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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Friday, 01 July 2016 15:38    PDF Print
Kuksenkov Wins First Russian Cup Title
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National champion Nikolai Kuksenkov (Vladimir) won his first Russian Cup all-around title on Friday in Penza. Pictured: Kuksenkov with runner-up Vladislav Polyashov (Cheboksary) and bronze medalist Nikita Ignatyev (Leninsk-Kuznetsky)

National champion Nikolai Kuksenkov (Vladimir) won his first Russian Cup all-around title on Friday in Penza.

Kuksenkov amassed a two-day winning total of 174.666, with 86.233 during Wednesday's team competition and improving to 88.433 on Friday. Vladislav Polyashov (Cheboksary) placed second with 173.734 (86.534/87.200), while two-time defending champion Nikita Ignatyev (Leninsk-Kuznetsky) claimed third with 173.033 (86.766/86.267).

Nikita Nagornyy (Rostov-on-Don) was the top gymnast during Wednesday's team competition with 88.733, but chose to compete three events only on Friday. Three-event specialist Denis Ablyazin qualified to finals on his events, with 15.267 on floor exercise, 15.400 on still rings and 14.967 on vault.

2012 Olympian David Belyavsky, the 2013 Russian Cup champion, is sitting out the competition in Penza. Prior to the competition, Russian coaches confirmed that the European championship-winning team of Ablyazin, Belyavsky, Ignatyev, Kuksenkov and Nagornyy would form Russia's preliminary Olympic squad to Rio, with Artur Dalaloyan and Ivan Stretovich likely alternates.

Kuksenkov, who represented his native Ukraine at the 2012 Olympic Games, said he was pleased with his performance on Friday, when he improved his score by 2.2 points from Wednesday.

"Indeed, on the first day I allowed a lot of mistakes, and on my best events," said Kuksenkov, who won the Russian championships in April. "But I found the strength, and the second day was better. The results are still not as high as we would like. We need to work on the quality of performance. More difficulty actually isn't necessary. If you look at some of the Japanese gymnasts, they earn a Difficulty score of 6.5-6.6, but with very high-level performances. Some gymnasts climb into the 7-point range but eventually get low marks. We need to correct the small errors and with these routines go to the Olympic Games."

On Friday, Kuksenkov received a letter from the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) clearing him of any wrongdoing for his positive test for a banned substance this spring. In March, a minute amount of the medication meldonium was found in his system during a routine drug test. Meldonium was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as of January 1, 2016, but more than 300 positive tests among athletes this spring led to questions on how long the drug stayed in the system, with the manufacturer stating it could be detected even months after ingestion.

Kuksenkov was among the numerous athletes who were given reprieves by WADA so long as they had only small traces of the drug in their systems and it was detected early in the year.

"This morning I was approached by head coach Andrei Rodionenko who said that the federation received a letter from the FIG, which speaks of my innocence," Kuksenkov said. "For me this is very good news, because now I can safely concentrate on preparing for the Olympic Games and not wait for any surprises."

Kuksenkov, who was notified in April of his positive test, was briefly suspended from competition pending investigation. Other athletes experienced significant fallout over meldonium, including tennis superstar Maria Sharapova, who received a two-year ban. Professional boxer Alexander Povetkin, who was forced to cancel a fight after a positive test this spring but was recently cleared by WADA, is being sued by promoters for $5 million over the cancellation.

"These three months were not easy," Kuksenkov said. "This is the most important year, the Olympic year, and you have to prove yourself and to show everything you've done these four years. And then there are such unpleasant moments when you are treated unfairly. I took meldonium in the summer of 2015 – a full six months before it was banned, and yet they found it in my body after a long time. But I think it was a deliberate action aimed at other more titled athletes like Maria Sharapova and Alexander Povetkin. Everything happens for a reason. But I don't want to go into this topic because I'm an athlete and my business is to train."

Competition continues Saturday with the first day of apparatus finals.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2016 Russian Cup
June 28-30, Penza

Kirill Potapov14.16712.83314.26713.53313.26713.233
Andrei Cherkasov13.63311.63310.23314.23314.66712.067
Grigory Zyryanov13.40014.03312.96713.40013.73312.700
Daniil Kazachkov12.40013.46714.63314.76714.03313.733
Ivan Stretovich14.70014.46714.20015.10014.733
Nikita Ignatyev14.76714.10014.73314.73314.23314.200
Denis Ablyazin15.26715.40014.967
Artyom Arnaut12.76711.03311.06713.63312.93311.933
Andrei Makolov13.43313.60013.56715.00014.53312.267
Nikolai Kovinov12.63313.76713.50014.16713.76713.800
Valentin Starikov14.46713.93313.16712.93314.90014.067
Vladislav Polyashov14.26715.20014.06714.16714.83314.000
Emin Garibov13.26714.13313.367
Artur Dalaloyan15.03313.90012.70014.93314.86711.000
Alexei Kosyanov13.60013.66713.33313.80013.73312.700
Dmitry Lankin14.40012.80014.63314.23315.36713.167
Nikita Nagornyy13.93314.53315.00015.30015.76714.200
Stanislav Khegai12.70011.86711.56713.20012.76713.100
Nikolai Kuksenkov15.06713.43314.70014.23315.30013.500
Alexei Rostov14.43313.96713.93314.23313.06714.300
Kirill Prokopyev15.00014.13313.93313.63313.46711.533
Ilya Kibartas13.93312.83314.06713.73314.23312.733
Yevgeny Vasilyev13.86713.43312.06713.36712.46712.900
Sergei Krivunets12.46713.16711.96713.70013.53312.600
Mikhail Kudashov14.46713.76714.433
Sergei Danilenko14.10014.06713.30013.60014.13313.033
Nikita Vasilyev11.23310.50011.83312.46712.50012.167
Viktor Britan14.13313.83313.60014.86713.80012.900
Ivan Cherkashev12.23310.467
6.Southern 39.60024.900 25.43326.634116.567
Boris Lozhkin12.00013.13313.10013.267
Alexei Bykov13.50011.767
Sergei Yeltsov14.10012.33313.367
*Incurred 1.0 Neutral Deduction

