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Ilyankova, Klimenko Win More Gold At Russian Championships
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Three seniors won titles, while junior all-around champions Anastasia Ilyankova and Ksenia Klimenko each added an apparatus title to their haul on the first day of finals as the Russian women's championships continued Saturday in Penza. Pictured: Klimenko won the gold on balance beam and bronze on floor exercise in the Candidate for Master of Sport category for juniors.

Three seniors won titles, while junior all-around champions Anastasia Ilyankova and Ksenia Klimenko each added an apparatus title to their haul on the first day of finals as the Russian women's championships continued Saturday in Penza.

Senior all-around runner-up Seda Tutkhalyan won the vault (double-twisting Yurchenko; layout Podkopayeva) title over veteran Tatiana Nabiyeva, who vaulted a double-twisting Yurchenko and Podkopayeva. World champion Maria Paseka, first up in the lineup, looked uninspired and fell on both her vaults (Cheng Fei and Amanar).

First-up in the uneven bars lineup, the lanky Daria Skrypnik showed off gorgeous lines with her tricky routine for 15.300 (inside Stalder; Komova II to Pak to Stalder-half immediate Shaposhnikova-half; inside Stalder blind to Jaeger; inside Stalder-full to full-twisting double tuck; 6.6 Difficulty).

Reigning Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina, still not fully healed from back and knee injuries, nailed a stock routine (6.2) with just a tiny hop on the dismount, and seemed quite happy with her 15.200 that put her behind Skrypnik.

Senior uneven bars medalists Daria Spiridonova, Aliya Mustafina and Daria Skrypnik.

Originally the first alternate, co-world champion Daria Spiridinova was dealt a double dose of good luck in the finals. After falling on her dismount on the first day of qualification, she was the initial beneficiary after Paseka decided to withdraw. Spiridinova hit beautifully (inside Stalder; Komova II; Pak to Maloney-half; inside Stalder-blind to piked Jaeger; toe-on full to nailed full-twisting double) for the highest D score of the final, 6.7, but with an E score that put her ahead of Mustafina but behind Skrypnik. However, by the time the awards were handed out and the final results published, Spiridinova's E-score was adjusted to put her in a tie with Skrypnik for the gold medal.

Tutkhalyan, who missed her uneven bars routine on the first two days of competition, was allowed a chance to compete exhibition after the final. Her routine is not as elegant as most of her teammates, but it has a much more unique composition on the Russian team (piked Tkatckev to Pak, Shaposhnikova, Bhardwaj, Maloney combination; toe-full to Tkatchev; elgrip to inverts to double front), and she hit it in the final, celebrating with high fives with her coach.

The junior competition in Penza showed Russia still has an army of talent coming from established programs and some newer schools. Ilyankova, the Master of Sport all-around champion, added the gold medal on uneven bars (14.600, 6.2 D), where she is of truly something special even among the Russians.

All-around silver medalist Ulyana Perebinosova won vault in the Master of Sport category. Yelena Yeryomina, the all-around bronze medalist, won both silvers Saturday.

Klimenko, the Candidate for Master of Sport champion, won balance beam (14.600, 6.3 D) and the bronze medal on bars. All-around bronze medalist Varvara Zubova won floor exercise.

Competition concludes Sunday in Penza with the remaining finals. Live webcam of the competition will be available on the federation website.

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2016 Russian Women's National Championships
April 8, Penza

Senior Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Seda Tutkhalyan1999Moscow5.88.86714.66714.550
2.Tatiana Nabiyeva1994Saint Petersburg5.88.96714.76714.467
3.Anastasia Dmitrieva1999Tolyatti / Samara5.68.8000.314.10014.217
4.Alla Sosnitskaya1997Moscow5.08.83313.83314.000
4.Maria Paseka1998Moscow6.47.70014.10014.000
6.Yevgenia Menovschikova1999Anapa5.28.60013.80013.650
7.Polina Fyodorova1996Cheboksary5.08.83313.83313.633
8.Yulia Biryulya1999Leninsk-Kuznetsky5.08.80013.80013.617

Senior Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Daria Skrypnik2000Krasnodar6.68.70015.300
1.Daria Spiridonova1998Moscow6.78.60015.300
3.Aliya Mustafina1994Moscow / Penza6.29.00015.200
4.Natalia Kapitonova2000Penza6.48.53314.933
5.Angelina Melnikova2000Voronezh6.38.40014.700
6.Tatiana Nabiyeva1994Saint Petersburg5.88.50014.300
7.Maria Kharenkova1998Khimki / Rostov-on-Don5.78.20013.900
8.Yevgenia Shelgunova1997Zvenigorod / Alatyr5.97.76713.667

Junior Vault Final (Master of Sports)DENDScoreAverage
1.Ulyana Perebinosova2001Khimki5.88.90014.70014.367
2.Yelena Yeryomina2001Saint Petersburg5.88.86714.66714.317
3.Anastasia Ilyankova2001Leninsk-Kuznetsky5.09.10014.10014.150
4.Angelina Simakova2002Dzerzhinsk5.09.03314.03314.083
5.Alyona Arkusha2001Krasnoyarsk5.08.56713.56713.734
6.Ksenia Kamkova2002Yekaterinburg5.08.53313.53313.583
7.Viktoria Trykina2001Moscow5.87.76713.56713.517
8.Viktoria Gazeyeva2001Moscow5.38.40013.70013.384

Junior Uneven Bars Final (Master of Sports)DENDScore
1.Anastasia Ilyankova2001Leninsk-Kuznetsky6.28.40014.600
2.Yelena Yeryomina2001Saint Petersburg5.88.40014.200
3.Ulyana Perebinosova2001Khimki6.27.43313.633
4.Yelizaveta Kochetkova2001Moscow5.47.96713.367
5.Viktoria Panchuk2002Dzerzhinsk5.47.73313.133
5.Angelina Simakova2002Dzerzhinsk5.67.53313.133
7.Polina Borzykh2001Surgut5.57.60013.100
8.Yekaterina Polikarpova2001Tula5.17.33312.433

Junior Balance Beam Final (Candidate for Master of Sports)DENDScore
1.Ksenia Klimenko2003Surgut6.38.30014.600
2.Taisia Borozdyko2002Bryansk5.67.9000.113.400
2.Alexandra Schekoldina2002Surgut5.77.70013.400
4.Daria Belousova2003Cheboksary5.37.93313.233
4.Varvara Zubova2002Moscow5.97.33313.233
6.Viktoria Gorbatova2002Khimki5.07.66712.667
7.Olga Golub2003Veliky Novgorod5.37.00012.300
8.Yelizaveta Volodina2002Penza4.46.36710.767

Junior Floor Exercise Final (Candidate for Master of Sports)DENDScore
1.Varvara Zubova2002Moscow5.58.70014.200
2.Viktoria Gorbatova2002Khimki5.18.66713.767
ЗKsenia Klimenko2003Surgut5.58.10013.600
4.Alexandra Schekoldina2002Surgut5.48.16713.567
5.Anastasia Agafonova2003Vladimir / Kovrov5.38.1000.113.300
6.Alina Stepanova2003Veliky Novgorod5.27.86713.067
7.Ksenia Pekelman2002Novosibirsk4.97.76712.667
8.Taisia Borozdyko2002Bryansk4.97.0330.711.233
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