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Deva-Romania Wins Nadia Comaneci International Invitational
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The final rotation of the ninth annual Nadia Comaneci International Invitational featured a shakeup in the standings, but the camaraderie afterward is what has come to define this particular competition. Held on a podium at the Cox Arena on Feb. 11 in Oklahoma City, Club Équilibrix of Canada held a 1.10 lead over Deva of Romania after three events. Gym-Fly, also from Canada, was almost 3.0 behind Deva. That's when things got interesting.

A quartet of Romanians from Deva won the team title at the 24th Nadia Comaneci International.

Équilibrix struggled on uneven bars while Deva was steady on floor exercise. Gym-Fly, however, posted its highest event total on balance beam (28.10), which also was the top event score among all the teams for any apparatus. Deva climbed to first, Gym-Fly to second, while Équilibrix slipped to third.

"We've been changing their routines a little bit according to the new Code, so it's a little bit unstable at the end," said Équilibrix coach Natalie Turner. "But I was really happy with the way they competed. We don't usually do team competitions, and this was a great opportunity."

The team competition, which combined juniors and seniors and included gymnasts from Australia, Sweden, Romania, Canada and the USA, were determined by the top two scores, with a maximum of three on an event. Romania brought four juniors, which helped erase some mistakes here and there. But the team showed excellent technique and form on every event.

Deva coach Daniela Mărănducă Nicolai, a member of Romania's gold medal-winning team at the 1994 World Championships, was pleased with how her team performed.

"Pretty good," she said. "We have to work on upgrading the difficulty and a lot of work on execution."

It was Nicolai's second trip to this competition.

"I have a lot of fun," she said. "Nadia is great with us every year."

Gym-Fly's runner-up finish was impressive because it brought only two gymnasts, so every score counted. Innovation ran throughout their routines. Both gymnasts vaulted a roundoff onto the board, 3/4 turn to piked Tsukahara. On bars, Victoria Jurca did a Weiler kip, a toe-on Tkatchev and an under swing to front-half dismount. Laurie-Lou Vézina also performed a toe-on Tkatchev, and added a Yezhova, a free hip hecht from low to high, and a free hip to back tuck dismount. Vézina mounted beam with a roundoff back handspring, and on floor, Jurca tumbled piked and tucked full-ins, and piked and tucked double backs.

"Yes, yes, I'm so happy," said Gym-Fly coach Jacynthe Émard, a former Canadian national team member. "I chose the moves for each girl. " Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Vézina's bars dismount was the same as Emard's.

Vézina was pleased to climb from third to the top of senior all-around podium in the final rotation.

"It was great," she said. "This performance was better [than Elite Canada the week before]. It's the third time we've done this competition, and it's fun."

Audrey Rousseau (Équilibrix) and Megan Phillips (Gymnix) placed second and third, respectively.

Laura Iacob of Deva won the junior all-around by 0.6 over teammate Ioana Stanciulescu, while Gym-Fly's Jurca finished third.

"I worked a lot and am very glad to get this trophy tonight," Jacob said.

Many of the Canadian teams had just competed in Elite Canada, but Émard put the Nadia competition in perspective.

It's a relaxed competition," she said. "I came back from Elite Canada [where there is] a lot of pressure. After, it is better to just have fun."

24th Nadia Comaneci International Invitational
February 11, 2017, Oklahoma City, USA

2.Gym Fly27.25024.00028.10025.250104.600
3.Club Équilibrix27.20022.20027.10026.250102.750
8.Stampede City12.05010.30010.60011.60044.550
10.Top Gym12.90013.10026.000

Senior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly13.15012.25014.40012.65052.450
2.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.95010.80013.60013.50051.850
3.Megan PhillipsGymnix13.40012.20013.40012.80051.800
4.Kierstin AndersonPegasus12.95010.05013.50012.45048.950
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets13.2009.00010.90012.25045.350

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Laura IacobDeva14.05012.15014.10012.80053.100
2.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.85011.50013.80013.45052.600
3.Victoria JurcaGym Fly14.10011.75013.70012.60052.150
4.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix13.25011.40013.50011.80049.950
5.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym12.95010.60013.60012.65049.800
6.Charlotte McDevittÉquilibrix13.0009.15012.80012.75047.700
7.Evalyn KaufmannPegasus12.9509.70011.40012.40046.450
8.Lea AtanganaStampede City12.05010.30010.60011.60044.550
9.Daniela TricăDeva13.00013.30012.95039.250
10.Kristina UndheimTop Gym12.90013.10026.000
11.Jenna DunnBCGA13.00013.000
12.Cameo StapletonBCGA12.45012.450
13.Ariadna StanciuDeva10.95010.950
14.Bell JohnsonBCGA10.70010.700

Senior VaultScore
1.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.950
2.Megan PhillipsGymnix13.400
3.Teliah Farren-PriceJets13.200
4.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly13.150
5.Kierstin AndersonPegasus12.950

Senior Uneven BarsScore
1.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly12.250
2.Megan PhillipsGymnix12.200
3.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix10.800
4.Kierstin AndersonPegasus10.050
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets9.000

Senior Balance BeamScore
1.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly14.400
2.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.600
3.Kierstin AndersonPegasus13.500
4.Megan PhillipsGymnix13.400
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets10.900

Senior Floor ExerciseScore
1.Audrey RousseauÉquilibrix13.500
2.Megan PhillipsGymnix12.800
3.Laurie-Lou VézinaGym Fly12.650
4.Kierstin AndersonPegasus12.450
5.Teliah Farren-PriceJets12.250

Junior VaultScore
1.Victoria JurcaGym Fly14.100
2.Laura IacobDeva14.050
3.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.850
4.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix13.250
5.Charlotte McDevittÉquilibrix13.000
6.Daniela TricăDeva13.000
7.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym12.950
8.Evalyn KaufmannPegasus12.950

Junior Uneven BarsScore
1.Laura IacobDeva12.150
2.Victoria JurcaGym Fly11.750
3.Ioana StănciulescuDeva11.500
4.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix11.400
5.Ariadna StanciuDeva10.950
6.Bell JohnsonBCGA10.700
7.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym10.600
8.Lea AtanganaStampede City10.300

Junior Balance BeamScore
1.Laura IacobDeva14.100
2.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.800
3.Victoria JurcaGym Fly13.700
4.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym13.600
5.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix13.500
6.Daniela TricăDeva13.300
7.Kristina UndheimTop Gym13.100
8.Jenna DunnBCGA13.000

Junior Floor ExerciseScore
1.Ioana StănciulescuDeva13.450
2.Daniela TricăDeva12.950
3.Laura IacobDeva12.800
4.Charlotte McDevittÉquilibrix12.750
5.Emmanuelle LalondeUnigym12.650
6.Victoria JurcaGym Fly12.600
7.Evalyn KaufmannPegasus12.400
8.Éloise MonatÉquilibrix11.800
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