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotalCombined
1.Nikolai KuksenkovVladimir15.06713.43314.70014.23315.30013.50086.233174.666
2.Vladislav PolyashovCheboksary14.26715.20014.06714.16714.83314.00086.534173.734
3.Nikita IgnatyevLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk14.76714.10014.73314.73314.23314.20086.766173.033
4.Dmitry LankinMoscow / Rostov-on-Don14.40012.80014.63314.23315.36713.16784.600169.301
5.Alexei RostovVladimir14.43313.96713.93314.23313.06714.30083.933168.767
6.Artur DalaloyanMoscow15.03313.90012.70014.93314.86711.00082.433167.534
7.Daniil KazachkovNovosibirsk / Penza12.40013.46714.63314.76714.03313.73383.033166.000
8.Kirill PotapovTomsk14.16712.83314.26713.53313.26713.23381.300165.966
9.Viktor BritanChelyabinsk14.13313.83313.60014.86713.80012.90083.133164.267
10.Sergei DanilenkoChelyabinsk14.10014.06713.30013.60014.13313.03382.233163.600
11.Nikolai KovinovSyzran / Penza12.63313.76713.50014.16713.76713.80081.634163.134
12.Ilya KibartasVladimir13.93312.83314.06713.73314.23312.73381.532162.465
13.Grigory ZyryanovLeninsk-Kuznetsky / Novosibirsk13.40014.03312.96713.40013.73312.70080.233161.066
14.Ivan TikhonovSyzran / Penza13.10013.83311.86713.10013.60013.63379.133159.066
15.Alexei KosyanovMoscow13.60013.66713.33313.80013.73312.70080.833158.566
16.Andrei LagutovLeninsk-Kuznetsky14.40012.13311.80013.66714.26713.60079.867158.234
17.Alexei KozlovMoscow14.30011.10012.33313.60013.46713.00077.800156.700
18.Yevgeny VasilyevVladimir13.86713.43312.06713.36712.46712.90078.101156.067
19.Stanislav KhegaiMoscow12.70011.86711.56713.20012.76713.10075.201154.368
20.Kirill ProkopyevVladimir / Smolensk15.00014.13313.93313.63313.46711.53381.699152.966
21.Artyom ArnautPenza12.76711.03311.06713.63312.93311.93373.366152.734
22.Ivan TsvetkovKostroma13.03312.56711.56713.03312.90012.50075.600150.567
23.Mikhail TsvetkovKostroma12.06710.80012.03312.00012.36711.53370.800139.934
24.Nikita VasilyevChelyabinsk11.23310.50011.83312.46712.50012.16770.700138.567
25.Nikita NagornyyMoscow / Rostov-on-Don13.93314.53315.00015.30015.76714.20088.733131.433
26.Valentin StarikovSizran14.46713.93313.16712.93314.90014.06783.467104.200
27.Kirill KozinTomsk11.06710.80012.26714.00010.70013.10071.93495.968
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Melnikova Wins Russian Cup Title
(8 votes, average 3.88 out of 5)

Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) won the women's all-around title at the Russian Cup, held Wednesday and Thursday in Penza.

Angelina Melnikova (Voronezh) won the women's all-around title at the Russian Cup on Thursday in Penza.

Melnikova, the Russian national champion, captured her first Russian Cup title with a two-day total of 117.150. She scored 57.625 with a missed beam routine on Wednesday (falling on two-foot layout; 13.675), but improved to 59.525 on Thursday with higher scores on every event.

"Before the Olympics I will need to clean up all the events, since I'm an all-arounder," Melnikova said after her win. "First of all, on floor exercise. After all, on floor exercise we all lag behind the world leaders in the difficulty scores. We can compensate with choreography. For example, turns done without executing a somersault. By the way, I didn't do everything I can do for choreography. I'm very glad of my victory in the all-around. And the finals in individual events I made it everywhere except vault."

2014 Youth Olympic champion Seda Tutkhalyan (Moscow) won the silver (116.150). After mistakes on Wednesday (including 11.975 on uneven bars), she added two points to her score to tally 59.075 on Thursday, with a high of 15.100 on balance beam.

