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Brazil, China Double Up in São Paulo
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Brazil and China each grabbed two golds Sunday as the World Challenge Cup continued in São Paulo. Pictured: Youth Olympic Games gold medalist Flavia Saraiva won floor exercise Sunday.

Brazil and China each grabbed two golds Sunday as the World Challenge Cup continued in São Paulo.

First-year senior Flavia Saraiva won floor exercise with a truly entertaining routine, showing beautiful form and special attention to detail. She bounced out of bounds but performed well enough to top Germany's Elisabeth Seitz by .25. Another German gymnast, Leah Griesser, took third.

China's Shang Chunsong, who won the uneven bars title on Saturday, took a second gold medal on balance beam (ff, layout, layout; ff, ff, two-foot layout; swing ring; punch front; triple twist dismount). Saraiva, who fell in preliminaries, hit her packed routine (ff, layout, layout; RO two-foot layout; swing ring; front tuck; front aerial, front aerial, side somi; double pike) to delight the very vocal crowd.

In the men's competition, Chilean Tomás González won floor exercise over his Brazilian rival Diego Hypólito. González, who fell on vault Saturday, stayed on his feet to compile a 6.8 Difficulty score (1 1/2 to Randi; front full to double front; 2 1/2 to Rudi; tucked double-double; layout Thomas; whip-triple twist). Hypólito had slightly less secure landings on his tumbling (1 1/2 to Randi; piked Arabian double front, front full; 2 1/2 to double-twisting front; layout Thomas; triple twist; 6.6 D).

The Chinese men were 1-2 on pommel horse; newcomer Xiao Ruoteng broke form and struggled on his dismount, but with a 7.0 D score for his marathon routine, he still defeated 2009 world champion Zhang Hongtao. German veteran Andreas Toba won the bronze, a further half point behind Zhang.

World and Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti lived up to expectations by taking the still rings title with 15.900, .8 ahead of teammate Henri Flores.

The FIG World Cup series continues next weekend in Varna, Bulgaria.

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2015 FIG Challenger Cup
May 3, São Paulo, Brazil

Balance Beam FinalDENDScore
1.Shang Chunsong6.78.70015.400
2.Flavia Saraiva6.58.60015.100
3.Sophie Scheder5.58.50014.000
4.Chen Siyi5.97.82513.725
5.Ayelen Tarabini5.66.97512.575
6.Hiu Ying Angel Wong4.67.30011.900
7.Ana Lago5.85.65011.450
8.Paloma Guerrero5.25.65010.850

Women's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Flavia Saraiva5.78.2250.313.625
2.Elisabeth Seitz5.38.10013.400
3.Leah Griesser5.28.12513.325
4.Valērija Grišāne5.17.97513.075
5.Chen Siyi5.47.65013.050
6.Ailen Valente5.07.90012.900
7.Ayelen Tarabini5.47.32512.725
8.Lorrane Oliveira5.77.0000.312.400

Men's Floor Exercise FinalDENDScore
1.Tomás González6.88.82515.625
2.Diego Hypólito6.68.95015.550
3.Matthias Fahrig6.88.67515.475
4.Oskar Kirmes6.18.87514.975
5.Akash Modi6.58.25014.750
6.Huang Xi6.68.00014.600
7.Ângelo Assumpção6.58.00014.500
8.Heikki Saarenketo5.97.87513.775

Pommel Horse FinalDENDScore
1.Xiao Ruoteng7.08.07515.075
2.Zhang Hongtao6.58.40014.900
3.Andreas Toba6.18.30014.400
4.Petrix Barbosa5.98.42514.325
5.Dmitrijs Trefilovs6.47.82514.225
6.Gustavo Simões6.08.20014.200
7.Leonardo Kusan6.07.62513.625
8.Akash Modi6.17.40013.500

Still Rings FinalDENDScore
1.Arthur Zanetti6.89.10015.900
2.Henri Flores6.58.60015.100
3.Federico Molinari6.78.30015.000
4.Gustavo Simões6.08.70014.700
5.Andreas Toba6.48.25014.650
6.Tomi Tuuha5.78.27513.975
7.Oskar Kirmes5.38.65013.950
8.Christian Decidet5.57.82513.325
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