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Written by John Crumlish    Sunday, 15 November 2015 20:37    PDF Print
Komova: 'I Will Fight for the Top Step of the Pedestal'
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Russia's Viktoria Komova told IG that her performances at the recent world championships in Glasgow will help her better prepare for next summer's Olympic Games.

Russia's Viktoria Komova told IG that her performances at the recent world championships in Glasgow, which included a share of gold on uneven bars, enabled her to study her rivals and better prepare for next summer's Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

"The key to victory was probably the same as for everyone - a lot of work," said Komova, who shared the title on uneven bars with teammate Daria Spiridonova, Madison Kocian of the U.S. and Fan Yilin of China. "I really wanted to compete at these championships and perform successfully, because this was the last world championships before the Olympic Games. For me it was necessary to psychologically test myself, assess the competitors, see their programs, draw certain conclusions and set tasks for myself for training towards the Olympics."

Komova, the 2012 Olympic all-around silver medalist, said she is eager to earn gold of her own in Rio, after sharing the top spot on the medal podium in a historic four-way tie in Glasgow.

"Four gymnasts on the pedestal is not probable, and most likely will not happen anymore," she said. "I don't know what will happen in Rio, because the Olympic Games aren't predictable. But if I make it to the final, I will fight for the top step of the pedestal."

Komova, who also placed fourth on balance beam and competed on vault in Glasgow, said she hopes to contend for an all-around medal at next summer's Games. She did not compete on floor exercise in Glasgow.

"For Rio I will try to prepare not only for individual apparatuses, but also prepare such a program for the all-around so as to fight for medals of the highest merit!" she told IG.

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Written by John Crumlish    Thursday, 12 November 2015 12:42    PDF Print
Steingruber: 'I Was a Very Lucky Girl'
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Swiss star Giulia Steingruber told IG that the knee injury she sustained at the recent world championships in Glasgow is healing with time and therapy.

“I have a bone bruise, the ligament inside is a little bit dragged and the capsule is slightly ripped,” said Steingruber, who injured her right knee on the landing of her second vault in the apparatus final on Oct. 31. “I was a very lucky girl because it could be worse.”

Steingruber, the 2015 European all-around champion, is undergoing rehabilitation.

“It takes three to four weeks,” she said. “I just need to go to the physio (therapist) and do some conditioning for my leg.”

Despite the injury, Steingruber said she was pleased with her performance in Glasgow, where she placed fifth in the all-around final that took place prior to the apparatus finals. The injury forced her to withdraw for the floor exercise final on Nov. 1.

“I'm really proud about my fifth place,” she told IG. “I had a fall on beam so I think it’s pretty good. I can learn from every competition, so I hope I can improve a lot for next year.”

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Written by John Crumlish    Thursday, 17 September 2015 07:05    PDF Print
Tunney Ready To 'Get Back Out There Again'
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British Olympian Rebecca Tunney told IG that, following injuries which have kept her out of action until recently, she is eager to test herself on two apparatuses at this weekend’s Challenge Cup of Osijek, Croatia.

“With not being in competition for a while it's a great experience to get back out there competing again,” said Tunney, the youngest member of the British delegation at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. “It will get me back into the competition environment and prepare me for the rest of the year.”

Tunney said she looks forward to competing on balance beam and floor exercise in Osijek. She said she will not compete on vault and uneven bars because she is not quite ready.

“My main focus is just to get back out competing again and gain the experience of performing under pressure, as I haven't been able to experience that feeling in a while,” she said.

Looking ahead to next month’s world championships in Glasgow, Tunney said she is gradually regaining her all-around form.

“At the moment I am pretty much ready with beam and floor,” she told IG. “Bars and vault are still a work in progress with getting all my skills back.”

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Written by IG Staff    Monday, 14 September 2015 13:57    PDF Print
Douglas Picking Up Momentum In Comeback
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2012 Olympic all-around champion Gabrielle Douglas of the U.S. said she is gradually returning to top form in the approach to next month’s world championships in Glasgow and next summer’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

“I think I’m about 60 to 70 percent (in terms of difficulty),” said Douglas after she placed fifth all-around at the P&G (U.S.) championships in Indianapolis. “I don’t want to play all my cards at once.”

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Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 09 September 2015 07:04    PDF Print
Golden Start for Russia in Stuttgart
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The Russians swept the gold and silver medals in both events Tuesday at the 2015 Rhythmic World Championships in Stuttgart.

Reigning world all-around champion Yana Kudryavtseva captured the ball title over teammate Margarita Mamun. With a winning margin of .025, Kudryavtseva prevented Mamun from winning her third consecutive title with the ball.

