to begin physical therapy on Wednesday following recent arthroscopic surgery on her left knee.

"The surgery was successful, and McKayla is recovering well," said Marinova, who coaches Maroney alongside former world champion Artur Akopyan. "We hope that she will be back soon. So far we are very positive."

In an exclusive interview in the March issue of International Gymnast magazine, Maroney said she is ready for upcoming challenges she will face from the abundance of young American talents who are also aiming for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"At the end of the day, you have to be the best at what you’re doing," said Maroney, a team gold medalist and vault silver medalist at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. "I just have to upgrade and keep going, and keep pushing for better things, and so do they. The (age) doesn’t make a difference. Either way, you have to be the best."

Read the in-depth interview with Maroney in the March 2014 issue of International Gymnast magazine, available now in digital and/or print versions. To subscribe, click here.

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Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 23 March 2014 11:42    PDF Print
USA Completes Near Sweep in Jesolo
(12 votes, average 4.00 out of 5)

The U.S. women won seven of eight apparatus finals Sunday as the 7th City of Jesolo Trophy concluded in Italy.

The competition included female gymnasts from the host nation, Australia, Japan, Romania and the United States.

On Saturday, the U.S. won both junior and senior team titles and swept the all-around medals. Olympic gold medalist Kyla Ross topped the all-around competition for the seniors, while U.S. junior champion Bailie Key won the junior crown.

Super trickster Mykayla Skinner won both vault (Amanar and Cheng Fei) and floor exercise (layout and tucked double-doubles) in the senior division. Madison Kocian won the uneven bars title over Ross.

Romanian first-year senior Andreea Munteanu prevented a total U.S. sweep by winning the gold medal on balance beam.

In the junior competition, Key added three more gold medals to her haul, winning everything but balance beam. Key trains under the U.S. first world all-around champion, Kim Zmeskal.

Norah Flatley, who trains under Liang Chow in Iowa, won balance beam.

The U.S. juniors also won three of four silver medals, with the exception of Romanian Laura Jurca's silver medal on floor exercise.

External Link: Italian Gymnastics Federation

7th City of Jesolo International Trophy
March 23, Jesolo, Italy

Senior Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1. Mykayla Skinner 6.4 9.434 15.834 15.634
6.3 9.134 15.434
2. Alessia Leolini 5.0 8.700 13.700 13.617
4.9 8.634 13.534

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1. Madison Kocian 6.1 8.933 15.033
2. Kyla Ross 5.9 9.067 14.967
3. Giorgia Campana 5.3 8.700 14.000
4. Kiara Munteanu 5.7 8.233 13.933
5. Georgia-Rose Brown 5.8 7.967 13.767
6. Martina Rizzelli 5.6 7.767 13.367
7. Chinami Otaki 5.5 7.833 13.333
8. Yuki Uchiyama 5.7 7.467 13.167

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1. Andreea Munteanu 6.4 8.433 14.833
2. Elisa Meneghini 5.8 8.400 14.200
2. Alyssa Baumann 5.9 8.300 14.200
4. Natsumi Sasada 5.7 8.300 14.000
5. Stefania Stanila 5.5 8.200 13.700
6. Kyla Ross 5.6 7.833 13.433
7. Yuki Uchiyama 5.5 7.900 13.400
8. Giorgia Campana 5.8 7.333 13.133

Senior Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1. Mykayla Skinner 6.4 8.133 14.533
2. Kyla Ross 5.5 8.733 14.233
3. Andreea Munteanu 5.7 8.267 13.967
4. Elisa Meneghini 5.4 8.533 13.933
5. Stefania Stanila 5.7 7.933 13.633
6. Wakana Inoue 5.1 7.667 .1 12.667
7. Erika Fasana 5.6 6.033 11.633
8. Kiara Munteanu 5.0 6.967 .4 11.567

Junior Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1. Bailie Key 5.8 9.500 15.300 14.934
5.0 9.567 14.567
2. Jordan Chiles 5.8 8.800 14.600 14.350
5.0 9.100 14.100
3. Laura Jurca 5.0 8.700 13.700 14.234
5.8 8.967 14.767
4. Aya Meggs 5.3 8.934 14.234 14.084
5.0 8.934 13.934
5. Sofia Busato 5.0 9.100 14.100 13.600
5.3 7.900 0.1 13.100
6. Alysha Djuric 5.0 8.834 13.834 13.551
4.4 8.867 13.267
7. Sae Miyakawa 5.8 8.067 0.3 13.567 13.217
5.0 8.167 0.3 12.867
8. Desiree Carofiglio 5.0 8.300 0.1 13.200 13.100
5.3 7.800 0.1 13.000

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1. Bailie Key 5.6 8.667 14.267
2. Nia Dennis 5.4 8.533 13.933
3. Marina Kawasaki 5.4 7.967 13.367
4. Anda Butuc 5.1 8.100 13.200
5. Josra Abdelaziz 5.3 7.900 13.200
6. Darcy Norman 5.5 7.567 13.067
7. Alice Linguerri 4.9 6.767 11.667
8. Laura Jurca 5.0 6.267 11.267

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1. Norah Flatley 6.1 8.667 0.1 14.667
2. Bailie Key 6.1 8.433 14.533
3. Andreea Iridon 5.8 8.500 14.300
4. Yuka Momiyama 5.5 8.567 14.067
5. Laura Jurca 5.5 8.267 0.1 13.667
6. Desiree Carofiglio 4.8 7.800 12.600
7. Sae Miyakawa 5.0 6.033 11.033
8. Alice Linguerri 5.0 5.167 10.167

Junior Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1. Bailie Key 5.9 8.633 14.533
2. Laura Jurca 5.4 8.333 13.733
3. Yuka Momiyama 5.3 8.433 0.1 13.633
4. Pilar Rubagotti 5.3 8.333 0.3 13.333
5. Sofia Busato 4.9 8.333 13.233
6. Ayu Koike 5.2 7.933 13.133
7. Andra Stoica 5.2 8.100 0.3 13.000
8. Emily Gaskins 5.3 6.367 0.6 11.067

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Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 22 March 2014 15:48    PDF Print
USA Seniors, Juniors Dominate in Jesolo
(12 votes, average 4.00 out of 5)

The U.S. senior and junior squads once again dominated at the 7th City of Jesolo International Trophy, which began Saturday in the resort town north of Venice. Pictured: Junior team awards with Romania, the United States and Italy

The U.S. senior and junior squads once again dominated at the 7th City of Jesolo International Trophy, which began Saturday in the resort town north of Venice.

The competition included full teams from the Australia, Japan, Italy and United States. Romania sent a full team for the junior competition and two individuals for the senior event.

In the senior event, the U.S. topped the host nation by nearly 10 full points, with Japan taking third. The U.S. gymnasts swept the all-around medals and had the highest score on every event except one.

2012 Olympic gold medalist Kyla Ross led the U.S. women to the senior team title, scoring 58.00 even. Ross balked on her first vault (1 point penalty), but on her second attempt she vaulted a clean double-twisting Yurchenko with a small hop for 14.300. She had the best mark on balance beam (14.450) with a routine that included a ff, layout; switch ring; side somi; switch leap, back tuck; punch front, wolf jump; stuck double tuck. Ross, who won four silver medals at last fall's world championships; had the second-best score on uneven bars (Maloney to Pak; Maloney-half; toe-on blind to Jaeger; toe full to bail; double layout; 14.900) and on floor exercise (14.35) with an Arabian double front to stag jump; double pike; 1 1/2 to layout front full and a double tuck dismount.

MyKayla Skinner had the highest score of the day with her Cheng Fei vault (Yurchenko half-on, layout Rudi off). Madison Kocian topped uneven bars (14.950) while Alyssa Baumann led the qualification on floor exercise (14.400).

Romanian Andreea Munteanu earned the high mark on balance beam, with 14.800.

