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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 07 September 2014 15:43    PDF Print
German Teams Top Romania, Switzerland
(6 votes, average 4.33 out of 5)

The German men and women were victorious over Romania and Switzerland at a tri-meet held Saturday in the Swiss city of Obersiggenthal.

The competition format had up to five gymnasts competing on each event, with the top three scores counting for the team total.

In the women's competition, Germany upset Romania, the 2014 European champion, 220.000-219.050. The Romanian women had the highest team scores on vault, balance beam and floor exercise, but lost more than 7 points to Germany on uneven bars.

The German gymnasts counted all scores in the 14s on bars. Lisa Katharina Hill had the high score with 14.650, followed by Kim Bui's 14.600 and Sophie Scheder's 14.150.

Larisa Iordache, who won the Romanian national title last week, took first place once again. With the best score on three of the four events, Iordache won by more than 2 points over Swiss Olympian Giulia Steingruber, 58.950-56.700. Germany's Pauline Schäfer won the bronze with 55.600.

The German men were also victorious, scoring 342.800 to Romania's 338.550 and Switzerland's 337.950.

German head coach Andreas Hirsch said his team used the event as a warm-up for the upcoming world championships in Nanning.

"We won comfortably, that was important," said Berlin. "But that was not our focus. Rather, the aim was to rehearse our routines that we will need for the world championships in China."

Veteran Fabian Hambüchen fell on pommel horse, vault and high bar (full-twisting layout Jaeger) but still finished third all-around behind Romania's Andrei Muntean and Switzerland's Eddy Yusof. 2012 Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen did not do the all-around because of a sore back, Hirsch said.

External Link: Swiss Gymnastics Federation

2014 Germany vs. Romania vs. Switzerland
Sept. 6, Obersiggenthal, Switzerland

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Germany56.10057.35053.30053.250220.000
Pauline Schäfer14.40013.05014.25013.900
Kim Bui13.75014.60012.60014.450
Sophie Scheder13.80014.15013.05011.750
Lisa Katharina Hill14.15014.65013.400
Leah Griesser11.45013.150
Elisabeth Seitz13.950
2. Romania56.75050.00056.35055.950219.050
Larisa Iordache14.80014.45015.10014.600
Stefania Stanila13.60012.95013.60014.000
Ana Maria Ocolisan14.60012.40013.2000.000
Paula Tudorache10.20012.35013.250
Andreea Munteanu14.45013.900
Silvia Zarzu13.75013.450
3. Switzerland54.20053.00054.25050.950212.400
Giulia Steingruber14.45013.90014.25014.100
Stefanie Siegenthaler12.80012.90012.95011.700
Laura Schulte13.90012.25012.550
Caterina Barloggio12.90013.20012.250
Nicole Hitz13.05012.65012.050
Ilaria Käslin13.30013.850

1. Germany56.60053.50057.85056.75059.50058.600342.800
Fabian Hambüchen15.15012.30014.70013.35014.90014.50084.900
Marcel Nguyen13.15014.95014.95014.35015.25072.650
Andreas Bretschneider13.75014.40013.60014.95014.90071.600
Helge Liebrich14.10012.30013.45014.30013.95068.100
Philipp Herder13.60014.20013.80015.30056.900
Lucas Dauser13.85013.90013.60013.85055.200
2. Romania57.80053.30057.20058.35058.15053.750338.550
Andrei Muntean14.85012.10015.25014.95015.45013.90086.500
Cristian Bataga14.40012.35014.20014.50012.55013.75081.750
Andrei Ursache13.90014.30014.00014.20013.25069.650
Laurentiu Nistor13.15013.25013.05012.85052.300
Marius Berbecar13.75014.45015.45043.650
Daniel Radeanu14.65013.50014.45042.600
3. Switzerland57.20054.80055.15058.05058.40054.350337.950
Eddy Yusof14.20013.55014.30015.10014.45014.00085.600
Christian Baumann14.55014.20013.55014.40014.85012.75084.300
Marco Rizzo13.90011.80013.45013.35012.30011.95076.750
Pascal Bucher13.50014.20014.95014.40057.050
Taha Serhani14.55012.95014.35013.20055.050
Kevin Rossi13.25013.55013.85014.15054.800