World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina (Moscow) won the all-around bronze with 112.800, made her return to the all-around after leg surgery last fall. She uncharacteristically missed uneven bars on both days, scoring just 12.125 on Wednesday (jumped off after toe-on circle on the low bar, remounted and fell on Maloney-half) and 13.975 on Thursday (fall after missed cast handstand pirouette). She debuted new tumbling on floor exercise, mounting with a tucked full-in in place of the Arabian double front she has used for years, and also tumbled a 2 1/2 twist and double tuck.

"Aliya Mustafina was brilliant," said team coach Valentine Rodionenko. "In fact we suggested that she miss the meet as her back hurts, and we are protecting it. But she said, 'No, I will compete.' She is preparing for the all-around very seriously. If all her injuries heal, believe me, Aliya is really ready to fight for an all-around medal at the Olympic Games."

World champions Maria Paseka (vault) and Daria Spiridonova (uneven bars) were the top qualifiers to this weekend's finals on their respective specialities. Paseka, who missed the European championships, returned to score 14.825 and 15.475 on vault, while Spiridonova earned 15.425 on uneven bars (inside Stalder-full, Komova II, Pak, Maloney-half; inside-Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; toe-on full to full-twisting double).

Two-time Olympian Ksenia Afanasyeva is absent after a minor surgery on her ankle, while two-time world team member Maria Kharenkova is sidelined with an ankle injury. Also missing is Viktoria Komova, who announced recently her back injury would not allow her to continue training for Rio.

Rodionenko stated that prior to the competition, the expected team for Rio is Afanasyeva, Melnikova, Mustafina, Paseka and Spiridonova, with Tutkhalyan, Yevgenia Shelgunova and Natalia Kapitonova also in the running depending on their performances in Penza.

Competition continues Friday with the men's all-around final.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2016 Russian Cup
June 28-29, Penza

Women's Team VTUBBBFXTotal
Yevgenia Shelgunova14.60013.87513.92513.650
Angelina Melnikova14.95014.65013.67514.350
Margarita Varnakova13.32512.52510.70012.100
Yekaterina Tsvetkova13.67510.77511.05011.900
Maria Tsvetkova12.775
Yelena Guseva12.07511.70012.42511.575
Polina Fyodorova13.60011.77513.62512.925
Daria Lopatina13.70011.60012.07512.300
Ilsia Aminova13.0009.57510.22510.950
Natalia Kapitonova13.87614.42512.30013.550
Olga Bikmurzina12.42510.52512.27512.925
Anastasia Dmitriyeva13.80012.55013.27513.050
3.Saint Petersburg65.92561.60064.20064.275256.000
Tatiana Nabiyeva14.55013.95013.52512.950
Lilia Akhaimova13.12513.30012.52514.150
Alexandra Sadkova12.52511.95012.95012.000
Varvara Batalova13.30011.12512.95012.825
Yekaterina Boyeva12.4259.65011.82512.350
Anastasia Cheong11.27512.250
Aliya Mustafina14.82512.12514.32513.625
Maria Paseka14.82513.250
Daria Spiridonova15.42512.575
Seda Tutkhalyan14.82511.97514.12514.150
Daria Mikhaylova13.25011.70013.45012.125
Ksenia Artyomova13.20011.70011.37511.175
Viktoria Bykova12.87512.92512.22512.250
Yekaterina Ischenko12.9508.85011.52511.825
Anastasia Sidorova14.30013.22513.300
Daria Skrypnik14.12514.35012.07513.200
Alyona Chernova12.6759.47511.30012.225
Yevgenia Menovschikova13.6258.4259.90011.050
*Incurred 1.0 Neutral Deduction

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotalCombined
1.Angelina MelnikovaVoronezh14.95014.65013.67514.35057.625117.150
2.Seda TutkhalyanMoscow14.82513.97514.12514.15057.075116.150
3.Aliya MustafinaMoscow14.82512.12514.32513.62554.900112.800
4.Yevgenia ShelgunovaZvenigorod / Alatyr14.60013.87513.92513.65056.050112.250
5.Natalia KapitonovaPenza13.87514.42512.30013.55054.150110.350
6.Daria SkrypnikKrasnodar14.12514.35012.07513.20053.750110.300
7.Tatyana NabiyevaVoronezh14.55013.95013.52512.95054.975109.375
8.Lilia AkhaimovaVoronezh13.12513.30012.52514.15053.100106.850
9.Polina FyodorovaCheboksary13.60011.77513.62512.92551.925106.000
10.Daria MikhaylovaMoscow13.25011.70013.45012.12550.525100.775
11.Varvara BatalovaSaint Petersburg13.30011.12512.95012.82550.200100.075
12.Alexandra SadkovaSaint Petersburg12.52511.95012.95012.00049.42599.000
13.Olga BikmurzinaSaransk12.42510.52512.27512.92548.15098.475
14.Yulia BiryulyaLeninsk-­Kuznetsky14.32510.85011.75011.12548.05097.950
15.Viktoria BykovaRostov-­on-­Don12.87512.92512.22512.25050.27597.925
16.Daria LopatinaNizhnekamsk13.70011.60012.07512.30049.67597.400
17.Arina NedovesovaVladivostok11.87512.05011.65012.00047.57596.250
18.Yelena GusevaZvenigorod12.07511.70012.42511.57547.77596.150
19.Margarita VarnakovaVoronezh13.32512.52510.70012.10048.65095.200
20.Anastasia DmitriyevaTolyatti13.80012.55013.27513.05052.67592.175

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Brazil's Saraiva Wins Twice in Anadia
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Brazilian star Flávia Saraiva won balance beam and floor exercise at the 2016 Anadia World Challenge Cup, held Saturday and Sunday in Portugal.

