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Bevan, Karnejenko Win UK School Games
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Latalia Bevan (Wales) and Pavel Karnejenko (Scotland) won the all-around titles Saturday at the 2016 UK School Games, held in Loughborough, Leicestershire. Pictured: The Welsh women defended their team title.

Latalia Bevan (Wales) and Pavel Karnejenko (Scotland) won the all-around titles Saturday at the 2016 UK School Games, held in Loughborough, Leicestershire, where the Welsh women and English men defended their team titles.

The annual School Games is a multi-sport event for school-aged athletes. This year's event, held at Loughborough University, attracted 1,600 athletes competing in 12 Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Wales topped England by more than 7 points in the women's competition, with Scotland winning the bronze.

Bevan successfully defended her all-around title and was followed by teammate Maisie Methuen, who took the silver. Bevan, who trains at St Tydfils Gymnastics Club in Merthyr Tydfil, missed the Junior British Championships earlier this year with an injury.

Methuen, who trains at Phoenix Gymnastics Club in Cardiff, won the Junior British title this year and was a beam finalist at the Junior European championships in Bern. She was one of 39 young athletes and coaches who went to the recent Olympic Games in Rio as part of the British Olympic Association's "Ambition" program.

England's Amelie Morgan won the all-around bronze behind Methuen.

Methuen led the qualification on vault, uneven bars and floor exercise, while Bevan had the top score on balance beam.

In the men's competition, England won the team title comfortably over Scotland, 321.750 to 312.900. Wales won the bronze.

Karnejenko, fifth in 2015, edged England's Joe Cemlyn-Jones by .2, with England's Jake Jarman taking the bronze.

Karnejenko, who trains at City of Glasgow Gymnastics Club, won parallel bars at last year's School Games in Manchester.

England topped qualification on four of the events: Adam Tobin (floor exercise), Cemlyn-Jones (pommel horse), Euan Cox (parallel bars) and Jack Chamberlain (high bar). Karnejenko was the top qualifier on still rings, while clubmate Kelvin Cham led vaulting.

The competition concludes Sunday with the apparatus finals.

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2016 UK School Games
September 3, Loughborough, Leicestershire

Women's TeamTotal
1. Wales208.400
2. England200.850
3. Scotland189.300

Men's TeamTotal
1. England321.750
2. Scotland312.900
3. Wales300.050
4. Northern Ireland73.200

Women's All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Latalia Bevan13.40012.75013.55013.20052.900
2.Maisie Methuen14.00013.45011.75013.45052.650
3.Amelie Morgan13.90011.75013.30013.05052.000
4.Zoe Simmons13.55012.05012.75012.75051.100
5.Halle Hilton13.45011.75013.20012.50050.900
6.Emily Thomas12.50013.15011.90012.75050.300
7.Ellesse Oates13.45010.95012.65012.10049.150
8.Sarah McKenzie13.30010.00012.75012.85048.900
9.Anna Hollins12.75011.15012.40010.95047.250
10.Chiara Bunce12.55011.70012.05010.80047.100
11.Megan Morrison12.70010.20011.85012.20046.950
12.Amelia Knight12.9009.55012.05012.15046.650
13.Ellie Russell13.2009.95011.30011.30045.750
14.Rosa Holm-Huxley12.5009.50011.15011.40044.550
15.Holly Jones13.9500.00011.70012.55038.200

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Pavel Karnejenko13.80013.45013.75014.35013.05012.75081.150
2.Joe Cemlyn-Jones13.95013.70013.20014.20012.55013.35080.950
3.Jake Jarman14.00013.45012.65013.70012.75013.40079.950
4.Euan Cox13.60012.35013.15013.05013.60013.50079.250
5.Jack Chamberlain13.70011.30013.05013.80013.40013.60078.850
6.Adam Tobin14.05012.85012.65013.45012.20013.20078.400
7.David Weir13.60012.45012.70013.65012.35012.90077.650
8.Joshua Lincoln13.20012.35012.90013.70012.75011.45076.350
9.Kelvin Cham13.75012.30012.75013.85010.50012.60075.750
10.Cameron Sinden12.75013.00010.95013.25012.85011.25074.050
11.Benjamin Eyre13.65011.45012.05013.50012.35011.00074.000
12.Sam Mostowfi13.65011.75012.55013.80011.45010.65073.850
13.Josh Cook11.90010.30012.80013.80012.70012.35073.850
14.Ewan McAteer13.20012.20012.15012.90011.80010.95073.200
15.Emil Barber12.2009.35011.55013.60012.70012.95072.350
16.Rory Smith12.80011.35011.65011.80012.25011.70071.550
17.Jacob Edwards13.0508.10012.10012.15012.20010.45068.050
18.Liam Tanner0.00012.25012.15012.20010.4000.00047.000

Women's Vault QualificationDNDScoreAverage
1.Maisie Methuen5.00.114.00014.050
2.Holly Jones5.013.95013.825
3.Amelie Morgan5.013.90013.825
4.Zoe Simmons4.613.55013.450
5.Ellie Russell4.213.20012.750
6.Sarah McKenzie4.413.30012.675

Uneven Bars QualificationDNDScore
1.Maisie Methuen5.213.450
2.Emily Thomas5.013.150
3.Latalia Bevan5.212.750
4.Zoe Simmons4.012.050
5.Halle Hilton4.111.750
6.Amelie Morgan4.911.750
7.Chiara Bunce4.711.700
8.Anna Hollins3.111.150
9.Ellesse Oates5.110.950
10.Megan Morrison2.810.200
11.Sarah McKenzie3.210.000
12.Ellie Russell3.99.950
13.Amelia Knight4.29.550
14.Rosa Holm-Huxley2.49.500

