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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 16 September 2015 18:52    PDF Print
Moscow Women Defend Russian Cup Title
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Daria Spiridonova led Moscow to the women's team title over the Central Federal District and Saint Petersburg on Wednesday evening as the 2015 Russian Cup continued in Penza.

Daria Spiridonova led Moscow to the women's team title Wednesday evening as the 2015 Russian Cup continued in Penza.

Even without reigning Russian Cup champion Aliya Mustafina, the Moscow squad easily defended its team title from 2014, scoring 173.100 to top the Central Federal District (168.433) and Saint Petersburg (159.867).

Spiridonova, the bronze medalist on uneven bars at the 2014 Worlds, hit a beautifully precise routine on her best event to score a high of 15.467 (inside Stalder, inside Stalder-full to Komova II to Pak to immediately Maloney-half; inside Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger; toe-on full to full-twisting double with one small step).

2012 Olympian Maria Paseka contributed 15.300 on both vault (much improved Amanar) and uneven bars (toe-on full to Maloney, immediate back uprise full to Tkatchev to Pak to immediate Maloney-half; stuck double front). Paseka also showed an improved Chengf Fei vault that scored an impressive 15.633.

The Muscovite team's 45.467 on uneven bars, the high team total of the day, offset mistakes on balance beam and floor exercise. Youth Olympic Games champion Seda Tutkhalyan dropped off beam on her roundoff, layout full, and sat down her double pike dismount on floor exercise after showing a new double layout mount.

Two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva led the Central squad to second, scoring a team high of 14.967 on floor exercise. The team had uncharacteristic mistakes from Viktoria Komova on uneven bars (13.233) and Maria Kharenkova on balance beam (fall on ff, ff two-foot layout; 13.800).

Mustafina, who won the first European Games in July, is skipping the Russian Cup competition to focus on her preparation for Glasgow.

The competition continues Thursday with the women's all-around final.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2015 Russian Cup Gymnastics
September 16, Penza

Women's Team Final VTUBBBFXTotal
Alla Sosnitskaya14.36714.70014.33312.967
Maria Paseka15.30015.30014.067
Daria Spiridonova13.70015.46714.30013.833
Seda Tutkhalyan14.70014.33313.40013.333
Ksenia Afanasyeva14.53314.36714.967
Viktoria Komova13.23314.167
Yevgenia Shelgunova14.20013.43314.53314.833
Maria Kharenkova13.86714.16713.80014.133
3.Saint Petersburg41.93438.26639.63440.033159.867
Tatiana Nabiyeva14.56712.233
Anastasia Cheong13.23311.03312.96713.200
Lilia Akhaimova11.80012.70013.40014.400
Alla Sidorenko13.56713.33313.26712.433
Daria Lopatina12.9339.86710.36710.267
Olga Bikmurzina12.86711.33312.300
Anastasia Dmitriyeva14.36712.73313.96713.033
Polina Fyodorova13.40011.93313.53312.400
Anastasia Osetrova13.06711.4679.93310.067
Yekaterina Ischenko12.7339.50010.03312.667
Anastasia Sidorova13.96713.367
Yevrenia Menovschikova13.70010.20010.26710.900