Brazilian star Flávia Saraiva took two titles at the 2016 Anadia World Challenge Cup, held Saturday and Sunday in Portugal.

The FIG event attracted gymnasts from 37 nations, including Australia, Brazil, China and Japan. The lineup included several individuals already qualified to the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, as well as others still seeking to qualify to their respective teams.

Saraiva was the only double winner in Anadia, where gymnasts from eight nations took titles. The tiny Brazilian showed both precision and artistry on Sunday en route to titles on balance beam (ff, layout, layout; RO, two-foot layout; switch ring; punch front, wolf jump; consecutive front aerials to side somi; RO double pike) and floor exercise (1 1/2 to double-twisting front; tucked full-in; double pike; double tuck).

Brazil's Rebeca Andrade won silvers behind her teammate on both events. On beam, Andrade had several wobbles but took second (ff, layout; switch leap, switch half; punch front; front aerial, side aerial; RO double pike). China's Lyu Jiaqi won the bronze (RO, two-foot layout; switch ring; switch leap, back tuck; front aerial, sheep jump; 2 1/2 twist). Swedish Olympian Veronica Wagner, who turns 29 on July 7, placed fourth after sitting down her double front dismount.

On floor, Andrade tumbled a tucked full-in, 2 1/2 to layout front full; double tuck and double pike to take second ahead of two-time Italian Olympian Vanessa Ferrari (double layout; tucked full-in; double tuck; double pike).

Cuba's Marcia Vidiaux won women's vault with a double-twisting Tsukahara and layout Rudi, the same pair of vaults all three medalists performed. Mexico's Alexa Moreno, the top qualifier, took second over China's Wu Jing.

Australian newcomer Rianna Mizzen won uneven bars with 14.500 (Weiler kip, pirouette, Shaposhnikova; toe-on Tkatchev to Pak; toe-on full to stuck full-twisting double). China's Xie Yufen won the silver with the highest D-score of the final but a rather sloppy routine (Maloney to Pak; Maloney-half; full pirouettes in elgrip to Tkatchev, 14.425/6.5D). Lyu Jiaqi won bronze with a clean routine (Maloney-Pak-Stalder; Maloney-half; pirouettes in elgrip to Jaeger; double-twisting flyaway; 14.100).

China won two gold medals in the men's competition. Weng Hao had the top score of the meet with his 16.100 on pommel horse (7.1D) to take the title over Croatia's Filip Ude (15.125) and France's Cyril Tommasone (14.800). Cen Yu showed exquisite form (layout Randi and triple-twisting Tsukahara) to win the men's vault title over Brazil's Sergio Sasaki and Japan's Wataru Tanigawa.

Top qualifiers Alexander Shatilov of Israel (floor exercise) and Samir Aït Saïd of France (still rings) both captured their specialities in the finals.

Cuba's Manrique Larduet, the top gymnast on parallel bars and high bar in qualification, managed only a bronze on p-bars on Sunday. Azerbaijan's Oleg Stepko won the gold over Colombian standout Jossimar Calvo, who won high bar over Japan's Kazuyuki Takeda and Cuba's Randy Lerú.

The FIG World Challenge Cup series continues July 1-3 in Mersin, Turkey, for the final FIG event prior to this summer's Olympic Games.

External Link: Official Website

2016 Anadia World Challenge Cup
June 25-26, Anadia, Portugal

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Marcia Vidiaux6.08.80014.80014.925
2.Alexa Moreno6.28.80015.00014.812
3.Wu Jing6.08.55014.55014.712
4.Sofia Busato5.89.07514.87514.687
5.Emily Little5.89.07514.87514.600
6.Tjaša Kysselef5.39.10014.40014.187
7.Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska5.48.62514.02513.712
8.Argyro Afrati5.08.80013.80013.700
9.Zoi Lima4.48.87513.27513.225

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Rianna Mizzen6.08.50014.500
2.Xie Yufen6.57.92514.425
3.Lyu Jiaqi6.08.17514.175
4.Jessica López6.47.60014.000
5.Lorrane Oliveira5.87.75013.550
6.Ana Lago5.67.72513.325
7.Noémi Makra5.47.05012.450
8.Marcia Vidiaux5.17.27512.375

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Flávia Saraiva6.48.72515.125
2.Rebeca Andrade5.98.22514.125
3.Lyu Jiaqi6.07.87513.875
4.Veronica Wagner5.77.22512.925
5.Vanessa Ferrari5.77.15012.850
6.Isabella Amado5.66.90012.400
7.Marcia Vidiaux5.56.77512.275
8.Adela Šajn4.77.20011.800

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Flávia Saraiva5.88.55014.350
2.Rebeca Andrade5.88.30014.100
3.Vanessa Ferrari5.87.95013.750
4.Alexa Moreno5.97.75013.650
5.Emily Little5.58.05013.550
6.Emma Larsson5.77.92513.525
7.Simona Castro5.57.75013.250
8.Jessica López5.37.20012.500

