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Kupets Closes Out Career with Three Titles
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2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets (Georgia) ended her spectacular career with three event titles at the Women's NCAA Gymnastics Championships Saturday night in Lincoln, Neb.

2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets (Georgia) ended her spectacular career with three event titles at the Women's NCAA Gymnastics Championships Saturday night in Lincoln, Neb.

The Georgia senior won uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise, bringing her career total to a record nine individual NCAA titles. She tied for the bronze medal on vault.

Kupets won her third NCAA all-around title on Thursday, and led Georgia to its fifth consecutive team title Friday.

Prior to her collegiate career, Kupets was a world champion on uneven bars in 2002 and with the U.S. team in 2003. She won U.S. national all-around titles in 2003 and 2004. At the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, she helped the U.S team win the silver medal and won the bronze medal on uneven bars.

After winning back-to-back NCAA all-around titles her freshman and sophomore years, Kupets missed the 2008 NCAA Championships after tearing her Achilles' tendon.

On Saturday, Kupets scored 9.950 on uneven bars (Maloney; hop full to Tkatchev, stuck double layout) and floor exercise (Arabian double front; whip-half to Rudi to Shushunova; double pike).

In her final routine, Kupets scored a near-perfect 9.9875 on balance beam (punch front; ff to two layouts; switch leap, gainer layout, gainer-full dismount).

Louisiana State's Ashleigh Clare-Kearney won vault (Yurchenko full and Yurchenko 1 1/2) and tied Kupets on floor exercise (double layout mount).

2009 Women's NCAA Championships
April 18, Lincoln, Neb.

Vault Final
1. Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (LSU) 9.900
2. Susan Jackson (LSU) 9.8938
3. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.8563
3. Kristina Baskett (Utah) 9.8563
5. Michelle Stout (Arkansas) 9.8375
6. Jessica Lopez (Denver) 9.8313
7. Mandi Rodriguez (Oregon State) 9.7875
8. Whitney Bencsko (Penn State) 9.7813
8. Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 9.7813
10. Staci Schwitkis (LSU) 9.6813
11. Sarah Shire (Missouri) 9.500
12. Maranda Smith (Florida) 8.4063

Uneven Bars Final
1. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.950
2. Carly Janiga (Stanford) 9.9125
3. Alicia Goodwin (Florida) 9.900
3. Kristina Baskett (Utah) 9.900
5. Kathryn Ding (Georgia) 9.8875
5. Ariana Berlin (UCLA) 9.8875
7. Melanie Sinclair (Florida) 9.8625
7. Michelle Stout (Arkansas) 9.8625
9. Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (LSU) 9.850
10. Nicole Ourada (Stanford) 9.8125
10. Morgan Dennis (Alabama) 9.8125
12. Ashley Priess (Alabama) 9.800
13. Alexandra Brockway (Penn State) 9.7875
13. Elise Wheeler (Southern Utah) 9.7875
15. Grace Taylor (Georgia) 9.4625
16. Summer Hubbard (LSU) 9.050

Balance Beam Final
1. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.9875
2. Courtney McCool (Georgia) 9.950
3. Ashley Priess (Alabama) 9.900
3. Sarah Nagashima (Arkansas) 9.900
3. Kristina Baskett (Utah) 9.900
6. Elise Wheeler (Southern Utah) 9.875
7. Megan Ferguson (Oklahoma) 9.8375
7. Melissa Fernandez (Illinois) 9.8375
9. Alex LaChance (Arkansas) 9.825
10. Ricki Lebegern (Alabama) 9.800
11. Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 9.7625

Floor Exercise Final
1. Courtney Kupets (Georgia) 9.950
1. Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (LSU) 9.950
3. Corey Hartung (Florida) 9.900
4. Brandi Personett (Penn State) 9.8875
5. Daria Bijak (Utah) 9.8750
6. Mandi Rodriguez (Oregon State) 9.8625
6. Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 9.8625
8. Brittani McCullough (UCLA) 9.850
9. Kylee Botterman (Michigan) 9.700

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LadyJ said:

It's almost ungodly how freakishly good she is....I almost wish she would come back to elite, but, I'm sure she's ready to be done. I probably would be.
April 19, 2009
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