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa Iordache5.814.8006.014.4506.315.1005.714.60058.950
2.Giulia Steingruber5.014.4505.913.9005.914.2505.714.10056.700
3.Pauline Schäfer5.414.4005.213.0505.614.2505.713.90055.600
4.Kim Bui5.013.7506.114.6005.712.6005.914.45055.400
5.Stefania Stanila5.013.6004.912.9506.013.6005.614.00054.150
6.Sophie Scheder5.013.8005.914.1505.513.0504.811.75052.750
7.Stefanie Siegenthaler4.012.8004.812.9005.112.9504.911.70050.350
8.Lisa Katharina Hill5.014.1506.514.6505.013.40042.200
9.Ana Maria Ocolisan5.814.6005.012.4005.213.20040.200
10.Laura Schulte5.013.9005.112.2504.912.55038.700
11.Caterina Barloggio4.912.9005.013.2004.712.25038.350
12.Nicole Hitz4.613.0504.912.6504.812.05037.750
13.Paula Tudorache5.010.2004.912.3505.013.25035.800
14.Andreea Munteanu6.014.4505.713.90028.350
15.Silvia Zarzu5.013.7505.513.45027.200
16.Ilaria Käslin5.313.3005.313.850   27.150
17.Leah Griesser5.111.4505.213.15024.600
18.Elisabeth Seitz6.113.95013.950

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Andrei Muntean6.314.8505.212.1006.415.2505.614.9506.615.4505.513.90086.500
2.Eddy Yusof6.314.2005.513.5505.514.3006.015.1006.214.4505.514.00085.600
3.Fabian Hambüchen6.615.1505.812.3006.014.7005.613.3506.214.9006.914.50084.900
4.Christian Baumann5.614.5505.814.2005.113.5505.214.4006.214.8505.912.75084.300
5.Cristian Bataga6.114.4005.912.3506.114.2005.614.5005.612.5505.713.75081.750
6.Marco Rizzo5.913.9005.211.8005.413.4505.613.3505.712.3005.211.95076.750
7.Marcel Nguyen5.313.1506.414.9505.614.9506.614.3506.815.25072.650
8.Andreas Bretschneider6.213.7505.914.4005.613.6006.414.9506.814.90071.600
9.Andrei Ursache6.013.9005.914.3005.514.0005.814.2005.313.25069.650
10.Helge Liebrich5.814.1004.612.3005.513.4505.614.3005.813.95068.100
11.Pascal Bucher6.013.5005.214.2006.314.9506.014.40057.050
12.Philipp Herder6.013.6005.814.2005.613.8006.415.30056.900
13.Lucas Dauser5.213.8505.613.9005.913.6005.713.85055.200
14.Taha Serhani5.914.5505.512.9505.214.3505.913.20055.050
15.Kevin Rossi6.013.2505.813.5505.213.8505.814.15054.800
16.Laurentiu Nistor5.713.1505.013.2505.913.0505.812.85052.300
17.Marius Berbecar5.413.7505.214.4506.515.45043.650
18.Daniel Radeanu6.314.6505.513.5005.614.45042.600
Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 01 September 2014 12:32    PDF Print
Iordache Takes Four Golds at Romanian Nationals
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Romanian star Larisa Iordache won four of five gold medals at the 67th Romanian Gymnastics Championships, held Saturday and Sunday in Bucharest.

Romanian star Larisa Iordache won four of five gold medals at the 67th Romanian Gymnastics Championships, held Saturday and Sunday in Bucharest.

The competition included both senior and junior gymnasts competing together, as well as guest competitors from Israel, Norway and Sweden.

Iordache easily defended her all-around title, scoring 59.650 to take the title over Stefania Stanila (55.800) and junior Andreea Iridon (55.100).

2012 Olympian Diana Bulimar skipped the competition, while rising star Andreea Munteanu competed balance beam and floor exercise only.

Iordache had her low score (14.050) on uneven bars, where she broke form to save a Stalder full on the low bar. She continued with a Maloney-half; Jaeger; clean toe-on to piked Tkatchev to Pak; Maloney; and full-twisting double dismount. On balance beam, she nailed her ff, tucked full, but had to grab the beam after her RO, layout full.

Iordache's high score (15.475) came on floor exercise, where she spun a quadruple turn and tumbled a double-double; tucked full-in; triple twist and piked full-in dismount.

In apparatus finals, Iordache won every event except balance beam, where she fell on her RO, layout full. The elegant Munteanu won the title with a set that included a ff, stuck tucked full; punch front; switch half, back tuck; side somi; ff, ff, triple twist.

In the men's competition, Andrei Muntean captured the all-around title plus three individual events.

Muntean, who like Iordache represents the Dinamo club, scored 88.750 to take the gold medal over Cristian Bataga (87.500). Stian Skjerahaug of Norway scored 82.400 as a guest competitor, leaving the bronze to Andrei Ursache (80.750).

In apparatus finals, Munteanu added gold medals on still rings and vault while Bataga won floor exercise and pommel horse. Marius Berbecar won parallel bars and Vlad Cotun won high bar. Berbecar, who competed five events only during the all-around, had the highest score of the weekend with his 15.900 on parallel bars.

The Romanians will compete again next weekend in Switzerland at a tri-meet featuring the Swiss and Germans.