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
Alexander Shatilov6.68.50015.100
Wataru Tanigawa6.58.40014.900
Shoichi Yamamoto6.68.22514.825
Tomislav Marković6.28.60014.800
Rok Klavora6.18.60014.700
Julien Gobaux6.28.35014.550
Oleg Stepko5.87.62513.425
Sun Wei5.67.10012.700

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Weng Hao7.19.00016.100
2.Filip Ude7.08.12515.125
3.Cyril Tommasone6.68.20014.800
4.Sašo Bertoncelj6.57.85014.350
5.Javier Sandoval6.67.55014.150
6.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.47.35013.750
7.Vid Hidvégi6.77.00013.700
8.Sergio Sasaki5.86.20012.000

Stil Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Samir Aït Saïd6.88.80015.600
2.Kazuyuki Takeda6.68.65015.250
3.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues7.08.17515.175
4.Shogo Nonomura6.68.25014.850
5.Gustavo Simões6.48.35014.750
6.Konstantinos Konstantinidis6.28.42514.625
7.Oleg Stepko6.47.92514.325
8.Reiss Beckford5.88.37514.175

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Cen Yu6.09.40015.40015.375
2.Sergio Sasaki6.09.20015.20015.212
3.Wataru Tanigawa6.09.10015.10015.075
4.Zachari Hrimèche6.08.40014.30014.750
5.Lee Chih Kai5.69.25014.85014.725
6.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.69.02514.62514.587
7.Andrey Medvedev6.08.12514.12514.537
8.Erdenebold Ganbat6.08.27514.27514.362

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Oleg Stepko7.18.70015.800
2.Jossimar Calvo6.98.72515.625
3.Manrique Larduet7.18.50015.600
4.Zhu Xiaodong7.08.52515.525
5.Petro Pakhnyuk6.88.25015.050
6.Randy Lerú6.87.67514.475
7.Shoichi Yamamoto6.77.70014.400
8.Sergio Sasaki6.67.10013.700

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo7.28.07515.275
2.Kazuyuki Takeda6.68.62515.225
3.Randy Lerú7.27.95015.150
4.Manrique Larduet7.18.00015.100
5.Marijo Možnik6.48.25014.650
6.Joel Plata6.27.65013.850
7.Oskar Kirmes5.27.45012.650
8.Robert Tvorogal4.57.32511.825
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Biles Claims Fourth Consecutive U.S. Title
(7 votes, average 3.43 out of 5)

ST. LOUIS—In winning her fourth straight U.S. title, Simone Biles joined an exclusive club. The last woman to win that many was Joan Moore Gnat (1971-74). Linda Metheny, who was judging balance beam at this P&G Championships, also won four titles (1966, ’68, ’70, ’71). The only other woman to win at least four titles was Clara Schroth, who holds the record with six (1945-46, 1949-52).

Biles had an off night—for her—and scored 62.10 for a two-day total of 125.00.

"Bars and beam could have been better, but it is what it is," she said. "None of us is perfect." How did it feel to win four U.S. titles in a row? "It feels the same as the second or third one [smile]."

Aly Raisman finished second with 121.10 and Lauren Hernandez was third (120.50). There were no major breaks for any of the top three gymnasts.

2012 Olympic champion Gabrielle Douglas had an up and down night and finished fourth with 117.80. In the first rotation, she came up short on an elgrip Endo and had to ad lib. Her beam, however, was much smoother than on Friday, but she went out of bounds on floor during her new pass of full-in to back tuck.

"I messed up a few events," she said. "That never happens to me on bars." Douglas, upbeat while speaking with reporters, also said that she needed a two-and-a-half (Amanar) and more difficulty, hinting that she might upgrade at the Olympic trials in San Jose.

Madison Kocian continued to impress, especially on bars (15.70), and placed fifth with 116.45. Amelia Hundley rounded out the top six with 115.55.

Alyssa Baumann and Ragan Smith should sleep better tonight, having improved considerably from Friday. Baumann finished seventh with 114.95, and Smith was close behind in eighth (114.80).

The competiion included a variety of styles and skills. The only thing missing was any uncertainty of who would win.

Biles is poised to do something really special in Rio, and winning the P&G Championships was a good start to her Olympic journey.


Rotation 1

Huge cheers for Gabby Douglas every time her name is announced. She missed her elgrip Endo on the low bar, which is not how she wanted to start. 14.50

Maggie Nichols on beam: 2.5 wolf turn; wolf jump punch front, side aerial - wobble; switch ring; ff, layout, RO double pike. Much better than first night. 14.35

Aly Raisman on floor: nailed her first pass; huge piked Arabian double and double layout; double pike. Tumbling is high and clean. 15.70

Ragan Smith: clean Yurchenko-double twist. 14.70

Madison Kocian on bars: great set, inside Stalders look better than before; stuck full-twisting double tuck. 15.70

Lauren Hernandez with a Yurchenko-double twist. 14.80

MyKayla Skinner: difficult tumbling on floor. 14.90

Yurchenko-double twist from Brenna Dowell (hop). 14.75

Emily Gaskins, coached by Steve Nunno, on floor: double layout mount; high Arabian double front. 13.90

Alyssa Baumann hit bars, which was a relief for her. 14.45

Simone Biles on floor: High layout full-out; Biles, split jump; tucked double-double; lots of smiles; super high tucked full-in. The routine keeps getting better and better. 16.05

Rotation 2

Skinner on vault, with a Cheng in which she pulls one hand off the horse before the other. No block (15.25); Amanar was better. 15.35

Smith on bars: fell on a Ricna.

