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Vernyayev Rallies To Defend European All-Around Title
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After successfully defending his all-around title at the European Championships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on Friday afternoon, Oleg Vernyayev of Ukraine told IG he was prepared to rally after a mistake on floor exercise in the first rotation.

Oleg Vernyayev of Ukraine, 2017 European champion

"It's not the first time that I've started badly," he said, laughing. "I knew my power and my next apparatus, and that I needed to the next ones normally."

Vernyayev said his overall performance was not as sharp as it could have been because of a recent illness, but he pulled into the lead after four rotations. He secured the gold medal on high bar in the sixth rotation, finishing first with 85.866 points. He is the first male gymnast to win back-to-back European all-around titles since Belarusian Ivan Ivankov in 1994 and 1996.

Russia's Artur Dalaloyan, who led the field after one rotation, fell off pommel horse in the second rotation but performed consistently thereafter. He took the silver medal with 85.498 points.

James Hall of Great Britain won the bronze medal with 84.644 points, although he admitted that his high bar routine in the sixth rotation was less risky than his routine in qualifications.

"Sometimes you have to make that sacrifice to paw your way onto the podium, and today it really paid off," he told IG.

Russia's Nikita Ignatyev finished fourth (83.964) over British champion Joe Fraser (82.982).

Competition continues with the women's all-around final on Friday evening. Germany's Tabea Alt, the overall World Cup champion, has scratched because of illness and will be replaced by teammate Pauline Schäfer. Alt was third in qualification.

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2017 European Gymnastics Championships
April 21, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Oleg Vernyayev6.113.4666.214.5006.014.7005.614.7006.514.5005.714.00085.866
2.Artur Dalaloyan6.214.7665.312.6335.414.2665.614.9336.014.5005.814.40085.498
3.James Hall5.914.2665.914.1665.413.8005.214.1665.814.1665.714.10084.664
4.Nikita Ignatyev5.913.9665.313.3665.914.6335.213.9335.913.9336.114.13383.964
5.Joe Fraser5.713.6005.814.0005.113.6335.214.0165.313.9335.213.80082.982
6.Artur Davtyan4.713.2665.313.6665.314.2335.614.8334.513.7004.313.16682.864
7.Lukas Dauser5.613.7004.913.1005.313.6005.214.2666.314.7005.512.83382.199
8.Ferhat Arıcan5.513.6005.913.6664.612.8335.213.8666.314.8665.113.26682.097
9.Eddy Yusof5.713.2664.912.6335.613.6665.614.3336.014.5665.313.30081.764
10.Philipp Herder5.613.5665.313.6665.413.3335.214.1666.013.9335.012.64181.305
11.Casimir Schmidt6.013.8665.512.8005.213.5665.214.3335.213.7004.512.73380.998
12.Oliver Hegi5.712.6665.712.0005.313.2335.213.1666.214.6666.214.50080.231
13.Marios Georgiou5.012.3005.814.3664.613.4004.812.4335.613.8005.513.90080.199
14.Bart Deurloo5.411.5665.613.9005.313.3005.214.2665.513.4006.413.56679.998
15.Yevgen Yudenkov5.213.6665.112.9336.114.0334.813.6665.213.0334.812.40079.731
16.Daan Kenis5.413.5335.112.4664.512.9005.214.3005.513.5335.312.50079.232
17.Oskar Kirmes5.413.4335.312.9334.812.4334.813.8005.513.6005.512.86679.065
18.Botond Kardos5.813.5665.012.8004.212.4665.214.0004.812.7335.012.96678.531
19.Maxime Gentges5.113.6005.513.2004.713.2335.212.8665.512.9005.112.70078.499
20.Robert Tvorogal4.412.5664.611.6664.713.0664.813.5665.513.8005.112.63377.297
21.Lorenzo Galli4.913.0004.913.0334.212.8334.814.0254.713.0665.011.33377.290
22.Ádám Babos5.413.0665.413.5664.812.8004.813.1005.013.2334.911.50077.265
23.Tomas Kuzmickas5.713.1004.713.1334.411.7334.813.8334.210.1665.113.20075.165
24.Michalis Krasias4.712.7005.112.0334.613.0334.013.1334.513.1333.811.06675.098

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