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French Women Edge Italy at Mediterranean Games
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Youna Dufournet led France to a one-tenth victory over host Italy at the Mediterranean Games, held Monday in Pescara.

France narrowly edged defending champion Italy, 166.900-166.800. Greece placed third with 159.600.

Dufournet scored 58.800 to qualify first to Wednesday's all-around final.

Spain, which placed third at the 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almeria, did not send a women's team to Pescara.

Artistic gymnastics continues Tuesday in Pescara with the men's team final and individual qualification. Check back with International Gymnast Magazine Online for more news, scores and reports about the Mediterranean Games.

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16th Mediterranean Games
June 29, Pescara, Italy

Women's Team Competition
1. France166.900
Marine Petit  13.65013.70027.350(21)
Rose-Eliandre Bellemare13.45013.300 14.10040.850(16)
Youna Dufournet14.30014.90014.95013.85058.000(1)
Aurelie Malaussena13.35013.55011.700 38.600(19)
Pauline Morel13.75014.30012.40013.55054.000(7)
2. Italy166.800
Elisabetta Preziosa13.90012.50014.80013.85055.050(4)
Andrea La Spada13.70013.65013.55014.25055.150(3)
Paola Galante13.55013.60014.25013.45054.850(5)
Emily Armi13.70013.30014.15013.65054.800(6)
3. Greece159.600
Vasiliki Millousi13.25013.90014.90013.50055.550(2)
Evgenia Zafeiraki13.85012.65013.15013.20052.850(8)
Andriana Syrigou13.55012.15013.300 39.000(18)
Paschalina Mitrakou13.350 11.15012.10036.600(20)
4. Slovenia153.400
Sasa Golob13.30012.80013.40012.85052.350(9)
Carmen Astrid Horvat12.55011.200  23.750(23)
Ivana Kamnikar11.75012.40013.00012.90050.050(10)
Tjasa Kysselef13.25010.15012.45012.80048.650(13)
Adela Sajn  11.50013.30024.800(22)
Goksu Uctas14.10012.00010.80012.30049.200(11)
Sherine El Zeiny13.7509.30012.65013.15048.850(12)
Salma Mohamed12.95010.50010.45012.80046.700(14)
Riselda Selaj12.6508.20010.00010.10040.950(15)
Ornela Cuka12.1508.3008.50010.75039.700(17)
Nikoletta Dimitriou 12.7509.800 22.550(24)
Khadidja Salmi  10.500 10.500(25)
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