Balance Beam QualificationDNDScore
1.Latalia Bevan5.013.550
2.Amelie Morgan5.213.300
3.Halle Hilton5.213.200
4.Zoe Simmons5.012.750
4.Sarah McKenzie5.012.750
6.Ellesse Oates4.612.650
7.Anna Hollins5.012.400
8.Chiara Bunce4.312.050
9.Amelia Knight4.712.050
10.Emily Thomas4.911.900
11.Megan Morrison4.611.850
12.Maisie Methuen5.211.750
13.Holly Jones4.611.700
14.Ellie Russell5.011.300
15.Rosa Holm-Huxley5.211.150

Women's Floor Exercise QualificationDNDScore
1.Maisie Methuen5.413.450
2.Latalia Bevan5.113.200
3.Amelie Morgan5.013.050
4.Sarah McKenzie4.912.850
5.Emily Thomas4.912.750
6.Zoe Simmons5.012.750
7.Holly Jones4.712.550
8.Halle Hilton4.312.500
9.Megan Morrison4.812.200
10.Amelia Knight4.912.150
11.Ellesse Oates4.912.100
12.Rosa Holm-Huxley3.711.400
13.Ellie Russell4.811.300
14.Anna Hollins4.40.310.950
15.Chiara Bunce3.910.800

Men's Floor Exercise QualificationDNDScore
1.Adam Tobin5.014.050
2.Jake Jarman5.014.000
3.Joe Cemlyn-Jones5.013.950
4.Pavel Karnejenko4.713.800
5.Kelvin Cham5.013.750
6.Jack Chamberlain4.613.700
7.Sam Mostowfi4.513.650
8.Benjamin Eyre4.813.650
9.David Weir4.70.113.600
10.Euan Cox4.813.600
11.Joshua Lincoln4.313.200
12.Ewan McAteer4.713.200
13.Jacob Edwards4.413.050
14.Rory Smith3.812.800
15.Cameron Sinden4.812.750
16.Emil Barber4.812.200
17.Josh Cook5.311.900

Pommel Horse QualificationDNDScore
1.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.813.700
2.Pavel Karnejenko4.513.450
3.Jake Jarman4.813.450
4.Cameron Sinden4.513.000
5.Adam Tobin4.712.850
6.David Weir4.212.450
7.Euan Cox4.412.350
7.Joshua Lincoln4.412.350
9.Kelvin Cham4.612.300
10.Liam Tanner3.912.250
11.Ewan McAteer4.412.200
12.Sam Mostowfi4.111.750
13.Benjamin Eyre4.211.450
14.Rory Smith2.811.350
15.Jack Chamberlain4.711.300
16.Josh Cook3.610.300
17.Emil Barber4.39.350
18.Jacob Edwards3.48.100

Still Rings QualificationDNDScore
1.Pavel Karnejenko4.613.750
2.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.813.200
3.Euan Cox4.813.150
4.Jack Chamberlain4.713.050
5.Joshua Lincoln4.512.900
6.Josh Cook4.312.800
7.Kelvin Cham4.612.750
8.David Weir4.612.700
9.Adam Tobin4.512.650
9.Jake Jarman4.512.650
11.Sam Mostowfi4.512.550
12.Liam Tanner4.212.150
13.Ewan McAteer4.512.150
14.Jacob Edwards2.612.100
15.Benjamin Eyre4.512.050
16.Rory Smith2.411.650
17.Emil Barber2.411.550
18.Cameron Sinden2.810.950

Men's Vault QualificationDNDScoreAverage
1.Kelvin Cham4.413.85013.775
2.Pavel Karnejenko5.214.35013.650
3.Jack Chamberlain4.413.80013.325
4.Emil Barber4.413.60013.225
5.Josh Cook5.20.313.80013.175
6.Jake Jarman4.413.70012.925
7.Joshua Lincoln4.413.70012.400
8.David Weir4.413.65013.075
9.Ewan McAteer5.20.312.90012.850
10.Cameron Sinden4.40.113.25012.700

Parallel Bars QualificationDNDScore
1.Euan Cox5.013.600
2.Jack Chamberlain5.013.400
3.Pavel Karnejenko4.413.050
4.Cameron Sinden3.912.850
5.Jake Jarman4.512.750
6.Joshua Lincoln4.712.750
7.Josh Cook3.912.700
7.Emil Barber3.912.700
9.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.812.550
10.Benjamin Eyre4.412.350
11.David Weir4.512.350
12.Rory Smith2.912.250
13.Jacob Edwards3.412.200
14.Adam Tobin4.712.200
15.Ewan McAteer4.011.800
16.Sam Mostowfi4.611.450
17.Kelvin Cham4.410.500
18.Liam Tanner3.610.400

High Bar QualificationDNDScore
1.Jack Chamberlain4.613.600
2.Euan Cox4.413.500
3.Jake Jarman4.513.400
4.Joe Cemlyn-Jones4.513.350
5.Adam Tobin4.613.200
6.Emil Barber4.112.950
7.David Weir4.312.900
8.Pavel Karnejenko4.612.750
9.Kelvin Cham4.112.600
10.Josh Cook4.512.350
11.Rory Smith3.011.700
12.Joshua Lincoln4.211.450
13.Cameron Sinden3.411.250
14.Benjamin Eyre4.411.000
15.Ewan McAteer4.010.950
16.Sam Mostowfi3.810.650
17.Jacob Edwards2.110.450
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