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Written by Amanda Turner    Wednesday, 07 May 2014 23:47    PDF Print
FIG to Aid Ukraine's Trip to Europeans
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The International Gymnastics Federation will help fund the Ukrainian team's trip to the upcoming European championships in Sofia, the FIG confirmed to IG on Thursday. Pictured: Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine)

The International Gymnastics Federation will help fund the Ukrainian team's trip to the upcoming European championships in Sofia, the FIG confirmed to IG late Wednesday.

"The [Executive Committee] voted for a fund to help the Ukrainian gymnasts to participate in Sofia," FIG Press Officer Philippe Silacci told IG.

Earlier this week, the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation announced it had failed to secure the 38,000 euros needed for the trip from the Ukraine's sports ministry. The federation, struggling in a nation embroiled in political crisis, appealed to the FIG for emergency assistance to help fund the delegation's trip to Sofia.

Igor Korobchinsky, vice president of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation, said Wednesday the FIG had promised to assist the federation with an interest-free loan to cover its costs and expenses. The 2014 Europeans, which begin Monday, serves as a qualifying competition for the 2014 Youth Olympic Games and 2015 European Games.

Korobchinsky was among several gymnastics officials and coaches who gathered for a press conference Wednesday called "The Crisis in Ukrainian Sports." The team needs a long-term solution for funding its program, they said.

Women's coach Oksana Slyusarchuk described the national training center as in a terrible state of disrepair, with only one gym to accommodate the junior and senior national teams for both men and women.

Igor Radivilov, a bronze medalist on vault at the 2012 Olympics and the 2013 co-European champion on still rings, said the equipment is unsafe.

"It's easy to get injured on such apparatus, but then there's nowhere to be treated and, more importantly, nothing to be treated with," Radivilov said. "We don't even have enough chalk or a regular bandage. The first-aid kit is empty. The team doctor just shrugs because he wasn't given any medication."

The annual Stella Zakharova Cup, which had originally been moved from March to April because of the political crisis, was postponed until September. Zakharova said she had secured some of the funding but not all of it.

Although independent Ukraine has won more than a dozen Olympic medals in gymnastics since 1992, the Sports Ministry's annual funding for the sport amounts to approximately half a million dollars, officials said.

"It's crushing," said Korobchinsky, himself a world and Olympic champion. "It's nothing compared with what they have in gymnastics' leading powers - like the U.S., China, Japan and Russia. We don't have to go too far to see [better conditions] even in neighboring Poland and Romania. And we are still trying to compete with all of them!"

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Mexico's Lago Celebrates Comeback, New Line of Leotards
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Nearly a year after tearing her ACL, Pan American floor exercise champion Ana Lago (Mexico) is recovered and excited about returning to major competition.

Nearly a year after tearing her ACL, Pan American floor exercise champion Ana Lago (Mexico) is recovered and excited about returning to major competition.

Lago, 18, tore her anterior cruciate ligament in her right knee 11 months ago on a double-twisting Yurchenko vault. But she has been slowly returning to full strength, including adding new skills and combinations on several events.

"Now my knee is strong and I especially feel the confidence to make my upgrades," Lago told IG. "I feel very strong and very happy to continue doing what I love."

Lago, a native of Monterrey, Nuevo León, trains under coach Antonio Barraza at the same gym that produced Olympian Elsa García. In 2010, as just a junior, Lago won the silver medal on floor and gold with the team at the Central American and Caribbean Games. At the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, she won the gold medal on floor exercise and bronze with the team. In 2012, she was named Athlete of the Year for Nuevo León.

Lago celebrates winning floor exercise at the 2011 Pan American Games

Lago participated in two exhibitions last fall and a few weeks ago competed at the qualifier in Cancun for the upcoming Mexican National Olympiad. The National Olympiad, which features dozens of Olympic sports, takes place in May and June with multiple events around Mexico. The gymnastics portion will be held May 15-21 in Veracruz.

"[I feel] good about the Mexican Olympiad," she said. "I understand that the only gymnast who is invited (without qualification required) is Elsa García, so I wish her well."

In Cancun, Lago played it safe on vault to protect her knee, but said she plans to show upgrades soon.

"So far I'm doing a Yurchenko full, but my plan is to do my Yurchenko double full, and on other events I'm upgrading toward increased difficulty," she said.

Lago said one benefit of being sidelined with a knee injury was the extra time it gave her to work on bars, which she had called her least favorite event.

"Indeed bars is my weakest apparatus, but with my injury I was able to gradually increase the degree of difficulty, and I am much better on the event," she said.

After the Mexican Olympiad, Lago will head back to the gym to prepare for the Mexican championships and ultimately the world championships in Nanning, China.