Kudryavtseva and Mamun swept the individual titles at the 2014 World Championships in Izmir, Turkey. Kudryavtseva now has nine gold medals at the world championships, with more in reach in Stuttgart.

Kudryavtseva was able to win despite an injured ankle that has bothered her in Stuttgart.

"The feel of winning the gold medals are always very nice, but with each award brings different emotions," Kudryavtseva said. "This medal did not come easy, although they are rarely easy, but this one was twice as hard. I am grateful to my coaches who supported me."

Mamun claimed the gold with hoop, her fifth apparatus world title. The Bengali-Russian won world titles with the ball and ribbon in 2014, and with the ball and clubs in 2013.

Russia's Alexandra Soldatova took the silver on hoop behind her teammate. Ukraine's Ganna Rizatdinova won the bronze. Belarusian Melitina Stanyuta won the bronze with the ball.

The competetion in Stuttgart is the first qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The top 15 gymnasts in the individual all-around and the top 10 groups will qualify. Six more individuals and three more groups will be able to qualify at the test event next April in Rio de Janeiro. An additional five gymnasts and one group will earn a ticket to the Olympics as wild cards.

Competition in Stuttgart continues Wednesday with more individual qualification. The ribbon and clubs finals will be Thursday, and the all-around final on Friday.

External Link: Official Website

2015 Rhythmic World Championships
September 9, Stuttgart

Hoop FinalDENDScoreQual Rank
1.Margarita Mamun9.4509.50018.9502
2.Alexandra Soldatova9.3509.30018.6501
3.Ganna Rizatdinova9.3509.23318.5833
4.Melitina Stanyuta9.1509.20018.3504
5.Son Yeon Jae9.0509.07518.1255
6.Marina Durunda8.9508.96617.9167
7.Salome Pazhava8.8008.96617.7668
8.Neta Rivkin8.0508.50016.5506

Ball FinalDENDScoreQual Rank
1.Yana Kudryavtseva9.5009.52519.0251
2.Margarita Mamun9.5009.50019.0004
3.Melitina Stanyuta9.1509.20018.3507
4.Son Yeon Jae9.0509.16618.2162
5.Ganna Rizatdinova8.9009.23318.1333
6.Neta Rivkin8.8508.96617.8165
7.Marina Durunda8.7008.90017.6006
8.Katsiaryna Halkina8.6508.86617.5168

