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Leszek Blanik (Poland)
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Leszek Blanik
Birth Name Leszek Blanik
Discipline Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Date/Place of Birth March 1, 1977/Wodzislaw Slaski
Residence Gdansk
Coached by Andrei Levit
Official Web site
IG Online 2008 Olympic Survey
I first dreamed of competing in the Olympics when... I was 10 years old.
The perfect Olympics for me would be... when I get the gold medal :-)
I hope China wins the team competition.
Notable Results
  Team AA
2008 Tianjin World Cup           3    
2008 European Championships           1    
2007 World Championships           1    
2006 World Championships           6    
2005 World Championships           2    
2004 European Championships           3    
2002 World Championships           2    
2001 World Championships           6    
2000 Olympic Games           3    
Nicknamed "the Pole Vaulter," Leszek Blanik won the bronze on vault at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. He failed to qualify to the 2004 Athens Games, and secured his berth to Beijing by winning the 2007 world title on vault.

He was the first to perform a handspring double front vault in piked position, a skill which is named after him.