Kocian on beam: ff, layout; cautious; RO double pike. Good routine. 14.25

Biles on vault: high Amanar, tiny hop, 16.20; Cheng was clean, landed stiff legged and bounced a little. 16.00

Lexy Ramler did a Comaneci salto on bars.

Baumann on beam: standing Arabian, perfect; ff, layout; high leaps; RO, double pike. 14.70

Hernandez on bars: Stalder-Shapshnkova, back swing to Tkatchev; piked Ricna. 15.15

Amelia Hundley on floor: double layout mount, piked full-in second pass; 1.5 twist to double tuck, big bounce on landing; double pike. 14.15

Raisman on vault: Amanar, big step forward, legs bent at end. 15.50

Brenna Dowell hit bars, but was a little wild on the dismount, full-twisting double layout.

Douglas on beam: piked front; ff, layout; standing full; switch ring; front aerial, split jump; ff, ff, double pike. Great set, huge cheers after her dismount. 15.05

Rotation 3

Ashton Locklear on bars: clean set, gorgeous lines, inside Stalders, high Jaeger, full-out dismount. 15.70

Hundley with clean Yurchenko-double twist on vault. 14.80

Hernandez on beam: ff, layout, layout; ff, ff, double pike. Solid. 15.30

Baumann on floor: After double layout mount, slipped out of bound on second pass

Biles on bars: hit cold. 14.75

Raisman on bars: she's swinging better on bars now, with fewer form breaks. 14.15

Douglas on floor: double Arabian mount with low stag jump; tucked full-in, back tuck, out of bounds; not a good combination, because it's not immediate. 14.45

Smith on beam: double wolf turn; two-foot ff, layout to two feet; ff, ff, Arabian double front. Marta watched the whole routine. 15.00

Rotation 4

Hernandez on floor: double layout; Arabian double, stag jump; front layout, front-full, front; double tuck, stuck. 14.80

Baumann scored 15.00 for a well-done Yurchenko-double twist.

Douglas on vault: Yurchenko-double twist, hop. 14.90

Biles on beam: 2.5 wolf turn; tiny hop into barani; ff, layout, layout, wobble; ff, ff, full-in, step forward. 15.10

Kocian on vault: Yurchenko-full. 13.75

Rachel Gowey on floor: nice triple twist mount; double tuck; handspring-double-twisting front; RO, 1.5 twist.

Smith on floor: stuck double layout; 1.5 twist through to triple twist; Arabian double front, stag jump; double pike, cute choreography, huge crowd response. 14.70

Raisman on beam: front; ff, layout; RO Arabian double; needs more extension and toe point in leaps.15.30

Skinner fell off beam on her front somi mount, then fell onto the beam when her feet slipped; RO tucked full-in, put her hands down. 12.05

Locklear on beam: double wolf turn; ff, layout; front; side somi, windmill arms; side aerial; RO, double tuck.

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Scheder, Toba Win German Championships

Sophie Scheder (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf) and Andreas Toba (TK Hannover) won the all-around titles at the German championships, held Saturday and Sunday in Hamburg.

Sophie Scheder (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf) and Andreas Toba (TK Hannover) won the all-around titles at the German championships, held Saturday and Sunday in Hamburg.

Scheder topped defending champion Elisabeth Seitz (MTV 1843 Stuttgart) by just under half a point, 57.45-57.00. Scheder's clubmate Pauline Schäfer won the bronze, just a hair behind Seitz (56.95).

2008 Olympian Kim Bui (MTV 1843 Stuttgart) finished a further .1 behind in fourth (56.85). Tabea Alt (MTV 1846 Ludwigsburg) had the top scores on vault (14.50) and balance beam (14.65), but a low score on floor exercise (13.00) dropped her to fifth all-around (56.55).

It is the first German senior title for Scheder, who was third all-around behind Seitz and Schäfer in 2015.

"I am absolutely satisfied, but everything is definitely still up in the air," Scheder said, commenting on her goal of Olympic selection. "It is super how everything is going this year. I worked a lot with a sports psychologist in training who gave me new self-confidence."

Seitz scored 13.70 on floor exercise and 13.60 on vault, but came back with strong scores on uneven bars (15.40) and balance beam (14.30).

"On floor, I had some problems, especially on landings," said Seitz, who has struggled with multiple foot and ankle injuries. "The first two events were not very strong for me, but on the other two I was able to demonstrate strong nerves and fight my way ahead. It set me back on the podium, but not in my mind."

In Sunday's bars finals, Seitz upgraded to a 6.8-Difficulty routine (Maloney, uprise, Ricna; Stalder-piked Tkatchev to Pak to Stalder-Maloney-half; toe-on full to full-twisting double) for 15.566 and the gold medal.

In the men's competition, Toba took his first title with 88.45, well ahead of two-time Olympic silver medalist Marcel Nguyen of TSV Unterhaching (86.80) and Philipp Herder of SC Berlin (86.05)

Toba, son of Romanian-born German Olympian Marius Toba, captured the all-around 22 years after his father became German champion, also in Hamburg.

