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US Women Sweep 10th Jesolo Trophy
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The U.S. once again swept both junior and senior team and all-around titles Saturday at the 10th City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy.

The U.S. once again swept both junior and senior team and all-around titles Saturday at the 10th City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy.

The popular annual event for women's gymnastics attracted 33 seniors and 30 juniors from six nations – Belgium, Brazil (seniors only), Canada, France, Russia and United States – to face off against Italy in the scenic resort town on the Adriatic coast. The team competition featured squads of three or four gymnasts with the top three scores on each event counting for the team total.

The Americans – with their first generation under new national team coordinator Valeri Liukin – once again sent two A squads and dominated as expected. With the exception of 2014 world team member Ashton Locklear, the U.S. brought a fresh group of newcomers, including five first-year seniors: Morgan Hurd, Riley McCusker, Victoria Nguyen, Alyona Shchennikova (younger sister of Polina, now at the University of Michigan) and Trinity Thomas. Both American teams were hugely impressive, excelling with not just superior difficulty but for the most part excellent bodyline, flexibility and artistry. All 12 Americans train at different gyms in 10 states and presented a good variety of styles and skills (with the exception of wolf turns on beam and floor, overused in general).

Additionally, while almost all of the U.S. seniors committed some nervous mistakes, the juniors nailed routine after routine, outscoring their senior counterparts, 171.850-167.950. The top two juniors, Gabby Perea and Emma Malabuyo, also outscored the senior champion, McCusker.

The U.S. entered Hurd, Locklear, McCusker and Nguyen as its senior team, with Abby Paulson, Shchennikova and Thomas competing as individuals. The team won by a smaller than expected margin, 3.3 points ahead of Brazil (164.650), with Russia just .05 behind (164.600) in third.

McCusker, who struggled to fifth at the American Cup (52.966) last month in her senior debut, this time took first place with 56.600, which included a fall on floor. Coached by Maggie Haney at MG Elite in New Jersey, McCusker is every bit as stylish as clubmate Laurie Hernandez. She impressed with outstanding presentation across the board, with absolutely beautiful leg extension and full amplitude on every skill. She earned the highest score of the day, 15.050 on uneven bars (tied with Perea), for a lovely 6.2-Difficulty routine (Stalder-full to Maloney; Tkatchev; Stalder to piked Tkatchev; Ricna to Pak; Van Leeuwen; pirouette to elgrip to half-in, back out). She earned a 14.600 for a clean double-twisting Yurchenko (one of eight from the U.S. team in Jesolo, now worth 5.4 in the Code of Points) and 14.200 on balance beam (triple wolf turn; double wolf turn; front aerial; ff layout, layout; switch leap switch half; wobble on aerial; ff ff double tuck dismount; 5.5). Her only mistake of the day came with what seemed to be a fluke fall on her last tumbling pass on floor exercise (piked/tucked full-in; double-twisting front to stag jump; double pike; overrotated double tuck; 12.750/5.2).

Minnesotan Abby Paulson, who trains under Sarah Jantzi (who coached Maggie Nichols) at Twin City Twisters, placed third all-around after going four-for-four (55.800). She scored 13.600 on floor exercise (piked full-in; triple twist; 2 1/2 punch front; 5.4D), 13.700 for a clean Yurchenko full (4.6D), 14.200 on balance beam (front flip; side aerial, layout, layout; switch leap, switch half; 2 1/2; 5.8D) and a high of 14.300 on uneven bars (toe-blind, Stalder-Shaposhnikova-Pak-Van Leeuwen; toe-blind to piked Jaeger; double front; 5.6D).

Nguyen, coached by Liang Chow in Iowa, placed seventh all-around with 54.550. Her highest score came on balance beam, 14.250 (ff layout, layout; side aerial, back tuck; Y turn to full turn; switch leap, Onodi, sheep jump; switch ring; front tuck; ff ff 2 1/2; 6.0D), but she struggled a bit on uneven bars, where she was a bit sloppy on her pirouettes and her knees were not quite locked out. The content of her routine was excellent, however (inside Stalder full; Maloney, uprise, Gienger between the bars; elgrip to layout Jaeger; Pak; double layout; 13.250/5.6). Her lowest score came on floor exercise (tucked full-in; triple twist; double-twisting front; double tuck, out of bounds; 12.850/5.0). Nguyen has another chance to impress next Saturday in London, where she is slated to compete in the third and final FIG all-around World Cup of 2017.

