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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 11 May 2014 12:56    PDF Print
Sasada, Uchimura Repeat as Japanese Champions
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Natsumi Sasada and Kohei Uchimura defended their all-around titles Sunday as the 68th Japanese Gymnastics Championships concluded Sunday in Tokyo. Pictured: The men's and women's all-around medalists

Natsumi Sasada and Kohei Uchimura defended their all-around titles Sunday as the 68th Japanese Gymnastics Championships concluded Sunday at Tokyo's Yogogi Gymnasium.

The women's competition consisted of qualification Saturday and finals on Sunday, while the men's competition was decided using two days of scores.

Uchimura, who led after Friday's preliminaries, became the first Japanese male to win seven consecutive national titles. Only two other gymnasts – legends Masao Takemoto (1947-1951, 1954-1955) and Takashi Ono (1952-1953, 1956-60) – have won seven Japanese titles, but not consecutively.

The four-time world all-around champion and winner of the 2012 Olympics, Uchimura won comfortably despite struggling with a shoulder injury that hindered him on several events.

On vault, Uchimura showed a rare fall Sunday, crashing his Randi to his hands and feet. After the fall, he watered down his routines on parallel bars and high bar but nevertheless won by more than a full point over Shogo Nonomura. 2013 world all-around silver medalist Ryohei Kato was third.

In the women's competition, Sasada topped Asuka Teramoto by half a point, 55.950-55.450. Yuna Hiraiwa, 15, placed third with 54.950. Sasada clinched victory with 14.700 for her balance beam routine, which began with a stuck RO, layout full mount.

The Japanese championships serve as a qualifier to the NHK Cup, which will decide Japan's team to this fall's world championships and Asian Games.

External Link: Japan Gymnastic Association

68th Japanese Gymnastics Championships
May 11, 2014, Tokyo

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Natsumi SasadaNippon Sport Science University13.90013.45014.70013.90055.950
2.Asuka TeramotoChukyo University14.20013.45014.30013.50055.450
3.Yuna HiraiwaMitsubishi Nourished Gymnastics School14.15013.10014.50013.20054.950
4.Yu MinobeAsahi Seimei13.00013.80014.80012.40054.000
4.Inoue WakanaUniversity of Tsukuba13.20013.25013.95013.60054.000
6.Mai MurakamiIkeya Yukio Gymnastics Club14.65012.55012.50013.65053.350
7.Mari KawasakiTri Gymnastics Club13.80013.20013.40012.60053.000
8.Azumi IshikuraZero Gymnastics Club13.20012.85013.50013.25052.800
9.Yamamoto YurikoToda City Sports Center13.95013.20012.95012.55052.650
10.Miyagawa SaeSaints Gymnastics Club14.45012.30012.15013.65052.550
11.Dobashi KokoLogic Level Sport14.00012.15012.85013.45052.450
12.Yumoto SakuraNara 's Gymnastics Club13.50012.25013.60013.00052.350
13.Akiko SatoNippon Sport Science University14.00012.25012.80012.95052.000
14.Mizuho NagaiNippon Sport Science University14.85012.05013.15011.85051.900
15.Yuka NatsumeMukogawa Women's University12.90012.05012.95012.90050.800
16.Aiko SugiharaPlumage Gymnastics Club13.10012.00012.10013.55050.750
17.Yumi YamamotoKokushikan University13.65012.00012.75012.30050.700
18.Takuko KitanoWakayama Prefecture13.55011.85012.15012.30049.850
19.Yasuha MatsumuraChukyo Gymnastics Club13.50012.20011.10012.70049.500
19.Yasuha KawakuboKeio University13.30012.25011.45012.50049.500
21.Ashikawa NanaseWaterfowl Gymnastics Hall12.55012.45013.05011.40049.450
22.Honda MinamiAmagasaki High School13.55010.60012.45012.30048.900
23.Sugimura MinaKokushikan University13.60012.50012.55010.15048.800
24.Koga HonokaNippon Sport Science University12.90011.15011.20011.80047.050