Women's All-Around QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Daria SpiridonovaMoscow13.70015.46714.30013.83357.300
2.Yevgenia ShelgunovaKhimki/Alatyr14.20013.43314.53314.83356.999
3.Alla SosnitskayaMoscow14.36714.70014.33312.96756.367
4.Maria KharenkovaLyubertsy, Rostov-on-Don13.86714.16713.80014.13355.967
5.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow14.70014.33313.40013.33355.766
6.Anastasia DmitriyevaTolyatti/Samara14.36712.73313.96713.03354.100
7.Alla SidorenkoSaint Petersburg13.56713.33313.26712.43352.600
8.Lilia AkhaimovaSaint Petersburg11.80012.70013.40014.40052.300
9.Yulia BiryulyaLeninsk-Kuznetsky13.76714.00012.00011.93351.700
10.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary13.40011.93313.53312.40051.266
11.Anastasia CheongSaint Petersburg13.23311.03312.96713.20050.433
12.Maria IontefVeliky Novgorod13.26710.03312.80012.70048.800
13.Arina NedovesovaVladivostok12.50011.36712.06711.83347.767
14.Yevrenia MenovschikovaAnapa13.70010.20010.26710.90045.067
15.Yekaterina IschenkoRostov-na-Don12.7339.50010.03312.66744.933
16.Maria PasekaMoscow15.30015.30014.06744.667
17.Anastasia OsetrovaVolgograd13.06711.4679.93310.06744.534
18.Ksenia AfanasyevaKhimki/Tula14.53314.36714.96743.867
19.Daria LopatinaNizhnekamsk12.9339.86710.36710.26743.434
20.Anna VanyushkinaVeliky Novgorod13.23310.73312.86736.833
21.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk12.86711.33312.30036.500
22.Viktoria KomovaVoronezh/Moscow13.23314.16727.400
23.Anastasia SidorovaRostov-na-Don13.96713.36727.334
24.Tatiana NabiyevaSaint Petersburg14.56712.23326.800
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Siberian Men Win Russian Cup Team Title
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Nikita Ignatyev led his Siberian squad to the men's team title Wednesday as the 2015 Russian Cup began in Penza. Pictured: Siberia topped Moscow and Central for the title.

Nikita Ignatyev led his Siberian squad to the men's team title Wednesday as the 2015 Russian Cup began in Penza.

The Siberian Federal District team scored 261.175 to handily defeat Moscow (254.200) and the Central Federal District (252.900).

The defending champions from the Urals meanwhile settled for fourth (252.650).

Ignatyev, the defending all-around champion from the 2014 Russian Cup, led the individual all-around qualification with 89.250. Veteran Nikolai Kuksenkov (88.675) qualifed second over Olympian David Belyavsky (87.175). Belyavsky had the highest score of the day, 15.700 , on parallel bars, but had costly mistakes on pommel horse and vault.

Other top scores came from newcomer Dmitry Lankin, 18, on floor exercise (15.100) and specialist Matvei Petrov on pommel horse (15.450). World and Olympic medalist Denis Ablyazin had the best score of the day on still rings and vault, while Ignatyev was on top on high bar (15.300 ).

The Russian Cup will help determine the makeup of Russia's squads at this fall's world championships in Glasgow.

The competition continues Wednesday afternoon with the women's team and qualification. Reigning all-around champion Aliya Mustafina will skip the event to focus on her preparation for Glasgow.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2015 Russian Cup Gymnastics
September 16, Penza

Men's Team Final FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
Daniil Kazachkov14.55012.70014.95015.00014.15012.950
Nikita Ignatyev14.90014.60014.90014.40015.15015.300
Andrei Cherkasov14.25013.45013.97514.75014.70014.200
Grigory Zyryanov11.25014.15013.67514.00014.30013.650
Dmitry Lankin15.10012.65013.97514.90015.40013.800
Nikita Nagorny13.95013.00013.97515.30014.95014.500
Alexei Kosyanov12.40013.10013.20013.95013.20012.900
Artur Dalaloyan13.70012.60014.15013.40013.85013.930
Ilya Kibartas13.60012.50014.52513.30012.95012.450
Nikolai Kuksenkov14.80014.55014.47514.70015.15015.000
Kirill Prokopyev13.90012.25014.12513.15013.00012.900
Alexei Rostov13.20013.75014.15014.30014.35013.950
Mikhail Kudashov14.30013.60014.77515.00013.70012.250
Sergei Danilenko13.20013.50013.42513.50014.00012.750
Nikita Lezhankin14.40012.35013.70012.55012.5509.400
David Belyavsky14.65013.85014.77513.60015.70014.600
Denis Ablyazin14.85015.25015.600
Vladislav Polyashov13.60014.65014.000
Ivan Tikhonov13.00012.55013.55014.60013.70012.300
Valentin Starikov14.20013.55012.65012.80014.80011.200
Sergei Krivunets10.90010.7009.45012.60011.70011.700
Sergei Yeltsov14.40015.20014.350
Alexei Bykov10.65012.75012.60014.10013.30012.050
Boris Lozhkin12.20013.10013.02512.20011.450
7.Siberia 226.35039.65037.65039.25043.15039.950226.000
Kirill Potapov11.75012.25014.20011.400
Vadim Yegorov13.35013.20011.77512.90012.95011.600
Ivan Stretovich14.70013.05014.55014.500
Andrei Lagutov13.00011.75013.62513.30014.40013.850
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Liverpool Women Win 10th British Team Title
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The City of Liverpool Gymnastics Club won its 10th team title on Saturday at the 2015 British Women's Team Championships in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The champions from Liverpool Gymnastics Club

