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Competition Reports

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 12 April 2014 18:18    PDF Print
Ablyazin, Belyavsky Lead Volga to Team Title
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Hometown hero Denis Ablyazin and all-around champion David Belyavsky led Volga to a close victory in the team competition as the Russian men's championships continued Saturday in Penza.

Hometown hero Denis Ablyazin and all-around champion David Belyavsky led Volga to a close victory in the team competition as the Russian men's championships continued Saturday in Penza.

It was a tight contest, with the top three teams finishing less than half a point apart. Volga topped Central-2 by just 0.034. The team from the Urals finished a further 0.435 behind in third.

Belyavsky, who defended his national all-around title on Thursday, competed six events to contribute 89.700 to the Central. Penza native Ablyazin competed half the events, earning 15.300 on floor exercise, 15.900 on still rings and 15.400 on vault.

Former Ukrainian national team member Nikolai Kuksenkov, who now trains in Vladimir, led Central 2 to place second. Kuksenkov skipped floor exercise and vault because of a sprained ankle, but scored well on pommel horse (14.966), still rings (15.200), parallel bars (14.900) and high bar (14.800).

Russian championships rules allow some gymnasts' scores to count for two teams, based on where they are from and where they physically train. The rule led to half of the teams received a full 1-point deduction for failing to wear identical attire or competing out of order.

Moscow, which won the junior team title on Wednesday, finished in sixth place. The team was sorely missing Olympic team captain Emin Garibov, who will need to under go another shoulder surgery.

On Friday, Valentin Starikov (Syzran) won the all-around gold in the Master of Sport category while Alexander Sychugov was the top gymnast in the Candidate for Master of Sport category.

Competition continues Sunday with the apparatus finals. The competition from Penza is available via live streaming video on the official Russian Gymnastics Federation website.

External Link: Russian Gymnastics Federation

2014 Russian Men's Gymnastics Championships
April 11-12, Penza

Vladislav Polyashov13.90011.83314.90013.600
David Belyavsky15.53315.16614.43315.03315.20014.300
Shamil Gatiyatov
Sergei Stepanov12.60012.100
Denis Ablyazin15.30015.90015.400
Pavel Pavlov15.20014.10014.333
2.Central-242.80041.36645.19942.96643.56641.900 257.797
Alexander Balandin12.30015.73314.533
Kirill Prokopyev14.50014.26614.53313.600
Andrei Perevoznikov14.100
Yevgeny Vasilyev14.20014.200
Anton Neudakin14.10014.23314.13313.500
Nikolai Kuksenkov14.96615.20014.90014.800
Roman Suetin13.50014.00014.83314.26613.500
Nikita Lezhankin14.60013.93313.600
David Belyavsky15.53315.16614.43315.03315.20014.300
Nikolai Ostaf
Ilya Zakrevsky
Mikhail Kudashov14.20013.46614.73314.066
4.Siberia42.00041.69942.86643.53341.76541.866 253.729
Andrei Lagutov13.600
Igor Pakhomenko14.00014.20014.60014.000
Grigory Zyryanov14.53313.66613.90013.966
Viktor Cherepanov
Andrei Cherkasov14.60015.03314.03313.866
Nikita Ignatyev13.80013.16615.00013.76614.000
5.St. Petersburg42.30041.59941.96642.19941.90039.533 249.497
Gleb Garmash13.40012.900
Dmitry Radionov13.10013.166
Anton Sharikov12.633
Dmitry Gogotov14.50014.16614.40014.46615.200
Vladislav Kozin13.70014.40014.33313.80013.500
Alexander Ilin14.10014.33313.400
6.Moscow42.00037.46644.06642.86641.03337.700 245.131
Denis Ablyazin15.30015.90015.400
Alexander Myakinin11.70011.700
Alexander Fafashkin14.00014.033
Alexei Rostov13.20013.96614.16613.26613.50013.400
Alexei Kosyanov11.800
Vyacheslav Veselov13.50014.20013.50012.600
Khadzhimurat Pseunov11.500
Ilya Kabanov
Alexander Grishin11.50011.90012.63311.30012.200
Kirill Stolyarov12.66612.36611.6000.000
Alexei Bykov12.80013.10011.30013.43312.70010.800
Dmitry Radionov13.10013.166
Maxim Smirnov12.10013.00012.26611.000
Alexei Bogdanov13.10013.50012.56612.00011.800
Mikhail Simakov12.56611.700
Maxim Khodykin11.50013.80013.800
Maxim Semagin13.20013.500

