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Competition Reports
Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 06 November 2016 14:54    PDF Print
Kysla, Vernyayev Repeat as Swiss Cup Champs
(2 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Ukrainian Olympians Angelina Kysla and Oleg Vernyayev captured the Swiss Cup on Sunday in Zurich, becoming the first pair to win back-to-back titles at the long-running event.

Ukrainian Olympians Angelina Kysla and Oleg Vernyayev captured the Swiss Cup on Sunday in Zurich, becoming the first pair to win back-to-back titles at the long-running event.

The Swiss Cup pairs a female and male gymnast, each competing one event per round. Six teams advance to the semifinal and three teams advance to the final. The gymnasts cannot compete the same event through the first three rounds of competition, but can compete any event in the three-team final. (Gymnasts who choose to compete on vault must show two different vaults for an average of the two scores.)

Third after the first round, the Ukrainian duo saved their best for last, putting up the top total of the day in the finale (29.575). Kysla averaged 13.775 on vault and Olympic champion Vernyayev earned 15.800 on parallel bars.

Germany's Kim Bui and Marcel Nguyen grabbed the early lead in the first round, but ultimately finished second (28.925) in the finale, where Bui earned 13.875 on vault and Nguyen 15.050 on still rings.

Russians Angelina Melnikova and Nikita Ignatyev qualified second to the finale, but wound up third (27.800) after Melnikova fell off uneven bars on her Jaeger (12.900).

Kysla, who recently married fellow Olympian Igor Radivilov, and Vernyayev will split the $30,000 prize money for finishing first. The runners-up take home $15,000 and the third-place team $10,000.

The Swiss pair of Ilaria Käslin and Pablo Brägger finished fourth, missing the cutoff for the finale. The mixed-pair of Jessica López (Venezuela) and Arthur Nory Mariano (Brazil) finished fifth over a second Swiss team of Caterina Barloggio and Eddy Yusof.

A second German team of Leah Griesser and Lukas Dauser finished seventh ahead of France's Anne Kuhm and Julien Gobaux. Dutch pair Eythora Thorsdottir and Bart Deurloo and Canada's Victoria-Kayen Woo and René Cournoyer rounded out the lineup.

The only other double winners of the Swiss Cup are Germans Elisabeth Seitz and Fabian Hambüchen, who won in 2010 and 2012.

External Link: Official website

34th Swiss Cup
Nov. 6, 2016, Zurich

TeamRound 1Round 2SemifinalFinale
1. Ukraine 28.700 58.050 86.050 29.575
Angelina Kysla 5.6 13.800 13.650 5.8 13.000 13.775
Oleg Vernyayev 6.9 14.900 7.0 15.700 6.5 15.000 7.1 15.800
2. Germany 1 29.050 57.950 85.550 28.925
Kim Bui 5.7 14.150 13.950 5.2 13.550 13.875
Marcel Nguyen 6.4 14.900 6.1 14.950 5.9 14.050 6.4 15.050
3. Russia 28.800 56.750 85.750 27.800
Angelina Melnikova 6.1 14.000 6.2 13.600 5.8 14.300 5.4 12.900
Nikita Ignatyev 6.2 14.800 5.9 14.350 6.2 14.700 6.4 14.900
4. Switzerland 1 28.500 57.400 84.650
Ilaria Käslin 5.4 13.400 5.3 13.700 5.3 13.450
Pablo Brägger 6.5 15.100 6.9 15.200 6.5 13.800
5. Venezuela/Brazil 28.875 56.375 84.575
Jessica López 6.1 14.250 5.1 13.450 5.4 13.900
Arthur Nory Mariano 14.625 5.9 14.050 6.3 14.300
6. Switzerland 2 26.900 55.000 82.350
Caterina Barloggio 5.2 12.350 5.1 13.350 5.0 12.950
Eddy Yusof 6.1 14.550 6.0 14.750 6.3 14.400
7. Germany 2 27.700 54.700
Leah Griesser 5.4 12.350 4.9 13.200
Lukas Dauser 6.7 15.350 5.7 13.800
8. France 26.300 54.050
Anne Kuhm 5.2 12.350 5.1 13.300
Julien Gobaux 5.8 13.950 5.9 14.450
9. Netherlands 27.900 53.950
Eythora Thorsdottir 5.8 13.300 5.2 12.550
Bart Deurloo 6.4 14.600 5.9 13.500
10. Canada 27.500 53.950
Victoria-Kayen Woo 5.5 13.700 4.5 12.350
René Cournoyer 5.8 13.800 5.6 14.100

Swiss Cup Champions, 1982-2015

2015 Angelina Kysla Oleg Vernyayev
2014 Daria Spiridonova Nikita Ignatyev
2013 Larisa Iordache Andrei V. Muntean
2012 Elisabeth Seitz Fabian Hambüchen
2011 Giulia Steingruber Claudio Capelli
2010 Elisabeth Seitz Fabian Hambüchen
2009 Kim Bui Matthias Fahrig
2008 He Ning Lu Bo
2007 Steliana Nistor Flavius Koczi
2006 Oksana Chusovitina Jordan Jovtchev
2005 Han Bing Teng Haibin
2004 Catalina Ponor Marius Urzica
2003 Oana Ban Marian Dragulescu
2002 Monica Rosu Philippe Rizzo
2001 Silvia Stroescu Marian Dragulescu
2000 Yelena Zamolodchikova Alexei Bondarenko
1994-1999 Individual event competition
1993 Yelena Piskun Vitaly Scherbo
1992 Svetlana Boginskaya Vitaly Scherbo
1991 Shannon Miller Scott Keswick
1990 Natalia Laschenova Valery Belenky
1989 Kim Zmeskal Lance Ringnald
1988 Gabriela Potorac Marius Toba
1987 Daniela Silivas Nicusor Pascu
1986 Ecaterina Szabo Marian Rizan
1985 Yang Yanli Li Ning
1984 Simona Pauca Daniel Wunderlin
1983 Not Held
1982 Natalia Soloveya Dmitry Bilozerchev

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Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 05 November 2016 19:14    PDF Print
Padurariu, Canada Dominate Olympic Hopes Cup
(1 vote, average 5.00 out of 5)

Canada dominated the 11th Olympic Hopes Cup, held Thursday to Saturday in Liberec, Czech Republic, winning 14 out of 16 gold medals.

