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Written by John Crumlish    Wednesday, 19 April 2017 18:54    PDF Print
Vernyayev On Europeans Lead: 'I Feel Good'
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Oleg Vernyayev of Ukraine told IG that his field-leading performance in Wednesday's qualifications at the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, matched his expectations for this early stage of competition.

Oleg Vernyayev of Ukraine told IG that his field-leading performance in Wednesday's qualifications at the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, matched his expectations for this early stage of competition.

"I feel good now," said Vernyayev, whose total of 85.966 points ranked him first in the all-around standings, ahead of Russia's Artur Dalaloyan (85.198) and Great Britain's James Hall (84.473). "I have the final ahead, so I think my performance was normal for today."

A couple of landing issues notwithstanding, Vernyayev's routines were solid and left him confident as he prepares for Friday's all-around final. He qualified for every individual final except for still rings.

Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine)

"I just want to work my routines without mistakes, and I think that's enough for me," said Vernyayev, who placed first all-around and first on parallel bars at the 2015 Europeans in Montpellier, France.

No all-around contest took place at the 2016 Europeans in Bern, where Vernyayev placed first on vault and second on parallel bars.

Hall said his results reflect his determination to prove himself against the continent's best gymnasts.

"I wanted to get out there on the world stage and show them that I could do it," Hall said. "Now that I made the all-around final, I can relax and give it my all, and be really pleased with the outcome."

2016 German Olympic team reserve Philipp Herder and 2016 Olympic all-around finalist Eddy Yusof of Switzerland shared Hall's enthusiasm as they assessed their own results.

"I'm very satisfied," said Herder, who qualified ninth to Friday's all-around final. "I felt very good on pommel horse. Rings was perfect for me, and I did a new vault, a Roche, and I was very satisfied since it went well. So I was able to head to p-bars and high bar, and finish up on floor. I don't need to be afraid after this competition. I can give all that I have."

Yusof, who placed 12th all-around at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, sees room for improvement in Friday's all-around final.

"I had one mistake today, on high bar," he told IG. "It was a silly mistake and I know how to do better. I think the most important thing is to recover well, and get a lot of sleep, in order to be prepared and fit again on Friday."

Spain's Rayderly Zapata qualified first to the floor exercise final, while Olympic champions Krisztián Berki of Hungary (pommel horse) and Eleftherios Petrounias of Greece (still rings) both led their respective specialties. Romania's Marian Drăgulescu qualified first to the men's vault final and second on floor exercise. Germany's Marcel Nguyen (parallel bars) and Switzerland's Oliver Hegi (high bar) also led qualification.

Women's qualifications take place Thursday, followed by the men's and women's all-around finals on Friday, and the men's and women's apparatus finals on Saturday and Sunday. No team competition is being contested.

