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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Tuesday, 19 August 2014 10:17    PDF Print
Regini-Moran Wins Youth Olympic Games
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Great Britain's Giarnni Regini-Moran won the all-around gold medal Tuesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Great Britain's Giarnni Regini-Moran won the all-around gold medal Tuesday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Regini-Moran, the top qualifier from Sunday's preliminaries, proved unbeatable in the final. The latest sensation from Great Britain easily won the all-around by more than a point and a half, scoring 84.725 to 83.050 from silver medalist Nikita Nagorny (Russia). U.S. gymnast Alec Yoder won the bronze (82.800).

Regini-Moran grabbed the early lead in the first rotation with the highest score of the day, 14.900, on floor exercise. He held onto the lead with the best scores on vault (Tsukahara 2 1/2 for 14.850) and parallel bars (14.400). He clinched his title on high bar with Kovacs and Tkatchev releases and a stuck full-twisting double layout.

Nagorny had the second-best score on still rings (13.950) and matched Regini-Moran on vault for a handspring double front. Yoder was the only gymnast of the day to score over 14.00 on pommel horse (14.100) but managed just 13.100 on still rings. Sitting in fifth after five rotations, Yoder jumped up to third with the best score on high bar (Kolman; stuck layout double-double; 13.850).

Hungary's Botand Kardos, third after five rotations, settled for fourth ahead of China's Ma Yue. Ma had the best score on still rings (14.000) but lost a chance for a medal with a fall on high bar on his layout double-double dismount.

Competition continues Wednesday in Nanjing with the women's all-around final. The competition is broadcast live and on demand at

External Link: Official Website

2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 19, Nanjing

Men's All-Around FinalFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran14.90013.32513.55014.85014.40013.70084.725
2.Nikita Nagorny13.55013.80013.95014.85013.30013.60083.050
3.Alec Yoder13.65014.10013.10014.25013.85013.85082.800
4.Botond Kardos14.30013.90012.85014.50014.10013.00082.650
5.Ma Yue14.30013.65014.00014.45013.35012.30082.050
6.Vladyslav Hryko14.00014.05013.35013.95013.62512.95081.925
7.Kenya Yuasa14.10012.85013.05013.10013.85013.85080.800
8.Zachari Hrimeche13.90012.55013.00014.20013.40013.70080.750
9.Luka van den Keybus13.35012.40012.70013.65013.60013.45079.150
10.Artem Dolgopyat13.85013.25012.20014.55011.70012.85078.400
11.Igor Takac13.15012.80013.05012.80013.55012.90078.250
12.Nils Dunkel13.55012.85011.90013.55013.05012.75077.650
13.Marco Pfyl14.00012.80012.70013.95012.25011.32577.025
14.Mohamed Elhamy Aly13.50011.45012.45014.20012.70012.50076.800
15.Yerbol Jantykov13.40012.60013.05013.05013.0009.90075.000
16.Andres Martinez13.85011.10010.30014.10012.05013.37574.775
17.Vladimir Tushev12.60010.65013.60013.40013.40011.00074.650
18.Phay Xing Loo12.95012.30011.62513.00012.65012.00074.525
Written by Amanda Turner    Monday, 18 August 2014 08:15    PDF Print
Tutkhalyan Tops Qualification in Nanjing
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Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan topped the women's qualification Monday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan topped the women's qualification Monday as the 2014 Youth Olympic Games continued in Nanjing, China.

The 2nd Youth Olympic Games, which officially opened Saturday, includes more than 3,600 athletes from 201 nations competing in 28 sports. The artistic gymnastics competition is for female gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1997 and 1998.

Tutkhalyan, competing in the third and final session of qualification, edged Great Britain's Ellie Downie, 53.650-53.500. Both gymnasts committed major errors in qualification but had their high marks on vault with double-twisting Yurchenkos. Downie struggled on uneven bars (11.600) while Tutkhalyan had a break on uneven bars (extra swing after Maloney transition) and fell off balance beam (round off, two-foot layout).

Romania's Laura Jurca, also competing the third session, qualified in third place (53.250). China's own Wang Yan qualified fourth just behind Jurca (53.200) and impressed for 14.750 on balance beam (barani; switch ring; ff, ff, two-foot layout; tuck front; triple twist dismount). Wang landed low on her double-twisting Tsukahara and scored just 11.250 on floor exercise after falling on her first two passes (1 1/2 to triple twist; tucked full-in).