Hurd, third at the Stuttgart World Cup after two falls on beam, once again had an off day. Coached by Russian-born Slava Glazounov at First State Gymnastics in Delaware, Hurd had the top score for the U.S. on vault (14.700) but missed uneven bars (fall on Van Leeuwen transition; 13.400/5.4) and balance beam (fall on ff layout; appeared to grab the beam on aerial; 12.600/5.7), where she dismounted with a clean full-in. On floor exercise, she bounced out of bounds on her double-double mount (13.200/5.3) to finish just 15th.

Locklear, who served as an alternate to the U.S. Olympic team last summer, contributed two strong events on Saturday with 14.750 on uneven bars (toe-full, Stalder-Shaposhnikova; Pak to Maloney to bail to Stalder shoot; toe blind to high Jaeger; full-twisting double; 5.5D) and 14.000 on balance beam (triple wolf, double wolf; ff layout; punch front; side somi; switch leap, switch half, back tuck; RO double tuck; 5.6D).

Shchennikova – coached by her parents, Alex Shchennikov and Katia Shchennikova at 5280 Gymnastics in Colorado – finished just .050 behind Nguyen. She hit well on vault and uneven bars (inside-Stalder full to Komova II directly into Tkatchev to Pak to Stalder to Stalder-Shaposhnikova; double layout) but dropped off beam on her ff, layout, layout series (12.250). Trinity Thomas, the seventh American senior, finished 15th after a 12.850 on beam (side somi; one-arm ff, layout, layout; front aerial; switch leap, switch half and fell; switch side to straddle jump-half; RO double tuck) and a botched Pak salto on uneven bars (Weiler pirouette to Maloney; uprise full to Tkatchev-Pak; Van Leeuwen; double layout), but showed tremendous potential with huge amplitude. Thomas was the only American who didn't vault a Yurchenko, choosing a full-twisting Tsukahara instead.

Olympians Rebeca Andrade and Flávia Saraiva led Brazil to second place. Andrade claimed the all-around silver (56.000) behind McCusker, taking the highest score of the day on vault with 15.000 for a strong double-twisting Yurchenko. She hit relatively cleanly on the three other events, scoring 13.800 on uneven bars (Tkatchev-Pak; Van Leeuwen; piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double; 5.3D), 13.550 on balance beam (ff layout; front aerial right to split leap, ff; switch half; punch front; switch ring; double pike; 5.4D) and 13.650 on floor exercise (tucked full-in; 2 1/2, front layout full; double tuck; double pike; 5.0). Saraiva finished fifth all-around after a fall on her switch ring on balance beam (ff layout, layout; RO two-foot layout; punch front, split jump; Korbut; front aerial, sheep, ff; side somi; RO double pike one step; 6.0D). She had the top score of the seniors on floor exercise (piked full-in; double pike; double tuck; 13.850/5.1D).

First-year senior Yelena Yeryomina led Russia to third and finished fourth all-around (55.750). Yeryomina, still not looking quite comfortable in the senior spotlight, fell on her Yurchenko mount on beam but finished well (beautiful ff layout, layout; Y turn; front aerial to one foot to scale; split jump full; switch leap, side aerial; RO triple twist; 13.250/5.7). She qualified second to the uneven bars final with 14.850 (Nabiyeva to Pak; messy Van Leeuwen; inside Stalder, inside Stalder-blind; piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double tuck; 6.0D) and fourth on floor exercise, where she wears rhythmic half-shoes (tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 punch front; double turn in attitude; double tuck; 13.550/5.2). Her Yurchenko 1 1/2 earned 14.100 (5.0D).

Olympian Angelina Melnikova, gearing up for the London World Cup before the European championships, looked stronger than she has so far this year. She earned her highest score on vault for a double-twisting Yurchenko (14.350) and hit beam for 14.050 on vault (double wolf turn to stand; switch ring; ff ff two-foot layout; punch front; full turn with leg held horizontal to full turn; side somi; high and clean double pike; 5.7D) but had a fluke mistake on uneven bars, missing a giant full before her dismount (inside Stalder full; Komova II to Pak; Van Leeuwen; piked Jaeger; full-twisting double tuck to scary straight-legged landing; 13.100/5.7). Her ambitious floor exercise still needs more polish to reach its for full potential (double turn with leg held horizontal to double turn; Arabian double front; double layout, tucked down; piked full-in; double pike; 13.300/5.5).

