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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 04 May 2016 12:33    PDF Print
Teramoto Wins NHK Cup, Clinches Olympic Berth
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2012 Olympian Asuka Teramoto won the women's all-around at the 55th NHK Cup on Wednesday in Tokyo, earning an automatic berth to her second Olympic Games. Pictured: Teramoto with runner-up Mai Murakami and bronze medalist Aiko Sugihara

2012 Olympian Asuka Teramoto (Chukyo University) won the women's all-around at the 55th NHK Cup on Wednesday in Tokyo, earning an automatic berth to her second Olympic Games.

The NHK Cup serves as the second Olympic qualification event for Japan following last month's national championships, and the two scores together determine the NHK Cup winner. The champions in Tokyo are to be named to Japan's teams for this summer's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Reigning Olympic champion and six-time world champion Kohei Uchimura is pre-qualified; if he wins the men's title on Thursday, the silver medalist will clinch an automatic berth.) The final teams will be determined following the Japanese national event championships in June.

The Japanese men are the reigning world champions after their victory last fall in Glasgow, where the women's team finished fifth.

Runner-up Mai Murakami (Nippon Sport Science University) and bronze medalist Aiko Sugihara (Meihua High School) were also named to the Olympic team based on Japan's qualification formula, which factors in event rankings as well.

Second to Murakami last month, Teramoto hit all four routines on Wednesday to take the NHK title with a combined score of 115.050. Her top score was 15.300 on vault for a stuck layout Rudi. Teramoto, 20, is the only gymnast still competing from Japan's eighth-place women's team from the 2012 Olympic Games.

Murakami, who started with a .1 advantage over Teramoto, hit her double-twisting Yurchenko vault (15.050) and floor exercise to Christina Aguilera's "Show Me How You Burlesque" (double-double; double layout; quad turn; 2 1/2 to layout front full; double pike; 14.850) but fell on her two-foot layout on beam (12.450). Murakami, 19, totaled 113.300 to take silver ahead of the 16-year-old Sugihara (112.350), who held onto her third-place finish from nationals.

Yuki Uchiyama (Smile Gymnastics Club) placed fourth (110.050) with the top score on uneven bars (inside Stalder-full-Komova II-Pak; Stalder-blind Jaeger; stuck full-twisting double; 14.350/6.2). Nippon Sport Science University's Natsumi Sasada placed fifth (108.400).

Hitomi Hatakeda (Central Meguro), daughter of 1992 and 1996 Olympian Yoshiaki Hatakeda, placed seventh.

World floor exercise finalist Sae Miyakawa, suffering from an ankle injury, finished 11th. Known for her spectacular tumbling, Miyakawa lowered her difficulty on floor and went out of bounds three times.

Competition concludes Thursday at Yoyogi Stadium with the men's competition. Uchimura starts with a 91.300 total from the Japanese championships, followed by Kenzo Shirai's 89.700 and Ryohei Kato's 89.400. Yuya Kamoto and Yusuke Saito, both with 89.250, are also in contention of grabbing an automatic Olympic berth.

Thursday's event will also honor three-time Japanese Olympian Naoya Tsukahara with a special ceremony. Tsukahara, who turns 39 in June, announced his retirement in March after several years of representing Australia. He is now the general director of the Asahi Seimei club, following in the footsteps of his father, the great Mitsuo Tsukahara.