"My father just said, welcome to the club," Andreas said. "It is a huge honor for me and I'm happy that I was able to follow in his footsteps."

Nguyen said he was pleased with the 15.80 he scored on parallel bars, his best event.

"I am happy with second place," he said. "It was important to me that my parallel bars routine went well."

Nine-time defending champion Fabian Hambüchen (TSG Niedergirmes), recovering from a shoulder injury, competed floor exercise (14.70), vault (14.20) and high bar (14.85). He missed an Adler on high bar, but in finals won floor exercise and high bar.

The German national championships serve as the first Olympic trials for Germany, which qualified full men's and women's teams to this summer's Olympic Games. The secondary trials will take place in Frankfurt on July 10.

External Link: German Gymnastics Federation

2016 German Gymnastics Championships
June 25-26, Hamburg

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Sophie SchederTuS Chemnitz-Altendorf5.013.856.615.505.614.355.213.7557.45
2.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.013.606.615.405.614.305.413.7057.00
3.Pauline SchäferTuS Chemnitz-Altendorf5.414.605.313.806.014.105.614.4556.95
4.Kim BuiMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.013.956.214.705.414.155.614.0556.85
5.Tabea AltMTV 1846 Ludwigsburg e.V.5.814.505.814.405.914.656.113.0056.55
6.Leah GriesserTG Neureut4.613.605.814.355.313.405.513.8555.20
7.Sarah VossTZ DSHS Köln5.013.555.413.255.513.755.313.4053.95
8.Nadja SchulzeSV Halle e.V.4.412.855.413.505.714.005.213.5553.90
9.Carina KröllTSV Berkheim e.V.4.412.605.313.355.113.355.313.7053.00
10.Pauline TratzTSV Rintheim5.814.105.011.955.012.505.514.1552.70
11.Amélie FöllingerTSG Haßloch e.V.5.013.755.312.255.313.055.613.5552.60
12.Maike EnderleTSV Weingarten5.013.405.814.255.111.805.312.6552.10
13.Rebecca MatzonTV Bodenheim4.412.555.813.
14.Lina PhilippVfL Eintracht Hannover 18485.012.005.914.355.810.704.912.9550.00
15.Marlene BindigDresdner SC 18984.413.
16.Antonia AlickeTG Böckingen 1890 e.V.5.212.405.012.755.112.355.312.0549.55
17.Lynn SchwäkeTSV Kronshagen 19244.813.502.110.153.911.554.912.2047.40
18.Sarina MaierTB Neckarhausen e.V.4.412.253.110.553.911.454.512.3046.55
19.Sonja FischerTuS Traunreut4.412.852.78.754.310.505.012.9045.00
20.Michelle TimmSportclub Berlin e.V.5.414.054.812.105.213.4039.55
21.Lina DeissHanseturnverein Rostock4.612.1512.15

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Andreas TobaTK Hannover5.714.506.014.756.415.055.615.206.114.606.414.3588.45
2.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.014.655.013.106.415.305.613.306.915.806.514.6586.80
*Anton FokinUzbekistan5.914.655.414.155.614.305.
3.Philipp HerderSC Berlin6.214.455.814.406.014.655.214.006.415.205.413.3586.05
4.Lukas DauserTSV Unterhaching6.114.305.612.655.914.255.614.106.715.705.814.2085.20
5.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz6.014.704.311.906.014.655.214.305.714.357.314.8084.70
6.Sebastian KrimmerMTV Stuttgart5.513.756.112.405.
7.Helge LiebrichTV Wetzgau5.714.155.514.105.713.405.214.005.314.005.713.9083.55
7.Ivan RittschikKTV Chemnitz5.713.956.515.255.513.554.413.305.614.306.113.2083.55
9.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.613.805.813.005.113.755.214.255.814.556.714.0583.40
10.Waldemar EichornTV Bous5.813.906.514.955.112.603.611.955.713.706.313.3080.40
11.Felix PohlVfL Kirchheim u. Teck5.914.105.113.454.613.405.213.805.011.905.613.0579.70
**Felix RemutaTSV Unterhaching6.113.154.612.804.212.205.614.305.313.554.913.2079.20
12.Sebastian BockKTV Chemnitz5.013.454.012.905.412.954.412.555.413.855.413.3079.00
13.Nils DunkelMTV Erfurt5.811.906.313.606.313.655.213.856.013.205.412.3078.50
14.Florian LindnerKTV Chemnitz5.412.505.412.406.214.705.213.455.513.454.811.8578.35
15.Falk Daniel UhligTG Friesen Klafeld5.513.804.612.754.211.954.413.404.713.154.812.8577.90
**Carlo HörrTSV Schmiden5.212.655.113.605.113.655.212.855.213.905.111.2577.90
16.Alexander MaierMTV Stuttgart5.513.304.811.955.612.255.213.605.513.755.112.9577.80
17.Nico ErmertTV Freudenberg5.212.854.012.304.510.704.413.105.113.354.912.0574.35
18.Dschamal MergenTV St. Ingbert5.512.205.013.303.711.254.412.855.212.804.511.8574.25
19.Luca EhrmantrautTV Limbach5.411.805.012.504.311.955.
20.Fabian LotzTSG Niedergirmes4.912.105.510.804.912.254.412.655.413.755.911.6573.20
21.Peter SeufertEintracht Frankfurt4.512.004.412.704.111.954.412.854.312.804.110.7573.05
22.Aaron WagnerKTV Straubenhardt5.612.854.011.554.011.805.213.705.212.804.610.2572.95
23.Sebastian QuensellKieler MTV4.412.755.613.354.112.403.611.753.911.103.911.4572.80
24.Lasse GauchTSV Kronshagen5.412.404.712.353.811.704.411.354.112.704.311.4571.95
25.Lion SundermannTK Hannover4.510.353.211.304.012.054.413.004.612.255.412.3071.25
26.Alexander HellmoldTuS Vinnhorst4.812.453.511.653.711.953.612.153.812.653.510.3071.15
27.Korbinian JungTV St. Ingbert4.413.104.29.904.212.353.611.404.
28.Niklas VolkTV Wicker3.912.204.211.953.511.004.413.103.910.454.210.9069.60
29.Matthias FahrigSV Halle7.014.554.211.805.615.005.913.505.411.9566.80
30.Julius RabensteinTSV Monheim5.112.554.411.553.210.605.613.304.
31.Thore GauchTSV Kronshagen4.112.453.57.904.011.653.011.304.212.354.510.6066.25
32.Marvin LauerEintracht Frankfurt4.712.453.110.352.510.055.614.354.312.552.55.5565.30
33.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes6.314.705.614.206.914.8543.75
34.Jasper VennemannAltonaer TSV3.68.854.311.803.412.1532.80