Russian champion Natalia Kapitonova had nearly the same mistake as Melnikova on uneven bars, coming up short on a toe-on pirouette right before her dismount (Stalder-full; Komova II to Pak to Stalder; Van Leeuwen; inside Stalder full to Tkatchev; fall on toe-on pirouette; full-twisting double; 13.550/6.0) and was very shaky on balance beam, where she showed some unique skills (ff ff two-foot layout; double turn; split jump to punch front; side aerial; double turn in Y; switch half; side somi; ff ff double tuck; 13.350/5.8).

The eldest Russian in Jesolo, Olympian and co-world uneven bars champion Daria Spiridonova, qualified to the bars final in fifth (Komova II, Pak, Van Leeuwen; toe-blind to piked Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double; 14.200/5.6).

Mélanie De Jesus Do Santos led France to fourth (160.200) in a good showing before the European championships. Her double-twisting Yurchenko had a bit too much power (13.700), but she was impressive on uneven bars (Komova, back uprise, inside-Stalder-immediate Tkatchev-Pak; Van Leeuwen; got a lost after elgrip full but covered well; full-twisting double layout; 14.450/5.8) and balance beam (piked front mount; piked front; handstand stepdown ff two-foot layout; side somi; beautiful switch ring; RO double tuck; 13.900/5.7). She had a fall on floor exercise that dropped her down to ninth all-around (tucked full-in; fall on double pike; front layout, layout front full; double tuck; 12.100/4.9).

The Italian A team, which included two-first year seniors (Noemi Linari and Martina Maggio) and two gymnasts born in 2000 (Desiree Carofiglio and Giada Grisetti), managed only fifth (159.750). Only three Italian seniors advanced to Sunday's event finals: Grisetti on balance beam (switch ring; ff ff layout; front aerial, split jump, wolf jump; Onodi; side aerial; RO double tuck; 13.500/5.3), and Carofiglio and Sofia Busato (also born in 2000) on vault.

The Canadian seniors finished sixth (156.750). 2016 Olympic vault finalist Shallon Olsen qualified to finals on vault and floor exercise, but the team made a significant number of mistakes. Olsen was the top gymnast in 20th all-around, followed by Audrey Rousseau (23rd) and first-year seniors Jade Chrobok (26th) and Brooklyn Moors, the younger sister of 2012 Olympian Victoria Moors (27th).

A mixed team of Belgium and Italy finished seventh (156.500). Belgium Olympian Nina Derwael, who seems to have undergone a growth spurt since last summer, fell on her dismount after an otherwise strong uneven bars routine (Stalder-piked Tkatchev; Ricna-half to Yezhova; Stalder-Shaposhnikova; Pak; Van Leeuwen; toe-full; fall on full-twisting double; 13.750/6.0). Teammate Senna Deriks qualified to the bars final in sixth place (13.950/5.6).

Junior all-around champion Gabby Perea (USA) outscored the senior field in Jesolo.

The Americans were untouchable in the junior division, winning team title by nearly 14 points and taking the top four spots in the all-around. All-around champion Gabby Perea, coached by Chinese Olympians Li Yuejiu and Wu Jiani in Illinois, tied McCusker with the top score of the day on uneven bars (inside Stalder full; Maloney, uprise, Ricna, Pak; Van Leeuwen; inside Stalder blind to Jaeger; double layout; 15.050/6.0) and had the highest score of the day on beam (double wolf turn; standing full to split jump and straddle jump; ff, ff, two-foot layout; switch ring; side somi; ff ff 2 1/2; 14.650/6.1). Her double-twisting Yurchenko scored 14.550, and on floor exercise, she tumbled a tucked full-in; front to triple twist; 1 1/2 to double twist; and double pike (13.300/5.1).

U.S. junior champion Maile O'Keefe finished second all-around (56.900). O'Keefe, who is coached by Tammy and Sorin Salcianu at Salcianu Elite, also hit four events, tying Perea on vault (14.550), scoring 14.650 on uneven bars (Stalder-Shaposhnikova; Pak; Maloney, uprise, Ricna; Jaeger; Stalder-full to Arabian double front; 5.4) and 14.500 on balance beam (side aerial layout; ff ff two-foot layout; switch ring, split ring; ff ff double pike; 5.9). O'Keefe's biggest error was stepping out of bounds on her second pass on floor exercise (Arabian double front; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2; double tuck; double pike; 13.600/5.2).