External Link: Japan Gymnastics Association

55th NHK Trophy
May 4, 2016, Yoyogi, Tokyo

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXAANationalTotal
1.Asuka TeramotoChukyo University/Les Logic Sports15.30014.05014.35014.05057.75057.300115.050
2.Mai MurakamiNippon Sport Science University15.05013.60012.45014.80055.90057.400113.300
3.Aiko SugiharaBaika High School/Asahi Seimei14.40014.15013.75014.05056.35056.000112.350
4.Yuki Uchiyama Smile Gymnastics Club14.30014.35012.80013.70055.15054.900110.050
5.Natsumi SasadaNippon Sport Science University14.00013.10013.95013.55054.60053.800108.400
6.Marina KawasakiHiratsuka School/Tri-Gymnastics Club14.00013.65013.30012.35053.30054.550107.850
7.Hitomi HatakedaCentral Meguro/Nihon University High School13.90013.50013.25013.25053.90053.700107.600
8.Koike AyuToda City Sports Center14.60012.55013.15013.00053.30054.150107.450
9.Kajita NagiYamanashi Junior Gymnastics Club/Seiwa Kai High School14.70013.10012.75013.50054.05052.550106.600
10.Koko DobashiLes Logic Sports14.35012.55012.15013.40052.45053.950106.400
11.Sae MiyakawaSaints Gymnastics Club14.10012.80011.75013.40052.05053.950106.000
12.Akiho SatoNippon Sport Science University14.10012.95013.05013.50053.60052.000105.600
12.Shiho Nakaji Toda City Sports Center14.00012.60013.10013.10052.80052.800105.600
12.Wakana InoueUniversity Of Tsukuba12.85013.00013.50013.20052.55053.050105.600
15.Yumoto YurikaNarawa Gymnastics Club/Taketoyo High School14.05013.00013.05013.00053.10051.500104.600
16.Minami HondaMukogawa Women's University14.05012.05012.95012.80051.85052.700104.550
17.Kiko KuwajimaToda City Sports Center15.05011.95011.90012.85051.75052.250104.000
18.Yui TeraoNippon Sport Science University13.65012.85013.10012.00051.60051.100102.700
19.Mana OguchiOizumi Swallow Sports Club13.60011.55013.15013.55051.85050.650102.500
19.Mai OkadaToda City Sports Center13.35012.40012.90012.65051.30051.200102.500
21.Yumoto SakuraChukyo University/Narawa Gymnastics Club14.00010.40013.70012.35050.45051.750102.200
22.Yuka NatsumeMukogawa Women's University13.80012.30012.45011.80050.35051.400101.750
23.Yasuha MatsumuraChukyo University/Chukyo Gymnastics Club13.90011.25012.10012.75050.00051.500101.500
24.Mina SugimuraKokushikan University13.85012.65012.85012.35051.70049.200100.900
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British Junior Men Unstoppable in Germany
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Great Britain claimed the top spot in a four-way junior men's competition against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Monheim, Bavaria. Pictured: 2014 Youth Olympic Champion Giarnni Regini-Moran

Great Britain claimed the top spot in a four-way junior men's competition against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Monheim, Bavaria.

The British brought a double victory Saturday as their female counterparts defeated the same three countries at a junior quad meet held in Volketswil, Switzerland.

The competition in Monheim served as a warmup for the upcoming Junior European Championships, May 25-29 in Bern, Switzerland. All four nations sent the same teams entered into the competition in Bern, where the British men are favored to defend the junior team title.

Great Britain (334.800) won by a commanding victory of more than 8 points, with the team earning the highest score on five of the six events. Multiple mistakes on high bar brought the other teams closer, but Britain continued with a strong team performance on floor exercise and pommel horse to easily win.

The competition among the other three teams was much tighter, with the teams separated by less than 1.5 points. Switzerland claimed silver (326.700) over France (325.950) and Germany (325.300). The host team's fourth place was still a good outcome because of the improved score, said said 2004 and 2008 Olympian Thomas Andergassen, now the head coach for the German junior team.

"The competition was certainly positive for us, because if you look at the distances (between countries), we have made significant progress. We'll be stronger after the event," Andergassen said.

2014 Youth Olympic Champion Giarnni Regini-Moran (84.450) and teammate Hamish Carter (84.300) finished 1-2 in the all-around for Great Britain. Robin Caillaud, runner-up at the 2015 French Junior Championships, won the bronze (83.250)

France's Cameron-Lie Bernard (81.850) finished fourth ahead of Switzerland's Samir Serhani (81.450). New British Under-18 junior champion Joe Fraser placed sixth after missed routines on pommel horse and high bar. Carlo Hörr (80.250) and Nick Klessing (80.100) earn the best finishes for Germany in the all-around, finishing 10th and 11th, respectively.

Regini-Moran put up the top individual scores on floor exercise (14.900/6.0) and vault (14.950/6.0). Teammate Joshua Nathan (14.000/6.0) had the top score on pommel horse. The British superiority was especially evident on pommel horse, where their Difficulty scores were far above their rivals. Jamie Lewis also had a 6.0 D-score, while Fraser had 5.8. Only one other gymnast in the field, France's Baptiste Miette (5.7), had a D-score above 5.3 on pommel horse.

Klessing earned the best score on rings (14.550/5.5) while France's Bernard outscored the field on parallel bars (14.850/5.7). Switzerland's Moreno Kratter (14.250/5.4) was the top gymnast on high bar, where the Swiss had the best team total.

