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Yeryomina Wins Junior European Title
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Russia's Yelena Yeryomina won the junior all-around title Friday as the 2016 Women's European Gymnastics Championships continued in Bern, Switzerland.

Yelena Yeryomina (Russia)

Yeryomina, the top qualifier from Wednesday, took the gold over Switzerland's Lynn Genhart and Italy's Martina Basile.

Yeryomina, who turns 15 in July, scored 54.550, a full two points less than she had on Wednesday (56.372). Her 13.600 on vault for a Yurchenko 1 1/2 was only 16th best. She erred on uneven bars, scoring only 13.400 (compared with 14.000 in qualification) and had .2 lower in Difficulty on beam (ff, ff, layout; full turn with leg held, punch front; 2 1/2 dismount). She ended on floor exercise and clinched the title with the top floor score of the day (tucked full-in; triple twist; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2; double twist; 13.700).

Yeryomina is Russia's seventh women's Junior European all-around champion. She follows Anna Kovalyova (1998), Anna Pavlova (2002), Daria Yelizarova (2006), Tatiana Nabiyeva (2008), Viktoria Komova (2010) and Angelina Melnikova (2014).

Genhart, just 14th in qualification scored 54.365 to take the silver, the first all-around medal for a Swiss female at the Junior Europeans. The Zurich native had the second-best scores of the day on uneven bars (Maloney to bail; Jaeger; double layout; 13.533) and balance beam (full turn with leg held; ff, ff, layout; front aerial; switch leap-full; side aerial; RO, double tuck; 13.933).

Basile took the bronze with 54.266, with her top scores 14.200 for a Yurchenko 1 1/2 on vault and 13.666 on balance beam (ff, ff, two-foot layout; RO double pike dismount).

British junior champion Maisie Methuen finished fourth (53.599) over teammate Alice Kinsella (53.498), who was third in qualification.

Russia's Anastasia Ilyankova, second in qualification, had the top score again on uneven bars with 14.300 (Shaposhnikova, back uprise, free-hip full to Tkatchev; Hindorff to Pak; Maloney; full-twisting double; 6.2D) but plummeted to 10th with 11.700 on balance beam. Romania's Ioana Crișan, ninth, had the top score on balance beam with 13.966 (back roll to ff, layout; ff, ff, two-foot layout; ff, ff, double pike).

Competition continues Saturday with the women's team final. (There is no senior all-around competition this year.) Great Britain, looking for its first women's European team title, topped qualification over Russia and Switzerland.

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2016 Women's European Gymnastics Championships
June 3, Bern, Switzerland

Junior All-AroundVTUBBBFXTotal
1.Yelena Yeryomina5.313.6005.813.4005.213.8505.213.70054.550
2.Lynn Genhart5.014.0335.213.5335.513.9335.112.86654.365
3.Martina Basile5.314.2005.013.1005.713.6665.513.30054.266
4.Maisie Methuen5.014.0665.312.7335.813.6005.013.20053.599
5.Alice Kinsella5.013.9665.613.5005.212.4665.413.56653.498
6.Morgane Osyssek-Reimer5.313.9004.912.9005.513.3665.313.16653.332
7.Rinke Santy5.013.8005.413.1335.013.0664.912.60052.599
8.Carmen Ghiciuc5.014.0414.912.1005.313.3665.213.00052.507
9.Ioana Crișan5.014.0335.111.4666.113.9665.613.03352.498
10.Anastasia Ilyankova5.313.0006.214.3005.411.7005.313.43352.433
11.Francesca Linari5.314.2415.211.9335.413.0665.413.13352.373
12.Lorette Charpy5.013.7005.813.0335.612.6005.112.96652.299
13.Anina Wildi5.014.1005.212.9665.312.2664.912.70052.032
14.Maellyse Brassart5.014.2005.212.5005.412.4005.112.73351.833
15.Helene Schäfer4.012.9005.513.4335.412.3005.113.10051.733
16.Sanna Veerman5.013.7335.713.1665.211.9665.112.73351.598
17.Emma Höfele5.013.9665.212.2005.112.1665.213.20051.532
18.Dorka Szujó4.413.2665.212.0665.413.3665.312.63351.331
19.Polina Borzykh4.012.6585.513.3005.713.8005.011.50051.258
20.Marie Skammelsen5.314.4334.411.5005.011.9665.213.03350.932
21.Vendula Merkova4.212.9005.012.4335.113.0334.612.53350.899
22.Valeria Yarmolenko5.013.4335.211.7665.312.8005.012.50050.499
23.Kristýna Brabcová4.413.3334.710.9005.113.3004.912.83350.366
24.Amelia Sánchez4.012.5665.112.3334.913.1004.610.50048.499
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