Emma Malabuyo, coached by Kim Zmeskal-Burdette in Texas, finished third all-around with another four hit routines (56.275). She had the top score on junior vault (14.650) and scored 14.000 on uneven bars (inside Stalder, Stalder-full to Tkatchev; Pak; Stalder, Stalder, pirouette, Endo, Stalder-shoot to high; stuck full-twisting double; 5.0); 14.100 on balance beam (triple wolf; ff layout, layout; front tuck; standing Arabian; ff ff double pike; 5.8) and 13.950 on floor exercise (tucked full-in; double-twisting front, punch front, stag leap; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 stuck; double pike; 5.4).

Adeline Kenlin, who trains under coached Mary Wise and Paige Roth at Iowa Gym-Nest, also showed four clean routines for fourth all-around (55.900). Kenlin, who like Hurd was born in China and adopted by American parents, scored 14.250 on both vault and uneven bars (inside Stalder, Stalder-full; Ricna; inside Stalder-full to Pak; Van Leeuwen; double front-half; 5.7), and 14.150 on balance beam (ff layout, layout; side aerial, switch leap, switch half, back tuck; front aerial, sissone; wolf; full turn with leg horizontal to full turn; ff ff double pike with one step; 5.6). Kenlin earned her lowest score on floor exercise with 13.250, but opened with a front handspring, double front-half, rarely (if never) seen since it was performed by Ukrainian legend Lilia Podkopayeva en route to Olympic gold 21 years ago. Kenlin also tumbled a double-twisting front, punch front; to stag jump; 1 1/2 layout front full; double tuck for a 5.1 D-score.

The fifth U.S. junior, Olivia Dunne – coached by Craig and Jennifer Zappa at Eastern National Academy in New Jersey – finished sixth all-around (53.600) with 13.500 on vault, beam and floor exercise, and 13.100 on uneven bars.

Italy, featuring a pair of twins in Asia and Alice d'Amato, finished second (157.900). Asia was the top gymnast in seventh all-around (52.850), followed by Elisa Iorio in eighth (52.675). Top junior hope Giorgia Villa was unable to finish the competition after appearing to injure her ankle or foot on floor exercise. Villa qualified to the uneven bars final (Maloney; Pak Stalder-Shaposh to bail to toe shoot to high; Tkatchev; elgrip giant full to elgrip; full-twisting double), tying Asia d'Amato with 13.500.

A talented quartet of Russians also finished third in the juniors (156.500), owing to too many mistakes. Valeria Saifulina was the top Russian in 11th all-around (51.550), with her top score 13.800 on uneven bars (Komova to Pak; inside Stalder; inside Stalder blind to Jaeger; Stalder, Stalder full to full-twisting double; 5.6D). Russian junior champion Ksenia Klimenko was the most stylish of the bunch, but managed only 12th all-around (51.300) after an 11.600 for just a tucked Yurchenko on vault (3.3D). Klimenko qualified to finals on the other three events, with 13.500 on uneven bars (Stalder-full; Van Leeuwen; inside Stalder, toe-blind to piked Jaeger to Pak; Maloney; double front half; 5.6D); 13.500 on balance beam (switch half; side aerial, layout; front handspring, tucked front; front aerial; sheep, split jump, wolf; side somi; switch ring and grab the beam; RO double tuck; 5.6D).

Anastasia Agafonova finished 13th (51.250) ahead of fan favorite Varvara Zubova in 15th (50.450). The spunky Zubova missed her incredible balance beam routine (RO, Onodi mount that did not get all the way around; front handspring to tucked front, nailed; fall on RO two-foot layout; front aerial, illusion; gainer ff to layout, layout; gainer Korbut; Y turn; RO ff double pike; 12.850/5.8).

Italy's B team finished fourth with 153.950, ahead of France (151.900) and Italy's Youth team (145.500).

Canada, which sent only three juniors, finished in sixth (145.150). Junior champion Ana Padurariu, coached by 1980 Olympic champion Yelena Davydova, finished fifth all-around (55.750), qualifying second to the beam final with a great routine that she ended with a big smile (back dive to shoulder stand mount; switch ring; side aerial, layout, layout; switch half; front aerial, split jump, ff; switch leap, sheep; RO double pike; 14.500/5.7).

A fourth Italian junior squad, Italy Hopes, finished eighth (122.100).

The Jesolo Trophy concludes Sunday with the senior and junior apparatus finals.