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2017 European Championships
April 19, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Men's All-Around QualificationFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.214.4006.114.4336.013.9005.614.6006.314.9005.713.73385.966Q
2.Artur Dalaloyan6.214.3005.313.5005.414.3665.614.9006.014.4665.713.66685.198Q
3.James Hall5.914.2335.913.8915.413.7005.214.4165.814.0336.114.20084.473Q
4.Oliver Hegi5.713.3335.914.6334.913.1665.214.2336.214.4666.214.46684.297Q
5.Ferhat Arıcan5.513.3005.814.3664.612.9005.213.8666.315.1335.113.06682.631Q
6.Nikita Ignatyev5.513.0665.612.8006.114.3005.214.3665.914.2336.113.73382.498Q
7.Eddy Yusof5.713.7005.413.9005.613.4335.614.5166.014.5005.212.43382.482Q
8.Artur Davtyan4.713.2335.613.4005.314.2005.614.6664.513.6334.313.00082.132Q
9.Philipp Herder5.613.5665.313.2335.413.8005.214.2006.014.0005.012.90081.699Q
10.Lukas Dauser5.512.2334.913.1665.313.6665.213.7006.315.1005.513.53381.398Q
11.Marios Georgiou5.013.5335.713.7664.613.3334.813.9005.614.1335.512.63381.298Q
12.Bart Deurloo5.612.4665.513.7665.313.5335.214.1005.513.5006.413.86681.231Q
13.Casimir Schmidt6.014.2335.312.3005.213.8335.614.2335.213.5664.513.00081.165Q
14.Joe Fraser5.713.1005.813.6335.113.4665.214.2005.313.8665.112.86681.131Q
15.Yevgen Yudenkov5.213.6005.113.4006.114.4334.813.9665.613.2004.812.20080.799Q
16.Tomas Kuzmickas5.713.6334.713.1504.212.7664.813.5665.213.6665.113.26680.047Q
17.Lorenzo Galli4.813.2004.413.1664.212.8334.813.8004.713.6665.013.23379.898Q
18.Robert Tvorogal4.412.4005.313.6004.713.3334.813.6005.513.2665.713.67579.874Q
19.Daan Kenis5.513.7005.012.7004.513.0005.214.0665.513.1335.712.63379.232Q
20.Michel Bletterman5.013.2334.911.9004.412.5004.813.7665.514.0665.113.36678.831
21.Botond Kardos5.813.7005.111.9334.312.2835.214.2005.113.7335.012.93378.782Q
22.Nils Dunkel5.212.6665.813.2665.513.3164.813.5005.313.3334.812.66678.747
23.Oskar Kirmes5.413.1665.213.6004.813.0004.813.6665.513.6334.411.50078.565Q
24.Maxime Gentges5.113.0665.613.6004.713.1005.212.8665.513.6005.112.13378.365Q
25.Ádám Babos5.213.0005.413.3664.813.1664.813.0665.013.2664.912.23378.097Q
26.Michalis Krasias4.712.0665.513.5334.613.1004.013.2004.513.1664.612.93377.998Q
27.Zachari Hrimèche5.813.8005.411.6665.212.4665.614.5665.112.2664.613.04177.805R1
28.İbrahim Çolak5.313.3334.29.8336.214.7335.212.9005.714.1004.912.66677.565R2
29.Jimmy Verbaeys5.513.7004.912.7004.412.7004.813.7665.713.5664.711.13377.565
30.Nestor Abad5.813.9665.213.1335.112.5002.811.3335.714.0005.712.36677.298R3
31.Stefano Patron5.011.3665.013.2334.512.9084.413.3665.013.3004.813.03377.206R4
32.Daniel Radovesnický4.912.8334.012.4004.212.5504.013.0004.613.3664.512.73376.882
33.Bernardo Almeida5.113.3664.712.6005.012.3664.012.8334.712.9004.912.76676.831
34.Alexander Benda5.213.4004.411.8664.312.3664.813.5004.312.6004.912.60076.332
35.Vladyslav Hryko5.312.8335.711.6665.413.5664.813.6665.111.9334.712.43376.097
36.Rhys McClenaghan4.712.0006.014.0334.112.2334.813.6664.812.7664.011.36676.064
37.Helge Vammen4.212.4004.813.3333.712.0664.413.0664.212.6333.812.33375.831
38.Cameron-Lie Bernard4.812.6004.712.9664.412.4004.813.5006.012.8663.411.42575.757
39.Pietro Giachino4.913.1665.412.8664.513.3004.012.9334.310.4835.612.76675.514
40.Tiago Barbosa5.212.2664.512.4663.911.8334.813.5664.512.6164.812.46675.213
41.Bence Tálas4.911.9335.512.2665.511.4004.813.0335.313.2665.513.06674.964
42.Dmitry Govorov5.212.6334.710.3004.412.2335.214.4004.812.9334.112.00074.499
43.Joao Fuglsig4.712.5333.612.5003.912.2665.212.8334.212.6003.611.60074.332
44.Dimitar Dimitrov5.812.6004.211.9334.411.8335.214.1333.612.0663.911.70074.265
45.Valgard Reinhardsson4.812.6334.011.4664.412.2584.813.7003.811.7334.412.36674.156
46.Rubén López5.710.6334.59.7665.913.9665.213.6005.613.6005.412.50074.065
47.Sebastian Gawronski5.212.4334.211.6005.012.2005.213.8004.613.3664.710.46673.865
48.Murad Agharzayev5.613.2664.511.6334.711.5004.813.7004.712.4004.211.34173.840
49.Rihards Trams4.711.7335.313.0004.211.6664.813.5334.211.1664.012.53373.631
50.Konstantin Kuzovkov5.113.0664.511.9334.210.8335.213.6914.311.7333.911.50072.756
51.Simão Almeida4.411.8663.59.7584.512.3334.813.8004.913.4664.411.37572.598
52.Sergejs Pozņakovs5.011.7334.511.3334.311.6664.813.5004.712.8004.711.56672.598
53.Kim Vanström4.711.7004.411.6003.611.6664.012.8664.212.6084.011.80072.240
54.Christopher Soos5.111.5334.210.9334.911.7334.813.3334.812.7004.311.40071.632
55.Joachim Winther4.312.3333.29.8663.311.9004.012.7003.712.4334.212.20071.432
56.Martin Angelov5.212.9333.29.1663.711.5005.212.7334.112.7333.611.83370.898
57.Ilias Georgiou4.910.9663.910.0334.612.9663.211.1005.413.5005.212.30070.865
58.Saba Abesadze4.710.1663.810.3663.89.7334.012.6664.012.6332.410.90066.464
59.Vigen Khachatryan5.212.1504.612.8003.910.9334.813.8334.712.1332.02.80064.649