Hoop QualificationDENDScore
1.Alexandra Soldatova9.4009.26618.666 Q
2.Margarita Mamun9.2009.20018.400 Q
3.Ganna Rizatdinova9.2009.16618.366 Q
4.Melitina Stanyuta9.1509.20018.350 Q
5.Son Yeon Jae8.9009.03317.933 Q
6.Neta Rivkin8.9508.91617.866 Q
7.Marina Durunda8.7509.00017.750 Q
8.Salome Pazhava8.7008.93317.633 Q
9.Carolina Rodriguez8.7258.80017.525 R1
10.Sakura Hayakawa8.7008.80017.500 R2
10.Laura Zeng8.7008.80017.500 R3
12.Kaho Minagawa8.6508.76617.416
13.Elizaveta Nazarenkova8.6008.80017.400
14.Victoria Veinberg8.6008.73317.333
15.Varvara Filiou8.5508.76617.316
16.Kseniya Moustafaeva8.5508.73317.283
17.Neviana Vladinova8.5508.66617.216
18.Sabina Ashirbayeva8.5008.700-0.0517.150
19.Jana Berezko-Marggrander8.5008.60017.100
20.Ekaterina Volkova8.4008.66617.066
21.Katsiaryna Halkina8.2758.73317.008
22.Viktoriia Mazur8.3508.63316.983
23.Natalia Garcia8.4008.56616.966
24.Nicol Ruprecht8.3508.60016.950
25.Veronica Bertolini8.4008.53316.933
26.Ayshan Bayramova8.3508.50016.850
27.Mariya Mateva8.2008.53316.733
28.Anastasiya Serdyukova8.2008.50016.700
29.Jiahui Liu8.2758.40016.675
30.Alessia Russo8.2008.43316.633
31.Dora Vass8.2508.36616.616
32.Aliya Assymova8.1508.13316.283
33.Ana Filiorianu7.8008.43316.233
34.Natela Bolataeva7.9008.33316.233
35.Alexandra Piscupescu7.6758.566-0.0516.191
36.Xiaolan Xu8.0508.13316.183
37.Karla Diaz7.8508.30016.150
38.Rut Castillo7.9508.05816.008
39.Viktoria Bogdanova7.6758.30015.975
40.Laura Jung7.6508.20015.850
41.Olga Bogdanova7.7508.00015.750
42.Patricia Bezzoubenko7.5508.16615.716
43.Lilit Harutyunyan7.5008.20015.700
44.Song Chun7.7008.00015.700
45.Anna Sebkova7.4758.20015.675
46.Kyriaki Alevrogianni7.6008.06615.666
47.Carmen Whelan7.7007.93315.633
48.Spela Kratochwill7.3008.26615.566
49.Natascha Wegscheider7.5008.06615.566
50.Monika Mickova7.6007.96615.566
50.Milena Milacic7.6007.96615.566
52.Natalia Gaudio7.4008.10015.500
53.Jouki Tikkanen7.8507.63315.483
54.Jasmine Kerber7.6007.86615.466
55.Xenia Kilianova7.5507.83315.383
56.Angelica Kvieczynski7.5007.83315.333
57.Michelle Sanchez7.5007.80015.300
58.Sofija Nikitina7.6007.53315.133
59.Stephani Sherlock6.9007.93314.833
60.Boglarka Kiss7.0507.66614.716
61.Rafaela Coimbra6.8257.86614.691
62.Veronika Proncenko7.2507.43314.683
63.Grace Legote6.5008.03314.533
64.Irena Omirou7.2007.33314.533
65.Angela Kosoulieva6.6757.80014.475
66.Alexandra Cechova6.8007.43314.233
67.Maria Canilhas6.5507.66614.216
68.Laura Bozic6.7007.50014.200
69.Danielle Prince6.2757.70013.975
70.Monija Cebasek5.9757.93313.908
71.Anna Czarniecka6.9007.566-0.6013.866
72.Grisbel Lopez6.1757.66613.841
73.Kaat Wyers6.4757.36613.841
74.Selin Kilavuz6.1507.63313.783
75.Lina Dussan6.6257.10013.725
76.Emilie Swensen6.1507.56613.716
77.Sie Koi6.8506.80013.650
78.Laura Halford6.5257.400-0.3013.625
79.Josefine Olsson6.0507.50013.550
80.Jennifer Pettersson6.1007.26613.366
81.Jelizaveta Gamalejeva6.6007.300-0.6013.300
82.Sara Rostom6.5256.73313.258
83.Migle Varnaite6.0007.23313.233
84.Elizabeth Petrosyan6.5257.233-0.6013.158
85.Themida Christodoulidou6.1006.93313.033
86.Adisa Bjelic5.9507.06613.016
87.Emilie Holte5.9007.10013.000
88.Elena Milenkovic6.6006.666-0.3012.966
89.Geraldine Perez6.1006.73312.833
90.Nourhal Khattab6.3507.000-0.6012.750
91.Shasangari Nagarajan6.4006.933-0.6512.683
92.Azem Azhybekova5.5256.96612.491
93.Lucia Castiglioni5.2007.23312.433
94.Basma Ouatay5.0257.13312.158
95.Najlae Ou-Ghanem5.5006.800-0.3012.000
96.Vanessa Tinjic5.3506.46611.816
97.Regina Miaksheva5.8006.100-0.1011.800
98.Nicoline Sachmann3.5506.2339.783
99.Elyane Boal3.5506.200-0.309.450
100.Victoria Soerensen3.2506.1339.383
101.Alice Tomas2.4004.7007.100
102.Anna Mpanzu2.4004.5336.933