Brazil's Flavia Saraiva, sixth all-around, had the high mark on floor exercise (13.650) with her delightful and eflish routine (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to layout front full; double pike; triple twist).

Competition continues Tuesday in Nanjing with the men's all-around final at 7 p.m. local time. The competition will be shown live on the official webcast at

External Link: Official Website

2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 18, Nanjing

Women's QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Seda Tutkhalyan14.60013.00012.90013.15053.650
2.Ellie Downie14.90011.60013.50013.50053.500
3.Laura Jurca14.40012.80013.35012.70053.250
4.Wang Yan13.95013.25014.75011.25053.200
5.Iosra Abdelaziz14.00013.10013.25012.80053.150
6.Flavia Saraiva13.75012.15013.20013.65052.750
7.Antonia Alicke13.55012.35012.75012.75051.400
8.Stephanie Hernandez13.55012.15012.95012.45051.100
9.Sae Miyakawa14.75012.85012.00011.30050.900
10.Camille Bahl13.85011.90012.30012.45050.500
11.Gaia Nesurini13.60011.97512.65012.20050.425
12.Ava Verdeflor13.10012.45012.70011.95050.200
13.Sydney Townsend13.30012.02511.55012.50049.375
14.Nadine Joy Nathan13.50011.15012.30012.37549.325
15.Tutya Yilmaz14.05010.30011.80012.80048.950
16.Boglarka Devai13.65012.00011.15012.10048.900
17.Natallia Yakubava12.85011.65013.15011.05048.700
18.Veronika Cenkova13.20010.30013.10011.80048.400
19.Millie Williamson13.60011.15012.20011.40048.350
20.Martine Skregelid12.85010.55012.75011.85048.000
21.Veronika Orlova13.70010.15011.85012.20047.900
22.Paola Moreira13.50010.50011.70012.10047.800
23.Rahma Aldulaimi13.70010.90010.85012.15047.600
24.Arailym Khanseiitova12.40010.70012.40011.95047.450
25.Isa Maassen12.50011.00012.05011.55047.100
26.Nada Ayman Ibrahim13.5008.50012.70011.80046.500
27.Sara Raposeiro13.2509.80010.87512.35046.275
28.Agustina Santamaria12.8008.25012.45012.35045.850
29.Evangelia Monokrousou13.3509.95011.40011.15045.850
30.Laura Pardo13.75010.6509.80011.40045.600
31.Ceyda Sirbu13.1508.82511.80011.80045.575
32.Katherine Godinez12.5008.95012.15011.30044.900
33.Mammule Rankoe12.35011.25010.60010.40044.600
34.Park Hana12.1509.75011.00010.82543.725
35.Ana Karina Mendez13.3259.7008.70011.90043.625
36.Maria Sileoni13.3507.45010.75012.05043.600
37.Morgan Lloyd11.7007.90010.35011.30041.250
38.Fatimah Saadi Al-Tameemi12.3507.40010.20010.00039.950
39.Rahma Mastouri12.7008.3008.60010.00039.600
40.Ahlem Mokhtari12.5503.3259.5007.75033.125
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 17 August 2014 12:36    PDF Print
Regini-Moran Leads Qualification in Nanjing
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Great Britain's Giarnni Regini-Moran earned the top qualification spot as gymnastics competition began Sunday at the 2nd Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China.

The 2nd Youth Olympic Games, which officially opened Saturday, includes more than 3,600 athletes from 201 nations competing in 28 sports. The artistic gymnastics competition is for female gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1997 and 1998. Sunday's gymnastics competition featured the men's qualification for the all-around and apparatus finals.

Regini-Moran, who competed in the second of two qualification sessions, scored 84.400 to top first-session leader Nikita Nagorny of Russia (84.400) and Hungary's Botond Kardos (83.275).

Regini-Moran, who turned 16 on Aug. 2, had the top scores on floor exercise (14.700), vault (14.950) and parallel bars (14.300).

Ukraine's Vladyslav Hryko, who qualified fourth all-around, was the top qualifier on pommel horse (14.150), while China's Ma Yue led still rings (14.200).

Nagorny and Japan's Kenya Yuasa, fifth all-around, tied for the highest score on high bar (13.800).