In the junior competition, Bailie Key led the U.S. to first over Romania and Italy. Key, the 2013 U.S. junior national champion, earned the highest scores on vault, uneven bars and floor exercise. Teammate Norah Flatley had the best mark on balance beam.

Competition concludes Sunday in Jesolo with the apparatus finals.

External Link: Italian Gymnastics Federation

7th City of Jesolo International Trophy
March 22, Jesolo, Italy

Senior TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. United States 60.600 58.300 55.600 57.150 231.650
Kyla Ross 14.300 14.900 14.450 14.350
Peyton Ernst 15.200 14.800 13.550 14.100
Maggie Nichols 15.050 14.500 13.650 14.250
MyKayla Skinner 15.650 13.700 13.950 13.900
Alyssa Baumann 14.300 14.100 12.900 14.400
Madison Desch 14.700 13.350 13.450 14.150
2. Italy 57.350 54.650 54.950 54.550 221.500
Elisa Meneghini 14.200 13.550 14.000 13.950
Erika Fasana 14.700 13.450 13.650 13.750
Giorgia Campana 13.750 13.700 14.000 13.200
Martina Rizzelli 14.550 13.800 12.650 13.400
Lavinia Marongiu 13.900 13.600 13.300 13.150
Lara Mori 13.650 13.400 10.150 13.450
3. Japan 55.600 54.800 53.700 53.700 217.800
Natsumi Sasada 14.150 13.700 13.800 13.500
Yuki Uchiyama 14.000 14.100 13.550 13.350
Chinami Otaki 13.650 13.900 13.250 13.100
Wakana Inoue 13.750 13.100 12.850 13.550
Minami Honda 13.100 12.950 12.900 11.700
Yasuha Matsumura 13.700 13.100 13.300
4. Australia 55.550 49.850 48.150 53.150 206.700
Kiara Munteanu 13.900 14.100 11.650 13.700
Georgia-Rose Brown 14.250 13.700 11.750 13.400
Georgia Godwin 14.000 9.250 12.150 13.550
Alexandra Eade 13.400 12.500
Maddie Leydin 12.800
Mary-Anne Monckton 12.600

Junior TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. United States 59.550 55.350 56.100 57.000 228.000
Bailie Key 15.200 14.300 14.100 14.650
Nia Dennis 15.150 13.800 13.200 14.150
Norah Flatley 13.800 13.700 14.700 13.900
Emily Gaskins 14.050 13.550 13.450 14.200
Jordan Chiles 14.900 13.450 12.550 14.000
Ragan Smith 14.300 12.450 13.850 12.050
2. Romania 53.400 52.350 54.700 52.450 212.900
Laura Jurca 14.800 13.500 13.900 13.300
Andra Butuc 12.500 13.600 13.500 12.450
Stefania Orzu 13.550 11.350 12.350 12.900
Asiana Peng 12.200 12.050 12.650 13.050
Andra Stoica 12.550 13.350 13.200
Andreea Iridon 13.200 13.950
3. Italy 55.550 51.400 51.100 53.350 211.400
Josra Abdelaziz 13.950 13.600 12.650 12.900
Sofia Busato 14.150 12.400 12.750 13.250
Alice Linguerri 13.050 12.850 12.800 12.750
Desiree Carofiglio 13.850 12.450 12.850 12.150
Pilar Rubagotti 13.600 10.800 12.650 14.000
Chiara Imeraj 12.500 12.500 12.700 13.200
Joana Favaretto 13.200 11.600 11.600 12.800
4. Japan 56.450 49.400 52.050 52.850 210.750
Sae Miyakawa 14.650 12.250 13.250 13.050
Marina Kawasaki 13.900 12.650 12.850 13.050
Yuka Momiyama 14.100 10.650 13.200 13.650
Ayu Koike 13.450 12.250 12.750 13.100
Yurika Yumoto 13.450 12.250 12.000 12.300
Sayaka Yatabe 13.800 8.500 12.000 11.900
5. Australia 54.900 49.600 47.950 48.250 200.700
Aya Meggs 13.850 12.250 12.150 11.750
Alysha Djuric 13.900 12.050 11.800 12.150
Emily Whitehead 13.550 11.250 12.500 12.400
Yasmin Collier 13.600 12.500 10.950 11.950
Darcy Norman 12.700 12.800 11.500

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Kyla Ross 5.8 14.300 5.9 14.900 5.8 14.450 5.5 14.350 58.000
2. Peyton Ernst 5.8 15.200 5.9 14.800 5.3 13.550 5.8 14.100 57.650
3. Maggie Nichols 5.8 15.050 6.0 14.500 5.6 13.650 5.7 14.250 57.450
4. Mykayla Skinner 6.4 15.650 5.6 13.700 5.7 13.950 6.5 13.900 57.200
5. Rachel Gowey 5.8 14.950 5.8 13.900 6.0 13.700 5.8 14.200 56.750
6. Elisa Meneghini 5.3 14.200 5.3 13.550 5.7 14.000 5.5 13.950 55.700
7. Alyssa Baumann 5.0 14.300 5.8 14.100 5.9 12.900 5.8 14.400 55.700
8. Madison Desch 5.8 14.700 5.6 13.350 5.7 13.450 6.0 14.150 55.650
9. Erika Fasana 5.8 14.700 5.5 13.450 5.7 13.650 5.9 13.750 55.550
10. Natsumi Sasada 5.0 14.150 5.2 13.700 5.6 13.800 5.6 13.500 55.150
11. Yuki Uchiyama 5.0 14.000 5.8 14.100 5.6 13.550 5.3 13.350 55.000
12. Giorgia Campana 5.0 13.750 5.3 13.700 5.6 14.000 5.1 13.200 54.650
13. Andreea Munteanu 5.0 13.850 5.1 12.150 6.4 14.800 5.7 13.700 54.500
14. Stefania Stanila 5.8 14.750 5.3 12.550 5.5 13.450 5.7 13.700 54.450
15. Martina Rizzelli 5.8 14.550 5.6 13.800 5.1 12.650 5.7 13.400 54.400
16. Lavinia Marongiu 5.0 13.900 5.4 13.600 5.5 13.300 5.2 13.150 53.950
17. Chinami Otaki 5.0 13.650 5.5 13.900 5.1 13.250 5.3 13.100 53.900
18. Kiara Munteanu 5.0 13.900 5.7 14.100 5.6 11.650 5.6 13.700 53.350
19. Wakana Inoue 5.0 13.750 4.8 13.100 5.6 12.850 5.4 13.550 53.250
20. Georgia-Rose Brown 5.0 14.250 5.8 13.700 4.7 11.750 5.4 13.400 53.100
21. Alessia Leolini 5.0 13.350 5.3 12.300 5.1 13.150 4.9 12.750 51.550
22. Minami Honda 4.6 13.100 5.0 12.950 5.3 12.900 4.8 11.700 50.650
23. Lara Mori 5.0 13.650 5.1 13.400 5.4 10.150 5.2 13.450 50.650
24. Georgia Godwin 5.0 14.000 4.4 9.250 5.7 12.150 5.5 13.550 48.950
25. Madison Kocian 6.1 14.950 5.7 13.000 5.8 13.350 41.300
26. Yasuha Matsumura 5.0 13.700 5.0 13.100 5.1 13.300 40.100
27. Silvia Zarzu 5.8 14.400 5.5 12.050 5.4 13.550 40.000
28. Alexandra Eade 4.4 13.400 5.5 12.500 25.900