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotalCombined
1.Kohei UchimuraKONAMI15.9015.2014.8514.3515.0015.6090.90181.20
2.Shogo NonomuraJuntendo University15.2015.2514.9514.7515.0515.1590.35179.55
3.Ryohei KatoJuntendo University15.2014.5514.8514.6515.3014.0088.55177.35
4.Kazushi TakedaNippon Sport Science University14.8014.2514.9514.2514.9514.8088.00176.00
5.Yusuke SaitoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.2514.3014.1515.3014.7515.1587.90175.75
6.Junpei OkaNippon Sport Science University15.2014.5514.5014.7513.4514.8087.25175.40
7.Yuya KamotoNippon Sport Science University14.9513.8514.6514.6515.4015.1088.60175.05
8.Koji YamamuroKONAMI13.7514.5015.3514.9513.7514.0586.35174.95
9.Yusuke TanakaKONAMI15.2012.6014.6513.8515.7014.8586.85174.60
10.Koji UematsuKONAMI14.8513.3014.2014.1514.6515.4086.55174.50
11.Masayoshi YamamotoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.5014.6014.6514.4514.6014.9087.70174.40
12.Kenzo KanekoJuntendo University14.4514.1514.3514.7514.9513.6586.30173.45
13.Kenta ChibaSeifu High School15.2014.9013.9014.6014.7514.1587.50173.15
14.Katsutaro ShiraiKONAMI15.2513.8514.5514.7014.5512.8085.70172.85
15.Chisho HasegawaNippon Sport Science University14.5515.1014.1014.0014.3514.9087.00172.45
16.Kenzo ShiraiKishine Prefectural High School15.6013.3013.8014.9014.4514.1086.15172.40
17.Makoto OkiguchiKONAMI15.0014.0514.1514.5514.5514.7587.05172.30
18.Imabayashi HirakihitoJuntendo University14.7514.4014.3014.8514.3514.6587.30171.95
19.Kiyoshi YokoyamaNippon Sport Science University14.1014.4014.3014.1015.3514.3586.60171.90
20.Kaiteru ShibataJuntendo University14.5514.2013.8514.1514.9014.3586.00171.45
21.Hiroshi KoyamaKanoya14.6512.9014.3514.4514.6014.0084.95170.95
22.Shoichi YamamotoAsahi Seimei14.9513.5514.2513.8515.0514.3586.00170.80
23.Imura FutoshiWakayama Prefecture Gymnastics Association14.1013.9514.3513.9014.4014.3085.00170.65
24.Ishikawa DaikiJuntendo University14.2014.2013.9013.9514.9515.2086.40170.55
25.Furuya YoshiakiSendai14.0014.1014.2514.1514.6013.4584.55170.50
26.Shohei OkawaSendai14.5014.1514.0013.3514.4514.1584.60170.20
27.Kazuma KayaNarashino Municipal High School14.6514.5013.5513.9515.0514.7086.40170.05
28.Tomohiroshi YoshiokaCentral Sports14.8514.1514.0513.0514.6514.9085.65169.90
29.Taura SeiyaNippon Sport Science University14.5014.2013.4514.6514.7014.3585.85169.80
30.Kou TanigawaFunabashi High School15.1513.0013.0514.7514.7014.0584.70169.75
31.Ryuzo SejimaTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.9513.7014.5513.7515.1013.8585.90169.55
32.Kakitani TsubusetoCentral Sports14.2014.9014.0514.0013.8514.2085.20169.50
33.Shohei FujiwaraWaseda University14.3013.6014.1514.3514.4014.0084.80168.85
34.Takuya NaganoNihon University14.9512.1515.0514.4514.1514.2084.95168.35
35.Yuto MurakamiSendai14.6513.0514.2513.8514.6014.2584.65167.25
36.Kyoichi WatanabeTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.4512.5514.1013.7514.9514.8084.60166.80

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Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 09 May 2014 09:53    PDF Print
Uchimura Leads Japanese Championships
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

World and Olympic champion Kohei Uchimura grabbed the early lead as the 68th Japanese Gymnastics Championships began Friday in Tokyo.

