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2018 World Cup Season Begins in Melbourne
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Asian and Australian gymnasts dominated the qualification Thursday and Friday in Melbourne at the first World Cup event of a jam-packed 2018 season.

The Melbourne World Cup is the first of 14 FIG World Cup events in 2018, a record number of competitions scheduled to take place February to November across four continents. The apparatus-only World Cup was added to the calendar last year and is scheduled through 2020.

The lineup includes 64 gymnasts (23 females and 41 males) from 15 nations, including as far away as Brazil and Namibia. The competition also serves as a warmup for this spring's Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Chinese newcomers led qualification on half the events at Hisense Arena. First-year senior Chen Yile qualified first on uneven bars (Stalder-Shaposhnikova; Maloney to Gienger; healy to Ling, Ling-half, piked Jaeger; invert 1 1/2; full-twisting double tuck; 14.233) and balance beam (RO; two-foot layout; switch ring to Korbut; triple twist dismount; 14.366/6.3D).

Chen, who turned 16 on January 5, was the all-around champion at the 13th Chinese National Games, held last fall in Tianjin. In December, the native of Ganzhou, Jiangxi was one of our four Chinese gymnasts who spent three weeks at a training camp in the United States held at Chow's Gymnastics in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Teammate Du Siyu qualified third on bars and second on beam. On bars, she began well (Chow to Pak; Maloney, uprise to giant full to Tkatchev) but fell out of a pirouette sequence before ending with a double layout. On beam, she performed cleanly except for a surprising lack of flexibility on her leaps and a near fall after an aborted leap series (ff layout; switch ring, ff; side somi; front aerial, switch leap, straddle jump; double twist dismount).

The Australian women topped qualification on the other two events. Emily Whitehead was first on vault while Alexandra Eade led floor exercise (powerful double layout; 1 1/2 to double tuck; front to double twist; double pike). Rianna Mizzen qualified second to the bars final (Weiler kip, pirouette Maloney, uprise Hindorff Pak; Van Leeuwen; toe full; stuck full-twisting double). National champion Georgia Godwin qualified third to the finals on beam and floor exercise. China's Ge Shihao had the top score on men's floor exercise over Kazakhstan's Milad Karimi, a floor finalist at last year's world championships. Karimi, however, suffered a bad fall on parallel bars on Friday, and appeared to injure his elbow or shoulder, slipping off on a Makuts and landing on his side.

Japan's Kazuyuki Takeda, third on floor exercise and rings, made finals all six events.

Taiwanese Olympian Lee Chih-kai, bolstered by his University Games gold medal last summer on pommel horse, topped qualification on pommel horse with the highest score of the qualification, 15.133. He was second on vault. Lee competed pommel horse only at the 2016 Olympics after he suffered a broken foot and torn ligaments in his ankle a month before Rio.

2013 world pommel horse champion Kohei Kameyama (Japan) placed second behind Lee with 15.000.

Australia's Christopher Remkes qualified first on men's vault over Lee and Luís Porto of Brazil.

Wu Guanhua and Ma Yue went 1-2 on still rings and Wu Xiaoming and Tan Di went 1-2 on parallel bars for China, while Mitchell Morgans and Michael Mercieca did the same for Australia on high bar.

"I was a little nervous watching the other guys in the build up," Morgans said, "but I felt really good after I got through my parallel bars routine and that really put me in the mood for high bar."

Competition continues Saturday in Melbourne with the first day of finals.

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2nd Melbourne Gymnastics World Cup
February 22-23, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Emily Whitehead5.09.16614.16613.949 Q
2.Aruna Budda Reddy4.69.06613.66613.566 Q
3.Georgia Godwin4.68.76613.36613.533 Q
4.Pranati Nayak5.08.53313.53313.483 Q
5.Liu Jinru4.88.76613.56613.433 Q
6.Charlotte Ryan4.69.2000.313.50013.233 Q
7.Nadine Joy Nathan4.68.73313.33313.099 Q
8.Tjaša Kysslef4.87.7000.312.20013.000 Q
9.Stella Ashcroft4.48.76613.16612.699 R1
10.Farah Ann Abdul Hadi4.68.83313.43312.183 R2
11.Tan Ing Yueh4.87.4330.311.933DNF

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Chen Yile5.98.33314.233 Q
2.Rianna Mizzen5.77.63313.333 Q
3.Du Siyu6.07.30013.300 Q
4.Georgia-Rose Brown5.47.83313.233 Q
5.Maia Fishwick4.57.53312.033 Q
6.Farah Ann Abdul Hadi4.77.20011.900 Q
7.Zeng Qiyan4.27.46611.666 Q
8.Nadine Joy Nathan4.37.20011.500 Q
9.Tan Ing Yueh3.96.56610.466 R1
10.Estella Matthewson4.06.7000.310.400 R2

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Chen Yile6.38.06614.366 Q
2.Du Siyu5.37.4330.112.633 Q
3.Georgia Godwin5.46.70012.100 Q
4.Alexandra Eade5.26.4660.111.566 Q
5.Nadine Joy Nathan4.17.00011.100 Q
6.Isabel Barbosa4.76.33311.033 Q
7.Stella Ashcroft4.76.26610.966 Q
8.Charlotte Ryan4.95.50010.400 Q
9.Tjaša Kysslef4.45.96610.366 R1
10.Aruna Budda Reddy4.75.3660.19.966 R2
11.Farah Ann Abdul Hadi4.75.2000.19.800
12.Ng Le En3.95.7009.600
13.Pranati Nayak3.65.3338.933