External Link: German Gymnastics Federation

2016 France/Germany/Great Britain/Switzerland U18 Men
April 30, Monheim, Bavaria, Germany

1.  Great Britain57.00054.80055.15058.50056.80052.550334.800
Hamish Carter14.40013.75014.00014.65013.80013.70084.300
Joe Fraser13.45012.75014.05013.90014.40012.75081.300
Jamie Lewis13.00013.40012.75014.20014.05013.00080.400
Joshua Nathan14.25014.00013.25041.500
Donell Osbourne14.70013.60013.10041.400
Giarnni Regini-Moran14.90013.65013.85014.95014.55012.55084.450
2.  Switzerland53.95052.10055.55055.30055.65054.150326.700
Henji Mboyo12.70013.95014.15012.95053.750
Samir Serhani14.25012.70014.25014.50012.30013.45081.450
Noe Seifert12.65013.30013.55013.10014.25013.50080.350
Andreas Gribi13.35013.40013.80012.75013.60011.65078.550
Martino Morosi13.70012.60014.25040.550
Moreno Kratter12.40013.40013.45013.65014.25067.150
3.  France52.95053.00053.70057.30055.70053.300325.950
Baptiste Miette12.70013.50013.20013.45052.850
Robin Caillaud13.80013.80013.60014.20014.20013.65083.250
Cameron-Lie Bernard12.90013.60013.20014.60014.85012.70081.850
Kévin Carvalho13.15012.90013.25014.30011.65013.85079.100
Léo Valentin12.55013.10025.650
Antoine Pochon13.10012.50013.35014.20013.20012.45078.800
4.  Germany55.10051.35053.45057.95054.55052.900325.300
Nick Klessing13.90012.20014.55014.05013.65011.75080.100
Felix Remuta14.10013.15014.60012.10013.05067.000
Leonard Prügel13.55013.20014.65013.40013.00067.800
Carlo Hörr13.55013.40011.50014.65013.60013.55080.250
Tobias Radoi13.05012.55012.70013.40013.90013.30078.900
Mika Säfken12.15013.05025.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Giarnni Regini-Moran19986.014.9005.213.6504.713.8506.014.9505.814.5504.612.55084.450
2.Hamish Carter19985.614.4005.313.7505.014.0005.214.6505.113.8005.113.70084.300
3.Robin Caillaud19984.913.8004.913.8004.813.6005.214.2005.114.2004.713.65083.250
4.Cameron-Lie Bernard19985.312.9005.313.6004.713.2005.214.6005.714.8503.712.70081.850
5.Samir Serhani19995.514.2504.712.7005.214.2505.214.5004.612.3005.013.45081.450
6.Joe Fraser19985.713.4505.812.7505.014.0505.213.9005.614.4005.212.75081.300
7.Donell Osbourne20005.013.4504.913.0004.513.3005.214.7004.913.6004.713.10081.150
8.Jamie Lewis20004.113.0006.013.4004.912.7505.214.2005.114.0504.713.00080.400
9.Noe Seifert19985.012.6504.813.3004.913.5504.413.1005.214.2504.613.50080.350
10.Carlo Hörr19985.113.5505.213.4004.011.5005.214.6505.013.6004.913.55080.250
11.Nick Klessing19985.613.9004.612.2005.514.5505.614.0505.013.6504.611.75080.100
12.Leonard Prügel19985.213.5504.713.2004.312.1005.614.6504.413.4004.313.00079.900
13.Moreno Kratter19985.212.4004.412.0504.713.4004.413.4504.813.6505.414.25079.200
14.Kévin Carvalho19994.813.1504.512.9004.613.2505.214.3005.411.6505.013.85079.100
15.Joshua Nathan19985.314.2506.014.0004.813.2504.413.3504.412.3004.611.85079.000
16.Tobias Radoi19995.013.0504.212.5504.712.7004.413.4004.813.9004.713.30078.900
17.Antoine Pochon19995.113.1004.512.5004.613.3505.214.2004.813.2005.012.45078.800
18.Felix Remuta19985.914.1004.411.6505.213.1505.614.6004.912.1004.913.05078.650
19.Andreas Gribi19984.813.3504.913.4004.913.8005.212.7505.313.6004.711.65078.550
20.Martino Morosi19995.113.7004.512.6004.712.7005.214.2504.211.8004.613.20078.250
21.Léo Valentin19995.412.5504.211.0504.613.2504.413.5504.413.2004.613.10076.700
22.Henji Mboyo19985.212.7005.113.9505.414.1505.012.95053.750
23.Baptiste Miette19985.712.7004.813.5005.213.2005.413.45052.850
24.Mika Säfken20004.912.1504.713.0504.613.0504.412.15050.400
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British Junior Women Best in Switzerland
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A squad of British juniors took the title at a friendly meet for women against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Volketswil, Zürich.

A squad of British juniors took the title at a friendly meet for women against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Volketswil, Zürich.

Great Britain earned a double victory on Saturday, as the male contingent defeated the same three countries at a junior quad meet held in Monheim, Germany.

Great Britain scored 162.600 to top France (161.750) by nearly a full point. Host Switzerland came third (160.750) ahead of Germany (158.100). The British had the top total on every event except floor exercise, where France and Switzerland tied for the best total.

The competition served as a warm-up for many gymnasts hoping to compete at next month's Junior European Championships in Bern, Switzerland, which will feature a full competition for team, all-around and apparatus. Each country sent six gymnasts, giving an early look at the junior squads training for the 2020 Olympics.

