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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 14 December 2014 09:42    PDF Print
Japanese Take Four More Toyota Titles
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After winning all but one event on Saturday, Japanese gymnasts again won four of five gold medals as the 2014 Toyota International concluded Sunday in Toyota City. Pictured: Four-time world champion Kohei Uchimura won high bar in Toyota City.

After winning all but one event on Saturday, Japanese gymnasts again won four of five gold medals as the 2014 Toyota International concluded Sunday in Toyota City.

Japan swept the women's competition, with golds going to Asuka Teramoto on balance beam and Mai Murakami on floor exercise. Murakami also won the gold on women's vault on Saturday.

Canada's Madison Copiak, who won the bronze on uneven bars in Toyota City, grabbed another medal with the silver on beam ahead of Korea's Kim Chae Yeon.

Olympic champion Yang Hak Seon (Korea) was the lone guest champion on Sunday, as he outvaulted Japanese star Kenzo Shirai and world and Olympic medalist Igor Radivilov.

World all-around bronze medalist Yusuke Tanaka was golden on parallel bars. His teammate Ryohei Kato, Saturday's floor exercise champion, took second ahead of Germany's Philipp Herder.

Five-time world all-around champion Kohei Uchimura competed high bar only, taking the title with his usual style (layout Kovacs; Cassina; half-Tak to Kolman; stuck layout double-double). Tanaka won silver over Canada's Jackson Payne.

External Link: Japan Gymnastic Association

2014 Toyota International
Dec. 14, Toyota City

Balance BeamDENDScore
1.Asuka Teramoto5.88.70014.500
**.Natsumi Sasada5.58.60014.100
**.Azumi Ishikura5.48.00013.400
2.Madison Copiak5.08.25013.250
**.Sakura Yumoto5.67.60013.200
3.Kim Chae Yeon5.47.65013.050
4.Yu Minobe5.87.20013.000
5.Lee Hye Been4.77.75012.450
6.Leung Ka Man3.87.0000.1010.700
7.Choi Nim Yan3.94.9508.850

Women's Floor ExerciseDENDScore
1.Mai Murakami5.48.15013.550
2.Natsumi Sasada5.48.10013.500
**.Koko Dobashi5.57.9500.1013.350
3.Lee Hye Been5.17.80012.900
**.Sakura Yumoto5.37.7500.5012.550
**.Yasuha Matsumura5.27.20012.400
4.Madison Copiak4.87.55012.350
5.Kim Chae Yeon4.97.40012.300
6.Hiu Ying Angel Wong4.67.40012.000

Men's VaultDENDScoreAverage
1.Yang Hak Seon6.09.40015.40015.375
2.Kenzo Shirai6.08.97514.97514.937
3.Igor Radivilov5.68.6250.1014.12514.625
4.Helge Liebrich5.69.12514.72514.525
5.Kim Han Sol6.08.1000.1014.00014.325
6.Robert Kriangkum5.68.47514.07514.125
7.Jim Man Hin6.07.8000.2013.60013.650

Parallel BarsDENDScore
1.Yusuke Tanaka6.68.87515.475
2.Ryohei Kato6.68.62515.225
3.Philipp Herder6.48.35014.750
4.Helge Liebrich5.38.60013.900
5.Hadi Khanari Nejad4.98.57513.475
6.Zachary Clay6.27.25013.450
7.Kenneth Ikeda5.56.90012.400

High BarDENDScore
1.Kohei Uchimura7.28.72515.925
2.Yusuke Tanaka7.28.62515.825
3.Jackson Payne6.97.25014.150
**.Kohei Kameyama5.58.27513.775
4.Jim Man Hin5.28.15013.350
5.Helge Liebrich5.57.50013.000
6.Igor Radivilov5.67.05012.650
7.Philipp Herder4.77.60012.300
** Exhibition competitor
Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 13 December 2014 13:06    PDF Print
Japanese on Top at Toyota Tournament
(3 votes, average 3.67 out of 5)

The host nation won four of five gold medals as the 2014 Toyota International began Saturday in Toyota City. Pictured: Pommel horse champion Kohei Kameyama

The host nation won four of five gold medals as the 2014 Toyota International began Saturday in Toyota City.

Japan sent its top team to compete at the two-day apparatus tournament, held at the city's Sky Hall Toyota venue.

The Japanese gymnasts swept both titles in the intimate women's field, with gold medals going to Mai Murakami on vault and Wakane Inoue on uneven bars.

Hong Kong veteran Hiu Ying Angel Wong won the vault silver over Korea's Lee Hye Been.

