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Moldauer Leads Day 1 at US Championships
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American Cup champion Yul Moldauer (University of Oklahoma) took a commanding lead Thursday as competition began at the 2017 P&G (U.S. National) Championships in Anaheim, Calif.

American Cup champion Yul Moldauer (University of Oklahoma) took a commanding lead Thursday as competition began at the 2017 P&G (U.S. National) Championships in Anaheim, Calif.

The competition features a two-day all-around competition to decide the all-around and apparatus championships for seniors and juniors. New senior champions for both men and women will be crowned as four-time consecutive title winners Simone Biles and Sam Mikulak won't be seeking a fifth consecutive titles. Biles is taking time off after record-breaking winning streak between the 2013 Worlds and 2016 Olympics, while Mikulak, who suffered a torn Achilles' tendon in February, is not yet ready for the all-around.

The event is taking place at the Honda Center (formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond), the same venue as the 2003 World Gymnastics Championships.

Moldauer, a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, scored 86.65 to top Stanford's Akash Modi (84.70) and Oklahoma teammate Allan Bower (84.45). Moldauer, who also won last year's NCAA championships, had a consistent evening with scores in the top five on all six events. He had the top score on parallel bars and tied for second on floor exercise with Eddie Penev (USOTC).

Modi, an alternate to the U.S. team at last year's Olympic Games, fell off pommel horse in the third rotation but climbed back up to second with the high score on parallel bars (tied with Moldauer) and high bar. On parallel bars, Modi performed the move invented by his cousin, 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Raj Bhavsar, and dismounted with a full-twisting double back.

U.S. world team member Donnell Whittenburg (USOTC) finished fourth, just .1 behind Bower. Whittenburg fell off pommel horse, but had the second-best score of the day with 15.000 on still rings. He also competed two strong vaults with a Dragulescu and full-twisting Tsukahara double back. Oklahoma's Colin VanWicklen, fifth all-around, had the top score on both floor exercise and vault (Dragulescu).

The highest score of the day came from Olympic bronze medalist Alex Naddour (USA Youth Fitness), who earned 15.300 for a nailed routine on pommel horse. Two-time Olympian Mikulak hit both events cleanly, scoring 14.750 on pommel horse and 14.050 on high bar. His high bar score was the second-best of the night despite a .5 Neutral Deduction incurred for using an extra mat to protect his Achilles on the dismount.

Penev, who turned 27 on Wednesday, showed a gorgeous opening pass on floor exercise with an original whip-half, piked double front-half; and continued with a layout double-double; 2 1/2 twist to Rudi; tucked double-double; double-twisting front to barani and triple twist.

Coached by Alexander Kouznetsov, Brody Malone of Cartersville Twisters in Georgia took an impressive lead in the men's junior competition (age 17-18), more than 2.5 points ahead of his top rival, with the best scores on pommel horse, parallel bars and high bar. Vitaliy Guimaraes of 5280 Gymnastics, Moldauer's former gym, finished second. Guimaraes, the son of former Soviet national team member Tatiana Kondratova, is coached by Vladimir Artemev and his son, world and Olympic bronze medalist Sasha Artemev. Kevin Penev (Rochester Gymnastics Academy), younger brother of Eddie, finished third.

In the 15-16 age group, Cypress Gymnastics in Texas had a 1-2 finish in Lazarus Barnhill and Garrett Braunton. Paul Juda of Illinois' Buffalo Grove finished third.

The men's all-around and event titles will be decided Saturday. The championships continue Friday with the first day of junior and senior women's competition.

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2017 P&G (U.S. National) Championships
August 17, Anaheim, Calif.

Senior Men's All-Around, Day 1FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Yul MoldauerOklahoma5.814.555.614.155.714.855.214.606.114.705.113.8086.65
2.Akash ModiStanford5.714.255.912.755.714.605.
3.Allan BowerOklahoma5.
4.Donnell WhittenburgUSOTC6.414.305.612.906.115.005.614.406.314.455.713.3084.35
5.Colin VanWicklenOklahoma5.614.604.512.904.814.005.614.805.213.605.514.0583.95
6.Donothan BaileyUSOTC5.713.056.214.855.614.255.214.455.813.355.413.6583.60
7.Sean MeltonOhio State5.414.
8.Kanji OyamaUSOTC5.713.804.713.005.414.205.614.705.313.804.912.8582.35
9.Trevor HowardOhio State5.413.704.112.455.914.755.214.005.413.505.013.5081.90
10.Alex PowarzynskiOklahoma5.313.604.312.405.
11.Alec YoderOhio State5.
12.Matthew WenskeOklahoma5.614.
13.Kiwan WattsAbove the Bar5.513.304.912.755.113.804.814.
14.Marvin KimbleSalto5.412.006.414.655.914.955.213.505.510.506.014.0079.60
15.Christopher StephensonNebraska5.414.354.712.854.413.604.812.505.513.054.913.2079.55
16.Shane WiskusMinnesota5.613.505.012.955.013.505.213.755.112.105.313.5579.35
17.Jalon StephensMinnesota5.213.554.110.505.112.854.813.805.413.355.413.8077.85
18.Cameron BockUSOTC5.813.005.212.655.213.955.213.705.813.604.810.8077.70
19.Jordan KovachBart Conner5.
20.Anthony McCallum IIMichigan5.513.454.39.605.113.805.613.305.211.904.710.1072.15
21.Adrian De Los AngelesUSOTC5.313.855.112.855.
22.Sean NeighbargerOhio State5.513.954.413.
23.Eddie PenevUSOTC6.114.555.012.905.214.705.013.1055.25
24.Chandler EgglestonIllinois5.413.904.813.504.812.855.413.7053.95
25.Kyle KingNebraska5.513.454.810.055.213.804.412.7550.05
26.Zack MollettSun Devil5.213.704.612.554.412.7038.95
27.Antonio CastroNebraska4.713.054.813.854.611.8538.75
28.Alex NaddourUSA Youth Fitness6.415.305.914.7030.00
29.Sam MikulakUSOTC5.914.756.114.0528.80
30.Jordan ValdezMinnesota5.514.405.512.8027.20
31.Michael ReidSouthlake5.813.355.413.5526.90
32.Michael WilnerGym Spot6.014.8514.85
33.Austin EppersonNebraska5.414.2514.25
34.Stephen NedoroscikPenn State5.814.1014.10
35.Brandon NgaiIllinois5.111.4511.45