Great Britain sent a strong team formed after its recent junior national championships, held in early April in Liverpool. New British junior champion Maisie Methuen was absent, but silver medalist Taeja James and bronze medalist Ellesse Oates were in Volketswil along with junior national event champions Sophie Scott (vault), Megan Parker (uneven bars) and Zoe Simmons (floor exercise). Lucy Stanhope, the bronze medalist on uneven bars and balance beam in Liverpool, rounded out the British squad.

France, which has already named its teams for Europeans, sent the same team that will return next month to Bern. 2015 junior national champion Lorette Charpy leads the squad along with Alisson Lapp, Janna Mouffok, Morgane Osyssek and Mélissa Poitreau. Team alternate Assia Khnifass also competed in Volketswil.

James won the all-around title (54.100) over Parker (53.700), with Switzerland's Leonie Meier tying Poitreau for the bronze (53.450).

Top event scorers were Scott and Switzerland's Anina Wildi on vault (14.200/5.0), Parker on uneven bars (13.450/5.1) and floor exercise (13.550/5.1), and Poitreau on balance beam (13.900/5.6).

The French junior squad will host a match against Romania on May 13 in Haguenau.

External Link: Official Website

2016 France/Germany/Great Britain/Switzerland U16 Women
April 30, Volketswil, Zürich, Switzerland

1.  Great Britain42.20039.85041.00039.550162.600
Taeja James14.10013.35013.65013.000
Megan Parker12.90013.45013.80013.550
Lucy Stanhope13.90012.90013.35012.750
Ellesse Oates13.65012.90011.95013.000
Zoe Simmons13.50011.70012.40013.000
Sophie Scott14.20013.05013.550
2.  France41.60039.80040.75039.600161.750
Mélissa Poitreau13.85013.15013.90012.55053.450
Morgane Osyssek13.95013.20012.35013.50053.000
Lorette Charpy13.80013.30012.90012.85052.850
Assia Khnifass13.65013.30013.10012.70052.750
Janna Mouffok13.50013.15012.95013.10052.700
Alisson Lapp13.45011.35013.75013.00051.550
3.  Switzerland42.10039.60039.45039.600160.750
Leonie Meier13.95013.35013.15013.00053.450
Livia Schmid13.95013.00013.20013.15053.300
Anina Wildi14.20013.25012.30013.45053.200
Lynn Genhart13.90012.95013.10012.90052.850
Fabienne Studer12.65012.90012.35012.60050.500
Anny Wu12.75012.60010.40012.90048.650
4.  Germany41.05038.00039.60039.450158.100
Helene Schäfer13.30013.20013.70012.75052.950
Emma Höfele14.05012.40012.25013.20051.900
Isabelle Stingl13.70010.95013.05013.00050.700
Anudari Platow12.75012.40012.40013.15050.700
Julia Plattenhardt13.25011.85012.40012.95050.450
Kristina Iltner13.20010.90012.85013.10050.050

1.Taeja James20025.014.1005.113.3505.313.6505.013.00054.100
2.Megan Parker20014.412.9005.113.4505.213.8005.113.55053.700
3.Leonie Meier20025.013.9505.313.3505.113.1505.213.00053.450
3.Mélissa Poitreau20015.013.8505.213.1505.613.9005.112.55053.450
5.Livia Schmid20015.013.9505.313.0005.213.2004.913.15053.300
6.Anina Wildi20025.014.2005.213.2504.812.3005.113.45053.200
7.Morgane Osyssek20025.013.9505.113.2005.412.3505.113.50053.000
8.Helene Schäfer20014.413.3005.313.2005.613.7005.012.75052.950
9.Lucy Stanhope20015.013.9004.912.9005.113.3504.912.75052.900
10.Lynn Genhart20015.013.9005.212.9505.513.1005.212.90052.850
10.Lorette Charpy20015.013.8005.813.3005.312.9004.912.85052.850
12.Assia Khnifass20015.013.6505.513.3005.813.1005.312.70052.750
13.Janna Mouffok20025.013.5005.313.1505.012.9504.913.10052.700
14.Emma Höfele20015.014.0505.212.4005.112.2505.213.20051.900
15.Alisson Lapp20025.013.4504.311.3505.413.7505.213.00051.550
16.Ellesse Oates20015.013.6504.912.9005.011.9504.913.00051.500
17.Isabelle Stingl20015.013.7004.310.9505.313.0505.313.00050.700
17.Anudari Platow20014.012.7505.312.4005.112.4005.113.15050.700
19.Zoe Simmons20035.013.5004.111.7005.312.4005.213.00050.600
20.Fabienne Studer20014.012.6504.912.9004.812.3505.012.60050.500
21.Julia Plattenhardt20014.613.2505.011.8504.612.4004.812.95050.450
22.Kristina Iltner20024.413.2004.910.9005.212.8505.013.10050.050
23.Anny Wu20024.012.7505.112.6004.710.4004.612.90048.650
24.Sophie Scott20015.014.2004.513.0505.413.55040.800
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Downie Dominates Osijek with Full Sweep
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Ellie Downie made history for Great Britain with a full sweep of the gold medals at the 2016 FIG World Challenge Cup, held this weekend in Osijek. Pictured: Ukraine's Oleg Vernyayev participates in the athletes' competition draw on Friday night.