Azumi Ishikura took second behind Inoue on bars, with both gymnasts competing Jaeger releases and double layout dismounts. Canadian Madison Copiak (Maloney; Jaeger; full-twisting double) won the bronze.

In the men's competition, 2012 Olympian Ryohei Kato took the gold medal on floor exercise (3 1/2 to barani mount; triple twist dismount). Kim Han Sol took the silver for Korea over Germany's Helge Liebrich.

Teenage star Kenzo Shirai, the 2013 world champion, opened his routine with a beautiful triple-twisting double back, but put his hand down on his 2 1/2-Randi competition to place fourth.

Former world pommel horse champion Kohei Kameyama showed a 7.0-Difficulty routine on his best event to top Kato and Cyril Tommasone (France).

World and Olympic medalist Igor Radivilov (Ukraine) was the sole guest to grab gold. Radivilov, the co-2013 European champion on still rings, had the top Difficulty and Execution marks en route to first.

Iran's Hadi Khanari Nejad impressed by winning the silver medal over world bronze medalist Brandon Wynn (United States).

Competition concludes Sunday with the remaining apparatus finals. Gymnastics king Kohei Uchimura is scheduled to compete on high bar.

External Link: Japan Gymnastic Association

2014 Toyota International
Dec. 13, Toyota City

Women's VaultDENDScoreAverage
1. Mai Murakami 5.8 8.900 14.700 14.325
5.2 8.750 13.950
2. Hiu Ying Angel Wong 5.2 8.500 13.700 13.700
5.0 8.700 13.700
3. Lee Hye Been 5.0 8.800 13.800 12.925
4.8 7.350 0.10 12.050
4. Leung Ka Man 4.4 7.350 11.750 12.150
4.2 8.350 12.550

Uneven BarsDENDScore
1. Wakana Inoue 5.2 8.000 13.200
2. Azumi Ishikura 5.1 8.050 13.150
** Asuka Teramoto 5.8 7.350 13.150
3. Madison Copiak 5.0 8.100 13.100
** Koko Dobashi 5.4 7.550 12.950
** Yasuha Matsumura 5.6 6.300 11.900
4. Kim Chaeyeon 5.0 6.000 11.000
** Exhibition competitor

Men's Floor ExerciseDENDScore
1. Ryohei Kato 6.5 8.775 15.275
2. Kim Han Sol 6.5 8.325 14.825
3. Helge Liebrich 6.1 8.400 14.500
4. Kenzo Shirai 7.0 7.425 14.425
5. Philipp Herder 6.0 8.000 14.000
6. Robert Watson 5.9 8.025 13.925
7. Robert Kriangkum 5.9 8.050 0.10 13.850
8. Hadi Khanari Nejad 5.4 8.375 13.775
8. Yang Hak Seon 6.2 7.775 0.20 13.775
10. Zachary Clay 5.8 8.050 0.10 13.750
11. Igor Radivilov 6.0 7.725 13.725
12. Liu Kam Wah 5.1 7.075 12.175

Pommel HorseDENDScore
1. Kohei Kameyama 7.0 7.925 14.925
2. Ryohei Kato 5.6 8.900 14.500
3. Cyril Tommasone 7.0 7.250 14.250
4. Philipp Herder 5.8 7.875 13.675
4. Shin Dong Hyen 5.2 8.475 13.675
6. Kenneth Ikeda 6.0 7.350 13.350
7. Helge Liebrich 5.2 7.500 12.700
8. Jackson Payne 5.3 6.825 12.125

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1. Igor Radivilov 6.8 8.675 15.475
2. Hadi Khanari Nejad 6.4 8.500 14.900
3. Brandon Wynn 6.8 7.650 14.450
4. Philipp Herder 6.0 8.100 14.100
5. Robert Watson 6.1 7.950 14.050
6. Helge Liebrich 5.8 7.925 13.725
7. Yang Hak Seon 6.1 7.400 13.500
8. Zachary Clay 5.6 6.925 12.525
9. Robert Kriangkum 5.5 6.900 12.400
10. Kam Wah Liu 4.7 6.625 11.325
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 07 December 2014 11:13    PDF Print
Pihan-Kulesza, Calvo Claim Titles in Acapulco
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Marta Pihan-Kulesza (Poland) and Jossimar Calvo (Colombia) captured the all-around titles at the 4th Mexican Gymnastics Open, held Saturday and Sunday in Acapulco. Pictured: Men's all-around medalists Danell Leyva (USA), Calvo and Kenzo Kaneko (Japan)

Marta Pihan-Kulesza (Poland) and Jossimar Calvo (Colombia) captured the all-around titles at the 4th Mexican Gymnastics Open, held Saturday and Sunday in Acapulco.

