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Scheder, Toba Lead German Olympic Squads
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National champions Sophie Scheder (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf) and Andreas Toba (TK Hannover) lead Germany's team to the Olympic Games after winning the German Olympic Trials, held Saturday in Frankfurt.

National champions Sophie Scheder (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf) and Andreas Toba (TK Hannover) lead Germany's team to the Olympic Games after winning the German Olympic Trials, held Saturday in Frankfurt.

The German Gymnastics Federation announced the 2016 Olympic teams on Sunday. Scheder will be joined by Tabea Alt (MTV Ludwigsburg), Kim Bui (MTV Stuttgart), Pauline Schäfer (TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf), and Elisabeth Seitz (MTV Stuttgart). Pauline Tratz (TSV Rintheim/TG KA Söllingen) will serve as team alternate. Bui and Seitz competed at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Fabian Hambüchen, carrying the flag for Germany at the 2015 European Games, heads to his fourth Olympic Games.

"We have a very strong and balanced team," said women's team coach Ulla Koch. "Our goal is clear: We want to reach the team final and several individual finals. If we are concentrated and focused, we will accomplish this."

The men's team consists of Toba, Andreas Bretschneider (KTV Chemnitz), Lukas Dauser (TSV Unterhaching), Fabian Hambüchen (TSG Wetzlar-Niedergirmes) and Marcel Nguyen (TSV Unterhaching). Philipp Herder (SC Berlin) is the alternate.

"With this team, we have opportunities for Olympic finals in the individual events as well as in the all-around and with the team," said men's team coach Andreas Hirsch. "I am convinced that these guys will deliver a strong performance in Rio."

On Saturday, Scheder and Toba repeated their rankings from the recent German championships, June 25-26 in Hamburg, which served as the first part of Germany's selection process for the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Germany qualified full men's and women's teams to Rio.

The top five women in Frankfurt all made the team, with all five improving their all-around scores from Hamburg. Scheder tallied 58.066, a personal best, with highs of 15.333 (6.6 Difficulty) on uneven bars and 14.700 (5.6D) on balance beam.

Seitz, the all-around silver medalist in Hamburg, once again took second. She had the top score on uneven bars (15.466/6.6D), going for an easier routine than the 6.8-Difficulty she showed in Hamburg finals.

Bui, fourth in Hamburg, moved up to third place, also with a new best in the all around (57.266). Bui, returning from yet another ACL injury, was proud of her placement. "Many have no hope I could do it," she said. "For me everything was just perfect."

Toba is the son of Marius Toba, who competed for Romania at the 1988 Olympic Games and Germany in 1996 and 2000.

Nine-time national champion Hambüchen, the youngest German athlete at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, will head to his fourth consecutive Olympic Games as the most decorated of the German squad. He competed three events each in Hamburg and Frankfurt due to a shoulder injury, but earned the highest score of the meet on Saturday with his 16.00 on high bar.

Nguyen, the all-around and parallel bars silver medalist at the 2012 Olympics, scored 15.975 on parallel bars on Saturday. He is returning for his third consecutive Olympics.

In Rio, the German men compete in the second of three subdivisions during qualification, while the women compete in the third of five sessions.

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2016 German Olympic Trials
July 9, Frankfurt

Women's All-AroundTotal
1.Sophie SchederTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf58.066
2.Elisabeth SeitzMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.57.498
3.Kim BuiMTV 1843 Stuttgart e.V.57.266
4.Pauline SchäferTUS Chemnitz-Altendorf57.099
5.Tabea AltMTV 1846 Ludwigsburg e.V.57.065
6.Sarah VossTZ DSHS Köln53.799
7Leah GriesserTG Neureut53.798
8Michelle TimmSportclub Berlin e.V.53.299
9Pauline TratzTSV Rintheim52.866
10Maike EnderleTSV Weingarten52.798
11Carina KröllTSV Berkheim e.V.52.466
12Amélie FöllingerTSG Hassloch e.V.51.832
13Nadja SchulzeSV Halle e.V.51.598

Men's All-AroundFXPHSRVTPBHBTotal
1.Andreas TobaTK Hannover5.714.4256.014.5256.415.0755.614.5506.114.6006.514.90088.075
2.Marcel NguyenTSV Unterhaching6.014.7505.213.2756.415.4255.613.2256.915.9756.514.10086.750
3.Andreas BretschneiderKTV Chemnitz6.014.9754.813.2255.814.6255.214.5255.714.7006.613.95086.000
4.Lukas DauserTSV Unterhaching5.814.1755.613.3505.914.5255.614.0506.715.6755.814.12585.900
5.Philipp HerderSC Berlin6.214.7755.613.9506.014.6755.214.0256.415.1505.411.97584.550
6.Sebastian KrimmerMTV Stuttgart5.513.7256.414.6255.113.4755.214.0006.113.1756.014.62583.625
7.Christopher JurschSC Cottbus5.613.8755.812.3505.113.5505.214.0755.814.6756.814.80083.325
8.Waldemar EichornTV Bous6.014.4006.414.2255.112.8504.413.0005.714.0006.513.82582.300
9.Florian LindnerKTV Chemnitz5.212.4005.613.3256.514.5755.213.9755.513.9255.413.47581.675
10.Ivan RittschikKTV Chemnitz5.613.7507.114.0255.313.5004.413.3505.612.8006.213.75081.175
11.Nils DunkelMTV Erfurt5.511.6755.813.1506.214.2755.212.4506.014.3255.313.20079.075
12.Matthias FahrigSV Halle7.014.7005.010.9755.615.1256.214.2505.412.10067.150
13.Fabian HambüchenTSG Niedergirmes6.215.2005.613.1257.316.00044.325

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