External Link: Romanian Gymnastics Federation

67th Romanian Gymnastics Championships
Aug. 30-31, Bucharest

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Larisa Iordache CS Dinamo 14.975 14.050 15.150 15.475 59.650
2. Ștefania Stănilă CNS Cetate Deva 14.375 13.025 14.050 14.350 55.800
3. Andreea Iridon CNS Cetate Deva 12.500 14.200 14.375 14.025 55.100
4. Jonna Adlerteg Sweden 13.425 13.275 13.950 13.875 54.525
5. Kim Singmuang Sweden 13.575 13.925 13.300 13.375 54.175
6. Paula Tudorache CS Dinamo 12.550 13.150 14.225 14.100 54.025
7. Ana Maria Ocolișan CNS Cetate Deva 14.725 13.500 12.325 13.225 53.775
8. Andra Stoica CS Dinamo 13.450 11.575 14.525 13.950 53.500
9. Emanuela Pârva CNS Cetate Deva 13.200 13.475 13.625 12.575 52.875
10. Andreea Ciurusniuc CSA Steaua 13.250 13.425 13.075 11.800 51.550
11. Ștefania Orzu CSM Onești 13.075 11.875 11.400 12.875 49.225
12. Tzuf Feldon Israel 13.100 10.075 13.450 12.325 48.950
13. Silvia Zarzu CSM Onești 14.075 6.375 13.250 14.050 47.750
14. Anda Butuc CS Dinamo 13.075 14.075 13.850 41.000
15. Asiana Peng CNS Cetate Deva 13.075 13.675 13.570 40.320
16. Teea Milea CS Farul C-ța 12.450 13.700 13.100 39.250
17. Lovisa Estberg Sweden 13.075 11.925 13.575 38.575
18. Laura Nacu CSS Galați 12.075 11.550 11.550 35.175
19. Diana Damian CSS Focșani 9.225 12.175 12.500 33.900
20. Andreea Munteanu CNS Cetate Deva 14.750 14.450 29.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Andrei Muntean CS Dinamo 14.800 14.000 15.350 14.800 15.700 14.100 88.750
2. Cristian Bățagă CSM Bistrița 15.150 15.550 14.100 14.350 14.600 13.750 87.500
3. Stian Skjerahaug Norway 13.650 14.100 13.500 13.450 14.200 13.500 82.400
4. Andrei Ursache CS Dinamo 14.500 12.950 13.950 13.750 12.300 13.300 80.750
5. Pietro Giachino Norway 12.700 12.600 13.100 13.250 14.450 14.250 80.350
6. Marcus Conradi Norway 13.850 13.400 13.500 12.250 13.900 12.900 79.800
7. Laurențiu Nistor CSM Bistrița 12.950 12.750 13.950 13.400 13.700 12.800 79.550
8. Odin Kalvo Norway 12.900 12.700 12.750 13.800 12.950 13.350 78.450
9. Torry Larsen Norway 13.200 11.000 12.500 13.300 12.800 12.900 75.700
10. Robert Pașca CSS Reșița 12.500 11.050 12.100 12.700 13.050 11.400 72.800
11. Marius Berbecar CSM Bistrița 14.050 14.100 14.900 15.900 13.150 72.100
12. Arian Bedzeti-Olsen Norway 12.750 10.400 12.900 11.950 12.100 11.550 71.650
13. Daniel Moldoi CSM Bistrița 11.350 12.600 11.600 13.000 12.200 10.600 71.350
14. Gabriel Petrache CSS Dinamo 13.100 12.100 10.000 11.500 13.300 10.400 70.400
15. Raul Paraschivu CSM Bistrița 12.850 11.000 10.100 12.350 12.450 9.000 67.750
16. Nikolai Ronbeck Norway 12.600 12.550 12.500 13.450 12.750 63.850
17. Flavius Lungu CSM Bistrița 12.700 11.800 10.100 12.100 12.450 3.000 62.150
18. Vlad Cotuna CSM Lugoj 13.950 13.300 13.850 14.300 55.400
19. Vasile Rotariu CSM Lugoj 10.500 10.000 11.900 10.400 11.600 54.400
20. Emanuel Gavriluț CSA Steaua 10.950 10.800 11.500 11.350 44.600
21. Daniel Radeanu CSM Bistrița 14.750 14.500 14.300 43.550
22. Alexandru Oltean CSM Bistrița 8.650 11.100 11.000 2.650 33.400
23. Rareș Paraschivu CSM Bistrița 13.100 10.900 24.000
24. Ciprian Pintea CSM Reșița 11.500 11.900 23.400
25. Ionuț Daminescu CSM Reșița 12.550 12.550

Women's Vault FinalScore
1. Larisa Iordache Dinamo 14.425
2. Andreea Ciurusniuc Steaua 13.450
3. Ana Maria Ocolișan CNS Cetate 13.312
3. Ștefania Stănilă CNS Cetate 13.312
3. Ștefania Orzu CSM Onești 13.312
6. Silvia Zarzu CSM Onești 13.062
7. Laura Nacu CSS Galați 11.487

