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China, Russia Rule Cottbus Qualification
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China and Russia dominated qualification at the 42nd Turnier Der Meister, an FIG World Cup tournament for apparatus held Thursday and Friday in Cottbus, Germany. Pictured: China's Tan Di qualified first on parallel bars and high bar and fourth on pommel horse.

China and Russia dominated qualification at the 42nd Turnier Der Meister, an FIG World Cup tournament for apparatus held Thursday and Friday in Cottbus, Germany.

The 12th and final FIG World Cup/Challenge Cup event of 2017, the competition has attracted 140 gymnasts from 28 nations to the city of Cottbus in northeast Germany. Colloquially known as the Cottbus Cup, the event is one of the oldest international tournaments in artistic gymnastics and has been held annually since 1979. After tournaments in Schwerin (1973) and Berlin (1978), the tournament has been held annually in Cottbus since 1979. The competition was an all-around competition until 1994, when it switched to apparatus only. Traditionally held in the spring as one of the earliest events on the international calendar, the competition is taking place in the fall for the second year. (It was also held in the spring of 2016, with the second event a World Cup competition).

The top eight gymnasts on each event in qualification will advance to this weekend's finals. The host German team earned the most spots in finals with 11, followed by China and Russia with 10 each, Ukraine with nine and Japan with six.

The Chinese men dominated the men's competition, leading five of the six events. China sent a quintet of mainly newcomers, with the eldest gymnast, Qu Ruiyang, 23, the only one with previous World Cup experience. Qu was the top gymnast on men's vault, where is the defending silver medalist from last fall's World Cup event. He also competed at the 2014 World Cup in Anadia, Portugal.

Wang Junwen qualified first on pommel horse, Lei Peng first on still rings and Tan Di qualified first on parallel bars and high bar.

Russia's Kirill Prokopyev, who won floor exercise at this year's World Cup event in Osijek, qualified first on that event. Olympic gold and silver medalist Oleg Vernyayev (Ukraine) competed pommel horse and parallel bars only, qualifying to both finals in third place. Vernyayev's coach, Gennady Sartynsky, said that Vernyayev may miss all of 2018 as he is planning to undergo long-overdue surgery to repair ligaments in his shoulder and leg after this season.

American Allan Bower, seventh all-around at this year's Stuttgart World Cup, qualified to finals on floor exercise (fourth) and pommel horse (eighth). He also tied for eighth on parallel bars but was bumped to ninth via tie-break.

In the women's competition, Seven-time Olympian Oksana Chusovitina of Uzbekistan made her 18th appearance at the Cottbus tournament. She led qualification on women's vault, where she is aiming for her 11th title since 2002. Chusovitina, 42, owns 14 titles from Cottbus with additional victories on floor (1996 and 1997) and uneven bars and balance beam (1997).

Chusovitina averaged 14.400 to easily qualify first over Russia's Lilia Akhaimova (13.875) and Canada's Sophie Marois (13.825). Russia's Eleonora Goryunova-Afanasyeva qualified fourth (13.675). The 21-year-old Goryunova-Afanasyeva, who won vault at the Russian Cup in August, is competing in her first international meet since returning to the sport in September 2016 after a two-year break. The younger sister of 2008 Olympic alternate Kristina Goryunova, Goryunova-Afanasyeva has a 2-year-old daughter, Elvira.

German Olympian Elisabeth Seitz, the 2012 Cottbus champion on uneven bars, topped China's Lyu Jiaqi and Wang Cenyu on uneven bars.

Russia's Maria Kharenkova, the 2014 European champion on balance beam, led qualification on balance beam (14.250) and women's floor exercise (13.950). Kharenkova, who turned 19 on October 29, was a member of Russia's world teams in 2014 and 2015 but an injury to her left ankle kept her out of the running for last summer's Olympics in Rio.

Olympic champion Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands qualified second (13.700) over Ukrainian Diana Varinska (13.650). New world champion Pauline Schäfer, Germany's "Athlete of the Month" for October, qualified third on balance beam (13.600) and second on floor exercse (13.200).

Tan Di, Akhaimova and Canadian Olympian Rose-Kaying Woo qualified to the most finals with three each.

Competition continues Saturday afternoon at the Lausitz Arena with the first of two days of finals.

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42nd Turnier Der Meister/FIG World Cup
November 23-24, Cottbus, Germany

Women's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Oksana Chusovitina5.49.10014.50014.400
2.Lilia Akhaimova5.09.20014.20013.875
3.Sophie Marois5.48.75014.15013.825
4.Eleonora Goryunova-Afanasyeva5.48.65014.05013.675
5.Michelle Timm4.69.05013.65013.525
6.Tjaša Kysselef4.88.90013.70013.250
7.Gabriela Janik4.88.65013.45013.025