"My goals are clear: to be as best prepared as I can be for the world championships, give my best and do a good job," said Lago, who turns 19 on Sept. 25. "Mainly [my goal is] to qualify into any final — I'd be competing for a place in any event."

Lago said that, like millions of others, she will celebrate the public holiday of Cinco de Mayo on Monday, but is uniquely celebrating releasing her own leotard line last week.

"I recently signed with Gilling, a Mexican leotard company, to do my own line of leotards," she told IG. "[We] just released a design and I'm now waiting for a few others, but I am very happy to see girls of all ages wear my line."

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Medvedev Vaults Toward Medal Shot in Sofia
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Israel's Andrey Medvedev told IG that his performances on vault at last month's World Challenger Cup meets in Ljubljana and Osijek give him confidence in his medal prospect for the upcoming European Championships in Sofia.

Israel's Andrey Medvedev told IG that his performances on vault at last month's World Challenger Cup meets in Ljubljana and Osijek give him confidence in his medal prospect for the upcoming European Championships in Sofia.

"These two World Cups showed me that the difficulty and execution of my vaults are sufficient to make the final in Sofia and fight for a medal," he said.

Medvedev, who won the silver medal on vault in Ljubljana on April 20, finished 10th on vault in Osijek after an error on his second vault in the qualifications on April 25. Despite the mistake, he said his recent vaults indicate his potential.

Medvedev with his vault medal in Ljubljana

"In Osijek, even with a serious mistake, I was close to the final," Medvedev said. "I am quite self-assured heading towards Sofia, and I am certain I can show my best side."

Medvedev said his current two vaults are strong enough to contend for a medal at Europeans, which will take place in the Bulgaria capitalfrom May 19-25.

"The difficulty of my first vault is 5.6, and the difficulty of my second vault in 6.0," said Medvedev, who moved with his family from Russia to Israel when he was 12. "This will be enough for me to challenge for a medal at the upcoming Europeans. I won't raise the difficulty yet. For me the main thing is to concentrate on clean execution."

Medvedev said he will focus on vault in Sofia as he continues to regain his form following a torn bicep in December 2013.

"I only recently recovered after the injury," said Medvedev, who turned 24 on April 6. "Seeing how my main wish has been to prepare on vault for Europeans, my other apparatuses are not ready for competition. Having said that, I will compete only on vault in Sofia."

Medvedev credits much of his recent progress to changing coaches and training facilities about a year and a half ago, when he began training under coach Andrei Levit in Tel Aviv. Levit coached Poland's Leszek Blanik to the vault bronze at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney and vault gold at the 2008 Beijing Games.

Medvedev said he is constantly inspired by training in the same gym as 2013 European floor exercise co-champion Alexander Shatilov.

"Besides good conditions in the gym and a new coach, it has certainly helped me to have daily joint training sessions with Alex," said Medvedev of Shatilov, a two-time world championships bronze medalist on floor exercise. "Alex is an athlete of the highest level, and has always been an example to me not only as a gymnast, but also as a person. We are good friends and support each other in everything."

While Medvedev is aiming for a medal in Sofia, he is also preparing to upgrade his performances for this fall's world championships in Nanning.

"For the next world championships, I plan to increases the difficulty on my vaults," he told IG. "I will do two vaults with a 6.0 value. In training I am already working on vaults with a 6.4 value. Also in the plans is putting together a combination on floor exercise and try to reach the final. Of course the goal is to make it to the 2016 Olympic Games."

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IG May Preview: Mysterious Mustafina
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Former Russian national team member Yulia Korostelyova recently interviewed Olympic, world and European champion Aliya Mustafina and her coach, Raisa Ganina, for International Gymnast Magazine's May issue. The following is a special extended introduction for IG Online from Korostelyova, who has been a performer with Cirque du Soleil since 2001.

Korostelyova, second from left, during a training session at the Round Lake national training center in 1998. Left to right: Yelena Produnova, Korostelyova, Anna Kovalyova, Yevgenia Kuznetsova, Yekaterina Privalova, Nina Kartseva and coach Marina Bulashenko.

When an opportunity to speak with Aliya Mustafina on behalf of International Gymnastics magazine fell into my lap, I was nothing but encouraged and excited. THE magazine asked me to do an interview with THE gymnast! I always thought if there were anything easy for me to do, talking would be it. Well, I was wrong.

But wow, was I nervous! For me, coming back to "Round Lake" — Russia's national training center for gymnastics — is like reliving my childhood fears. Like reliving my dream that never came true.

Aliya Mustafina (Russia)

During the recent Sochi Winter Olympics, my dad was religiously watching everything he could, while I seemed to space out and not follow it at all. One day he asked me why I wasn't interested. He had a point. What I realized is for me it was difficult not to identify myself with the athletes. No matter if they win or lose, it's a catch 22. I either feel for them, or simply envy them. It sounds bad but it took me some time to realize that's what it was. I am not over sports, I am not over gymnastics.