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Rayderley Zapata6.48.5000.114.800 Q
2.Marian Drăgulescu6.28.46614.666 Q
3.Alexander Shatilov6.08.46614.466 Q
4.Dmitry Lankin6.48.03314.433 Q
5.Oleg Vernyayev6.28.20014.400 Q
6.Artem Dolgopyat6.38.2910.214.391 Q
7.Pavel Bulavsky6.08.33314.333 Q
8.Dominick Cunningham6.18.23314.333 Q
9.Kirill Prokopyev6.08.30014.300 R1
10.Artur Dalaloyan6.28.10014.300
11.James Hall5.98.33314.233 R2
11.Pablo Brägger5.98.33314.233 R2
13.Casimir Schmidt6.08.23314.233
14.Andrew Smith5.68.60814.208
15.Frank Baines5.68.56614.166
16.Kevin Dupuis5.88.30014.100
17.Nestor Abad5.88.2660.113.966
17.Antonios Tantalidis5.88.2660.113.966
19.Bram Verhofstad5.98.06613.966
20.Heikki Saarenketo5.78.2000.113.800
21.Zachari Hrimèche5.88.00013.800
22.Žiga Šilc5.48.30013.700
23.Jimmy Verbaeys5.58.20013.700
23.Daan Kenis5.58.20013.700
25.Eddy Yusof5.78.00013.700
26.Botond Kardos5.87.90013.700
27.Cristian Bățagă5.77.96613.666
28.Rok Klavora5.77.93313.633
28.Tomas Kuzmickas5.77.93313.633
30.Yevgen Yudenkov5.28.40013.600
31.Taha Serhani5.58.06613.566
32.Philipp Herder5.67.96613.566
33.Marios Georgiou5.08.53313.533
34.Felix Remuta5.67.90013.500
35.Adrià Vera5.67.9660.113.466
36.Matthias Schwab5.57.93313.433
37.Alexander Benda5.28.20013.400
38.Bernardo Almeida5.18.26613.366
39.İbrahim Çolak5.38.03313.333
40.Oliver Hegi5.77.9330.313.333
41.Ferhat Arıcan5.57.80013.300
42.Murad Agharzayev5.67.7660.113.266
43.Artur Davtyan4.78.53313.233
44.Michel Bletterman5.08.23313.233
45.Lorenzo Galli4.88.40013.200
46.Pietro Giachino4.98.26613.166
47.Oskar Kirmes5.48.1660.413.166
48.Joe Fraser5.77.5000.113.100
49.Maxime Gentges5.18.0660.113.066
50.Konstantin Kuzovkov5.17.96613.066
51.Nikita Ignatyev5.57.56613.066
52.Slavomir Michnak4.78.33313.033
53.Elias Koski5.38.0000.313.000
54.Ádám Babos5.27.80013.000
55.Martin Angelov5.27.73312.933
56.Daniel Radovesnický4.98.0330.112.833
57.Vladyslav Hryko5.37.53312.833
58.Yahor Sharamkou6.07.1330.312.833
59.Ilya Yakovlev5.47.6000.212.800
60.Marco Sarrugerio5.17.66612.766
61.Vitālijs Kardašovs5.37.6330.212.733
62.Nils Dunkel5.27.46612.666
63.Valgard Reinhardsson4.87.83312.633
64.Dmitry Govorov5.27.5330.112.633
65.Cameron-Lie Bernard4.87.80012.600
66.Dimitar Dimitrov5.86.9000.112.600
67.Joao Fuglsig4.77.9330.112.533
68.Bart Deurloo5.66.86612.466
69.Sebastian Gawronski5.27.6330.412.433
70.Helge Vammen4.28.20012.400
71.Robert Tvorogal4.48.00012.400
72.Christian Riisberg4.18.23312.333
73.Joachim Winther4.38.03312.333
74.Fredrik Johnsen4.87.7160.212.316
75.Adelin Kotrong5.86.8000.312.300
76.Tiago Barbosa5.27.5660.512.266
77.Lukas Dauser5.57.0330.312.233
78.Vigen Khachatryan5.27.0500.112.150
79.Michalis Krasias4.77.6660.312.066
80.Rhys McClenaghan4.77.6000.312.000
81.Vlad Cotuna5.86.20012.000
82.Bence Tálas4.97.3330.311.933
83.Odin Kalvø5.36.7000.111.900
84.Simão Almeida4.47.8660.411.866
85.Rihards Trams4.77.3330.311.733
86.Sergejs Pozņakovs5.06.8330.111.733
87.Kim Vanström4.77.1000.111.700
88.Yunus Gündoğdu4.66.96611.566
89.Hamza Yılmaz5.06.8660.311.566
90.Christopher Soos5.16.8330.411.533
91.Dirk Kathan5.56.1330.111.533
92.Krisztián Boncser5.75.9330.111.533
93.Stefano Patron5.06.36611.366
94.Nikolai Roenbeck4.96.4000.311.000
95.Ilias Georgiou4.96.1660.110.966
96.Aaro Lamberg5.25.5660.110.666
97.Rubén López5.75.5330.610.633
98.Saba Abesadze4.76.0660.610.166