World and Olympic champion Kohei Uchimura grabbed the early lead as the 68th Japanese Gymnastics Championships began Friday in Tokyo.

Uchimura, who won the Tokyo World Cup in April with a total of 92.898, scored 90.900 on the first of two days of all-around competition. Shogo Nonomura was second with 90.350, while 2010 Youth Olympic champion Yuya Kamoto was third with 88.600.

2013 world runner-up Ryohei Kato was fourth after a break on high bar.

Uchimura said he was suffering from a shoulder injury, but was intent on being the first man to win seven consecutive Japanese national titles. He had the highest score of the day, 15.900, on floor exercise, but took several steps on his Randi vault for his lowest score (14.300).

World floor exercise champion Kenzo Shirai scored 15.600 to place second on behind Uchimura.

Competition continues Saturday at Tokyo's Yoyogi Gymnasium.

External Link: Japan Gymnastic Association

68th Japanese Gymnastics Championships
May 9, 2014, Tokyo

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Kohei UchimuraKONAMI15.90015.20014.85014.35015.00015.60090.900
2.Shogo NonomuraJuntendo University15.20015.25014.95014.75015.05015.15090.350
3.Yuya KamotoNippon Sport Science University14.95013.85014.65014.65015.40015.10088.600
4.Ryohei KatoJuntendo University15.20014.55014.85014.65015.30014.00088.550
5.Kazushi TakedaNippon Sport Science University14.80014.25014.95014.25014.95014.80088.000
6.Yusuke SaitoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.25014.30014.15015.30014.75015.15087.900
7.Masayoshi YamamotoTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.50014.60014.65014.45014.60014.90087.700
8.Kenta ChibaSeifu High School15.20014.90013.90014.60014.75014.15087.500
9.Imabayashi KaitoJuntendo University14.75014.40014.30014.85014.35014.65087.300
10.Junpei OkaNippon Sport Science University15.20014.55014.50014.75013.45014.80087.250
11.Makoto OkiguchiKONAMI15.00014.05014.15014.55014.55014.75087.050
12.Chisho HasegawaNippon Sport Science University14.55015.10014.10014.00014.35014.90087.000
13.Yusuke TanakaKONAMI15.20012.60014.65013.85015.70014.85086.850
14.Kiyoshi YokoyamaNippon Sport Science University14.10014.40014.30014.10015.35014.35086.600
15.Koji UematsuKONAMI14.85013.30014.20014.15014.65015.40086.550
16.Kazuma KayaNarashino Municipal High School14.65014.50013.55013.95015.05014.70086.400
17.Daiki IshikawaJuntendo University14.20014.20013.90013.95014.95015.20086.400
18. Koji YamamuroKONAMI13.75014.50015.35014.95013.75014.05086.350
19.Kenzo KanekoJuntendo University14.45014.15014.35014.75014.95013.65086.300
20.Kenzo ShiraiKishine Prefectural High School15.60013.30013.80014.90014.45014.10086.150
21.Shoichi YamamotoAsahi Seimei14.95013.55014.25013.85015.05014.35086.000
22.Kaiteru ShibataJuntendo University14.55014.20013.85014.15014.90014.35086.000
23.Ryuzo SejimaTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.95013.70014.55013.75015.10013.85085.900
24.Makoto TauraNippon Sport Science University14.50014.20013.45014.65014.70014.35085.850
25.Shirai KatsutaroKONAMI15.25013.85014.55014.70014.55012.80085.700
26.Tomohiroshi YoshiokaCentral Sports14.85014.15014.05013.05014.65014.90085.650
27.Kakitani TsubusetoCentral Sports14.20014.90014.05014.00013.85014.20085.200
28.Imura FutoshiyuWakayama Prefecture Gymnastics Association14.10013.95014.35013.90014.40014.30085.000
29.Takuya NaganoNihon University14.95012.15015.05014.45014.15014.20084.950
