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Chinese, Berki Shine in Melbourne Finals
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China won four gold medals at the first day of finals at the first FIG Melbourne World Cup, held Friday at Melbourne Olympic Park. Pictured: China's Liu Tingting won the uneven bars title over teammate Luo Huan (left) and Australia's Rianna Mizzen (right).

China won four gold medals at the first day of finals at the first FIG Melbourne World Cup, held Friday at Melbourne Olympic Park.

The apparatus competition is the first of the individual apparatus World Cup events scheduled for the 2017 FIG season. The event attracted gymnasts from 14 countries to Hisense Arena at Melbourne Park, near the Rod Laver Arena, site of the 2005 World Championships. The Melbourne World Cup has been added to the FIG calendar as an annual event through 2020.

Wang Yan, a double finalist at the 2016 Olympics, won the gold medal on women's vault with a double-twisting Tsukahara and layout Rudi. 2012 Australian Olympian Emily Little won the silver (double-twisting Yurchenko and Tsukahara full) over Malaysia's Tan Ing Yueh (piked barani; Tsukahara full).

Liu Tingting won uneven bars (Maloney to Pak; Van Leeuwen; Healy; healy half; healy; Ling, piked Jaeger; double layout). Luo Huan, who topped Liu in qualifications, won the silver after becoming a bit lost on her pirouettes before her dismount (Maloney to Pak; Van Leeuwen; Ling to Piked Jaeger; double layout); Australian Rianna Mizzen won the bronze (Weiler kip, Weiler half, Maloney; Hindorff to Pak; Van Leeuwen; toe-on full to full-twisting double).

Japanese star Kenzo Shirai managed to win the floor exercise title, despite a low landing on his first pass of triple-twisting double layout, stumbling forward on his second pass of tucked triple-double, and struggling to land his quadruple twist dismount. His 7.2 Difficulty score led him to gold with 14.700, however, topping China's Mu Jile (14.466/5.9) and Turkey's Ferhat Arıcan (14.033/5.7). Japan's Wataru Tanigawa tied Arıcan with 14.033, but his lower Execution score dropped him to fourth via a tiebreak.

2012 Olympic champion Krisztián Berki (Hungary) improved his score from qualification by .133, scoring 14.933 (6.3D) in the final to take the gold medal on pommel horse. China's Zou Jingyuan (14.433/5.9) won the silver over teammate Weng Hao (14.333/6.2).

On still rings, Zou shared the gold medal with teammate Wu Guanhua. The tie was unable to be broken as they both scored an identical 14.866 with a D-Score of 6.2 and E-Score of 8.666. İbrahim Çolak earned another medal for Turkey with the bronze (14.366/6.2).

The competition concludes Saturday in Melbourne with the remaining five finals.

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2017 FIG Melbourne World Cup
February 24, Melbourne Olympic Park, Australia

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Wang Yan5.68.4000.113.90014.250
2.Emily Little5.49.16614.56614.199
3.Naomi Lee4.69.00013.60013.383
4.Tan Ing Yueh4.68.2660.112.76613.116
5.Tracie Ang4.48.80013.20013.116
6.Caitlin Todd4.28.83313.03313.049
7.Tsz Sum Elizabeth Chan4.28.2660.112.36612.649

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Liu Tingting6.08.30014.300
2.Luo Huan6.07.86613.866
3.Rianna Mizzen6.07.43313.433
4.Georgia-Rose Brown5.27.86613.066
5.Tracie Ang4.57.30011.800
6.Tan Ing Yueh4.46.63311.033

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Kenzo Shirai7.27.50014.700
2.Mu Jile5.98.56614.466
3.Ferhat Arıcan5.78.33314.033
4.Wataru Tanigawa6.17.93314.033
5.Ahmet Önder5.78.30014.000
6.Luke Wadsworth5.58.2660.113.666
7.Christopher Remkes6.17.5330.113.533
8.Luke Dobney4.37.20011.500

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Krisztián Berki6.38.63314.933
2.Zou Jingyuan5.98.53314.433
3.Weng Hao6.28.13314.333
4.Zoltán Kállai5.78.26613.966
5.Ferhat Arıcan5.88.10013.900
6.Yusuke Saito5.77.83313.533
7.Christopher Remkes5.36.50011.800
8.Michael Tone5.66.03311.633

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Wu Guanhua6.28.66614.866
1.Zou Jingyuan6.28.66614.866
3.İbrahim Çolak6.28.16614.366
4.Koji Yamamuro6.17.96614.066
5.Ng Kiu Chung6.17.46613.566
6.Devy Dyson5.47.93313.333
7.Michael Tone5.27.40012.600
8.Ahmet Önder5.57.06612.566
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