Junior Men's All-Around (MS)FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Valentin StarikovVolga199614.30014.03314.03314.80014.40013.50085.066
2.Kirill PotapovSiberia199614.30014.50013.96614.40014.30013.40084.866
3.Nikita NagornySouth/Moscow199714.50012.90013.90014.86613.60013.73383.499
4.Sergei YeltsovSouth199613.70014.60013.50013.43313.36614.10082.699
5.Viktor BritanUrals199612.60013.23313.90015.03314.00013.70082.466
6.Ilya KibartasCentral199613.90011.90014.36612.50014.00013.30079.966
7.Artur DalaloyanMoscow199610.60013.76614.46614.56611.70013.60078.698
8.Alexandr BogatyrevSiberia199713.30014.23313.60012.03312.26613.10078.532
9.Rem AkovNorth Caucausus199613.10012.60013.50013.40013.20012.60078.400
10.Konstantin SemyonovSiberia199612.90013.30013.30012.40013.36612.70077.966
11.Konstantin KuzovkovCentral199613.70013.30012.53314.30012.43311.50077.766
12.Denis KolpakovSt. Petersburg199713.60012.80013.33312.80012.70012.53377.766
13.Nikolai ShadurkinSiberia199613.40012.50012.76612.00013.30013.30077.266
14.Nikita SimonovVolga199612.80011.50014.20012.76612.63312.90076.799
15.Georgy MikheyevSiberia199613.20012.63313.73312.36612.90011.90076.732
16.Stanislav KhegaiMoscow199713.90014.13312.80012.93311.50011.23376.499
17.Dmitry LankinSouth/Moscow199714.10011.46613.60013.66613.06610.60076.498
18.Dmitry KirpichenkoUrals199613.10013.13312.56613.10012.00011.70075.599
19.Fѐdor BaicurovSiberia199712.60013.46611.80013.00012.40012.30075.566
20.Ivan CherkashevUrals199611.50013.30012.90013.36611.70011.80074.566
21.Dmitry OsipovVolga199612.30012.73312.00012.43312.90012.00074.366
22.Artyom SamsonovMoscow199612.90012.06612.10012.50013.00011.60074.166
23.Vitaly VanifatovVolga199612.30010.66613.70013.36610.60012.80073.432
24.Sergei KrivunetsSouth199712.73311.80013.13312.20049.866

Men's All-Around (CMS)FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Alexander SychugovMoscow199814.20013.90013.16612.60013.60013.30080.766
2.Maxim SinichkinVolga199814.00013.26614.23313.13313.56612.30080.498
3.Ildar YuskayevVolga199812.90013.53313.60014.26612.90012.30079.499
4.Insaf IdiyatullinVolga199913.70012.60013.60012.23313.43312.86678.432
5.Artyom ArnautVolga199813.30012.46612.90012.10013.50013.60077.866
6.Kirill KozinSiberia199812.30012.63313.00013.36613.26612.86677.431
7.Alexander ChicherovVolga199912.70013.20013.40012.10013.10012.80077.300
8.Dmitry GovorovCentral199813.10012.83313.10012.90013.06612.00076.999
9.Nikita VasilyevUrals199812.20012.46613.60012.93312.70012.40076.299
10.Artyom YermilichevVolga199813.20013.66612.20013.10012.60011.40076.166
11.Nikita LetnikovSiberia199812.50013.13311.80012.23313.16613.10075.932
12.Maxim UlyankinMoscow199813.60012.56612.50012.60011.90012.40075.566
13.Denis KulebyakinVolga199912.80011.53313.10013.03313.00011.80075.266
14.Roman MaslennikovMoscow199813.50011.00012.00013.30011.40012.70073.900
15.Denis YurovSiberia199913.40012.56612.50012.03311.46611.20073.165
16.Yuri KhlebnikovCentral199912.10013.10011.40011.53313.03311.90073.066
17.Kirill IvanovVolga199912.00012.36612.80013.20012.40010.30073.066
18.Timur BairamovCentral199812.70011.10012.90012.53311.96611.80072.999
19.Daniil MonakhovSt. Petersburg199812.50012.60011.90012.36611.60011.93372.899
20.Matvei TsygankovMoscow199912.50011.66612.86612.33311.10012.40072.865
21.Sargis ArakelyanSt. Petersburg199812.30011.00013.30012.33313.16610.70072.799
22.Dmitry ZatsepinMoscow199912.10013.40010.80010.16611.20012.30069.966
23.Dmitry TkachukFar East199811.50011.06612.20012.00010.30012.50069.566
24.Bogdan AnfilogovFar East199812.30011.90010.80011.43311.13311.20068.766

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To order back issues, or subscribe to the print and/or digital edition of International Gymnast magazine, click here.