29.Koyama HitoshiHiroshiKanoya14.65012.90014.35014.45014.60014.00084.950
31.Shohei FujiwaraWaseda University14.30013.60014.15014.35014.40014.00084.800
32.Kou TanigawaFunabashi High School15.15013.00013.05014.75014.70014.05084.700
33.Yuto WatanabeSendai14.65013.05014.25013.85014.60014.25084.650
34.Kyoichi OkawaTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.45012.55014.10013.75014.95014.80084.600
35.Okawa ShoheiSendai14.50014.15014.00013.35014.45014.15084.600
36.Yoshiaki FuruyaSendai14.00014.10014.25014.15014.60013.45084.550
37.Ikejiri ToshiyaNippon Sport Science University14.85012.25014.20014.30014.90013.80084.300
38.Shigeru Miyaji University of Tsukuba14.20013.35014.10014.15014.50013.95084.250
39.Naoto HayasakaJuntendo University15.40012.60013.65014.40014.70013.05083.800
40.Sota Sakakibara University of Tsukuba13.95013.25014.00014.90014.40013.25083.750
41.Yasuhisa TanakaSogo Gymnastics Club13.85012.45014.35014.20014.45014.35083.650
42.Ryozai DeguchiTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.70012.90013.75013.45014.50014.25083.550
43.Hiroyuki ImaiKONAMI13.20014.20014.00013.55013.60014.85083.400
44.Kazakana MaenoFunabashi High School14.30014.50013.80012.00014.85013.80083.250
45.Banri IwatsukiShizuoka Sangyo University14.75012.95013.35014.10014.20013.80083.150
46.Hibiki ArayashikiSabae High School14.60013.70013.05013.70014.55013.50083.100
47.Tsuotomu HoshinoUniversity Of Tsukuba14.95010.85014.30014.40014.40014.05082.950
48.Ryosuke OzakiSogo Gymnastics Club13.55013.55013.40014.10014.20014.05082.850
49.Jitsugetsu YoshimotoSendai13.60013.75013.20013.75014.35014.10082.750
50.Kota SatoNittaidai Gymnastics Club14.45013.25014.15013.25013.50014.05082.650
51.Riku MunakataSogo Gymnastics Club15.05011.65014.45014.40014.20012.65082.400
52.Naoya TsukaharaAsahi Seimei13.60012.70013.95014.00014.30013.70082.250
53.Naoyuki TeraoAsahi Seimei13.80012.30014.10013.45014.40013.90081.950
54.Kenya KobayashiKONAMI12.95010.50015.00013.90015.20014.25081.800
55.Yuta KusugawaWakayama Prefectural High School14.45012.55013.65013.45014.20013.30081.600
56.Ohara TakayukiSendai13.10013.45013.40014.45014.20013.00081.600
57.Yuta ShimodaSogo Gymnastics Club13.60013.50013.55013.10013.45014.25081.450
58.Kentaruou SugimotoSendai14.35012.70013.80013.60014.75012.15081.350
59.Kohei KameyamaTokushukai Gymnastics Club14.35013.10013.40013.90013.95012.30081.000
60.Yahusiro OkamuraAsahi Seimei11.90013.55014.05013.80013.60014.05080.950
61.Wataru SatoSogo Gymnastics Club13.05013.55014.45013.70012.65012.85080.250
62.Takeshi OkunoNippon Sport Science University14.55012.70012.10013.00013.95013.70080.000
63.Daichi YamakawaSaitama Sakae High School14.40012.75012.40014.45013.65012.15079.800
64.Daichi KurashimaFunabashi High School13.70013.70012.95013.65013.40012.35079.750
65.Rui YamzakiAsahi Seimei13.95011.20012.60013.70013.10014.50079.050
66.Miyabi KogaSaitama Sakae High School14.05010.50011.95013.60014.15013.75078.000
67.Hiroshi ShogaSogo Gymnastics Club13.95012.45013.85012.95013.75010.90077.850
68.Takuya TateishiKansai High School13.90012.10011.80013.65012.70013.70077.850
69.Tomita KokiSogo Gymnastics Club14.50011.85010.70012.75013.55012.80076.150
70.Akira IwasaSabae High School13.55013.65013.80014.20012.30067.500
71.Kazuya TakahashiChukyo High School0.00010.65013.35013.80037.800
Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 07 May 2014 07:44    PDF Print
British Men Face Off for Double Defense in Sofia
(1 vote, average 5.00 out of 5)