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10th City of Jesolo Trophy
April 1, 2017, Jesolo, Italy

Senior TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  United States43.50043.20042.45038.800167.950
Morgan Hurd14.70013.40012.60013.200
Ashton Locklear14.75014.000
Riley McCusker14.60015.05014.20012.750
Victoria Nguyen14.20013.25014.25012.850
2.  Brazil43.25040.40040.50040.500164.650
Rebeca Andrade15.00013.80013.55013.650
Thaís Fidélis13.55012.70013.30013.000
Carolyne Pedro13.95013.00012.90012.600
Flávia Saraiva14.30013.60013.65013.850
3.  Russia41.95042.60040.65039.400164.600
Natalia Kapitonova13.50013.55013.35012.500
Angelina Melnikova14.35013.10014.05013.300
Daria Spiridonova13.35014.20012.75012.550
Yelena Yeryomina14.10014.85013.25013.550
4.  France40.85041.10040.25038.000160.200
Juliette Bossu13.60012.65012.45012.900
Marine Boyer13.45012.85013.90013.000
Lorette Charpy13.55013.80010.95011.900
Mélanie De Jesus Do Santos13.70014.45013.90012.100
5.  Italy40.50039.95040.10039.200159.750
Desiree Carofiglio13.00013.20013.35012.900
Giada Grisetti13.85013.35013.50012.150
Noemi Linari13.55013.15013.25013.200
Martina Maggio13.10013.40012.45013.100
6.  Canada42.10037.95037.45039.250156.750
Jade Chrobok13.70012.75012.45012.650
Brooklyn Moors13.80012.55012.40012.200
Shallon Olsen14.55012.05012.60013.300
Audrey Rousseau13.75012.65012.40013.300
7.  Belgium/Italy40.75040.45037.35037.950156.500
Senna Deriks13.80013.95012.25013.350
Nina Derwael 13.65013.75013.45012.350
Sara Berardinelli13.05012.20011.40012.200
Caterina Cereghetti13.30012.75011.65012.250

Junior TeamVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  United States43.75043.95043.30040.850171.850
Adelin Kenlin14.25014.25014.15013.250
Emma Malabuyo14.65014.00014.10013.950
Maile O'Keefe14.55014.65014.50013.600
Gabby Perea14.55015.05014.65013.300
2.  Italy 141.90040.05038.00037.950157.900
Asia d'Amato14.20013.50012.35013.100
Alice d'Amato13.70011.00012.85011.750
Elisa Iorio14.00013.05012.80013.100
Giorgia Villa13.50013.50012.3504.800
3.  Russia39.45040.75039.40036.900156.500
Anastasia Agafonova13.40013.45013.25011.150
Ksenia Klimenko11.60013.50013.30012.900
Valeria Saifulina12.80013.80012.45011.900
Varvara Zubova13.25012.25012.85012.100
4.  Italy 240.00036.70038.70038.550153.950
Sidney Saturnino13.65012.50012.95013.150
Martina Basile13.35012.35012.20012.750
Matilde de Tullio13.00011.85013.25012.200
Benedetta Ciammarughi12.05010.65012.50012.650
5.  France40.40037.70036.10037.700151.900
Carolann Heduit13.20013.05012.75013.600
Julia Forestier13.70012.60012.05011.700
Celia Serber13.50012.05011.30012.400
6.  Italy Youth37.65033.10036.90037.850145.500
Giulia Cotroneo12.80011.00013.05012.850
Alessia Federici12.85010.60012.00012.650
Simona Marinelli11.90011.50011.85012.350
Camilla Campagnaro12.00010.40011.25010.700
7.  Canada36.80031.50039.90036.950145.150
Zoé Allaire-Bourgie11.50010.40013.45012.900
Jaden Gorsline11.7007.10011.95010.450
Ana Padurariu13.60014.00014.50013.600
8.  Italy Hopes23.20030.05033.90034.950122.100
Veronica Mandriota12.65010.30012.50012.450
Marta Morabito10.5509.95011.30011.200
Serena Napolitano0.0009.80010.10011.300