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 12 April 2014 11:45    PDF Print
Harrold Leads Britain to Victory in Munich
(3 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

World uneven bars finalist Ruby Harrold led Great Britain to victory in a triangular friendly against Germany and Spain, held Saturday evening in Munich. Pictured: All-around champion Roxana Popa (Spain)

World uneven bars finalist Ruby Harrold led Great Britain to victory in a triangular friendly against Germany and Spain, held Saturday afternoon in Munich.

Great Britain had the top total on every event to score 167.950. Host Germany took second (164.800) over Spain (157.40.).

Rising Spanish star Roxana Popa won the all-around (55.300) by just .1 over Harrold. German Olympian Elisabeth Seitz (55.000) finished third.

The Romanian-born Popa won last winter's Mexico Open in Acapulco, and last weekend she took second to Italian veteran Vanessa Ferrari at the Tokyo World Cup.

2008 British Olympian Becky Downie had the high score of the meet, earning 15.050 on uneven bars.

The competition followed a junior meet among Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Germany's Tabea Alt won the all-around title and led the host team to victory over Great Britain.

2014 Germany vs Great Britain and Spain
April 12, Munich

Senior TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Great Britain43.30042.75041.30040.600167.950

Senior All-Around (Top 13)VTUBBBFXTotal
1.Roxana Popa14.05013.90013.45013.90055.300
2.Ruby Harrold14.10014.25013.15013.70055.200
3.Elisabeth Seitz14.05014.50013.05013.40055.000
4.Kelly Simm14.35013.10013.05013.40053.900
4.Cagla Akyol13.90013.35013.95012.70053.900
6.Pauline Schäfer 14.20011.35013.75013.65052.950
7.Lisa-Katharina Hill13.40013.35013.00013.10052.850
7.Nadja Schulze13.40013.35013.00013.10052.850
9.Cintia Rodriguez13.05012.25012.90012.55050.750
10.Claudia Colom13.65012.10011.75012.60050.100
11.Laura Gamell12.10011.05012.65012.90048.700
12.Marta Costa12.30011.10012.15011.35046.900
13.Becky Downie14.50015.05014.00043.550

International Gymnast magazine's recent coverage of the tri-meet competitors includes:

Roxana Popa two-page center poster (January/February 2014)
"European Brilliance" - Ruby Harrold interview (September 2013)
"Seizing the Moment" – Elisabeth Seitz interview (July/August 2011)
"New View from the Top" - Lisa-Katharina Hill profile (July/August 2013)

To order back issues, or subscribe to the print and/or digital edition of International Gymnast magazine, click here.

Written by Amanda Turner    Saturday, 12 April 2014 09:12    PDF Print
Germany, Alt Win Junior Friendly in Munich
(4 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)

Germany's Tabea Alt led her team to victory over Great Britain and Italy on Saturday at a junior competition among five nations in Munich. Pictured: The second-place British junior team

Germany's Tabea Alt led her team to victory over Great Britain and Italy on Saturday at a meet among five nations in Munich.

The competition featured the host nation against juniors from Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. A tri-meet among Germany, Great Britain and Spain takes place Saturday evening for senior competitors.

Germany defeat Britain by less than a point, 160.65-159.85. Italy placed third with 158.90.

Alt scored 54.300 to top British junior champion Amy Tinkler (53.950) and Italy's Iosra Abdelaziz (52.50).

Alt, who turned 14 on March 18, trains at Stuttgart's Kunst-Turn-Forum alongside German veteran Kim Bui. Junior star Kim Janas, who is recovering from a torn ACL, is also now training at the club.

For many of the countries, the meet in Munich serves as a final trial for next month's European championships in Sofia. This year's European championships includes a full junior competition with team, all-around apparatus finals. Many of the gymnasts are aiming for the 2016 Olympic Games as well.

"All the countries will compete with their best gymnasts and all the gymnasts are potential candidates for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio," German women's head coach Ulla Koch said.

Action continues Saturday evening with the senior competition. 2012 German Olympians Bui, Janine Berger and Elisabeth Seitz will suit up for the host nation, along with rising bars star Sophie Scheder.