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1. Larisa Iordache Dinamo 14.750
2. Andreea Iridon CNS Cetate 14.125
3. Ana Maria Ocolișan CNS Cetate 13.275
4. Paula Tudorache Dinamo 12.875
5. Emanuela Pârva Steaua 12.850
6. Andreea Ciurusniuc Steaua 12.675
7. Asiana Peng CNS Cetate 12.575
8. Anda Butuc Dinamo 12.375

Balance Beam FinalScore
1. Andreea Munteanu CNS Cetate 15.325
2. Larisa Iordache Dinamo 14.900
3. Andreea Iridon CNS Cetate 14.400
4. Paula Tudorache Dinamo 14.250
5. Asiana Peng CNS Cetate 13.500
6. Anda Stoica Dinamo 13.325
7. Teea Milea Farul 13.175
8. Ștefania Stănilă CNS Cetate 13.125

Women's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1. Larisa Iordache Dinamo 15.500
2. Andreea Munteanu CNS Cetate 14.225
3. Ștefania Stănilă CNS Cetate 14.150
4. Silvia Zarzu CSM Onești 14.100
5. Andreea Iridon CNS Cetate 14.000
6. Paula Tudorache Dinamo 13.650

Men's Floor Exercise FinalScore
1. Cristian Bățagă CSM Bistrița 15.150
2. Andrei Muntean CS Dinamo 15.000
3. Andrei Cause Dinamo 14.475
4. Daniel Radeanu CSM Bistrița 14.225
5. Paraschivu Raul CSM Bistrița 13.350
6. Rareş Paraschivu CSM Bistrița 13.325
7. Laurenţiu Nistor CSM Bistrița 13.050
8. Gabriel Petrache Dinamo 12.900

Pommel Horse FinalScore
1. Cristian Bățagă CSM Bistrița 15.175
2. Andrei Ursache Dinamo 13.750
3. Vlad Cotuna CSM Lugoj 13.700
4. Andrei Muntean CS Dinamo 12.975
5. Andrei Rădeanu CSM Bistrița 12.750
6. Marius Berbecar CSM Bistrița 11.250
7. Daniel Moldoi CSM Bistrița 10.750
8. Laurențiu Nistor CSM Bistrița 9.775

Still Rings FinalScore
1. Andrei Muntean Dinamo 15.600
2. Cristian Bățagă CSM Bistrița 14.925
3. Berbecar Marius CSM Bistrița 14.050
4. Andrei Cause CS Dinamo 13.975
5. Vlad Cotuna CSM Lugoj 13.650
6. Laurenţiu Nistor CSM Bistrița 12.900
7. Robert Pașca CSS Reșița 11.600
8. Daniel Moldoi CSM Bistrița 11.475

Men's Vault FinalScore
1. Andrei Muntean CS Dinamo 14.600
1. Berbecar Marius CSM Bistrița 14.600
3. Cristian Bățagă CSM Bistrița 14.525
4. Robert Pașca CSS Reșița 12.975
5. Paraschivu Raul CSM Bistrița 12.162
6. Flavius Lungu CSM Bistrița 12.075
7. Gabriel Petrache CSS Dinamo 10.875

Men's Parallel Bars FinalScore
1. Marius Berbecar CSM Bistrița 15.600
2. Cristian Bățagă CSM Bistrița 14.475
3. Vlad Cotuna CSM Lugoj 14.025
4. Andrei Muntean Dinamo 13.850
5. Laurențiu Nistor CSM Bistrița 13.350
6. Robert Pașca CSM Reșița 12.350
7. Gabriel Petrache CSS Dinamo 12.100
8. Raul Paraschivu CSM Bistrița 11.550

High Bar FinalScore
1. Vlad Cotun CSM Lugoj 14.200
2. Cristian Bățagă CSM Bistrița 14.050
3. Andrei Muntean Dinamo 13.875
4. Laurenţiu Nistor CSM Bistrița 13.850
5. Basil Rotariu CSM Lugoj 11.900
6. Andrei Cause Dinamo 11.875
7. Robert Pașca CSS Reșița 10.675
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Mustafina Takes More Golds At Russian Cup
(2 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Women's all-around champion Aliya Mustafina took both apparatus titles Sunday as the 2014 Russian Cup concluded in Penza. Pictured: Balance beam medalists Maria Kharenkova, Mustafina and Daria Spiridonova

Women's all-around champion Aliya Mustafina took both apparatus titles Sunday as the 2014 Russian Cup concluded in Penza.

Mustafina, who won the all-around gold medal on Wednesday, added the balance beam and floor exercise gold medals to her haul from Penza. She also led her Moscow squad to the team title on Friday.