Pihan-Kulesza topped Australia's Emily Little and veteran Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan). Little led after the first day after a strong performance on vault (double-twisting Yurchenko), but Pihan-Kulesza grabbed powered ahead with the top scores on balance beam and floor exercise.

Ukraine's Angelina Kysla competed in the $10,000 leotard she won at the 2013 Mexican Open.

The incredible Chusovitina, 39, won vault with a clean layout handspring front with a full twist. The six-time Olympian also placed third at the 2013 Mexican Gymnastics Open.

2012 Junior European all-around champion Enus Mariani (Italy) tied Pihan-Kulesza with the high score on floor exercise. Mariani was the recipient of this year's prize leotard awarded by sponsor GK Elite.

Ukraine's Angelina Kysla — who competed in the spectacular $10,000 white Swarovski leotard she won at last year's Mexican Open — placed fifth behind Mariani. On day one, Kysla impressed on uneven bars with a beautiful routine (elgrip full to Jaeger; Pak salto; elgrip to double front dismount).

Spanish star Roxana Popa, the defending champion, suffered a minor knee injury in training and withdrew from the competition.

Calvo, the 2011 Pan American Games champion, successfully defended his title in Acapulco. The Colombian had the top score on four events (floor, pommel horse, still rings and vault) to win by nearly a point ahead of world and Olympic medalist Danell Leyva (United States). Japan's Kenzo Kaneko won the bronze.

Leyva had the top score on parallel bars, while Germany's Andreas Bretschneider (fourth all-around) caught his unique double-twisting Kovacs to win high bar.

The event also include a mixed-pairs competition. Calvo and Cyrenne teamed up to take the title.

External Link: Official Website

4th Mexican Gymnastics Open
Dec. 5-6, 2014, Acapulco

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Martha Pihan-Kulesza4.613.655.513.605.113.605.413.6054.45
2.Emily Little5.814.654.812.955.112.605.213.3553.55
3.Oksana Chusovitina5.814.705.112.305.412.855.213.1553.00
4.Enus Mariani5.013.955.613.055.412.355.013.6052.95
5.Angelina Kysla5.013.555.
6.Amaranta Torres5.013.804.912.655.412.705.212.9052.05
7.Hélody Cyrenne5.013.805.112.555.512.255.112.8551.45
8.Karla Retiz4.012.705.212.955.

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Jossimar Calvo6.314.806.714.906.314.705.614.856.915.556.713.9588.75
2.Danell Leyva6.214.805.713.705.314.005.214.556.915.706.815.2087.95
3.Kenzo Kaneko6.214.905.614.505.814.305.
4.Andreas Bretschneider5.312.355.013.606.114.655.614.406.413.957.215.6084.55
5.Maxim Semiankiv5.513.755.614.355.113.754.413.705.814.506.114.4084.45
6.Lucas Bitencourt5.914.305.714.005.713.655.213.956.013.655.914.2083.75
7.Paolo Ottavi5.313.705.
8.Kevin Cerda5.113.904.812.954.813.105.214.405.313.255.414.1581.75
9.Roman Lech5.312.954.912.505.012.405.213.656.014.655.713.3579.50
10.Rayderley Zapata6.614.
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Iordache, Vernyayev Defend Titles in Glasgow
(7 votes, average 4.29 out of 5)

Superstars Larisa Iordache (Romania) and Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine) both defended their titles from 2013 at the Glasgow World Cup, held Saturday. Pictured: Iordache on floor exercise at Glasgow's Emirates Arena

Superstars Larisa Iordache (Romania) and Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine) both defended their titles from 2013 at the Glasgow World Cup, held Saturday at the Emirates Arena.

Fresh off their victories at last weekend's Stuttgart World Cup, Iordache and Vernyayev each retained their titles in Glasgow by comfortable margins.

Iordache, who took the all-around silver medal at October's world championships in Nanning, dominated the women's competition with the high score on every event. The Romanian scored 59.232 to take the title by almost 3 points over Canada's Ellie Black (56.432). Two-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica Lopez, second in Stuttgart, won another medal by placing third in Glasgow (55.899).

"I'm very happy to have won my title again in Glasgow," said Iordache, who took her top score on balance beam with 15.166. "After competing in Stuttgart last week I was a little tired so am happy to have done another good competition and now I can have a rest and look forward to Christmas.