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Alexandra Eade5.18.40013.500 Q
2.Isabel Barbosa5.08.00013.000 Q
3.Georgia Godwin5.47.43312.833 Q
4.Estella Matthewson4.67.93312.533 Q
5.Tjaša Kysslef4.38.16612.466 Q
6.Farah Ann Abdul Hadi4.57.36611.866 Q
7.Isabella Brett4.47.30011.700 Q
8.Aruna Budda Reddy4.57.1660.211.666 Q
9.Zeng Qiyan4.07.33311.333 R1
10.Nadine Joy Nathan4.45.63310.033 R2

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Ge Shihao6.08.03314.033 Q
2.Milad Karimi5.98.03313.933 Q
3.Kazuyuki Takeda5.68.23313.833 Q
4.Robert Tvorogal5.18.23313.333 Q
4.Rok Klavora5.47.93313.333 Q
6.Scott Costin5.37.90013.200 Q
7.Christopher Remkes6.07.10013.100 Q
8.Carlos Yulo5.87.5660.313.066 Q
9.Kyleab Ellis5.57.43312.933 R1
10.Ma Yue5.97.3000.312.900 R2
11.Luís Porto5.86.93312.733
12.Lee Chih-kai5.47.20012.600
13.Hoe Wah Toon5.27.23312.433
14.Terry Tay Wei An5.17.26612.366
14.Ashish Kumar5.86.6660.112.366
16.Danil Baturin5.96.7000.312.300
17.Rafael Ablaza4.46.73311.133
18.Robert Honiball3.07.7330.310.433
19.Keisuke Asato5.55.2000.610.100
20.David Bishop4.34.2330.48.133

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Lee Chih-kai6.09.13315.133 Q
2.Kohei Kameyama6.38.70015.000 Q
3.Weng Hao6.08.83314.833 Q
4.Nariman Kurbanov6.08.70014.700 Q
5.Michael Tone5.48.66614.066 Q
5.Kristijan Vugrinski5.88.26614.066 Q
7.Christopher Remkes5.88.20014.000 Q
8.Kazuyuki Takeda5.68.26613.866 Q
9.Wu Xiaoming5.97.63313.533 R1
10.Ethan Dick4.88.66613.466 R2
10.Loo Phay Xing5.87.66613.466
12.Luís Porto5.17.96613.066
13.Sašo Bertoncelj4.87.93312.733
14.Gustavo Polato5.07.60012.600
15.Sean Yeo Xong Sean4.28.06612.266
16.Tan Fu Jie5.45.93311.333
17.Matija Baron4.86.13310.933
18.Robert Tvorogal4.36.03310.333
19.Robert Honiball3.75.5009.200
20.Lim Kaeson3.45.6009.000

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Wu Guanhua6.28.73314.933 Q
2.Ma Yue6.18.56614.666 Q
3.Kazuyuki Takeda5.98.40014.300 Q
4.Rakesh Patra5.48.30013.700 Q
5.Keisuke Asato5.57.93313.433 Q
6.Michael Tone5.28.13313.333 Q
7.Yerbol Jantykov4.68.46613.066 Q
7.Michael Mercieca5.47.66613.066 Q
9.Robert Honiball3.47.76611.166 R1

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Christopher Remkes5.69.13314.73314.833 Q
2.Lee Chih-kai5.29.40014.60014.300 Q
3.Luís Porto5.29.13314.33314.199 Q
4.Keisuke Asato6.07.8000.313.50014.166 Q
5.Carlos Yulo5.29.0000.114.10014.016 Q
6.Ashish Kumar5.28.96614.16613.733 Q
7.Kyleab Ellis4.89.26614.06613.683 Q
8.Kazuyuki Takeda5.28.03313.23313.616 Q
9.Robert Tvorogal4.88.70013.50013.383 R1
10.Hoe Wah Toon5.27.8330.112.93313.299 R2
11.David Bishop4.48.8000.312.90012.783
12.Aizat Bin Muhammad Jufrie4.88.8660.113.56611.899
13.Robert Honiball4.08.46612.4666.233

Parallel Bars Qualification DENDScore
1.Wu Xiaoming6.38.43314.733 Q
2.Tan Di6.48.30014.700 Q
3.Hidetaka Miyachi5.88.23314.033 Q
4.Lee Chih-kai5.28.80014.000 Q
5.Kazuyuki Takeda5.98.10014.000 Q
6.Mitchell Morgans5.58.23313.733 Q
7.Rakesh Patra5.38.26613.566 Q
8.Michael Mercieca5.48.10013.500 Q
9.Robert Tvorogal5.37.76613.066 R1
10.Ethan Dick4.38.33312.633 R2
11.Kyleab Ellis4.38.26612.566
12.Yerbor Jantykov5.76.26611.966
13.Robert Honiball4.37.13311.433
14.Milad Karimi2.58.4006.04.900

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Mitchell Morgans6.18.10014.200 Q
2.Michael Mercieca5.78.23313.933 Q
3.Hidetaka Miyachi5.78.10013.800 Q
4.Kazuyuki Takeda5.58.10013.600 Q
5.Robert Tvorogal4.97.76612.666 Q
6.David Bishop4.87.76612.566 Q
7.Lim Kaeson3.48.66612.066 Q
8.Kyleab Ellis4.27.80012.000 Q
9.Gustavo Polato5.46.50011.900 R1
10.Sean Yeo Xong Sean4.27.66611.866 R2
11.Yerbol Jantykov5.15.50010.600
12.Robert Honiball3.66.83310.433
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