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US Men Dominate Calgary International Cup
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Winning seven of eight gold medals, the American men dominated the Calgary International Cup, held Friday and Saturday at the University of Calgary. Pictured: The U.S. and Chinese gymnasts pose for photos.

The American men dominated the Calgary International Cup, held Friday and Saturday at the University of Calgary.

The competition featured a friendly tri-meet with the U.S., China and Canada. The U.S. gymnasts grabbed seven of the eight available golds, winning all but the individual all-around.

The U.S. men's squad featured several contenders for this summer's Olympic Games, including Marvin Kimble, Eddie Penev and Paul Ruggeri. The U.S. men topped China in the team competition, 262.700 to 260.350. Canada finished third with 258.450.

The Chinese gymnasts went 1-2 in the all-around. Du Yixin (86.250) took first, bolstered by his brilliant 15.700 on parallel bars. Teammate Gu Baisen (85.750) won the silver over Ruggeri (84.250)/

The U.S. men swept the apparatus finals. Penev won both floor exercise and vault (Yurchenko half-on to double-twisting layout front off), Kimble won pommel horse, parallel bars and high bar, and CJ Maestas won still rings.

Penev told IG he was proud with how the U.S. team competed.

"Any opportunity to compete as a team this year in particular is great one," Penev said. "We really stepped up as a group and had a great showing in the team competition — particularly on pommels which was a great rotation for us. Event finals was equally as successful and we were able to have a clean sweep of all of the events. Personally I'm looking to build off this experience and perfect all the little things that I can going into the upcoming competitions."

While the tournament was a friendly tri-meet, the competition served as an important internal qualifier for the host country. Canada will send a team to next month's Olympic test event April 16-18 in Rio de Janeiro, with the hope of qualifying a full team to this summer's Olympics.

The Canadian men won four medals in Saturday's apparatus finals, with silver medals for Ken Ikeda (parallel bars) and Scott Morgan (still rings), and bronze medals for Jackson Payne (pommel horse) and Sam Zakutney (high bar).

Following the competition, Canada's national men's team director Tony Smith named his seven-man team, including one alternate, for the Olympic qualifier: Ikeda, Morgan, Payne and Zakutney made the list, along with Anderson Loran, René Cournoyer and Hugh Smith.

The Canadian men have been plagued with injuries, Smith said.

"This is a very different team going to Rio than I was expecting," said Smith. "It's been a real ordeal with all the injuries we've had, but these guys have stepped up and have improved as a team in many ways. We tend to look on the bright side, but still it's going to be a difficult challenge to get that Olympic berth."

The selection was a surprise for the young Zakutney, who had been slated to compete at the Pacific Rim Championships in April, but will now be headed to Rio.

"I'm very excited," said Zakutney, the 2015 Junior Elite Canada champion. "I wasn't focusing on the Olympic qualification event at all since I had already been picked for the Pacific Rim event, but now I feel more motivated than ever. I just want to get back to the training gym and work even harder."

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2016 Calgary International Cup
March 18-19, Calgary, Alberta

1.United States262.700

1.Du Yixin5.814.6006.013.8506.514.5005.213.1506.715.7005.914.45086.250
2.Gu Baisen6.314.8006.014.3506.014.3505.214.6006.314.3005.313.35085.750
3.Paul Ruggeri6.715.0505.012.5505.614.3005.813.6006.315.0506.513.70084.250
4.Hugh Smith5.814.8506.014.2505.813.7505.614.4505.213.9005.212.45083.650
5.Kiwan Watts5.914.6005.413.5505.614.1005.214.4505.714.4004.912.40083.500
6.Cameron Bock6.114.4505.613.8505.314.1005.213.8506.012.7505.413.95082.950
7.Jin Huanzhang5.912.7005.512.4505.513.3005.214.3006.114.3506.514.70081.800
8.Anderson Loran5.714.7506.013.450 5.214.4005.613.6506.314.25070.500
9.Mathieu Csukassy5.914.7505.213.3506.114.3505.613.750 0.0005.812.90069.100
10.Peng Wang6.614.950 6.414.3006.014.2005.912.5505.512.85068.850
11.Eddie Penev6.715.5006.014.400 0.0005.815.100 0.0006.113.65058.650
12.Marvin Kimble 0.0006.714.8006.214.300 6.014.7506.514.55058.400
13.Damien Cachia6.315.0006.214.0506.014.4505.614.800 58.300
14.Mu Jile6.615.5005.413.700 5.214.1505.814.400 57.750
15.Ken Ikeda 6.114.300 5.214.4006.014.6505.413.75057.100
16.Jackson Payne 6.414.5005.414.050 6.315.0506.012.40056.000
17.CJ Maestas 6.114.6506.715.300 6.414.4005.611.55055.900
18.Hu Xuwei6.113.9505.112.850 26.800

Floor Exercise FinalDScore
1.Eddie Penev6.715.475
2.Paul Ruggeri6.715.375
3.Mu Jile6.615.100
4.Damien Cachia6.314.950
5.Peng Wang6.614.525
6.Hugh Smith5.814.350

Pommel Horse FinalDScore
1.Marvin Kimble6.714.075
2.Jin Huanzhang5.613.350
3.Jackson Payne6.713.125
4.Ken Ikeda6.013.025
5.CJ Maestas5.812.900
6.Gu Baisen6.112.300

Still Rings FinalDScore
1.CJ Maestas6.715.475
2.Scott Morgan6.514.975
3.Marvin Kimble6.314.900
4.Damien Cachia6.014.775
5.Du Yixin6.514.450
6.Gu Baisen6.013.550

Vault FinalDScore
1.Eddie Penev5.815.125
2.Peng Wang6.015.050
3.Mu Jile5.214.500
3.Kiwan Watts5.214.500
5.Damien Cachia5.614.350

Parallel Bars FinalDScore
1.Marvin Kimble6.015.175
2.Ken Ikeda6.015.075
3.Paul Ruggeri6.314.975
3.Du Yixin6.714.850
4.Jackson Payne6.314.525
5.Gu Baisen6.314.500

High Bar FinalDScore
1.Marvin Kimble6.614.575
2.Paul Ruggeri6.314.100
3.Sam Zakutney5.713.850
4.Anderson Loran5.912.925
5.Jin Huanzhang6.412.800
6.Du Yixin4.712.350
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