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Worlds Preview - WAG Qualification Subdivisions 7 & 8
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October 5, 2019 – Saturday

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 7: (9:00/3am ET)

VT – MxG 12 (Vietnam, Bulgaria, Uruguay)

UB – Great Britain

BB – MxG 16 (India, Norway)

FX – Italy

In this session it will be the young but very talented team of Italy against the experienced team of Great Britain led by the Downie sisters. Italy’s Alice and Asia D’Amato and Giorgia Villa are all first year seniors but have enormous potential. The team was 12th last year but it is expected to fight for a team final spot here in Stuttgart. Great Britain finished in disappointing 9th place in Doha and with a consistent performance here should be back in the top 8. The team’s strongest event is bars where both Ellie and Rebecca Downie, and Georgia-Mae Fenton are all capable of big routines, which could lead to possible event finals. Ellie Downie was second in the all-around at this year’s European championships, and should be the team’s best all-arounder here in Stuttgart as well. This subdivision also features mixed groups from Vietnam, Bulgaria, Uruguay, India and Norway.

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 8: (11:00/5am ET)

VT – MxG 11 (Colombia)

UB – Spain

BB – Netherlands

FX – MxG 6 (Malaysia, Croatia)

Netherlands was 10th in Doha, while Spain was 18th. With a consistent performance the Dutch could make the team final. Defending Olympic beam champion Sanne Wevers was named on the team, and as long as she hits, she should have a chance to make the beam final. Roxana Popa is back on the Spanish team after multiple knee surgeries and looked great during podium training. The Spanish team has a realistic shot at top 12, it will depend on what type performances they are able to deliver under pressure. The session also features the mixed groups of Colombia, Malaysia and Croatia.

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Worlds Preview - WAG Qualification Subdivisions 5 & 6
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October 4, 2019 – Friday

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 5: (18:00/12pm ET)

VT – MxG 5 (Greece, Venezuela)

UB – Romania

BB – MxG 21 (Slovenia, Poland)

FX – France

France finished fifth in Doha and is expected to have strong presence in the team final. Melanie de Jesus dos Santos is one of the favorites for an all-around medal and also capable to make multiple event final. The team will hope for Marine Boyer to make the balance beam final. Romania was 13th last year and will be hoping to avoid the disastrous performance they had in Glasgow four years ago when they failed to qualify a full team to the Olympics. Led by their best gymnast, Denisa Golgota the team will need a stellar performance to be able to make top 12. The session also will feature the mixed group teams from Greece, Venezuela, Slovenia and Poland.

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 6: (20:00/2pm ET)

VT – China

UB – Canada

BB – MxG 4 (South Africa, Cayman Islands, Luxemburg, Ecuador)

FX – MxG 10 (Ireland, Slovakia)

The last subdivision of the day features the strong teams of China and Canada who finished 3rd and 4th at last year’s worlds in Doha. Both countries should easily qualify to team finals, but their primary goal would be to qualify as many gymnasts as they can to the individual event finals. Surprisingly in Doha Canada made one more individual event final than the Chinese women, and won two silver medals (Anna Padurariu BB and Shallon Olsen VT), while China’s Liu Tingting beam gold was the sole individual medal for the team. Both teams would be looking to put two gymnasts in the all-around final where Ellie Black in particular has a strong chance for a medal. The session also includes the mixed group of South Africa, Cayman Islands, Luxemburg, Ecuador, Ireland and Slovakia.

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Worlds Preview - WAG Qualification Subdivisions 3 & 4

October 4, 2019 – Friday

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 3: (13:30/7:30am ET)

VT – Egypt

UB – Germany

BB – MxG 20 (Chile, Tunisia, Algeria, Georgia, Sri Lanka)

FX – MxG 2 (Uzbekistan, Belarus)

Germany was 8th in Doha and without any major disaster the team should easily qualify to Tokyo. The best chance for a final and a potential medal for Germany is Elisabeth Seitz on bars (bronze medalist in Doha). 2017 world beam champion Pauline Schaefer was a late replacement for injured Sophie Scheder. Egypt will be competing with a full team here in Stuttgart and would be hoping to improve on their 25th place finish in Doha. Notable individuals in this session include Uzbekistan’s Oksana Chusovitina, who would be aiming for yet another vault final, which could possibly be the key to her eighth Olympic games. She could also qualify through the all-around. Other individuals to follow would be Belarus’ Anastasiya Alistratova and Simona Castro from Chile. Former Russian World and European medalist, Maria Kharenkova, will be competing for Georgia.

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 4: (15:30/9:30am ET)

VT – MxG 17 (Austria, Portugal)

UB – MxG 8 (Puerto Rico, Cuba)

BB – North Korea

FX – Korea

Korea finished 14th last year, while North Korea was 16th. With a perfect competition Korea could sneak into the top 12, while it is unlikely for their northern neighbors to do so. Yeo Seojeong, the daughter of Olympic vault silver medalist Yeo Hong-Chul, is Korea’s best chance for a medal. Earlier this year she successfully debuted a front handspring layout with a double twist, and if she manages a good performance could easily end up among the vault medalists. Cuba did not send any women to last year’s worlds, but is represented by three gymnasts here, and most notably Marcia Vidiaux.