Ellie Downie continued to make history for Great Britain with a full sweep of the gold medals at the 2016 FIG World Challenge Cup, held this weekend in Osijek.

Downie, 16, dominated with golds on women's vault and uneven bars and Saturday followed by the balance beam and floor exercise titles on Sunday. She is the first gymnast to sweep a World Cup event under its current rules. It was the best performance to date from Downie, whose combined total in Osijek would have resulted in a personal best 59.125 all-around score.

Ellie Downie (Great Britain)

"I really enjoyed being here," said Downie, who joined her sister Becky Downie to help Great Britain to a historic team bronze medal at last year's world championships. "Osijek is one of the best competitions I have ever had. I really enjoyed the whole experience. The crowd and the organization were great. Thank you all!"

The competition in Osijek attracted a competitive field from 25 nations, including Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Russia Ukraine and the United States The organization was praised for its Friday night banquet held after qualifications, in which the gymnasts themselves drew their competition order for the weekend's finals.

Downie began her domination on women's vault, where she performed a double-twisting Yurchenko (14.975) and layout Podkopayeva (14.725) for a 14.850 average, comfortably topping Slovenia's Tjaša Kysselef (14.200 average) and Canada's Rose-Kayen Woo (13.638 average).

On uneven bars, Downie hit her 6.3D set much better than in qualification, although she was still a bit short on several handstands (front sole circle, pirouette to Maloney uprise to Tkatchev, toe full to piked Tkatchev to Pak; Maloney-half; double layout). Second place went to Russia's Seda Tutkhalyan, who earned the best execution score of the field (Maloney to Bhardwaj; Maloney-half; toe-on, toe-full to Tkatchev; elgrip giants to double front; 6.0D). Top qualifier Natalia Kapitanova of Russia had a beautiful routine going but was forced to settle for the bronze after overarching her toe-full before her full-twisting double dismount, which she landed extremely low.

Downie's most impressive performance of the finals was on balance beam, where she looked extremely confident in a rock solid routine, complete with stuck dismount (punch front, wolf; sStanding Arabian to sissone.; switch leap, switch side; double turn with slight wobble; ff, ff, layout; RO 2 1/2 twist; 6.4D).

Russia's Maria Kharenkova, the 2014 European champion, won silver over Tutkhalyan. Tutkhalyan, the top qualifier, had a wobble on her RO, layout full, but otherwise nailed her routine, although she played it safe by leaving the full-twist off her double pike dismount.

Downie hit her tumbling on floor exercise to execute a full sweep of the golds in Osijek: 1 1/2 to Arabian double front (almost stepped out); piked Arabian double front; 2 1/2, punch front; double pike). Natalia Kapitanova took silver with very clean execution and beautiful lines peformed to "Don Quixote" (piked full-in; 2 1/2 layout front; two whips to double tuck). First-year Ukrainian senior Yana Horokhova, the tiniest gymnast of the competition, won bronze with trademark beautiful Ukrainian gymnastics (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 twist; double tuck; double pike).

Downie's solid performance is a good omen for the British women, who will next try to accomplish another historic first next month as they aim for gold at the European championships next month in Bern.

In the men's competition, Ukrainian Oleg Vernyayev was the only double winner, taking golds on pommel horse and vault. Vernyayev, who competed all six events in qualification, missed his chance for a third gold on parallel bars after hitting his leg on his Bhavsar and having to jump off.

Russia had more success in the men's competition, with gold medals from Denis Ablyazin on still rings and from Emin Garibov on parallel bars. Garibov, who has been sidelined from major competition for the past several years with double shoulder injuries, was thrilled with his nailed routine, capped off by a stuck double front dismount.

Ablyazin aimed for the most ambitious routine in the floor finals (7.2D), but stumbled out of bounds on his triple-twisting front mount and then landed out of bounds on his layout double-double and piked Arabian double front, incurring .7 in neutral deductions that dropped him from first to seventh.