The British men are "looking forward to the challenge" of defending both senior and junior titles at the upcoming European championships, men's head coach Eddie Van Hoof told IG this week. Pictured: Max Whitlock (Great Britain)

The British men are "looking forward to the challenge" of defending both senior and junior titles at the upcoming European championships, men's head coach Eddie Van Hoof told IG this week.

Great Britain will be the defending senior champion at the 2014 Men's European Championships, May 19-25 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The junior team is the three-time defending champion, and British gymnasts finished 1-2 in the all-around at the past three Junior European championships (2012, 2010 and 2008).

"The team event – senior and junior – is our main focus, so stability and clean execution will be the focus for the next two weeks," Van Hoof said. "Everyone is in fine spirits and looking forward to the challenge of defending two team titles."

The team is set to be finalized this week, Van Hoof said, after a victory over France, Germany and Switzerland this past Saturday in Sotteville. The team included Max Whitlock, Sam Oldham and Dan Purvis, three of the five members of its historic bronze medal-winning squad from the 2012 Olympic Games in London, plus Dan Keatings, Frank Baines and Ashley Watson.

"I was generally very pleased with the British performance in France," Van Hoof said. "It gave us an opportunity to experiment with possible working orders for the team and to use other potential team members. There were one or two errors, but that is no bad thing as it helps to focus the attention for the next two weeks."

Keatings and Whitlock were both golden at the 2013 Europeans in Moscow, where the format featured all-around and apparatus finals for seniors only. Whitlock tied for first on floor exercise, was second all-around and third on pommel horse, while Keatings won pommel horse over Olympic champion Krisztian Berki. Oldham won the silver medal on high bar.

In Sotteville, Great Britain defeated France by nearly seven points, 270.350-263.550, with Germany third and Switzerland fourth. The team had the top total on every event except for still rings, finishing behind France by four tenths on that apparatus. Strength on still rings will be an area of improvement as Great Britain marches toward the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Van Hoof said.

"We know that rings is a weaker apparatus for Great Britain," he said. "All the athletes perform as all-around athletes and to gain the higher value strength elements requires time and detail to physical preparation. Our team is still relatively young and hasn’t reached full maturity to cope with these demands at the same time as all-around. Steady progress is being made and should bear fruit in time for Rio."

External Link: British Gymnastics

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Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 04 May 2014 11:49    PDF Print
British Men First in France
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Olympians Max Whitlock and Sam Oldham led Great Britain to first place in a quad meet against France, Germany and Switzerland, held Saturday in Sotteville.

British Olympians Max Whitlock and Sam Oldham led their team to first place in a quad meet among France, Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland, held Saturday in Sotteville.

Oldham competed all six events to help Britain win comfortably over the host nation, 270.350-263.550. Germany placed third (259.200) ahead of Switzerland (258.500).

Great Britain, the defending European champion, had the top team totals on every event except still rings. France — aided by co-European champion Samir Aït Saïd's 15.700 — earned the best sum on rings.

Whitlock, who won his second British all-around title last month, impressed with the highest scores of the meet on floor exercise (15.300) and pommel horse (16.250 with 7.4 Difficulty). Oldham had the best marks on both parallel bars (15.550) and high bar (15.400). Switzerland's Michael Meier had the top score on vault (14.950).