2014 Germany vs Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland
April 12, Munich

Junior TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
2.Great Britain42.50037.90040.60038.850159.850

Junior All-Around (Top 14)VTUBBBFXTotal
1.Alt Tabea13.95013.80012.80013.75054.300
2.Amy Tinkler14.55012.30013.75013.35053.950
3.Iosra Abdelaziz13.85013.00013.15012.50052.500
4.Chiara Imeraj12.70013.25013.00013.35052.300
4.Ellie Downie13.85012.70013.80011.95052.300
6.Anja Schwarz13.15013.05012.80012.40051.400
7.Pauline Tratz14.05012.50012.95011.70051.200
7.Sofia Busato14.20012.15012.05012.80051.200
7.Alica Liuguerri13.10012.75012.75012.60051.200
10.April Maslen13.60012.10012.95012.50051.150
11.Rhyannon Jones13.70012.55011.90012.90051.050
12.Teal Grindle12.70012.65013.05012.60051.000
13.Desiré Carofiglio13.55011.90012.45013.05050.950
14Eva Perez13.65012.15012.95011.90050.650
Written by dwight normile    Friday, 11 April 2014 23:54    PDF Print
Mikulak Leads Michigan to Back-to-Back NCAA Titles
(5 votes, average 5.00 out of 5)
Michigan senior Sam Mikulak went out in style by anchoring the Wolverines' final event, floor exercise, with an event-high 16.05. The score gave the Wolverines back-to-back NCAA team titles, and their sixth overall, before a home crowd Friday night at Crisler Center in Ann Arbor.

Sam Mikulak clinched the all-around and team title on floor exercise

Michigan led wire-to-wire to defeat runner-up Oklahoma, 445.05-441.65, while Stanford finished third with 436.30. Completing the six-team field in order were Illinois (435.35), Ohio State (433.50) and Penn State (429.80).

Mikulak also won his third NCAA all-around title in spite of a poor high bar routine in the second-to-last rotation. Having posted the top scores on pommel horse, vault and parallel bars, Mikulak overshot the bar on a Kolman, his opening release (13.35). That's when he rebounded on floor for his final routine as a Michigan Wolverine. Every pass was in control, and he stuck his triple twist dismount to set off a frenzy of cheers among his teammates and fans.

As he did last season, Michigan head coach Kurt Golder lightened Mikulak's competitive load throughout the season, and the strategy worked. The Wolverines may not have occupied the top spot in the regular-season rankings, but they did when it counted most, which was after Thursday's qualifier and Friday's NCAA final.

Mikulak's 91.10 proved too much for runner-up Akashi Modi (89.20), the sensational freshman from Stanford. Ohio State freshman Sean Melton was third with 88.40, suggesting a shift in power as Mikulak leaves the collegiate ranks.

Michigan's win was all the more remarkable since it had lost one of its top gymnasts, Adrian de los Angeles, to a torn ACL at the Winter Cup in February. A year ago, de los Angeles placed second all-around at the NCAAs.

Oklahoma had one fall in its first rotation, parallel bars, but battled back to make it interesting. But the Sooners, who had no all-arounders in the meet, lacked the big weapon to challenge the Mikulak-led Wolverines.

For complete results, click here.

Written by Admin    Friday, 11 April 2014 22:50    PDF Print
Five Nations Golden in Pacific Rim Junior Finals
(3 votes, average 4.67 out of 5)

The gold medals in the junior apparatus finals were spread among five nations as competition continued Friday at the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships in Richmond, B.C., Canada.

Gymnasts from Australia, Canada, China, Japan and the United States won gold medals. The competition biennial competition features athletes from countries bordering the Pacific Ocean competing in artistic, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastics. This year's event included gymnasts from 15 nations.

Junior women's all-around champion Bailie Key (U.S.) was the most successful female with titles on women's vault and floor exercise, and silver medals on uneven bars and balance beam. Teammate Norah Flatley won the balance beam title, while China's Luo Huan won the gold mdeal on uneven bars.

In the men's competition, Japan's Kakeru Tanigawa was a triple champion. He won gold medals on floor exercise (tied with China's Huang Mingqi), parallel bars and high bar (tied with teammate Kenya Yuasa).

U.S. gymnast Alec Yoder won pommel horse, while Canada's Ryan Oehrlein took the gold on still rings for the host country. Australia's Clay Stephens struck gold on vault.

Competition concludes Saturday with senior apparatus finals. Video of the event will be broadcast live on the official website.