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Krisztián Berki6.29.00015.200 Q
2.David Belyavsky6.38.70015.000 Q
3.Sašo Bertoncelj6.18.63314.733 Q
4.Harutyun Merdinyan6.18.60014.700 Q
5.Oliver Hegi5.98.73314.633 Q
6.Robert Seligman5.78.73314.433 Q
7.Oleg Vernyayev6.18.33314.433 Q
8.Ferhat Arıcan5.88.56614.366 Q
9.Matija Baron5.88.48314.283 R1
10.Zoltán Kállai5.98.33314.233 R2
11.Slavomir Michnak5.58.70014.200 R3
12.Kirill Prokopyev5.98.30014.200
13.Andrii Sienichkin5.58.65014.150
14.Rhys McClenaghan6.08.03314.033
15.Alexandru Ursache6.17.90014.000
16.Cristian Bățagă6.37.66613.966
17.Eddy Yusof5.48.50013.900
18.James Hall5.97.99113.891
19.Christian Baumann5.97.96613.866
20.Cyril Tommasone6.27.63313.833
21.Antonios Tantalidis5.68.20013.800
22.Bart Deurloo5.58.26613.766
23.Marios Georgiou5.78.06613.766
24.Georgios Chatziefstathiou5.97.86613.766
25.Boudewijn de Vries5.68.10013.700
26.Frank Baines6.07.70013.700
27.Joe Fraser5.87.83313.633
28.Armen Petrosyan5.97.73313.633
29.Oskar Kirmes5.28.40013.600
30.Robert Tvorogal5.38.30013.600
31.Maxime Gentges5.68.00013.600
32.Michalis Krasias5.58.03313.533
33.Artur Dalaloyan5.38.20013.500
34.Yevgen Yudenkov5.18.30013.400
35.Artur Davtyan5.67.80013.400
36.Ádám Babos5.47.96613.366
37.Helge Vammen4.88.53313.333
38.Filip Ude5.77.9000.313.300
39.Tommaso De Vecchis5.18.16613.266
40.Nils Dunkel5.87.46613.266
41.Stefano Patron5.08.23313.233
42.Philipp Herder5.37.93313.233
43.Lorenzo Galli4.48.76613.166
44.Lukas Dauser4.98.26613.166
45.Tomas Kuzmickas4.78.45013.150
46.Nestor Abad5.27.93313.133
47.Ivan Rittschik6.07.06613.066
48.Rihards Trams5.37.70013.000
49.Cameron-Lie Bernard4.78.26612.966
50.Pietro Giachino5.47.46612.866
51.Elias Koski4.48.43312.833
52.Vigen Khachatryan4.68.20012.800
53.Nikita Ignatyev5.67.20012.800
54.Jimmy Verbaeys4.97.80012.700
54.Hamza Yılmaz4.97.80012.700
56.Daan Kenis5.07.70012.700
57.Bernardo Almeida4.77.90012.600
58.Francisco Fragoso4.38.26612.566
59.Juho Kanerva5.57.06612.566
60.Artem Dolgopyat5.57.03312.533
61.Joao Fuglsig3.68.90012.500
62.Marco Sarrugerio4.67.90012.500
63.Tiago Barbosa4.57.96612.466
64.Daniel Radovesnický4.08.40012.400
65.Casimir Schmidt5.37.00012.300
66.Bence Tálas5.56.76612.266
67.Dimitar Dimitrov4.27.73311.933
68.Konstantin Kuzovkov4.57.43311.933
69.Botond Kardos5.16.83311.933
70.Michel Bletterman4.97.00011.900
71.Alexander Benda4.47.46611.866
72.Moran Yanuka5.26.50011.700
73.Odin Kalvø5.06.66611.666
74.Zachari Hrimèche5.46.26611.666
75.Vladyslav Hryko5.75.96611.666
76.Murad Agharzayev4.57.13311.633
77.Sebastian Gawronski4.27.40011.600
78.Kim Vanström4.47.20011.600
79.Adelin Kotrong5.46.16611.566
80.Valgard Reinhardsson4.07.46611.466
81.Sergejs Pozņakovs4.56.83311.333
82.Xheni Dyrmishi5.35.93311.233
83.Nikita Letnikov3.77.40011.100
84.Joel Plata5.06.10011.100
85.Christopher Soos4.26.73310.933
86.Leonardo Kusan4.27.0000.310.900
87.Dirk Kathan4.76.03310.733
88.Eyal Glazer4.65.83310.433
89.Saba Abesadze3.86.56610.366
90.Dmitry Govorov4.75.60010.300
91.Ilias Georgiou3.96.13310.033
92.Joachim Winther3.26.6669.866
93.İbrahim Çolak4.25.6339.833
94.Rubén López4.55.2669.766
95.Simão Almeida3.56.2589.758
96.İsa Hamaratcılar3.36.2339.533
97.Adrià Vera3.85.6339.433
98.Vetle Talsnes4.25.2009.400
99.Martin Angelov3.25.9669.166

