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'Record-Setting' British Championships End
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All-around champion Max Whitlock added two more titles as a record-setting British championships came to a close Sunday in Liverpool. Pictured: Superstar Louis Smith, MBE claimed silver on pommel horse

All-around champion Max Whitlock added two more titles as a record-setting British championships came to a close Sunday in Liverpool.

The sold-out competition at Liverpool's Echo Arena set new records for attendance, British Gymnastics announced: 16,000 attended the competition over the weekend, double the attendance for 2015. Meanwhile, senior champions Whitlock and Claudia Fragapane also broke records, with each earning a new personal best score in the all-around.

Gabby Jupp (Sapphire) won the senior uneven bars title.

Sunday's competition featured apparatus finals for senior and junior women, and Masters finals for men, which were open to both juniors and senior levels, as well as non-citizen guest competitors.

Whitlock (South Essex) took gold on floor exercise over his 2012 Olympic teammates Dan Purvis (Southport YMCA and Sam Oldham (Loughborough). Whitlock was less secure than in the all-around final, when he nailed every pass, but still extremely impressive (front full to Randi; 3 1/2 to barani out of bounds; 2 1/2 to 1 1/2; layout Thomas; stuck triple twist).

Whitlock added his second title with the gold on pommel horse, upgrading to a 7.4-Difficulty routine in order to top rival Louis Smith's 16.100 (7.2). Whitlock appeared a bit tired but fought through his routine, scoring 16.325 for one more gold. He also added a bronze on still rings and silvers on parallel bars and high bar.

Junior Rhys McClenaghan, a guest competitor from the Irish national team, won the bronze medal, impressing with the highest Execution score of the final (9.075). McClenaghan trains at Rathgael Gymnastics near Belfast under coach Luke Carson.

Courtney Tulloch (Pegasus Gym Club) with still rings with a 6.9-Difficulty set (15.550). Youth Olympic Games champion Giarnni Regini-Moran (Europa Gym Centre), second all-around in the Under-18 Junior division, won vault (Randi; triple-twisting Tsukahara). Leeds gymnasts Ashley Watson won parallel bars and Nile Wilson won high bar.

In the women's competition, four women walked away with senior titles. Ellie Downie (Notts Gymnastics Club) won vault, while her elder sister Becky won balance beam. Gabby Jupp (Sapphire), who competed one event only after recent injury, won bars with a strong routine with great composition (toe-on blind to piked Jaeger; toe-on piked Tkatchev to Pak; toe-full to Maloney, backswing to Gienger between the bars; double layout). Becky Downie, the top qualifier on uneven bars, missed her Maloney uprise to Ricna release and settled for second behind Jupp.

On floor exercise, Amy Tinkler (full-twisting double layout; double-double; 1 1/2 to double tuck; double pike) edged Fragapane (stuck full-twisting double layout; stuck piked Arabian double front; triple twist with big step; double layout). Both gymnasts earned 6.1 Difficulty scores for their spectacular tumbling, but Tinkler's leaps and dance was very generously judged.

Four gymnasts also won junior women's titles: Sophie Scott (Leatherhead & Dorking Gym Club) on vault, Megan Parker (City of Birmingham) on bars; Alice Kinsella (Park Wrekin) on balance beam, and Zoe Simmons (The Academy) on floor exercise

New junior all-around champion Maisie Methuen (Phoenix) picked up silver medals on vault and floor exercise.

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2016 British Gymnastics Championships
April 10, Liverpool, England

Senior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.89.30015.10014.787
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club5.88.8000.314.30013.787
3.Abigail SolariThe Academy4.88.90013.70013.512
4.Jessica CoombsNotts Gymnastics Academy5.09.05014.05013.425
5.Shannon ArcherCity of Glasgow Gymnastics 5.08.2000.312.90012.437

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Gabby JuppSapphire School of Gymnastics6.28.55014.750
2.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy6.77.72514.425
3.Ruby HarroldThe Academy6.57.67514.175
4.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool6.46.92513.325
5.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.37.90013.200
6.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic Club5.77.27512.975
7.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club5.66.65012.250
8.Georgia-Mae FentonEast London Gym Club4.95.22510.125

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Becky DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy6.18.65014.750
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club6.77.4750.114.075
3.Ruby HarroldThe Academy5.67.02512.625
4.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.86.72512.525
5.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.17.32512.425
6.Shannon ArcherCity of Glasgow4.97.37512.275
6.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool5.46.9750.112.275
8.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy5.46.70012.100

Senior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Amy TinklerSouth Durham Gymnastic Club6.18.25014.350
2.Claudia FragapaneBristol Hawks Gym Club6.18.17514.275
3.Phoebe TurnerThe Academy5.38.4000.313.400
4.Ellie DownieNotts Gymnastics Academy5.77.65013.350
5.Kelly SimmDynamo School of Gymnastics5.18.17513.275
6.Georgia-Mae FentonEast London Gym Club5.17.25012.350
7.Rebecca TunneyCity of Liverpool5.36.90012.200
8.Abigail SolariThe Academy5.25.95011.150