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Bailie Key 5.8 15.200 5.6 14.300 6.0 14.100 6.0 14.650 58.250
2. Nia Dennis 5.8 15.150 5.4 13.800 5.6 13.200 5.8 14.150 56.300
3. Norah Flatley 5.0 13.800 5.5 13.700 6.1 14.700 5.5 13.900 56.100
4. Laura Jurca 5.8 14.800 5.5 13.500 5.6 13.900 5.3 13.300 55.500
5. Emily Gaskins 5.0 14.050 5.4 13.550 5.6 13.450 5.4 14.200 55.250
6. Jordan Chiles 5.8 14.900 4.9 13.450 5.1 12.550 5.6 14.000 54.900
7. Sae Miyakawa 5.8 14.650 4.3 12.250 5.0 13.250 5.6 13.050 53.200
8. Josra Abdelaziz 5.0 13.950 5.3 13.600 4.9 12.650 5.0 12.900 53.100
9. Ragan Smith 5.8 14.300 5.2 12.450 5.8 13.850 5.5 12.050 52.650
10. Sofia Busato 5.0 14.150 5.4 12.400 5.1 12.750 4.9 13.250 52.550
11. Marina Kawasaki 5.0 13.900 5.4 12.650 5.3 12.850 5.2 13.050 52.450
12. Andra Butuc 4.0 12.500 5.1 13.600 5.7 13.500 4.9 12.450 52.050
13. Yuka Momiyama 5.0 14.100 3.4 10.650 5.4 13.200 5.3 13.650 51.600
14. Ayu Koike 5.8 13.450 4.9 12.250 5.3 12.750 5.3 13.100 51.550
15. Alice Linguerri 4.4 13.050 5.0 12.850 5.2 12.800 5.0 12.750 51.450
16. Desiree Carofiglio 5.0 13.850 4.4 12.450 4.8 12.850 5.2 12.150 51.300
17. Pilar Rubagotti 5.0 13.600 4.9 10.800 5.1 12.650 5.4 14.000 51.050
18. Chiara Imeraj 4.0 12.500 5.0 12.500 5.2 12.700 5.2 13.200 50.900
19. Stefania Orzu 5.0 13.550 3.9 11.350 5.1 12.350 5.0 12.900 50.150
20. Aya Meggs 5.3 13.850 5.3 12.250 5.3 12.150 5.2 11.750 50.000
21. Yurika Yumoto 5.0 13.450 5.0 12.250 5.3 12.000 4.9 12.300 50.000
22. Asiana Peng 4.0 12.200 5.0 12.050 5.4 12.650 5.0 13.050 49.950
23. Alysha Djuric 5.0 13.900 5.1 12.050 5.2 11.800 5.0 12.150 49.900
24. Emily Whitehead 4.6 13.550 4.8 11.250 5.2 12.500 5.0 12.400 49.700
25. Joana Favaretto 4.7 13.200 4.7 11.600 4.8 11.600 4.7 12.800 49.200
26. Yasmin Collier 5.0 13.600 5.0 12.500 5.1 10.950 5.1 11.950 49.000
27. Sayaka Yatabe 5.0 13.800 4.2 8.500 5.0 12.000 4.9 11.900 46.200
28. Andra Stoica 4.0 12.550 5.1 13.350 5.1 13.200 39.100
29. Darcy Norman 4.4 12.700 5.5 12.800 11.500 37.000
30. Andreea Iridon 5.5 13.200 5.9 13.950 27.150

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Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 19 March 2014 22:27    PDF Print
Jansen Eyes 15th and Final Worlds, Europeans
(6 votes, average 4.33 out of 5)

After winning the first Norwegian Cup of the season, ultra veteran Espen Jansen, 45, told IG he is hoping his performances will be enough this year to make it to his 15th European and world championships.

After winning the first Norwegian Cup of the season, ultra veteran Espen Jansen told IG he is hoping his performances in the coming months will be enough to make it to his 15th and final European and world championships.

"Since it is a team event [in 2014], and the team could need it, I hope that I could do one last year," he said. "Both to help and inspire the boys on the team, but also to have a nice finish for me."

Jansen, who turned 45 on Dec. 13, is the oldest competitor competing at the international level. He has competed in 14 world championships and 14 European championships, and won 10 Norwegian national titles dating back to 1988.

Jansen was left off the team to the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp, when Norway sent only three male gymnasts to compete instead of the maximum six.

Espen Jansen (Norway)

"I was in the top two in the last qualifications, but was not sent," Jansen said. "So I was not welcome on the national team? The coach did not think I was good enough and [said] that they are always thinking of the future."

Jansen, a married father of four, must find time to train between working full-time and coaching young gymnasts at the Njård Gymnastics Club. On top of that, he is a Brevet judge. Last summer, he judged at the 2013 University Games in Kazan.

"I intended to work less and do more training this year, but since I was not welcome to be a part of the national team, I have to train alone," he noted. "That's not the same. So I still work full time, and train in between working and coaching the guys in my club."

Nevertheless, Jansen said he was proud to win this past weekend's Norwegian Cup, even though several top gymnasts were absent. He said he would have preferred to compete against the best in Norway.

"Unfortunately in this weekend's Norwegian Cup, the team members were missing," he said. "The best one's coach thought the landing mats were too hard so he was out, then two guys have injuries, one is in Australia, one in Belgium, and one has a break! Not a good situation for a team with high ambitions."

Jansen said he played it safe at the competition, using layout dismounts and easy skills on some events. Nevertheless he expressed his frustration with the Norwegian gymnastics federation for not doing more to develop its program and make it more competitive internationally.

The fact he is being able to outscore gymnasts half his age brings bittersweet victories, Jansen said.

"I hope the federation wake up soon, but it's been like this for many years now," he said. "My gymnastics heart is crying. I really hope that the young guys develop and reach a higher level, but unfortunately I still can beat most of them with an old 'crappy' body, even without proper training. But I alway hope things will be better."

Unlike 2013, this year's European and world championships both include a team competition, which Jansen hopes will increase his chances of making a six-member team. Jansen said he plans to show more difficulty at the second Norwegian Cup, which takes place the weekend after next, and are qualifications to May's European championships in Sofia. The Norwegian national championships will be in September, prior to October's world championships in Nanning, China.

"I hope to qualify for Europeans and/or worlds, so I can have a nice ending of my competitive career," he said. "I've been in 14 worlds and 14 Europeans so far, even though it should have been more. Even though I don't have the top level anymore, I still am good enough for our team."

Jansen hopes to finish his career with one final world or European championships appearance. He said he is encouraged by his wide support from his fans around the world, who continue to cheer him on.

"[I'm thankful] a lot for the good response I get from everybody — with the exception of our national coach," he told IG. "That's what motivates me. But if I do well enough in the qualifications in the second and third week [of the Norwegian Cup], maybe there is a chance for me to get on the team in 2014."

Read "Elder Stateman," a profile on Jansen, in the May 2009 issue of International Gymnast magazine; and "Scouting Scandinavia," a feature on IG's visit to clubs in Norway, in the March 2011 issue. To subscribe or order back issues, click here..