Canada's Ana Padurariu swept the women's competition at the Olympic Hopes Cup, held Thursday to Saturday in Liberec, Czech Republic. Canada dominated the men's portion of the competition, with seven of the eight gold medals.

The junior competition attracted more than 75 gymnasts from nine nations, including Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain and South Africa.

A strong squad of Canadian hopefuls delivered, winning both team and all-around titles. Ana Padurariu won all six gold medals in the women's competition, while Canadian junior champion William Émard won the all-around and two apparatus golds.

Canada scored 219.20 to win the competition by more than 10 points ahead of Great Britain (208.55), followed by the host Czech team (199.85). Great Britain, led by Amelie Morgan, performed well on vault but fell behind with low scores on bars and beam.

"The competition is called Olympic Hopes Cup, so we all came hoping to do our best and hopefully represent Canada in the future at Olympic Games," Padurariu said. "Our hope is to make the 2020 Olympics and this competition is a great start for the next Olympic cycle."

Padurariu, 14, trains under 1980 Olympic champion Yelena Davydova at Gemini Gymnastics in Ontario. Padurariu is of Romanian descent, as is her teammate Victoria Jurca of Quebec.

In the all-around, Padurariu (57.15) took the gold medal over Morgan (55.10). Padurariu's Gemini clubmate Jade Chrobok, who turns senior in 2017, won the all-around bronze (54.30).

The Canadian men scored 314.00 to take the team title over Hungary (310.90) and France (307.80)

"The competition was good today; it’s early in the year for us and a great warm up for the season," said Markos Baikas, junior and youth national team coach for Canada. "We had some higher expectations for the scoring, but are very happy with the results today."

In a tight all-around competition, Émard (78.70) took the title over Poland's Paweł Kaśków (78.60), with Canada's Ioannis Chronopoulos taking bronze (78.45).

The Canadian men won four golds in finals: Émard on still rings and vault, Anthony Tawfik on pommel horse, and Ioannis Chronopoulos in a three-way tie for first on high bar.

France's Tom Masia Pacholczyk won floor exercise. Hungary's Krisztián Balázs won parallel bars and tied for first on high bar with Chronopoulos and Poland's Kacper Garnczarek.

External Link: Official Website

11th Olympic Hopes Cup
October 3-5, Liberec, Czech Republic

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.   Canada57.0553.2054.6554.30219.20
Ana Padurariu14.4514.1014.6014.00
Jade Chrobok13.6513.2513.6013.80
Haley De Jong14.1011.8013.2013.35
Sophie Marois14.4512.9512.6512.80
Victoria Jurca14.0512.9013.2513.15
2.   Great Britain55.7549.5550.6552.60208.55
Taeja James14.0512.1012.6512.40
Scarlett Williams13.7012.0012.05
Amelie Morgan14.4513.3013.7513.60
Chiara Bunce13.4512.7011.6512.80
Zoe Simmons13.5512.1011.7013.55
Latalia Bevan12.4512.2513.05
3.  Czech Republic 153.8047.9047.1551.00199.85
Vendula Měrková13.1012.5013.3011.75
Adéla Měrková12.9012.3511.1013.25
Kristýna Brabcová13.209.9010.0511.60
Lucie Jiříková13.8511.8010.0013.20
Dominika Ponížilová13.6511.2512.7012.80
Jasmína Hnilicová12.9510.0011.8512.10
4.   Hungary53.5045.2049.3551.10199.15
Sára Péter14.1511.6511.7012.00
Nora Feher13.4011.9011.4012.65
Noemi Jakab13.0511.2012.1013.35
Regina Medved12.8010.4513.0012.30
Csenge Bácskai12.9010.1012.5512.80
5.   Czech Republic 250.9040.5043.9046.45181.75
Kateřina Jelínková10.2510.7012.20
Barbora Trávníčková12.509.5511.1511.30
Barbora Schneiderová12.308.3010.7511.95
Natálie Klaková12.359.1010.2511.05
Sabina Hálová13.3510.7511.8011.50
Eliška Fiřtová12.7011.6010.6511.70
6.  Norway50.6036.7040.85 1.044.05172.20
Nora Irgens12.207.309.1010.45
Sara Davidsen12.959.4511.0011.40
Julie Erichsen12.8010.7510.2012.60
Agne Zvirblyte12.659.2010.5510.60

