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British Championships End With Record Attendance
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A sold-out crowd gathered to watch the final day of the 2017 British Gymnastics Championships, which concluded Sunday at Liverpool's Echo Arena. Pictured: Junior all-around silver medalist Amelie Morgan won two silvers and a gold in finals.

A sold-out crowd gathered to watch the final day of the 2017 British Gymnastics Championships, which concluded Sunday at Liverpool's Echo Arena.

British Gymnastics reported a record number of 15,835 spectators in attendance over the three days of competition, which included sell-out crowds for Saturday's senior all-around finals and Sunday's event finals. The competition, which crowned junior and senior all-around and event champions, drew more than 205 gymnasts representing 63 gymnastics clubs across the UK.

The national championships in Liverpool also included the "Disability" Masters, an interesting concept that should be seriously explored by the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) as a possibility for inclusion as a Paralympic sport.

The competition ended Sunday with the apparatus finals for junior and senior women, and the "Masters" finals for men, which included the top gymnasts on each event from both junior and senior competition. The Masters finals gave several younger gymnasts the chance to compete head-to-head with the top seniors in the country. Several international competitors who competed as guests during the all-around competition were eligible for medals in the Masters finals.

New senior women's all-around champion Ellie Downie (Notts Gymnastics Academy) added event titles on vault and uneven bars, but elected to skip finals on beam and floor exercise to rest up for next Saturday's FIG World Cup in London. She scored a massive 9.750 Execution score on her double-twisting Yurchenko first vault. Downie, who has been training a Cheng Fei, stepped over the line on her layout Podkopayeva second vault for an average of 14.437. After falling in the all-around, she hit bars in finals (Maloney uprise Hindorff; toe-full to piked Tkatchev to Pak; Van Leeuwen; stuck double layout; 14.600/5.9).

The outstanding Georgia-Mae Fenton (East London), who resembles 2002 world beam champion Ashley Postell, won the silver medal with an impressive 9.075 Execution score, with a brilliant original Ricna-half to Yezhova combination (14.575/5.5). Two-time Olympian Becky Downie, Ellie's elder sister, missed her eponymous skill (Stalder-piked Tkatchev) but managed the bronze. (14.025/5.9).

All-around champion Ellie Downie (Notts Gymnastics) won vault and uneven bars on Sunday.

Phoebe Turner (The Academy), who finished fifth all-around, won the balance beam title (12.575/4.8) over St Tydfil's Latalia Bevan (no relation to Olympian Brinn Bevan).

All-around bronze medalist Maisie Methuen (pronounced Me-thune) of Phoenix Gymnastics won floor exercise (tucked full-in; double pike; double-twisting layout front; 13.425/4.7) over Olympian Claudia Fragapane, who stumbled out of bounds on her third pass (double layout; Arabian double front; triple twist; double pike; 13.150/5.2).

In the junior women's competition, all-around champion Taeja James (Birmingham) picked up three more golds on vault, uneven bars and balance beam. She fell off beam on her wolf turn and settled for silver. Though James dominated the event, the depth of talent was noteworthy, particularly young gymnasts hailing from newer clubs now capable of producing international-level gymnasts. All-around runner-up Amelie Morgan (Slough), who impressed in Liverpool with her elegance and clean lines, took gold on beam (switch leap, switch half; front aerial; straddle jump-half done sideways; ff ff layout; switch leap full; RO 2 1/2; 13.450/5.2) in finals after silvers on vault and uneven bars.

Zoe Simmons (The Academy) won silver on floor (nice running double front opening pass). All-around bronze medalist Jolie Ruckley (Cardiff Olympic) won three more bronze medals for Wales on bars, beam and floor.

In the men's Masters finals, a trio of gymnasts representing Ireland picked up titles. Andrew Smith, who trains at Notts Gymnastics, won floor exercise (14.225/5.6). Junior European silver medalist Rhys McClenaghan (Rathgael) continued his ascension with the gold medal on pommel horse (14.900/6.1) over three-time world championships medalist Prashanth Sellathurai (13.775/6.0). Sellathurai trains at Milton Keyes Gymnastics in Buckinghamshire, where he moved to attend medical school.