2014 Norwegian Cup
March 15-16, Trøgstad

Senior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Martine MagnussenNedre Glomma Turnforening4.012.9004.110.6004.610.5504.211.85045.900
2.Pernille GulbrandsenHolmen Tropp og Turn4.213.2002.19.3504.812.1504.611.15045.850
3.Linn FinstadNedre Glomma Turnforening4.411.8503.310.0005.011.3004.812.30045.450
4.Julie Charlotte SøderstrømAsker Turnforening4.012.7501.58.8003.912.0503.911.30044.900
5.Solveig Merckoll BergAsker Turnforening2.411.3501.48.7505.013.1004.111.45044.650
6.Sandra Mohn KvamTrondhjems Turnforening4.213.1501.89.0003.89.2504.711.05042.450
7.Victoria BøeHolmen Tropp og Turn2.411.1003.110.3004.311.2003.59.45042.050
8.Ingrid von HafenbrädlHolmen Tropp og Turn4.212.1502.08.3004.410.8504.19.70041.000
9.Thea RostadDrammen Turnforening4.213.0502.09.1004.18.0504.210.45040.650
10.Hedda K. LeknessundBergens Turnforening4.212.2002.56.8503.59.3504.510.35038.750
11.Christine B. MartinsenTrondhjems Turnforening4.213.3002.19.2004.36.5504.89.70038.750
12.Thuva Tøndel LysøTrondhjems Turnforening4.212.6002.17.2004.87.8503.79.95037.600
13.Lene SyvertsenSandnes Turn4.012.2000.63.6003.411.1003.310.20037.100
14.Emilie Jellum HansenDrammen Turnforening4.012.6001.46.7503.67.9504.08.05035.350
15.Martine BjørsholKristiansunds Turnforening4.211.5502.76.6004.67.3004.19.65035.100
16.Rikke AndersenBergens Turnforening2.48.6001.67.4003.69.6503.89.05034.700
17.Kristine NaroGrimstad Turn4.012.6501.33.8003.47.4003.710.10033.950
18.Eir HoleTrondhjems Turnforening4.011.1501.76.7003.66.1503.99.20033.200
19.Martine Rustøen SkregelidAsker Turnforening2.410.3005.113.15023.450
20.Anette KvaløyTrondhjems Turnforening1.16.4002.97.1503.49.90023.450
21.Katarina SchillingAsker Turnforening2.410.9001.39.60020.500
22.Marlene Ravn GundersrudHolmen Tropp og Turn4.811.70011.700
23.Julie Kvam NordnesTrondhjems Turnforening3.97.3507.350

Junior Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Dina NygaardHolmen Tropp og Turn4.613.5004.310.3504.912.0004.612.65048.500
2.Nora MunkvoldHolmen Tropp og Turn4.213.3004.28.1504.412.4003.811.55045.400
3.Anna Marie Holmen HansenDrammen Turnforening4.413.5002.78.3504.610.7004.410.80043.350
4.Tiril DøvreSiddis Trim og Turnforening4.413.2502.67.8003.39.1504.411.95042.150
5.Tara SperreGrimstad Turn4.211.8002.09.3504.210.1003.910.60041.850
6.Marte BarlieOslo Turnforening4.213.2501.16.7003.510.1003.610.65040.700
7.Sofie BråtenOslo Turnforening4.412.2003.74.3505.010.9504.811.75039.250
8.Mira Trongmo NeurauterOslo Turnforening2.411.8501.47.2504.38.8003.710.80038.700
9.Sofie SkåttunOslo Turnforening4.211.6003.06.9004.39.4004.39.85037.750
10.Andrea SolbergBergens Turnforening4.212.8001.36.9503.58.6004.29.20037.550
11.Katarina N. RønbeckOslo Turnforening4.213.1002.74.5004.69.0504.610.70037.350
12.Jenny Marie JakobsenTrondhjems Turnforening4.012.6001.26.6003.78.7003.58.45036.350
13.Amalie NorheimBergens Turnforening4.011.1002.06.5003.18.6503.76.75033.000
14.Maria FjeldNøtterøy Turn4.010.9001.55.5003.28.6503.27.10032.150
15.Marlene AsheimBergens Turnforening4.011.8001.94.4503.87.1503.68.40031.800
16.Ingvild HaugsnesIL Sverre Turn1.88.1004.411.55019.650
17.Viktoria LangåsOslo Turnforening3.18.7003.88.50017.200
18.Anette Lehne JohannessenOslo Turnforening4.18.4008.400
19.Anna FjeldNøtterøy Turn1.17.8007.800

Senior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Espen JansenNjård Turn4.212.7004.711.3004.912.9003.611.9703.712.4704.412.77074.110
2.Magnus Dahl -HansenTromsø Turnforening4.110.8003.011.1303.810.1302.810.7703.811.7003.010.27064.800

Junior Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Harald Grimsrud WibyeNedre Glomma Turnforening4.612.7703.711.0303.611.9303.611.9004.611.7702.810.67070.070
2.Jesper OpheimTrondhjems Turnforening4.311.6002.811.2703.111.2303.612.5703.010.9003.310.73068.300
3.Sofus HeggemsnesOslo Turnforening4.512.4703.710.9302.311.2703.010.7704.011.7302.410.53067.700
4.Nore Skulesson SteneNedre Glomma Turnforening4.212.2304.011.5302.69.2303.011.4703.912.0702.510.20066.730
5.Hans Jørgen EngstadTromsø Turnforening4.011.2302.310.3702.39.8702.010.7303.011.4702.710.57064.240
6.Henrik StiansenNedre Glomma Turnforening4.212.4302.87.6302.19.6003.611.7703.911.4302.59.23062.090
7.Fredrik Johnsen (-99)Hoppensprett Turn4.311.8303.69.6303.011.3003.011.3003.911.2302.06.03061.320
8.Ole Herman HegstadHoppensprett Turn4.612.8702.38.6702.19.7303.611.2303.611.3702.05.53059.400
9.Fredrik Johnsen (-98)Hoppensprett Turn3.911.3002.39.9002.110.6003.010.9002.911.2000.70.93054.830
10.Andreas Stangebye-Niels Oslo Turnforening3.49.3302.27.1302.19.5702.010.5303.09.9301.43.83050.320

Youth Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Theodor Roald Gadderud Oslo Turnforening4.812.5303.29.9702.911.2002.811.6003.012.2301.89.87067.400
2.Jacob Gudim KarlsenOslo Turnforening4.413.1003.211.1702.511.2702.811.6703.010.9701.77.83066.010
3.Fredrik Bjørnevik AasNedre Glomma Turnforening4.212.8302.28.8302.410.6002.811.6303.211.2002.410.80065.890
4.Halvor HetlandSandnes Turn4.112.6303.210.1002.410.4002.811.7703.09.9702.310.20065.070
5.Kasper OppiOslo Turnforening4.012.5703.210.7702.310.4002.811.6703.011.0001.66.33062.740
6.Skage Skulesson SteneNedre Glomma Turnforening3.912.3302.28.4302.38.9302.811.3702.99.6702.07.67058.400
7.Benjamin RiskaSandnes Turn4.012.6002.29.1002.210.3302.810.1003.09.0001.96.93058.060
8.Runar JohansenHoppensprett Turn3.99.1002.77.8002.06.9302.010.4702.76.8002.19.67050.770
9.Mikkel ÅkvågGjellråsen IF3.29.0301.72.6301.79.1302.010.0002.65.77036.560
10.Simon LangdalGjelleråsen IF2.76.8702.33.2001.52.3302.810.3001.81.97024.670
11.Jonas LangdalGjelleråsen IF2.44.4001.71.7001.66.8702.010.1701.21.20024.340
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 16 March 2014 23:17    PDF Print
Harrold, Whitlock Win English Championships
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Ruby Harrold and Max Whitlock won the senior all-around titles at the 2014 English Championships, held Friday through Sunday in Newtown, Wigan.

Ruby Harrold and Max Whitlock won the senior all-around titles at the 2014 English Championships, held Friday through Sunday in Newtown, Wigan.

The competition included gymnasts competing in four age groups (five for men), with guest competitors from other parts of Great Britain, including Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man. The competition is one of the selection events for the English team at this summer's Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Max Whitlock

Harrold topped Kelly Simm and Claudia Fragapane on Saturday during the senior competition.

Harrold told IG she was not very pleased with her day after falling off beam on her layout step out and underrotating her vault.

"My performance at the English championships wasn't my best," said Harrold, a finalist on uneven bars at the 2013 World Championships. "So there is definitely room for improvement!"

Harrold still impressed on uneven bars with her trademark unique transition combinations (Maloney to Bhardwaj; Maloney-half to Zuchold). She saved a crooked handstand on that event to win the title as well.

