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Canada's Pellerin Shooting For World Final
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Professional photographer and recent Challenge Cup pommel horse gold medalist Thierry Pellerin of Canada says his characteristic focus has allowed him to perform at his best with national and international titles in sight.

Pellerin placed first on pommel horse at last month’s Challenge Cup of Guimaraes, Portugal, a month after he earned his second consecutive Canadian national title on that apparatus. He plans to upgrade his routine this summer with an eye on making the Canadian team for this fall’s World Championships in Doha, Qatar. Pellerin placed 29th on pommel horse at the 2017 Worlds in Montreal.

Born July 19, 1997, in Levis, Quebec, he trains on three apparatuses at Gymnamic Gymnastics Club in his hometown, where his coaches are Martin Bordeleau and Simon Bordeleau.

Pellerin shared his thoughts on his recent international breakthrough, and his aspirations on the podium and behind the lens, in this IG Online interview.

IG: What do you think gave you the advantage over your rivals in Guimaraes?

TP: At this time of the year, I perform the same routine since it is in summer that I add new skills to my routines, to increase the difficulty. The competition, which took place just before the beginning of the summer, allowed me to present to the judges a stable routine that I had been training for several months. In addition, a few weeks before, I had broken my personal best score at the Canadian championships in Waterloo, Ontario. So I think the advantage I had over my competitors was my stability and my confidence, and that's what allowed me to offer two good performances (qualifications and final).

IG: How would you rate your performance in Guimaraes in comparison with all of the other routines you’ve competed?

TP: Most of the time I am a good competitor. When there is a lot of issues I transform pressure and stress into performance. This World Cup was the sixth of my career. In previous World Cups I reacted differently to stress. It made me lose fluidity in my routine, my movements were more jerky and I lost a lot of points in execution. This time, the experience of my other World Cups that I attended returned. I was able, despite a level of stress as high as usual, to keep a fluidity that allowed me to win in the final.

IG: What value do you think you could add to the Canadian team, as a pommel horse specialist, in Doha?

TP: With a potential D-score high enough to reach a final at the World Championships, I can take pressure off other gymnasts. For many, pommel horse is a device with a high risk of falling. Knowing that someone like [me] is on the team allows the team to have better depth. On the other hand, it will be very difficult for a specialist like me to go to the World Championships because Canada is giving more priority to the gymnasts competing on all six apparatuses for the 2018 World Championships.

IG: What attracted you to photography, and what are your favorite subjects to shoot?

TP: Photography is a passion that I discovered. It did not take much time after I used a camera for me to use it professionally. I mostly shoot for commercials—food in restaurants, sports in both studio and competition, and architecture, but I also do portraits. I would like to continue to grow my company, Ablson, and work with architectural firms and several restaurants. I would also like to be able to continue photographing the Canadian gymnastics team in competition.

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