Charlie Fellows, the reserve gymnast for Britain's 2014 world team, led Liverpool to the title with a winning score of 203.300. Park Wrekin Gymnastics Club from Shropshire took second (198.800), topping the Academy from Bristol (196.800).

Liverpool had the highest team total on vault, balance beam and floor exercise, and finished just behind Park Wrekin on uneven bars. Liverpool's main strength came on balance beam, where they outscored their nearest rival by more than 2.5 points.

South Durham was fourth (194.000), finishing ahead of the club from Glasgow (185.200), host of this fall's world championships

Though the all-around was not contested, first-year senior Amy Tinkler (South Durham) was the top individual. Kelly Simm from Dynamo School of Gymnastics in Hampshire was second ahead of Fellows.

The City of Liverpool's team is running a GoFundMe campaign for their training centre in order to replace the old spring floor. The team hopes to be able to buy equipment used at next month's world championships in Glasgow, but the price is £27,500 (approximately $42,000). Liverpool has several candidates for next year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“My dream is to be part of that gym team for Rio 2016 next year," Fellows told her local newspaper. "If we had a new floor it would be amazing. It would be much bouncier and less hurtful on your feet. It would just make everything a lot better."

Approximately £9,000 ($14,000) has been raised so far. Click here to donate.

External Link: British Gymnastics

2015 British Women's Team Championships
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England

1.City of Liverpool54.70045.50053.00050.100203.300
Ellee Cheetham13.1508.65012.60010.750
Charlie Fellows13.95012.85013.35013.100
Lucy Stanhope13.60010.75013.30011.700
Jade Stedford14.00011.75012.40012.400
Rebecca Tunney13.75012.900
Olivia Williams12.60010.150
2.Park Wrekin52.45045.85050.50050.000198.800
Georgina Clements11.40012.050
Alice Kinsella13.80013.50012.900
Ellesse Oates13.60012.15012.80012.750
Honour Sheard12.65011.50011.95012.300
Isla Warr12.40010.80011.60011.150
Marnie Woolrich10.15012.250
3.The Academy54.45044.75049.95047.650196.800
Maisie Dodds10.20011.600
Ruby Harrold14.00013.85012.500
Amelia Knight10.700
Zoe Simmons13.4509.60010.7509.500
Abigail Solari13.75012.25011.05012.550
Phoebe Turner13.25011.60013.45013.100
4.South Durham52.05044.15048.10049.700194.000
Jade Armstrong12.70011.55012.500
Courtney Burton12.60010.45012.15011.550
Dena Kirk10.050
Leah Rockett12.45010.05010.45012.050
Francesca Ryman12.2509.20011.20011.500
Amy Tinkler14.30013.60013.20013.600
5.City of Glasgow51.60040.05046.60046.950185.200
Shannon Archer12.80010.10011.95012.450
Ellie Breadner12.9509.90012.10011.450
Eilish Campbell9.850
Cara Kennedy13.00010.20011.500
Emma Mackey12.85010.45011.250
Megan Morrison12.0009.15011.05011.800
Tayah Askham10.2008.65011.7508.750
Danielle Barnes12.3008.95011.55010.800
Sydney Letchford12.6007.75010.25010.250
Kelly Simm14.10011.70014.00013.800
Casey Spry12.8008.65010.5509.200
Lauryn Campbell12.9509.65010.05011.500
Casey Exley12.8507.55010.600
Daisy Gamble11.9008.7009.700
Molly Lunn12.65010.75010.350
Sophie Newbery13.0008.80011.30012.450
Elise Waugh7.6509.90012.100
Nicole Burns11.5006.5009.90011.400
Grace Harrison11.9007.55012.60012.700
Isabel Hester8.400
Rebecca Johnson12.2508.60010.05011.600
Madison Nicol8.550
Radha Patel11.5006.8009.80011.150

