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France Wins Sainté Gym Cup in Saint Étienne
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The host nation captured the team title at the Sainté Gym Cup, an international friendly tournament held Saturday and Sunday in Saint Étienne, France. Pictured: Senior all-around medalists Julie Meyers of Belgium and Léanne Bourgeois and Grâce Charpy of France

The host nation captured the team title at the Sainté Gym Cup, an international friendly women's tournament held Saturday and Sunday in Saint Étienne, France.

Organized by the Indépendante Stéphanoise club and Pôle Gym Saint Étienne, the Sainté Gym Cup attracted 36 gymnasts from eight other European nations: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Romania and Spain. On Saturday, junior and senior competed for all-around medals. A preliminary team competition featured up to four gymnasts on a team with three scores counting per event. On Sunday, the eight countries returned for a two-up two-count team final.

Léane Bourgeois(Avoine Beaumont), Aline Friess (Saint Étienne), Alison Lepin (Avoine Beaumont), Jana Mouffok (Meaux) combined to give France 101.600.

Lepin, a member of France's bronze medal-winning squad at the 2016 European Championships in Bern, had the high score for France on uneven bars (inside Stalder full; Van Leeuwen; inside Stalder blind to piked Jaeger; toe-on Tkatchev; stalder-full to full-twisting double; 14.000). Lepin is on France's team to the European championships next month in in Cluj-Napoca along with Marine Boyer, Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos and Coline Devillard.

A Belgian team of Margaux Daveloose, Fien Engels, Julie Meyers and Julie Vandamme placed second (94.100).

A trio of Spanish juniors (Violeta Sánchez, Paula Norberto and Mar Palliso) finished third with 93.100. Italy was fourth (92.750), followed by Austria (91.050), Finland (84.550) and Israel (69.900).

Romania sent three gymnasts, but they competed uneven bars and balance beam only as preparation for Europeans. Larisa Iordache made her comeback in her first competition since her Olympic heartbreak last year. She had been entered into last weekend's World Cup in Stuttgart but was forced to withdraw after a flare-up of plantar fasciitis. She had the top score of the meet with her 14.050 on uneven bars (Maloney; Pak; Van Leeuwen; Jaeger; toe-full to full-twisting double). On Saturday she dropped off beam on her full, but managed to overcome some large wobbles to stay on through sheer grit (front aerial; ff tucked full; split jump, switch half; switch leap full; side aerial; double turn; side somi; RO ff 2 1/2; 13.200).

Teammate Ioana Crişan, competing in her first senior international, dropped off beam on her ff, ff, two-foot layout series for a mere 10.500. She hit uneven bars with a fairly clean routine, showing lovely leg form and toepoint, albeit with several leg separations (Stalder; Stalder-full to Tkatchev to Pak; double layout; 13.100). Iordache and Crişan will compete in Cluj-Napoca alongside Cătălina Ponor and Olivia Cîmpian, who were sent to the Doha World Cup this weekend.

Bourgeois won the senior all-around title (49.900) over Meyers (49.800) and Saint-Etienne's Grâce Charpy (49.050).

Italy's Alessia Canali won the junior all-around title (48.950) over Friess (48.500) and Spain's Violeta Sánchez (47.850). Canali and Friess were born in 2003, while Sánchez was born in 2002.

Charpy's younger sister, first-year senior Lorette Charpy, will compete next weekend in Italy at the annual City of Jesolo Trophy alongside Boyer, De Jesus Dos Santos and Juliette Bossu. Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italy, France, Russia and the United States are also slated for Jesolo. This year's French national championships take place in May.

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2017 Sainté Gym Cup
May 25-26, Saint Étienne, France

Team FinalVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  France26.80026.75024.55023.500101.600
Alison Lepin13.30014.00012.30011.550
Léane Bourgeois13.50011.950
Jana Mouffok12.750
Aline Friess12.250
2.  Belgium25.75023.05021.40023.90094.100
Margaux Daveloose12.40011.750
Fien Engels12.15011.500
Julie Meyers13.3509.900
Julie Vandamme10.90012.150
3.  Spain26.55022.80019.85023.90093.100
Violeta Sánchez13.40011.6008.80011.800
Paula Norberto13.15011.200
Mar Palliso11.05012.100
4.  Italy24.70020.80021.85025.40092.750
Chiara Vergani12.60010.10011.30012.950
Lisa Uggeri10.55012.450
Arianna Bellan12.10010.700
5.  Austria26.40022.15019.35023.15091.050
Jasmin Mader13.40012.1009.950
Marlies Männersdorfer13.00011.400
Bianca Frysak10.0509.400
Tamara Stadelmann11.750
6.  Finland24.55022.80017.50019.70084.550
Wilma Malin13.20011.1507.55010.000
Meeriellen Sukari11.3509.9509.700
Iida-Maria Vänni11.650
7.  Israel25.90010.10011.15022.75069.900
Gaya Giladi13.45011.200
Tzuf Feldon11.15011.550
Ofir Netzer12.45010.100
8.  Romania27.15023.85051.000
Larisa Iordache14.05013.200
Ioana Crişan13.10010.650