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Eleftherios Petrounias6.39.06615.366 Q
2.Artur Tovmasyan6.28.83315.033 Q
3.Courtney Tulloch6.48.53314.933 Q
4.Vahagn Davtyan6.38.56614.866 Q
5.Igor Radivilov6.38.53314.833 Q
6.Dmitry Lankin5.98.86614.766 Q
7.İbrahim Çolak6.28.53314.733 Q
8.Konstantinos Konstantinidis6.08.70014.700 Q
9.Nikita Nagornyy6.08.63314.633 R1
10.Danny Pinheiro-Rodrigues6.18.53314.633 R2
11.Marco Lodadio6.28.26614.466 R3
12.Yevgen Yudenkov6.18.33314.433
13.Artur Dalaloyan5.48.96614.366
14.Nikita Ignatyev6.18.20014.300
15.Dennis Goossens6.18.13314.233
16.Artur Davtyan5.38.90014.200
17.Marcel Nguyen5.98.30014.200
18.Rubén López5.98.06613.966
19.Oleg Vernyayev6.07.9000.913.900
20.Eyal Glazer5.68.26613.866
21.Ilya Yakovlev5.78.16613.866
22.Casimir Schmidt5.28.63313.833
23.Philipp Herder5.48.40013.800
24.Michael Fussenegger5.58.30013.800
25.James Hall5.48.30013.700
26.Lukas Dauser5.38.36613.666
27.Tomi Tuuha5.28.43313.633
28.Vladyslav Hryko5.48.16613.566
29.Bart Deurloo5.38.23313.533
30.Joe Fraser5.18.36613.466
31.Marco Sarrugerio5.57.96613.466
32.Eddy Yusof5.67.8330.613.433
33.Marios Georgiou4.68.73313.333
34.Robert Tvorogal4.78.63313.333
35.Nils Dunkel5.57.81613.316
36.Pietro Giachino4.58.80013.300
37.Alberto Tallon5.67.6330.313.233
38.Ádám Babos4.88.36613.166
39.Oliver Hegi4.98.26613.166
40.Michalis Krasias4.68.50013.100
41.Maxime Gentges4.78.40013.100
42.Daan Kenis4.58.50013.000
43.Oskar Kirmes4.88.20013.000
44.Ilias Georgiou4.68.36612.966
45.Anthony van Assche5.87.16612.966
46.Stefano Patron4.58.40812.908
47.Ferhat Arıcan4.68.30012.900
48.Lorenzo Galli4.28.63312.833
49.Tomas Kuzmickas4.28.56612.766
50.Jimmy Verbaeys4.48.30012.700
51.Yunus Gündoğdu5.27.4660.612.666
52.Daniel Radovesnický4.28.35012.550
53.Adrià Vera4.58.0330.312.533
54.William Broman4.77.83312.533
55.Michel Bletterman4.48.10012.500
56.Nestor Abad5.17.4000.312.500
57.Fredrik Johnsen4.48.06612.466
58.Zachari Hrimèche5.27.2660.312.466
58.Hamza Yılmaz5.27.26612.466
60.Cameron-Lie Bernard4.48.00012.400
61.Alexander Benda4.38.06612.366
62.Bernardo Almeida5.07.3660.612.366
63.Simão Almeida4.57.8330.312.333
64.Botond Kardos4.37.9830.612.283
65.Joao Fuglsig3.98.36612.266
66.Valgard Reinhardsson4.47.85812.258
67.Rhys McClenaghan4.18.13312.233
68.Dmitry Govorov4.47.8330.312.233
69.Sebastian Gawronski5.07.2000.612.200
70.Helge Vammen3.78.36612.066
71.Elias Koski4.57.46611.966
72.Joachim Winther3.38.60011.900
73.Tiago Barbosa3.97.93311.833
74.Dimitar Dimitrov4.47.4330.311.833
75.Christopher Soos4.96.83311.733
76.Henrik Stiansen4.57.20011.700
77.Kim Vanström3.68.06611.666
78.Rihards Trams4.27.4660.311.666
79.Sergejs Pozņakovs4.37.36611.666
80.Martin Angelov3.78.1000.311.500
81.Murad Agharzayev4.76.8000.611.500
82.Bence Tálas5.55.9000.611.400
83.Vigen Khachatryan3.97.3330.310.933
84.Konstantin Kuzovkov4.26.6331.210.833
85.Saba Abesadze3.85.9330.69.733

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Marian Drăgulescu5.68.93314.53314.667 Q
2.Igor Radivilov5.69.00014.60014.667 Q
3.Artur Dalaloyan5.69.30014.90014.533 Q
4.Oleg Vernyayev5.69.00014.60014.517 Q
5.Zachari Hrimèche5.68.96614.56614.466 Q
6.Artur Davtyan5.69.1660.114.66614.383 Q
7.Dominick Cunningham5.28.93314.13314.375 Q
8.Andrey Medvedev6.08.96614.96614.366 Q
9.Pavel Bulavsky5.69.06614.66614.216 R1
10.Dmitry Lankin5.68.9000.314.20014.217 R2
11.Felix Remuta5.28.96614.16614.133 R3
12.Benjamin Gischard5.68.8330.314.13314.117
13.Tomi Tuuha5.29.25814.45814.079
14.Adrià Vera5.29.15814.35814.079
15.Heikki Saarenketo5.29.13314.33314.017
16.Cristian Bățagă5.29.03314.23314.000
17.Casimir Schmidt5.68.63314.23313.983
18.Dimitar Dimitrov5.28.93314.13313.950
19.Sebastian Gawronski5.28.60013.80013.717
20.Vigen Khachatryan4.89.03313.83313.633
21.Konstantin Kuzovkov5.28.7910.313.69113.629
22.Yahor Sharamkou5.28.93314.13313.583
23.Adelin Kotrong5.28.86614.06613.450
24.Dmitry Govorov5.29.20014.40013.425
25.Aaro Lamberg5.27.8330.112.93313.283
26.Martin Angelov5.27.8330.312.73313.067
27.Rihards Trams4.88.8330.113.53312.883
28.Sergejs Pozņakovs4.88.8000.113.50012.733
29.Nikolai Roenbeck4.48.6580.112.95812.729
30.Joao Fuglsig5.27.63312.83312.317
31.Ilya Yakovlev2.47.5669.96612.016
32.Vitālijs Kardašovs0.00.0000.30.0006.833