2000 Olympian Lisa Mason, who made a comeback last year, finished seventh all-around and second on vault. 2008 Olympian Becky Downie, a finalist on uneven bars at the 2013 Worlds, fell on her Maloney on bars but won balance beam.

Like many of the top gymnasts in English, including Olympic medalists Whitlock, Sam Oldham, Louis Smith and Kristian Thomas, Harrold is building toward the upcoming British championships. The competition, held March 28-30 in Liverpool, will serve as a qualifier for May's European championships in Sofia.

"I'm looking to improve on the finesse of my routines and get them to a solid standard [before Liverpool]," Harrold said.

Three-time Olympic medalist Louis Smith made his competition return, but his 15.700 on pommel horse could not beat Whitlock's outstanding 16.100.

On Sunday, the powerful Tyesha Mattis won the junior women's all-around and vault titles. Mattis tumbled a double-double on floor exercise and nailed a ff, full twist on beam only to later fall off beam on a switch side. In the all-around, she topped the elegant Catherine Lyons, who was golden on balance beam and floor exercise.

Former British champion Amy Tinkler was third over Ellie Downie (the younger sister of Becky), and Teal Grindle.

The junior women are also working toward this year's European championships in Sofia, where the biennial junior team and all-around competition returns. Women's team coach Nick Ruddock told IG

"The girls have worked hard over the winter," British women's team coach Nick Ruddock told IG on Sunday. "Today we saw the fruits of their hard work with many new upgrades and combinations. Not all were successful, but it is early in the season and the European selection process."

At the 2012 Junior European Championships in Brussels, the British women were less than a point out of third place. This year's crop of juniors is in contention to push for a much higher finish, possibly gold. At the 2013 European Youth Olympic Festival in Utretch, Mattis led the team to second, this time finishing .55 behind champion Russia.

"Like all other teams, we'll be looking for stability in Sofia," Ruddock said. "The British Championships in Liverpool will be the next opportunity to further improve their performances and show extra polish in preparation for that. It will be an exciting meet that's for sure, a great time for British Gymnastics!"

External Link: English Gymnastics Association

Read "European Brilliance," an interview with Ruby Harrold, in the September 2013 issue of International Gymnast magazine; and "Lord Max," and interview with Max Whitlock, in the June 2013 issue. To order back issues or subscribe to the digital and/or print version of IG magazine, click here.

2014 English Championships
March 14-16, Newtown, Wigan

Senior Women's All-AroundTotal
1.Ruby HarroldThe Academy54.350
2.Kelly SimmDynamo53.950
3.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks53.650
4.Charlie FellowsLiverpool52.900
5.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham52.050
6.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool51.650
7.Lisa MasonHeathrow51.200
8.Natasha Raymund-JayadevManchester50.400
9.Jessica CoombsNotts49.900
10.Laura MitchellHeathrow49.250
11.Niamh RyanSapphire48.650
12.Katrina-Katy BramleyNotts47.350
12.Lucy BrettThe Academy47.350
14.Georgina HarrisManchester46.900
15.Polina PolakovaPipers Vale46.550
16.Charlotte DraycottNotts46.450
17.Eleanor CliffordColchester46.150
18.Claudia ChmielowskaEast London46.100
19.Mollie PaytonHeathrow45.850
20.Chloe WoodPipers Vale45.400
21.Emily BowyerColchester45.200
22.Morgan FinneganManchester44.950
23.Chelsea CourtBristol44.600
24.Olivia BlatchLoughborough Students43.650
25.Charlotte PollardDe Mond43.550
26.Becky DownieNotts43.350
27.Maddy YoungHuntingdon Olympic42.300
28.Jade BrewerLondon41.950
29.Leah BurkeBury41.900
30.Katie LiwoshkoNotts41.800
31.Lucy ProwerAbingdon41.650
32.Emily CroweNorfolk Academy40.450
33.Loriah JamesHeathrow39.700
34.Lucy MoxhamMarriotts39.600
35.Chloe BrebnerDynamo38.700
36.Natasha FultonHeathrow37.250
37.Sally MorrisonLoughborough Students32.900
38.Rebecca HallLeeds31.800
39.Caitlin KickhamUckfield30.300
40.Ellis JarvisLoughborough Students28.050
41.Poppy SmithAbingdon24.800
42.Emma WhiteBirmingham24.700
43.Jade StedfordLiverpool23.600
44.Jessica NicholsonLeeds11.150
45.Sara FinnLondon8.850
46.Isabella RavenPreston5.850
*Georgina HockenhullPark Wrekin52.150
*Grace HarrisonManx47.750
*Kirsty CampbellDGC2k46.850
*Tara DonnellyManx45.400
*Rebecca JohnsonManx43.900
*Nicole BurnsManx43.100
*Aoife DonnellyManx39.900
*Carly SmithGlasgow36.050
*Kaitlin KneenManx33.450
*Raer TheakerCardiff Central26.700
*Cara KennedyGlasgow25.350
*Jordan ArchibaldDGC2k22.650
*Shannon ArcherGlasgow22.150
*Beth McKellarWest Lothian11.350

Senior Men's All-Around Total
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex88.650
2.Kristian ThomasEarls87.950
3.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic84.900
4.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex83.900
5.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex83.850
6.Nile WilsonLeeds83.800
7.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham83.400
8.James HallPegasus82.950
9.Anthony WiseSouth Essex82.800
10.William TroodLoughborough Students81.700
11.Elliott CooperManchester73.100
12.Jaron MorganLoughborough Students71.800
13.Robert SansbyLoughborough Students71.750
14.Tim ChampionExeter71.600
15.Harshul MeasuriaManchester70.650
16.Joseph FoxLeeds70.350
17.Brandon GarrettLeeds68.950
18.Matthew O'ConnorLoughborough Students68.450
19.Duncan CrichtonHeathrow63.750
20.Courtney TullochPegasus56.550
21.Ashley WatsonLeeds54.800
22.Gabriel HannahPipers Vale50.150
23.Marvin ColemanBury47.150
24.Minesh DesaiTolworth46.150
25.Archie Kennedy-DysonTolworth36.200
26.Grant GardinerWoking35.600
27.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic29.950
28.Harry CarterLoughborough Students25.800
29.Theo SeagerBury14.500
30.Bradley McBrideWoking13.200
31.Thomas DefinaWoking10.800
*Daniel IleyExeter77.650
*Andrew MackieGlasgow74.750
*Alex HedgesManx73.700
*Robert HunterBury73.300
*Mukunda MeasuriaManx71.200
*Adam CoxGlasgow67.400
*Douglas RossGlasgow47.000
*Thomas BarnesTolworth25.650

Senior II Men's All-Around (1996-1998) Total
1.Brinn BevanSouth Essex83.500
2.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa83.350
3.Joe FraserBirmingham82.750
4.Tom NicolaouEuropa76.350
5.Adam SteelePipers Vale71.650
6.Daniel LeeDynamo71.250
7.Miki ChuWoking70.550
8.James HodgsonNewcastle70.500
9.Declan AyersWaveney69.350
10.George HarrowPipers Vale67.950
11.Tom SullivanManchester67.450
12.Thomas SettleLeeds66.800
13.Jack ParolinWaveney65.950
14.Sean MadiganBaskerville63.800
15.Nathen SmithNewcastle60.700
16.Harry CaulwellBirmingham50.750
17.Hector Kennedy-DysonTolworth47.200
*Tony DucharsHuntingdon Olympic72.400