China's Yang Wei, the 2008 Olympic all-around champion, was among the judges for Sunday's competition.

Competition continues Monday in Nanjing with the women's qualification. The competition will be shown live on the official webcast at

External Link: Official Website

2014 Youth Olympic Games
Aug. 17, Nanjing

Men's QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran14.70013.70013.25014.95014.30013.50084.400
2.Nikita Nagorny13.90013.90013.90013.95014.05013.80083.500
3.Botond Kardos14.05013.77513.45014.55014.05013.40083.275
4.Vladyslav Hryko13.70014.15013.30014.10013.30013.15081.700
5.Kenya Yuasa13.95012.40013.05014.10013.90013.80081.200
6.Alec Yoder13.25013.80013.15014.30013.60012.45080.550
7.Zachari Hrimeche13.85012.65013.35013.85013.30013.50080.500
8.Ma Yue13.67513.45014.25014.30013.10011.70080.475
9.Nils Dunkel12.75013.40013.20014.15013.40013.05079.950
10.Artem Dolgopyat13.97513.10012.60014.45012.50012.90079.525
11.Luka van den Keybus13.60012.55012.90013.77513.30013.25079.375
12.Marco Pfyl13.65013.05013.15013.80013.30012.00078.950
13.Andres Martinez13.65011.55012.42513.90012.65013.50077.675
14.Mohamed Elhamy Aly13.70010.65012.92514.25013.00012.95077.475
15.Igor Takac12.95013.10013.20012.55012.50012.95077.250
16.Loo Phay Xing13.15013.50011.50012.80013.57512.50077.025
17.Yerbol Jantykov13.10012.25012.95013.30012.55012.60076.750
18.Vladimir Tushev12.85012.60013.95013.30012.67511.30076.675
19.Rene Cournoyer12.65010.75012.95014.30012.00013.65076.300
20.Emil Soravuo13.20010.95012.70014.40012.50012.45076.200
21.Jakov Vlahek12.87513.65011.45012.95012.97512.15076.050
22.Kjell Kim Vanstrom12.55011.85012.15013.40012.95012.35075.250
23.Clay Mason Stephens11.90010.50012.85014.70013.05011.65074.650
24.Nattipong Aeadwong13.20013.00012.00013.95011.40011.05074.600
25.Johannes Mairoser11.65011.05012.80013.30012.90012.85074.550
26.Abhijeet Kumar12.65013.00010.00013.60012.65012.25074.150
27.Ilya Yakauleu13.1009.07513.45013.90011.30013.15073.975
28.Lim Myongwoo13.75011.40013.30013.1509.10013.05073.750
29.Timur Kadirov11.45013.70011.45014.10011.35011.60073.650
30.Andres Perez12.15011.10010.85013.95012.67512.90073.625
31.Lucas Cardoso12.60012.32511.25013.70011.00012.75073.625
32.Antonios Tantalidis12.90011.80012.95013.77511.55010.55073.525
33.Yazan Abandeh12.65011.75011.00013.65012.40011.05072.500
34.Tran Dinh Vuong12.40010.80012.80012.55011.67512.20072.425
35.Luis Pizarro12.75012.10010.90012.60010.80011.50070.650
36.Muhammad Mia12.15012.15010.80012.1509.75011.30068.300
37.Kevin Espinosa10.65010.80011.45012.20011.25011.50067.850
38.Patricio Razo12.1505.55012.27514.45011.4009.62565.450
39.Hamza Hajjaji11.8507.7502.25012.8508.7509.65053.100
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Biles, Chiles Win Secret U.S. Classic
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World champion Simone Biles and junior Jordan Chiles won the all-around titles at the Secret U.S. Classic, held Saturday in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

World champion Simone Biles and junior Jordan Chiles won the all-around titles at the Secret U.S. Classic, held Saturday in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Biles, who had been nursing a shoulder injury earlier in the year, made her successful 2014 debut Saturday by winning the senior title. She had the top score on vault with 15.900 (Amanar), and nearly matched that on floor exercise with 15.800 (tucked double-double; double layout-half out; double layout; tucked full-in). She also hit cleanly on uneven bars (14.750) and balance beam (15.250) to win the title by more than 1.5 points.

Defending champion Kyla Ross, second to Biles at the 2013 World Championships, performed cleanly across all four events to take the silver in the all-around. The 2012 Olympian also tied Biles for the gold medal on balance beam. Twin City Twisters' Maggie Nichols, third at the Tokyo World Cup in April, won the bronze.

