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China, Japan Top Qualification in Melbourne
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China and Japan dominated the second day of qualification at the first FIG Melbourne World Cup, held Thursday at Melbourne Olympic Park. Pictured: Liu Tingting qualified first on balance beam and second floor exercise on Thursday.

China and Japan dominated the second day of qualification at the first FIG Melbourne World Cup, held Thursday at Melbourne Olympic Park.

The apparatus competition is the first of the individual apparatus World Cup events scheduled for the 2017 FIG season. The event attracted gymnasts from 14 countries to Hisense Arena at Melbourne Park, near the Rod Laver Arena, site of the 2005 World Championships. The Melbourne World Cup has been added to the FIG calendar as an annual event through 2020.

The Chinese completed their sweep of the women's qualification, with Liu Tingting (balance beam) and Wang Yan (floor exercise) each topping one event. Liu was spectacular on balance beam, showing beautiful work with a style different than the typical Chinese standard on beam (piked front mount; front handspring, tuck front; switch ring to ff; split leap, side aerial, split jump; front handspring, Yang Bo jump, Korbut combination; front aerial to double stag jump; double tuck with one hop) for first place 14.666/6.2 . Teammate Luo Huan, who was first on uneven bars during Wednesday's qualification, finished second (14.366/5.9) over Olympic champion Sanne Wevers (13.866/5.4). Wevers, competing for the first time since the Olympics in Rio, competed a watered-down routine that was clean overall.

Wang, a member of China's bronze medal-winning team in Rio, topped qualification on women's floor exercise (double layout; triple twist, punch front; 2 1/2 to layout front; double pike; 13.433/5.4). Liu finished second (13.400/5.1) over 2012 Australian Olympian Emily Little (12.633/4.8).

First on floor exercise on Thursday, Japanese star Kenzo Shirai topped the standings again on men's vault, averaging 14.549. Turkey's Ahmet Önder qualified second (14.299) over Japan's Wataru Tanigawa (14.249).

Chinese newcomer Zou Jingyuan qualified first on parallel bars (15.433/6.6). Turkish gymnast Ferhat Arıcan took second place (14.833/6.3) over Shirai (14.200/6.0).

Japan's Yusuke Saito led qualification on high bar with 14.366 (6.7). New Zealander Devy Dyson qualified second (13.333/4.9) over Önder (12.900/5.6).

The competition continues Friday evening in Melbourne with the first day of finals.

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2017 FIG Melbourne World Cup
February 23, Melbourne Olympic Park, Australia

Balance Beam QualificationDENDScore
1.Liu Tingting6.28.5660.114.666
2.Luo Huan5.98.46614.366
3.Sanne Wevers5.48.5660.113.866
4.Emma Nedov5.57.8000.113.200
5.Tracie Ang4.97.06611.966
6.Estella Matthewson4.77.13311.833
7.Emily Little5.26.60011.800
8.Ing Yueh Tan5.26.4000.111.500
9.Isabella Brett5.15.70010.800

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Wang Yan5.48.03313.433
2.Liu Tingting5.18.30013.400
3.Emily Little4.87.83312.633
4.Tracie Ang4.38.26612.566
5.Isabella Brett4.57.93312.433
6.Georgia Godwin5.47.00012.400
7.Ing Yueh Tan4.57.2660.311.466
8.Estella Matthewson4.56.6660.310.866

Men's Vault QualificationDENDScoreAverage
1.Kenzo Shirai5.69.33314.93314.549
2.Ahmet Önder5.29.53314.73314.299
3.Wataru Tanigawa5.68.33313.93314.249
4.Christopher Remkes5.69.06614.66614.233
5.Man Hin Jim5.28.83314.03313.499
6.Clay Mason Stephens5.28.3660.313.26613.483
7.Ferhat Arıcan5.28.10013.30013.333
8.Luke Dobney4.49.1330.113.43313.216

Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Zou Jingyuan6.68.83315.433
2.Ferhat Arıcan6.38.53314.833
3.Kenzo Shirai6.08.20014.200
4.Jim Man Hin4.78.10012.800
4.Ahmet Önder6.06.80012.800
6.Devy Dyson5.07.70012.700
7.Clay Mason Stephens5.36.73312.033
8.Mitchell Morgans5.16.90012.000
9.Koji Yamamuro5.55.03310.533

High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Yusuke Saito6.77.66614.366
2.Devy Dyson4.98.43313.333
3.Ahmet Önder5.67.30012.900
4.Kenzo Shirai5.27.43312.633
5.Michael Mercieca5.26.83312.033
6.Ferhat Arican5.07.00012.000
7.Jim Man Hin4.27.66611.866
8.Mitchell Morgans5.86.03311.833
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