1.Amy TinklerSouth Durham5.014.3005.813.6005.113.2005.613.60054.700
2.Kelly SimmDynamo5.614.1006.211.7005.614.0005.913.80053.600
3.Charlie FellowsLiverpool5.013.9505.312.8505.113.3505.413.10053.250
4.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy4.413.2504.711.6005.413.4505.013.10051.400
5.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin4.613.6004.212.1505.512.8004.912.75051.300
6.Jade StedfordLiverpool5.014.0005.611.7505.012.4004.212.40050.550
7.Abigail SolariThe Academy4.813.7505.112.2504.911.0504.912.55049.600
8.Lucy StanhopeLiverpool5.013.6004.910.7505.113.3004.811.70049.350
9.Honour SheardPark Wrekin4.012.6503.311.5004.111.9504.312.30048.400
10.Shannon ArcherCity of Glasgow4.012.8002.310.1005.011.9504.812.45047.300
11.Courtney BurtonSouth Durham4.012.6002.810.4504.512.1504.311.55046.750
12.Ellie BreadnerCity of Glasgow4.212.9501.19.9004.112.1003.711.45046.400
13.Isla WarrPark Wrekin4.012.4003.310.8004.311.6004.211.15045.950
14.Sophie NewberyBury4.213.0002.48.8004.311.3004.412.45045.550
15.Ellee CheethamLiverpool5.013.1504.38.6505.012.6004.510.75045.150
16.Leah RockettSouth Durham4.012.4503.310.0504.910.4504.212.05045.000
17.Grace HarrisonManx4.411.9002.77.5504.712.6005.212.70044.750
18.Lauryn CampbellBury4.412.9501.99.6504.710.0503.911.50044.150
18.Francesca RymanSouth Durham4.012.2501.29.2004.311.2003.511.50044.150
20.Megan MorrisonCity of Glasgow3.812.0001.89.1504.111.0504.111.80044.000
21.Danielle BarnesDynamo4.012.3003.58.9503.611.5504.410.80043.600
22.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy4.613.4504.09.6004.710.7504.79.50043.300
23.Rebecca JohnsonManx4.012.2502.48.6003.310.0504.211.60042.500
24.Casey SpryDynamo4.212.8001.78.6503.910.5503.39.20041.200
25.Sydney LetchfordDynamo4.212.6002.07.7504.310.2503.910.25040.850
26.Ruby HarroldThe Academy5.314.0005.613.8505.212.50040.350
27.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin5.013.8005.213.5005.212.90040.200
28.Tayah AskhamDynamo2.410.2001.98.6503.911.7503.18.75039.350
29.Nicole BurnsManx4.011.5003.36.5004.59.9004.511.40039.300
30.Radha PatelManx4.011.5001.26.8003.59.8003.511.15039.250
31.Jade ArmstrongSouth Durham4.012.7004.611.5504.412.50036.750
32.Cara KennedyCity of Glasgow4.213.0003.310.2003.911.50034.700
33.Emma MackeyCity of Glasgow4.212.8504.410.4503.811.25034.550
34.Molly LunnBury4.212.6504.410.7503.910.35033.750
35.Casey ExleyBury4.412.8501.77.5503.610.60031.000
36.Daisy GambleBury4.211.9001.78.7004.29.70030.300
37.Elise WaughBury1.37.6504.09.9004.512.10029.650
38.Rebecca TunneyLiverpool5.713.7505.312.90026.650
39.Georgina ClementsPark Wrekin4.711.4004.112.05023.450
40.Olivia WilliamsLiverpool4.012.6003.910.15022.750
41.Marnie WoolrichPark Wrekin2.310.1504.412.25022.400
42.Maisie DoddsThe Academy4.710.2004.811.60021.800
43.Amelia KnightThe Academy3.110.70010.700
44.Dena KirkSouth Durham3.710.05010.050
45.Eilish CampbellCity of Glasgow1.89.8509.850
46.Madison NicolManx3.88.5508.550
47.Isabel HesterManx1.88.4008.400
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Iordache Leads Romania to Victory Over France
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Veteran Larisa Iordache led her Romanian squad to victory over their French guests in a dual meet held Saturday in Izvorani.

