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Written by Christian Ivanov   
Friday, 23 October 2015 14:27

Women's Qualifying Highlights - Day 1

After Five Subdivisions:

Team: 1. Russia 231.437; 2. Great Britain 227.162; 3. Italy 224.452; 4. Japan 223.863; 5. Canada 222.780; 6. Brazil 221.861; 7. Germany 219.261; 8. Romania 217.220; 9. Spain 210.094; 10. Poland 208.527; 11. Sweden 206.262; 12. Austria 201.793.

AA: 1. Ellie Black CAN 57.299; 2. Seda Tutkhalyan RUS 56.599; 3. Amy Tinkler GBR 56.466; 4. Ruby Harrold GBR 56.398; 5. Mai Murakami JPN 56.366; 6. Lorrane Oliveira BRA 56.365; 7. Pauline Schaefer GER 55.799; 8. Flavia Saraiva BRA 55.798; 9. Larisa Iordache ROU 55.698; 10. Carlotta Ferlito ITA 55.665; 11. Vanessa Ferrari ITA 55.665; 12. Elissa Downie GBR 55.565.

Subdivision 1: Romania, Spain and Chusovitina

Romania opened up with four very good floor routines, the judges were very tough on the E-score ranging from 7.8 to 8.1 --- it appears that Larisa Iordache, 2nd on FX at last worlds, will not make finals due to the tough scoring early on.

Three DTY for Romania and one full, all of them well done.

Complete collapse for Romania on bars: Bulimar two falls (Hindorff and a Tkatchev), Iordache (Maloney-half), Iridon (stalder and stalder Tkatchev), Zarzu (giant full).

Beam - three hit routines, but a fall by Iordache on a tuck full, which means that she won't make any individual event finals this Worlds. It also appears that no Romanians will make event finals. When it was the last time that Romania had no event finalists!

Chusovitina UB - did a great jam to immediate Jaeger but missed the Jaeger. Finished the rest for 12.033

Chusovitina BB - 13.466/5.3 stayed on, had a large step on her punch front, double tuck dismount

Chusovitina VT- double front sort of landed low and squatty. high Tsuk 1.5 second vault and well landed, probably not good enough to make finals! Hit FX with average difficulty.

Spain's Popa did only bars and had a fall on her Gienger. The team looked average!

Subdivision 2: Japan

Japan respectable vault - one DTY, and two Rudi vaults but missed one of them in the competition. Good bars, not great difficulty but clean and hit routines.

Beam was also solid, Teramoto scoring the first 14+ score on the event for the day.

Floor was spectacular for Japan with some very big tumbling and lot of stuck landings culminating with the sensational routine of Miyakawa (full twisting double lay, lay to tuck double front, double double tuck, double layout 14.9/6.3). 6.5point over Romania after the 2nd subdivision.

Subdivision 3: Canada

The only highlight of the session was Canada which is sitting on second place a little over a point behind Japan. The team was solid on bars and beam. Black will most likely make beam finals thanks to her difficulty 14.6/6.4 (two wobbles on her tuck full and double turn).

Impressive vaults by Rogers and Black who are one and two for vault finals after 3 subdivisions, both ahead of Chusovitina. Black is also sitting on second for FX finals 14.166 (2 ½ thru to a double tuck, front full thru to a double pike) possible final.

Subdivision 4: Great Britain, Brazil

By far the most exciting session thus far, with the teams of Great Britain and Brazil showing some great gymnastics. Both teams are very explosive and tumbled as well as anybody in the world. Great Britain's floor was very impressive scoring 14.2, 14.4 and 14.6 by Tinkler (double double tuck stuck), Ellie Downie (1.5 thru double Arabian, double Arabian piked) and Fragapane (full-in layout, double layout wolf jump dismount).

Both teams had two good double twisting Yurchenko vaults.

Brazil was weaker on bars, but Great Britain had falls there (both Downie sisters, the rest of the team hit). Both teams were equally consistent on beam!

Venezuela's Jessica Lopez suffered a fall on her best event bars (Maloney to uprise clear hip full to Tkatchev). She also fell off on her layout two feet on beam, but made her floor and double twisting Yurchenko on vault.

Subdivision 5: Russia, Italy

Russia was very impressive with great consistency, something that has eluded them as of late.

Komova had three great events and will most likely make finals on bars and beam.

Afanasyeva and Paseka rose to the occasion on their specialty events and almost for certain both will make floor and vault finals, respectively.

Paseka was also a great contributor on bars, while Afanasyeva also contributed with a solid double-twisting Yurchenko.

Spiridonova has the lead on bars just ahead of Komova while Tutkhalyan will most likely qualify to the beam final (round off layout two feet, round off layout full).

Without any particular strengths Italy stands in 3rd place thus far and should end up in the final 8. Ferlito and Fasana have the 4th highest beam and floor scores, respectively, and both could possibly end up in the finals on these events.

Subdivision 6: Germany, Poland

Poland struggled with consistency throughout. Martha Pihan-Kulesza was Poland's only chance for a final on floor where she fell on her opening pass (2 ½ to front

Germany was average with difficulty and consistency throughout the session. On their best event, bars, Scheder will most likely make a final
(15.033/6.6 great inside stalder work); however, their  other two uneven bars hopefuls both made mistakes (Hill fell on her Weiler kip while Seitz fell on her Maloney half attempt when her feet slipped off the bar prior to the release and she had to jump off).

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