Junior Women's All-Around (Born 1999-2000) Total
1.Tyesha MattisEast London55.300
2.Catherine LyonsEuropa54.750
3.Amy TinklerSouth Durham53.850
4.Ellie DownieNotts52.550
5.Teal GrindleSapphire51.700
6.April MaslenThe Academy50.550
7.Abigail SolariThe Academy48.550
8.Caitlin TsangPark Wrekin48.400
9.Georgina ClementsPark Wrekin48.300
10.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy48.150
11.Larissa PascuaHeathrow48.000
12.Jenna ArnotPinewood47.350
13.Millie KennardTolworth47.250
14.Lauryn ArmstrongSouth Durham46.500
15.Claudia BarkesSouth Durham46.250
16.Polly HitchingsHeathrow46.200
17.Naomi GayleManchester46.000
18.Lavinia Raymund-JayadevManchester45.600
19.Tilly AllenHuntingdon Olympic45.350
20.Madelaine HartHeathrow44.900
21.Cerhys Davis-JonesMarriotts44.700
22.Sadia WilsonNotts44.300
23.Eden EdwardsBirmingham44.000
24.Annaya Appleby-MasonEuropa43.750
25.Mia AmbelezNewcastle42.550
26.Jade LewisLondon42.200
27.Lottie SmithHuntingdon Olympic42.000
27.Katie-Ann BartonBury42.000
29.Bree WarrenBaskerville41.700
30.Megan HarperBristol41.350
31.Nadine GomezLondon41.050
32.Laci FarrellBury40.750
33.Caitlin DyerWaveney38.400
34.Becky MorrisHuntingdon Olympic38.100
35.Aasha KimptonHeathrow35.650
36.Danielle BarnesDynamo32.450
37.Lauryn CampbellBury31.150
38.Freya Ansell-JonesSouth Essex29.050
39.Georgia-Mae FentonEuropa25.950
40.Eshe BernardPark Wrekin19.300
*Rhyannon JonesPark Wrekin53.750

Junior Men's All-Around (Born 1999-2001) Total
1.Joshua NathanBirmingham78.666
2.Jamie LewisWoking76.234
3.Loukas JonesLeeds75.150
4.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons74.383
5.Mohamed SerryTolworth74.350
6.Adam TobinFalcons74.267
7.Hayden SkinnerSouth Essex73.467
8.Donell OsbourneEarls73.383
9.Jack ChamberlainBury73.300
10.Euan CoxPegasus73.133
11.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon Olympic72.267
12.Jake WatsonBirmingham72.133
13.Lorenzo CarrozzoWoking70.066
14.Jake JarmanHuntingdon Olympic69.950
15.Alf BainsSouthport YMCA69.233
16.Isaac PollardLeeds68.683
17.Owen PrintRugby68.667
18.Harry HarrodHawth68.582
19.Byron Day-RogersFalcons67.700
20.Daniel NagyNewcastle67.683
21.Douglas TurnbullSouth Essex67.434
22.Timothy Mc CarthyWoking66.883
23.Calum WalklettSwallows65.750
24.Harry O'DriscollHuntingdon Olympic65.684
25.Alex BrierleyManchester65.083
26.Dean CollinsPipers Vale64.966
27.Daniel StoneExeter64.751
28.Harry O'NeillLeeds64.533
29.Matthew McClymontTolworth64.433
30.Matthew BoardmanNotts64.300
31.Tom KillickHawth63.934
32.Alexander WeeksBaskerville63.868
33.Thomas JonesRugby63.234
34.Harry RossNewcastle63.100
35.Bradley NuttallManchester62.384
36.Aldrin Salvilla-TagayunaManchester62.350
37.Louis SidebottomLeeds61.034
38.Archie BakerHawth59.899
39.Joe BrownHuntingdon Olympic59.650
40.Michael OneillHeathrow58.851
41.Levi GiffordManchester58.584
42.James MillerWoking58.150
43.Tyla-Jae CurtisNotts56.550
44.Keelan FreemanExeter56.433
45.Patrick SmithHawth55.733
46.Sam BuddenPort Regis54.699
47.Karl HibberdHawth53.434
48.Thomas HassellRushmoor50.834
49.Sam PlantNotts47.884
50.William NewellHeathrow37.283
51.Thomas BourkeLeeds23.233
*Joshua LincolnBury70.266
*Morgan GirvinLeeds66.866
*Ali HusseinHuntingdon Olympic59.051

Women's Espoir All-Around (Born 2001-2002) Total
1.Lucy StanhopeLiverpool50.000
2.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin49.550
3.Olivia WilliamsLiverpool47.950
4.Laura KalethaNotts47.850
5.Amelia MontagueTolworth47.700
6.Rowena NeedhamBristol Hawks47.600
7.Taeja JamesBirmingham47.150
8.Leah RockettSouth Durham47.050
9.Maisie Lloyd-JonesPortsmouth47.050
10.Hannah-May LeesonBirmingham46.800
11.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking46.650
12.Lana ChiltonNewcastle46.450
13.Meilitsa Abram-FosterHeathrow45.950
14.Emily GibsonEuropa45.900
15.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin45.450
16.Laura CookeNorfolk Academy45.400
17.India SaleHeathrow45.050
18.Tia AndrewsHeathrow44.900
19.Kelsey Ann MooreLiverpool44.800
20.Amelia KnightThe Academy44.800
21.Elise WaughBury44.750
22.Chiara BunceHeathrow44.600
23.Dena KirkSouth Durham44.300
24.Laura BeasleyPark Wrekin44.250
25.Daisy-May GambleBury44.150
26.Jaime WallFromeside43.950
27.Erika MagpantayMarriotts43.800
28.Isobel HilliardHorsham43.350
29.Eleanor GreenTameside43.350
30.Freya RobertsHeathrow43.300
31.Megan ParkerBirmingham43.200
32.Olivia BellSouth Durham43.100
33.Courtney BurtonSouth Durham42.050
34.Olivia MillerNewcastle41.650
35.Hannah PeggsRedcar41.600
36.Teri WilliamsGarstang41.550
37.Leah MitchellDynamo41.150
38.Lauren WhiteheadNotts40.800
39.Sophie HeeneyNewcastle40.800
40.Ella Ross-JessopLadywell40.800
41.Lauren JonesVernon Park40.700
42.Tayah AskhamDynamo36.550
43.Leah GordonAspire36.200
44.Rebecca JonesPark Wrekin21.100
45.Alissia BarlowNotts11.350
*Zoe SimmonsThe Academy45.500

Boys All-Around (Born 2002-2003) Total
1.Korben FellowsBirmingham74.100
2.Thomas ParadiseBirmingham73.800
3.Victor YeoExeter73.700
4.Kai Yin HoEarls71.350
5.Sam MostowfiPegasus70.900
6.Bradley ColeSouthport YMCA70.200
7.Emilio Regini-MoranEuropa69.950
8.Luke WhitehouseDiamonds69.250
9.Jake JohnsonLeeds69.150
10.Raekwon BaptisteBirmingham68.650
11.Samuel GhinnPegasus68.650
12.George HonnorExeter67.850
13.Edvard ServutsSouthport YMCA67.650
14.Tom BradburyBury67.300
15.Luke MorrisonSouth Essex67.050
16.Alex DaySouthport YMCA66.850
17.Christian NormanHuntingdon Olympic66.550
18.Matthew WilsonLeeds66.250
19.Remell BaileyEarls66.200
20.Tobie WatsonBirmingham66.000
21.Joseph SawyerSouth Essex65.950
22.Isaac FrimstonPegasus65.400
23.Harley SpannCrewe & Nantwich65.100
24.Alexander Van-EesterenPort Regis64.300
25.Ethan KennedyHeathrow64.300
26.Daniel LisneyColchester64.150
27.Louis GibsonHawth64.050
28.Thomas SaundersSwindon64.050
29.Henry BrookerBaskerville63.950
30.Lewis LakinCrewe & Nantwich63.650
31.Lyle HarryDynamo63.000
32.Conor McGrathNotts62.650
33.Elliot BullenSwallows62.250
34.Nathan AdamsSouth Essex62.000
35.Lewis BagguleyCrewe & Nantwich62.000
36.Colton DudleyHeathrow61.250
37.Carl MwaambaHeathrow60.900
38.Daniel SmyllieEarls60.500
39.Declan DaviesWaveney59.900
40.Owen TurnerWoking58.800
41.Michael RoachHawth57.650
42.Adam SiddeeqWoking57.550
43.Euan ListerPipers Vale56.150
44.Hal OtleyPipers Vale55.800
45.Jamie DejongHawth54.950
46.Lewis UnsworthBury50.250
47.Clayton BellRugby49.950
48.Jasper Smith-GordonWoking36.600

