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Five Nations Take Titles in Toronto
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Gymnasts from five nations won gold medals Tuesday as the 2015 Pan American Games continued in Toronto.

Cuban newcomer Marcia Videaux claimed her first major title on vault, competing a double-twisting Tsukahara (6.0 Difficulty score) and layout Rudi (6.2 D) )for first place. Dominican Republic's Yamilet Peña again vaulted a handspring double front (7.0 D) to her seat along with a Yurchenko 1 1/2 for the silver. All-around champion Ellie Black (Canada) won the bronze with two 5.5 vaults (Tsukahara 1-1/2 and handspring layout front full).

American Rachel Gowey, a first-year senior, won uneven bars by a fraction over two-time Venezuelan Olympian Jessica López, 14.725-14.700. Gowey competed a Komova II (inside Stalder to Shaposhnikova) to back uprise, full pirouette; Ricna; Pak; Maloney-half; and stuck double layout dismount. López also earned a 6.3 Difficulty score for her set (piked Tkatchev; Maloney, back-uprise, pirouette; Jaeger from elgrip; Tkatchev-Gienger; double front from elgrip. Amelia Hundley, whose mistake on uneven bars in the all-around final kept her off the podium, hit in the final for the bronze.

Guatemala's Jorge Vega (Randi; piked double Arabian; double-twisting front to barani; layout Thomas; Arabian double front; 2 1/2 to front full; triple twist) won the gold on men's floor exercise, scoring 15.150 over Donnell Whittenburg (14.975) and all-around champion Sam Mikulak (14.925), both from the U.S.. Vega was overjoyed with his gold medal, the best result ever for a Guatemalan male gymnast.

All-around bronze medalist Jossimar Calvo (Colombia) and Marvin Kimble (U.S.) tied for the pommel horse title. Defending champion Daniel Corral (Mexico) settled for third.

Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti (Brazil), second in 2011, grabbed gold this year on still rings. Zanetti earned a 6.8 D score to top Donnell Whittenburg and all-around silver medalist Manrique Larduet (Cuba).

Competition concludes Wednesday with the second day of apparatus finals.

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2015 Pan American Games
July 14, Toronto

Women's Vault FinalDENDScoreAverage
1.Marcia Videaux6.08.57514.57514.737
. 6.28.70014.900
2.Yamilet Peña7.07.6000.114.50014.250
. 5.38.70014.000
3.Ellie Black5.58.42513.92514.087
. 5.58.75014.250
4.Daniele Hypólito5.38.67513.97514.062
. 5.28.95014.150
4.Maegan Chant5.29.12514.32514.062
. 5.08.80013.800
6.Franchesca Santi5.88.70014.50013.962
. 5.08.5250.113.425
7.Makarena Pinto5.38.57513.87513.912
. 5.28.75013.950
8.Paula Mejias0.00.0000.0006.112
. 4.28.3250.312.225

Uneven Bars FinalDENDScore
1.Rachel Gowey6.38.42514.725
2.Jessica López6.38.40014.700
3.Amelia Hundley6.18.55014.650
4.Elsa García6.17.85013.950
5.Ana Sofía Gómez5.98.00013.900
6.Ahtziri Sandoval5.87.97513.775
7.Madison Copiak5.58.10013.600
8.Isabela Onyshko6.17.22513.325

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Jorge Vega6.68.55015.150
2.Donnell Whittenburg6.88.2750.114.975
3.Sam Mikulak6.68.4250.114.925
4.Manrique Larduet6.78.07514.775
5.Arthur Mariano6.48.4000.114.700
6.Kevin Lytwyn6.48.3750.114.675
7.Daniel Corral6.28.4250.214.425
8.Kevin Cerda6.18.25014.350

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Jossimar Calvo6.48.62515.025
1.Marvin Kimble6.68.42515.025
3.Daniel Corral6.48.42514.825
4.Jorge Hugo Giraldo6.08.77514.775
5.Samuel Mikulak6.28.37514.575
6.Francisco Junior6.28.25014.450
7.René Cournoyer5.58.37513.875
8.Lucas Bitencourt5.96.92512.825

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.88.92515.725
2.Donnell Whittenburg6.78.82515.525
3.Manrique Larduet6.78.75015.450
4.Tommy Ramos6.88.55015.350
5.Federico Molinari6.78.50015.200
6.Alexis Torres6.68.52515.125
7.Kevin Lytwyn6.58.55015.050
8.Didier Lugo6.68.40015.000
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