External Link: Official Website

2014 Pacific Rim Championships
April 11, Richmond, B.C.

Junior Women's Vault FinalDScore
1.Bailie Key5.814.975
2.Nia Dennis5.814.900
3.Shallon Olsen5.814.875
4.Ayu Koike5.814.350
5.Marina Kawasaki5.014.175
6.Rose-Kaying Woo5.014.075
7.Liu Tingting5.014.050
8.Luo Huan5.013.975

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDScore
1.Luo Huan6.214.700
2.Bailie Key5.614.400
3.Liu Tingting5.714.300
4.Norah Flatley5.514.100
5.Rose-Kaying Woo5.413.425
6.Shallon Olsen5.413.375
7.Yurika Yumoto4.913.275
7.Ayu Koike4.913.275

Junior Balance Beam FinalDScore
1.Norah Flatley6.314.850
2.Bailie Key6.214.800
3.Zhou Linlin5.914.200
4.Marina Kawasaki5.413.725
5.Rose-Kaying Woo5.513.475
6.Ayu Koike5.013.150
7.Liu Tingting5.813.025
8.Megane Roberts4.311.975

Junior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Bailie Key6.014.650
2.Shallon Olsen5.814.150
3.Rose-Kaying Woo5.314.000
4.Luo Huan5.113.800
5.Ayu Koike5.213.350
6.Nia Dennis5.813.250
7.Liu Tingting5.212.850
8.Emily Whitehead4.912.250

Junior Men's Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Huang Mingqi5.214.300
1.Kakeru Tanigawa5.114.300
3.Marty Strech5.214.100
4.Kentaro Yunoki5.213.950
5.Ryan Oehrlein5.113.800
6.Carlos Yulo5.213.500
7.Rene Cournoyer5.112.900
8.Clay Stephens5.412.100

Junior Pommel Horse FinalDScore
1.Alec Yoder5.613.550
2.Davis Grooms5.213.250
3.Kakeru Tanigawa4.613.200
4.Kenya Yuasa4.912.650
5.Reegan Edwards4.112.500
6.Aaron Mah4.812.350
7.Gabriel O'Sullivan4.911.600
8.Luis Pizarro4.311.400

Junior Still Rings FinalDScore
1.Ryan Oehrlein5.513.900
2.Zou Jingyuan5.313.750
3.Alec Yoder5.213.450
4.Kentaro Yunoki4.913.400
5.Rene Cournoyer5.113.200
6.Kakeru Tanigawa4.713.150
7.Marty Strech5.013.100
8.Gabriel O'Sullivan4.712.450
8.Clay Stephens4.512.450

Junior Men's Vault FinalDScore
1.Clay Stephens5.214.550
2.Marty Strech5.214.400
3.Kenya Yuasa5.214.250
4.Rene Cournoyer5.614.000
5.Alec Yoder5.213.950
6.Kentaro Yunoki5.213.900
7.Huang Mingqi5.613.600
8.Carlos Yulo3.612.300

Junior Parallel Bars FinalDScore
1.Kakeru Tanigawa4.813.950
2.Huang Mingqi5.313.900
3.Zou Jingyuan5.613.750
3.Davis Grooms5.213.750
5.Marty Strech4.913.200
6.Luis Pizarro4.412.900
7.Ryan Oehrlein4.912.850
8.Clay Stephens4.412.650

Junior High Bar FinalDScore
1.Kenya Yuasa5.113.900
1.Kakeru Tanigawa4.913.900
3.Huang Mingqi5.213.650
4.Alec Yoder5.113.200
4.Rene Cournoyer4.913.200
4.Marty Strech4.813.200
7.Reegan Edwards4.512.450
8.Ryan Oehrlein4.412.350

International Gymnast magazine's coverage of Pacific Rim competitors includes:
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"Two Cheers for Colombia" - Jorge Giraldo profile (June 2008)
"Texas Dreams' Junior Hit" - Bailey Key profile (May 2013)
Key, Nia Dennis and Norah Flatley on front/back cover photo collage; feature/photo gallery on U.S. juniors including Key, Dennis and Flatley (October 2013)
"Making Tracks" - Scott Morgan profile (December 2013)
"Ready to Rise Again" – John Orozco center poster and profile (November 2012)
"Bronx Bomber" – Orozco interview (April 2012)
Elizabeth Price interview (April 2014)
"Full Price" - Price cover photo and profile (January/February 2013)
"Focus Forward" - Kyla Ross cover photo and interview (November 2012)
"Clutch Hitter" - Ross profile (November 2010)
Ross on cover photo collage (September 2010)
"Ready to Rock" - Wai Hung Shek profile (July/August 2012)
"Hope for Hong Kong" – Angel Wong profile (January/February 2011)

To order back issues, or subscribe to the print and/or digital edition of International Gymnast magazine, click here.


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