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Böczögö, Vagner Grab Grand Prix of Brno
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Hungarians Dorina Böczögö and Levente Vagner paired up to win the Grand Prix of Brno, a mixed-pairs competition held Saturday in the Czech city.

Hungarians Dorina Böczögö and Levente Vagner paired up to win the Grand Prix of Brno, a mixed-pairs competition held Saturday in the Czech city.

Organized by the TJ Sokol Brno club, the Grand Prix of Brno follows the format established by the Swiss Cup. A female and male gymnast team up with each competing one event per round. Eight teams advance to the semifinal and four teams advance to the final. Gymnasts who choose to compete on vault must show two different vaults for an average of the two scores. The gymnasts cannot compete the same event through the first three rounds of competition, but can compete any event in the final.

Böczögö, a 2008 and 2012 Olympian, and Vagner led throughout the competition, topping German duo Antonia Alicke and Helge Liebrich in both the qualification and semi-final. They both hit cleanly in the final with Böczögö earning 13.650 on floor exercise and Vagner 14.250 on parallel bars.

Austrians Jasmin Mader and Daniel Kopeinik finished second, 1.3 points out of firs. The German pair fell to third in the final after a 12.300 on floor from Alicke.

Czech pair Veronika Drápalová and Svatoslav Solovjev finished fourth. Another Czech duo of Veronika Cenková and David Jessen finished fifth, missing the cutoff to the final. Jessen, the Czech-American son of 1980s great Hana Říčná, made his world debut for the Czech Republic at world championships in October in Glasgow. Jessen, who turns 19 on December 6, was born in Brno and now lives and trains in Florida.

Böczögö and Vagner are the second Hungarian pair to win in Brno since the event began in 1997. Gabriela Onodí and Zsolt Péter won in 1998.

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2015 Grand Prix of Brno
November 28, Brno, Czech Republic

1. Hungary54.35027.80027.900
Dorina Böczögö4.312.5005.613.8505.5 13.3505.6 13.650
Levente Vagner5.414.2505.113.7505.1 14.4505.3 14.250
2. Austria50.50026.42526.600
Jasmin Mader5.112.5005.112.9005.0/4.413.1755.0/4.413.050
Daniel Kopeinik4.212.2004.312.9005.3 13.2505.1 13.550
3. Germany53.80027.57525.600
Antonia Alicke5.613.1505.013.2504.8/4.213.4255.5 12.300
Helge Liebrich5.713.6505.613.7505.3 14.1505.5 13.300
4. Czech Republic51.55026.40024.000
Veronika Drápalová4.4/4.212.5004.511.6005.0 12.7505.0 11.750
Svatoslav Solovjev5.914.0004.813.4504.4/4.413.6504.4 12.250
5. Czech Republic52.70025.850
Veronika Cenková5.113.1005.112.2504.1 11.550
David Jessen4.913.7506.413.6005.6 14.300
6. Ukraine50.55025.750
Yana Fedorova4.510.7504.712.7003.8 2.411.600
Maksym Semyankiv4.913.7005.513.4005.5 14.150
7. Czech Republic/Spain49.12524.100
Marie Nevrklová4.4/4.213.2254.411.2004.6 11.250
Adrian López4.811.8504.712.8505.2/3.612.850
8. Hungary51.87524.075
Dália Al-Salty5.012.4005.113.0504.4/4.212.675
Dávid Schweigert5.912.9003.6 5.213.5255.1 11.400
9. Czech Republic/Spain48.775
Jana Weisserová4.612.6504.311.750
Ivan Vargas4.511.2503.6/4.413.125
10. Czech Republic47.925
Tereza Ochynská3.59.1504.4/4.212.975
Ondřej Janeczko5.112.6504.213.150
11. Slovakia/Czech Republic45.750
Radoslava Kalamárová3.78.1005.111.150
Daniel Radovesnický4.4/3.613.1004.513.400

Grand Prix of Brno Champions, 1997-2014

1997Vasiliki Tsavdaridou Dimitrios Tambakos
1998Gabriela Onodí Zsolt Péter
1999Jana Komrsková Jiří Fiřt
2000Anna Kovalyova Yuri Tikhonovsky
2001Suzanne Harmes Marian Fuchs
2002Andreea Raducan Marian Dragulescu
2003Jana Komrsková Martin Konečný
2004Imogen Cairns David Vyoral
2005Kateřina Marešová David Vyoral
2006Jana Šikulová David Vyoral
2007Kristýna Pálešová Filip Ude
2008Kristýna Pálešová Samuel Piasecký
2009Marie-Sofie Hindermann Helge Liebrich
2010Jana Šikulová Fabian Leimlehner /
2011Raluca Haidu Cristian Băţagă
2012Maria Livchikova Maxim Semiankiv
2013Jana Šikulová Martin Konečný
2014 Krystyna Sankova Maksym Semyankiv
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