Senior Women's Vault Average
1.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks14.625
2.Lisa MasonHeathrow13.900
3.Kelly SimmDynamo13.675
4.Eleanor CliffordColchester13.525
5.Claudia ChmielowskaEast London13.425
6.Chloe BrebnerDynamo12.650

Senior Uneven Bars Score
1.Ruby HarroldThe Academy14.600
2.Rebecca DownieNotts14.350
3.Charlie FellowsLiverpool13.850
4.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks13.300
5.Lisa MasonHeathrow12.700
6.Kelly SimmDynamo12.400
7.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool12.400
8.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham12.250
9.Jade StedfordLiverpool12.100
10.Natasha Raymund-JayadevManchester11.900

Senior Balance Beam Score
1.Becky DownieNotts13.900
2.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham13.000
3.Loriah JamesHeathrow12.900
4.Emma WhiteBirmingham12.850
5.Kelly SimmDynamo12.750
6.Ruby HarroldThe Academy12.750
7.Jessica CoombsNotts12.700
8.Emily CroweNorfolk Academy12.600
9.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool12.550
10.Natasha Raymund-JayadevManchester12.450

Senior Women's Floor Exercise Score
1.Kelly SimmDynamo14.050
2.Emily CroweNorfolk Academy13.650
3.Ruby HarroldThe Academy13.600
4.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks13.300
4.Charlie FellowsLiverpool13.300
6.Lisa MasonHeathrow13.100
7.Loriah JamesHeathrow12.950
8.Laura MitchellHeathrow12.950
9.Polina PolakovaPipers Vale12.950
10.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham12.900

Senior Men's Floor Exercise Score
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex15.200
2.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham14.850
2.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex14.850
4.Kristian ThomasEarls14.750
5.Anthony WiseSouth Essex14.700
6.James HallPegasus14.600
7.William TroodLoughborough Students14.500
8.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex14.500
9.Nile WilsonLeeds14.050
10.Elliott CooperManchester13.700

Senior Pommel Horse Score
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex16.100
2.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic15.700
3.Anthony WiseSouth Essex14.400
4.James HallPegasus14.250
5.Kristian ThomasEarls13.950
6.Nile WilsonLeeds13.800
7.Courtney TullochPegasus13.700
8.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham13.600
9.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex13.500
10.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic13.200

Senior Still Rings Score
1.Courtney TullochPegasus15.150
2.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic14.600
2.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex14.600
4.Theo SeagerBury14.500
5.Nile WilsonLeeds14.300
6.Kristian ThomasEarls14.200
7.Max WhitlockSouth Essex14.000
8.William TroodLoughborough Students13.800
9.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham13.800
10.Ashley WatsonLeeds13.750

Senior Men's Vault Average
1.Kristian ThomasEarls15.325
2.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex14.500
3.Courtney TullochPegasus14.025
4.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham13.975

Senior Parallel Bars Score
1.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic15.650
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex14.900
3.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex14.500
3.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham14.500
3.Ashley WatsonLeeds14.500
6.Louis SmithHuntingdon Olympic14.250
6.William TroodLoughborough Students14.250
8.Kristian ThomasEarls14.200
9.Nile WilsonLeeds14.050
10.Anthony WiseSouth Essex13.950

Senior High Bar Score
1.Kristian ThomasEarls15.250
2.Sam OldhamHuntingdon Olympic15.050
3.Ashley WatsonLeeds13.850
4.Max WhitlockSouth Essex13.800
5.Nile WilsonLeeds13.550
6.James HallPegasus13.450
7.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex13.400
8.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex13.350
9.Bradley McBrideWoking13.200
10.Grant GardinerWoking13.000

Senior II Men's Floor Exercise Score
1.Brinn BevanSouth Essex14.150
2.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa13.900
3.Joe FraserBirmingham13.750
4.Harry CaulwellBirmingham13.150
5.Daniel LeeDynamo13.100
6.Tom NicolaouEuropa12.900
6.George HarrowPipers Vale12.900
6.Declan AyersWaveney12.900
9.Tom SullivanManchester12.500
10.Adam SteelePipers Vale12.400

Senior II Pommel Horse Score
1.Joe FraserBirmingham14.150
2.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa13.300
3.Brinn BevanSouth Essex12.900
4.Tom NicolaouEuropa12.400
5.Harry CaulwellBirmingham12.100
6.Sean MadiganBaskerville11.800
7.Daniel LeeDynamo11.250
8.James HodgsonNewcastle11.100
9.Miki ChuWoking10.900
10.Declan AyersWaveney10.800

Senior II Still Rings Score
1.Joe FraserBirmingham14.450
2.Brinn BevanSouth Essex14.400
3.Tom NicolaouEuropa13.600
4.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa12.950
5.Adam SteelePipers Vale12.250
6.Miki ChuWoking11.650
7.Declan AyersWaveney11.500
8.James HodgsonNewcastle11.200
9.Tom SullivanManchester11.150
10.Daniel LeeDynamo10.900

Senior II Men's Vault Average
1.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa14.775
2.Tom NicolaouEuropa13.150

Senior II Parallel Bars Score
1.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa14.500
2.Joe FraserBirmingham13.850
3.Brinn BevanSouth Essex13.450
4.Harry CaulwellBirmingham12.750
5.James HodgsonNewcastle12.650
6.Jack ParolinWaveney12.550
7.George HarrowPipers Vale12.450
8.Daniel LeeDynamo12.100
9.Declan AyersWaveney12.000
10.Adam SteelePipers Vale11.950

Senior II High Bar Score
1.Brinn BevanSouth Essex14.100
2.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa13.800
3.Joe FraserBirmingham13.150
4.Tom NicolaouEuropa12.700
5.Daniel LeeDynamo11.800
6.Adam SteelePipers Vale11.650
7.Miki ChuWoking11.600
8.James HodgsonNewcastle11.500
9.Tom SullivanManchester11.150
10.Thomas SettleLeeds10.850

Junior Women's Vault Average
1.Tyesha MattisEast London14.575
2.Ellie DownieNotts14.425
3.Amy TinklerSouth Durham14.000
4.Catherine LyonsEuropa13.850
5.April MaslenThe Academy13.275
6.Claudia BarkesSouth Durham12.925
7.Annaya Appleby-MasonEuropa12.450
8.Bree WarrenBaskerville12.325
9.Caitlin DyerWaveney11.850
10.Abigail SolariThe Academy6.375

Junior Uneven Bars Score
1.Georgia-Mae FentonEuropa13.350
2.Tyesha MattisEast London13.100
3.Aasha KimptonHeathrow12.900
4.April MaslenThe Academy12.800
5.Georgina ClementsPark Wrekin12.650
6.Abigail SolariThe Academy12.450
7.Teal GrindleSapphire12.200
8.Catherine LyonsEuropa12.050
9.Amy TinklerSouth Durham11.850
10.Polly HitchingsHeathrow11.600