But when I stepped into the gym at Round Lake I couldn't help but smile. You know what is strange? The gym smelled exactly the same as I remember. It was rebuilt entirely, there is no more water under the trampoline and everything seems new and shiny. It's still a mystery for me why it smells the same when everything else has changed.

One familiar face was balance beam coach Marina Bulashenko — who recently returned to Round Lake — and was honestly unchanged over the years. But she did something completely out of character: she tried to feed me. It's funny how first for years the coaches tell you to watch what you eat, and now all she wanted me to do is eat and eat. First soup, then a second course. And a chocolate bar. And don't forget the apple - it has vitamins, she said.

It's good all that food came after interview with Mustafina. I am not the shy type, but I was terrified to get the cold shoulder.

People who follow gymnastics know the image Aliya has created over the years: polite but, no matter what, still very private. Mysterious Mustafina. After her glorious comeback at the 2012 Olympics, she was named Athlete of the Year for Russia, became a popular sports public figure, and most importantly, she was the face of Russian artistic gymnastics. You'd think that this was finally the time to get to know her better. Wrong again. After the success at the Olympics, her personal coach, Alexander Alexandrov, was dismissed as head coach of the women's team.

At the time, the confrontational situation in the Russian team had become the subject of whispering and speculation. It was all over her, just not about her. In my opinion the way Mustafina handled it is outstanding. Polite but, no matter what, always very private.

Read the full interviews with Mustafina and Raisa Ganina in the May issue of International Gymnast Magazine! Don't miss your chance to subscribe to the digital issue for just $5. Special offer ends Friday, May 2! Click here to subscribe now!

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Belgian Champion Verschueren Ready To Take On Europe
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Although Lisa Verschueren partially credits her all-around victory at the recent Belgian cChampionships to mistakes by her rivals, she told IG she was still pleased to win her first senior national title.

Although Lisa Verschueren partially credits her all-around victory at the recent Belgian cChampionships to mistakes by her rivals, she told IG she was still pleased to win her first senior national title.

Verschueren outscored two-time Olympian and defending champion Gaelle Mys at the Belgian championships, held April 5-6 in Mechelen. Laura Waem placed third for the second consecutive year. Mys and Waem made the all-around final at last fall’s world championships in Antwerp, where they finished 18th and 21st, respectively.

"The reason I won was that I fell just one time on the beam," said Verschueren, who placed third all-around at the 2012 Belgian Championships and second all-around at the 2013 Belgian Championships. "Laura fell twice - one time on beam and one time on floor. Gaelle also fell twice, two times on the beam. So that was my chance to win this competition, and I was very happy with it."

Verschueren, who finished 36th all-around in qualifications at the 2013 Worlds, is now aiming for a steady performance at the European championships that will take place May 12-18 in Sofia.

"I hope that I will make the final on bars, and maybe I will also have more points in the all-around," said Verschueren, who last weekend combined with Mys and Waem to place third in a tri-meet among Romania, France and Belgium in Avoine, France. "[Uneven bars] is my best apparatus and I have already won a medal on bars."

In March, Verschueren finished second on uneven bars and fifth all-around at the International Gymnix Challenge in Montreal. She placed eighth on uneven bars at the 2013 Doha Challenger Cup in Qatar.

Born June 14, 1995, in Sint-Niklaas, Verschueren is coached by Chiara Thys and Joke Mertens at the Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas club, and by Yves Kieffer and Marjorie Heuls at the Belgian national team training center in Ghent.

Verschueren was a member of the Belgian team that placed 10th at the 2010 European Junior Championships in Birmingham, fifth at the 2012 Olympic test event in London (where the top four teams qualified for the 2012 London Games), and sixth at the 2012 Europeans in Brussels.

Verschueren credits said the current Belgian team’s success to its depth and unity.

"I think our team is really strong now because we have good gymnasts with experience, and we are also very close," she told IG.

Team veteran Julie Croket is recovering from a foot fracture and is expected to be back in contention by this fall’s worlds in Nanning, according to Belgian Gymnastics Federation spokesperson Inge Doens. "Her rehabilitation is going well," Doens said.

Croket, who won the Belgian all-around title in 2010 and 2012, placed 12th all-around at the 2011 Europeans in Berlin and eighth on floor exercise at the 2012 Europeans in Brussels. While rehabilitating, she is also studying to become a primary-school teacher.

International Gymnast magazine’s coverage of Belgian gymnasts includes:

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"Quick Chat: Julie Croket" – interview (December 2012)
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"Rising Moonen" - Lynn Moonen profile (December 2004)
"Making Her Way" - Aagje Vanwalleghem profile (August/September 2004)

To order back issues, or subscribe to the print and/or digital edition of International Gymnast magazine, click here.


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