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Raj Bhavsar
United States
Birth Name Raj Bhavsar
Discipline Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Date/Place of Birth Sept. 7, 1980/Houston
Residence Houston
Coached by Kevin Mazeika (formerly Miles Avery)
Official Web site USA Gymnastics
IG Online 2008 Olympic Survey
I first dreamed of competing in the Olympics when... I was watching the 1996 team on TV.
The perfect Olympics for me would be... to hit my routines and help the U.S. get a team medal.
My team is special because... we have infinite potential.
Notable Results
  Team AA
2008 U.S. Olympic Trials   3     3 3 2  
2008 American Cup   6     3 3    
2004 U.S. Championships   6     1      
2003 World Championships 2              
2001 World Championships 2              
Originally an alternate to the Olympicteam, Raj Bhavsar moved onto the Olympic team on July 28, replacing Paul Hamm.

Bhavsar had already known the frustration of being an alternate — he was passed over in 2004 though many considered he should have been on the team. He was a member of the silver medal-winning men's team at the 2001 and 2003 World Championships.

Bhavsar graduated from Ohio State University in 2004 with a degree in business administration/marketing. He eventually returned home to Houston to train with Kevin Mazika.

Bhavsar is the second Indian-American to compete on a U.S. Olympic gymnastics team, following Mohini Bhardwaj in 2004. He practices Bikram Yoga to relax and improve his concentration.