Lisburn's Ewan McAteer — who will turn 18 in July like McClenaghan — won the vault title over senior all-around silver medalist Dominick Cunningham (Birmingham)

Courtney Tulloch (Pegasus) won still rings (14.950/6.4) over new all-around champion Joe Fraser of Birmingham (13.575/5.1). Former British team member Reiss Beckford, who now represents Jamaica, won the bronze (13.375/5.3.)

On parallel bars, James Hall brought Pegasus a second title (13.825/5.8). Fraser, Joshua Nathan and Donell Osbourne swept the medals for Birmingham on high bar.

Gymnastics returns to London's O2 Arena, site of the 2012 Olympic Games, during next Saturday's World Cup event, the third and final all-around stop in the 2017 series. Ellie Downie, Olympic floor bronze medalist Amy Tinkler and Olympians Sam Oldham and Brinn Bevan will represent Great Britain. Ukrainian star Oleg Vernyayev headlines the field, which also includes world vault bronze medalist Donnell Whittenburg (United States) and Olympians Tabea Alt (Germany), Angelina Melnikova (Russia) and Eddy Yusof (Switzerland). First-year senior Victoria Nguyen (United States), the latest talent from Liang Chow, will make her senior international debut at the City of Jesolo Trophy, April 1-2 in Italy, before heading to London to compete in the World Cup.

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2017 British Gymnastics Championships
March 26, Liverpool, England

Senior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.49.75015.15014.437
2.Holly JonesSwansea Gymnastics Centre5.08.85013.85013.512
3.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy4.69.15013.75013.412
4.Megan BridgeGymmagic4.69.12513.72513.337
5.Shannon ArcherGlasgow4.68.60013.20012.337
6.Carrlisa AlleyneCardiff Central Youth Club4.18.65012.7506.375

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.98.70014.600
2.Georgia-Mae FentonEast London5.59.07514.575
3.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.98.12514.025
4.Amy TinklerSouth Essex5.58.42513.925
5.Tyesha MattisLondon5.58.27513.775
6.Charlie FellowsPark Wrekin4.97.75012.650
7.Nicole HibbertHeathrow4.97.32512.225
8.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin3.87.72511.525

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy4.87.77512.575
2.Latalia BevanSt Tydfils5.17.37512.475
3.Lana ChiltonNewcastle Gym Academy4.37.92512.225
4.Maisie MethuenPhoenix4.87.22512.025
5.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin5.16.32511.425
6.Holly JonesSwansea Gymnastics Centre4.56.80011.300
7.Amelia MontagueTolworth4.16.35010.450
8.Megan BridgeGymmagic4.45.8000.110.100

Senior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Maisie MethuenPhoenix4.78.72513.425
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks5.28.4500.513.150
3.Charlie FellowsPark Wrekin4.78.4500.113.050
4.Megan ParkerBirmingham4.68.37512.975
5.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin5.08.1500.312.850
6.Emily ThomasPen-y-Bont4.38.45012.750
7.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking4.77.90012.600
8.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin4.78.2500.512.450

Masters Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Andrew SmithNotts Gymnastics Academy5.68.62514.225
2.Hamish CarterBirmingham5.48.52513.925
3.Jamie LewisWoking5.48.37513.775
4.Matthew BoardmanNotts Gymnastics Academy5.27.7750.312.675
5.Joe FraserBirmingham5.66.8000.112.300
6.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham6.06.12512.125
7.Josh CookBarry YMCA5.36.8000.112.000
8.Joshua NathanBirmingham5.26.57511.775

Masters Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Rhys McClenaghanRathgael Gymnastics & Tumbling Club6.18.80014.900
2.Prashanth SellathuraiMilton Keynes Gym6.07.77513.775
3.Korben FellowsBirmingham5.28.47513.675
4.Jac DaviesSwansea Gymnastics Centre6.17.15013.250
5.Jamie LewisWoking6.46.50012.900
6.James HallPegasus5.96.77512.675
7.William TroodLoughborough Students4.48.00012.400
8.Sam OldhamNotts Gymnastics Academy5.16.87511.975

