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Melnikova On Top at Belgium's Top Gym
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Junior European champion Angelina Melnikova (Russia) won three titles at the 17th Top Gym Tournament, held Saturday and Sunday in Charleroi, Belgium.

Junior European champion Angelina Melnikova (Russia) won three titles at the 17th Top Gym Tournament, held Saturday and Sunday in Charleroi, Belgium.

Melnikova crushed the competition on Saturday to take the all-around title by more than 4 points, scoring a winning 56.95. Canada's Sydney Laird won the silver (52.75), just ahead of Romanian Ioana Crisan (52.70).

Melnikova, 14, had the high score all but floor exercise. She scored 14.50 for her double-twisting Yurchenko vault, the only one of the competition. She matched that mark on uneven bars (Komova to Pak; Maloney-half; Tkatchev; full-twisting double) and scored 14.20 on balance beam (switch ring; ff, ff two-foot layout; punch front; side somi; ff, ff, double tuck). Melnikova earned 13.75 for an elegant routine on floor exercise (piked full-in; two whips to double tuck; double twist; double pike).

Laird, who was born in Saskatchewan but lives and trains in North Carolina, had her top scores on vault and floor exercise (13.60). Laird has committed to the University of Arkansas.

Crisan, 13, had her best of 14.15 on balance beam, scoring just behind Melnikova. She impressed on floor exercise for her fluidity and polish (double pike; 2 1/2 twist; double twist; double tuck).

Great Britain's Amy Tinkler scored the high mark on floor exercise with 13.90 (double layout; tucked full-in; 1 1/2 to 2 1/2; double pike) but finished in a tie for 10th after a 10.15 on uneven bars.

In Sunday's apparatus finals, Melnikova won vault and uneven bars but scratched the balance beam and floor exercise finals.

French gymnast Marine Boyer won balance beam (RO, two-foot layout; RO, double pike dismount). Romania's Olivia Cimpian, 13, won floor exercise (tucked full-in; 2 1/2 punch front; double pike).

16th Top Gym Junior Tournament
Nov. 29-30, Charleroi, Belgium

All-AroundVTVT 2HighUBBBFXTotal
1.Angelina Melnikova5.814.505.013.4014.506.114.506.014.205.513.7556.95
2.Sydney Laird5.013.6013.605.012.505.
3.Ioana Crisan5.013.805.014.0014.004.211.305.914.155.313.2552.70
4.Juliette Bossu4.413.354.613.1013.355.212.555.013.655.112.7552.30
5.Sydney Soloski5.013.905.013.7513.904.811.905.313.055.113.2052.05
5.Marine Boyer5.014.004.413.5014.004.913.256.011.405.613.4052.05
7.Sena Deriks4.613.5513.555.612.705.312.055.213.4051.70
8.Anastasiia Dmitrieva5.013.954.413.5513.955.611.005.813.205.313.4051.55
9.Aneta Holasova5.013.505.013.7513.754.211.655.512.505.113.5051.40
10.Maellyse Brassart5.013.955.014.0514.055.011.555.
10.Amy Tinkler5.
10.Olivia Cimpian5.
13.Meaghan Ruttan4.413.154.412.0513.
14.Nina Derwael5.013.655.013.6513.654.911.905.311.905.013.0550.50
14.Enya Pouliot4.413.254.413.3513.353.411.404.912.954.912.8050.50
16.Supriana Dyonnailys4.413.505.013.8013.804.913.054.810.405.013.0050.25
17.Tzuf Feldon4.
18.Chloé Leblicq4.012.704.013.0513.053.311.005.312.804.812.5549.40
19.Véronika Sebakova4.212.704.212.8512.855.
20.Goldie Harder4.012.254.413.0513.052.18.605.212.904.912.3546.90
21.Morgan Spruyterburg4.012.704.012.6512.704.210.654.310.904.712.4546.70
22.Carlota Miserachs4.012.604.012.2012.602.99.404.811.154.511.9045.05
23.Kitti Honti4.613.804.613.7513.805.17.154.410.804.912.3544.10
24.Sophia Iribarren4.012.504.012.6512.653.77.854.511.454.411.6543.60
25.Noa Dooga4.212.504.212.7512.752.38.753.610.553.810.5042.55
26.Sara Peter4.213.2013.203.37.654.38.754.811.2540.85
27.Imane Balad4.612.104.613.2013.203.57.603.08.352.69.2538.40

Vault FinalVT 1VT 2Average
1.Angelina Melnikova15.05014.40014.725
2.Marine Boyer14.25013.80014.025
3.Amy Tinkler14.20013.40013.800
4.Kitti Honti13.75013.50013.625
4.Sydney Laird13.80013.45013.625
6.Maellyse Brassart14.15013.05013.600
7.Ioana Crisan13.95013.10013.525
8.Aneta Holasova13.75012.90013.325
9.Sena Deriks13.50012.95013.225
10.Supriana Dyonnailys12.70013.60013.150
11.Enya Pouliot12.45013.25012.850
12.Sophia Iribarren12.45012.80012.625
12.Noa Dooga12.65012.60012.625
14.Najwa Achir12.50010.95011.725

Uneven Bars FinalScore
1.Angelina Melnikova14.500
2.Nina Derwael13.950
3.Supriana Dyonnailys13.300
3.Amy Tinkler13.300
5.Kitti Honti12.900
6.Sydney Laird12.450
7.Tzuf Feldom12.150
8.Enya Pouliot11.100
9.Maellyse Brassart11.050
10.Véronika Sebakova12.250
11.Olivia Cimpian9.100
12.Sophia Iribarren9.000
13.Juliette Bossu8.800
14.Imane Balad8.700

Balance Beam FinalScore
1.Marine Boyer13.700
2.Sydney Soloski13.150
3.Tzuf Feldom13.050
4.Anastasia Dmitrieva12.950
5.Goldie Harder12.900
5.Ioana Crisan12.900
7.Maellyse Brassart12.550
8.Sena Deriks12.250
8.Meaghan Ruttan12.250
10.Kitti Honti12.100
11.Carlota Miserachs12.050
12.Aneta Holasova11.850
13.Morgan Spruyterburg10.450
14.Imane Balad10.400

Floor Exercise FinalScore
1.Olivia Cimpian13.700
2.Amy Tinkler13.550
3.Juliette Bossu13.250
3.Sydney Soloski13.250
5.Nina Derwael13.100
6.Goldie Harder12.950
7.Anastasia Dmitrieva12.850
8.Aneta Holasova12.550
9.Carlota Miserachs12.250
10.Sara Peter12.100
11.Morgan Spruyterburg12.050
12.Tzuf Feldom11.900
13.Chloé Leblicq11.350
14.Imane Balad10.500
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Rachel T. said:

Wow! She is going to be a 2016 Olympic Star
I haven't seen this much promise in a junior in a very long time. The sheer difference in scores from her versus the rest of the field is very telling. Her beam routine is unbelievable and I am so impressed with her incredibly high layout. I would consider her a phenom that doesn't surface very often. She is one to watch and the USA will have to try and catch up with her with our juniors. So impressed!
December 01, 2014
Votes: +12

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