Chiles, who trains at Naydenov Gymnastics in Vancouver, Wa., comfortably won the junior gold medal with 57.350. Nia Dennis (56.750) of Buckeye Gymnastics took second over Norah Flatley (56.450) from Chow's Gymnastics.

The Secret U.S. Classic is the final qualification event for the upcoming U.S. national championships, taking place Aug. 20-24 in Pittsburgh. All routines are available online at USA Gymnastics' YouTube channel.

External Link: USA Gymnastics

2014 Secret U.S. Classic
Aug. 2, Hoffman Estates, Ill.

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Simone BilesWorld Champions6.315.9005.814.7506.415.2506.615.80061.700
2.Kyla RossGym-Max5.915.2005.915.0006.115.2505.714.60060.050
3.Maggie NicholsTwin City Twisters5.814.5006.214.7005.714.1005.814.30057.600
4.Rachel GoweyChow's6.313.8505.814.1506.314.8505.614.15057.000
5.MyKayla SkinnerDesert Lights6.415.0005.613.5005.514.2506.313.40056.150
6.Amelia HundleyCincinnati5.013.9005.813.8005.113.5005.714.25055.450
7.Alyssa BaumannWOGA5.814.2005.813.6005.814.3005.712.65054.750
8.Melissa ReinstadtlerRebound5.013.9005.210.3505.112.8005.613.30050.350
9.Samantha OgdenWOGA5.013.4005.412.3505.311.6505.211.80049.200
10.Felicia HanoGym-Max5.914.7000.00.0005.312.7005.213.35040.750
11.Ashton LocklearEverest6.615.7005.814.55030.250
12.Madison KocianWOGA6.315.4005.813.55028.950
13.Madison DeschGAGE5.812.2005.513.00025.200
14.Macy ToronjoTexas Dreams5.411.5505.212.40023.950
15.Veronica HultsTexas Dreams6.014.50014.500
16.Brenna DowellGAGE5.611.20011.200