Britain's Georgina Hockenhull placed fourth ahead of Japan's Mai Murakami. Italy's Vanessa Ferrari and Erica Fasana and Germany's Pauline Schäfer rounded out the event.

Vernyayev also crushed his rivals, scoring above 15.000 on all six events for a total of 91.598. He took his top score of 15.733 on parallel bars, where he is the reigning world champion.

"Once I got through my floor routine I gained confidence," he said. "Everything from then on was no problem, and I got more and more comfortable. After winning Stuttgart and Glasgow I will try to go to the final event in this World Cup series in America next year and win that too – who knows!"

Japanese Olympian Yusuke Tanaka, the all-around bronze medalist in Nanning, closed with a 15.666 on high bar to take second (89.865). U.S. star John Orozco claimed third in a mistake-filled competition, exactly 3 points behind Tanaka (86.865).

2010 Youth Olympic champion Yuya Kamoto (Japan) placed fourth ahead of two British gymnasts, Junior European champion Frank Baines and newcomer James Hall. Germany's Helge Liebrich took seventh ahead of Stuttgart runner-up Sergio Sasaki (Brazil). Sasaki competed floor exercise only and then scratched the competition.

The 2015 World Gymnastics Championships takes place in Glasgow, Oct. 23-Nov. 1, at the city's SSE Hydro Arena.

External Link: British Gymnastics

2014 Glasgow World Cup
Dec. 6

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Larisa Iordache15.00014.43315.16614.63359.232
2.Ellie Black14.20013.83314.83313.56656.432
3.Jessica Lopez14.80014.20013.63313.26655.899
4.Georgina Hockenhull13.83313.83313.46613.26654.398
5.Mai Murakami14.56612.50013.40013.83354.299
6.Vanessa Ferrari13.56613.46613.60013.40054.032
7.Erica Fasana14.63312.26613.10013.73353.732
8.Pauline Schäfer14.13313.13313.36612.73353.365

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Oleg Vernyayev15.23315.36615.06615.20015.73315.00091.598
2.Yusuke Tanaka15.16614.70015.10014.03315.20015.66689.865
3.John Orozco14.93312.63314.90013.86615.40015.13386.865
4.Yuya Kamoto14.00013.50015.26614.73314.03314.16685.698
5.Frank Baines14.93313.43313.70014.00014.00014.26684.332
6.James Hall13.80013.30014.20014.36614.33313.70083.699
7.Helge Liebrich14.00012.30013.70014.63313.06612.40080.099
8.Sergio Sasaki14.70014.700
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Melnikova On Top at Belgium's Top Gym
(13 votes, average 4.38 out of 5)

Junior European champion Angelina Melnikova (Russia) won three titles at the 17th Top Gym Tournament, held Saturday and Sunday in Charleroi, Belgium.

Junior European champion Angelina Melnikova (Russia) won three titles at the 17th Top Gym Tournament, held Saturday and Sunday in Charleroi, Belgium.

Melnikova crushed the competition on Saturday to take the all-around title by more than 4 points, scoring a winning 56.95. Canada's Sydney Laird won the silver (52.75), just ahead of Romanian Ioana Crisan (52.70).

Melnikova, 14, had the high score all but floor exercise. She scored 14.50 for her double-twisting Yurchenko vault, the only one of the competition. She matched that mark on uneven bars (Komova to Pak; Maloney-half; Tkatchev; full-twisting double) and scored 14.20 on balance beam (switch ring; ff, ff two-foot layout; punch front; side somi; ff, ff, double tuck). Melnikova earned 13.75 for an elegant routine on floor exercise (piked full-in; two whips to double tuck; double twist; double pike).

Laird, who was born in Saskatchewan but lives and trains in North Carolina, had her top scores on vault and floor exercise (13.60). Laird has committed to the University of Arkansas.

Crisan, 13, had her best of 14.15 on balance beam, scoring just behind Melnikova. She impressed on floor exercise for her fluidity and polish (double pike; 2 1/2 twist; double twist; double tuck).

Great Britain's Amy Tinkler scored the high mark on floor exercise with 13.90 (double layout; tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2; double pike) but finished in a tie for 10th after a 10.15 on uneven bars.

In Sunday's apparatus finals, Melnikova won vault and uneven bars but scratched the balance beam and floor exercise finals.

French gymnast Marine Boyer won balance beam (RO, two-foot layout; RO, double pike dismount). Romania's Olivia Cimpian, 13, won floor exercise (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 punch front; double pike).