Germany was without the services of Fabian Hambüchen, who was resting a sore shoulder in preparation for the European championships. Germany, the 2010 European champion, finished last on high bar with falls from three of its four gymnasts. Only Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen hit (14.850).

"Our tasks are fairly clear cut," German head coach Andreas Hirsch said of his team's preparations for the upcoming European championships in Sofia.

External Link: French Gymnastics Federation

2014 France vs. Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland (MAG)
May 3, Sotteville, France

1. Great Britain45.10045.65044.05044.10046.05045.400270.350
Sam Oldham14.70013.90014.85014.45015.55015.400
Max Whitlock15.30016.25014.50014.65015.050
Dan Purvis15.05014.85014.70014.750
Dan Keatings14.55015.45014.950
Frank Baines14.75014.90015.050
Ashley Watson14.40014.250
2. France42.35043.90044.45043.95045.20043.700263.550
Kévin Antoniotti14.15014.15013.65014.50015.10014.400
Arnaud Willig13.85013.75014.25014.30013.10013.650
Hamilton Sabot14.20014.50015.20014.950
Samir Aït Saïd14.35015.70014.900
Cyril Tommasone15.55014.90014.350
Jim Zona13.85014.550
3. Germany43.05042.30044.00042.95044.75042.150259.200
Marcel Nguyen13.35015.20014.25015.25014.850
Andreas Bretschneider14.65014.50014.40014.90013.250
Andreas Toba14.20014.00014.30013.35013.700
Sebastian Krimmer14.95014.60013.600
Waldemar Eichorn14.20013.25013.850
Matthias Fahrig13.15014.30013.850
4. Switzerland42.20042.65042.90043.50044.75042.500258.500
Pablo Brägger13.35012.25013.75014.25015.15015.150
Eddy Yusof14.55013.85014.35013.35013.150
Oliver Hegi14.80013.90014.90013.450
Claudio Capelli14.00014.70013.900
Simon Nützi12.05014.65014.300
Michael Meier14.30014.950

Individual ScoresFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Sam Oldham6.414.706.013.905.814.855.614.456.415.556.515.4088.85
2.Kévin Antoniotti6.014.155.814.155.413.655.214.506.415.106.314.4085.95
3.Pablo Brägger5.913.355.412.254.913.755.214.256.315.156.715.1583.90
4.Arnaud Willig5.913.855.313.756.014.255.614.305.813.105.913.6582.90
5.Max Whitlock6.715.307.416.255.914.506.114.656.115.0575.75
6.Marcel Nguyen5.013.356.
7.Andreas Bretschneider6.314.656.114.505.614.406.214.906.013.2571.70
8.Andreas Toba5.914.
9.Eddy Yusof6.114.555.613.855.814.355.613.355.413.1569.25
10.Dan Purvis6.515.056.114.856.214.705.614.7559.35
11.Hamilton Sabot6.014.205.714.506.715.206.214.9558.85
12.Oliver Hegi6.314.805.113.906.414.905.813.4557.05
13.Samir Aït Saïd5.614.356.815.705.614.9044.95
14.Dan Keatings7.114.556.915.456.114.9544.95
15.Cyril Tommasone6.915.556.214.905.714.3544.80
16.Frank Baines6.314.755.614.906.215.0544.70
17.Sebastian Krimmer6.214.956.214.605.713.6043.15
18.Claudio Capelli5.614.006.114.706.013.9042.60
19.Mathias Farhig6.613.156.014.306.013.8541.30
20.Waldemar Eichorn5.814.
21.Simon Nützi5.612.056.014.655.214.3041.00
22.Michael Meier6.214.305.614.9529.25
23.Jim Zona6.013.855.214.5528.40
24.Ashley Watson5.714.006.514.2528.25
Written by Amanda Turner    Sunday, 27 April 2014 11:28    PDF Print
Osijek World Challenger Cup Concludes
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Vietnam's Phan Thi Ha Thanh won a second gold medal Sunday as the Osijek World Challenger Cup continued in Croatia.

