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Olympic Team Size to Shrink Again in 2020?
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The March 3, 2015, press release from the FIG Executive Committee includes some important items, not least of which is its proposal to make "a reduction in the number of team members in Artistic Gymnastics in the aim of providing additional qualification opportunities for event specialists and all-around gymnasts via Continental Championships, World Cups and World Challenge Cups." This reduction would be implemented at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The new format would reportedly feature four-member teams, with the possibility of the top countries getting an additional two specialists. Read more.
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Rachel T said:

What a HORRIBLE decision
I think they should be taking it back to seven gymnasts per team as it kept it extremely interesting. Not only that, look how nearly impossible the FIG is making it for individuals to make the Olympics if the odds weren't already stacked against them. I think this is so sad and will make the competitions extremely boring as we will see all the same gymnasts. The change should be the opposite and each team should be bigger.
In addition, BRING BACK COMPULSARIES!!!! For once and for all, this is the only way you can truly compare good from great. Compulsaries need to come back. No question and the omission of compulsaries has been the biggest travesty of all gymnastics history in my opinion.
March 05, 2015
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Alison Clements said:

I'm confused...
... why would we be reducing the size of the gymnastics team, when gymnastics has consistently been one of the first events to sell out at the Olympics over the past few Olympic Games? Surely, as Rachel says, we should be taking things back to the 7 team, 6 up, 5 count approach, bringing back compulsories, having a 36 person all-around, and, in short, taking gymnastics back to its golden age rather than making it smaller and less significant?

What can the gymnastics world do to make its voice heard on these matters?
April 11, 2015
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