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Marcel Nguyen6.58.66615.166 Q
2.Ferhat Arıcan6.38.83315.133 Q
3.Lukas Dauser6.38.80015.100 Q
4.Oleg Vernyayev6.38.60014.900 Q
5.David Belyavsky6.48.50014.900 Q
6.Eddy Yusof6.08.50014.500 Q
7.Nikita Nagornyy6.48.07514.475 Q
8.Artur Dalaloyan6.08.46614.466
9.Oliver Hegi6.28.26614.466 Q
10.Sam Oldham5.98.50014.400 R1
11.Frank Baines6.28.06614.266 R2
12.Nikita Ignatyev5.98.33314.233
13.Christian Baumann6.28.00014.200
14.Marios Georgiou5.68.53314.133 R3
15.İbrahim Çolak5.78.40014.100
16.Michel Bletterman5.58.56614.066
17.James Hall5.88.23314.033
18.Nestor Abad5.78.30014.000
19.Philipp Herder6.08.00014.000
20.Joe Fraser5.38.56613.866
21.Botond Kardos5.18.63313.733
22.Eduard Yermakov6.27.50013.700
23.Lorenzo Galli4.78.96613.666
24.Tomas Kuzmickas5.28.46613.666
25.Artur Davtyan4.59.13313.633
26.Oskar Kirmes5.58.13313.633
27.Nikolaos Iliopoulos6.07.63313.633
28.Pablo Brägger6.37.33313.633
29.Maxime Gentges5.58.10013.600
30.Rubén López5.68.00013.600
31.Casimir Schmidt5.28.36613.566
32.Jimmy Verbaeys5.77.86613.566
33.Ilias Georgiou5.48.10013.500
34.Bart Deurloo5.58.00013.500
35.Simão Almeida4.98.56613.466
36.Daniel Radovesnický4.68.76613.366
36.Sebastian Gawronski4.68.76613.366
38.Nils Dunkel5.38.03313.333
39.Stefano Patron5.08.30013.300
40.Alberto Tallon5.18.20013.300
41.Ádám Babos5.08.26613.266
42.Bence Tálas5.37.96613.266
43.Robert Tvorogal5.57.76613.266
44.İsa Hamaratcılar5.18.13313.233
45.Yevgen Yudenkov5.67.60013.200
46.Michalis Krasias4.58.66613.166
47.Tommaso De Vecchis4.78.46613.166
48.Daan Kenis5.57.63313.133
49.Dmitry Govorov4.88.13312.933
50.Joel Plata5.47.53312.933
51.Bernardo Almeida4.78.20012.900
52.Marco Sarrugerio5.27.66612.866
53.Cameron-Lie Bernard6.06.86612.866
54.Sergejs Pozņakovs4.78.10012.800
55.Rhys McClenaghan4.87.96612.766
56.Martin Angelov4.18.63312.733
57.Christopher Soos4.87.90012.700
58.Alen Dimic5.86.90012.700
59.Saba Abesadze4.08.63312.633
60.Helge Vammen4.28.43312.633
61.Tiago Barbosa4.58.11612.616
62.Kim Vanström4.28.40812.608
63.Joao Fuglsig4.28.40012.600
64.Alexander Benda4.38.30012.600
65.Vlad Cotuna5.47.20012.600
66.Moran Yanuka5.07.56612.566
67.Joachim Winther3.78.73312.433
68.Murad Agharzayev4.77.70012.400
69.Zachari Hrimèche5.17.16612.266
70.Dávid Vecsernyés5.17.10012.200
71.Vigen Khachatryan4.77.43312.133
72.Odin Kalvø4.37.80012.100
73.Dimitar Dimitrov3.68.46612.066
74.Yunus Gündoğdu4.27.86612.066
75.Vladyslav Hryko5.16.83311.933
76.Elias Koski4.47.50011.900
77.Valgard Reinhardsson3.87.93311.733
78.Konstantin Kuzovkov4.37.43311.733
79.William Broman3.97.43311.333
80.Rihards Trams4.26.96611.166
81.Anthony van Assche5.06.10011.100
82.Pietro Giachino4.36.18310.483