Junior Men's All-Around (17-18), Day 1FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Brody MaloneCartersville Twisters4.813.704.413.104.813.654.813.904.713.554.713.4081.30
2.Vitaliy Guimaraes5280 Gym5.013.354.012.404.313.454.814.153.912.055.013.3578.75
3.Kevin PenevRGA5.514.
4.Michael FletcherNew England Academy4.512.853.912.504.312.704.413.604.112.854.012.2576.75
5.Max AndryushchenkoOhio State5.212.954.312.005.013.854.813.554.610.704.813.1576.20
6.Griffin KehlerNebraska5.212.604.211.604.212.854.413.454.412.504.613.0076.00
7.Khalil JacksonChampions-Texas4.712.304.
7.Spencer GoodellOMEGA3.912.503.912.454.
9.Daniel YoonSCATS4.713.103.511.654.313.155.212.654.513.054.011.0574.65
10.Matthew RandolphPayke3.912.204.312.253.712.404.013.153.512.253.312.0574.30
11.Morgan SeylerSouthlake4.712.904.311.103.912.454.814.003.511.753.912.0074.20
12.Ian GuntherCypress4.211.104.511.054.513.054.012.604.512.904.712.6573.35
13.Alexei VernyiOklahoma4.411.454.311.
14.Evan DavisCypress4.712.054.811.104.213.304.813.704.512.303.79.7072.15
14.Joshua DavisWOGA5.111.854.110.703.712.254.413.204.712.454.011.7072.15
16.Nikita BolotskyKingdom4.910.754.611.754.112.604.013.004.811.405.011.7071.20
17.Liam Doherty-HerwitzBrestyan's4.511.453.59.103.612.605.212.353.811.403.812.2569.15

Junior Men's All-Around (15-16), Day 1FXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Lazarus BarnhillCypress4.713.454.313.304.012.604.413.753.912.604.212.8078.50
2.Garrett BrauntonCypress4.913.204.312.504.413.554.013.504.412.704.012.6078.05
3.Paul JudaBuffalo Grove5.513.203.711.204.413.454.813.555.013.254.513.0577.70
4.Dylan YoungGymnastics Olympica4.812.904.012.904.212.954.813.554.212.704.112.5077.50
5.Justin Ah ChowUniversal4.313.154.612.704.513.154.813.754.612.854.311.2076.80
6.Riley LoosTechnique5.313.354.
7.John ChouCypress4.812.204.913.403.611.904.013.354.713.353.812.2076.40
7.Colt WalkerAcrotex4.813.204.112.504.413.455.212.654.012.354.012.2576.40
9.Jeremy BischoffWallers GymJam4.413.103.911.904.012.504.012.954.112.654.212.9576.05
10.Jack FreemanCypress5.113.403.410.604.212.604.813.904.312.104.513.0575.65
11.Evan KrileyLa Fleurs Tampa4.212.553.712.004.012.404.813.603.711.704.012.5574.80
12.Samuel PhillipsGymnastics Olympica4.912.754.112.504.513.104.812.604.310.204.613.2574.40
12.David WillettHigh Point4.612.704.511.654.313.104.012.803.912.353.711.8074.40
14.Michael JarohMichigan Elite4.611.954.612.204.011.404.813.604.512.204.612.9074.25
15.Donte McKinneyTriumph4.812.303.211.354.511.204.814.104.212.654.112.5574.15
16.Alan CamillusSouthlake4.412.604.211.954.412.
17.David PochinkaWOGA4.611.254.613.104.612.304.413.405.313.103.910.5573.70
18.Crew BoldTAG USA5.111.553.411.804.612.604.813.654.611.804.912.2073.60
19.Jordan WilliamsLiberty4.712.003.89.853.812.504.813.603.511.953.813.0072.90
20.Kameron NelsonHayden's4.812.653.410.453.712.054.413.604.512.003.911.3572.10
21.Travis WongUniversal3.710.754.412.253.311.554.011.954.311.304.112.2070.00
22.Nehemiah BakerFlip Force NC4.711.604.
23.Yan Inhaber-CourchesneNew England Academy4.012.253.911.753.79.704.012.753.47.704.010.3564.50
24.Curran PhillipsPrairieGym4.411.903.910.253.710.504.012.9045.55
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