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Riley McCusker5.414.6006.215.0505.514.2005.212.75056.600
2.Rebeca Andrade5.415.0005.313.8005.413.5505.013.65056.000
3.Abby Paulson4.613.7005.614.3005.814.2005.413.60055.800
4.Yelena Yeryomina5.014.1006.014.8505.713.2505.213.55055.750
5.Flávia Saraiva5.414.3004.913.6006.013.6505.113.85055.400
6.Angelina Melnikova5.414.3505.713.1005.714.0505.513.30054.800
7.Victoria Nguyen5.414.2005.613.2506.014.2505.012.85054.550
8.Alyona Shchennikova5.414.6505.814.4005.312.2505.113.20054.500
9.Mélanie De Jesus Do Santos4.613.7005.814.4505.713.9004.912.10054.150
10.Morgan Hurd5.414.7005.413.4005.712.6005.313.20053.900
11.Senna Deriks4.613.8005.613.9505.312.2505.113.35053.350
12.Marine Boyer4.613.4504.612.8505.713.9004.913.00053.200
12.Nina Derwael 4.613.6506.013.7505.213.4504.212.35053.200
14.Noemi Linari5.013.5505.113.1505.013.2505.113.20053.150
15.Trinity Thomas4.813.7505.613.2505.312.8505.613.25053.100
16.Natalia Kapitonova4.613.5006.013.5505.813.3505.112.50052.900
17.Giada Grisetti5.413.8505.413.3505.313.5004.812.15052.850
18.Daria Spiridonova4.613.3505.614.2005.312.7504.712.55052.850
19.Thaís Fidélis4.613.5504.812.7006.113.3005.313.00052.550
20.Shallon Olsen5.414.5504.612.0505.312.6005.513.30052.500
21.Desiree Carofiglio4.813.0004.913.2005.313.3504.912.90052.450
22.Carolyne Pedro4.613.9504.813.0005.012.9004.912.60052.450
23.Audrey Rousseau4.613.7504.612.6505.112.4005.313.30052.100
24.Martina Maggio5.413.1005.113.4005.212.4504.713.10052.050
25.Juliette Bossu4.613.6005.512.6504.712.4504.612.90051.600
26.Jade Chrobok5.013.7004.712.7505.212.4504.912.65051.550
27.Brooklyn Moors4.813.8004.512.5504.612.4005.112.20050.950
28.Lorette Charpy4.613.5505.413.8005.110.9504.611.90050.200
29.Caterina Cereghetti4.613.3004.812.7505.211.6504.512.25049.950
30.Sara Berardinelli5.013.0505.012.2004.711.4004.712.20048.850
31.Ashton Locklear5.514.7505.614.00028.750
32.Sofia Busato5.414.30014.300
33.Lara Mori4.712.45012.450

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Gabby Perea5.414.5506.015.0506.114.6505.113.30057.225
2.Maile O'Keefe5.414.5505.614.6505.914.5005.213.60056.900
3.Emma Malabuyo5.414.6505.014.0005.814.1005.413.95056.275
4.Adelin Kenlin5.414.2505.714.2505.614.1505.113.25055.900
5.Ana Padurariu4.613.6005.314.0005.714.5005.113.60055.750
6.Olivia Dunne4.613.5005.313.1005.413.5005.213.50053.600
7.Asia d'Amato5.414.2005.113.5004.712.3505.013.10052.850
8.Elisa Iorio5.414.0005.813.0504.812.8004.913.10052.675
9.Carolann Heduit4.613.2005.713.0505.712.7505.313.60052.600
10.Sidney Saturnino4.613.6504.712.5005.212.9504.913.15052.250
11.Valeria Saifulina5.412.8005.613.8005.212.4504.811.90051.550
12.Ksenia Klimenko3.311.6005.613.5005.613.3005.012.90051.300
13.Anastasia Agafonova4.613.4005.313.4505.313.2505.011.15051.250
14.Martina Basile4.613.3504.512.3505.112.2004.912.75050.650
15.Varvara Zubova4.613.2504.912.2505.812.8504.412.10050.450
16.Matilde de Tullio4.613.0004.911.8504.913.2504.612.20050.300
17.Julia Forestier4.613.7004.912.6004.712.0504.411.70050.050
18.Giulia Cotroneo4.612.8004.411.0005.013.0504.912.85049.700
19.Celia Serber4.613.5004.512.0504.711.3004.912.40049.250
20.Alice d'Amato5.413.7004.611.0005.112.8504.911.75049.100
21.Zoé Allaire-Bourgie3.711.5004.310.4005.213.4504.612.90048.250
22.Alessia Federici4.012.8504.610.6004.712.0004.512.65048.100
23.Veronica Mandriota4.012.6504.010.3004.712.5004.812.45047.900
24.Benedetta Ciammarughi3.512.0504.610.6504.712.5004.812.65047.850
25.Simona Marinelli3.511.9003.411.5004.811.8504.712.35047.600
26.Camilla Campagnaro4.612.0003.510.4004.311.2504.610.70044.350
27.Giorgia Villa5.413.5005.413.5005.112.3502.04.80044.150
28.Marta Morabito3.510.5501.69.9504.011.3003.611.20043.000
29.Jaden Gorsline3.311.7002.47.1004.911.9503.710.45041.200
30.Serena Napolitano0.00.0001.69.8003.910.1003.811.30031.200
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