1.  Canada53.1049.0553.9555.9050.1551.85314.00
Anthony Tawfik13.3513.2013.8013.3013.3511.35
William Émard13.6011.1513.7514.1513.2012.85
Ioannis Chronopoulos12.8512.2513.2014.0013.2012.95
Felix Dolci13.6010.1013.2514.0011.3012.95
Jesse Tyndall11.7512.4513.1512.1012.1013.10
Chris Kaji12.559.1012.7013.7511.5011.20
2.  Hungary50.5550.7553.7052.7052.3050.90310.90
József Kovács12.4511.5013.4514.3012.8012.50
Oliver Siket12.3510.3510.5511.5512.4512.10
Krisztofer Mészáros12.4513.8513.4512.6513.0512.95
Balázs Rengei12.158.5510.2011.9011.4011.85
Benedek Tomcsányi13.0013.6513.0012.6013.0512.65
Krisztián Balázs12.6511.7513.8013.1513.4012.80
3.  France51.8050.2551.8053.8550.4549.65307.80
Léo Saladino12.7013.3012.4013.5512.6512.40
Mathys Corbule11.7011.7012.7013.3513.0010.40
Quentin Bègue13.1013.7013.1013.3512.8011.55
Marin Favier12.4511.5513.6012.6011.5512.60
Julien Maréchal12.9011.5513.0012.2011.3512.35
Tom Masia Pacholczyk13.5511.0011.8513.6012.0013.10
4.  Czech Republic 151.7547.8048.9555.3050.3550.00304.15
David Bega12.7511.1511.1512.9012.2512.05
Ondřej Kalný12.7511.9011.5014.3512.4011.25
Jakub Švehlík13.0011.7512.4013.6512.7512.75
Martin Fiala12.6511.8012.0013.5512.3512.40
Daniel Ponížil13.2511.6013.0513.7512.8512.40
Vojtěch Šácha12.3012.3511.0512.6511.3512.45
5.  Poland52.9050.4547.8551.5049.4550.00302.15
Igor Drazkowski12.3012.7012.1511.55
Paweł Kaśków13.2513.1513.4013.7512.7012.35
Miłosz Izdebski13.8512.7013.606.15
Kacper Garnczarek13.3512.3010.3511.1512.3513.40
Marcel Ludynia11.8010.6510.9012.00
Mateusz Daroszewski12.4510.8512.1512.2512.70
6.  Czech Republic 248.2546.9044.6049.3047.4543.50280.00
Jindřích Šafran11.5511.958.9513.2011.8011.20
David Žitný12.4011.9511.4011.3511.803.40
Radomír Sliž12.2012.8010.9012.3011.7511.80
Sebastián Smetana11.6010.2010.7012.4511.6010.00
Jonáš Běhal11.552.0011.6010.0512.1010.50
Richard Šmíd12.059.7011.1511.3011.659.60

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ana Padurariu20025.014.455.814.106.414.605.614.0057.15
2.Amelie Morgan20035.014.454.913.305.313.755.313.6055.10
3.Jade Chrobok20015.313.655.313.255.913.605.513.8054.30
4.Victoria Jurca20025.214.055.412.905.613.255.613.1553.35
5.Sophie Marois20015.014.454.812.955.112.655.312.8052.85
6.Haley De Jong20015.014.105.311.805.213.205.513.3552.45
7.Taeja James20025.014.054.812.105.312.655.212.4051.20
8.Jade Vella-Wright20014.013.005.513.355.511.355.413.2550.95
9.Zoe Simmons20025.013.554.212.104.811.705.213.5550.90
10.Vendula Měrková20014.
11.Chiara Bunce20025.013.454.712.705.011.654.912.8050.60
12.Dominika Ponížilová20024.613.654.411.255.112.704.912.8050.40
13.Noemi Jakab20014.
14.Adéla Měrková20014.012.905.212.355.211.104.913.2549.60
15.Sára Péter20025.014.154.611.654.811.705.112.0049.50
16.Nora Feher20024.413.405.411.905.411.405.212.6549.35
17.Lucie Jiříková20014.613.854.911.804.910.005.213.2048.85
18.Regina Medved20034.212.805.010.454.713.004.912.3048.55
19.Csenge Bácskai20034.212.904.910.105.012.555.212.8048.35
20.Romi Brown20024.413.653.911.354.110.855.111.8047.65
21.Sabina Hálová20024.413.354.910.755.311.804.011.5047.40
22.Caitlyn Montgomery20014.
23.Jasmína Hnilicová20034.212.952.510.004.911.854.812.1046.90
24.Eliška Fiřtová20024.212.704.611.604.810.654.711.7046.65
25.Julie Erichsen20014.212.802.810.754.910.205.112.6046.35
26.Patrycja Dronia20014.413.303.89.405.611.104.812.1545.95
27.Gabriela Murray20014.212.804.09.855.110.704.812.5545.90
28.Oliwia Luka20024.012.704.210.354.710.804.711.7545.60
29.Sara Davidsen20024.212.951.79.455.011.004.811.4044.80
30.Kristýna Brabcová20024.413.204.19.905.
31.Barbora Trávníčková20034.212.503.29.554.311.154.111.3044.50
32.Barbara Sikora20024.012.804.110.454.59.854.710.9044.00
33.Barbora Schneiderová20014.212.302.78.304.510.754.311.9543.30
34.Tamsyn Bessit20034.
35.Agne Zvirblyte20024.012.651.39.204.710.552.810.6043.00
36.Natálie Klaková20034.012.352.69.104.510.254.111.0542.75
37.Kristina Moravcová20034.012.501.78.654.79.204.411.6542.00
38.Nora Irgens20024.
39.Scarlett Williams20034.413.704.312.004.812.0537.75
39.Latalia Bevan20015.212.455.412.255.113.0537.75
41.Kateřina Jelínková20013.710.254.510.704.412.2033.15