Masters Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Courtney TullochPegasus6.48.55014.950
2.Joe FraserBirmingham5.18.47513.575
3.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex5.38.07513.375
4.James HallPegasus5.47.75013.150
5.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham5.17.92513.025
6.Elliott CooperManchester6.06.85012.850
7.Joe Cemlyn-JonesFalcons Gym Academy4.38.32512.625
8.Jamie LewisWoking4.48.10012.500

Masters Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ewan McAteerLisburn Salto5.29.12514.32514.037
2.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham5.28.7750.113.87513.912
3.Gabriel HannahLoughborough Students4.88.75013.55013.800
4.Hamish CarterBirmingham4.89.17513.97513.700
5.Donell OsbourneBirmingham4.49.1250.113.42513.450
6.Sam MostowfiPegasus4.89.20014.00013.100
7.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex4.87.75012.55013.050
8.David WeirGlasgow4.87.9500.312.45012.562

Masters Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.James HallPegasus5.88.02513.825
2.Donell OsbourneBirmingham4.88.92513.725
3.Joe FraserBirmingham5.08.62513.625
4.Sam OldhamNotts Gymnastics Academy5.97.65013.550
5.William TroodLoughborough Students4.78.75013.450
6.Daniel LeeTolworth3.98.47512.375
7.Jamie LewisWoking4.87.30012.100
8.Elliott CooperManchester5.36.50011.800

Masters High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Joe FraserBirmingham5.28.67513.875
2.Joshua NathanBirmingham4.48.70013.100
3.Donell OsbourneBirmingham4.58.57513.075
4.Jamie LewisWoking4.88.22513.025
5.Gabriel HannahLoughborough Students4.48.42512.825
6.Kevin CerdaBirmingham5.46.97512.375
7.William TroodLoughborough Students4.17.12511.225
8.Dominick CunninghamBirmingham5.35.87511.175

Junior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Taeja JamesBirmingham4.69.07513.67513.612
2.Amelie MorganSlough4.69.30013.90013.525
3.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy4.68.92513.52513.425
4.Sioned ThomasSwansea Gymnastics Centre4.68.60013.20013.275
5.Scarlett WilliamsNotts Gymnastics Academy4.09.10013.10012.637
6.Ellie RussellWest Lothian Artistic3.78.67512.37512.550
7.Kirsty FowlerAberdeen3.58.87512.37512.337
8.Laura BeasleyPark Wrekin4.67.67512.2756.137

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Taeja JamesBirmingham4.68.97513.575
2.Amelie MorganSlough4.48.67513.075
3.Jolie RuckleyCardiff Olympic4.38.40012.700
4.Paige ThomasNeath Afan4.37.92512.225
5.Kelsey Ann MooreLiverpool4.56.70011.200
6.Roshelle Spencer-SmithHeathrow4.16.87510.975
7.Phoebe JakubczykThe Academy3.66.90010.500
8.Hallie CopperwheatSapphire3.56.77510.275

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Amelie MorganSlough5.28.25013.450
2.Taeja JamesBirmingham5.67.42513.025
3.Jolie RuckleyCardiff Olympic4.77.90012.600
4.Alyieana RahimSapphire4.18.17512.275
5.Ellee CheethamManchester4.37.72512.025
6.Laura BeasleyPark Wrekin4.76.97511.675
7.Scarlett WilliamsNotts Gymnastics Academy4.67.00011.600
8.Megan SplainSapphire4.37.07511.375

Junior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Taeja JamesBirmingham5.48.65014.050
2.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy4.98.07512.975
3.Jolie RuckleyCardiff Olympic4.38.45012.750
4.Megan SplainSapphire4.28.30012.500
5.Ellie RussellWest Lothian Artistic4.38.05012.350
6.Phoebe JakubczykThe Academy4.08.4000.112.300
7.Amelie MorganSlough4.77.6750.312.075
8.Amelia KnightThe Academy4.26.9750.310.875

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