Team QualificationVTUBBBFXTotal
1.  France40.55035.70036.90035.500148.650
Léane Bourgeois13.50011.95012.50011.950
Alison Lepin13.50011.95011.70011.800
Aline Friess12.50011.65012.60011.750
Jana Mouffok13.55011.80011.80010.850
2.  Belgium38.50036.55034.40035.300144.750
Julie Meyers13.30012.75011.90011.850
Fien Engels12.65012.60010.90011.000
Julie Vandamme12.55011.05011.60011.300
Margaux Daveloose12.20011.20010.15012.150
3.  Austria38.60034.50032.65035.650141.400
Jasmin Mader13.55012.20011.00011.700
Marlies Männersdorfer12.85011.30010.55012.650
Bianca Frysak12.20011.00010.95011.000
Tamara Stadelmann12.15010.75010.70011.300
4.  Spain40.15032.30030.65033.950137.050
Violeta Sánchez13.65011.45011.30011.450
Paula Norberto13.20010.70010.15010.300
Mar Palliso13.30010.1508.60011.500
Carlota Ortega9.8509.20011.000
5.  Italy35.95030.55031.30034.900132.700
Chiara Vergani12.00010.70010.30011.800
Lisa Uggeri11.8009.65010.70011.900
Arianna Bellan12.15010.20010.30011.200
Emanuela Petrean11.2509.20010.20010.450
6.  Finland37.80030.05029.15031.800128.800
Iida-Maria Vänni12.65010.60011.85011.400
Wilma Malin13.25011.0508.70010.500
Meeriellen Sukari11.9008.4008.6009.900
7.  Israel38.20020.80029.35031.750120.100
Ofir Netzer12.45010.60010.150
Gaya Giladi13.5507.65011.600
Tzuf Feldon12.2008.55010.300
Ofir Kremer10.20010.6509.850
8.  Romania38.55034.60073.150
Larisa Iordache13.85012.050
Laura Jurca12.55011.400
Ioana Crişan12.15011.150

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Léane Bourgeois4.613.5004.711.9504.812.5004.511.95049.900
2.Julie Meyers4.613.3004.812.7505.011.9004.211.85049.800
3.Grâce Charpy4.613.4004.812.3504.811.3004.812.00049.050
4.Alison Lepin4.813.5005.511.9504.811.7004.911.80048.950
5.Jasmin Mader4.613.5504.412.2004.311.0004.011.70048.450
6.Jana Mouffok4.613.5504.911.8005.111.8004.310.85048.000
7.Marlies Männersdorfer4.212.8504.111.3004.610.5504.212.65047.350
8.Thea Mille Nygaard4.012.4504.211.2004.810.9004.511.80046.350
9.Bianca Frysak3.512.2004.211.0004.410.9504.011.00045.150
10.Tamara Stadelmann3.512.1503.510.7504.410.7004.111.30044.900
11.Chiara Vergani3.912.0004.410.7004.910.3004.711.80044.800
12.Lisa Uggeri3.711.8001.89.6503.610.7004.111.90044.050
13.Wilma Malin4.213.2504.311.0502.98.7004.010.50043.500
14.Emanuela Petrean2.611.2501.39.2003.910.2003.510.45041.100
15.Ofir Netzer4.012.4504.510.6004.210.15033.200
16.Gaya Giladi4.613.5504.27.6504.411.60032.800
17.Tzuf Feldon3.712.2003.58.5504.510.30031.050
18.Ofir Kremer2.710.2004.610.6503.99.85030.700
19.Larisa Iordache5.413.8505.612.05025.900
20.Laura Jurca4.712.5504.711.40023.950
21.Ioana Crişan4.512.1505.211.50023.300
22.Alix Scandella2.010.10010.100

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Alessia Canali4.613.2004.511.3004.412.2004.412.25048.950
2.Aline Friess4.612.5004.511.6505.012.6004.511.75048.500
3.Violeta Sánchez4.613.6504.511.4505.011.3004.111.45047.850
4.Deborah Salmina4.613.4004.712.1503.79.9504.511.95047.450
5.Fien Engels4.012.6504.412.6004.310.9004.011.00047.150
6.Iida-Maria Vänni4.612.6504.610.6004.411.8504.111.40046.500
7.Julie Vandamme4.012.5504.311.0504.711.6004.311.30046.500
8.Margaux Daveloose3.512.2004.311.2004.810.1504.612.15045.700
9.Emma Grisetti4.012.9004.18.7504.511.7504.411.15044.550
10.Paula Norberto4.613.2004.710.7004.210.1504.110.30044.350
11.Arianna Bellan4.212.1503.910.2003.910.3004.211.20043.850
12.Mar Palliso4.613.3004.210.1503.08.6004.211.50043.550
13.Meeriellen Sukari3.711.9003.38.4003.38.6003.39.90038.800
14.Carlota Ortega3.49.8503.99.2003.911.00030.050
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