Phan, the vault champion during Saturday's finals, won the gold medal on balance beam and the bronze medal on floor exercise on Sunday.

Phan Thi Ha Thanh (Vietnam)

On balance beam, Phan hit her routine fairly cleanly to take the title (front aerial, wolf; ff, two-foot layout. Switch leap, switch side; switch leap-full; side aerial to sissone; switch leap to side somi; round off, double pike; click here to watch).

North Korea's Kim Un Hyang was second with a beautfiul and fluid set, but a lower difficulty level and wobble on her front somi left her in second (watch). Giulia Steingruber took third.

Top qualifier Ana Sofía Gómez (Guatemala) had a near-flawless routine going — including a stuck ff, tucked full — but touched down on her dismount to finish fourth (watch).

Steingruber won floor exercise with a watered-down routine, leaving out her full-twisting double layout (double layout; double tuck; double twist; double pike). Canada's Isabela Onyshko (tucked full-in mount and double pike dismount) showed off beautiful flexibility to finish just one tenth behind Steingruber.

In the men's competition, world and Olympic bronze medalist Matteo Morandi (Italy) won the still rings title over North Korea's Ri Se Gwang and Turkish gymnast Ibrahim Colak. Both Morandi (watch) and Ri (watch) showed off 6.7-Difficulty sets.

Finland's Tomi Tuuha walked away with the gold medal on vault over top qualifier Ri, who landed his piked Dragulescu (6.4 Difficulty) but overrotated his second namesake vault, a full-twisting Tsukahara double back (watch).

The competition ended well for the host nation as Croatia's Marijo Možnik tied Israeli Olympian Alexander Shatilov for the high bar title. Great Britain's Reiss Beckford won the bronze medal.

The competition is part of the FIG's World Cup series of events. The series continues in Anadia, Portugal from May 30-June 1.

External Link: Official Website

2014 Osijek World Challenger Cup
April 27, Osijek, Croatia

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.98.12514.025
2.Kim Un Hyang5.68.25013.850
3.Giulia Steingruber5.77.85013.550
4.Ana Sofía Gómez6.17.30013.400
5.Isabela Onyshko5.77.60013.300
6.Ilaria Käslin5.87.22513.025
7.Emma Larsson5.57.30012.800
8.Ana Filipa Martins5.66.70012.300

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Giulia Steingruber5.58.17513.675
2.Isabela Onyshko5.58.07513.575
3.Phan Thi Ha Thanh5.48.02513.425
4.Ana Filipa Martins5.08.12513.125
5.Emma Larsson5.47.62513.025
6.Saša Golob5.27.8250.312.725
7.Noémi Makra5.46.82512.225
8.Ana Đerek5.27.0500.212.050

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Matteo Morandi6.78.75015.450
2.Ri Se Gwang6.78.52515.225
3.Ibrahim Colak6.38.87515.175
4.Kim Jin Hyok6.68.52515.125
5.Andrei Munteanu6.68.45015.050
6.Thomas Taranu6.48.52514.925
6.Andrea Cingolani6.68.32514.925
8.Dang Nam6.78.20014.900

Mens' Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Tomi Tuuha5.69.35014.95015.075
2.Matthias Fahrig6.09.10015.10014.938
2.Ri Se Gwang6.49.27515.67514.938
4.Vitalijs Kardasovs5.69.30014.90014.663
4.Andrei Munteanu5.69.32514.92514.663
6.Dominick Cunningham5.69.47515.07514.463
7.Andrea Cingolani5.69.27514.87514.313
8.Ângelo Assumpção6.08.07514.07513.763

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Marijo Možnik6.48.55014.950
1.Alexander Shatilov6.68.35014.950
3.Reiss Beckford6.18.75014.850
4.Anton Kovacevic5.98.75014.650
4.Nicolas Cordoba6.08.65014.650
6.Enrico Pozzo6.67.95014.550
7.Osvaldo Martinez5.88.35014.150
8.Dávid Vecsernyés6.57.27513.775

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