The floor title went to 2004 German Olympian Matthias Fahrig, who was extremely solid on his 6.7D set (double-twisting front to double front; piked Arabian double front, half out; piked Arabian double front; tucked Arabian double front). Two-time Israeli Olympian Alexander Shatilov won the silver with extremely clean tumbling, although he went out of bounds twice (layout Thomas; 1 1/2 to Randi; tucked double-double; front double full to Rudi; 2 1/2 to tucked front full; tucked full-in). American Steven Legendre took the bronze, mounting with a 2 1/2 to double front and throwing a rare 2 1/2-twisting double tuck, although he also went out of bounds on his piked Arabian double front.

On vault, American Paul Ruggeri won the silver behind Vernyayev with a RO half-on, double-twisting front and Yurchenko 2 1/2. Ukrainian Igor Radivilov, who was third on still rings, took another bronze. Radivilov crashed his piked Dragulescu (Ri 2) but stood up his Tsukahara double pike.

Cuban star Manrique Larduet won silver on parallel bars behind Garibov. Larduet landed his new dismount in qualification, a G-rated double front-full out, but opted for a regular half out in the final. American Sean Melton won bronze, sticking his double pike.

Turkish veteran Ümit Şamiloğlu won the high bar title with a Cassina (rather tucked) and Kolman, topping Ruggeri and first-day qualifier Oliver Hegi.

The FIG World Cup series continues May 13-15 in Varna, Bulgaria.

External Link: Official Website

2016 FIG World Challenger Cup
April 30-May 1, Osijek, Croatia

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ellie Downie5.89.17514.97514.850
2.Tjaša Kysselef5.39.07514.37514.200
3.Rose-Kayen Woo5.08.92513.92513.638
4.Kirsten Beckett4.69.05013.650
5.Ema Kajić5.08.57513.57513.463
6.Sophie Braaten5.08.32513.32513.050
7.Hélody Cyrenne5.07.92512.92513.000
8.Dora Székely4.48.47512.87512.888
9.Jelena Stamenković4.28.45012.65012.813

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ellie Downie6.38.37514.675
2.Seda Tutkhalyan6.08.52514.525
3.Natalia Kapitonova6.48.05014.450
4.Rose-Kayen Woo5.68.12513.725
5.Ruby Harrold6.27.22513.425
6.Carolyne Pedro5.26.9000.311.800
7.Dorina Böczögő5.25.8750.310.775
8.Tzuf Feldon4.85.57510.375

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Ellie Downie6.18.85014.950
2.Maria Kharenkova6.38.62514.925
3.Seda Tutkhalyan6.48.25014.650
4.Rose-Kayen Woo5.88.35014.150
5.Adela Šajn5.38.62513.925
6.Ruby Harrold5.47.87513.275
7.Carolyne Pedro5.17.85012.950
8.Yana Horokhova5.76.27511.975

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Ellie Downie6.08.52514.525
2.Natalia Kapitonova5.88.30014.100
3.Yana Horokhova5.48.45013.850
4.Ruby Harrold5.38.37513.675
4.Paula Mejías5.68.07513.675
6.Carolyne Pedro5.68.02513.625
7.Dorina Böczögő5.78.1000.313.500
8.Kiristen Beckett5.38.02513.325

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Matthias Fahrig6.78.35015.050
2.Alexander Shatilov6.78.4750.214.975
3.Steven Legendre6.78.2750.114.875
3.Paul Ruggeri6.88.3750.314.875
5.Tomislav Marković6.28.62514.825
6.Ahmet Önder6.38.6000.114.800
7.Denis Ablyazin7.27.9250.714.425
8.Rok Klavora6.47.1500.113.450

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.98.32515.225
2.Sašo Bertoncelj6.58.70015.200
3.Slavomir Michnak6.38.45014.750
4.Filip Ude7.07.47514.475
5.Robert Seligman6.47.92514.325
6.Maxime Gentges6.18.02514.125
7.Oliver Hegi6.57.30013.800
8.Jay Thompson4.97.60012.500

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Denis Ablyazin6.89.02515.825
2.İbrahim Çolak6.78.97515.675
3.Igor Radivilov6.98.60015.500
4.Manrique Larduet6.88.47515.275
5.Nikita Nagornyy6.58.42514.925
6.Eli Zahran6.58.40014.900
7.Sean Melton6.38.35014.650
8.Steven Legendre6.18.42514.525

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.09.40015.40015.325
2.Paul Ruggeri5.89.15014.95014.838
3.Igor Radivilov6.48.0250.114.32514.725
4.Nikita Nagornyy6.09.2250.115.12514.638
5.Denis Ablyazin6.48.92515.32514.625
6.Andrey Medvedev6.08.2000.114.10014.513
7.Steven Legendre5.69.37514.97514.450
8.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.68.52514.12514.250