Ball QualificationDENDScore
1.Yana Kudryavtseva9.5009.43318.933 Q
2.Son Yeon Jae9.1009.16618.266 Q
3.Ganna Rizatdinova8.8009.16617.966 Q
4.Margarita Mamun9.0008.83317.833 Q
5.Neta Rivkin8.8508.93317.783 Q
6.Marina Durunda8.8508.90017.750 Q
7.Melitina Stanyuta8.6509.06617.716 Q
8.Katsiaryna Halkina8.5508.83317.383 Q
9.Elizaveta Nazarenkova8.6008.76617.366 R1
10.Varvara Filiou8.5508.80017.350 R2
11.Kseniya Moustafaeva8.7008.60017.300 R3
12.Neviana Vladinova8.5508.73317.283
13.Victoria Veinberg8.5008.76617.266
14.Laura Zeng8.6008.63317.233
15.Carolina Rodriguez8.4008.73317.133
16.Anastasiya Serdyukova8.4508.63317.083
17.Jana Berezko-Marggrander8.5508.53317.083
18.Sakura Hayakawa8.3508.66617.016
18.Eleonora Romanova8.3508.66617.016
20.Salome Pazhava8.4008.56616.966
21.Mariya Mateva8.3508.600-0.0516.900
22.Patricia Bezzoubenko8.4008.46616.866
23.Natalia Garcia8.3008.46616.766
24.Ana Filiorianu8.2508.50016.750
25.Veronica Bertolini8.3508.433-0.0516.733
26.Elif Celep8.2008.50016.700
26.Sabina Ashirbayeva8.2008.50016.700
28.Kaho Minagawa8.0508.600-0.1016.550
29.Jasmine Kerber8.2508.233-0.0516.433
30.Ekaterina Volkova7.9008.50016.400
31.Nicol Ruprecht8.0008.40016.400
32.Jouki Tikkanen8.0008.33316.333
33.Monika Mickova7.7508.33316.083
34.Karla Diaz7.9508.166-0.0516.066
35.Natela Bolataeva7.6258.33315.958
36.Dora Vass7.7508.20015.950
36.Alexandra Piscupescu7.7508.20015.950
38.Chun Song7.7508.10015.850
39.Viktoria Bogdanova7.4008.33315.733
40.Jiahui Liu7.5008.16615.666
41.Carmel Kallemaa7.5008.10015.600
42.Natascha Wegscheider7.4508.13315.583
43.Milena Milacic7.5507.93315.483
44.Lilit Harutyunyan7.3008.10015.400
45.Alessia Russo7.4507.966-0.0515.366
46.Anna Sebkova7.2508.10015.350
47.Spela Kratochwill7.3508.00015.350
48.Anna Czarniecka7.3008.00015.300
49.Carmen Whelan7.6007.733-0.0515.283
50.Angelica Kvieczynski7.5007.70015.200
51.Sie Koi7.3007.76615.066
52.Natalia Gaudio7.0258.03315.058
53.Stephani Sherlock7.2257.80015.025
54.Sara Kragulj6.8758.13315.008
55.Laura Halford7.1757.83315.008
56.Nourhal Khattab6.9757.93314.908
57.Shasangari Nagarajan7.0257.86614.891
58.Themida Christodoulidou7.0007.900-0.0514.850
59.Sara Rostom7.1507.70014.850
60.Arina Leina7.0007.80014.800
61.Laura Jung7.3007.50014.800
62.Kaat Wyers6.9007.833-0.0514.683
63.Rafaela Coimbra7.0507.63314.683
64.Elena Milenkovic7.0007.633-0.0514.583
65.Aliya Assymova7.3007.26614.566
66.Kyriaki Alevrogianni7.0007.46614.466
67.Jelizaveta Gamalejeva6.7507.800-0.1014.450
68.Emilie Holte6.6507.76614.416
69.Grisbel Lopez6.8007.56614.366
70.Joke Verpoest6.7007.60014.300
71.Xenia Kilianova6.7007.566-0.0514.216
72.Irena Omirou6.4007.76614.166
73.Grace Legote6.7507.26614.016
74.Emilie Swensen6.1007.73313.833
75.Veronika Proncenko6.6257.366-0.3013.691
76.Luiza Sadyan6.3507.33313.683
77.Cassandra Pettersson6.1507.566-0.0513.666
78.Selin Kilavuz6.0257.56613.591
79.Geraldine Perez6.5256.86613.391
80.Lili Margaritisz6.2007.16613.366
81.Rut Castillo6.7257.166-0.6513.241
82.Zhang Doudou6.5507.266-0.6013.216
83.Regina Miaksheva6.0256.93312.958
84.Basma Ouatay5.5507.36612.916
85.Danielle Prince5.9007.00012.900
86.Angela Kosoulieva6.1007.300-0.6012.800
87.Tania Domingues5.6257.10012.725
88.Olga Stork6.1756.766-0.3012.641
89.Karolina Turciakova5.6007.00012.600
90.Josefine Olsson5.9006.966-0.3012.566
91.Adisa Bjelic5.1007.33312.433
92.Michelle Sanchez5.4257.00012.425
93.Lucia Castiglioni5.4007.00012.400
94.Lina Dussan5.7506.666-0.3012.116
95.Laura Bozic5.3256.733-0.1011.958
96.Azem Azhybekova4.8506.86611.716
97.Dea Muminovic3.8007.06610.866
98.Elyane Boal2.6506.3008.950
99.Victoria Soerensen2.2505.4667.716
100.Nicoline Sachmann2.4005.0087.408
101.Alice Tomas1.6504.5006.150
102.Sofia Higino0.9504.5665.516

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