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Worlds Preview - WAG Qualification Subdivisions 1 & 2
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October 4, 2019 – Friday

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 1: (9:00/3am ET)

VT – MxG 24 (Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Indonesia)

UB – Ukraine

BB – Australia

FX – MxG 13 (Chinese Taipei, Nigeria)

The 2019 World Championships in Stuttgart begins on Friday with six of the twelve subdivisions of the women’s qualifications.

The first subdivision features the engaging teams of Ukraine and Australia. What makes this first session appealing is that the final score of both teams could set a realistic benchmark for the remainder of the competition to countries that are aiming the top 12 finish. After a disappointing competition last year Ukraine finished 20th in Doha, but the team will be enjoying the presence of first year senior Anastasia Bachynska who has shown great results this year. Diana Varinska has an outside chance for a final on uneven bars, and, both Bachynska and Varinska should be present in the all-around final given they get through a fairly clean competition. Australia finished 15th in Doha, but is welcoming back Georgia Godwin who has been enjoying a renaissance season and is the current Australian national champion. Both Godwin and Georgia Rose-Brown have potential to make the all-around final. Yamilet Pena from the Dominican Republic will be aiming for the vault final in this session. This first subdivision also features the mixed groups from Dominican Republic, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Chinese Taipei and Nigeria.

Women’s Qualification, Subdivision 2: (11:00/5am ET)

VT – MxG 15 (Jamaica, Sweden)

UB – MxG 23 (Guatemala, Island)

BB – Czech Republic

FX – Belgium

The highlight of this subdivision would be the presence of the defending uneven bars champion Nina Derwael and the Belgian team. Derwael was also a fourth place finisher in the all-around last year. The team finished 11th in Doha and will be hoping for a clean competition so they can safely place in the top 12 and qualify a full team to Tokyo. Other notable individuals to follow in this session include Sweden’s Jonna Adlerteg (bars), Jamaica’s Danucia Francis and Tony-Ann Williams, both former NCAA competitors, Guatemala’s Ana Palacios and Czech Republic’s Aneta Holasova. All of them will be looking for a strong all-around performance, which could potentially earn them an individual Olympic qualification spot.

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Stuttgart WAG Podium Training - 10 Observations
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Observations from the Women's Podium training!

1. The USA is untouchable. On floor, Kara Eaker is the only team member who didn't do at least one double double, but she can produce a 6.8 D-score on Beam. In fact, there are more double doubles on the US Team than we'll see in the sum total of all the other final Tokyo team qualifiers. This team went virtually major-deduction-free until their final event, Beam. Plus, Simone Biles is off the charts here. She is as fit as we have ever seen her, looks happy and handles her new difficulties so easily that we start to think of when we'll see another half or full twist on her named or soon-to-be-named skills.

2. Brazil looks better and fitter, but misses Rebeca Andrade. The effects of the brilliant Valeri Liukin are starting to sink in; the team seems to believe in themselves more, and they have apparently trained much harder. We understand that he spends 10 days a month in Rio with the team at least until the end of this year. That is just a note to other federations that are looking to move up into the Elite 8.

3. The Chinese Team is a young team that seems to have accepted Liang Chow's training ideas as far as working hard on the important areas. On vault they did more vaults in their 27 minutes of podium training than the rest of the teams in that subdivision. Bars is great for them, but not quite the level that we have grown to expect--ie bent arms on the last half of moves like stalders and free hips, and other small details. Beam is still outrageous, but most are dismounting with double twists only. Floor tumbling and vaulting are better, and the gymnasts seem tougher!

4. Russia looked much better than we expected! In Doha we were just praying that they would survive the podium training especially on Vault. They had very few crashes here and their beam routines look like they are hit-able for them with connections that they can break, and not huge single difficult skills. But they have rather weak routines at the start of their line up.

5. Giulia Steingruber from Switzerland who had a horrible knee injury last year has made it back in great form, and, with consistent performance from her teammates, they should make it to Tokyo. Without her it would have been impossible.

6. The French Team looks very good! Led by Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, they produced a very encouraging podium training. They still show amazingly interesting choreography in their floor routines, and the other events look solid too.

7. The Dutch team has a treasure in their choreographer and the staff that has faced their inability to compete the massive tumbling of the US team, and solved the perceived problem with brilliant dance elements and creative and bizarre choreography. The music choices and the dramatic presentation by the gymnasts has not gone unnoticed. The response from the crowd truly tells this success story. Now if only the judges will do their jobs correctly, we should have some of the artistry back on center stage.

8. Danusia Francis from Jamaica and a graduate of UCLA and Miss Val driven women's gymnastics team looked incredible here. A well seasoned competitor, she still reaches deep to create and perform new and interesting gymnastics and always with a smile.

9. The German Team looks very well prepared to compete in front of their home country crowd, and the competition is completely sold out so it will be really loud in the Hanns Martin Schleyer Halle.

10. Mexico has to be one of the most improved teams here. With good difficulty that they can handle and the return of 29-year-old Elsa Garcia, they will be able to surprise a lot of people here if they can "Just calm down."

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