On balance beam, Mustafina topped Maria Kharenkova and Daria Spiridonova in a repeat of the all-around results. Mustafina, the reigning world champion on balance beam, performed an upgraded beam routine (double turn; standing Arabian to wolf jump; switch half, Onodi; side aerial, sissone, front aerial, front aerial series; switch ring; RO double tuck).

Mustafina won floor exercise, hitting a beautiful triple turn in Y to double turn. Mustafina, who underwent ankle surgery after the European championships in May, tumbled three passes (Arabian double front; 2 1/2, front full; double tuck).

In the men's competition, Viktor Britan won vault while Nikolai Kuksenkov and Nikita Ignatyev each added a second gold. Kuksenkov, who won pommel horse on Saturday, won the title on parallel bars and finished second high bar. All-around champion Ignatyev finished the competition with the gold on high bar and silver on parallel bars.

Top qualifier Denis Ablyazin, who scratched from Saturday's floor exercise final but won the still rings title, also withdrew from the vault final on Sunday. Ablyazin is suffering from knee pain and is questionable for October's world championships in China, men's head coach Valery Alfosov said. Ablyazin led Russia to the team title at May's European championships in Sofia, where he also won three individual gold medals (floor exercise, still rings and vault).

"Ablyazin is the leader of our team, and with the Olympic Games coming up, we need to protect him for the Games in Rio de Janeiro," Alfosov said. "We're even now willing to sacrifice a little although without him, it will be much more difficult for us to compete at the world championship if doctors don't clear Denis to compete. It's standard to protect the team leader to prepare him for the big competition in this quadrennium."

The Russian teams are also dealing with injuries to Olympians Ksenia Afanasyeva (ankle), Alexander Balandin (double shoulder surgery) and Emin Garibov (shoulder), who are all out for the rest of the season. Anastasia Grishina, who suffered a serious knee injury at the Russian championships in the spring, is also doubtful for the world championships.

Olympians Viktoria Komova (ankle) and Kuksenkov (back) were unable to compete the all-around in Penza but are in contention for Russia's world teams.

"We still have three weeks of training at Round Lake and then another week in China," Alfosov said. "If everything goes well, then Kolya could improve. And I have no doubt of the fact that he would do everything he possibly could for the team."

Komova competed uneven bars only in Penza, but won the bars title on Saturday over Mustafina. She will need to be ready on more events to make the world team, said coach Valentina Rodionenko.

"Vika is experiencing pain on a not fully healed ankle, and may miss the world championships," Rodionenko said. "Her participation will depend on whether she can improve her vault in the remaining time before the competition. We can't bring an athlete who will compete only on a single event. During the remainder of the time before the world championships, she will need to have her vault ready. If everything is ready, then Vika will go to China. Komova is on our provisional list for the world championships."

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2014 Russian Cup
Aug. 31, Penza

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Aliya MustafinaMoscow6.68.96715.567
2.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don6.48.43314.833
3.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow5.88.13313.933
4.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary5.78.16713.867
5.Anastasia CheongSt. Petersburg5.77.70013.400
6.Daria YelizarovaTula5.37.4000.112.600
7.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow5.47.06712.467
8.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk5.46.50011.900

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Aliya MustafinaMoscow5.79.00014.700
2.Daria YelizarovaTula5.68.40014.000
3.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don5.78.3330.113.933
4.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow5.78.0330.113.633
5.Maria PasekaMoscow5.48.03313.433
6.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary5.48.03313.433
7.Lilia AkhaimovaSt. Petersburg5.57.90013.400
8.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk5.27.6000.112.700

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Viktor BritanChelyabinsk6.08.46714.46714.700
2.Roman SuetinYekaterinburg6.08.83314.83314.183
3.Nikita LezhankinYekaterinburg5.28.90014.10014.150
4.Pavel PavlovPenza5.68.0330.113.53313.200
5.Alexei BykovRostov-on-Don5.27.5000.312.40013.067
6.Ivan TsvetkovKostroma4.47.6000.111.90011.634

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir6.68.63315.233
2.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky6.88.40015.200
3.Roman SuetinYekaterinburg6.38.66714.967
4.David BelyavskyYekaterinburg6.67.96714.567
5.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary6.08.26714.267
6.Boris LozhkinRostov-on-Don5.78.46714.167
7.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk6.36.63312.933
8.Pavel PavlovPenza5.07.70012.700

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky6.78.40015.100
2.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir6.77.93314.633
3.Igor PakhomenkoLeninsk-Kuznetsky6.97.73314.633
4.Ivan StretovichNovosibirsk6.18.36714.467
5.Andrei CherkasovLeninsk-Kuznetsky6.08.13314.133
6.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk5.96.93312.833
7.Sergei StepanovCheboksary4.87.16711.967
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Komova, Kuksenkov Win At Russian Cup
(13 votes, average 4.08 out of 5)

2012 Olympians Denis Ablyazin, David Belyavsky, Viktoria Komova and Nikolai Kuksenkov won gold medals in Saturday's apparatus finals at the 2014 Russian Cup in Penza. Pictured: Komova's coach Gennady Yelfimov, Aliya Mustafina, Komova, Daria Spirdinova, judge Ksenia Semyonova Ablyazina during the uneven bars award ceremony.

