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FIG to Vote on Decreasing Olympic Team Size
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The International Gymnastics Federation is set to vote this week on a proposal to decrease the size of Olympic teams to four gymnasts. The proposed measure would take effect for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, and would allow some teams to bring two extra gymnasts.

The goal of the proposal is to increase the number of event specialists and ensure that more countries are represented at the Games. Click here to read more in USA Today.

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Leszek Rostek said:

Comment athlete / coach, sports acrobatics, tumbling, gymnastics women's sports.
Not !. This conclusion is proposed by someone who is an enemy of the state National Team where he is. This one does not build respect and awareness of world-class athletes, because in his country something like that dumb. Maybe he likes singers or models-style clothes, or anyone.
>>>>Non!. Cette conclusion est proposé par quelqu'un qui est un ennemi de l'État de l'équipe nationale où il est. Celui-ci ne construit pas le respect et la prise de conscience des athlètes de classe mondiale, parce que dans son pays comme quelque chose que muet. Peut-être qu'il aime chanteurs ou des vêtements modèles de style, ou toute personne.
May 11, 2015
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Kaattie said:

Stupid Rule!
As a Gymnastics Fan of over 25 years, I think this proposed rule STINKS.
It seems to me that the "rule for changing the rules every 4 years" is just coming into play for the sake of change.
What ever happened to 6 in a Team?
Please don't ruin this great sport!
It's getting harder and harder to make an Olympic Team with the numbers diminishing.
If they are trying to get other countries involved in the Olympics, why not go back to 32 in the AA, however only 2 per country.
Please, please, please don't ruin this great sport.
Maybe they should ask the fans first, then vote!
May 11, 2015
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Gus said:

For the love of God no!
Please listen to the fans and athletes for once and vote no on this. We want to see as many qualified gymnasts as possible at the Olympics. It is not fair to prohibit extremely talented athletes from appearing at the Olympics so that worse athletes can have a chance. This is the Olympics for God's sake! Supposed to be the best display of athleticism in the world!
May 12, 2015
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Alana Huygens said:

I understand that the decrease in team size will make other countries with less depth have more opportunities for medals. However for countries like the US it would cause many amazing gymnasts unable to compete for their country. The team competition is one of the most exciting parts of the gymnastics competition. The Olympics should be the best in the world competing! They have already taken away compulsaries where Shannon Miller would have been the all around gold medalist if they included the combination of compulsary and optional routines in 92. I am voting no to this change.
May 12, 2015
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nwcap said:

PLEASE allow the BEST gymnasts at the Olympics
Disclaimer: I am American and understand that this is meant to help countries less advanced in the sport get to be represented. That said, I remember an era of gymnastics when the Soviets were dominant and it was a rarity for an American gymnast to get on the podium. I remember watching the Soviets in awe and I LOVED getting a chance to see their teams perform. They had such difficulty and artistry and even then they always had great gymnasts that I was sad not to see because they didn't make the coveted 6-person team. I enjoyed seeing three gymnasts from the best countries in the All-around finals fighting for a medal. The excitement of seeing the most talented people on the floor and the possibility of a sweep was thrilling. Continuing to decrease the number of members on the team and limiting the best gymnast (via the 2-per-country rule) weakens the competition, the excitement and in turn the sport as a whole. PLEASE allow the BEST gymnasts to compete in the Olympic Games regardless of what country they come from!
May 13, 2015
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