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Emin Garibov6.79.05015.750
2.Manrique Larduet6.78.77515.475
3.Sean Melton6.48.47514.875
4.Oleg Vernyayev7.17.70014.800
5.Samuel Piasecký6.18.37514.475
6.İbrahim Çolak6.18.32514.425
7.Nikita Nagornyy6.87.52514.325
8.Norbert Dudás5.77.72513.425

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Ümit Şamiloğlu6.58.72515.225
2.Paul Ruggeri6.88.25015.050
3.Oliver Hegi6.58.20014.700
3.Tin Srbić6.68.10014.700
5.Manrique Larduet7.07.57514.575
6.Ahmet Önder5.98.37514.275
7.Pietro Giachino5.77.87513.575
8.Dávid Vecsernyés5.55.95011.450
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Qualification Begins at Osijek World Cup
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The FIG World Cup series resumed Thursday in Croatia with the first day of qualification at the Osijek World Challenge Cup.

The competition is the eighth World Cup event since February, and one of 13 planned for 2016. The series had a two-week break to accommodate the recent Olympic test event in Rio de Janeiro.

Natalia Kapitanova (Russia) qualified first on uneven bars.

The competition in Osijek attracted more than 100 gymnast from 25 nations, including Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Russia Ukraine and the United States. World all-around silver medalist Manrique Larduet (Cuba) headlined the field along with Ukraine's Oleg Vernyayev. Vernyayev, straight from his dominating performance in Rio, entered the lineup for all six events in Osijek. 2008 Olympic pommel horse silver medalist Filip Ude, who just qualified for his third Olympic Games, was the star gymnast for the host nation.

Gymnasts from five nations led the event qualification, which is divided over two days. In the women's competition, Great Britain's Ellie Downie qualified first on vault (double-twisting Yurchenko, layout Podkopayeva) over Slovenia's Tjašsa Kysselef (handspring tucked front full and Yurchenko full) and Canada's Rose-Kayen Woo.

Russians Natalia Kapitonova (15.000/6.5) and Seda Tutkhalyan (14.700/6.0) qualified 1-2 on uneven bars. Both Kapitonova, a first-year senior, and second-year senior Tutkhalyan are on the bubble to make the upcoming European championships team. Tutkhalyan, who has earned a reputation for high difficulty and extreme inconsistency, will get another chance to prove herself in the beam competition on Friday. Britain's Ruby Harrold qualified third over Woo and Downie. Israel's Tzuf Feldon qualified in sixth.

In the men's competition, Americans Steven Legendre (15.200/6.8) and Paul Ruggeri (15.150/6.7) went 1-2 on men's floor exercise, with German veteran Matthias Fahrig qualifying third (15.000/6.7). 2014 world champion Denis Ablyazin (Russia) attempted the most difficult routine but fell, still qualifying in fourth thanks to his 7.2 difficulty score.

Slovenian specialist Sašo Bertoncelj qualified first on pommel horse (15.000/6.1). So far in this year's World Cup series, Bertoncelj has already won a silver medal in Ljubljana and bronze medals in Doha and Cottbus, but has strong competition for gold in Croatians Robert Seligman (14.950/6.1) and Ude (14.900/6.0). Vernyayev, who fell on both floor and rings, also fell on pommel horse but managed to sneak into the finals in seventh place (14.400/6.6).

Turkey's İbrahim Çolak was the top qualifier on still rings (15.750/6.7), leading Abylazin (15.600/6.8) and former European champion Igor Radivilov of Ukraine (15.250/6.9).

Qualification competition concludes Friday in Osijek with the remaining events. Finals will take place Saturday and Sunday.

External Link: Official Website

2016 FIG World Challenger Cup
April 28, Osijek, Croatia

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Ellie Downie5.88.9500.314.45014.600
2.Tjašsa Kysselef5.39.05014.35014.125
3.Rose-Kayen Woo5.09.15014.15014.000
4.Kirsten Beckett4.79.00013.70013.750
5.Dora Székely5.08.70013.70013.475
6.Jelena Stamenković4.68.55013.15013.350
7.Hélody Cyrenne5.08.0000.112.90013.275
8.Sofie Braaten5.08.25013.25013.100
9.Ema Kajić5.08.9001.012.90012.900
10.Anna Geidt4.88.45013.25012.825
11.Paula Mejías0.00.0000.0007.350
12.Sofie Skattun4.28.50012.7006.350

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Natalia Kapitonova6.58.50015.000
2.Seda Tutkhalyan6.08.70014.700
3.Ruby Harrold6.57.90014.400
4.Rose-Kayen Woo5.58.50014.000
5.Ellie Downie5.68.40014.000
6.Tzuf Feldon5.28.05013.250
7.Dorina Böczögő5.28.05013.250
8.Carolyne Pedro5.27.60012.800
9.Sherine Elzeiny4.87.55012.350
10.Anna Geidt4.77.50012.200
11.Milena Theodoro5.66.45012.050
12.Kateryna Shumeiko5.16.80011.900
13.Ivana Kamnikar5.06.55011.550
14.Iryna Romanchuk5.65.95011.550
15.Hélody Cyrenne5.65.50011.100
16.Rahaf Armia Zakaria4.96.00010.900
17.Sofie Braaten4.06.85010.850
18.Dora Székely4.75.70010.400
19.Sofie Skattun4.63.8508.450

