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British Junior Women Best in Switzerland
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A squad of British juniors took the title at a friendly meet for women against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Volketswil, Zürich.

A squad of British juniors took the title at a friendly meet for women against France, Germany and Switzerland on Saturday in Volketswil, Zürich.

Great Britain earned a double victory on Saturday, as the male contingent defeated the same three countries at a junior quad meet held in Monheim, Germany.

Great Britain scored 162.600 to top France (161.750) by nearly a full point. Host Switzerland came third (160.750) ahead of Germany (158.100). The British had the top total on every event except floor exercise, where France and Switzerland tied for the best total.

The competition served as a warm-up for many gymnasts hoping to compete at next month's Junior European Championships in Bern, Switzerland, which will feature a full competition for team, all-around and apparatus. Each country sent six gymnasts, giving an early look at the junior squads training for the 2020 Olympics.

Great Britain sent a strong team formed after its recent junior national championships, held in early April in Liverpool. New British junior champion Maisie Methuen was absent, but silver medalist Taeja James and bronze medalist Ellesse Oates were in Volketswil along with junior national event champions Sophie Scott (vault), Megan Parker (uneven bars) and Zoe Simmons (floor exercise). Lucy Stanhope, the bronze medalist on uneven bars and balance beam in Liverpool, rounded out the British squad.

France, which has already named its teams for Europeans, sent the same team that will return next month to Bern. 2015 junior national champion Lorette Charpy leads the squad along with Alisson Lapp, Janna Mouffok, Morgane Osyssek and Mélissa Poitreau. Team alternate Assia Khnifass also competed in Volketswil.

James won the all-around title (54.100) over Parker (53.700), with Switzerland's Leonie Meier tying Poitreau for the bronze (53.450).

Top event scorers were Scott and Switzerland's Anina Wildi on vault (14.200/5.0), Parker on uneven bars (13.450/5.1) and floor exercise (13.550/5.1), and Poitreau on balance beam (13.900/5.6).

The French junior squad will host a match against Romania on May 13 in Haguenau.

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2016 France/Germany/Great Britain/Switzerland U16 Women
April 30, Volketswil, Zürich, Switzerland

1.  Great Britain42.20039.85041.00039.550162.600
Taeja James14.10013.35013.65013.000
Megan Parker12.90013.45013.80013.550
Lucy Stanhope13.90012.90013.35012.750
Ellesse Oates13.65012.90011.95013.000
Zoe Simmons13.50011.70012.40013.000
Sophie Scott14.20013.05013.550
2.  France41.60039.80040.75039.600161.750
Mélissa Poitreau13.85013.15013.90012.55053.450
Morgane Osyssek13.95013.20012.35013.50053.000
Lorette Charpy13.80013.30012.90012.85052.850
Assia Khnifass13.65013.30013.10012.70052.750
Janna Mouffok13.50013.15012.95013.10052.700
Alisson Lapp13.45011.35013.75013.00051.550
3.  Switzerland42.10039.60039.45039.600160.750
Leonie Meier13.95013.35013.15013.00053.450
Livia Schmid13.95013.00013.20013.15053.300
Anina Wildi14.20013.25012.30013.45053.200
Lynn Genhart13.90012.95013.10012.90052.850
Fabienne Studer12.65012.90012.35012.60050.500
Anny Wu12.75012.60010.40012.90048.650
4.  Germany41.05038.00039.60039.450158.100
Helene Schäfer13.30013.20013.70012.75052.950
Emma Höfele14.05012.40012.25013.20051.900
Isabelle Stingl13.70010.95013.05013.00050.700
Anudari Platow12.75012.40012.40013.15050.700
Julia Plattenhardt13.25011.85012.40012.95050.450
Kristina Iltner13.20010.90012.85013.10050.050

1.Taeja James20025.014.1005.113.3505.313.6505.013.00054.100
2.Megan Parker20014.412.9005.113.4505.213.8005.113.55053.700
3.Leonie Meier20025.013.9505.313.3505.113.1505.213.00053.450
3.Mélissa Poitreau20015.013.8505.213.1505.613.9005.112.55053.450
5.Livia Schmid20015.013.9505.313.0005.213.2004.913.15053.300
6.Anina Wildi20025.014.2005.213.2504.812.3005.113.45053.200
7.Morgane Osyssek20025.013.9505.113.2005.412.3505.113.50053.000
8.Helene Schäfer20014.413.3005.313.2005.613.7005.012.75052.950
9.Lucy Stanhope20015.013.9004.912.9005.113.3504.912.75052.900
10.Lynn Genhart20015.013.9005.212.9505.513.1005.212.90052.850
10.Lorette Charpy20015.013.8005.813.3005.312.9004.912.85052.850
12.Assia Khnifass20015.013.6505.513.3005.813.1005.312.70052.750
13.Janna Mouffok20025.013.5005.313.1505.012.9504.913.10052.700
14.Emma Höfele20015.014.0505.212.4005.112.2505.213.20051.900
15.Alisson Lapp20025.013.4504.311.3505.413.7505.213.00051.550
16.Ellesse Oates20015.013.6504.912.9005.011.9504.913.00051.500
17.Isabelle Stingl20015.013.7004.310.9505.313.0505.313.00050.700
17.Anudari Platow20014.012.7505.312.4005.112.4005.113.15050.700
19.Zoe Simmons20035.013.5004.111.7005.312.4005.213.00050.600
20.Fabienne Studer20014.012.6504.912.9004.812.3505.012.60050.500
21.Julia Plattenhardt20014.613.2505.011.8504.612.4004.812.95050.450
22.Kristina Iltner20024.413.2004.910.9005.212.8505.013.10050.050
23.Anny Wu20024.012.7505.112.6004.710.4004.612.90048.650
24.Sophie Scott20015.014.2004.513.0505.413.55040.800
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