2012 Olympians Denis Ablyazin, David Belyavsky, Viktoria Komova and Nikolai Kuksenkov won gold medals in Saturday's apparatus finals at the 2014 Russian Cup in Penza.

Komova uprgaded her uneven bars routine (adding an inside-Stalder full to Tkatchev) to take the uneven bars gold medal over all-around champion Aliya Mustafina by one-tenth of a point. Daria Spiridonova won the bronze medal.

Komova, who is still recovering from a nagging ankle injury, competed uneven bars only in Penza. She said she hopes to be ready on balance beam to join Russia's team at the world championships in Nanning, China.

Alla Sotnitskaya won the women's vault title with a double-twisting Yurchenko and layout Podkopayeva. Veteran Tatiana Nabiyeva took second (double-twisting Yurchenko and Podkopayeva) while top qualifier Maria Paseka crashed her Amanar to place third.

Belyavsky, who was second in the all-around on Wednesday, won the men's floor exercise title (full-twisting double layout; 1 1/2 to double-twisting front; piked Arabian double front; Thomas; 2 1/2 layout front full; stuck triple twist). Top qualifier Denis Ablyazin withdrew from the final after falls on floor and vault during Thursday's team final.

Kuksenkov, a 2012 Olympian for Ukraine, won the gold medal on pommel horse with 15.600 (7.0 Difficulty), topping Belyavsky (15.000) and junior Ivan Stretovich (14.433)

Ablyazin, who recently married 2008 Olympian Ksenia Semyonova, took the title on still rings with 15.600. Pavel Pavlov (15.133) finished second over all-around champion Nikita Ignatyev (15.100).

Competition concludes Sunday with the second day of apparatus finals. The competition will be webcast live on the Russian Gymnastics Federation's official website.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2014 Russian Cup
Aug. 30, Penza

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow5.88.80014.60014.534
2.Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg5.88.90014.70014.317
3.Maria PasekaMoscow6.37.8670.313.86714.117
4.Lilia AkhaimovaSt. Petersburg5.08.83313.83313.783
5.Kristina KruglikovaVladimir5.08.73313.73313.683
6.Anastasia CheongSt. Petersburg5.08.3330.113.23313.350
7.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk5.08.63313.63312.867
8.Anna VanyushkinaVeliky Novgorod4.48.33312.73312.600

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Viktoria KomovaVoronezh6.58.86715.367
2.Aliya MustafinaMoscow6.38.96715.267
3.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow6.48.53314.933
4.Yekaterina KramarenkoSt. Petersburg6.08.76714.767
5.Tatiana NabiyevaSt. Petersburg6.08.20014.200
6.Anna RodionovaYoshkar-Ola5.98.16714.067
7.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow5.88.13313.933
8.Maria KharenkovaRostov-on-Don5.78.03313.733

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.David BelyavskyYekaterinburg6.58.86715.367
2.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary6.08.63314.633
3.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk6.08.16714.167
4.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky6.37.50013.800
5.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk6.57.6670.413.767
6.Viktor BritanChelyabinsk6.17.8000.313.600
7.Roman SuetinYekaterinburg6.27.10013.300
8.Artur DalaloyanMoscow6.36.30012.600

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir7.08.60015.600
2.David BelyavskyYekaterinburg6.38.70015.000
3.Ivan StretovichNovosibirsk5.98.53314.433
4.Andrei PerevoznikovKorolyov7.07.30014.300
5.Matvei PetrovKaliningrad6.87.46714.267
6.Grigory ZyryanovKemerovo6.17.76713.867
7.Nikolai KovinovSyzran5.77.06712.767
8.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky5.77.00012.700

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Denis AblyazinMoscow6.88.80015.600
2.Pavel PavlovPenza6.58.63315.133
3.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky6.68.50015.100
4.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk6.68.46715.067
5.Mikhail KudashovChelyabinsk6.38.33314.633
6.Nikita LezhankinYekaterinburg6.08.43314.433
7.Artur DalaloyanMoscow5.68.66714.267
8.Roman SuetinYekaterinburg6.67.40014.000
Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 29 August 2014 23:34    PDF Print
US Men, Calvo Win Pan American Championships
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

The U.S. men's team and Colombia's Jossimar Calvo were golden Friday as the 2014 Pan American Championships began in Mississauga, Ont., Canada.