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Pauline TratzTSV Rintheim5.88.6000.314.10013.716
2.Michelle TimmSportclub Berlin e.V.5.08.50013.50013.616
2.Tabea AltMTV 1846 Ludwigsburg e.V.5.88.00013.80013.616
2.Antonia AlickeTG Böckingen 1890 e.V.5.28.50013.70013.616
5.Lynn SchwäkeTSV Kronshagen 19244.88.70013.50013.300
6.Sonja FischerTuS Traunreut4.48.63313.03312.883

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.6.88.76615.566
2.Sophie SchederTuS Chemnitz-Altendorf6.68.90015.500
3.Kim BuiMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.6.38.63314.933
4.Tabea AltMTV 1846 Ludwigsburg e.V.5.98.66614.566
5.Lina PhilippVfL Eintracht Hannover 18485.98.40014.300
5.Leah GriesserTG Neureut5.88.50014.300

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Pauline SchäferTuS Chemnitz-Altendorf6.09.13315.133
2.Sophie SchederTuS Chemnitz-Altendorf5.68.66614.266
3.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.58.73314.233
4.Nadja SchulzeSV Halle e.V.5.68.20013.800
5.Kim BuiMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.58.23313.733
6.Tabea AltMTV 1846 Ludwigsburg e.V.5.97.8330.113.633

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Pauline SchäferTuS Chemnitz-Altendorf5.78.63314.333
2.Kim BuiMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.78.6000.114.200
3.Pauline TratzTSV Rintheim5.68.53314.133
4.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.5.48.6330.313.733
4.Carina KröllTSV Berkheim e.V.5.38.43313.733
6.Leah GriesserTG Neureut5.48.5660.313.666

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes6.08.82514.825
2.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz6.08.60014.600
3.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.08.5750.114.475
4.Lukas DauserTSV Unterhaching5.97.8500.113.650
5.Philipp HerderSC Berlin6.06.97512.975
6.Matthias FahrigSV Halle6.75.4750.311.875

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Waldemar EichornTV Bous6.78.50015.200
2.Ivan RittschikKTV Chemnitz7.17.00014.100
3.Philipp HerderSC Berlin5.97.95013.850
4.Helge LiebrichTV Wetzgau5.68.17513.775
5.Andreas TobaTK Hannover6.07.52513.525
6.Nils DunkelMTV Erfurt5.87.47513.275

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.48.85015.250
1.Andreas TobaTK Hannover6.48.85015.250
3.Florian LindnerKTV Chemnitz6.38.55014.850
4.Philipp HerderSC Berlin6.08.22514.225
5.Lukas DauserTSV Unterhaching5.38.50013.800
6.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.18.50013.600

Men's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Matthias FahrigSV Halle5.69.42515.02514.912
2.Helge LiebrichTV Wetzgau5.29.02514.22514.462
3.Julius RabensteinTSV Monheim5.68.67514.27513.575
4.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.29.20014.40013.487
5.Luca EhrmantrautTV Limbach5.67.5250.113.02513.212
6.Marvin LauerEintracht Frankfurt2.88.1750.310.67512.500

Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Lukas DauserTSV Unterhaching6.79.12515.825
2.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.98.82515.725
3.Sebastian KrimmerMTV Stuttgart6.18.92515.025
4.Philipp HerderSC Berlin6.48.32514.725
5.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.88.57514.375
6.Andreas TobaTK Hannover6.27.47513.675

High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes6.38.07514.375
2.Lukas DauserTSV Unterhaching5.88.45014.250
3.Sebastian KrimmerMTV Stuttgart5.98.12514.025
4.Andreas TobaTK Hannover6.87.20014.000
5.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus6.46.50012.900
6.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz5.56.00011.500

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