Veteran Larisa Iordache led her Romanian squad to victory over their French guests in a dual meet held Saturday in Izvorani.

Romania easily overcame its 2.35-point deficit on uneven bars to emerge victorious over France, 227.050 to 223.450. The host team had the high event total on vault with 59.450, where five of their six team members competed double-twisting Yurchenkos, and averaged above 14.50 on balance beam.

Iordache easily won the all-around title (58.150) despite a fall on uneven bars on her new toe-on piked Tkatchev release. Her 15.100 on balance beam (clean ff, tucked full; RO two-foot layout; RO ff triple twist) was the high score of the day.

Anamaria Ocolișan, a member of Romania's fourth-place squad at the 2014 Worlds, placed second all-around (56.850). She matched Iordache on vault with 15.000 and had the top score for Romania on uneven bars with 14.050 (Maloney-half; Jaeger; Pak; Maloney; stuck full-twisting double).

Two-time Olympian Catalina Ponor made her comeback to competition. Ponor, who turned 28 on August 20, scored 14.850 on vault, 14.900 on balance beam and 13.950 on floor exercise. On balance beam, the 2004 Olympic champion performed a swing ring; two-foot layout; Kochetkova; Onodi, front aerial, split jump; and clean double pike; and on floor exercise she tumbled a double layout; two whips to full-in; triple twist and double pike.

Led by Louise Vanhille's 14.500, France outscored Romania on uneven bars, but failed to make ground on the other events. Veteran Marine Brevet scored 55.850 to place third all-around behind Ocolișan and just ahead of Vanhille (55.800).

The Romanian world championships squad will be determined after the upcoming national championships, September 25-27 in Bucharest.

External Link: Romanian Gymnastics Federation

2015 Romania vs. France (Women)
September 12, Izvorani, Romania

Women's TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1. Romania59.45053.45058.35055.800227.050
Larisa Iordache15.00013.70015.10014.350
Catalina Ponor14.85014.90013.950
Anamaria Ocolișan15.00014.05014.10013.700
Laura Jurca14.60013.45014.05013.350
Silvia Zarzu14.45012.25013.800
Diana Bulimar11.85014.250
2. France57.60055.80054.90055.150223.450
Marine Brevet14.30014.25013.25014.050
Camille Bahl14.75013.40013.600
Claire Martin12.35014.65013.900
Grace Charpy13.55013.150
Loan His14.35013.90013.30013.600
Louise Vanhille14.20014.50013.55013.550

1.Larisa Iordache5.815.0006.213.7006.415.1005.914.35058.150
2.Anamaria Ocolișan5.815.0005.614.0505.714.1005.613.70056.850
3.Marine Brevet5.014.3005.914.2505.513.2505.314.05055.850
4.Louise Vanhille5.014.2005.914.5005.313.5505.213.55055.800
5.Laura Jurca5.814.6005.313.4505.614.0505.713.35055.450
6.Loan His5.014.3506.113.9005.013.3005.113.60055.150
7.Camille Bahl5.814.7505.112.9005.413.4005.213.60054.650
8.Diana Bulimar5.014.1504.911.8505.814.2505.713.80054.050
9.Silvia Zarzu5.814.4505.012.2505.413.4005.613.80053.900
10.Catalina Ponor5.814.8504.16.1006.314.9005.513.95049.800
11.Claire Martin5.112.3506.114.6505.413.90040.900
12.Grace Charpy5.013.5505.113.1504.712.95039.650
*Ioana Nicoara5.213.10013.100
* Exhibition competitor
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Kudryavtseva Claims Third World All-Around Crown
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Russian Yana Kudryavtseva won her third consecutive all-around title Friday as the 2015 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships continued in Stuttgart.

Russian Yana Kudryavtseva won her third consecutive all-around title Friday as the 2015 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships continued in Stuttgart.

The 17-year-old Kudryavtseva topped teammate Margarita Mamun by nearly a full point, with Belarusian Melitina Stanyuta winning the all-around bronze medal.

Russia once again had a clean sweep of the individual competition, winning every gold and silver medal so far in Stuttgart. Kudryavtseva won the ball, clubs and ribbon events; Mamun won hoop, which Kudryavtseva skipped in qualification to rest a sore ankle.