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.William Émard20005.613.604.
2.Paweł Kaśków20004.513.254.313.154.413.404.413.754.412.704.412.3578.60
3.Ioannis Chronopoulos20024.812.854.912.254.813.
4.Krisztofer Mészáros20015.012.455.213.854.713.453.612.654.713.054.112.9578.40
4.Evgeny Siminiuc20005.113.204.412.404.813.754.413.205.113.604.412.2578.40
6.Anthony Tawfik19995.113.355.313.204.713.804.413.305.213.354.911.3578.35
7.Benedek Tomcsányi20014.913.005.113.654.713.003.612.604.513.054.312.6577.95
8.Quentin Bègue20005.113.104.713.704.013.104.413.354.612.804.511.5577.60
9.Krisztián Balázs20025.212.654.111.754.813.804.413.154.813.404.512.8077.55
10.Léo Saladino20024.912.704.713.304.512.404.413.554.812.653.412.4077.00
10.József Kovács19994.712.454.911.505.013.455.214.304.612.804.612.5077.00
12.Daniel Ponížil20004.813.253.811.604.413.054.413.754.112.853.812.4076.90
13.Jakub Švehlík19994.613.003.311.754.012.404.813.653.712.753.712.7576.30
14.Félix Dolci20025.713.605.210.104.813.
15.Tom Masia Pacholczyk20004.913.553.211.004.711.854.413.604.112.004.613.1075.10
16.Martin Fiala20004.712.653.811.803.812.004.413.553.912.353.912.4074.75
17.Jesse Tyndall20005.011.755.312.454.813.153.612.
18.Marin Favier20014.612.454.111.554.313.603.612.604.411.554.112.6074.35
19.Ondřej Kalný20015.412.753.511.902.711.505.214.353.812.404.211.2574.15
20.Julien Maréchal20014.512.904.111.554.613.003.612.204.411.353.612.3573.35
21.Kacper Garnczarek20025.213.354.212.303.010.353.611.154.012.354.213.4072.90
22.Mathys Corbule20014.911.703.911.704.612.704.413.354.413.003.610.4072.85
23.David Bega20004.312.752.811.152.411.153.612.903.
24.Vojtěch Šácha20024.212.304.212.353.011.053.612.654.111.353.712.4572.15
25.Radomír Sliž19994.212.204.512.803.110.903.612.303.511.753.111.8071.75
26.Chris Kaji20005.112.554.29.104.712.704.413.754.411.504.411.2070.80
27.Oliver Siket19994.412.354.610.354.410.552.811.554.012.454.512.1069.35
28.Jindřích Šafran20004.011.553.711.953.08.954.413.204.411.803.511.2068.65
29.Sebastián Smetana20014.111.603.010.202.510.703.612.452.911.602.910.0066.55
30.Balázs Rengei20014.412.153.58.554.310.203.011.903.911.403.511.8566.05
31.Lukáš Bajer20004.411.903.310.702.510.103.011.303.810.403.011.2065.60
32.Richard Šmíd20004.
33.David Žitný20014.212.403.811.953.111.403.611.353.311.802.03.4062.30
34.Mateusz Daroszewski20004.212.453.410.853.612.153.912.254.112.7060.40
35.Jonáš Běhal20023.611.551.52.002.711.602.810.052.912.102.610.5057.80
36.Igor Drazkowski19994.912.304.012.704.212.154.311.5548.70
37.Miłosz Izdebski20005.613.854.512.704.413.603.26.1546.30
38.Marcel Ludynia20014.111.802.610.652.910.903.612.0045.35

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ana Padurariu5.09.30014.30014.350
2.Victoria Jurca5.29.15014.35014.175
3.Sára Péter5.09.35014.35014.075
4.Amelie Morgan5.09.30014.30013.950
5.Taeja James5.09.00014.00013.750
6.Nora Feher4.49.25013.65013.400
7.Dominika Ponížilová4.69.05013.65013.300
8.Lucie Jiříková4.69.15013.75013.175
1.Ana Padurariu5.78.30014.000
2.Jade Vella-Wright5.57.95013.450
3.Nora Feher5.77.65013.350
4.Jade Chrobok5.37.65012.950
5.Chiara Bunce4.78.00012.700
6.Vendula Měrková5.17.00012.100
6.Amelie Morgan4.97.20012.100
8.Adéla Měrková5.26.80012.000

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ana Padurariu6.47.80014.200
2.Jade Chrobok6.07.75013.750
3.Taeja James5.38.05013.350
4.Vendula Měrková5.28.10013.300
5.Amelie Morgan5.17.90013.000
6.Regina Medved4.77.90012.600
7.Dominika Ponížilová5.06.55011.550
8.Csenge Bácskai5.06.40011.400

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Ana Padurariu5.78.40014.100
2.Lucie Jiříková5.38.25013.550
3.Amelie Morgan5.38.15013.450
4.Jade Chrobok5.57.80013.300
5.Noemi Jakab5.27.95013.150
6.Zoe Simmons5.28.0000.113.100
7.Adéla Měrková4.78.05012.750
8.Jade Vella-Wright5.46.40011.800

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Tom Masia Pacholczyk4.99.00013.900
2.Quentin Bègue5.18.65013.750
3.Daniel Ponížil4.88.45013.250
4.Benedek Tomcsányi5.08.15013.150
5.Paweł Kaśków4.48.60013.000
6.Félix Dolci5.17.6000.112.600
7.William Émard5.57.4000.412.500
8.Kacper Garnczarek4.76.05010.750

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Anthony Tawfik5.48.85014.250
2.Krisztofer Mészáros4.98.85013.750
3.Paweł Kaśków4.79.00013.700
4.Quentin Bègue5.08.60013.600
5.Benedek Tomcsányi5.18.35013.450
6.Jesse Tyndall5.47.25012.650
7.Léo Saladino4.67.65012.250
8.Radomír Sliž4.07.40011.400

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.William Émard4.98.80013.700
2.Krisztián Balázs4.78.85013.550
3.Paweł Kaśków4.48.90013.300
4.Anthony Tawfik4.88.35013.150
5.Marin Favier4.38.50012.800
6.József Kovács5.07.55012.550
7.Quentin Bègue4.08.45012.450
8.Daniel Ponížil3.87.70011.500