Masters Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.89.0000.315.500
2.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA6.49.02515.425
3.Sam OldhamLoughborough Students Gymnastics6.28.80015.000
4.Hamish CarterCity of Birmingham6.08.60014.600
5.Jamie LewisWoking5.58.67514.175
6.Jack NeillTolworth Gym Club5.68.50014.100
7.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham6.67.47514.075
8.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex5.87.40013.200

Masters Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Max WhitlockSouth Essex7.48.92516.325
2.Louis Smith, MBEHuntingdon Olympic7.28.90016.100
3.Rhys McClenaghanRathgael Gymnastics6.19.07515.175
4.James HallPegasus Gym Club6.38.42514.725
5.Brinn BevanSouth Essex6.48.10014.500
6.Joe FraserCity of Birmingham5.78.60014.300
7.Nile WilsonLeeds5.88.32514.125
8.Prashanth SellathuraiMilton Keynes Gym7.06.62513.625

Masters Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Courtney TullochPegasus Gym Club6.98.65015.550
2.Nile WilsonLeeds6.48.55014.950
3.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.08.75014.750
4.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex5.78.77514.475
5.Joe FraserCity of Birmingham5.19.07514.175
6.Sam OldhamLoughborough Students Gymnastics 6.07.95013.950
7.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex5.48.52513.925
8.Kristian ThomasEarls5.58.32513.825

Masters Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Giarnni Regini-MoranEuropa Gym Centre6.09.2500.115.15015.100
2.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham6.09.0250.114.92514.912
3.Ewan McAteerCity of Lisburn Salto5.68.8750.114.37514.237
4.Hamish CarterCity of Birmingham5.29.22514.42514.012
5.Kelvin ChamCity of Glasgow5.68.70014.30013.962
6.Adam SteelePipers Vale 5.29.22514.42513.425
7.Pavel KarnejenkoCity of Glasgow4.48.95013.35012.962
8.Kristian ThomasEarls6.08.3000.314.0007.000

Masters Parallel Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Ashley WatsonLeeds6.88.80015.600
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.48.92515.325
3.Reiss BeckfordSouth Essex6.38.52514.825
4.Brinn BevanSouth Essex6.48.32514.725
4.Courtney TullochPegasus Gym Club6.48.32514.725
6.Nile WilsonLeeds7.07.15014.150
7.Dominick CunninghamCity of Birmingham5.37.07512.375
8.Dan PurvisSouthport YMCA4.96.85011.750

Masters High Bar FinalDENDScore
1.Nile WilsonLeeds6.98.42515.325
2.Max WhitlockSouth Essex6.78.15014.850
3.Sam OldhamLoughborough Students Gymnastics 6.78.07514.775
4.James HallPegasus Gym Club6.48.20014.600
5.Frank BainesSouthport YMCA6.07.95013.950
6.Kristian ThomasEarls6.27.60013.800
7.Jay ThompsonSouth Essex5.78.05013.750
8.Ashley WatsonLeeds6.27.00013.200

Junior Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking Gym Club5.09.17514.17513.775
2.Maisie MethuenPhoenix5.08.92513.92513.712
3.Lucy StanhopeCity of Liverpool5.08.87513.87513.600
4.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham5.28.1500.113.25013.512
5.Megan BridgeGymmagic5.08.65013.65013.475
6.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy5.08.6000.113.50013.450
7.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College5.08.47513.47513.412
8.Lana ChiltonCity of Newcastle4.08.72512.72512.725

Junior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Megan ParkerCity of Birmingham4.98.32513.225
2.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College4.98.27513.175
3.Lucy StanhopeCity of Liverpool4.88.27513.075
4.Sophie ScottLeatherhead & Dorking Gym Club4.28.67512.875
5.Maisie MethuenPhoenix5.27.55012.750
6.Chiara BunceHeathrow Gym Club4.48.00012.400
7.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham5.16.90012.000
8.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy4.27.40011.600

Junior Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin College5.67.8000.113.300
2.Amelia MontagueTolworth Gym Club5.27.95013.150
3.India SaleHeathrow Gym Club4.68.00012.600
4.Megan SplainSapphire School of Gymnastics4.87.62512.425
5.Maisie MethuenPhoenix4.97.12512.025
6.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham5.46.00011.400
7.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College5.26.15011.350
8.Sarah MckenzieDGC2k4.56.50011.000

Junior Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Zoe SimmonsThe Academy5.28.30013.500
2.Maisie MethuenPhoenix5.08.37513.375
3.Taeja JamesCity of Birmingham4.98.42513.325
4.Alice KinsellaPark Wrekin College5.48.0000.313.100
5.Megan ParkerCity of Birmingham4.78.4500.113.050
6.Ellesse OatesPark Wrekin College4.87.97512.775
7.Lana ChiltonCity of Newcastle4.77.9250.112.525
8.Amelia MontagueTolworth Gym Club4.77.47512.175
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