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Oliver Hegi6.28.26614.466 Q
2.David Belyavsky5.78.56614.266 Q
3.James Hall6.18.10014.200 Q
4.Anton Kovačević6.18.06614.166 Q
5.Pablo Brägger6.47.76614.166 Q
6.Edgar Boulet5.88.33314.133 Q
7.Bart Deurloo6.47.46613.866 Q
8.Taha Serhani6.07.79113.791
9.Oleg Vernyayev5.78.03313.733 Q
10.Nikita Ignatyev6.17.63313.733 R1
11.Dávid Vecsernyés5.97.80013.700 R2
12.Robert Tvorogal5.77.97513.675 R3
13.Ivan Rittschik5.77.96613.666
13.Artur Dalaloyan5.77.96613.666
15.Lukas Dauser5.58.03313.533
16.Sam Oldham6.37.20813.508
17.Michel Bletterman5.18.26613.366
18.Boudewijn de Vries5.77.63313.333
19.Tomas Kuzmickas5.18.16613.266
20.Lorenzo Galli5.08.23313.233
21.Matthias Schwab5.37.93313.233
22.Ferhat Arıcan5.17.96613.066
23.Bence Tálas5.57.56613.066
24.Zachari Hrimèche4.68.44113.041
25.Stefano Patron4.88.23313.033
26.Artur Davtyan4.38.70013.000
27.Casimir Schmidt4.58.50013.000
28.Vlasios Maras5.67.36612.966
29.Joel Plata5.97.06612.966
30.Michalis Krasias4.68.33312.933
31.Botond Kardos5.07.93312.933
32.Tin Srbić5.97.03312.933
33.Philipp Herder5.07.90012.900
34.Joe Fraser5.17.76612.866
35.Tommaso De Vecchis5.57.36612.866
36.Bernardo Almeida4.97.86612.766
37.Pietro Giachino5.67.16612.766
38.Daniel Radovesnický4.58.23312.733
39.Alen Dimic5.47.30012.700
40.Nils Dunkel4.87.86612.666
41.İbrahim Çolak4.97.76612.666
42.Marios Georgiou5.57.13312.633
43.Daan Kenis5.76.93312.633
44.Alexander Benda4.97.70012.600
45.Vetle Talsnes4.87.76612.566
46.Rihards Trams4.08.53312.533
47.Rubén López5.47.10012.500
48.Tiago Barbosa4.87.66612.466
49.Vladyslav Hryko4.77.73312.433
50.Eddy Yusof5.27.23312.433
51.Valgard Reinhardsson4.47.96612.366
52.Ümit Şamiloğlu4.97.46612.366
53.Nestor Abad5.76.66612.366
54.Helge Vammen3.88.53312.333
55.Ilias Georgiou5.27.10012.300
56.Ádám Babos4.97.33312.233
57.Joachim Winther4.28.00012.200
58.Yevgen Yudenkov4.87.40012.200
59.Adrià Vera5.17.06612.166
60.Eduard Yermakov4.18.03312.133
61.Maxime Gentges5.17.03312.133
62.Elias Koski4.47.63312.033
63.Dmitry Govorov4.17.90012.000
64.Krisztián Boncser4.47.50011.900
65.Martin Angelov3.68.23311.833
66.İsa Hamaratcılar3.97.93311.833
67.Kim Vanström4.07.80011.800
68.Dimitar Dimitrov3.97.80011.700
69.Jacob Buus4.67.10011.700
70.Joao Fuglsig3.68.00011.600
71.Sergejs Pozņakovs4.76.86611.566
72.Konstantin Kuzovkov3.97.60011.500
73.Oskar Kirmes4.47.10011.500
74.Nikita Nagornyy5.16.36611.466
75.Martin Konečný5.46.03311.433
76.Cameron-Lie Bernard3.48.02511.425
77.Christopher Soos4.37.10011.400
78.Simão Almeida4.46.97511.375
79.Rhys McClenaghan4.07.36611.366
80.Murad Agharzayev4.27.14111.341
81.Jimmy Verbaeys4.76.43311.133
82.Vlad Cotuna5.45.60011.000
83.Alexander Shatilov4.76.26610.966
84.Saba Abesadze2.48.50010.900
85.Kristof Schroé4.56.40010.900
86.Francisco Fragoso5.05.80010.800
87.Carlo Macchini5.74.90010.600
88.Sebastian Gawronski4.75.76610.466
90.Ioan Nistor0.88.6336.03.433
91.Vigen Khachatryan2.07.1006.32.800
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Oklahoma, UCLA, Utah Advance To Super Six After First Qualifying Session
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Even with a few mistakes, top-ranked Oklahoma won the first qualifying session Friday afternoon at the 2017 NCAA Women's Championships in St. Louis. Senior Chayse Capps (pictured) bounced out of the floor area after a double pike in rotation one, and freshman Maggie Nichols, the No. 1-ranked all-arounder, was near perfect before dropping off balance beam on a front salto in the final rotation.

The Sooners posted a 197.725 and will be joined by UCLA (197.500) and Utah (197.050) tomorrow in the Super Six Finals.

Three freshmen grabbed the top spots in the all-around after the first qualification session: Utah's MyKayla Skinner (39.6125), and UCLA teammates Kyla Ross (39.575) and Madison Kocian (39.550). Maddie Karr (Denver) sits in fourth (39.475) and Baely Rowe (Utah) and Hailey Burleson (Washington) tied for fifth with 39.400.

Washington continued its amazing run under first-year head coach Elise Ray and placed fourth (196.5625), followed by Denver (196.475) and Oregon State (196.3625).

The all-around and apparatus champions will be determined after the second qualifying session tonight.

Apparatus leaders after session 1.

Vault: Four gymnasts are tied with 9.90: Skinner, Capps, AJ Jackson (Oklahoma), Nichols.

Uneven Bars: Three tied with 9.950: Ross, Nicole Lehrmann (Oklahoma), Nichols.

Balance Beam: 1. Ross (9.9625); 2. Capps (9.950); 3. Lehrmann 9.925.

Floor Exercise: 1. Skinner 9.9625; 2. Kocian 9.9375; 3(t). Nichols, Jackson, Angi Cipra (UCLA), Hallie Mossett (UCLA), Rowe 9.925.

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Oklahoma Aims For Its Third NCAA Women's Title In St. Louis
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The Oklahoma women are favored to win the 2017 NCAA Championships, which is hardly an overstatement. The only meet they have lost in the past three years was to LSU, their first meet of the 2016 season. OU won its first NCAA title in 2014, when it tied Florida.

The Sooners went undefeated in 2015 and the pressure increased with every victory and eventually cost them back-to-back championships. They finished third, behind Florida and Utah.

"Even though we were winning by tenths, it still held a lot of weight on their shoulders," said Oklahoma coach K.J. Kindler (pictured with Maggie Nichols). "And though we didn't emphasize it, I think they felt it."