The competition is a qualifier for the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, with the top eight teams advancing to next year's event. The host Canadian team also is using the Pan American championships as a qualifier for Canada's team to October's world championships in China.

The United States topped the men's team competition, winning the gold medal by nearly six points ahead of Colombia, 352.550-346.800. Brazil, the reigning Pan American Games champion, finished third with 346.450.

The U.S. team – Jonathan Horton, Marvin Kimble, C.J. Maestas, Sean Melton, Eddie Penev and Brandon Wynn – earned the top team score on every event except vault. Penev suffered a knee injury on vault and was unable to finish the competition.

Brazil had the top team score on vault, with a high of 15.000 from Sergio Sasaki.

Calvo just edged Cuba's Manrique Bicet for the individual all-around title, 89.300-89.250. Melton won the bronze with 88.850.

2012 Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti (Brazil) had the top score of the day with 15.950 on still rings. Colombia's Jorge Hugo Giraldo had the second-best score of the competition with 15.650 on parallel bars.

Competition continues Saturday with the women's team and all-around competition.

External Link: Official Website

2014 Senior Pan American Gymnastics Championships
Aug. 29, Mississauga, Ont.

1.United States57.75057.50059.70057.70060.45059.450352.550
4.Puerto Rico57.20055.90057.40057.05056.60055.950340.100
12.Costa Rica51.40040.15049.10052.90051.55046.950292.050