16th Top Gym Junior Tournament
Nov. 29-30, Charleroi, Belgium

All-AroundVTVT 2HighUBBBFXTotal
1.Angelina Melnikova5.814.505.013.4014.506.114.506.014.205.513.7556.95
2.Sydney Laird5.013.6013.605.012.505.
3.Ioana Crisan5.013.805.014.0014.004.211.305.914.155.313.2552.70
4.Juliette Bossu4.413.354.613.1013.355.212.555.013.655.112.7552.30
5.Sydney Soloski5.013.905.013.7513.904.811.905.313.055.113.2052.05
5.Marine Boyer5.014.004.413.5014.004.913.256.011.405.613.4052.05
7.Sena Deriks4.613.5513.555.612.705.312.055.213.4051.70
8.Anastasiia Dmitrieva5.013.954.413.5513.955.611.005.813.205.313.4051.55
9.Aneta Holasova5.013.505.013.7513.754.211.655.512.505.113.5051.40
10.Maellyse Brassart5.013.955.014.0514.055.011.555.
10.Amy Tinkler5.
10.Olivia Cimpian5.
13.Meaghan Ruttan4.413.154.412.0513.
14.Nina Derwael5.013.655.013.6513.654.911.905.311.905.013.0550.50
14.Enya Pouliot4.413.254.413.3513.353.411.404.912.954.912.8050.50
16.Supriana Dyonnailys4.413.505.013.8013.804.913.054.810.405.013.0050.25
17.Tzuf Feldon4.
18.Chloé Leblicq4.012.704.013.0513.053.311.005.312.804.812.5549.40
19.Véronika Sebakova4.212.704.212.8512.855.
20.Goldie Harder4.012.254.413.0513.052.18.605.212.904.912.3546.90
21.Morgan Spruyterburg4.012.704.012.6512.704.210.654.310.904.712.4546.70
22.Carlota Miserachs4.012.604.012.2012.602.99.404.811.154.511.9045.05
23.Kitti Honti4.613.804.613.7513.805.17.154.410.804.912.3544.10
24.Sophia Iribarren4.012.504.012.6512.653.77.854.511.454.411.6543.60
25.Noa Dooga4.212.504.212.7512.752.38.753.610.553.810.5042.55
26.Sara Peter4.213.2013.203.37.654.38.754.811.2540.85
27.Imane Balad4.612.104.613.2013.203.57.603.08.352.69.2538.40

Vault FinalVT 1VT 2Average
1.Angelina Melnikova15.05014.40014.725
2.Marine Boyer14.25013.80014.025
3.Amy Tinkler14.20013.40013.800
4.Kitti Honti13.75013.50013.625
4.Sydney Laird13.80013.45013.625
6.Maellyse Brassart14.15013.05013.600
7.Ioana Crisan13.95013.10013.525
8.Aneta Holasova13.75012.90013.325
9.Sena Deriks13.50012.95013.225
10.Supriana Dyonnailys12.70013.60013.150
11.Enya Pouliot12.45013.25012.850
12.Sophia Iribarren12.45012.80012.625
12.Noa Dooga12.65012.60012.625
14.Najwa Achir12.50010.95011.725

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Angelina Melnikova14.500
2.Nina Derwael13.950
3.Supriana Dyonnailys13.300
3.Amy Tinkler13.300
5.Kitti Honti12.900
6.Sydney Laird12.450
7.Tzuf Feldom12.150
8.Enya Pouliot11.100
9.Maellyse Brassart11.050
10.Véronika Sebakova12.250
11.Olivia Cimpian9.100
12.Sophia Iribarren9.000
13.Juliette Bossu8.800
14.Imane Balad8.700

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Marine Boyer13.700
2.Sydney Soloski13.150
3.Tzuf Feldom13.050
4.Anastasia Dmitrieva12.950
5.Goldie Harder12.900
5.Ioana Crisan12.900
7.Maellyse Brassart12.550
8.Sena Deriks12.250
8.Meaghan Ruttan12.250
10.Kitti Honti12.100
11.Carlota Miserachs12.050
12.Aneta Holasova11.850
13.Morgan Spruyterburg10.450
14.Imane Balad10.400

Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Olivia Cimpian13.700
2.Amy Tinkler13.550
3.Juliette Bossu13.250
3.Sydney Soloski13.250
5.Nina Derwael13.100
6.Goldie Harder12.950
7.Anastasia Dmitrieva12.850
8.Aneta Holasova12.550
9.Carlota Miserachs12.250
10.Sara Peter12.100
11.Morgan Spruyterburg12.050
12.Tzuf Feldom11.900
13.Chloé Leblicq11.350
14.Imane Balad10.500

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