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Steven Legendre6.88.40015.200
2.Paul Ruggeri6.78.45015.150
3.Matthias Fahrig6.78.30015.000
4.Denis Ablyazin7.27.8000.214.800
5.Tomislav Marković6.28.55014.750
6.Alexander Shatilov6.78.4500.414.750
7.Rok Klavora6.48.35014.750
8.Ahmet Onder6.38.40014.700
9.Nikita Nagornyy6.58.15014.650
10.Andrej Korosteljev6.38.6000.314.600
11.Botond Kardos5.98.65014.550
12.Tomi Tuuha5.59.00014.500
13.Žiga Šilc6.08.6000.114.500
14.Benjamin Gischard6.68.2000.314.500
15.Eddy Yusof6.38.05014.350
16.Heikki Saarenketo6.47.95014.350
17.Slavomir Michnak5.38.80014.100
18.Dominick Cunningham6.37.70014.000
19.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.97.80013.700
20.Ádám Babos5.48.25013.650
21.Oleg Vernyayev6.77.3000.413.600
22.Dušan Đorđević5.58.05013.550
23.Pietro Giachino5.48.05013.450
24.Bram Verhofstad6.56.70013.200
25.Artem Dolgopyat6.36.9500.113.150
26.Danil Baturin6.66.55013.150
27.Igor Radivilov6.07.3000.912.400
28.Mohamed Sherif Elsaharty5.16.80011.900
29.Bojan Dejanović5.46.20011.600
30.Rick Jacobs4.83.9508.750

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Sašo Bertoncelj6.18.90015.000
2.Robert Seligman6.18.85014.950
3.Filip Ude6.08.90014.900
4.Slavomir Michnak6.38.50014.800
5.Oliver Hegi6.38.30014.600
6.Maxime Gentges6.18.35014.450
7.Oleg Vernyayev6.67.80014.400
8.Jay Thompson5.88.20014.000
9.Manrique Larduet6.07.95013.950
10.Petrix Barbosa5.98.00013.900
11.Benjamin Gischard5.87.55013.350
12.Dávid Vecsernyés5.37.95013.250
13.Emin Garibov5.77.50013.200
14.Luka Kisek4.78.45013.150
15.Petar Veličković4.88.30013.100
16.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.17.00013.100
17.Pericles Silva6.46.70013.100
18.Mohamed Sherif Elsaharty5.27.85013.050
19.Artem Dolgopyat5.67.30012.900
20.Botond Kardos5.47.45012.850
21.Justen Zuidema5.07.55012.550
22.Sean Melton5.17.40012.500
23.Steven Legendre5.37.05012.350
24.Nurtas Kozhakov5.76.40012.100
25.Eyal Glazer5.56.35011.850
26.Markku Vahtila4.96.75011.650
27.Pietro Giachino5.46.25011.650
28.Maksym Semiankiv5.35.90011.200
29.Matthias Fahrig5.05.75010.750
30.Bojan Dejanović4.75.40010.100

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.İbrahim Çolak6.79.05015.750
2.Denis Ablyazin6.88.80015.600
3.Igor Radivilov6.98.35015.250
4.Sean Melton6.38.85015.150
5.Manrique Larduet6.78.45015.150
6.Nikita Nagornyy6.58.30014.800
6.Ali Zahran6.58.30014.800
8.Steven Legendre6.18.40014.500
9.Markku Vahtila6.18.20014.300
10.Tomi Tuuha5.38.85014.150
11.Maxime Gentges5.58.65014.150
12.Benjamin Gischard6.18.00014.100
13.Rick Jacobs5.18.80013.900
14.Jay Thompson5.48.50013.900
15.Eddy Yusof6.17.45013.550
16.Ádám Babos5.48.10013.500
17.Pericles Silva5.58.00013.500
18.Azizbek Kudratullayev6.36.95013.250
19.Eyal Glazer5.08.05013.050
20.Oleg Vernyayev5.37.75013.050
21.Moran Yanuka4.98.10013.000
22.Ivan Vargovský5.57.45012.950
23.Miloš Paunović5.57.35012.850
24.Pietro Giachino5.17.70012.800
25.Dominick Cunningham5.17.65012.750
26.Norbert Dudás6.16.60012.700
27.Petrix Barbosa5.36.80012.100

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