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Jossimar Calvo6.014.6506.914.6006.315.0005.614.8006.914.7507.415.50089.300
2.Manrique Bicet6.314.7505.913.8506.614.7006.015.1006.715.5506.515.30089.250
3.Sean Melton6.114.7006.014.8006.114.5005.614.9006.315.3005.914.65088.850
4.C.J. Maestas6.314.7505.714.5006.714.1505.214.4006.014.9006.314.90087.600
5.Marvin Kimble6.014.0506.614.9006.114.8005.613.2006.515.2006.615.00087.150
6.Luis Rivera5.914.4505.914.6506.114.7505.214.2005.414.2505.714.40086.700
7.Tomas Gonzalez6.715.2505.213.6005.914.6506.014.7506.014.4505.613.85086.550
8.Jorge Giraldo5.612.8005.714.4006.114.6505.214.3006.415.6506.014.10085.900
9.Jonathan Horton6.414.2504.913.3006.414.9005.614.6005.914.4006.514.30085.750
10.Alexis Torres6.013.9505.812.6006.715.4505.214.4005.814.9005.313.85085.150
11.Lucas Bitencourt6.013.6505.614.0505.714.3005.213.9006.013.6505.914.75084.300
12.Sérgio Sasaki6.613.6504.510.1506.115.0006.015.0006.314.6006.915.60084.000
13.Robert Watson5.913.9005.312.7505.914.4504.814.1005.814.0505.714.70083.950
14.Caio Souza5.913.3005.613.2505.614.2505.614.7506.114.8005.513.25083.600
15.Jay Smith6.014.1505.813.4505.714.2005.613.4005.114.1005.313.95083.250
16.Randy Jose Leru6.314.9003.811.4005.714.0005.213.9506.514.6506.313.70082.600
17.Rafael Morales5.814.2005.814.2505.714.0505.214.2505.013.6005.012.25082.600
18.Adickxon Trejo5.713.7505.613.1505.713.7005.214.0505.614.1505.813.65082.450
19.Juan Raffo5.113.4005.413.4006.415.1505.214.3004.613.6003.712.50082.350
20.Rafael Torrecilla6.014.1505.813.5006.113.7004.813.5005.813.5005.713.95082.300
21.Mauro Martinez5.814.3004.712.6505.313.9505.214.2504.913.2004.413.15081.500
22.Nicolas Cordobo5.212.7504.813.1005.213.9004.814.0505.613.8505.413.60081.250
23.Javier Quezada5.713.8505.312.5005.614.1505.613.2005.714.1005.013.40081.200
24.Daniel Barreno5.813.9004.810.9005.413.7505.214.5005.814.0505.614.05081.150
25.Felipe Piña 5.513.9004.912.3505.213.7005.214.3004.613.3005.013.25080.800
26.Christian 5.313.7004.312.3505.213.9005.214.3005.012.7505.413.35080.350
27.Mathieu Csukassy6.013.2004.612.2005.914.0005.614.0505.413.9005.412.90080.250
28.Andres Arean5.512.9505.113.2505.013.6004.412.3505.214.0005.013.75079.900
29.Tarik Soto6.214.7004.212.4005.012.4005.414.6504.812.9004.812.50079.550
30.Carlos Carbonell5.313.5504.812.4506.214.0505.213.7005.213.9504.311.80079.500
31.Audrys Nin Reyes6.214.4004.211.5005.012.6006.014.9505.513.0505.612.15078.650
32.Jorge Alfredo Vega Lopez6.514.7504.310.3005.313.3505.615.1005.012.3504.612.60078.450
33.Luis Alberto Oquendo6.213.4504.512.0005.313.3505.213.8005.712.8505.112.95078.400
34.Juan Melchiori5.714.6004.812.4505.113.8004.813.4505.112.0004.211.05077.350
35.Daniel Vega5.213.4504.312.4004.612.1003.612.4504.412.8503.311.55074.800
36.Jose Quilla4.612.5504.510.7504.712.7004.413.6503.812.3004.912.05074.000
37.Mauricio Gallegos4.812.7005.511.7003.810.9504.411.6504.812.9505.113.60073.550
38.Boris Quiroz5.312.4505.111.1005.212.4004.413.6505.013.1502.79.90072.650
39.Jhonny Muñoz5.514.0006.414.4505.213.9006.314.8506.114.60071.800
40.Alejandro Mendez4.412.3003.810.2004.512.4503.612.8003.813.0003.510.95071.700
41.Renato Deza4.712.4005.211.5503.511.0004.413.6003.811.9503.011.10071.600
42.Christhian Meneses5.011.4503.711.4004.812.4005.214.1504.611.0003.310.80071.200
43.Pablo Candray5.413.0504.910.7003.911.7505.213.9504.410.5503.110.55070.550
44.Diego Hypólito6.815.3005.012.7505.614.8005.214.2004.713.25070.300
45.Carlos Cal]5.813.9506.314.5004.413.4005.913.9505.914.40070.200
46.Jackson Payne6.214.2505.314.0504.813.2006.013.4506.715.10070.050
47.Arian Leon4.512.6504.410.8503.811.0004.412.1004.112.3003.711.15070.050
48.Alejandro Chumacero5.111.9003.910.5003.511.0504.411.8003.711.9502.911.25068.450
49.Tristian Perez6.014.1005.512.7005.213.7505.713.8505.313.65068.050
50.Jostyn Fuenmayor5.112.5005.613.9005.913.9005.614.0004.813.15067.450
51.Kevin Ricardo Gastelum4.013.0505.213.8005.214.3005.312.6504.813.50067.300
52.Herón Ruiz4.012.7505.012.3005.613.9505.614.0005.213.80066.800
53.Marco Antonio Riveros4.111.6503.59.8002.710.2503.612.5503.911.4003.510.45066.100
54.William Albert1.52.2004.312.3004.612.5505.214.1505.012.9504.811.55065.700
55.William Andres Balboa4.410.9503.25.1504.212.1504.413.0003.711.8502.710.70063.800
56.Javier Gonzalez2.34.8506.414.8005.214.4506.214.8005.713.95062.850
57.Javier Sandoval5.813.9006.214.5506.915.0506.314.80058.300
58.Alexander Rodriguez5.714.4505.614.3005.214.7005.514.05057.500
59.Federico Molinari6.815.2005.214.5005.614.1005.013.55057.350
60.Francisco Barretto5.814.4506.013.5005.914.5006.414.70057.150
61.Michael Mayta4.310.6003.04.1003.19.8503.612.0503.810.6002.49.45056.650
62.Jose Manuel Gallardo4.011.1002.25.3002.810.2003.611.9002.88.4502.26.55053.500
63.Junior Rojo5.311.6005.414.0505.614.0005.313.35053.000
64.Scott Nabata5.013.3005.412.3005.613.3005.513.95052.850
65.Jaime Morán 5.714.1505.113.1504.814.1004.811.30052.700
66.Joel Alvarez4.511.8505.513.7005.013.6005.312.60051.750
67.Xavier Veloz5.512.8004.711.6503.612.4504.110.80047.700
68.Brandon Wynn0.00.0006.915.5006.615.0506.014.90045.450
69.Arthur Zanetti6.415.0006.815.9505.613.65044.600
70.Daniel Barron6.114.9005.914.3006.314.30043.500
71.Simon Porter5.713.7006.114.5005.214.35042.550
72.Mario Berrios5.913.5504.813.9504.112.60040.100
73.Jose Luis Fuentes6.113.6505.914.4505.211.65039.750
74.Juan Pablo Gonzalez6.014.5005.614.65029.150
75.Yesid Peña 6.213.5505.213.85027.400
76.Angel Gabriel Perez5.312.6505.213.6000.00.00026.250
77.Nicolás Bracco4.813.3504.612.90026.250
78.Jesus Rivera4.813.1504.612.55025.700
79.Henrry Terrero5.812.4005.613.0500.00.00025.450
80.Andres Valerde3.712.8004.511.95024.750
81.Eddie Penev5.813.80013.800

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