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Downie Overtakes Kovács For European All-Around Gold
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Great Britain's Ellie Downie said focus and determination guided her to gold in the women's all-around final at the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on Friday evening. Pictured: Downie with runner-up Zsófia Kovács (Hungary) and bronze medalist Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos (France)

Great Britain's Ellie Downie said focus and determination guided her to gold in the women's all-around final at the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on Friday evening.

"Normally I like to know what's going on, but today I felt the pressure quite a bit," said Downie, the 2015 Europeans all-around bronze medalist and top finisher in Thursday's qualifications. "Obviously (having) qualified in first was hard. I knew I had to keep my head down and keep focused, and not worry what other people were doing."

Ellie Downie (Great Britain), 2017 European all-around champion

Second to Hungary's Zsófia Kovács after three rotations, Downie pulled ahead on floor exercise in the last rotation to finish first with 55.765 points. Downie earned a higher total in qualifications, but fought to save a double turn on balance beam and landed short on her second tumbling pass on floor exercise in the final.

Downie is the first British gymnast, male or female, to win the all-around at a senior European Championships. Her all-around bronze medal in 2015 was the first European all-around medal for a British female.

Kovács, who scored 55.432 points for silver, earned the Hungarian women's second Europeans all-around medal following Henrietta Onodi's bronze at the 1990 Europeans in Athens.

Kovács said she was proud of her silver.

"I'm very content," she said. "Second place is a very good result for me and my country."

Kovács said she is confident of more success on Saturday during the event finals.

"I think I will do better in the apparatus finals because I get a chance to rest," Kovács said.

France's Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos took the bronze medal with 55.065 points, the first European all-around medal for France since Marine Debauve won in 2005. Fourth after three events, De Jesus Dos Santos pulled up into the medals with a clean double-twisting Yurchenko on vault.

2016 European junior all-around champion Yelena Yeryomina of Russia placed fourth (54.266) after falling on her beam mount and going out of bounds on floor exercise. Kim Bui of Germany was fifth with 53.499 points, and Martina Maggio of Italy was sixth with 53.199 points.

Germany's Tabea Alt, third in qualification, was forced to scratch the competition because of illness, and was replaced by teammate Pauline Schäfer, who finished 20th.

The competition continues Saturday afternoon with the first day of apparatus finals, featuring women's vault and uneven bars, and men's floor exercise, pommel horse and rings.

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Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Ellie Downie5.414.5665.914.3005.313.0665.513.83355.765
2.Zsófia Kovács5.414.6006.014.3335.113.4664.913.03355.432
3.Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos5.414.3665.814.1005.813.8334.912.76655.065
4.Yelena Yeryomina5.413.9666.014.3005.712.7005.213.30054.266
5.Kim Bui4.613.5336.014.0334.912.5335.213.40053.499
6.Martina Maggio5.414.1005.213.2665.112.9004.712.93353.199
7.Nina Derwael4.613.5335.913.6005.112.7334.712.96652.832
8.Filipa Martins4.613.4665.513.2005.413.1664.913.00052.832
9.Natalia Kapitonova4.613.6006.114.1005.311.9005.113.16652.766
10.Alice Kinsella4.613.4665.112.4005.413.4335.012.80052.099
11.Tisha Volleman5.414.2334.512.7334.212.0665.112.96651.998
12.Eythora Thorsdottir5.414.1005.412.3665.511.9665.413.53351.965
13.Ana Pérez4.613.6005.813.7004.911.5335.012.50051.333
14.Ilaria Käslin4.613.2665.011.9005.413.0334.913.06651.265
15.Lynn Genhart4.613.2005.112.5665.212.8334.812.66651.265
16.Marine Boyer4.613.7664.711.4335.913.1335.112.90051.232
17.Barbora Mokošová4.613.6334.712.7004.712.2664.412.46651.065
18.Ioana Crişan4.613.3664.913.0005.411.5664.913.10051.032
19.Cintia Rodríguez4.012.8004.812.7004.712.7004.612.80051.000
20.Pauline Schäfer5.013.7334.711.5665.413.7665.011.93350.998
21.Giada Grisetti5.413.9335.513.5335.311.7004.911.53350.699
22.Vendula Měrková3.712.3004.612.3335.112.9004.512.63350.166
23.Olivia Cîmpian5.414.2664.810.5415.212.3665.112.93350.106
24.Boglárka Dévai5.414.2334.812.0664.011.1335.111.76649.198
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