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.William Émard5.69.10014.70014.300
2.Ondřej Kalný5.29.05014.25013.900
3.Ioannis Chronopoulos5.29.15014.35013.350
4.Tom Masia Pacholczyk4.48.95013.35013.075
5.Daniel Ponížil4.49.20013.60012.725
6.Mathys Corbule4.49.20013.60012.550

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Krisztián Balázs4.88.60013.400
2.Mathys Corbule4.48.90013.300
3.Quentin Bègue4.68.40013.000
4.Daniel Ponížil4.18.85012.950
5.Krisztofer Mészáros4.77.95012.650
6.Evgeny Siminiuc4.38.30012.600
7.Anthony Tawfik5.36.95012.250
8.Paweł Kaśków4.47.70012.100

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Krisztián Balázs4.58.65013.150
1.Kacper Garnczarek4.28.95013.150
1.Ioannis Chronopoulos4.88.35013.150
4.Jesse Tyndall5.07.95012.950
5.Tom Masia Pacholczyk4.78.05012.750
6.Marin Favier4.17.55011.650
7.Krisztofer Mészáros4.17.35011.450
8.Matheusz Daroszewski3.47.60011.000
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Melnikova, Vernyayev Win Gander Memorial
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Russia's Angelina Melnikova and Ukraine's Oleg Vernyayev won the all-around title Wednesday at the 33rd Arthur Gander Memorial in Chiasso, Switzerland.

Russia's Angelina Melnikova and Ukraine's Oleg Vernyayev won the all-around title Wednesday evening at the 33rd Arthur Gander Memorial in Chiasso, Switzerland.

The Arthur Gander Memorial, which alternates each year between the cities of Chiasso and Morges, attracted 11 Olympians from this summer's games in Rio de Janeiro. The competition format allowed gymnasts to compete an abbreviated all-around, with the women doing any three events and the men any four. Only the top six gymnasts advanced to the final rotation.

Vernyayev, the all-around runner-up and parallel bars gold medalist in Rio, easily won his third consecutive title at the Gander Memorial despite a fall on pommel horse (14.450/6.9). He skipped floor exercise and high bar, and scored 14.850 on still rings, 15.350 on vault and a massive 16.150 (7.2D) on parallel bars. His score on parallel bars, where he won the gold medal in Rio, also brought him the City of Chiasso Trophy, awarded to the top scorer on that event.

The Netherlands' Bart Deurloo took second (57.700). One of only four gymnasts to do high bar, Deurloo had the top score with 14.550. Ukraine's Igor Radivilov finished third (57.050) with the best mark on still rings (15.400/6.8).

Five-time Romanian Olympian Marian Dragulescu finished fourth (56.200). He competed floor exercise but skipped his best event, vault. Swiss gymnasts Marco Rizzo (55.950) and Benjamin Gischard (55.600) rounded out the top six.

Melnikova also won the women's title comfortably despite a fall on beam (13.150). The Russian had the top scores on vault (14.900) and uneven bars (14.75) to score 42.800. Dutch star Eythora Thorsdottir won the silver (40.950) and the women's City of Chiasso Trophy for the high score on floor exercise.

Three-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica López showed no signs of letting up after her historic performance in Rio, finishing third all-around (40.700), with the second-best scores on uneven bars and floor exercise. Switzerland's Caterina Barloggio (39.400), Germany's Carina Kröll (39.200) and Switzerland's Ilaria Käslin (39.200) rounded out the top six.

Much of the same field will travel to Zurich for Sunday's Swiss Cup, a mixed-pairs event featuring teams of one male and one female gymnast.

External Link: Official Website

33rd Arthur Gander Memorial
November 2, 2016, Chiasso, Switzerland

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Angelina Melnikova 5.8 14.900 6.3 14.750 5.8 13.150 42.800
2. Eythora Thorsdottir 4.0 12.750 5.7 14.200 5.8 14.000 40.950
3. Jessica López 6.1 14.350 5.4 12.650 5.2 13.700 40.700
4. Caterina Barloggio 5.2 12.550 5.3 13.800 5.0 13.050 39.400
5. Carina Kröll 4.8 13.400 5.1 12.250 5.4 13.550 39.200
6. Ilaria Käslin 5.0 13.450 5.4 12.850 5.4 12.900 39.200
7. Angelina Kysla 5.0 13.750 5.6 12.450 26.200
8. Victoria Kayen Woo 5.4 12.450 5.1 13.200 25.650
9. Thea Brogli 5.0 12.400 4.9 12.100 24.500

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1. Oleg Vernyayev 6.9 14.450 6.6 14.850 6.0 15.350 7.2 16.150 60.800
2. Bart Deurloo 6.2 14.100 6.2 14.100 5.6 14.950 6.4 14.550 57.700
3. Igor Radivilov 5.8 13.150 6.8 15.400 6.0 15.150 5.7 13.350 57.050
4. Marian Dragulescu 6.3 14.500 5.3 13.650 6.0 15.000 5.3 13.050 56.200
5. Marco Rizzo 5.9 14.850 5.7 13.250 6.0 14.650 5.6 13.200 55.950
6. Benjamin Gischard 6.1 14.300 5.5 11.900 5.8 14.350 5.6 15.050 55.600
7. Arthur Nory Mariano 6.4 14.150 5.2 14.450 6.3 13.900 42.500
8. René Cournoyer 5.8 14.250 5.6 14.150 5.7 14.050 42.450
9. Lukas Dauser 5.2 14.400 6.7 14.250 5.6 13.500 42.150
10. Nikita Ignatyev 6.1 13.500 5.6 13.550 6.2 14.550 41.600
11. Paolo Principi 5.8 13.900 6.6 13.850 5.2 13.250 41.000

City of Chiasso Trophy for Women: Floor Exercise
1. Eythora Thorsdottir 5.8 14.000
2. Jessica López 5.2 13.700
3. Carina Kröll 5.4 13.550
4. Victoria Kayen Woo 5.1 13.200
5. Caterina Barloggio 5.0 13.050
6. Ilaria Käslin 5.4 12.900
7. Angelina Kysla 5.6 12.450
8. Thea Brogli 4.9 12.100

City of Chiasso Trophy for Men: Parallel Bars
1. Oleg Vernyayev 7.2 16.150
2. Nikita Ignatyev 6.2 14.550
3. Lukas Dauser 6.7 14.250
4. René Cournoyer 5.7 14.050
5. Marian Dragulescu 5.3 13.050

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Pan American Championships Begin in Bolivia
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The U.S. men captured the junior team title on Thursday as the 2016 Pan American Gymnastics Championships began in Sucre, Bolivia.