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Jordan ChilesNaydenov5.814.9005.414.1005.614.4005.713.95057.350
2.Nia DennisBuckeye5.814.7505.814.4505.914.4505.813.10056.750
3.Norah FlatleyChow's5.013.6005.614.1506.215.1005.613.60056.450
3.Deanne SozaArete5.814.4005.614.2005.813.9005.513.95056.450
5.Jazmyn FobergMG Elite5.814.4005.913.8005.514.2505.813.70056.150
6.Maile O'KeefeSalcianu5.013.8005.013.6505.814.3505.414.10055.900
7.Megan SkaggsGym Academy Atlanta5.814.3005.614.1005.413.5005.413.70055.600
8.Christina DesiderioParkettes5.814.1005.013.2505.913.6005.713.90054.850
9.Rachel BaumannWOGA5.013.5004.212.7005.614.4505.214.00054.650
9.Lauren NavarroGliders5.813.8005.413.8005.613.6005.313.45054.650
11.Marissa OakleyPhenom5.013.6005.013.5505.614.1505.213.30054.600
12.Emily GaskinsCincinnati5.014.0005.113.7505.814.4005.112.35054.500
13.Ragan SmithTexas Dreams5.813.1005.313.6506.013.3505.714.35054.450
14.Shilese JonesAuburn5.814.0005.012.9505.213.3005.713.80054.050
15.Margzetta FrazierParkettes5.013.6005.113.8005.213.4005.113.00053.800
16.Abby PaulsonTwin City Twisters5.013.1505.313.6505.413.2005.313.50053.500
17.Victoria NguyenChow's4.412.9005.412.7506.013.7505.714.00053.400
18.Morgan HurdFirst State5.013.2504.312.5004.713.6005.413.65053.000
19.Alyona ShchennikovaTIGAR5.013.3505.313.1004.913.4005.213.05052.900
20.Delanie HarknessTwistars USA5.013.2505.213.7505.312.7005.013.10052.800
21.Lexy RamlerKidSport5.013.9005.513.7004.611.9005.013.25052.750
21.Megan FreedParkettes5.813.9005.113.0005.312.6005.513.25052.750
23.Rachael FlamStars-Houston5.013.5005.412.9005.112.5005.213.60052.500
24.Elena ArenasGeorgia Elite5.013.5004.613.2504.812.6505.013.05052.450
24.Taylor LawsonParkettes5.013.7005.012.9005.112.9505.412.90052.450
26.Maggie MusselmanHill's5.013.6505.512.5005.512.5505.313.65052.350
27.Olivia TrautmanTwin City Twisters5.813.8503.810.5005.413.9005.514.00052.250
28.Aria BruschCincinnati5.013.4005.312.3504.913.2005.113.15052.100
29.Adriana PoppGirls Co-Op5.013.3004.111.8505.613.1005.313.80052.050
30.Bailey FerrerOrlando Metro5.013.6005.112.6504.812.6505.113.10052.000
31.Sydney Johnson-ScharpfBrandy Johnson's5.013.5005.011.2505.613.9005.313.25051.900
32.Shania AdamsBuckeye5.013.0504.011.8505.113.6505.212.15050.700
33.Olivia DunneEast Natl Acad5.013.0004.512.0005.512.0505.113.30050.350
34.Abigail MatthewsCincinnati5.012.3505.312.8005.012.7505.112.10050.000
35.Caitlin SmithParamount Elite5.012.1004.911.4505.613.4504.512.85049.850
36.Hannah JoynerFirst in Flight5.013.7003.910.9505.412.1505.212.90049.700
37.Kailey GillingsStars-Houston4.412.8004.212.4504.912.3004.611.80049.350
38.McKenna AppletonHill's4.012.3504.712.8504.810.4004.813.10048.700
39.Makenzie SedlacekIGI5.013.2004.89.5505.312.7004.912.75048.200
40.Adeline KenlinIowa Gym-Nest5.013.0004.110.0505.611.5505.113.05047.650
41.Anastasia WebbIGI4.810.6505.213.0505.112.60036.300
42.Madison RauCypress Academy5.013.1505.210.5505.011.95035.650
43.Grace QuinnTexas Dreams5.413.9005.113.60027.500
44.Alexis VasquezChow's5.013.5505.213.65027.200
45.Gabby PereaLegacy Elite5.413.60013.600
46.Molly FrackParkettes5.213.30013.300
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English Men, Women Golden in Glasgow
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The English teams grabbed both golds Tuesday at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Pictured: The English women celebrate their team gold.

The English teams grabbed both golds Tuesday at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

The quadrennial Commonwealth Games are a multi-sport event featuring the countries from around the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth), including Australia, Canada, India, South Africa and New Zealand. The individual nations of the United Kingdom compete separately, with teams including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

The 2014 edition includes nearly 5,000 athletes from 71 teams competing in 18 sports. The Commonwealth Games features mostly Olympic sports, but also sports such as cricket and rugby

The gymnastics competition featured a new format for the team event, with the competition divided over two days. It began Monday with the women competing vault and uneven bars, while the men competed floor exercise, pommel horse and still rings.

Among the audience watching on day one were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince William and Kate Middleton – along with Prince Harry.

The English teams dominated from day one and comfortably grabbed the gold medals Tuesday by significant margins of victory.

The English women's team of Becky Downie, Claudia Fragapone, Ruby Harrold, Kelly Simm and Hannah Whelan won the gold medal over defending champion Australia by nearly 5 points, 167.555-161.646.

"Everyone has come out fighting for each other," said Whelan, a 2008 and 2012 Olympian. "We've had some small errors but we’ve battled through and it means so much to us. I'm very proud of us all; to have won this gold with these girls is definitely one of the most special moments of my career."

Wales won the bronze medal with 160.095, edging Canada (159.563) by just over half a point.

"We all just burst into tears I couldn’t even stand up," Welsh gymnast Jessica Hogg said. "We are so, so proud and excited to have done this for Team Wales.

In the men's competition, England took gold by nearly 10 points over host Scotland, 266.804-257.603. Canada won the bronze with 252.078.

The English squad included four members of Great Britain's bronze medal team from the 2012 Olympic Games – Sam Oldham, Louis Smith, Kristian Thomas and Max Whitlock – and rising star Nile Wilson, who won five gold medals.

Day two began on a sour note for England, as Sam Oldham injured his knee on his vault landing and had to be pulled from the lineup. But the English squad proved unbeatable in Glasgow.