Kudryavtseva had the highest score with each apparatus Friday, though Mamum tied her for the high score on clubs. Kudryavtseva opened the door with several small errors with the ribbon, but Mamun failed to take advantage, dropping the apparatus herself.

Kudryavtseva said she had no idea after her final performance whether it was enough to defend her title, but she threw her hands up in the air in happiness rather than as a show of victory.

"I didn't know that I won, I think I was more happy just to survive to the end," the Muscovite said. "Since I didn't commit any huge errors I was basically pleased with myself, and only because of this I made such an emotional gesture. Little did I know that I won."

Stanyuta, who was sixth in qualification, said she was overwhelmed after the result. "The final day was the most difficult, the alll-around," she said. "I can say that we were all tired after the previous performances. And I now have so much emotion... that's my medal, I don't even know what to say."

Kudryavtseva's three consecutive world all-around titles matches teammate Yevgenia Kanayeva, who won in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Kanayeva, the 2008 and 2009 world all-arouind champion, is the most decorated rhythmic gymnast of all time with back-to-back Olympic titles and 18 world championships medals, 17 of which are gold, with one only silver.

Kudryavtseva, who turns 18 on September 30, now has 16 world championship medals (13 gold). Mamun, who was awarded the Longines Prize for Elegance after the competition, now has 14 world championship medals to her credit, half of them gold.

More than medals are on the line in Stuttgart as the competition also serves as the first Olympic qualification. The top 15 gymnasts in Friday's competition earned berths for their countries to next year's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Salomé Pazhava placed fourth, the highest world championships finish for a Georgian gymnast. Ukrainian Ganna Rizatdinova, the bronze medalist from the 2014 Worlds, fell to fifth after erring with the clubs. Azerbaijan's Marina Durunda finished sixth ahead of Israel's Neta Rivkin and American Laura Zeng. Zeng's eighth place is the highest finish for an American rhythmic gymnast, bettering the 10th place from Mary Sanders in 2003.

Spain's Carolina Rodríguez and Bulgaria's Neviana Vladinova rounded out the top 10. Korean Son Yeon Jae, France's Kseniya Moustafaeva, Belarusian Katsiaryna Halkina, Greece's Varvara Filiou and Japan's Kaho Minagawa all secured Olympic qualification for their respective nations.

Competition continues this weekend with the group competition.

External Link: Official Website

2015 Rhythmic World Championships
September 11, Stuttgart

All-Around FinalHoopBallClubsRibbonTotal
1.Yana Kudryavtseva19.00019.11619.00018.51675.632
2.Margarita Mamun18.75018.96619.00018.05074.766
3.Melitina Stanyuta18.40017.78318.03317.91672.132
4.Salomé Pazhava18.18317.75018.08317.76671.782
5.Ganna Rizatdinova17.67518.55017.03318.28371.541
6.Marina Durunda17.93317.98317.78317.70071.399
7.Neta Rivkin17.90017.83317.92517.31670.974
8.Laura Zeng17.63317.60017.63317.55070.416
9.Carolina Rodríguez17.60017.51617.56617.56670.248
10.Neviana Vladinova17.33317.63317.51617.63370.115
11.Son Yeon Jae18.16617.48318.23316.11669.998
12.Kseniya Moustafaeva17.71617.68317.23317.08369.715
13.Katsiaryna Halkina17.20017.48317.55017.36669.599
14.Varvara Filiou17.60017.38317.53316.93369.449
15.Kaho Minagawa16.90017.70017.26617.53369.399
16.Elizaveta Nazarenkova17.21617.25017.33317.48369.282
17.Sakura Hayakawa17.16617.58317.55016.76669.065
18.Sabina Ashirbayeva17.16617.23317.26617.26668.931
19.Jana Berezko-Marggrander17.30016.46617.21617.21668.198
20.Nicol Ruprecht16.98316.96617.20015.55066.699
21.Victoria Veinberg Filanovsky16.53316.91617.28315.80066.532
22.Viktoria Mazur16.71616.40016.61616.48366.215
23.Veronica Bertolini17.01615.93316.41616.80066.165
24.Maria Mateva16.50017.13316.15016.26666.049

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