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Legends Win 'Sends Off A Good Mojo' For Dickson
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All Olympia Gymnastics Center's Kylie Dickson and 2016 Elite Canada junior champion Jade Chrobok dominated the senior and junior all-around divisions, respectively, at the Legends International meet hosted by AOGC on Saturday evening at Los Angeles Convention Center.

Dickson, who represented Belarus at the 2015 world championships in Glasgow, scored 55.25 to placed first all-around over Meixi Semple of Gemini/Canada (53.70) and Alma Kuc of AOGC (51.25).

Legends International all-around champions Kylie Dickson (All Olympia) and Jade Chrobok (Gemini, Canada)

Semple placed sixth all-around at the Elite Canada meet earlier this month, and Kuc represented Poland at the 2014 and 2015 Worlds.

"It sends off a good mojo, which I guess is the word," Dickson told IG of her performance in her first meet of 2016. "I feel really good about myself. I've been putting a lot of hard-working hours into the gym, so it sets the year off well."

En route to her all-around win, Dickson finished first on vault, uneven bars and balance beam, and second on floor exercise.

On uneven bars in the first rotation, she scored 13.75 for a routine that included a Chow to Pak, Maloney, Tkatchev and full-twisting double back dismount. On balance beam Dickson earned her best score (14.10), for a routine that included a punch front mount; punch front (wobble); flip-flop, layout step-out; and aerial walkover, split jump.

Dickson's floor exercise routine included a full-in, 2-1/2 twist and double pike (13.40), and she scored 14.00 for a full-twisting Yurchenko vault as the final competitor.

"I think the more I compete and train, the better I feel and the more confidence I have," said Dickson of her assertive performance. "So I think it all comes with how I train and put in the long hours. The more repetitions I do, the more confident I feel."

Although Dickson's routines were similar to those she performed in Glasgow, she plans to add skills and combinations later this year.

"I have a couple new bars upgrades that I really want to put in," she said. "On beam I have some more connections. It's just a matter of getting the endurance."

Dickson said she looks forward to upcoming international competitions including the Olympic test event in Rio de Janeiro in April, and the European championships in Bern in June.

"I really hope to make it to European championships," she said. "I really want to make it there and do really well. Other than that, I want to see where it leads and give it my all."

Semple won medals on all four apparatuses: gold on floor exercise, silver on balance beam, and bronze on vault and uneven bars. Her winning floor exercise routine scored 13.50, and included a 1-1/2 twist through to 2-1/2 twist, double twist and double pike.

Semple earned her best score (13.95) on balance beam, where she performed a switch ring leap; aerial walkover, sissone, split leap; flip-flop, layout step-out, flip-flop; side somi; side aerial (balance check); and round-off, double twist dismount.

Kuc took silver on uneven bars, and bronze on balance beam and floor exercise. Her AOGC teammate, Alaina Kwan, placed second on vault (full-twisting Yurchenko) but simplified her uneven bars routine and scratched the other two events. Kwan also represented Belarus at the 2015 worlds.

In the junior division, Chrobok easily took the all-around title (55.00), along with all four apparatus titles.

Chrobok earned her best scores on vault (14.15) and balance beam (14.10), the latter apparatus on which she missed a leap connection and finished a double turn with a waist bend. The rest of her beam routine was solid, however; she performed a side aerial, layout step-out; aerial walkover, sissone; side somi; and round-off, double pike dismount.

On floor exercise Chrobok tumbled whips through to a double tuck; 2-1/2 twist, punch front, stag leap; double twist; and double pike. She finished her competition on vault by safely landing a 1-1/2-twisting Yurchenko, a skill she missed while still winning her division at the Nadia Comaneci International Invitational in Oklahoma City last weekend.

"It was a really good meet," Chrobok said. "I had a really good time. I think that, because I had a couple of bobbles in the Nadia competition, I felt a little more that I wanted to do better at this competition. I did that for the most part. There are still obviously thing you can fix, but I think it went really well overall."

1980 Olympic all-around champion Yelena Davydova, who with Valery Yahchybekov coaches Chrobok, praised Chrobok's tenacity and ability to adjust to changes in her gymnastics.

"She's definitely growing up mentally, as well," Davydova told IG. "From the last competition to this competition, it's good to see that. She fell on vault at the Nadia competition, and she stuck it here. Although we had a little trouble in training, she went out and did it. It was the same thing on bars. She had some trouble in warm-ups but she went out and did it. We've had troubles lately because she's growing so fast. Everything is different! Every skill is different."

All four of the junior gymnasts from AGimnasia in Tijuana, Mexico, won medals. They included Jimena Moreno Espinosa (silver in all-around, and silver on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise); Karen Lozano Pascuali (bronze in all-around, bronze on uneven bars); Jazibe Sandoval Pérez (bronze on vault, bronze on balance beam, tie for bronze on floor exercise); and Louise López Sanchez (silver on vault, tie for bronze on floor exercise).

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