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Pan American Championships Begin in Bolivia
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The U.S. men captured the junior team title on Thursday as the 2016 Pan American Gymnastics Championships began in Sucre, Bolivia.

The U.S. men captured the junior team title on Thursday as the 2016 Pan American Gymnastics Championships began in Sucre, Bolivia.

The competition features apparatus championships for seniors, and team, all-around and apparatus championships for juniors.

The U.S. men's squad of Andrew Bitner, Bennet Huang, Vitaly Guimares, and Justin Ah Chow won the junior team title. Brazil (Bernardo Actos, Tomas Rodriguez, Murilo Miguel Souza and Diogo Brajao) won the silver over Mexico (Isaac Núñez, Joshua Valle, Josué Juárez and José Daniel Rodríguez).

Actos, 17, won the junior all-around title over Huang and Bitner.

"I worked hard to get here," Actos said. "The competition was tough."

Ten nations – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay &nash; sent men for the senior apparatus competition. In Thursday's qualification, Guatemala's Jorge Vega (floor exercise) and Brazil's Caio Souza (pommel horse and parallel bars) both led qualification on two events. 2012 Olympic finalist Federico Molinari (Argentina) had the top score on still rings while Colombia's Didier Lugo qualified first on high bar.

Competition continues Friday with the women's senior apparatus qualification and junior team and all-around. Ten nations (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Uruguay) sent senior women, while nine (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Cayman Islands and Mexico) sent juniors.

2016 Pan American Gymnastics Championships
September 15, Sucre, Bolivia

Senior Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDENDScore
1.Jorge Vega6.58.65015.150 Q
2.Didier Lugo6.38.10014.400 Q
3.Daniel Villafañe5.68.40014.000 Q
4.Victor Rostagno5.87.90013.700 Q
5.Angelo Roberto Dias6.57.3000.113.700 Q
6.Yosías Bustos5.58.10013.600 Q
7.Cristián Bruno5.68.00013.600 Q
8.Henry González5.77.7500.113.350 Q
9.Andrés Valverde4.68.55013.150 R
10.Kristopher Bohórquez5.87.30013.100
11.Gerardo Cabrera5.07.30012.300
12.Jorge Iñigo5.56.9000.112.300
13.Cristhian Meneses5.26.90012.100
14.Alejandro Chumacero5.26.85012.050
15.Rodolfo Velez4.57.3500.111.750
16.Israel Chiriboga5.26.3000.311.200
17.Daniel Avellaneda4.26.85011.050

Senior Pommel Horse QualificationDENDScore
1.Caio Souza6.17.90014.000 Q
2.Raphael Arakawa5.97.75013.650 Q
3.Israel Chiriboga5.57.15012.650 Q
4.Yosías Bustos5.06.70011.700 Q
5.Alejandro Chumacero4.67.00011.600 Q
6.Andrés Valverde4.17.45011.550 Q
7.Jorge Iñigo4.17.10011.200 Q
8.Henry González4.75.90010.600 Q
9.Daniel Avellaneda4.26.30010.500 R
10.Rodolfo Velez2.75.8004.04.500

Senior Still Rings QualificationDENDScore
1.Federico Molinari6.48.45014.850 Q
2.Kristopher Bohórquez6.28.10014.300 Q
3.Didier Lugo6.87.40014.200 Q
4.Daniel Villafañe6.57.65014.150 Q
5.Jorge Vega5.38.15013.450 Q
6.Victor Rostagno5.27.60012.800 Q
7.Henry González4.77.80012.500 Q
8.Andrés Valverde4.08.05012.050 Q
9.Cristhian Meneses4.57.10011.600 R
10.Rodolfo Velez4.56.80011.300
11.Jorge Iñigo4.76.30011.000
12.Daniel Avellaneda3.46.4509.850

Senior Men's Vault QualificationDENDAverage
1.Jorge Vega5.69.2500.0514.800 Q
2.Angelo Roberto Dias5.49.25014.650 Q
3.Dilan Jiménez5.49.02514.425 Q
4.Victor Rostagno5.08.57513.575 Q
5.Andrés Valverde4.88.62513.375 Q
6.Cristhian Meneses5.48.0750.0513.325 Q
7.Gerardo Cabrera4.48.8500.1513.250

Senior Parallel Bars QualificationDENDScore
1.Caio Souza6.58.65015.150 Q
2.Dilan Jiménez6.37.75014.050 Q
3.Didier Lugo5.68.40014.000 Q
4.Kristopher Bohórquez5.68.40014.000
5.Osvaldo Martínez5.67.65013.250 Q
6.Henry González4.68.35012.950 Q
7.Israel Chiriboga5.67.35012.950 Q
8.Cristián Bruno5.07.85012.850 Q
9.Yosías Bustos4.87.65012.450 Q
10.Gerardo Cabrera3.68.65012.250 R
11.Jorge Vega5.46.45011.850
12.Andrés Valverde3.18.65011.75
13.Jorge Iñigo3.55.8509.350

Senior High Bar QualificationDENDScore
1.Didier Lugo6.08.10014.100 Q
2.Yosías Bustos5.28.40013.600 Q
3.Cristián Bruno5.48.00013.400 Q
4.Victor Rostagno4.48.95013.350 Q
5.Dilan Jiménez5.77.60013.300 Q
6.Henry González4.78.25012.950 Q
7.Israel Chiriboga5.27.60012.800 Q
8.Andrés Valverde3.68.60012.200 Q
9.Osvaldo Martínez5.66.30011.900 R
10.Jorge Iñigo3.97.05010.950

(Full junior results not yet available)
Junior Men's Team
1.United States
6.Costa Rica

Junior Men's All-AroundTotal
1.Bernardo Actos82.150
2.Bennet Huang81.150
3.Andrew Bitner80.850
4.Julián Jato
5.Diogo Brajao
6.Isaac Núñez
7.Josué Juárez
8.José Martínez
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