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Five Gymnasts From Different Nations Win Golds In Doha
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Simone Biles (USA) won the team title and the all-around. On the first day of event finals she won the gold medal on vault (15.366) and the silver on uneven bars (14.700). She’s in both event finals on Saturday, November 3rd. If she medals on balance beam and floor exercise, she can tie Ukrainian Larisa Latynina, who won six medals at both the 1958 and 1962 World Championships. Latynina also won six medals at the 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games.

VAULT: Biles’ first vault was a Cheng (roundoff half-on, layout Rudi off). Her second vault was an extremely high Amanar. (Biles top right in image.)

Shallon Olsen (Canada) opened with a Cheng and her second vault was double-twisting Yurchenko. She placed second with an average of 14.516.

Alexa Moreno won the bronze, the first medal at a worlds for Mexico. Her first vault was a tidy handspring Rudi, and her second vault was a double-twisting Tsukahara (not a Kasamatsu).

UNEVEN BARS: Nina Derwael (Belgium, top left) won the uneven bars with a 15.200, five tenths higher than Biles. Her first skill on the top bar was a layout Tkatchev (Nabieva). She also threw Stalder-Tkatchev to mixed grip and a barani to the low bar (Yezhova). She also stuck her tucked half-in half-out.

Biles opened with a Weiler kip half turn to a Shaposhnikova. Later in the routine she did a piked Tkatchev to the low bar and a Maloney-half to the high bar. She ended with a clean tucked double-double with a tiny hop.

Elizabeth Seitz (Germany) placed third with a 14.600. She performed a piked Jaeger, a Maloney-half and half-in half-out.

Morgan Hurd (USA) had a great routine going until the dismount, when her half-in half-out landed too low and caused her to take two steps on the landing. She placed sixth.

FLOOR EXERCISE: All-around champion Artur Dalaloyan (Russia, bottom right) won floor exercise with a 14.900, eclipsing Kenzo Shirai (Japan), who scored 14.866. Dalaloyan performed a piked double front, a front layout to Randi, and ended with a triple twist.

Shirai opened with a tucked triple-double instead the layout version (the floor mat was too hard). He also performed his signature quadruple twist, a three and half twist to layout front-full, and he finished with a triple twist.

Carlos Edriel Yulo won the bronze on floor, the first medal at a worlds for the Philippines (14.600). He mounted with a piked barani-out, a three and a half twist to barani and he stuck his triple twist dismount.

Yul Moldauer (USA) opened with a Randi, stuck his half-in half-out and the next three passes, including his triple twist dismount. He placed fourth with 14.566.

Moldauer’s teammate Sam Mikulak had a sensational routine until his roundoff triple twist, which landed low, which made him bounce forward. He finished seventh (14.233)

POMMEL HORSE: Xiao Ruoteng (China, bottom left) tied Max Whitlock (Great Britain) with 15.166, but since Xiao’s execution score was higher, he won the gold. He mounted with a spindle on the end, two Russians on the end, and a flair handstand combination. Whitlock hit cold. He was last up and also did a flair handstand, and handstand pirouette dismount.

Lee Chih Kai (Taipei) won the bronze (14.966), whose routine consisted of flairs from start to finish, which bump the level of difficulty (his D-score was 6.3, third highest behind Whitlock, 6.8, and Xiao, 6.6). There was only one circle with his legs together.

Mikulak hit an amazing routine from start to finish, but his D-score was 5.8. He finished the dreaded fourth (14.333).

RINGS: Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece, center image) won the gold on rings with steady strength holds (two Malteses), a Jonasson to back uprise handstand, and he stuck his tucked double-double (15.366). He also won rings at the 2015 Worlds in Glasgow, Scotland, and also at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Arthur Zanetti (Brazil) mounted with a roll to Maltese, planche, Jonasson to Maltese, bounce cross and stuck his full-twisting double layout. He claimed the silver medal with 15.100. He won the gold on rings at the 2012 Olympics, as well as at the 2013 Individual World Championships.

Newcomer Marco Lodadio (Italy) won the bronze (14.900), mounting with a pull to planche. He performed a Yamawaki, Jonasson to cross and landed his tucked double-double with a tiny hop.

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