"Today has been a brilliant experience despite what happened to Sam, Smiths said. "We had to concentrate on what we needed to do and it put a bit of pressure on a few of us with three scores to count but we did the job and we’ve had fun doing it. We love the Commonwealth Games and it has been a great experience."

Olympic veterans Dan Purvis and Dan Keatings led the host team to second place with a strong showing.

"This is just awesome," Keatings said. "We are all so proud. We've worked hard together for this medal, there was a bit of pressure but we all rose to the occasion and sued the energy of the crowd. To win a first team medal for our country feels amazing."

Competition continues Wednesday with the men's and women's all-around finals.

External Link: Official Website

2014 Commonwealth Games
July 28-29, Glasgow

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. England 41.899 43.974 41.416 40.266 167.555
2. Australia 39.432 41.566 42.316 38.332 161.646
3. Wales 39.132 41.532 39.866 39.565 160.095
4. Canada 40.399 42.299 37.433 39.432 159.563
5. Scotland 38.132 41.299 36.198 35.966 151.595
6. South Africa 37.365 41.566 37.199 35.233 151.363
7. Singapore 36.899 39.774 34.733 37.166 148.572
8. Malaysia 37.707 40.465 31.499 34.765 144.436
9. Northern Ireland 35.565 38.399 32.366 33.999 140.329
10. Isle of Man 36.999 39.466 30.066 32.949 139.480
11. India 33.757 39.766 28.066 32.765 134.354
12. New Zealand 26.424 41.232 35.365 24.466 127.487
13. Sri Lanka 26.899 37.799 19.733 25.699 110.130
14. Malta 21.232 35.699 16.099 19.600 92.630

1. England 45.391 45.066 43.349 44.933 43.466 44.599 266.804
2. Scotland 42.932 41.733 42.575 43.532 43.799 43.032 257.603
3. Canada 42.999 38.665 43.716 42.999 42.166 41.533 252.078
4. Australia 41.665 37.965 41.874 41.915 42.090 41.432 246.941
5. Wales 42.299 40.208 39.832 39.815 39.566 39.665 241.385
6. New Zealand 39.724 38.182 41.133 41.015 40.532 38.065 238.651
7. India 41.666 36.699 41.232 40.274 39.582 36.399 235.852
8. Cyprus 38.666 34.932 39.733 40.148 39.557 40.833 233.869
9. South Africa 40.266 35.798 38.933 41.266 38.532 34.899 229.694
10. Singapore 40.807 34.293 35.332 42.432 38.465 35.507 226.842
11. Isle of Man 37.358 32.899 29.465 37.665 37.508 34.358 209.253

International Gymnast magazine's features on 2014 Commonwealth Games competitors includes:

"Golden Surprise" - Lauren Mitchell cover photo and profile (January/February 2011)
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"Canadian Diversity" - Ellie Black profile (July/August 2013)
"Black to Business" - Ellie Black interview (November 2012)
"Aiming to Top the Charts" - Maegan Chant interview (October 2013)
Nathan Gafuik interview (July/August 2010)
"Making Tracks" – profile on Scott Morgan of Canada (December 2013)
Isabela Onyshko profile (August 2014)

Becky Downie cover photo and interview (June 2014)
"European Brilliance" - interview with Ruby Harrold (September 2013)
Sam Oldham on cover photo collage (July/August 2010)
Oldham interview (June 2010)
"Royal Treatment" - Louis Smith profile (December 2008)
"Divide and Conquer" – interview with Kristian Thomas of England (May 2012)
"Lord Max" – Max Whitlock interview (June 2013)
"Lilleshall: Backstage in Britain" – cover story on British national program (November 2011)

"Jamaican American" – Toni-Ann Williams profile (March 2014)

Lim Heem Wei profile (June 2012)

Northern Ireland
"Shooting Star" - profile on Sarah Beck (January/February 2009)
"Rising Irishman" - profile on Matthew Cosgrave (December 2007)
"Room to Grow" – feature on IG's visit to Salto Gymnastics Club (March 2009)

Daniel Keatings interview and center poster (June 2009)
"Nervous Purvis" – Daniel Purvis profile (November 2012)
"Pure Purvis" – Purvis interview (March 2012)
Purvis cover photo (November 2011)

"Sibling Revelry" - profile on Angel Romaeo of Wales (September 2010)
"Welsh Wisdom" - Raer Theaker profile (October 2013)

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