The U.S. men captured the junior team title on Thursday as the 2016 Pan American Gymnastics Championships began in Sucre, Bolivia.

The competition features apparatus championships for seniors, and team, all-around and apparatus championships for juniors.

The U.S. men's squad of Andrew Bitner, Bennet Huang, Vitaly Guimares, and Justin Ah Chow won the junior team title. Brazil (Bernardo Actos, Tomas Rodriguez, Murilo Miguel Souza and Diogo Brajao) won the silver over Mexico (Isaac Núñez, Joshua Valle, Josué Juárez and José Daniel Rodríguez).

Actos, 17, won the junior all-around title over Huang and Bitner.

"I worked hard to get here," Actos said. "The competition was tough."

Ten nations – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay &nash; sent men for the senior apparatus competition. In Thursday's qualification, Guatemala's Jorge Vega (floor exercise) and Brazil's Caio Souza (pommel horse and parallel bars) both led qualification on two events. 2012 Olympic finalist Federico Molinari (Argentina) had the top score on still rings while Colombia's Didier Lugo qualified first on high bar.

Competition continues Friday with the women's senior apparatus qualification and junior team and all-around. Ten nations (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Uruguay) sent senior women, while nine (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cayman Islands and Mexico) sent juniors.

2016 Pan American Gymnastics Championships
September 15, Sucre, Bolivia

Senior Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Jorge Vega6.58.65015.150 Q
2.Didier Lugo6.38.10014.400 Q
3.Daniel Villafañe5.68.40014.000 Q
4.Victor Rostagno5.87.90013.700 Q
5.Angelo Roberto Dias6.57.3000.113.700 Q
6.Yosías Bustos5.58.10013.600 Q
7.Cristián Bruno5.68.00013.600 Q
8.Henry González5.77.7500.113.350 Q
9.Andrés Valverde4.68.55013.150 R
10.Kristopher Bohórquez5.87.30013.100
11.Gerardo Cabrera5.07.30012.300
12.Jorge Iñigo5.56.9000.112.300
13.Cristhian Meneses5.26.90012.100
14.Alejandro Chumacero5.26.85012.050
15.Rodolfo Velez4.57.3500.111.750
16.Israel Chiriboga5.26.3000.311.200
17.Daniel Avellaneda4.26.85011.050

Senior Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Caio Souza6.17.90014.000 Q
2.Raphael Arakawa5.97.75013.650 Q
3.Israel Chiriboga5.57.15012.650 Q
4.Yosías Bustos5.06.70011.700 Q
5.Alejandro Chumacero4.67.00011.600 Q
6.Andrés Valverde4.17.45011.550 Q
7.Jorge Iñigo4.17.10011.200 Q
8.Henry González4.75.90010.600 Q
9.Daniel Avellaneda4.26.30010.500 R
10.Rodolfo Velez2.75.8004.04.500

Senior Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Federico Molinari6.48.45014.850 Q
2.Kristopher Bohórquez6.28.10014.300 Q
3.Didier Lugo6.87.40014.200 Q
4.Daniel Villafañe6.57.65014.150 Q
5.Jorge Vega5.38.15013.450 Q
6.Victor Rostagno5.27.60012.800 Q
7.Henry González4.77.80012.500 Q
8.Andrés Valverde4.08.05012.050 Q
9.Cristhian Meneses4.57.10011.600 R
10.Rodolfo Velez4.56.80011.300
11.Jorge Iñigo4.76.30011.000
12.Daniel Avellaneda3.46.4509.850

Senior Men's Vault QualificationDENDAverage
1.Jorge Vega5.69.2500.0514.800 Q
2.Angelo Roberto Dias5.49.25014.650 Q
3.Dilan Jiménez5.49.02514.425 Q
4.Victor Rostagno5.08.57513.575 Q
5.Andrés Valverde4.88.62513.375 Q
6.Cristhian Meneses5.48.0750.0513.325 Q
7.Gerardo Cabrera4.48.8500.1513.250

Senior Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Caio Souza6.58.65015.150 Q
2.Dilan Jiménez6.37.75014.050 Q
3.Didier Lugo5.68.40014.000 Q
4.Kristopher Bohórquez5.68.40014.000
5.Osvaldo Martínez5.67.65013.250 Q
6.Henry González4.68.35012.950 Q
7.Israel Chiriboga5.67.35012.950 Q
8.Cristián Bruno5.07.85012.850 Q
9.Yosías Bustos4.87.65012.450 Q
10.Gerardo Cabrera3.68.65012.250 R
11.Jorge Vega5.46.45011.850
12.Andrés Valverde3.18.65011.75
13.Jorge Iñigo3.55.8509.350

Senior High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Didier Lugo6.08.10014.100 Q
2.Yosías Bustos5.28.40013.600 Q
3.Cristián Bruno5.48.00013.400 Q
4.Victor Rostagno4.48.95013.350 Q
5.Dilan Jiménez5.77.60013.300 Q
6.Henry González4.78.25012.950 Q
7.Israel Chiriboga5.27.60012.800 Q
8.Andrés Valverde3.68.60012.200 Q
9.Osvaldo Martínez5.66.30011.900 R
10.Jorge Iñigo3.97.05010.950

(Full junior results not yet available)
Junior Men's Team
1.United States
6.Costa Rica

Junior Men's All-AroundTotal
1.Bernardo Actos82.150
2.Bennet Huang81.150
3.Andrew Bitner80.850
4.Julián Jato
5.Diogo Brajao
6.Isaac Núñez
7.Josué Juárez
8.José Martínez
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Bevan, Karnejenko Win UK School Games
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Latalia Bevan (Wales) and Pavel Karnejenko (Scotland) won the all-around titles Saturday at the 2016 UK School Games, held in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Pictured: The Welsh women defended their team title.