2015 also was the year that Utah came within 0.5 of earning its elusive 10th NCAA crown, which would have been a fitting end for head coach Greg Marsden, who retired after 40 years. Just days after Florida's win, head coach Rhonda Faehn resigned to become Sr. Vice President of the Women's Program at USA Gymnastics. The Gators quickly hired Auburn assistant Jenny Rowland, but Florida finished fourth in 2016.

Kindler has built a strong program at OU in 11 years. LSU's D-D Breaux has done the same over four decades, and is coming off a victory at the highly competitive SEC Championships and a program-best runner-up finish at the 2016 NCAAs. LSU's only loss this season was to Oklahoma, a quad meet held in St. Charles, Mo., which is not too far from St. Louis, where the NCAA Championships begin on Friday, April 14.

Oklahoma is undefeated again this season, but perhaps the Sooners have learned to use that accomplishment to their advantage. The team also has a chance to go 1-2 in the all-around with top-ranked Maggie Nichols and Chayse Capps (No. 3), the latter placing second to Florida's Bridget Sloan last year. Utah's MyKayla Skinner is ranked No. 2.

Washington's first-year head coach Elise Ray can certainly feel proud in qualifying her team to the big dance. Word has it that she sought advice from Kindler, which proved to be a good move.

Beyond the OU-LSU battle that definitely could materialize, other teams to watch will be Florida, Utah, Michigan and UCLA. The bottom half of the rankings include Denver, Alabama, Georgia, Nebraska, Washington and Oregon State.

ESPN will be televising the women's NCAA Championships. Check your local listings.

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Ross On Collegiate Gymnastics: 'I Feed Off the Energy'
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2012 Olympic team gold medalist and UCLA freshman Kyla Ross told IG that, although her routines may have less content than during her international career, collegiate gymnastics presents its own challenges.

Kyla Ross

“I think it’s more of a mental game,” said Ross, who placed second all-around at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp and third all-around at the 2014 World Championships in Nanning. “Yes, my routines are shorter but you’re out there trying to be as perfect as you can be. It’s about going out and practicing all your mental cues before you go up and hit your routine.”

Ross said adapting to the demanding NCAA competition schedule of frequent meets — sometimes more than one per week — has been one of the biggest tests in her transition from international to collegiate competition.

“Coming into college, I really didn’t realize how important pre-season was,” said Ross, who during her international career trained under coaches Jenny Zhang and Howie Liang at Gym-Max in Costa Mesa, Calif. “That’s where you really have to perfect your routines, because, once season hits, you’re competing every weekend. We had three meets in one week. It’s definitely tolling, but it’s so much fun. To be able to come out in front of crowds like this (at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion) every weekend is my favorite thing.”

Ross said her training is tailored to the physical demands of frequent competitions during the NCAA meet season, which runs from January through April. The NCAA Championships will take place April 14-15 in St. Louis.

“Competing every weekend is tolling on the body, so we definitely have a lot of treatment during the week,” said Ross, who was named the Pac 12 conference Freshman of the Year in gymnastics. “During the season we taper off what we do in the gym and are very mindful of that, so we can come in fresh to the competition each weekend.”

Ross is also enjoying the emphasis on crowd-pleasing performances that collegiate gymnastics encourages.

“The first meet was a change,” Ross told IG. “I wasn’t so used to being so engaged with the crowd, but competing in Pauley has been so much fun. I feed off the energy and it’s so exciting to be able to come out and enjoy yourself, and especially having a close team bond is something special.”

Kyla Ross is featured in the following issues of International Gymnast magazine:

Ross cover photo (September 2010)

“Clutch Hitter” - Ross profile (November 2010)

2012 Olympic Games special issue (September 2012)

"Focus Forward" – Ross cover photo and interview (November 2012)

2013 World Championships coverage (November 2013)

2014 World Championships coverage (November 2914)

“The Little Gym with a Big Heart” - Gym-Max feature (October 2015)

Ross center poster (April 2016)

To subscribe to the print and/or digital editions or to purchase back issues, click here.

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No Better Match Than Gymnastics and Skating, Says Producer Disson
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Featured in the April 2017 issue of International Gymnast magazine, producer Steve Disson said the recently televised “Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular” presents an organically appealing match of artistic and athletic merits.

“I think the two sports together are terrific because they both have high entertainment value, they’re both very athletic and also artistic,” said Disson, who has produced the show for the last 28 years. “If you had to put two sports together, I can’t think of a better match.”

Disson, who earned a master's in marketing from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, commented on whether skating and gymnastics targets different people.

"Skating audiences are primarily older females," he said. "Gymnastics is a little bit different because you’re really going after younger moms and their daughters."

Simone Biles headlined the cast for the Skating & Gymnastics Spectacular in March.

He also shared a funny story from 1989, the first time he had worked with Bart Conner, Nadia Comaneci and Paul Ziert.

"I always kind of take, even though I don’t deserve it, a little credit that they kind of got together socially at my show back in ’89," he begins. "Nadia always tells the story that ‘Steve Disson asked me to dance at the post-show party, and I told Steve after dancing with him, the next guy that comes along, I’ll marry him.’ And that was Bart."

Read the complete interview with Disson in the April 2017 issue of International Gymnast magazine. To subscribe to the print and/or digital editions or to purchase back issues, click here.


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