Uneven Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Elisabeth Seitz6.18.65014.750
2.Lyu Jiaqi6.18.60014.700
3.Wang Cenyu5.58.95014.450
4.Sanne Wevers5.18.60013.700
5.Kelly Simm5.48.25013.650
6.Nora Fernández5.18.35013.450
7.Angelina Kysla-Radivilova5.38.00013.300
8.Rose-Kaying Woo5.08.25013.250
9.Emily Whitehead4.88.35013.150
10.Jessica Diacci4.88.25013.050
10.Barbora Mokošová4.88.25013.050
12.Ulyana Perebinosova5.96.90012.800
13.Laura Bechdeju4.68.15012.750
14.Stefanie Siegenthaler4.58.15012.650
15.Lucija Hribar4.38.30012.600
16.Maisie Methuen4.67.90012.500
17.Lilia Akhaimova4.67.60012.200
18.Michelle Timm4.87.40012.200
19.Sophie Marois4.87.05011.850
20.Thelma Adalsteinsdottir4.57.00011.500
21.Gabriela Janik5.26.25011.450
22.Wiktoria Łopuszańska4.27.05011.250
23.Kirsten Polderman4.26.90011.100
24.Diana Varinska4.16.65010.750

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Maria Kharenkova6.28.05014.250
2.Sanne Wevers5.58.3000.113.700
3.Diana Varinska5.77.95013.650
4.Pauline Schäfer5.38.30013.600
5.Wang Cenyu5.87.55013.350
6.Lilia Akhaimova5.47.55012.950
7.Katarzyna Jurkowska-Kowalska4.97.80012.700
8.Rose-Kaying Woo5.27.35012.550
9.Carina Kröll5.07.50012.500
10.Sophie Marois5.07.40012.400
11.Maisie Methuen5.17.20012.300
12.Laura Bechdeju4.97.35012.250
13.Kirsten Polderman5.27.00012.200
14.Kelly Simm4.57.65012.150
15.Barbora Mokošová4.67.00011.600
16.Emily Whitehead4.76.55011.250
17.Tjaša Kysselef4.26.85011.050
18.Jessica Diacci4.86.3500.111.050
19.Angelina Kysla-Radivilova5.05.80010.800
20.Lucija Hribar4.85.60010.400
21.Małgorzata Bulanda4.25.7509.950
22.Nora Fernández4.65.2000.19.700
23.Stefanie Siegenthaler4.64.1500.18.650
24.Thelma Adalsteinsdottir5.12.4500.17.450

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Maria Kharenkova5.68.35013.950
2.Pauline Schäfer5.08.20013.200
3.Lilia Akhaimova5.87.7000.313.200
4.Elisabeth Seitz4.48.60013.000
5.Maisie Methuen4.98.00012.900
6.Rose-Kaying Woo4.97.95012.850
7.Diana Varinska5.07.70012.700
8.Laura Bechdeju4.97.70012.600
9.Nora Fernández4.87.65012.450
10.Sophie Marois4.97.45012.350
11.Angelina Kysla-Radivilova5.07.5500.312.250
12.Barbora Mokošová4.57.70012.200
13.Emily Whitehead4.87.4500.112.150
14.Stefanie Siegenthaler4.37.80012.100
15.Lucija Hribar4.47.70012.100
16.Kirsten Polderman4.77.5000.112.100
17.Tjaša Kysselef4.37.75012.050
18.Jessica Diacci4.37.50011.800
19.Małgorzata Bulanda3.46.65010.050

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Kirill Prokopyev6.18.36614.466
2.Bram Verhofstad5.98.13314.033
3.Rok Klavora5.38.56613.866
4.Allan Bower5.48.30013.700
5.Mizuki Hasegawa5.77.86613.566
6.Luka Terbovšek5.38.06613.366
7.Dzianis Sanuvonh5.57.83313.333
8.Christopher Remkes6.56.60013.100
9.Felix Remuta5.87.26613.066
10.Dmitry Lankin6.66.5660.113.066
11.Rihards Trams5.07.83312.833
12.Keisuke Asato5.27.63312.833
13.Matthias Schwab5.47.36612.766
14.Tseng Wei-Sheng5.07.16612.166
15.Benjamin Gischard6.16.00012.100
16.Javier Hinojosa5.66.4330.111.933
17.Alexander Benda4.27.26611.466
18.Sascha Coradi5.75.8000.111.400
19.Odin Kalvø5.36.1000.111.300
20.Petro Pakhnyuk5.85.4000.111.100
21.Simão Almeida4.26.7330.110.833
22.Sebastian Gawroński5.45.6660.510.566
23.Lucas Herrmann4.56.2330.710.033

Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Wang Junwen6.19.00015.100
2.Ryuhei Nashimoto6.08.96614.966
3.Oleg Vernyayev6.08.53314.533
4.Tan Di5.78.66614.366
4.Robert Seligman5.78.66614.366
6.Slavomir Michnak5.88.56614.366
7.Andrii Sienichkin5.48.86614.266
8.Allan Bower6.18.06614.166
9.Vasili Mikhalitsyn5.88.30014.100
10.Benjamin Gischard5.78.13313.833
11.Marvin Kimble6.37.40013.700
12.Pietro Giachino5.47.93313.333
13.Kristijan Vugrinski5.67.63313.233
14.Christopher Remkes5.77.53313.233
15.Ivan Rittschik5.97.03312.933
16.Boudewijn De Vries5.37.56612.866
17.Kohei Kameyama6.26.43312.633
18.Rihards Trams5.96.36612.266
19.Andreas Toba5.96.33312.233
20.Vladislav Polyashov5.66.60012.200
21.Michael Tone5.66.16611.766
22.Takumi Onoshima5.46.33311.733
23.Kirill Prokopyev5.76.00011.700
24.Wissem Harzi5.55.93311.433
25.Odin Kalvø4.66.16610.766
26.Pavel Titov3.57.23310.733
27.Oskar Kirmes4.85.1339.933
28.Javier Hinojosa4.85.0339.833
29.Patryk Rabstajn4.84.2339.033

Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Lei Peng6.38.73315.033
2.Marcel Nguyen5.88.90014.700
3.Dmitry Lankin6.08.46614.466
4.Chen Chih-Yu6.18.26614.366
5.Lan Xingyu6.27.93314.133
6.Rubén López5.78.30014.000
7.Igor Radivilov6.08.00014.000
8.Andreas Toba5.88.13313.933
9.Marco Lodadio6.37.63313.933
10.Yu Chao Wei5.87.83313.633
11.Nikita Simonov5.97.60013.500
12.Mizuki Hasegawa5.28.23313.433
13.Keisuke Asato5.57.80013.300
14.Marvin Kimble5.97.26613.166
15.Simão Almeida5.07.76612.766
16.Michael Tone5.17.56612.666
17.Bram Verhofstad4.97.30012.200
18.Rihards Trams4.27.80012.000

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Qu Ruiyang5.69.50015.10014.783
2.Keisuke Asato6.08.66614.66614.649
3.Christopher Remkes5.69.20014.80014.550
4.Mizuki Hasegawa5.69.33314.93314.516
5.Andrei Makolov5.29.40014.60014.400
6.Felix Remuta5.29.30014.50014.366
7.Igor Radivilov5.69.33314.93314.266
8.Tseng Wei-Sheng5.68.60014.20014.133
9.Dmitry Lankin5.68.6330.313.93314.033
10.Tomi Tuuha5.28.9330.313.83313.649
11.Sebastian Gawroński5.28.0000.113.10013.500
12.Mohamed Aziz Trabelsi5.27.8000.112.90013.366
13.Dzianis Sanuvonh5.27.9330.113.03313.366
14.Rihards Trams4.88.4660.113.16613.083
15.Héctor Torregrosa4.88.86613.66612.783

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Tan Di6.48.93315.333
2.Marcel Nguyen6.58.70015.200
3.Oleg Vernyayev6.48.56614.966
4.Hidetaka Miyachi5.98.66614.566
5.Vladislav Polyashov6.08.53314.533
6.Petro Pakhnyuk5.88.46614.266
7.Rubén López5.68.43314.033
8.Ivan Rittschik5.58.36613.866
9.Allan Bower5.68.26613.866
10.Ryuhei Nashimoto5.57.80013.300
11.Simão Almeida4.98.36613.266
12.Franz Card5.08.1330.312.833
13.Takumi Onoshima4.88.03312.833
14.Marvin Kimble5.47.40012.800
15.Mitchell Morgans4.87.66612.466
16.Patryk Rabstajn5.27.23312.433
17.Michael Tone4.67.70012.300
18.Sascha Coradi5.36.86612.166
19.Dmitry Lankin6.06.06612.066
20.Oskar Kirmes5.26.83312.033
21.Rihards Trams4.26.46610.666
22.Alexander Benda4.46.26610.666

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Tan Di6.18.46614.566
2.Hidetaka Miyachi5.78.70014.400
3.Andreas Bretschneider5.38.90014.200
4.Anton Kovačević5.78.36614.066
5.Marvin Kimble6.07.83313.833
6.Sascha Coradi5.77.66613.366
7.Mitchell Morgans6.17.26613.366
8.Pietro Giachino5.67.70013.300
9.Boudewijn De Vries5.77.43313.133
10.Petro Pakhnyuk5.27.83313.033
11.Andreas Toba5.77.26612.966
12.Michael Tone4.58.23312.733
13.Rihards Trams4.38.33312.633
14.Franz Card4.77.80012.500
15.Sebastian Gawroński4.67.83312.433
16.Héctor Torregrosa5.66.60012.200
17.Dzianis Sanuvonh4.87.36612.166
18.Taha Serhani5.76.23311.933
19.Matthias Schwab5.36.60011.900
20.Maksim Sinichkin5.36.16611.466
21.Simão Almeida4.27.20011.400
22.Andrei Makolov5.26.20011.400
23.Alexander Benda5.35.80011.100
24.Oskar Kirmes4.07.03311.033
25.Bram Verhofstad4.36.60010.900
26.Patryk Rabstajn4.46.23310.633
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