Junior Balance BeamScore
1.Catherine LyonsEuropa14.450
2.Amy TinklerSouth Durham13.600
3.Tyesha MattisEast London13.450
4.Caitlin TsangPark Wrekin13.000
5.Teal GrindleSapphire12.800
6.Larissa PascuaHeathrow12.650
7.Georgia-Mae FentonEuropa12.600
7.Ellie DownieNotts12.600
9.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy12.350
10.Lottie SmithHuntingdon Olympic12.250

Junior Women's Floor Exercise Score
1.Catherine LyonsEuropa14.050
2.Amy TinklerSouth Durham14.050
3.Ellie DownieNotts13.800
4.Tyesha MattisEast London13.750
5.Georgina ClementsPark Wrekin13.050
6.Teal GrindleSapphire12.900
7.Jenna ArnotPinewood12.600
7.Aasha KimptonHeathrow12.600
9.Millie KennardTolworth12.350
10.Claudia BarkesSouth Durham12.000

Junior Men's Floor Exercise Score
1.Jamie LewisWoking13.767
2.Adam TobinFalcons13.567
3.Joshua NathanBirmingham13.533
4.Loukas JonesLeeds13.500
5.Donell OsbourneEarls13.433
6.Mohamed SerryTolworth13.267
7.Jack ChamberlainBury13.100
8.Harry HarrodHawth12.933
9.Douglas TurnbullSouth Essex12.867
10.Daniel NagyNewcastle12.833

Junior Pommel Horse Score
1.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons13.000
2.Hayden SkinnerSouth Essex12.767
3.Joshua NathanBirmingham12.767
4.Jamie LewisWoking12.700
5.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon Olympic12.400
5.Jake WatsonBirmingham12.400
7.Jake JarmanHuntingdon Olympic12.000
8.Isaac PollardLeeds11.867
9.Euan CoxPegasus11.767
10.Alf BainsSouthport YMCA11.667

Junior Still RingsScore
1.Joshua NathanBirmingham13.133
2.Jamie LewisWoking12.733
3.Mohamed SerryTolworth12.233
4.Jack ChamberlainBury12.167
5.Hayden SkinnerSouth Essex12.100
6.Loukas JonesLeeds12.033
7.Euan CoxPegasus12.000
8.Donell OsbourneEarls11.833
9.Lorenzo CarrozzoWoking11.400
10.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon Olympic11.367

Junior Men's Vault Average
1.Donell OsbourneEarls13.575
2.Jamie LewisWoking13.475
3.Adam TobinFalcons13.225
4.Joshua NathanBirmingham13.150
5.Mohamed SerryTolworth13.125
6.Owen PrintRugby13.050
6.Loukas JonesLeeds13.050
8.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons13.025
9.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon Olympic12.425
10.Harry RossNewcastle12.400

Junior Parallel BarsScore
1.Joshua NathanBirmingham13.733
2.Loukas JonesLeeds13.400
3.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons13.333
4.Harry HarrodHawth13.200
5.Mohamed SerryTolworth13.033
5.Adam TobinFalcons13.033
7.Lorenzo CarrozzoWoking12.933
8.Patrick MurphyHuntingdon Olympic12.800
9.Byron Day-RogersFalcons12.733
10.Isaac PollardLeeds12.633

Junior High BarScore
1.Byron Day-RogersFalcons13.067
2.Jamie LewisWoking12.567
2.Donell OsbourneEarls12.567
4.Euan CoxPegasus12.433
5.Adam TobinFalcons12.100
5.Joshua NathanBirmingham12.100
5.Hayden SkinnerSouth Essex12.100
8.Mohamed SerryTolworth12.000
9.Loukas JonesLeeds11.867
10.Jack ChamberlainBury11.700

Women's Espoir Vault Average
1.Elise WaughBury13.025
2.Teri WilliamsGarstang12.850
3.Rowena NeedhamBristol Hawks12.800
4.Dena KirkSouth Durham12.650
5.Lucy StanhopeLiverpool12.375
6.Leah GordonAspire12.275
7.Emily GibsonEuropa12.200

Espoir Uneven BarsScore
1.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin12.400
2.Olivia WilliamsLiverpool11.300
3.Rowena NeedhamBristol Hawks11.150
4.Amelia KnightThe Academy11.050
4.Lucy StanhopeLiverpool11.050
6.Chiara BunceHeathrow10.850
7.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking10.700
7.Rebecca JonesPark Wrekin10.700
9.Laura KalethaNotts10.600
10.Leah RockettSouth Durham10.550

Espoir Balance BeamScore
1.Lana ChiltonNewcastle13.650
2.Lucy StanhopeLiverpool13.550
3.Olivia WilliamsLiverpool12.800
4.Hannah-May LeesonBirmingham12.650
5.Laura KalethaNotts12.550
5.Meilitsa Abram-FosterHeathrow12.550
7.Megan ParkerBirmingham12.350
8.Taeja JamesBirmingham12.250
9.Amelia MontagueTolworth12.150
10.Laura CookeNorfolk Academy12.100

Espoir Women's Floor ExerciseScore
1.Maisie Lloyd-JonesPortsmouth13.250
2.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking13.050
3.Rowena NeedhamBristol Hawks12.900
4.Megan ParkerBirmingham12.750
5.Lucy StanhopeLiverpool12.650
6.Emily GibsonEuropa12.400
7.Amelia MontagueTolworth12.350
8.Taeja JamesBirmingham12.300
9.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin12.150
10.Courtney BurtonSouth Durham12.100

Boys Floor ExerciseScore
1.Emilio Regini-MoranEuropa13.350
2.George HonnorExeter13.100
3.Victor YeoExeter13.000
3.Daniel LisneyColchester13.000
5.Raekwon BaptisteBirmingham12.900
3.Kai Yin HoEarls12.900
7.Nathan AdamsSouth Essex12.850
8.Korben FellowsBirmingham12.700
9.Henry BrookerBaskerville12.650
10.Bradley ColeSouthport YMCA12.600

Boys Pommel HorseScore
1.Thomas ParadiseBirmingham13.200
2.Jake JohnsonLeeds12.300
3.Victor YeoExeter11.900
4.Korben FellowsBirmingham11.450
5.Kai Yin HoEarls11.250
6.Samuel GhinnPegasus11.000
7.Matthew WilsonLeeds10.900
8.Daniel SmyllieEarls10.700
8.Emilio Regini-MoranEuropa10.700
10.Bradley ColeSouthport YMCA10.650

Boys Still RingsScore
1.Korben FellowsBirmingham12.700
2.Victor YeoExeter12.550
3.Sam MostowfiPegasus12.150
4.Isaac FrimstonPegasus11.600
4.Matthew WilsonLeeds11.600
4.Raekwon BaptisteBirmingham11.600
7.Emilio Regini-MoranEuropa11.550
8.Louis GibsonHawth11.500
9.Samuel GhinnPegasus11.400
9.Luke WhitehouseDiamonds11.400

Boys Vault
(No gymnasts in this age group competed two vaults)

Boys Parallel BarsScore
1.Thomas ParadiseBirmingham13.400
2.Bradley ColeSouthport YMCA12.950
2.Victor YeoExeter12.950
4.Kai Yin HoEarls12.900
5.Korben FellowsBirmingham12.600
6.Luke WhitehouseDiamonds12.550
7.Lyle HarryDynamo12.550
8.Sam MostowfiPegasus12.400
8.Alex DaySouthport YMCA12.400
10.Daniel LisneyColchester12.350

Boys High BarScore
1.Korben FellowsBirmingham12.150
2.Kai Yin HoEarls11.600
3.Bradley ColeSouthport YMCA11.250
4.Samuel GhinnPegasus11.150
4.Sam MostowfiPegasus11.150
4.Isaac FrimstonPegasus11.150
7.Thomas ParadiseBirmingham10.950
8.Tom BradburyBury10.750
8.Lewis UnsworthBury10.750
10.Victor YeoExeter10.700

* Exhibition competitor


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