Latalia Bevan (Wales) and Pavel Karnejenko (Scotland) won the all-around titles Saturday at the 2016 UK School Games, held in Loughborough, Leicestershire, where the Welsh women and English men defended their team titles.

The annual School Games is a multi-sport event for school-aged athletes. This year's event, held at Loughborough University, attracted 1,600 athletes competing in 12 Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Wales topped England by more than 7 points in the women's competition, with Scotland winning the bronze.

Bevan successfully defended her all-around title and was followed by teammate Maisie Methuen, who took the silver. Bevan, who trains at St Tydfils Gymnastics Club in Merthyr Tydfil, missed the Junior British Championships earlier this year with an injury.

Methuen, who trains at Phoenix Gymnastics Club in Cardiff, won the Junior British title this year and was a beam finalist at the Junior European championships in Bern. She was one of 39 young athletes and coaches who went to the recent Olympic Games in Rio as part of the British Olympic Association's "Ambition" program.

England's Amelie Morgan won the all-around bronze behind Methuen.

Methuen led the qualification on vault, uneven bars and floor exercise, while Bevan had the top score on balance beam.

In the men's competition, England won the team title comfortably over Scotland, 321.750 to 312.900. Wales won the bronze.

Karnejenko, fifth in 2015, edged England's Joe Cemlyn-Jones by .2, with England's Jake Jarman taking the bronze.

Karnejenko, who trains at City of Glasgow Gymnastics Club, won parallel bars at last year's School Games in Manchester.

England topped qualification on four of the events: Adam Tobin (floor exercise), Cemlyn-Jones (pommel horse), Euan Cox (parallel bars) and Jack Chamberlain (high bar). Karnejenko was the top qualifier on still rings, while clubmate Kelvin Cham led vaulting.

The competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals.

External Link: Official Website

2016 UK School Games
September 3, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Women's TeamTotal
1. Wales208.400
2. England200.850
3. Scotland189.300

Men's TeamTotal
1. England321.750
2. Scotland312.900
3. Wales300.050
4. Northern Ireland73.200

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Latalia Bevan13.40012.75013.55013.20052.900
2.Maisie Methuen14.00013.45011.75013.45052.650
3.Amelie Morgan13.90011.75013.30013.05052.000
4.Zoe Simmons13.55012.05012.75012.75051.100
5.Halle Hilton13.45011.75013.20012.50050.900
6.Emily Thomas12.50013.15011.90012.75050.300
7.Ellesse Oates13.45010.95012.65012.10049.150
8.Sarah McKenzie13.30010.00012.75012.85048.900
9.Anna Hollins12.75011.15012.40010.95047.250
10.Chiara Bunce12.55011.70012.05010.80047.100
11.Megan Morrison12.70010.20011.85012.20046.950
12.Amelia Knight12.9009.55012.05012.15046.650
13.Ellie Russell13.2009.95011.30011.30045.750
14.Rosa Holm-Huxley12.5009.50011.15011.40044.550
15.Holly Jones13.9500.00011.70012.55038.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Pavel Karnejenko13.80013.45013.75014.35013.05012.75081.150
2.Joe Cemlyn-Jones13.95013.70013.20014.20012.55013.35080.950
3.Jake Jarman14.00013.45012.65013.70012.75013.40079.950
4.Euan Cox13.60012.35013.15013.05013.60013.50079.250
5.Jack Chamberlain13.70011.30013.05013.80013.40013.60078.850
6.Adam Tobin14.05012.85012.65013.45012.20013.20078.400
7.David Weir13.60012.45012.70013.65012.35012.90077.650
8.Joshua Lincoln13.20012.35012.90013.70012.75011.45076.350
9.Kelvin Cham13.75012.30012.75013.85010.50012.60075.750
10.Cameron Sinden12.75013.00010.95013.25012.85011.25074.050
11.Benjamin Eyre13.65011.45012.05013.50012.35011.00074.000
12.Sam Mostowfi13.65011.75012.55013.80011.45010.65073.850
13.Josh Cook11.90010.30012.80013.80012.70012.35073.850
14.Ewan McAteer13.20012.20012.15012.90011.80010.95073.200
15.Emil Barber12.2009.35011.55013.60012.70012.95072.350
16.Rory Smith12.80011.35011.65011.80012.25011.70071.550
17.Jacob Edwards13.0508.10012.10012.15012.20010.45068.050
18.Liam Tanner0.00012.25012.15012.20010.4000.00047.000

Women's Vault QualificationDNDScoreAverage
1.Maisie Methuen5.00.114.00014.050
2.Holly Jones5.013.95013.825
3.Amelie Morgan5.013.90013.825
4.Zoe Simmons4.613.55013.450
5.Ellie Russell4.213.20012.750
6.Sarah McKenzie4.413.30012.675

Uneven Bars QualificationDNDScore
1.Maisie Methuen5.213.450
2.Emily Thomas5.013.150
3.Latalia Bevan5.212.750
4.Zoe Simmons4.012.050
5.Halle Hilton4.111.750
6.Amelie Morgan4.911.750
7.Chiara Bunce4.711.700
8.Anna Hollins3.111.150
9.Ellesse Oates5.110.950
10.Megan Morrison2.810.200
11.Sarah McKenzie3.210.000
12.Ellie Russell3.99.950
13.Amelia Knight4.29.550
14.Rosa Holm-Huxley2.49.500

Balance Beam QualificationDNDScore
1.Latalia Bevan5.013.550
2.Amelie Morgan5.213.300
3.Halle Hilton5.213.200
4.Zoe Simmons5.012.750
4.Sarah McKenzie5.012.750
6.Ellesse Oates4.612.650
7.Anna Hollins5.012.400
8.Chiara Bunce4.312.050
9.Amelia Knight4.712.050
10.Emily Thomas4.911.900
11.Megan Morrison4.611.850
12.Maisie Methuen5.211.750
13.Holly Jones4.611.700
14.Ellie Russell5.011.300
15.Rosa Holm-Huxley5.211.150

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDNDScore
1.Maisie Methuen5.413.450
2.Latalia Bevan5.113.200
3.Amelie Morgan5.013.050
4.Sarah McKenzie4.912.850
5.Emily Thomas4.912.750
6.Zoe Simmons5.012.750
7.Holly Jones4.712.550
8.Halle Hilton4.312.500
9.Megan Morrison4.812.200
10.Amelia Knight4.912.150
11.Ellesse Oates4.912.100
12.Rosa Holm-Huxley3.711.400
13.Ellie Russell4.811.300
14.Anna Hollins4.40.310.950
15.Chiara Bunce3.910.800

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDNDScore
1.Adam Tobin5.014.050
2.Jake Jarman5.014.000
3.Joe Cemlyn-Jones5.013.950
4.Pavel Karnejenko4.713.800
5.Kelvin Cham5.013.750
6.Jack Chamberlain4.613.700
7.Sam Mostowfi4.513.650
8.Benjamin Eyre4.813.650
9.David Weir4.70.113.600
10.Euan Cox4.813.600
11.Joshua Lincoln4.313.200
12.Ewan McAteer4.713.200
13.Jacob Edwards4.413.050
14.Rory Smith3.812.800
15.Cameron Sinden4.812.750
16.Emil Barber4.812.200
17.Josh Cook5.311.900

Pommel Horse QualificationDNDScore
1.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.813.700
2.Pavel Karnejenko4.513.450
3.Jake Jarman4.813.450
4.Cameron Sinden4.513.000
5.Adam Tobin4.712.850
6.David Weir4.212.450
7.Euan Cox4.412.350
7.Joshua Lincoln4.412.350
9.Kelvin Cham4.612.300
10.Liam Tanner3.912.250
11.Ewan McAteer4.412.200
12.Sam Mostowfi4.111.750
13.Benjamin Eyre4.211.450
14.Rory Smith2.811.350
15.Jack Chamberlain4.711.300
16.Josh Cook3.610.300
17.Emil Barber4.39.350
18.Jacob Edwards3.48.100

Still Rings QualificationDNDScore
1.Pavel Karnejenko4.613.750
2.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.813.200
3.Euan Cox4.813.150
4.Jack Chamberlain4.713.050
5.Joshua Lincoln4.512.900
6.Josh Cook4.312.800
7.Kelvin Cham4.612.750
8.David Weir4.612.700
9.Adam Tobin4.512.650
9.Jake Jarman4.512.650
11.Sam Mostowfi4.512.550
12.Liam Tanner4.212.150
13.Ewan McAteer4.512.150
14.Jacob Edwards2.612.100
15.Benjamin Eyre4.512.050
16.Rory Smith2.411.650
17.Emil Barber2.411.550
18.Cameron Sinden2.810.950

Men's Vault QualificationDNDScoreAverage
1.Kelvin Cham4.413.85013.775
2.Pavel Karnejenko5.214.35013.650
3.Jack Chamberlain4.413.80013.325
4.Emil Barber4.413.60013.225
5.Josh Cook5.20.313.80013.175
6.Jake Jarman4.413.70012.925
7.Joshua Lincoln4.413.70012.400
8.David Weir4.413.65013.075
9.Ewan McAteer5.20.312.90012.850
10.Cameron Sinden4.40.113.25012.700

Parallel Bars QualificationDNDScore
1.Euan Cox5.013.600
2.Jack Chamberlain5.013.400
3.Pavel Karnejenko4.413.050
4.Cameron Sinden3.912.850
5.Jake Jarman4.512.750
6.Joshua Lincoln4.712.750
7.Josh Cook3.912.700
7.Emil Barber3.912.700
9.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.812.550
10.Benjamin Eyre4.412.350
11.David Weir4.512.350
12.Rory Smith2.912.250
13.Jacob Edwards3.412.200
14.Adam Tobin4.712.200
15.Ewan McAteer4.011.800
16.Sam Mostowfi4.611.450
17.Kelvin Cham4.410.500
18.Liam Tanner3.610.400

High Bar QualificationDNDScore
1.Jack Chamberlain4.613.600
2.Euan Cox4.413.500
3.Jake Jarman4.513.400
4.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.513.350
5.Adam Tobin4.613.200
6.Emil Barber4.112.950
7.David Weir4.312.900
8.Pavel Karnejenko4.612.750
9.Kelvin Cham4.112.600
10.Josh Cook4.512.350
11.Rory Smith3.011.700
12.Joshua Lincoln4.211.450
13.Cameron Sinden3.411.250
14.Benjamin Eyre4.411.000
15.Ewan McAteer4.010.950
16.Sam Mostowfi3.810.650
17.Jacob Edwards2.110.450

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